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The Intruder Part 1

Jessie sighed as she closed the text at last. She took off her glasses
and rubbed her tired eyes, then stood up, yawning and stretching in her
chair. She was beginning to think maybe she'd been wrong to choose law as
a major. Long years of long hours awaited and she wasn't sure she was up
to it.

Instead of going to Europe with her family, for example, she was here
alone in their huge summer home, alone for a few days anyway, until she
began her summer law clerking job in the city. What she wouldn't give to
be alone out here for the rest of the summer, just relaxing.

She plucked a tissue out of its box and wiped her thin, wire framed
aviator style glasses, then put them back on her nose. What else could
she, daughter of William Winston the fourth do, anyway? Her family
practically bred lawyers, had for centuries.

She would be the first woman though, and surely that was something to be
proud of. She pulled her sweatshirt up and off, then skimmed out of her
pants, tossing them in the laundry hamper.

She hesitated, then slid her panties off, undid her bra, and tossed both
in with the sweatsuit. The house was empty, after all. She padded naked
down the hall to the bathroom, pausing by a large mirror and turning to
examine herself.

She was a tall young woman, lithe, slender, athletic, as she should be
as Captain of the school's track and field, volleyball, and swim teams.
She had short hair because of that, not wanting it in her way when she
moved around quickly.

It was straight, very light blonde, and somewhat boyish, just over her
ears on the sides and touching her collar in back. She did have long bangs
though, which she brushed across to the right.

She held her right leg out straight and raised it off the floor,
smiling. She had great legs, everyone said so, legs that went on forever,
long and shapely and unblemished, perfectly formed and tapering evenly to
her ankles.

Rest of you ain't bad either, she said to herself, her hands cupping her
high, full, firm breasts. She turned sideways to admire her profile, then
turned her behind to the mirror, slapping her ass with a smile. Her
buttocks were nicely rounded yet not plump or oversized.

She padded down the hall to the bathroom and began brushing her teeth,
her perfect, white teeth, she thought, turning glum. What good was a body
like this when you had no damned time to make use of it in the way it was

Slut, she thought, giggling a little in amusement. She washed out her
mouth and sighed as she saw her reflection. Her face was oval and soft,
too soft for someone who wanted to be a cutthroat lawyer. She had a small
snub nose and round green eyes, again, not the piercing, angry eyes to sway
or intimidate opponents.

Well, she'd just have to be tougher than them, then, thinking her a
powder puff because of her looks, they'd be taken completely by surprise.

She brushed her hair then went back down the hall to her room, feeling
slightly kinky walking naked, empty house or no. She got into bed naked
and fell quickly asleep.

She woke at dawn, as usual, and got out of bed, feeling energized. She
went to the dresser and got out a pair of shorts and tank top, not
bothering with underwear since she'd just get it all sweaty. Who was out
there to see her anyway?

She went downstairs and out the back door. The Winston's owned a large
former ranch, over five thousand acres of green. Their sprawling home sat
in the middle of it, with a big pool in back and a stable off to one side.
There were a few horses in the stable for riding, something else she would
miss when she left. She did some deep knee bends, then stretching

She was about to set out when something happened. Normally, she jerked
off in the morning, but this morning she'd neglected that for some reason.
As a result she was feeling sexually charged. Maybe that was why she
suddenly had an idea, an idea that made her skin tingle with lust.

Why not jog nude? After all, the jogging trail was clear as it wove in
and out of the woods. No branches or brushes needed to be pushed through.
She could jog naked without getting any scratches or scrapes. Nobody would
see her either. Their nearest neighbour was miles away.

Feeling terribly slutty she stripped off her shorts and tank top, then,
naked, her breasts swelling with heat and her nipples hard as diamonds, she
ran out across the wide green lawn towards the jogging trail that wound
through the woods.

She jogged all through the woods, feeling wonderfully natural as she
moved in the buff. She halted halfway through, supposedly to catch her
breath, but really just to lay sprawled out in a grassy field naked.

She felt like a naughty, slutty little girl.

She jogged back, then as she was nearing the pool in the back yard,
danced around pulling her shoes off, then ran as hard as she could and dove
forward, hitting the water like an arrow and sliding beneath in a smooth,
deep arching dive.

She swam strongly from one side of the pool to the other, then took it
easy, doing a slow backstroke. She climbed out, dripping water, and walked
into the house, and up the stairs, taking her morning shower at last. She
wanted to jerk off badly, very badly, but she fought it.

She didn't have time right then, since she wanted to go to town quickly,
get some shopping done, then get back and hit the books again. She had ten
chapters to get through today.

Feeling sexy, she put on a pair of tiny pink, silk bikini panties and a
matching french bra. Then, as if to counterbalance that, she put on a red
checked flannel shirt and loose white pants, then got into a pair of cowboy
boots and went back downstairs.

"Well, hi there." She gasped in shock and spun around to find a large,
strange man sprawled out on the couch, a glass of beer in his hand.

"Who are you? How did you get in here?" she demanded.

"Name's Jones. What's your name, honey?" She glared at him and strode
forward. "It's not honey, for one thing. Now get your feet off the coffee
table and your ass out of this house before I call the police."

"You haven't even asked me why I'm here," he smiled.

"I don't care why you're here. You had no right coming into this house
uninvited." She saw now that she'd left the patio door unlocked. "Oh come
on, honey. Don't be unfriendly like that."

"Fine," she said, glaring. She went over to the phone and lifted it up.
There was no dial tone. She looked at it in surprise, then at him. He
grinned, and she suddenly felt a twinge of fear.

"Did you do something to this phone?" she asked, her voice not as firm
as it was before.

"Maybe, maybe not. Come and sit down and we'll talk." Instead she
backed away, realizing for the first time, just how big he was. Sprawled
on the couch it didn't show as well from back by the stairs.

"I said, come here," he said, and suddenly he had a gun in his hand.
She froze, her eyes widening and her heart beginning to pound with fear.

"Get your ass over here and sit down," he ordered. She swallowed
nervously, then did as he ordered, sitting across from him.

He had shaggy brown hair and was wearing a cheap looking shirt and tight

"You're cute, you know that, honey?" She didn't answer.

"What's your name?"

"Jessica," she said.

"Jessica. They call you Jessie?" She nodded.

"Jessie, I got a bit of a problem. See, I got no place to stay tonight,
and here I find you with this big ol' house and nobody else here. I was
hoping you'd let me stay the night." "Sure," she said, eyeing his gun.

"Why, I think you, Jessie. That's real friendly. Say, stand up for a
minute, would you?" She stood hesitantly and his eyes moved up and down her

"Really nice. How tall are you, Jessie?"

"Five eleven," she whispered.


"Five eleven," she gulped.

"That's pretty tall for a girl. Course, I'm six-four myself. Turn
around, would you?"


"Turn around. I wanna see what you look like from behind." She turned,
flushing red in embarrassment.

"Nice. Nice ass you got, you know that? Course you do. All women know
what they got." He smiled, his face looking feral. "Go get me somethin'
ta' eat, baby."

"Sure," she gulped. She moved warily around him and scurried to the
kitchen, running through it and jerking the door to the patio open. She
screamed as he stepped in. He laughed loudly, then grabbed her arm and
jerked her around.

His hand slapped down on her buttocks several times, making her cry out
in pain as the big palm slammed into her soft round ass cheeks. Then he
shoved her hard towards the counter. She staggered and almost fell, but
caught the edge of the counter, turning to stare wide-eyed at him. "I ain't
no fool, baby cakes. Now make me some food!"

"Wha... what do you want?" she asked.

"Sandwiches will do fer now. Got some meat?"

"Baloney? Ham?"

"Ham and cheese."

She turned away from him, taking down a loaf of bread, then pulling the
cheese and ham from the fridge. She pulled out the utensil drawer, gazing
down at the sharp steak knives. She could feel his eyes boring into her
back. She pulled out a butter knife and closed the drawer, then began
making him a sandwich.

She felt him moving closer to her, moving up behind her. Then she felt
his breath on the back of her neck. She tried to ignore him, concentrating
on the sandwich. His hands slid around her then, sliding up under her
breasts, cupping them and squeezing them up and back against her.

She gave a low gasp and stiffened, her mind blaring with terror.

"P.... please," she whispered. His tongue slid back and forth against
the back of her neck, then slid around the side and up along her cheek.
His groin pushed against her buttocks, crushing them as he brought his
weight to bear. She felt his hard erection pressing through his pants,
pressing against her ass cheeks.

He ground his loins into her buttocks, his hips moving from side to
side, then up and down, dry humping against her, thrusting his hips into
her ass. He shoved his erection in between the cheeks of her ass, humping
into her as his lips sucked on the nape of her neck.

A sob broke clear of her lips and she cringed inwardly in humiliation,
wanting to turn and claw and punch and kick at him, but not having the

His hands kneaded her breasts through the thin shirt as his groin rubbed
her ass in a slow, circular motion, then began thrusting into her, knocking
her hips into the corner of the counter.

He grabbed her hair, pulling her head back sharply. She cried out in
pain but he only laughed, his teeth closing on the side of her throat as he
sucked furiously.

Then he stiffened, rubbing his crotch even harder against her soft,
cupcake ass, humping and grinding with desperate intensity as he groaned in

He staggered back and sat on the table, breathing hard. She stood there
on shaky legs, trembling, the butter knife still in her hand.

"Hurry up there, pussy. I ain't got forever. I'm hungry, an if I don't
get some ham an' cheese I'm liable to start eating beaver." He snickered in

She handed him the sandwiches on a plate. He smiled, then stood up,
taking them in one hand and her hand in the other, leading her out into the
living room behind him. He pushed her into a corner chair and sat across
from her, picking up the first sandwich and taking a big bite.

"Not bad," he said.

She sat there in fear as he ate the sandwiches and stared at her.

"if... if you leave I won't tell anyone," she said.

"Yeah, sure. You must think I'm a fuckin' imbecile." "No. No, really."

"Shut the fuck up, cunt." She shut up. He ate the sandwiches. "Hey,
cunt. Stand up and turn around." She stood uncertainly, then turned, her
face reddening.

"Like I said, you got a nice ass, but those pants are too fuckin' loose.
Go upstairs and get a really tight pair and come back down an' show me."

She stared at him until he slammed his fist down on the table, then she
scurried past him to the stairs and ran up. She went to her room and
closed the door, locking it. She grabbed the phone, but there was no dial
tone here either. She could have cried.

She went to the widow and looked down, wondering if she could jump down
and get away without him seeing her. Surely he'd be watching for that. He
was probably downstairs at the window right now. She sat on the bed,
racking her brain, trying to figure out what she was going to do.

That loathsome, disgusting creature had rubbed himself to climax against
her behind. She knew he was going to rape her, after he was done toying
with her. If only there were a gun in the house, but there wasn't. Her
parents hated guns and so did she.

"Hurry up, cunt, or I'll come up there and take those pants off for
you," he called up from downstairs.

She started in shock, then jumped up, going to the window. No, even if
she didn't break her leg, she was sure he was watching. What would she do?
For now, she would do as he ordered. He had the gun, after all. She went
to her closet and pulled a pair of jeans off the hanger, then slipped off
her white pants and pulled them on. She went back downstairs and he ordered
her to turn around again.

"Not tight enough. I want pants that squeeze your buns apart, nice
tight ones that cut up between your pussy lips. Now get back up there.
You don't find pants tight enough this time and you won't wear any at all.
Got that?"

"Please... "

"Get your ass moving!" he yelled. She jumped back, then hurried
upstairs, knowing for sure that he meant what he said, and wondering
whether he would accept any pants as being tight enough. She dug out a
pair she hadn't worn since she was thirteen and tugged them on. She could
barely close the zipper and the things dug up into her crotch almost
painfully hard.

Red faced, she went back downstairs and walked in front of him, showing
him her ass. His hand came up and squeezed it, then slid between her
thighs and gave her cunt a squeeze.

"That's nice," he grinned. "Nice and tight. Bet it squeezes your
pussy. Don't it?" She didn't answer.

"I asked a question. Does it squeeze your pussy?"

"Yes," she whispered.

"Say it louder."

"Yes," she said.

He stood up behind her and pressed himself against her, his hands
caressing her shoulders, then sliding up and down her arms. She shivered
in fear, her eyes closed, praying.

His hands moved around her and cupped her breasts, then went down her
belly and snapped the catch on her pants. He snickered as he slowly eased
the zipper down.

Quickly then, without a word, he jerked her pants down over her hips,
then her panties. His actions were quick, violent, forceful. He swung her
around and pushed her backwards until she fell onto the couch. He gripped
her legs and pulled them up, dropping to his knees next to the couch.

He shoved her knees back against her chest, one hand holding them there
as he unzipped his fly and pulled out his bulging erection.

"Please," she sobbed. "Oh please!"

He pushed his cockhead against her cringing cunt opening, then jammed it

"Ahhhh! OH God!" she cried, the pain like fire as he tore open her cunt
lips and forced his organ into her. He forced the cockhead inside, then
gripped her hips and thrust hard, his prick stabbing deep into her, his
hips humping furiously as he fucked his cock up into her belly.

"AHhhhhh! Unnnngggh! OHHhhh! GOdddd!" she cried, sobbing as he
jackhammered his cock inside her dry cunt tube. He buried it inside her
belly, his fingers like claws on her hips as he jerked her forward to meet
his thrusts.

She ground her teeth together, pinned like a butterfly, impaled by his
angry fuck tool. She tried to claw at him, desperate to ease the pain, but
couldn't even reach past her own knees, still locked together inside her
jeans, which were bunched up around her thighs.

He fucked into her with furious, savage force, his prick rutting and
twisting and churning inside her aching fuck sheath. His hips slapped
against her upturned buttocks as he jerked her back against him again and

Jessie felt his cock pounding up inside her belly, ripping and tearing
at her guts as he jerked her back, used her like a rag doll, jerked off
inside her cunt. His hands slid up over her belly and fastened around her
breasts, squeezing them harshly, twisting and jerking the tender meat
around as he pounded his cock into her fuck opening.

He sawed his cock back and forth between her straining cunt lips,
spearing it deep into her guts as he sneered down at her. Then he grunted,
his pumping slowing, slowing more until he stopped.

He sighed in pleasure, then pulled his cock out between her wounded,
burning cunt lips. He pushed her knees back more, grinning as he gazed
down at her buttocks, his jism seeping out of her cunt opening, and her
puckered little anus.

"Like I said, nice ass," he said, rubbing it. He gave her a slap then,
making her scream as her bare ass was spanked by his big hand.

He stood up and went over to his chair, sitting down and watching her,
smiling. She grabbed her pants, jerking them back up around her hips,
zipping and buttoning them.

"Go get me some more sandwiches, slut," he sneered. She staggered off
into the kitchen, her eyes wide, her chest heaving, her mind reeling at the
sudden, violent attack.

She stumbled into the kitchen, and fell back against the fridge,
covering her face with her hands.

Desperately, she lunged towards the hall door, then ran down to the
other side of the house and out the side door, running as fast as she could
across the wide green lawns. She kept looking back to see if he was
coming, and then he was. She whimpered in terror, running faster.

Her arms and legs pumped as fast as she could as she raced across the
grass, leaving the lawn and running through the scraggly weeds and tall
grasses. She looked back every few seconds, and saw that he was gaining.
Then, while looking behind her, she tripped over a gopher mound and went
flying, tumbling head over heels in the grass.

She cried in desperation and pain, getting to her feet again. Her foot
collapsed beneath her, dropping her to the ground again. She clutched her
ankle as pain made her want to scream. Then he was beside her. He grabbed
her hair, pulling her to her feet, then slammed his fist into her belly so
she collapsed to the ground again.

"Fuckin' whore!" he yelled. "I told you, didn't I!"

His foot lashed out and kicked her hard in the ribs. She howled and
rolled as he kicked her again, in the belly, then in the hip, then the
back. He griped her hair and dragged her upwards, then slid his arm around
her neck and squeezed her throat.

She choked and struggled to breath as he tightened his fingers around
her throat, strangling her. He gripped her right arm and forced it up
behind her back until she would have screamed from the pain, if she could
have breathed.

He stopped, throwing her down on the ground on her face. Her chest
heaved as she gulped in great lungfulls of air. He dropped down beside
her, his hands yanking at her pants, tearing them down over her hips,
baring her ass cheeks. "Show you what happens when you try to get away, you
dirty little cunt," he hissed.

Jessie hardly heard him. She was too busy breathing. Nothing had ever
tasted so good to her. She groaned weakly, holding her throat with both
hands as she tried to ease the pain. Then she shrieked in new pain,
wriggling against him as her ass exploded in agony.

She whipped her head back and saw him brandishing a small stick, an
obscene look of pleasure on his face as he raised it high. He swung it
down at her bare ass again and again she screamed in pain as fire ripped
into her nether region.

She struggled to free herself but he pinned her easily, one knee on the
small of her back as he swung the stick down onto her ass cheeks again,
then again, then again, the stick making a loud whirring sound as he swung
it down.

It smashed into her soft, boyish ass cheeks with a loud, crack of noise,
echoed each time by Jessie's cry of pain. Her legs jerked and flopped on
the ground, her knees digging into the dirt as she tried desperately to
pull away, but it was hopeless and she finally lay there, sobbing as he
continued to rain blows on her aching ass flesh.

"Fuckin' whore," he snarled. He dropped the stick and his hand shot
down between her legs, gripping her cunt in tight fingers. She cried out
again as he squeezed savagely, twisting his hand from side to side, tearing
at her cunt flesh as the girl thrashed and writhed beneath him.

"What you need, is a hard cock up your fuck hole! You need one every
minute of the day, you filthy slut! All you snotty bitches should be
fucked fifty times a day at least. That'd teach you your place!" He held
tight to her pussy mound while his other hand gripped her hair and twisted
her head up and back. She yowled in pain, trying to pull his hands away
but he only laughed louder.

"Admit it, slut! You want cock, don't you? Don't you?"

"Yesss! Yesss!" she screamed. "Pleeeeasse!"

"You'll get it, baby, don't worry," he sneered, tossing her away. She
rolled several times before stopping, moaning and clutching her groin.

"Now get your skinny ass back into the house, and the next time you try
and leave you'll really feel it, whore!"

He stood up, glaring down at the blonde girl as she slowly pulled
herself to her knees, her hands pulling her pants up as she rose to her
feet. He bent and picked up the stick, holding it menacingly. She hurried
forward, doing up her pants as she went.

Once back in the house Jones slammed the door and then grabbed her by
the hair, jerking her back against him. His right hand slid around in
front of her and cupped her titty, squeezing and kneading the soft flesh.

"Now get your ass back into the kitchen and make me some more
sandwiches, whore," he sneered. Then he spit in her face and shoved her
towards the kitchen.

Trembling in fear, Jessie made him several more sandwiches, then brought
them out to him, wide eyed and fearful. He took them with a smug smile,
sitting back on the couch as he bit off a giant bite from one. His eyes
never left her as he ate, then he cleared his mouth a little and sniggered.

"Those pants are still too loose. Take em' off." "Wha... wha.. what?"
she squeaked.

"Take off them pants. Fact', take off everything. I wanna see you

"I... I have some money," she gulped.

"Sure you do. Rich girl like you. I'll get it later. Right now, take
off your clothes."

"Please, please I'll do whatever you want... " she heard herself
saying, detesting herself for her weakness, wanting to curse him but too

"Yeah, I know you will. You can start by stripping."

Her heart hammered in her chest so loudly she could hardly hear.

"No," she gulped.

He smiled, then stood up. His hand slapped her face hard, knocking her
back against the wall. She cried out in shock and pain, clutching her
stinging face as she looked at him, terrified.

"Do what I say, girl."

"Please," she whimpered, Please... "

He slapped her face again, once more knocking her back against the wall.

"Strip," he ordered. Jessie was in shock, her face stinging with pain.
Tears blurred her vision and she blinked her eyes to try and clear them.

"Strip," he said again, then slammed his fist into her belly. She fell
to the ground, clutching her belly, tears trickling down her cheeks as she
whimpered in fear and pain, cowering back against the wall. Jones smiled
down at her, then slowly undid his belt, sliding it out of the pants loops
and doubling it in his fist.

"Strip, or else," he said, slapping the belt against his other hand. He
grabbed her arm and hauled her to her feet again, shoving her back against
the wall.

"Okay, baby, lets see it."

He raised his hand and she cried out in fear, her hands jerking to the
top button of her shirt. Her hands were trembling but she got the button
open, then got her fingers onto the second button and after an eternity,
got that open.

Jones folded his arms, watching, a smile of amusement on his face.

Her shaking hands went down the line of her shirt, undoing the buttons
one by one until she reached her pants. She looked up at him, as though
hoping for a reprieve, then pulled her shirt out of the white pants and
undid the rest of the buttons.

She slowly eased the shirt open, cringing inwardly, her face flaming
with embarrassment as she exposed her full breasts, only partly clad in the
small silky half bra.

"Hmmmmmm," he said appreciatively.

He extended his hand and she took off the shirt and handed it to him.
She raised her right foot and slipped off her boot, then took off the other
one. Jones took them both. Then her hands went to her pants and popped
the catch. Her hands shook even harder now and she had a hard time getting
the zipper down. She eased the pants slowly over her hips and down her
thighs, exposing her softly rounded hips and silky pink panties. She
stepped out of them and, her hands trembling even more, reached for her bra

"Not yet. Don't be so slutty," he said. He moved back, then walked
across the room and turned on the stereo. He examined the CD's and popped
one into the player, smiling and clapping his hands as loud music came out.
He came back to her and sat down.

"Dance," he said.

"Wha... what?" she gulped.

"Dance, baby. Dance. Shake your ass for me. I wanna see a nice

"I... I can't," she whimpered.

"You better, baby, or you'll get a whipping like you never imagined," he
said, his voice hard.

She stared at him in shock and horror, then yelped and stumbled back
when he yelled at her. "Dance!" She began to dance, more moving her
trembling body from side to side than anything else. He scowled
impatiently and hefted the belt and she began to dance in earnest, swinging
her hips and moving her legs, her hands moving in and out.

He smiled and clapped his hands, eyes glued to her body as she danced.

"Do a strip, whore. Do a bump an' grind," he laughed, munching on his
sandwich as he sat on the edge of a chair.

Her mind in a whirl, Jessie tried to remember how she'd seen girls do
things like that on tv shows or movies. She wiggled her hips in an
amateurish show, her hands waving out on either side.

"Take off the bra," he laughed. "I wanna see those titties of yours."

Her skin dark red, and hot with embarrassment, Jessie reached behind
her, and after several fumbling attempts at undoing the catch, finally got
it free. She looked down as she let the bra fall forward over her
shoulders and drop off her high, firm breasts.

"Real nice. Those nipples look like a good suck," he commented. "Let's
see em swing. Swing those tits around, baby," he snickered.

She wriggled and twisted, making her fat melons sway and jiggle and
swing from side to side as Jones snickered and stared. "Now the panties.
Let's see beaver!" His crude words embarrassed her even more. Yet she was
too terrified to disobey him. She still ached from the beating he had
given her. She reached down and peeled her panties downwards, bending over
to slip them off her knees.

"Dance, slut!" he yelled. "Swing those tits. Pull your legs apart. I
wanna see that slit!" She tried to dance with her legs open. It was
awkward and far from graceful, but he didn't seem to mind. He laughed and
clapped his hands.

"Turn around whore and bend over. Spread those legs apart. Nice, real
nice," he said as she bent far forward and spread her legs.

"Reach back and pull your ass cheeks apart. I wanna see that little
round asshole." She cringed in humiliation, but reached her hands back and
pulled at her ass flesh, prying her cheeks open and letting him look at her
round asshole.

"Nice, pull your cunt lips open too." She whimpered and a tear fell from
her right eye, but her fingers slid into her soft pubic flesh and pried her
cunt lips apart, opening her glistening pink tunnel to his view.

"Fuckin' Whore," he sneered. "Fuck yourself. Let's see you finger fuck
yourself. Stick those fingers up your snatch."

She trembled and shuddered in anguished humiliation, but her finger slid
into her soft warms heath, wriggling from side to side until it was fully
inside her.

"Another. I want three fingers up your hole, slut!"

She slid a second finger then a third into herself, feeling her cunt
walls suck and squeeze on the digits as she slowly pumped them in and out.
Jones sat back on the chair and put his feet up on the table, laughing and
snickering as he watched.

She pumped her fingers in and out, wincing a little at the pain as she
forced her dry cunt back.

"Faster! Faster, whore!" She pumped her fingers in and out, panting and
whimpering as he chuckled and snickered.

"More, slut. Push your whole hand into your fuck box." She gasped and
trembled harder. "I... I can't," she whimpered.

"You better, whore, otherwise I'll shove mine in. Wanna bet I can't do

She moaned and slit a fourth finger in alongside the other three,
folding her thumb in tight against them as she twisted them from side to
side and tried to work them into herself. She got all five into her as far
as her thumb's first joint, but then her cunt could hardly spread any more.

"Come on, you cheap fucking cunt. Shove that hand up your snatch!"

"I'm... I'm trying," she whined.

He stood up and moved behind her, making her heart pound in fear. His
big hand gripped her wrists suddenly, his other hand holding her by the
hair, then shoved it hard. She screamed in pain, her hand jammed hard into
her cunt meat, her body shaking as he cruelly twisted her wrist from side
to side and forced her hand deeper and deeper into her cunt opening.

"OWW! OWW! Ooohhh! Pleeeasse!"

"Shut the fuck up, you walking fuck box."

He shoved her hand deeper still, forcing her whole hand inside her
crack, shifting his grip further up her wrist and still pushing inward.
Her cunt screamed in sharp, aching pain as her fingers were driven deep
into her lower belly.

"Ha! Ha! Ha!" he laughed, jamming her hand into her until her cunt
lips eased closed around her wrist. She moaned in relief, though it was
just a little better. Her cunt still ached and burned but her cunt lips
weren't as tightly stretched since her wrist was somewhat thinner than her

"Now that looks nice. How's it feel in there, slut?"

She whimpered and gasped several times, trying to somehow shrink her
hand inside her overloaded, swollen cunt tunnel. The pain began to ease.
Thankfully, her cunt tunnel was more elastic than her cunt lips, sort of
like, she thought, the leg of a pair of panty hose. She yelped suddenly as
Jones slapped her ass hard.

"I said how's it feel, you fucking smart assed, egg head whore?"

"I... I don't' know," she whimpered.

"Is it tight?"



"I don't know." He slapped her ass again. "Stupid whore."

He grabbed her other hand suddenly and yanked it through her legs. His
other hand grabbed one finger, pulling it out straight, then pushed the tip
against her crinkled little anus.

"Wha... what.." she gasped. He forced her finger against her asshole
and jammed it inside, ignoring her whining and moaning.

"Finger fuck your asshole now, twat."

"Please, nooooo," she sobbed.

"Put it in or I'll jam my fist up there." She pumped her finger slowly,
wincing from the pain of the unnatural, perverted act.

Tentatively, she eased a second finger into her asshole, and got both in
to the knuckles.

The Intruder Part 2

"The whole hand, " he snickered.

She sobbed, having hoped a couple of fingers would be enough to satisfy
his disgusting perversion. She slid a third finger inside, groaning from
the pain as she forced her asshole wide. A fourth finger joined the other
three, then she pressed her thumb in tight and groaned as she eased all
five into her asshole.

She was breathing harshly though her gaping mouth, gasping in pain,
moaning. She spread her legs wider, hoping to ease the tightness. She
clenched her teeth tightly and ground them together as she slowly worked
her hand into her asshole.

She had to go back and forth, moving back when the pressure got too
harsh, too tight, then easing forward again. All the while the trembled in
anxiety, wondering when he would lose his patience and jam her hand in with
savage force.

Her right hand was like a big thick lump of lead inside her cunt pipe,
blocking it and forcing the tight walls way apart. And now her other hand
was pushing deeper into her asshole. She could actually feel the her right
hand through the thin wall of her ass tube as her left hand probed deeper.

She groaned and grit her teeth as the widest part of her hand, the hell,
slowly eased up into her asshole, then she gasped in relief as her asshole
snapped shut on her wrist. She had both hands inside herself now, just her
wrists sticking out of the tight, wide holes.

"Now ain't that pretty," he sneered as he slid his hand up and down her
ass cheeks. He moved around in front of her and squatted down, looking up
at her with a gaping grin on his face.

He reached up and fondled her hanging breasts, snickering as he worked
his fingers into the soft, malleable flesh. "Mooooooooo," he said.
"Mooooooo." He burst out laughing, his fingers now squeezing her tits
savagely, jerking them downward as though he were milking a cow's udder.

"Where's the milk?" he laughed. He stood up then and unzipped his
pants, stepping out of them. He gripped her by the hair, forcing her head
up so she was staring into his hard cock. She looked at the round little
piss hole as he pushed it forward. "Time to eat, baby," he jeered, pushing
his cockhead against her lips.

She opened her lips and his cock slid through and into her mouth. She
gagged as he pushed his cockhead too deep, closing her lips tightly and
sucking on it, working her tongue against the head in an attempt to satisfy
him so he wouldn't choke her.

"That's it. Suck that cock, baby. Suck it good," he sneered.

She sucked as hard as she could but he wasn't satisfied. He held her
hair as he pumped his cock in her mouth, sliding his bloated cock shaft
back and forth across her straining lips. He pulled it out then and wiped
the saliva coated prick across her face several times, then he slid it back
into her mouth again.

He gripped her head with both hands, holding her around the ears as he
spread his legs and began to pump steadily, using her mouth like it was a
cunt. He sneered as he humped into her, using greater and greater force,
his cockhead punching against the back of her mouth as she tried
desperately to control its cruel plunges.

Then he gave a harsh thrust and his cockhead slipped right down her
throat. She choked and gurgled helplessly, in fear and pain as his long
thick cockshaft followed the rounded head down her gullet.

"Swallow it, whore, fucking cheap bitch. Swallow that cock!"

He drove his cock in her to the balls, his pubic bone mashing her nose
as his balls hung down against her jaw. He groaned in pleasure at the feel
of her throat swallowing continuously, instinctively trying to draw the
thick chunk of meat lodged inside it down into her belly.

He drew it back, fighting the sucking power of her throat, then thrust
forward, pumping his cock inside her throat tube. He ignored her strangled
choking moans as he fucked his cock in her throat, holding her tight by the

Her vision began to blur from lack of air as his thick bloated fuck tool
blocked her wind pipe. Finally he pulled it back into her mouth, then out,
letting her gulp in air as he wiped his cock against her face again. He
snickered then thrust it back into her mouth and straight down her throat.

"Yeahh! Yeahhh! Your mouth and throat were built to swallow cock you
stinking cheap slut!" He held her head tightly and began to really fuck
into her, his cock pounding up and down her throat, sawing over her tongue
as he humped into her. His balls slapped against her jaw and chin as he
fucked her mouth and throat with cruel relish, driving his cockhead almost
down into her chest with his forceful strokes.

He pulled back suddenly, his cockhead popping out of her throat tube
like a cork coming out of a bottle, and held his cock in front of her.
Then a thick wad of cum spit out and hit her in the face. Another followed
and another and another as cock juice spit against her cheeks and forehead
and mouth and nose.

He used his cock to smear the cum juice across her face as he held her
tightly by the hair, then he pulled back with a laugh. Jessie was
horrified and disgusted as the cum poured over her face.

"You fucking bastard!" she screamed. "You dirty stinking pervert!"

He snickered, then slammed his open hand against the side of her face.
It hit her like a thunderbolt, knocking her over onto her side. She fell
heavily, screaming as her hip and side slammed into the floor. Her hands
were still buried in her cunt and asshole and she couldn't pull them out
without great pain.

He slid his belt out of his pants loops and doubled it up, then swung it
down on her, cracking it against her back. She screamed again, trying to
wriggle aside or away, but she was helpless with her hands inside herself.
She tugged at them, trying to pull them out, but each time the heels of her
hands tried to push her cunt lips or ass mouth open wider the pain forced
them back.

The belt swung down again and again, cracking against her back and her
hips and her ass and her legs as she yelled and begged and cried out in
pain, helpless to dodge it or protect herself. Finally she gave a scream
as she managed to pull her hand out of her anus.

He continued to whip her with the belt, hardly hindered at all. She
tugged at her other hand, trying to get it out of her cunt, ignoring the
pain because of the greater pain of the whipping belt. She gave another
scream and jerked it free, her cunt snapping closed on empty air. She tried
to crawl away but he followed, cracking the belt down on her ass freely
now, without her hands in the way. He growled and dropped to his knees
behind her, grabbing her thighs. He jerked her back against him until her
ass cheeks were pressed against his belly.

She continued to paw at the floor, trying to crawl away but he held her
too tightly. He reached forward and grabbed her arms, pulling them back
behind her, dropping her onto her face and shoulders on the rug. He pulled
her wrists together behind her, then forced them up high, until she
screamed in agony.

"You love it, don't you, cunt?" he sneered, forcing her wrists right up
behind her neck, mashing her face into the rug as he spread her legs with
his free hand. He took his cock, which was still as hard as steel, and
slid it effortlessly into her cunt. He fucked her hard and savagely for a
long minute, then pulled out and shoved it up her ass.

She burst into tears, utterly mortified and disgusted by having his cock
up her asshole. The very idea of sodomy had always revolted her, and now
she had a big fat dripping wet cock in her asshole. He buried it inside
her, then fucked hard and fast, his hips smacking and slapping against her

"I'd like to do this to all you snotty college girls," he sneered.
"This's what you all need, a good hard cock up your ass. A good reaming
out would do wonders for you whores."

He let go of her wrists and they fell limply apart as she moaned in
relief. Her arms twitched and jerked as they slowly pulled away from her
back and fell onto the rug on either side of her. He fucked his big boner
down her shitter with renewed energy, both hands on her hips as he jerked
her back to meet his savage thrusts.

"Yeah! Yeah! Yeah," he grunted. "Fuck you! Fuck you!"

He reached down and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her up and back
against him as she cried out in pain. He slid his arms underneath her
armpits and brought his hands up and back behind her head, jerking her back
hard against him.His cock rammed up into her asshole, his balls mashing
against the underside of her buttocks.

He held her there, then bent her back as he ground his loins against her
ass, twisting his cock inside her anus. He pulled back even harder, bowing
her back to the point of breaking as he pumped his boner inside her rectal

His hard thrusts actually lifted her off her knees, his prick stabbing
straight up into her and making her jerk upwards. He sneered and laughed,
ignoring her whimpering please for relief, then he suddenly pulled his arms
away, letting her fall back onto the rug. He gripped her hips tightly as
he pistoned his fuck-pole down her anus with furious energy, his hips
bruising her soft ass meat as he skewered the sobbing blonde.

He groaned in relief as a thick wad of cum spewed out of his cock tip
and pumped down into her rectum. Wad after wad sprayed her ass tunnel with
its sticky whiteness until he had emptied himself inside her.

"Ahhhhhhhh," he sighed, easing his pumping, leaving his cock buried
inside her as he leaned forward, his hands pressing down on her shoulders.

"That was good, slut," he sighed. "Bet you liked that, huh, on your
knees gettin' a good hard one up the ass, that's just what you needed."

He let his cock soften inside her, not eager to pull it free from her
snug, warm anus, then he felt a pressure from his bladder. He smiled

"Uh oh, Gotta go, whore. Gotta take a piss. Here it comes. Get

Her eyes widened in shock. Surely he... surely he couldn't. Nobody
could be so perverted, so disgusting, so... She felt the hot, forceful
stream of piss blasting into her asshole. More and more of the burning
fluid flooded down into her bowels as he sighed in happiness.

He poured half a quart of piss down into her ass before finally pulling
his cock back out, letting her anus squeeze out the last drops of piss. He
slapped her ass hard, making her yelp.

"Now you got a bellyful of jism and a full load of piss in you," he
chortled, getting to his feet. Jessie dropped fully to the floor and
rolled onto her side, hugging herself. Never in her life had she felt so
filthy, so revolted.

She staggered to her feet and ran to the stairs, racing upstairs to her
bedroom and slamming the door behind. He chuckled and went into the
kitchen to get a beer.

Upstairs Jessie sat on the toilet, on the verge of throwing up as the
piss and cum poured out of her asshole. She sat on the toilet for long
minutes, then filled her tub and took a long bath, then another. She
didn't think she would ever feel clean again.

She prayed he would be gone when she got back down. What more could he
do to her? Surely he'd satisfied his perverted lust. He'd already raped
her, sodomised her, forced her to suck him. Please, please, please, she
asked God, make him go now.

Finally she wrapped a big fluffy towel around herself and left the
bathroom, going back into her bedroom. Jones was in her room, poking
through her dresser drawers. She stared at him in shock, her heart
sinking. Jones ignored her as he pulled lingerie out of the drawer.

"Now this is nice," he said, holding up a mass of lacy black material.
There was a frilly little see through lace bra, a matching G-string, and a
garter belt, garters, and black fishnet stockings. A girlfriend had given
the set to her last year as a joke on her studious, dull life.

He tossed them on the bed as he turned to look at her.

"Put em on, baby. I wanna see you in them." He sat on the end of the
bed, watching with interest as she donned, first the G-string, then the
bra, then the garter belt, and garters and stockings. She looked at him

"Nice, real nice. You can wear that. Now come and show me where
everything is."

He pulled her down the hall to her parents room, demanding she tell him
where their jewels were, where cameras and other expensive things could be
found. She answered him in a dull, lifeless voice. She had given up any
struggle, either for her dignity or her family's possessions.

He unplugged their tv and carried it down while she carried the jewelry
box, a VCR, a video camera and a pair of thirty-five millimetre cameras.
She helped him pack their silverware and gathered together the other
stereos, TVs and VCRs in the house, all except for the ones in the living

"Well, that was sweaty work," he said. "You go upstairs and pour me a
bubble bath, and make the water hot." She nodded dully, then went up to do
his bidding. After a bit he came up, grunting and smiling and stood in
front of her, forcing her to take off his clothes. Naked, he climbed into
the tub and lay back, sighing in comfort.

"Get in slut, strip and come in. I always wanted one of those oriental
type baths. You're gonna soap yourself up and scrub me with your tits."

Jessie didn't really know what he meant, but stripped naked and got into
the tub. He handed her the soap and ordered her to soap herself up good.
She soaped up her chest heavily, then he turned around and ordered her to
rub her fat tits against his wet back.

"This is no good," he said. He stood up and ordered the soapy wet girl
to follow him. They went down the hall to her room and he got into her bed
with a sigh of pleasure, laying flat on his belly.

"Got on me, slut and soap me up with your titties."

Swallowing nervously, she got into bed, straddling him, her soft ass and
stinging cunt pressing against the small of his back. She bent over and
pressed her tits against his back, softly rubbing them up and down.

"Harder, slut!" he snapped. She pressed her soapy melons harder against
him, rubbing them up and down, mashing them against his muscular back as
she soaped him up. Her ass and crotch were also soapy and she rubbed
herself over his lower back and buttocks as he sighed in comfort.

"Ahhh," he sighed. "Rub that pussy on me, girl, mash those titties
against me." He paused for a moment. "Hey, give my shoulders a nice
massage too."

Her fingers kneaded his shoulders as she rubbed her cunt up and down his
back. She slid easily now as both were wet and coated with soap.

"Harder you twat, rub harder."

Jessie's cunt, ass and thighs slid back and forth over his back as she
kneaded his shoulders. Oddly, she discovered the sensation quite pleasant.
Her thighs were spread wide, opening her cunt up and her slit was sliding
back and forth over his soft, soapy flesh.

"Let me turn over, slut."

She was slightly disappointed to stop the steady sliding but got up as
he rolled onto his back. Then she dropped her soapy ass and cunt onto his
belly and bent forward, avoiding looking at his face as she pressed her
soapy tit melons down on his chest and rubbed herself back and forth.

His hands came around and cupped her soapy ass cheeks, jamming her down
harder as he pulled her up and down his belly. Her crotch rode across his
cock several times.

"My cock needs special attention, slut. Use those fat tits of yours to
clean it."

She slid further down his body until her chest was over his cock. Her
cunt was resting on his legs, which were together and she shifted over to
one side so his left leg pushed firmly against her cunt slit. She took his
cock and pressed her tits against it from either side, mashing her tit meat
around it as she used the two mammaries as scrub brushes.

"Harder, cunt meat. Scrub my cock." She rubbed her tits back and forth
on his prick, which was beginning to get hard again.

He reached down and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her upwards as she
cried in pain. He manoeuvred her snatch over his boner and took his cock
in one hand, fitting the head against her hole.

"Take it, slut." he sighed. She eased up, then slid back down over his
prick. His soapy prong drove up high into her belly, the soap stinging her
cunt as she settled atop it.

"Okay, whore, ride it," he sighed, his hands going behind his head as he
smiled up at her. Her twat full of fuck meat, she pressed her hands flat
on his chest and began to slowly slide her pussy up and down his hard
prong. Oddly, this too felt good. She ran her fuck tube up and down over
his dick, sighing weakly at the feel of his soapy flesh on her clit.

After the violence that had been wrought on her poor body this fuck,
which was nothing less than rape, seemed somehow, almost friendly. It was
almost like she was just fucking a man willingly. Her cunt rode over his
prong steadily, heating up around the hard tool, sending a quiver up her

She rode harder, sliding her fuck meat up and down around his shaft with
ever increasing speed, panting with the effort and the resulting heat in
her loins. When Jones reached up and squeezed her titties she actually
moaned in pleasure, glad of the added sensation.

Her buttocks ground down on his hips and thighs as she twisted and
rubbed her pussy lips against his skin. Her round, taut ass cheeks rose
and fell, rose and fell, as her fuck pit repeatedly swallowed the entire
length of his purple knobbed prick.

He began humping up into her then, so his cock was sent slicing up
between her tender twat lips with savage force and speed. She didn't care.
Her belly was a quivering, churning cauldron of excitement, her pussy
steaming with fuck juice as she whimpered and whined in pleasure.

"Fuckin' whore," he grunted. "Fuckin cheap slut!" He clamped his hands
painfully tight around her tits, dragging her upper body down to his chest
then gripping her hair with one hand and jamming her lips onto his. He
mashed his lips onto hers, his tongue shooting up into her mouth as he
humped his boner up into her cunt slot.

His free hand slid down her back and clamped around her ass flesh,
pushing her down with each stroke, mashing her flesh beneath his hard

Jessie didn't care what he did to her. She was on the verge of an
orgasm, the first in, in, in well over a year. She'd ignored sex for so
long that the insides of her cunt had practically calcified. Now with the
steady pumping of his meat, and the lack of fear and pain, her pussy juices
were flowing freely and her slit was burning with need.

She kissed him back, something that would have revolted her even minutes
ago, and still did somewhere at the back of her mind. But all she really
cared about right now as cumming, cumming long and cumming hard. She rode
up and down his prick while her breathing became more ragged and her body
became more raw with crackling sex energy.

Then she came, crying out in excitement, in glee, in bliss, as her body
erupted in powerful waves of boiling orgasmic pleasure. She felt like her
body was turning inside out, like her cunt was gushing fire and juice as
she came explosively, jerking and trembling and shaking against him as he
continued to ram his prick up into her belly.

Snapping, crackling multi-colored lights flashed and burst in front of
her closed eyes and her chest locked tight, as the sex heat poured through
her. She grunted repeatedly, her cunt sucking and squeezing on his cock as
it thrust into her.

Her climax screamed along every nerve ending, every pore in her skin
radiating sex heat as her cunt sent jagged bolts of ecstasy shooting up
into her guts, searing her insides with its powerful concussive explosions.

She went limp with weakness, flat atop him as he continued to thrust up
into her. His hands clamped down on her ass, jamming her down on his fuck
stick, grinding her pelvis over his groin as his cum shot up into her guts.

He heaved her aside and sat up, scratching his head.

"Cheap piece of meat," he sneered, swinging his legs out of bed. "Come
on, bitch. I ain't finished my bath yet."

He swaggered across the rug towards the bathroom. Jessie got to her
feet and shuffled after him. Just as she entered the bathroom he grabbed
her arm and hurled her through the room into the tub. She landed with a
loud splash, sending water flying everywhere. Her leg banged into the
tiled wall, making her cry out in pain, then water got down her throat and
she choked and coughed furiously as he laughed in amusement.

"Soap yourself up some more, slut, then come and rub me again," he

She pulled herself to her knees, water dripping off her hair. She
slipped and fell, then got up again and climbed out of the tub. He grinned
nastily as she picked up the soap and soaped up her chest and belly again.

He grabbed her and pulled her against him, still grinning. "Rub those
fat tits against my cock. It's all dirty again."

She rubbed her breasts back against his soft prick, mashing the soft
meat around his sensitive prong.

"Fuckin' cunt," he snarled, shoving her back. "I keep telling you to
rub harder!" he snarled. He grabbed her and shoved her back against the
tub, bending her back across the side.

She clawed at his hands as her back threatened to break under the
pressure. He slapped her hard, then grabbed bother her wrists and locked
them together, forcing them back over her head and down into the tub.
"Stop! Please!" she gasped, her wet feet and legs kicking and flailing on
the floor in an effort to ease the strain on her back.

He jammed his knee into her crotch to pin her in place, laughing as he
bent her back even harder. Her spine ground and rolled on the hard enamel.
He reached down beside the tub and found a brush. It was made for scraping
the floor and had harsh, strong bristles. He picked it up and looked down
gleefully at her round, straining titties, both pushing out hard against
her taut flesh.

"I'll show you how to scrub up, pussy," he sneered. He shoved the brush
into the water, then pulled it out and jammed it against her sensitive left
tit. He began scrubbing harshly as she screamed in pain. The bristles
were clawing the skin off her as he rubbed it up and down over her soapy

He paid particular attention to her nipple, scratching and scraping and
scouring the brush across it with furious, forceful motions. Jessie jerked
and thrashed helplessly, yelling and screaming as her tit burned with pain.
He only laughed, then ran the harsh brush over her other tit, scraping
savagely as her back bent even more over the edge of the tub. "Ahh! Ahhhh!
Ohhhh! Uhhhh!" she cried, as he viciously scoured her tender flesh with
the harsh brush, sawing it back and forth over the melon until it, like the
other one, was blood red, ever nerve ending screaming with pain.

He looked down at her splayed legs and pulled the brush away from her
aching tits, jamming it down against her open crotch and rubbing furiously
at her soft cunt mound. She howled in agony, her legs jerking and flopping
as she thrashed and writhed against him. The harsh bristles scraped and
clawed at her sensitive pussy mound, burning up her crotch.

He quickly flipped her over, tired of her struggling, and jammed her
face down into the water as he sawed the cruel brush back and forth over
her pussy again. He held her head under water, a cruel sneer on his face
as the brush scraped savagely over her pussy meat.

He threw it away suddenly and let go of her head. It sprang out of the
water, Jessie coughing and gagging as he laughed and pushed his boner
against her cunt. He thrust into her, burying his cock in her warm snatch
with a single stroke.

Fighting to regain her breath, Jessie hardly even noticed, nor cared.
Her arms hugged her chest as she coughed and hacked. His hands held her
hips and he fucked steadily, his soapy fuck-pole sliding nicely in her
belly as he hummed to himself.

Jessie moaned as she cupped her aching breasts. The skin had been
scraped raw and there were little bleeding scratches in a dozen places. He
slapped his hands down on her ass flesh with a laugh, rodding his prick
into her with more force as his pleasure mounted.

"Teach you your place, girl," he snickered. His cock pounded into her
as he gripped her ass and spurted out more cum into the depths of her

"Gonna give you a baby, slut," he laughed. "Gonna fuck a baby into you,
make your tits and belly fat."

He slapped her ass hard, then dragged her back out of the tub and shoved
her back on the floor. He stood up and got into the tub, running the
shower to rinse himself off.

Jones was really getting off on his control over the beautiful young
blonde. He kept her naked and abused and insulted her constantly. He
spent most of the evening in the couch watching TV. Jessie knelt in front
of him on all fours and he propped his feet up on her back.

Several times he dragged her face up between his legs and had her suck
him off, grinning down at her as she did, calling her whore and slut. The
only time she was allowed to move was when he sent her into the kitchen for
food or beer.

Late in the night he was poking around with the video camera. He filmed
her naked, then stuck the tape in the VCR, laughing and giggling as her
naked image came up. He put the tape back in the camera and turned it on
her again.

"Lay back in the corner, slut, and spread those pretty legs of yours."

She sat back against the wall, opening her legs as he filmed her. He
got down on his knees and brought the camera in close to her crotch.

"Pull your cunt lips open," he ordered. "That's it. Stick your fingers
in your snatch." He crawled backwards and sat up, shifting back until he
had her whole body in the shot.

"Let's see you play with yourself, baby. Jerk off for me."

She looked worriedly at the camera, but could not do anything other than
he wished. She pumped her fingers in and out of her pussy as she diddled
her clitty.

"He stopped the camera and scowled at her.

"Show some emotion, girl. I want to see you cumming. I wanna see how
excited you are. Play with your titties and diddle dick your pussy like
you really mean it."

He raised the camera and turned it on again. She started wriggling on
the floor, running her hands up and down her body, sliding her fingers into
her cunt cleft. She moaned weakly, moving her head from side to side and
fondling her titties.

"More emotion, slut!" he yelled.

She moaned louder, wriggled harder, pumped her fingers into her snatch
as she mashed her titties. She grunted and groaned and sighed
realistically while he grinned and ran the camera up and down her lush,
naked body.

"Enough for now," he said, yawning. He put the camera down and stood
up. "Come on, fuck pad. We're goin' to bed."

Her heart leapt a little at the thought of him sleeping, and the chance
that presented for her to escape. She'd be real careful, she told herself.
She'd make absolutely sure he was asleep before sneaking out.

But Jones had no intention of relying on her to stay around for him to
wake up. He scratched himself as he went into her parents room and looked
at the big double bed with a wide grin on his face. The four poster had
seven foot high posts on all four corners.

He searched in her parents drawers and came out with a pair of her
mother's panty hose. Jessie watched in confusion as he ripped them down
the middle and then pulled her over against the foot of the bed.

"Reach up and grab the poles, baby," he said. She tried, but couldn't
reach them.

"Well, just hold your arms up like that then," he said. He tied one of
the panty hose legs tightly around her right wrist, then tied the other
around her left wrist. He then tied the other ends to the poles. He tied
her arms tight so she was almost on her toes and had to stand up very
straight, otherwise she'd be hanging from her wrists. They already ached
from the way the nylon cut into them but she knew better than to complain.

He tied her so she was facing the bed, then slapped her ass and moved
around her, getting into the bed himself.

"You can have a nice view of me in this comfy warm bed," he grinned.
"While I have a nice view of your pretty titties and cunt fur." With that
he turned off the lights and rolled onto his side, breathing evenly as he
tried to fall asleep.

Jessie stayed still for long, long minutes, until she was sure he was
asleep. Only then did she try to pull her hands free from the tight panty
hose. She quickly found that she couldn't, that the knots were just too
tight and hugged her wrists no matter how she twisted them.

Then she tried to pull hard in hopes of snapping the panty hose.
Certainly she knew how easy it was to get a run in the elastic stuff. She
pulled as hard as she could, first with her left then her right, but the
panty hose wouldn't give, and the pulling cinched it even tighter around
her wrists.

She finally thought to try and dig holes in the panty hose with her
fingernails in hopes of shredding it. But by then her hands were numb from
lack of blood. She could hardly even move her fingers and couldn't get
enough pressure on the panty hose to cause any damage.

Jones began to snore. She had no idea how much time had passed. She
stood there in the darkness, her legs stiff and tired, her back sore and
her wrists feeling like they'd been cut. More time passed, the only sign
the shadows moving across the room as the moon shifted.

By dawn her entire body was stiff and sore and tired and she was
exhausted. She'd taken to shifting from one foot to another long ago, and
lifting and bending her legs to ease their stiffness. Her back felt
horrible. It wasn't exactly a bad pain, just a sort of terrible stiffness
like an itch she couldn't scratch.

She finally got the idea of kneeling up on the edge of the bed, but had
to do it so carefully so as not to wake him that, though it helped ease
some of the strain on her legs, it didn't help her back at all, nor her
wrists or shoulders or hands.

She was kneeling there, her head hanging low, half asleep a couple of
hours after dawn when Jones woke up. He glanced down and saw her and
frowned, then slowly shifted his feet over and suddenly kicked her knees
back over the edge of the bed. She dropped off the bed, all her weight
coming down on her wrists, which suddenly felt like a tight wire was
slicing through them. She cried out in shock and pain, her feet scrabbling
at the floor for several seconds before she was able to stand up and
support her weight again.

"Didn't tell you, you could get in tha bed with me, slut," he said
blearily. He scratched himself and yawned, then looked across at her with
a small smile.

"Hmmm, got myself a boner, pussy. What'dya think I should do with it?"

She looked back tiredly, saying nothing. He grinned and crawled tiredly
out of bed, his cock sticking straight out as he went around to the foot of
the bed to stand behind her. She felt his cockhead rubbing up and down
between her buttocks, then felt it press against her asshole.

He spit a couple of times and she felt a finger stab into her anus and
slide back and forth, then it withdrew and his cock probed her rectal
entrance again. She felt the pressure mount but could do nothing other
than try and loosen her muscles to ease the way, hoping there would be less

He wasn't at all concerned about pain as he forced his fat cock nose up
into her anus, then rocked back and forth to twist another inch, then
another into her asshole. His hands slid up and down her back, then around
in front of her to cup and then squeeze her full round breasts.

His thumb stroked her nipples as his fingers kneaded her tit meat,
mashing and twisting the soft fleshy meat as he worked his cock yet deeper
into her rectum. His hands slid down her belly, then gripped her thighs
from in front, pulling them up and apart, letting her entire weight come
down on her wrists once again.

He pulled her legs wide and back against him as he jammed the entire
length of his boner up her asshole, grunting with pleasure as he felt his
balls rubbing against the undersides of her buttocks.

"Like that, whore?" he panted. "This is the way all you college girls
should wake up every morning, with a good hard cock up the ass."

He grunted and thrust up harder, grinding his pelvis against her soft
round ass skin as he twisted his cock around inside her guts.

He began stroking then, tearing his cock back down her anal tube, then
forcing it back up her shitter with a hard, violent thrust.

She grunted in time to his thrusts as he used more and more of his
cockshaft, pistoning it into her with long, hard strokes that made her tits
bonce and jiggle.

He sucked on the side of her throat as he rutted his pole up her anus,
sucking and then biting at the nape of her neck, ignoring her whimpers and
moans as he used her body for his own pleasure, intensely aroused at his
total possession, total control over the luscious young blonde woman.

His cock worked steadily up and down inside her asshole as his breathing
grew faster and harder.

He bit harder on her neck too, gripping her tits again as he used his
knees to keep her legs apart.

His fingernails found her nipples and dug in hard from either side, then
pulled the soft little buttons far out from her meaty mammaries, distending
the shape of her round melons into sharp pointed cones.

The Intruder Part 3

He pounded his cock up her asshole, reaming out her rear entry as he
lustfully pawed and fondled her soft young flesh. He snickered at each
groan, chuckled at each whimper, laughed at each cry of pain, and his cock
grew even thicker inside her asshole.

Jones had never been gentle with women, even those who came to his bed
willingly, but now he was finding a delightful pleasure in his complete and
unchecked domination of the girl. He could do anything, anything at all to
her he wanted to, and his mind spun through idea after idea.

But for now he was still tired. He rammed his prick deep into the
college girl's asshole and spewed out his morning load of sperm juice,
churning her rectum into butter as he let it suck the last drop from his
cock. He withdrew then and went into the bathroom to piss and wash his
cock, then returned, grabbing another pair of panty hose from the dresser.

He tied them around her ankles and bound each to the bottom of the
bedposts so she couldn't get on the bed again. Of course this meant that
all her weight was hanging on her wrists again, but he didn't care. She
was tied so she couldn't move at all, that was what he wanted. He jumped
back into bed and fell asleep again.

Jessie was dazed and limp when he woke again some hours later. She
didn't even raise her head when he got out of bed, yawning, and moved past
her towards the bathroom. She yelped and woke quickly when he smacked his
hand down on her behind as he passed.

He came back out and undid her legs, then used a knife to cut the panty
hose off her wrists. She fell to the floor and bed, moaning weakly, her
stiff legs unable to hold her weight. Her hands ached fiercely with
returning circulation.

Jones grabbed her by the hair and hauled her off the bed, throwing her
on the floor near the door.

"Get your lazy cunt downstairs and make me breakfast, bitch, otherwise
I'll use the belt on you again. I want, let's see, I want pancakes with
lots of butter and syrup. Now get moving." He kicked her in the side to
enforce the order and she cried out, grabbing her side with her wounded

She half crawled out the door and downstairs to the kitchen, then sat on
a chair for a few minutes trying to gain come control of her brain. She
got up then and started making pancakes, afraid of what he might do if he
came down and found her sitting around with no pancakes.

Not sure how many he wanted, she made a lot, taking bites out of a
couple as she made them for fear he wouldn't give her anything to eat. He
came downstairs finally, naked, which disappointed her since it made it
obvious he had no intention of leaving soon.

He munched on the pancakes without complaint, his eyes moving from them
to the window to her. "Kneel on the floor there, cunt," he said after a
minute, gesturing to the floor next to his chair. She did as he ordered,
sitting back on her heels as she watched, ready to dodge a blow.

Instead he cut off a piece of pancake and put it under her nose. She
wasn't sure what to do though since it was obvious he wanted her to eat it
she did. She snickered and cut a number of other pieces and ate them, then
he cut another and she ate that. He was, she realized, feeding her like a
dog. That would have made her mad before yesterday, but now she didn't
care. So long as it didn't hurt he could do what he wanted as far as she
was concerned. It wasn't like she had much pride or dignity left to
protect around him.

He finished eating and she washed the dishes, but he didn't leave the
table. He went to the fridge and looked inside, then opened the freezer
and looked in there. He pulled out the ice cube box and the trays and sat
back down at the table.

"Come here, slut," he ordered. She walked over and he grabbed her
wrist, pulling her across his knees with her ass in the air. He fondled
her ass cheeks for a few seconds then smacked his hand down hard, making
her cry out. He snickered, then poked his finger into her cunt and pumped
it in and out a couple of times.

"Real hot in there," he said. "Maybe I should do somethin' to cool it

He plucked one of the rounded ice cubes out of the box and pushed it
against her cunt lips. She jerked in surprise, then clenched her teeth as
he held it right against her clitty, the cold becoming a burning sensation
that made it difficult to hold still.

He laughed and pushed the ice cube right into her cunt opening, shoving
it deep inside her hot body.

She gasped and panted but gave no other display of what she felt. He
picked up a second cube and slid that into her cunt as well, then a third,
then a fourth, then a fifty and sixth and seventh and eight. Each cube
pressed against the one before it, jamming it higher inside her lower

She began to shake with the terrible blistering cold she was feeling
high inside her totally unprotected innards.

Nothing cold was ever meant to go up there and so her cunt chute didn't
know how to react to it. He pushed a dozen cubes into her cunt, so they
ground slickly against each other inside her belly.

He slapped his hand down hard on her ass, laughing as she cried out
again. Then he picked up another ice cube and pressed it against her
little round anus. She whimpered as he forced the cube into her asshole.
Her whole lower body was soon shaking uncontrollably as he forced a dozen
more cubes up her ass.

He was like a kid with a new toy, and she was the toy. He snickered and
laughed as he pushed more cubes into her cunt and then more into her
asshole, forcing both tubes to bulge out inside her belly. He soon had to
jam the cubes in hard to get them inside, for there was little room left
inside her, even though the things were melting and a little stream of
water was dribbling out her cunt slit.

He forced even more cubes up her asshole, so the round opening gaped
wide, parts of several cubes visible in the space. Her cunt was also
gaping open with more cubes seen between her split lips.

"Doesn't that feel goooood?" he sneered, rubbing his hand up and down
over her pussy and asshole.

Jessie didn't answer him. Her belly felt like it was ready to split
open from the pressure pressing against the walls of her pussy and anal
tube. In addition, her belly quivered and trembled with the numbing cold
as the dozens of hard cubes ground and clinked together in her abdomen.

He shoved her off him and onto the floor.

"Make sure none of them cubes come out, whore, or you're in deep shit."

He got up and fished around in the drawers, finally coming out with some
thick electrical tape. He returned to her, bringing her wrists together
behind her back and taping them together. He took off a big strip of tape
then and put it down the middle of her ass crack and down between her legs,
pressing it hard against her pussy mound.

He'd done it to keep the ice cubes inside her, but suddenly had an idea.
His eyes narrowed and his smile broadened as he stared at the girl kneeling
on all fours in front of him. he pressed the tape hard against her pussy,
then gripped the end and ripped it up hard,

She screamed, her knees coming apart and dropping her on her belly as he
tore the tape up off her. Cubes spit out her cunt and asshole as she
howled in agony and writhed on the floor. Jones laughed and looked at the
tape. A thick mass of cunt hair was attached to the bottom.

He forced her to kneel again, then tore off an even longer strip of the
two inch wide tape. He pressed it against her belly button, then ran it
down her abdomen and up between her legs again, rubbing his hand up an down
the tape, pressing it tightly against her flesh.

She trembled and whimpered and began to sob in anxious anticipation. He
snickered, then gripped the edge of the tape near her belly button and
ripped it upwards as hard as he could. It tore back down her abdomen and
up over her pussy lips, ripping out masses of pussy hair with it as she
shrieked in agony and flopped on the floor again.

He clutched his sides and howled in laughter as he looked at her fiery
red, nearly bare pussy. He kicked her onto her back and spread her legs,
examining her crotch with interest. She'd only had a narrow band of pussy
hair on account of the high cut bathing suits that were fashionable, now
this band was nothing but a thin, almost invisible shadow.

He ignored her babbling pleas and tore off another strip of tape,
fastening it over her cunt and abdomen once more. He held it by the free
end as she moaned anxiously. He waited, knowing the waiting was torture on
her, then tore it back suddenly. Again she screamed, though not as badly
for there were far less cunt hairs left to be ripped free.

He stopped her writhing and examined her cunt again. It was nearly as
bare and smooth as a baby's butt, hardly a hair to be felt and none to be

Her ass and cunt had spit ice cubes across the floor though so he
replaced them and then put yet another strip of tape down between her legs
and up between her ass cheeks, this one just to hold the cubes inside her.

He sat back in the chair then and dragged her up between his spread
legs, pulling her face down over his fat, hard prick. She took it into her
mouth, shaking and trembling from pain and cold, but willing to do anything
for him so long as it didn't hurt.

She bobbed her lips up and down on his cock, her tongue rubbing
furiously against his cockhead as she tried to bring him off quickly.

She was hindered by not being able to use her hands but he was in no
hurry, sitting back with his legs spread and his hands resting on her head.

He sighed in relaxation, happy with his little toy as she ran her lips
back and forth, up and down his cockshaft. He pulled his feet up off the
floor, resting them on her back as she sucked his boner. He suddenly
shoved her head down hard, punching his cockhead right into her throat.

She gurgled in pain as he snickered and sighed in pleasure, the feeling
of her throat choking around his cockhead wonderfully sensuous. He forced
her head down until her lips and nose were mashing against his belly and
crotch, then let her pull back up again.

She gasped for breath as his cockhead popped out of her throat and back
into her mouth, then sucked even harder on it, hoping he would come. But
he jammed her head back down again, forcing the cockhead and several inches
of shaft back up into her gullet.

He came then, pumping wads of sticky cum straight down her throat and
into her belly. He sighed in pleasure, leaning back in the chair, his
hands behind his head as he let her head rise again and his cockhead
slipped out of her throat.

His hands slipped beneath her and he cupped and fondled her fat titties.
Then he had another idea.

He pushed her away and went over to the sink and turned on the cold
water. He let the tap run for a minute so the water was extra cold, then
poured it into a big pot. He turned off the tap and put the pot on the
floor, then dumped in the remains of the ice cubes. He stirred it a little
with his finger, then drew it out and licked the cold digit.

Jessie watched him worriedly as he turned and grinned at her.

"C'mere slut," he ordered. She crawled over to him and he gripped her
by the hair and arm, bending her forward, pushing her chest down over the
pot. Her fat melons pushed right into the icy cold water and she gasped in
shock, trying to pull away. He snickered an laughed, pushing harder,
immersing her boobies in the ice water for a long minute.

Finally he pulled her back out of the water. Her tits were now swollen
and hard with the cold, her nipples erect, hard like little pebbles. He
pinched them, then bent and took one into his mouth, sucking avidly.

He sucked the other nipple, then returned to the first one, his hands
stroking the hard, taut fleshy mounds. He pulled back then and picked up
the pot of ice water, dumping it over her head. He howled with laughter,
then got up and went into the living room to see what was on TV. Nothing
much was on except soaps and game shows so he came back to play with his

"I have to take care of the horses," she announced.


"Yes. They're in the stable. I should have gone and checked on them
yesterday. They'll have used all their grain and hay now and will be

"Well, by all means, let's go."

First he put on some clothes, then, refusing to let her do the same, he
followed her outside to the stables. He cut the tape off her wrists,
freeing them, then ignored her, examining the horses as she poured them
grain and water and set out hay.

"Any of these stallions?" he wondered.

"No, they're all mares." "Too bad. I would've loved to see you sucking
off a horse." She didn't answer that as she petted Donna, one of the mares.
He looked around the stable, prying into corners. She thought about
jumping up on Donna and racing away but he had his gun stuck in his belt
and would almost certainly shoot her before she even got out of the stable.

He picked up a metal device from the corner, a long tube that looked
something like a bicycle pump and examined it.

"What's this?" he asked. She looked over and swallowed in surprise.

"I uh, I don't' know. Just some piece of junk that's been broken for

He put it down again and wandered away, much to her relief. He opened a
fridge and looked inside. It was stacked with pills and medicine for the
horses. He lifted out a big half gallon container and looked inside it.

"What the hell is this?" he demanded, frowning down at the thick, white,
creamy stuff.

"Just a uh, an ointment for the horses if they get a sore." He turned it
around and then grinned broadly.

"How come it says horse semen on it then?"

"It used to uh, have uh, horse semen," she gulped as he carried it over
to her. He was smiling as he approached but when he was a couple of feet
away he swung his hand and cracked it across her face hard. She whirled
around and fell to the ground, crying out in pain.

"Lying little whore!" he yelled. "You're a filthy, stinking slut!" He
pulled the roll of electrical tape from his back pocket and quickly taped
her wrists behind her back again. He pulled her up to her knees by the
hair, ignoring her screams of pain, then opened the big round plastic
container and bent her head back.

"Okay whore, here's some horse juice for you. Drink it."

"Nooooo!" she screamed.

"Drink it, cunt!" He pulled her hair even harder, but she clenched her
teeth tight, refusing to drink the horse semen. He pulled harder on her
hair, forcing her head way, way back, thrusting her two round tit balls out
against her taut skin. He glared angrily at her, thinking of pouring the
whole thing down on her head.

Instead he set it down away from her. He scrabbled around beside her,
still holding her head back by the hair as he pulled his belt from the

"Fucking cunt face bitch," he snarled. "I'm gonna show you your place!"

He doubled up the belt then slashed it down against her right tit. She
howled in terrible agony as the heavy leather cut into her tender mammary.

He raised it and whipped it down again, this time on her other tit.
Again she screamed, the sound so loud and horrible the horses shuffled
uneasily in their paddocks.

He slashed it down on her right tit again, then her left, then her
right, then her left, swinging it as hard and fast as he could. The belt
was a constant whirring blur as it cut into her sensitive tit meat, turning
it quickly red. He finally halted, panting from exertion.

He pulled her head forward, feeling a wonderful power as he watched her
tear streaked face sobbing in misery. He lifted the container and held the
edge to her lips, tilting it so the cum was against her mouth.

"Drink, slut girl."

She pretended to drink, revolted by the stuff even touching her lips.
He wasn't fooled, cursing and slapping her face. He set down the container
again and stood up. He gripped her left ankle and pulled her leg high,
then stepped on her left leg.

He held her legs wide as he slashed the belt down directly against her
cunt. Jessie shrieked like a madwoman as the belt slammed down right on
her cunt mound. She howled and screamed in agony as he whipped it down
again and again and again.

Then he let her leg go and dropped to his knees. He lifted the
container in one hand and gripped her hair in the other, forcing the
sobbing girl onto her knees and then pulling her head back.

"Open your mouth, whore!" She opened her mouth.

"Wider. Wider!" She opened her mouth wide and he tilted the container
of horse semen, letting a thick stream pour down into her open mouth. It
filled her mouth completely and he halted.

"Swallow it, cunt meat or I'll tear the skin off your back!"

She sobbed and swallowed, coming very close to throwing up as the
horrible tasting stuff poured down her throat. He tilted the container and
poured more into her mouth, filling it again. Again she swallowed, and
again, and again, and again.

He snickered and laughed, then moved the container around, pouring the
horse semen down on her face, and onto her taut, red breasts, down her
smooth, soft belly and into her bare pussy mound.

He shoved her away and she fell onto her face. He poured more cum down
on her head and shoulders and back and ass. Then, with almost half the
container gone, he put it down and picked up the belt. He leaned over and
gripped the tape still tightly fixed to her cunt and ripped it off. Water
gurgled out of her cunt chute, for all the ice had long since melted in her
warm belly.

His eyes were wild as he raised his hand high and slashed the belt down
on her ass. She screamed in pain, the sound music to his ears. Water
gushed out of her asshole as she lost control of herself. He whipped it
down again and more water spat out of her ass.

He slashed it down again, this time on her back, then on her ass again,
then her thigh, then onto her stomach as she rolled drunkenly, trying to
evade his cruel, savage strokes. But he kept swinging the belt, raising
angry red welts on her soft white skin as he slashed and slashed and
slashed again.

Finally he tossed the belt away and dropped his pants. His cock was
bulging red and rock hard as he dropped to his knees between her legs,
ripping her thighs open. She was on her belly, sobbing in horror and
misery. He fitted his cock against her cunt opening and thrust hard and
deep, burying its entire length inside her fuck pipe.

Her cunt was soaking wet from the water, but had already warmed up. Now
it sucked on his prick as he pounded it furiously down into her hole. His
hands slapped her ass and then gripped her hips to jerk her back against
him as he skewered the weeping, shivering blonde. He fucked as hard as he
could, not in ignorance, but wanting to hurt her, needing to hurt her. He
felt the cum bubbling in his balls and tore his cock free, then slammed it
down her asshole. She sobbed louder by did nothing else as he viciously
drove his cock down her anal chute with violent strokes.

Then he came, yelling in pleasure and triumph as he poured his juice
down the college girl's asshole and let her insides suck it down.

"Now do you understand, SLUT? You're a filthy, worthless little cunt!
You're nothing but a fuck hole, three fuck holes, and I'll use whichever
one I want, and whatever else you got that I want."

The trembling, shaking girl understood, only too well.

It didn't take him long to find the number in their little brown book.
He called up the supply house and used their credit card to order up twenty
gallons of horse sperm. He was surprised at how expensive it was, but
then, it wasn't his money, was it. He told the man they were going to
start a big breeding program and that seemed to satisfy him.

Jessie was upstairs having a bath. He snickered in glee at the thought
of the bath she was gonna take when he got the rest of that semen. In the

He lifted the pipe the girl had called a piece of old junk. He knew
very well what it was. It was a cattle prod, and he'd ordered some fresh
batteries for it from the farm supply house. He could hardly wait till the
little cunt felt it up her snatch.

He thought about inviting some of his friends over, but he didn't want
to share the pretty blonde with anyone just yet. Besides, his friends
wouldn't be able to pay for her. The only ones who were gonna borrow his
pet pussy were people with money. After that last whipping he'd given her
he figured she'd do damned near anything he told her to, no matter how
disgusting. There wasn't going to be any college for this pussy. He was
gonna put her out on the street and make some money off her tight cunt and
pretty face.

First, he'd have to fuck up her head more, like those brainwashed guys
in Vietnam or Korea. He'd have the little bitch willing to do anything on
his say so, make it so she wouldn't even think about trying to leave or
disobey, then he'd really be in the money. He'd heard where some of these
cunts could pull in a quarter of a million a year.

Of course they all used it up on drugs, or their pimps did. He would
get it all though, and get himself a nice penthouse somewhere in New York.
He heard a sound out front and ran to the window. A blue car was pulling
in the drive.

He ran upstairs fast and burst into the girl's room, then into the
bathroom. She looked up in surprise and fear. He grabbed her and jerked
her out of the water, deluging the whole floor as he pulled her stumbling
into her room.

He took the tape out of his pocket and taped her wrists behind her
quickly, then pulled her ankles together and forced them back against her
ass, winding the tape around them again and again, then back around her
wrists, hog tying her. He heard the door bell and so did she, gasping in

He quickly pulled the tape up and jerked her head back hard, running the
tape over her mouth and around her head several times, then back around her
wrists. He didn't even bother to tear the tape off, leaving the roll
attached as he ran to the stairs.

"Jessie?" a voice called. It was a female voice.

He edged closer to the stairs as he looked over. There was a girl
coming into the living room, looking around in surprise at the pile of
electronic goods near the stairs.

"Where are you? Are you here, Jessie?" she called. She looked up the
stairs and Jones ducked out of sight. She was an older woman, older than
Jessie anyway, maybe by ten years. She had thick, shoulder length brown
hair and wore a suit without a tie.

She came up the stairs and Jones ducked back into Jessie's room,
standing up behind the door. The woman came straight there, like she knew
the layout of the house. She stared in shock at the bound, hog tied form
of the naked girl. "Jessie"! she cried, rushing forward. Jones grabbed
her from behind, his arm going around her throat to stifle a scream. He
gripped her right arm and forced it up behind her back, tightening his arm
around her throat as he forced her down to her knees.

She struggled wildly, especially when she ran out of air. But
eventually her struggles weakened, then halted. She didn't move as her
eyes closed and she went limp. He held her for a few seconds to make sure
she wasn't fooling, then let her go.

She fell on her face on the floor and lay still. He stepped over her
and ripped the tape away from Jessie's mouth.

"Who's the cunt?" he demanded.

"M... my... my sister, Caitlin," she sobbed.

"What the fuck is she doing here?"

"She's a lawyer. She... she got me a job clerking for a friend of
hers. They must have called and told her I didn't show up."

"Shit!" "Is she... is... is she... dead?" she squeaked.

"No, she ain't dead. Not that that matters to you, you stupid whore.
I'll kill her if I want to, and you too. Understand?"

She nodded her head in fear, her eyes wide.

"We're just gonna have to do something about this, now ain't we?" he
said, his lips turning into a nasty smile.

He took all the tape off the naked blonde and dragged the brunette over
his shoulder, carrying her into the master bedroom. Jessie followed
anxiously, watching silently as he took off her sister's jacket, then took
a pair of panty hose and ripped them in two.

He made Jessie help him as he tied Caitlin's wrists high to the twin
bedposts. Caitlin started moaning half way through the job, jerking
fitfully as she began to regain consciousness. She opened her eyes and
looked at them in confusion, somewhat dazed.

"How ya' doin', Caitlin baby?" he sneered.

"Wha... wha... who... what's... what's going... on?" she moaned.

"You're gonna sure find out, baby," he snickered.

Caitlin stared at him, then at her naked little sister, her eyes getting
wider as she looked at Jessie standing there nude.

"Okay, cunt," Jones said, bringing over a portable phone. He'd found it
in her car when he'd moved it into the stable.

"You're gonna call your company and tell them your little sister is sick
and you're taking a couple of days off to look after her. What's the
number?" "Jessie? What's going on?" she demanded. Jones smiled thinly,
then punched her hard in the belly. The air whooshed out of her and she
gasped and groaned for long minutes before she could recover it.

"I didn't say you could talk to her. This cunt here belongs to me.
Nobody talks to it unless I say they can. Now what's the number of your

"Fuck you," she spat. I'm not going to tell you anything."

"No?" He smiled, then gripped Jessie by the hair and stepped behind her.
he pulled her head back and slid a sharp knife up against her throat.

"You don't do as I tell you and I'll cut baby sister's pretty throat.
Understand, bitch?"

"All right! I'll do it! Don't hurt her!" Jones dialled the number then
put it next to her ear, listening closely as she told them the story.

"Now you can call her company and tell them she won't be coming for a
few days." She did so, and he hung up, grinning.

"Now we can have us some fun," he laughed. He threw down the knife, his
instead sliding up and down Jessie's belly, then going up beneath her right
tit, cupping and weighing it, then squeezing tightly as Caitlin watched.
He slid his hand down between her legs and started rubbing his fingers up
and down between her puffy bald cunt lips.

"What are we gonna do with this whore, baby?" he asked Jessie.

"I don't know," she said dumbly.

"I know," he snickered. He pushed her away and went up to Caitlin,
gripping her head from behind. She stared at him in fear as he sneered at
her. His right hand slid up her chest and squeezed her tit through her
blouse, then he muffled her curses with his mouth, kissing her deeply, his
tongue pushing into her mouth.

He drew back with a curse, then punched her in the face, rocking her
back and knocking her feet out from under her. She groaned, hanging for
long seconds from her wrists before she could find her feet.

"Fuckin' whore bit me," he snarled. "We'll teach her what happens to
cunts who don't behave, won't we slut?" he snapped at Jessie.

"Uh, huh," she said, looking down. He gripped her by the arm and pushed
her forward towards her sister. Caitlin was running her tongue over her
lower lips which was bleeding a little.

"Take the bitch's clothes off," he ordered.

Her hands moved tentatively to the buttons on Caitlin's shirt and she
began to undo them. She didn't look at her sister as she carefully opened
her shirt to the beltline. Once it was open she realized she couldn't get
it off because her sister's wrists were tied so she just left it hanging
open. She undid Caitlin's belt buckle and opened her pants, then tugged
them down over her rounded hips, down her smooth, silky thighs, and over
her knees to bunch up around her ankles.

She knelt in front of her sister and undid her shoes, taking them off
along with her socks, then pulled her pants off. Without looking up, she
reached up and gripped Caitlin's panties, tugging them down her legs and
off as well.

She stood up, turning to look at Jones.

"Don't forget her shirt and bra," he sneered.

"But... but they won't come off," she said, worriedly. Jones stepped
forward and gripped the shirt's collar and ripped the entire back of the
shirt off, leaving only one sleeve on her right arm. He gripped her bra
and tore it open, then ripped it off as Caitlin yelped in pain.

Caitlin was red with embarrassment now, looking anxiously from Jones to
Jessie. She was trying to cross her legs to hide her furry pussy but
couldn't do that without hanging from her wrists. She had to stand
absolutely straight to keep her feet on the ground.

"Well now, your sis ain't bad, baby," Jones leered. "Nice big fat
titties, a nice round ass... " He was standing beside her and slid his
right hand down between her legs to cup her pubic mound. "Nice soft pussy
too," he sneered.

"You bastard!" Caitlin sobbed. He gripped her hair and she screamed as
he pulled her head far back. He jammed his face into her throat and bit
down hard, making her cry out again.

"You haven't even begun to see how much of a bastard I can be, slut," he
sniggered. He turned to Jessie who was standing there timidly, trying not
to look at her naked sister.

"You, whore," he snapped. "Get your ass over here." Jessie shuffled

"Look at these titties. Aren't they nice?" Jessie nodded, embarrassed.

"Nice big nipples too. I wonder how big they get when you suck on them.
Let's find out, baby. Start sucking." "Me?" Jessie squeaked.

"Yeah, you, you stupid fucking twat! Suck those nipples!"

Jessie's eyes got round and she reluctantly to see her sister's big tits
standing out taut as Jones kept her head back. She was sort of glad he did
that so she didn't have to look Caitlin in the eye. She bent and
hesitantly took Caitlin's left nipple into her mouth, sucking gently.

"Suck harder, slut. I want to see suction here," he sniggered. "I want
teeth marks on that melon meat."

Jessie sucked harder, then cupped Caitlin's big tit as Jones watched.
She squeezed and fondled both her sister's titties at his insistence, and
moved her tongue all over Caitlin's meaty boobs. She tongued one nipple,
then the other, sucking hard until both were erect.

The Intruder Part 4

"Now they look much nicer," Jones snickered. "I think I'm gonna fuck
her now. Why don't you warm her up for me, fuck-pad? Suck her cunt out."

"I... I don't know how," Jessie whimpered.

Jones reached over and grabbed her hair hard. She yelped and cried in
pain as he forced her downward onto her knees and jammed her face into
Caitlin's crotch.

"Push your tongue into that cunt meat, you stinking whore or I'll jam
your whole fucking head up her ass." He let go of Caitlin's hair and the
frightened woman's head leapt forward as she gasped in relief. She stared
down at Jessie between her legs in appalled shock.

"Run Jessie!" she yelled. But Jessie was too scared to run and Jones
turned and slapped Caitlin's face in response.

"You open your slutty mouth when you're sucking my cock and not
otherwise," he warned. "Now spread your legs apart so your baby sister can
suck you off." Caitlin looked at him miserably, then down at Jessie, who
refused to meet her gaze. "I... I can't," she moaned. Jones cuffed her
again, knocking her head aside.

"I said open those legs, slut!"

She groaned as she pulled her legs apart and her weight came down fully
on her wrists. Jones bent over and eagerly watched Jessie as she pushed
her tongue into Caitlin's furry muff.

"Put your hands under her thighs, cunt face, and lift them. That's it,
hold them there and stuff that pretty little tongue up her snatch." He
watched with a big smile on his face. "Run your tongue up and down her
slit, and suck that clitty. That's it. All your bitches are natural
dykes. You know how to do this."

Caitlin was in shock, stunned at the enormity and the horror of what was
happening to her. Being stripped and tied up would have been bad enough.
Having her sister watching was much worse, and having her actually,
actually... sucking her pussy, was beyond comprehension.

She closed her eyes and tried to shut out the feeling of Jessie's tongue
sliding up and down her cunt slit, pushing in and out of her fuck hole and
buzzing over her clit, of her sister's lips folded on her clit and her
mouth sucking avidly at the little fuck button. A loud sob broke from her
lips. "You sick bastard," she wept." "Pry that cunt meat open," Jones
sneered. He reached over Jessie's shoulders, his hands going to Caitlin's
fuck hole.t He forced two fingers of each hand into her twat and pried her
cunt apart as Caitlin gasped and moaned and grunted in pain. He held her
cunt lips wide as he kneed Jessie in the back.

Jessie shoved her face into her sister's open cunt, sucking and licking,
pushing her teeth inwards, and slipping it up and down over the glistening
pink skin.

Jones watched, grinning. After a minute he jerked Jessie away by the
hair. He stripped and pressed his naked body against her, mashing his lips
down on hers as he ground his pelvis into her crotch and fondled her

He pulled his lips away and turned to Jessie. "You, fuck pad. Get
around behind her on the bed."

She scurried around to do as he ordered, kneeling behind Caitlin on the
bed. Jones lifted her sister's legs up and pushed them back, her knees
pushing against the woman's sides.

"Hold her legs, slut. Hold them up for me."

Jessie had to press her body right up against Caitlin, which was awkward
and embarrassing for both women since her full round, naked breasts had to
push into Caitlin's back. She slid her arms around her sister, locking her
hands together under Caitlin's knees to hold her legs high.

Jones gazed down at Caitlin's naked, exposed crotch with a lustful,
sneering smile on his face. He cupped her crotch and rubbed his hand up
and down over her pussy mound and down between her buttocks. He stiffened
one finger, thrusting it into Caitlin's fuck opening and pumping it in and

"Beg for it, slut," he jeered. "I can fuck your cunt or fuck your
asshole. If you ask me to I'll fuck your cunt. Otherwise you get reamed
up the ass. Which will it be, bitch?"

Caitlin stared at him in hatred and humiliation, her wrists in agony.

"Well, I guess you want it up the ass then," he said, shaking his head
in mock regret.


"What was that?"

"No, don't. D... don't do that."

"Do you want it up the cunt?"


"What? I didn't hear you."

"Yes." she snarled.

"Not good enough. Ask me to fuck you."

"Fuck me."

"I said ask me, you stupid fucking twat!"

"Please. fuck me."


"In... In the... the cunt. Please fuck me in the cunt," she said in
defeat, lowering her head. "Say it nicer, slut."

"Please fuck me in the cunt," she said, on the verge of tears.

"Well, since you ask so nicely."

He held his cock in one hand. It was hard as a rock, all dark angry
red, veins running all over it, hair sticking out in all directions. He
pressed the cockhead against the brunette's slit and rubbed it up and down
several times, then slipped it into her saliva coated snatch, pressing the
cockhead in slowly until it disappeared.

Suddenly he thrust hard, making Caitlin cry out in shock and pain. He
jammed his pelvis against her, burying his boner inside her cunt pipe. She
trembled violently, her head jerking spasmodically. He gripped her hair
and forced his mouth against hers, grinding his hips against her buttocks,
twisting his cock around inside her.

He pulled his ass back, then thrust hard, then pulled back, then thrust
hard. Each hard thrust smashed his hips into her behind and knocked her
backwards. Jessie spread her own knees a bit to better balance herself as
she kept ahold of Caitlin's legs.

He drew back more of his cock and thrust it in deep, then started
pumping long and hard, despite the tightness of her sheath. His buttocks
humped back and forth, in and out, driving his boner inside her crotch
hole, skewering the helpless brunette with his hard tool.

"You like that, don't you baby."

"Bastard," she whimpered.

"You want it up the ass instead?"

"No, please."

"You love it don't you."

"I... I love it," she groaned.

"Beg for it."

"Fuck me. Please fuck me. I love it. Please fuck me," she whined.
"Whore. Fucking whore," he gritted, humping furiously, his hips smashing
against her tight ass cheeks, his cock pistoning up and down her soft,
velvety fur box. He pounded his hips into her with ferocious intensity,
then groaned as his cock sprayed its juice down her tunnel and into her

"Yeah! Yeah! You got it, slut! Suck my cum down! Suck it up your
cunt! Uhhhhhh!"

He let his cock slip out of her hole and grinned smugly at her.

"Bastard," she wept.

"You're gonna have to learn to watch your tongue, slut, before I cut it

He bent and pulled his belt out of its loops again, then turned back to
her. He raised the belt, and just as comprehension and horror dawned on
her face, he swung it down savagely. It slashed into her cunt and she
screamed in agony, jerking and shaking and thrashing in her bonds. Jessie
could hardly hold onto her.

He lifted it and swung it down hard again. It slammed into her open
crotch with a meaty thwack. Caitlin shrieked in horrible pain, jerking and
bouncing, her head thrashing from side to side. Again it slashed down and
again the horrible pain ripped into her cunt, bringing nausea and dizziness
with it. Again and again and again the belt whipped down onto her cunt as
Caitlin screamed and cried. Only when her shrieks had given way to
constant sobbing interspaced by grunts at each new impact did he stop.

"You learn to keep a respectful tongue in your mouth, whore, or
things'll go bad for you," he taunted. Then he punched her in the cunt as
hard as he could.

Her eyes bulged and she choked as the dizziness and pain slashed through
her brain.

"Let her legs go slut and go and get a razor, some water and some
shaving cream." Jessie slowly eased her sister's legs down and then
scurried into her bathroom.

"Before you're through you'll be just as obedient as her," Jones

Jessie came back with the things and Jones tied Caitlin's legs open then
ordered Jessie to shave all her pussy hair off. Jessie set to work as
Jones watched and in a few minutes Caitlin's muff was gone, her pussy as
bald and naked as Jessie's own.

Jones rubbed his hand up and down her soft pussy mound, his other hand
stroking Jessie's bald cunt at the same time. He untied Caitlin and
dragged her across the floor by her hair. The weeping girl gripped his
wrists to try and ease the pain as he threw her up onto the bed.

"Let's see a hot sixty-nine," Jones said excitedly. "You two bitches
can suck each other off. I'm gonna get the camcorder."

He left the room and Jessie hesitantly sat down on the edge of the bed
near Caitlin. Caitlin sat up and looked at the door, then turned to
Jessie. "Let's get the fuck out of here!" She groaned, trying to get out of
bed. Jessie gripped her arms and pulled her back.

"NO!" she cried. "He'll hurt you bad. I tried to run away. You

"We can try!"

"No. He'll hurt you terrible."

"He already did that!" Caitlin snarled.

"It'll be lots worse, Caitlin. I know. He's mean and crazy. And he's
got a gun."

"I didn't see any gun."

"He's got one."

Jones came back at that moment, and they stopped talking.

"Okay bitches. Start sucking each other." He brought the video camera
to his face and started filming the naked pair as they stared back in
embarrassment and fear. He halted and glared at them and Jessie quickly
pushed her sister back on the bed and scrambled around to squat over her
face. She bent over Caitlin's body and began to tongue her snatch.

Jones started taking pictures, moving around the bed to get them from
the side, then moving in on Caitlin's face. Caitlin was revolted as she
stared up at her sister's naked slit, but gripped her ass cheeks and
started licking her tongue up and down the slit as Jones moved in for a

"Suck. Suck it, whore. Stick your fingers up her cunt. Yeah! That's
it. More! Deeper. Shove em' right up baby sister's cunt pipe. Now lick
that clitty. Suck it right off."

He turned off the camcorder after several minutes. "All right, sluts,
lets see you do something else," he sneered. "Blonde cunt, get around and
kiss her." Jessie changed herself around and knelt above her sister, then
hesitantly lowered her mouth and kissed.

"Not like that, whore. Stick your tongue down her throat. Kiss her
hard and you kiss back, bitch, and squeeze each other's titties. I want a
nice hot lesbo scene here."

So Caitlin and Jessie kissed each other hard, their hands stroking and
fondling each others' bodies while Jones recorded it all. He put the
machine down after a few minutes, too excited to continue. He gripped both
girls by the hair and pulled them around onto their hands and knees at the
edge of the bed, then showed them his hard boner.

"Suck this, whores," he grinned, pulling both their faces in against his
cock. Jessie opened her lips and sucked it in as he fucked it slowly back
and forth in her mouth.

"Suck my balls, slut," he ordered Jessie. She cringed in disgust, but
bent forward and began licking and sucking on his hairy balls. He sighed
in pleasure, letting them suck him for a minute.

Then he pulled back, dragging both off the bed by their hair. They
tumbled awkwardly to the floor and he dragged Jessie around behind him as
he lined Caitlin up with his wet cock.

"Suck my asshole, slut," he ordered her, spreading his legs.

He pulled her face in against his butt as he shoved his cock into
Caitlin's mouth. He held the brunette in place, holding a mass of brown
hair in his fist, then pumped his cock in and out. Meanwhile he pulled
Jessie harder into his ass.

"Stick your tongue up my shitter, whore," he ordered gleefully.

Too frightened off him to refuse any order, Jessie began tonguing his
ass hole while Caitlin tried not to choke from his pumping cock. He moaned
in happiness, then began drawing Caitlin in tighter. His cockhead started
punching against the back of her mouth.

Suddenly it popped right through and into her throat. She gurgled in
panic and horror, slapping at his hips as she tried to push him away. He
only snickered and jammed his cock down deeper. He stood tall and proud,
his legs spread as he held both beautiful women by the hair and felt the
pleasure of their mouths on his cock and anus.

Jessie pressed her face in between his buttocks as she forced her tongue
way up his asshole. Caitlin was panicking from lack of air as the cruel
man plunged his cock up and down her quivering, spasming throat tube. He
yelled in glee and spurted his juice into the brunette's throat, sending it
sluicing down into her belly.

He dragged the blonde around and shoved her into the brunette, and both
fell back together on the rug. He laughed down at them. Caitlin ignored
him, gasping and coughing, her chest heaving as she drew in deep gulps of

"Well, whores. I gotta leave you alone for a while. I gotto go and
meat a guy and see about a way out of the country. In the meantime, just
so you're not lonely, I'll leave you both together."

He dragged them both into the bathroom and ordered them into the tub.
He positioned them standing up together, face to face, tits mashing against
tits, then taped Caitlin's wrists together behind Jessie's back and
Jessie's wrists behind Caitlin's back. He wound tape around their joined
bodies as well, winding the tape around their hips and backs.

He ordered them down on Caitlin's back, then pulled the brunette's legs
up around her sister's behind and used the last of the tape to bind them
there. He left the room for a minute then returned with the remains of the
horse sperm.

Caitlin looked up without comprehension but Jessie closed her eyes and
cringed as the man stuck the plug in the drain, then upended the container
and slowly poured its contents over their bodies, paying special attention
to their faces and asses and down between their melded chests, making sure
their tits were nicely coated.

Caitlin realized what it was within seconds and screamed in disgust,
trying to duck her head away. Jones only laughed, pulling her head back by
the hair and pouring it right over her face. With the last of the horse
sperm gone he tossed away the empty, then left, after warning them against
either pulling the plug or trying to escape.

Caitlin pulled desperately at the tape, trying to get her wrists free.

"You shouldn't do that, Caitlin," Jessie said. "He'll get mad."

"Fuck him!"

"He'll hurt you. He'll hurt us."

"Not if we aren't here when the bastard comes back. Yuck, God damned
bastard! This shit is all over me." "Me too. He made me drink some

"Oh God. How disgusting!"

"I nearly threw up. But I knew he'd make me drink that too."

"We have to get the fuck out of here, Jessie."

"We can't."

"Try! See if you can pull your wrists apart."

"I can't."


"No. He'll notice and get mad. I'm not moving."

"You dumb little bitch! Do you want him to come back and rape us?"

"Better than getting whipped on the cunt or the titties, or having him
strangle you or beat you up."

"He might do that anyway!" Caitlin pulled and twisted her hands,
ignoring the pain as she tried to jerk them back from the tape that held

No matter how hard she pulled she couldn't get her arms free and though
she rolled back and forth and splashed in the puddle of horse sperm in the
bottom of the tub, she and Jessie stayed where they were.

"Well, well, well. Isn't this pretty." The two girls looked up at the
sound of Jones' hated voice and saw him grinning down at them. He held a
knife in his hands and they cringed as he bent over the tub. All he did
though was cut the tape off them.

Both girls sat up in the tub, Jessie fearful, Caitlin scowling.

"Have a nice time, girls?" he sneered. He reached behind the door and
pulled out a plastic gallon jug, holding it up gleefully.

"Look what came while you were busy. I almost missed the guy but I got
back just in time." he took off the top and showed them the gooey white

"Here, cunt. See what it tastes like," he sneered, holding it out to
Caitlin. She drew back in disgust.

"Take a good long drink, whore." he ordered. Again he held it to her
lips but again she kept her mouth closed an drew back against the opposite
wall. He smiled, then motioned Jessie forward.

"Show sis how good it tastes, slut," he leered.

She put her lips to the edge and started drinking as he held the heavy
container in place. She drank and drank for almost a full minute. When he
pulled the container away almost a quarter of it was gone and Jessie looked
white in the face.

"See how good it is," he smirked. "Show your sister how good it makes
you feel, whore. Jerk off for us. Lean back and jerk off real nice."

Jessie slowly leaned back against the corner of the tub, still sitting
on her heels. Her eyes were dull and almost vacant as she ran her hands up
and down her sticky body, cupped and fondled her breasts, then started
rubbing her slit.

Jones tilted the container and a long thick stream of horse sperm poured
down over her head and face, then splashed off her tits. He let the stream
fall right onto her cunt, ordering her to pry her cunt lips open and lay
back. She lay back, her knees back and legs wide, holding her cunt open as
he poured the stuff right into her hole.

She was utterly coated in the sticky sperm and Caitlin watched,
nauseated as Jessie plunged four fingers into her cunt and squeezed her
titties hard, her body writhing as she grunted and moaned and sighed in
fake pleasure.

"Okay, whore. That's enough self loving. Now do your sis. I wasn't to
see a good hard kiss and I want you to squeeze those round titties of hers
until they come off."

Caitlin drew back into the opposite corner, trying to push Jessie away
as the cum smeared girl, her hair plastered to her scalp and cum dribbling
down off it and off her face and shoulders, tried to embrace her.

Jones produced a second gallon container and poured it down on Caitlin's
head. She screamed and tried to avoid it but her sister grabbed her and
started kissing her, mashing her cum wet tits against Caitlin's. The two
rolled to the bottom of the tub as Jones poured the contents all over them,
deepening the level of the cum in the tub.

He grinned and snickered as Jessie fought to kiss and fondle her sister.

"All right, blondie. Get your ass out of the tub." Jessie gratefully
pulled away and stepped out of the tub, dripping cum onto the floor.

"As for you, slut," Jones said toCaitlin. "You're gonna learn a

He turned his back on her and opened the cabinet, then fished out a pair
of plastic gloves. Caitlin jumped out of the tub and he jerked aside, not
wanting her to get horse sperm on him. She ran out the door with him in
pursuit, down the hall, down the stairs and out the door.

She ran across the lawn towards the nearest building, the stable, hoping
to hide, but he was too close and reached out, grabbing her long, trailing
hair and jerking her to a halt. He whirled her around and slammed his knee
up into her bare cunt, lifting her right off her feet with the force of the

She gurgled in shock and agony, her legs going rubbery and dropping her
downward. But he slammed his knee up into her crotch twice more as he held
her by the hair and arm, and then turned and threw her into the wooden
fence, slamming his fist into her side.

She sagged to the ground and he gripped her under the arms, hauling her
up again. The top rail of the wooden fence was at chest level and he
forced her arms over it, pulling her hands under and back. She was bent
over and helpless and he slammed his knee up into her pulpy cunt again and
again, until she was unconscious.

Jessie had stayed in the bathroom, kneeling in the corner and trembling
in fear. He came back and grabbed her by the arm, pulling her after him as
he went back downstairs. He picked up a bag and shoved it into her chest,
ordering her to follow him.

They went back to the corral, where Jessie spotted her sister lying in a
heap. She squeaked in fear but saw almost at once that Caitlin was still
alive. Jones lifted the unconscious girl and pushed her back against the
fence. He made Jessie hold her there as he brought her arms around and
under the top rail, tying them in place with a rope he took from the bag.
He tied her legs wide apart as well, so they weren't even on the ground and
the helpless girl's weigh rested mostly on her armpits.

He stood back and looked at her in approval. With her arms around the
rail her chest was pushed out nice an firm, and her slit was parted wide
for his inspection.

He took the bag from the subdued blonde and fished around in it, pulling
out a little vial.

He held it under Caitlin's nose and the girl started mumbling and
jerking and twitching, then she woke up with a gasp. He snickered and
pulled it back.

"Wouldn't want you to sleep through this, whore."

"Go inside and get me a couple of those containers of horse sperm," he
ordered Jessie. "They're right by the front door."

She trotted back to the house, not for a minute considering running.
Meanwhile he pulled out a riding crop from the bag and held it out to the
bedraggled, moaning brunette.

"I went and got some professional equipment," he smirked. "It's made
for slut training."

He slammed it down on her right tit and she screamed in pain, jerking
helplessly against the ropes. he laughed and swung it down again, this
time on her left tit. Again she screamed and jerked and wept as an angry
red welt appeared.

He swung the crop down against her stomach, then her right tit
again,then swung it in a sideways motion against both tits at once. They
jiggled and bounced and he laughed, swinging it again the same way.

Jessie ran up with the two containers held against her chest. He put
down the crop and plucked a clamp from the bag, slipping it over Caitlin's
nose. Then he took one of the containers from Jessie, ordering her to put
the other down.

He opened one, then motioned Jessie over the fence.

"Grab her hair and pull her head way back," he ordered.

Jessie did as he ordered, trying to ignore Caitlin's moan of pain as she
forced her head upside down.

Jones poured the entire contents of the sperm container down over
Caitlin's face and shoulders and down the front of her body, his boner
sticking out against his jeans as he watched.

He pulled a big wide funnel from the bag and slapped gripped Caitlin's
right tit with his gloved hand, then twisted savagely. She screamed, and
in the middle of the scream he forced the tube between her teeth and into
her mouth.

He picked up the second container and started pouring it into the funnel
as Jessie held her sister's head back. The creamy fluid poured out the end
of the funnel into Caitlin's mouth, then rapidly filled the oral cavity and
backed up to the top of the funnel, overflowing it and pouring down on the
brunette's cum smeared face.

Jones stopped pouring and smiled.

"You better swallow that cum, whore, otherwise you'll drown on it. You
ain't gonna breath till you've taken it all."

He watched the level of cum in the funnel start to go down and saw the
girl's throat bulging as she swallowed again and again. When the funnel,
and her mouth were empty, her chest heaved as she drew in air. He gave her
a few seconds, then started pouring again.

Again the funnel filled, though this time it was obvious she was
drinking quickly. The level slid downward steadily and she breathed again.
Again and again he filled the funnel, watching the horse sperm go down the
luscious brunette's throat and into her belly.

"Please no more," she moaned, "I can't take any more. Please. Please,
I'm all full. Please," she groaned around the funnel. He ignored her
pouring more, removing the clamp from her nose so she could breath but
warning her it would be back if she didn't continue to drink steadily.

She kept drinking as he kept pouring. She choked after a half minute,
and sperm shot out her nose as she started coughing and choking and
gagging. He examined the container. It was almost half empty. He grinned
at her, then bent and untied her legs.

He pushed right leg up beside her head, tying it to the top rail, then
pushed her left leg up, forcing her left foot up next to her head as well.
With both tied there and her groin open and vulnerable, he picked up the
crop and started whipping her cunt and asshole.

She choked and screamed and jerked helplessly, pain ripping through her
system, her mind dazed and weak, her belly bloated, nausea filling her
system. She threw up, but all she'd eaten or drunk that day was sperm so
that was what poured out over her body as Jessie let go of her head.

Jones kept slashing the crop down on her cunt for almost a full minute,
then stopped with a nasty smile.

"Starting to understand what happens when you disobey me and try to

He pulled a long hose from the bag and shoved it into her ass, feeding
inch after inch of rubber into her shitter. Then he lifted the funnel from
where it had fallen on the ground and attached it to the end of the tube.
Jessie held it up at chest height as he poured horse sperm into it.

The sperm slid down the tube and up into Caitlin's asshole, almost a
full quart of it seeping into her guts before her ass was full and would
take no more. She sobbed and wept through it, coughing and hacking and
choking on sperm barf.

Jones took the hose out of her ass and stuffed a plug in place, then
shoved the hose up her cunt and poured another quart of horse sperm into
her. When the container was empty he sent Jessie into the house for
another. He shoved a round plug into her cunt and then used tape to seal
both holes tightly.

Jessie returned with the container and he took it from her and set it
down on the ground, then picked up the riding crop. To her surprise, he
gave it to Jessie. She took it uncertainly, looking at him in

"Use it on her cunt." She turned and swallowed, looking at her moaning,
groaning sister.

"I... I don't... " "If you don't I'll use it on her then on you."

Jessie moaned in indecision, then lifted the crop and brought it down
lightly on Caitlin's cunt.

"Harder, slut!"

Jessie jumped in fear, then swung again. This time the crop made a loud
thwack as it slashed into Caitlin's sperm covered pussy. Of course the
tape was in the way but the girl still screamed in pain. Jessie struck her
crotch several times, then stopped as Jones took it from her and pushed her

"Get on all fours," he ordered. Jessie immediately complied. She
looked back and moaned as Jones stuffed the hose into her asshole. She
felt the slimy thing slide deep into her bowels, then watched as Jones held
the container awkwardly and started pouring. She felt the stuff gurgle
down into her asshole and quickly fill it up.

Caitlin was groaning and moaning now from the cramps in her belly. Her
guts were rolling and aching from all the liquid up inside her but she
couldn't expel it because of the plugs.

Jones untied Caitlin, but only to turn the exhausted, dazed girl around
and retie her facing the fence. Again he bent her arms around the top post
and tied them in place. He gave Jessie the crop again and she said a
prayer then swung it down against Caitlin's back.

Caitlin let out a cry of misery that brought tears to Jessie's eyes, but
at Jones' order she swung the crop down on her back again, then again, then
slashed it across her rounded buttocks a dozen or more times.

She tried to ignore the growing discomfort in her own gut as the quart
or so of sperm that was up in her asshole fought to escape. She clamped
down on her sphincter, terrified of what Jones would do if she let all the
horse sperm spew out.

"Enough for now," he said finally. He cut the brunette loose and she
slid to the ground, apparently lifeless. He knew better though. he kicked
her in the side and she groaned in pain.

"Okay whore, get sis to suck you off. Climb over her face and drop that
slutty wet cunt down on her mouth."

Jessie was holding her stomach, and groaning. She looked up at him

"Please can't I go to the bathroom?" she moaned.

"When I say. Now climb aboard slut face there and get a good eating."

She straddled Caitlin's face, wincing from the pain in her belly. She
let her cunt come down on Caitlin's face but the brunette made no attempt
to eat her.

"Eat the pussy, you cunt faced whore!" Jones yelled. "Suck that

He put his foot down on Caitlin's abdomen and slowly brought his weight
down. She gasped in pain and pushed feebly at his foot. "Ohh! Ohh! Uhh!
P... p,.. Please! Please!" she gasped.

"Suck that cunt or I'll make your belly explode," he snapped.

She pushed her tongue out against her sister's slit and started tonguing
it. Jessie moaned too, her own belly grumbling and rolling, threatening to
rip open from the pressure of her swollen bowels.

Jessie leaned far forward, her hands on the ground, then her face
actually pressed against the grass as her crotch sat on her sister's jaw.
Suddenly she screamed and her ass burst open, spewing a thick white mass of
horse sperm down onto Caitlin's face and chest.

Caitlin choked and coughed but kept sucking on her cunt as though
nothing had happened. Jessie groaned in relief, her belly and groin
feeling an immense pleasure at the sudden emptiness. She groaned and
hugged Caitlin's face as the woman's tongue pushed up into her slit and
tongued her clitty.

She closed her eyes, sighing in happiness, her body feeling a glow of
pleasure. Her cunt was burning with heat she suddenly realized, and before
she could think about why or how or what to do about it she was cumming,
cumming furiously, her own cum spewing down onto her sister's sperm stained
face as she ground her bald puffy cunt into Caitlin's face.

Jessie washed herself off with a hose and soap, then had to clean up
Caitlin, who was in no shape to do anything much beyond moaning and
whimpering. She was as gentle as she could with her sister, but knew the
girl's many cuts were stinging from the powerful soap.

Not content to clean herself outside, the blonde pushed the garden hose
up her asshole and let water sluice up into her for a full minute before
removing it. She shoved it up Caitlin's cunt and asshole too, nothing too
intimate for her any more.

Clean, the two staggered back to the house where Jones sat before the
big screen TV watching a ball game.

Jessie took Caitlin upstairs to her room and put her to bed, hoping
Jones would leave her alone for a while. There was no such luck, though.
Jones was too excited to wait longer than it took for the sloppy, cum
stained girls to get clean. Almost as soon as Caitlin was settled in bed,
wincing from the pain in her back, tits, ass and cunt, Jones came into the
room with his hard-on, looking for a place to put it.

Jessie felt guilty for having cum on Caitlin's face, and from pouring
all that slimy gunk down on her. She offered to suck or fuck the cruel
man, but Jones wanted Caitlin. Shoving Jessie aside he jerked off the
covers and looked down at the nubile woman laying there.

He gripped her arm and rolled her onto her belly, then got into bed,
kneeling between her legs and pulling them wide apart. He leaned forward,
dropping his pants and taking out his hard prick, then pushed it against
the brunette's asshole.

The Intruder Part 5

Jessie watched, wringing her hands a little as she saw Jones force more
and more of his thick cock meat down into the groaning girl's anus. He
draped his body over the brunette and thrust hard. Caitlin gasped in pain
as the full length of his prong rammed up into her asshole.

Like Jessie, she'd never been sodomised before, but after the horrible
events of the day there was nothing that could disgust her any more. She
lay there and let him spear her asshole, just hoping he would quickly
finish. She clenched her teeth against the pain, pressing her face into
the pillow as Jones pounded his cock up and down her rectum. She didn't
realize that, like Jessie, she had become tamed, unresisting, not thinking
about anything but freedom from pain, willing to undergo anything so long
as it would keep her from being whipped or beaten. She didn't even think
of protesting as Jones reamed her as hard as he could, then spurted his wad
down into her ass.

She was happy to feel it shooting into her. After all, she'd been
pumped full of horse semen. At least this was only a bit, and human, if
she could call Jones human, and it meant he was finished with her.

"Thank me for the cum," he said as he slipped his ass out from between
her buttocks.

"Thank you for the cum," she whispered.

"Any time, slut," he laughed, slapping her ass. He swaggered out of the
room and Jessie rushed over to comfort her. The blonde girl got into the
bed with her and the two hugged each other tightly.

"He's so mean," she whined.

"He's... he's a cocksucker," Caitlin groaned, gazing down at her
bruised and battered flesh. She slid her hand back behind her and rubbed
her sore ass, wincing at the sharp stinging that remained in her reamed out

"That disgusting, filthy pervert," she groaned.

"Isn't it awful being fucked in the ass?" Jessie sighed in agreement.

"Jessie... we have to get that fucking tape from him."


"The tape! The tape of us... of us... you know... doing things."

"Oh that." Jessie blushed in remembrance.

"Can you imagine if anyone we know sees it!"

"But it wasn't our fault!" Jessie protested.

"That doesn't matter! Jesus Christ can you imagine if Mom and Dad see
it? We can't even call the police in case they catch him and see the tape.
What if they show it to everyone?"

"They wouldn't do that. Would they?"

"They're men aren't they? I bet they'd all have a good long look at it.
And they'd all show their friends and maybe make copies."

"I don't want to call the police anyway. I mean, we can't tell them
what happened... the things we did, you know."

""What are we going to do, damn it? We can't let him keep doing this to
us! We have to get the tape and get away somehow."

"What if he stays here and waits for us?"

"He wouldn't do that."

"But he's crazy! Who knows what he'd do?"

"Maybe you're right," Caitlin sighed. She squeezed her asshole again.

"It sure hurts being fucked in the ass," she complained.

"It'll feel better soon."

"Where did he get all that horse sperm anyway? Shit. I've never felt
so nauseated in my life."

"He ordered it from the farmers depot. And he used our credit cards,
the bastard."

"We have to kill him, Jessie. We'll just kill him and dump his body in
the septic tank or something."

"How? He's got the gun."

"Where? Lots of times he's naked and I don't see the gun anywhere. If
we could just get it then and shoot him..." Caitlin growled.

"I don't know. I've never shot anybody before."

"Well neither have I you idiot! I don't intend to wait for him to
decide to kill us though."

"Do you think he will?"

"I don't know. Either way he's going to rape us in the cunt and asshole
and make us suck each other off and do all sorts of other disgusting things
to us. I don't want to swallow any more horse sperm and I don't want to
lick your pussy again!"

"Well I don't like licking your pussy either!"

"I wasn't blaming you, Jessie. Anyway, licking your pussy and sucking
your tits is the least disgusting thing he's made me do. I don't mind that
so much as his filthy cock."

"I don't really mind it either, I mean, not like getting beat on or
raped up the ass. Actually it's the first time I ever licked a pussy
before. It was kind of... I don't know... kind of interesting."

"Interesting? You thought it was interesting. God you're a dumb slut!"

"I am not! I didn't mean, well, It's just something I've thought of
before and, well, It was kind of... not that bad a thing."

"Well if we get out of this mess you can lick my pussy all you want to."
Caitlin scowled.

"I didn't mean that!" Jessie flushed.

"Shit, my pussy hurts like hell, too," Caitlin groaned, rubbing it

"I'm sorry about that," Jessie said, contritely. "I didn't want to whip
your pussy at all but he made me."

"Well you didn't have to whip so hard."

"Is it really sore?"

"Yes! So are my titties. God." She rubbed her titties.

"I'm sorry," Jessie said. She too gazed down at the wounded mammary
meat. She reached down and stroked Caitlin's right breast, feeling for
welts or swellings on the soft flesh. Her fingers slid over the slightly
discolored flesh without finding any bumps or swelling.

"Want me to kiss it and make it better?" she grinned.

"Don't be such a slut, Jessie," Caitlin moaned. "Well, it couldn't
hurt." She bent and slid her tongue softly up and down Caitlin's rounded
mammary melon. Caitlin started to push her away but the other girl's soft
tongue did feel kind of good as it stroked across her silky flesh.

She rolled back on her back and did nothing as Jessie slid her tongue up
and down and all around the rounded tit mounds. The blonde slid her right
hand under Caitlin's left tit and kind of stroked the underside, sliding
her hand back and forth, sliding around the edges of the fat boob.

She saw that Caitlin's nipples were hardening and remembered how she'd
seen the riding crop slash directly across the soft pink flesh. She slid
her tongue directly over the nipple, hoping it made her sister feel better.
She worked very tenderly over the wounded mammary meat, wanting to ease the
leftover pain.

Caitlin sighed softly, closing her eyes as she lay her head back on the

Jessie slid her tongue over onto the other nipple, sliding it around and
around, then slurping directly across it. She slid her lips around the
hard little bud and rubbed and squeezed them around it, then suckled

Her hand moved down between Caitlin's legs and stroked her bare, bald
little snatch, two fingers softly rubbing up and down along her slit,
pressing just hard enough to pry the cunt lips apart and slide within the
cleft, stroking over her clitty.

She didn't see or hear Jones coming into the room, for he moved very
silently, a grim smile on his face. In his left hand he held a mass of
leather and chain, in his right, a long metal tube resembling a bicycle air
pump. He extended the air pump directly out in front of him as he moved
closer to the bed.

Jessie was on her side, though tilted over against her sister's body.
Her legs were parted slightly, revealing her cunt crack. Jones slid the
tip of the narrow tube in between the blonde girl's parted thighs, a nasty
smile on his face, then he jammed it hard against the girl's bald cunt.

There was a crackling sound and Jessie shrieked so loud that Caitlin
screamed as well. The blonde's pelvis shot forward so hard her spine
almost snapped as she jerked her cunt away from the searing pain that was
biting at it.

Her entire body flew across her sister and landed in a whimpering heap
against the wall as she scrambled around to look behind her, mouth and eyes

"Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!" Jones laughed uproariously. "Liked that I bet,
slut," he sneered, eying the two lasciviously.

"I see you to slut dykes are getting into it without my say so. Baaaad
giiiiirls." He touched the tip of the cattle prod to Caitlin's hip and the
brunette howled and jerked backwards, so both girls were now crouched wide
eyed against the wall.

"You! Blonde slut! Get your cunt over here, right now!" He growled.

Jessie whimpered fearfully, her eyes on the cattle prod, but there was
nowhere to run. She edged forward to the end of the bed, then slid her
legs over the edge and stood up.

Jones put his hand on her face and shoved her hard, hurling her back
against the bed. She fell back but he grabbed her ankle and dragged her
off the bed.

Her ass hit the floor with a loud thump. He sniggered then and lifted
her ankle high, almost lifting her whole body off the floor. He jabbed the
cattle prod down against her cunt and screwed it from side to side, forcing
it inside her snatch.

Jessie whimpered and moaned, pleading with him not to shock her again.
"No! No! No!" she begged, but he pushed down on the button and sent high
voltage pain ripping into her nervous system. She howled and screamed, her
body thrashing violently, half on the floor, half in mid-air.

Jones kept a tight hold on her ankle as she jerked and shook and
strained against him. Finally she ripped free and scuttled across the
floor. He followed, kicking her hard in the ass so she fell on her face.

"All right, whore, get back near the bed, on your knees." he ordered.

Whimpering in pain and terror, Jessie scurried back towards the bed and
knelt, sitting back on her heels. Jones pointed the prod at Caitlin.

"Off your ass, whore," he snarled. "I got something for you and your
slut sister." He hurled the chain and leather at her and it bounced off
Caitlin's sore titties. Caitlin yelped, then edged off the bed and backed
herself against a dresser.

"Put those on the blonde whore, girl, and do it fast," Jones glared.

Caitlin stared at the jumble of chain and leather then eased away from
the dresser and picked some of it up. There were a number of small leather
bands, sort of like wrist bands. They had metal studs and small rings set
in their sides. She picked one up and eyed Jessie hesitantly.

"On her wrists and ankles, you stupid piece of cunt meat," Jones
snarled. Caitlin swallowed fearfully, then reached down and gripped her
sister's arm, lifting it. Jessie held it up obediently as Caitlin fitted a
leather band around her wrist. She held up the other and Jessie raised her
other hand so it too could be encircled by one of the leather bands.

In due course both her ankles were also circled by leather bands. After
them came a leather collar, also studded, and also with a ring, just like a
dog collar, in fact. She fitted it around Jessie's small throat with a
look of regret at the kneeling girl.

Jones flicked a wide metal ring at her and Caitlin grabbed it, looking
at it in confusion.

"Fasten her wrists together behind her back you stupid, shit faced,
whore," Jones said in a conversational tone.

Caitlin saw that by pressing hard against one side of the metal ring she
could create a small opening.

She pulled Jessie's wrists together at the small of her back and slid
the ring through both the rings in her wrist bands, linking them together.

"Now fasten them to her collar," Jones sneered.

"But... but... "

"The chain, you fuck eyed fat assed cunt brained piece of shit."

She picked up a long piece of chain but Jones pressed the tip of the
cattle prod against her wrist and she screamed and dropped it.

"The short one, slut mouth."

She picked up a very short chain, and saw that there was a small ring at
one end similar to the one binding Jessie's wrists together. She pulled
Jessie's collar around so the ring on it was behind her and snapped the
chain into the ring, then pulled her bound wrists up.

Jessie began gasping in pain long before her wrists were high enough to
reach the end of the short chain. Caitlin hesitated to push them up higher
but knew Jones would not be satisfied otherwise. She pushed as slowly and
gently as she could, edging her sister's slim arms higher and higher as
Jessie gasped and moaned and whined in pain.

She had to raise them almost up to Jessie's neck before she could fasten
the ring to the end of the chain.

"Now put the same things on yourself, cunt," Jones ordered.

Caitlin donned the wrist bands and ankle bands, then slid the other
collar around her own throat.

She couldn't tie them together but Jones didn't seem to intend that just
yet. He reached down and gripped Jessie by the hair, dragging her to her

Jessie gasped and moaned, every movement putting pressure on her
agonized arms. Her head was pulled back, her chest thrust out as her arms
pulled back on her throat. Her eyes rolled fearfully as she tried to look
behind her at Jones.

Jones was smiling, which meant bad new.

"Okay, cunt, here's this slut sister of yours. I think she needs to
know who's boss. I want you to punch her in the stomach as hard as you

Caitlin looked at Jessie's helpless body in consternation. She didn't
want to hit her sister, but was frightened of what Jones would do if she
refused. she was painfully aware of the cattle prod still clutched in his
other hand.

"Right now, cunt!"

She drew back her fist and thumped it weakly into Jessie's belly.
Jessie grunted, though not much. Jones hauled her aside and stabbed the
cattle prod into Caitlin's belly. The sizzling power ripped into the
brunette's guts as she screamed in agony.

She was thrown back against the dresser, Jones keeping the prod jammed
into her belly as he sneered in pleasure. Caitlin instinctively grabbed at
the prod but her hands burned as the power ripped into them as well. Jones
laughed and pulled it back. Caitlin shook and trembled as she fell to her
knees, then rolled forward onto the carpet, clutching her belly.

"You better learn to do what I tell you, fuck hole." Jones said.

"Now, you're gonna punch the blonde whore in the belly. If you don't,
and if it isn't hard, I'll stick this thing up your cunt and fry your

She slowly climbed back to her feet, panting and whimpering, tears in
her eyes. Jones swung Jessie around in front of him again and smiled.

"Now, slut!" He yelled.

Terrified, Caitlin drew back her fist and punched Jessie as hard as she
could in the belly. The blonde gurgled in pain and tried to bend forward
but was drawn back sharply by the agony in her shoulders when she did. She
felt sick and dizzy and her belly ached. "Good, now lets' see you punch her
in the tit, either one will do."

Anxiously, torn between not wanting to hurt Jessie, and terror of the
cattle prod, Caitlin slammed her fist into Jessie's left tit mound. Her
fist sunk deep into the soft flesh before coming to rest against her
sister's ribs.

Jessie screamed in pain but Jones held her easily in place.

"Again, this time her other tit." He held up the prod menacingly and
Caitlin squeaked in fear and slammed her fist into Jessie's other tit.
Again Jessie howled in pain as the fist smashed into her soft, tender meat,
but there was nothing she could do.

"On your knees, whore!" Jones yelled. Caitlin dropped to her knees,
gratefully, thinking she wouldn't have to hurt Jessie again. Jones had
other ideas, he bent Jessie forward, ignoring the groans of pain from the
trembling girl.

She kept her head pulled back as Jones bent her forward at the waist so
her fat tit sacks hung below her like full water balloons. Both hung just
about level with Caitlin's face. "Let's see how good you are at boxing,
slut box. I want you to start punching these two fat torpedoes here and
keep doing it as hard and fast as you can until I say stop."

"Oh please no," Caitlin whimpered. Jones stabbed the prod against the
side of her neck and pain exploded in the shaking girl's mind, hurling her
back against the wall where she sagged to the floor.

Jones stabbed the prod down against her foot, then against her side,
then her ass then her back as the girl twisted and turned, shrieking in
agony and terror.

Jones pulled back, laughing. Caitlin lay curled up in the corner,
sobbing and trembling and shaking in pain and terror. She shivered
uncontrollably as looked down with a smile of satisfaction on his face.

"Now get your ass over here, you miserable slut box and do what I tell
you or you'll get it twice as bad next time."

Caitlin couldn't move for a minute, but then crawled across to them and
jerked upright on her knees, her body still trembling, her eyes wide and

"Start punching at these milk bags," Jones ordered, pressing down
against the back of Jessie's neck.

Caitlin lifted her hand in a girlish fist and slapped it at Jessie's
tit. It struck and smashed the tit backwards.

"Faster! Harder! Faster! Harder! Harder! Harder!" Jones shouted

Caitlin punched with her other fist, then with the first, then the
second, punching harder and faster and straighter as some of her body began
to sort itself out from the violent electrical firestorm that had ripped
through it.

Jessie screamed in agony as her tits flopped and jerked and bounced
under the continuous blows of her sister's two fists. The two heavy
mammaries swung and bounced as Caitlin's fists sunk into their soft meat
and sent them hurling backwards like punching bags.

Caitlin had never used speed bags, or even really seen them but she was
using Jessie's tits like twin speed bags now as she rattled her fists
against the bouncing flesh again and again. Jones laughed in amusement as
he watched. "Enough," he said, twirling the blonde around by her hair and
shoving her down to her knees. She bent her over, mashing her face against
the floor as he picked up something from the bed. He tossed it to Caitlin
and ordered her to put it on.

Caitlin wasn't even sure what it was at first. Her thinking processes
weren't working all that well. Still, she slipped it on, realizing quickly
what its purpose was. It was a dildo, only it strapped around her hips and
nestled down between her legs like a man's penis. She knew it was for
fucking her sister with.

"All right, whore, give this blonde slut a real ride," he grinned.
"Stick it up her snatch and fuck the bitch till she cums."

Jessie was oblivious to what was being said or done behind her. She
sobbed in pain, wanting to fondle her aching titties, which were throbbing
with agony as they lay pressed against the floor beneath her. She felt
something hard pressing against her cunt, but the sensation was trifling
next to the agony of her tits and she practically ignored it.

The dildo was very long, however, and quite thick too. It slid
remorselessly into Jessie's tight, snug cunt sheath, Caitlin having no
choice, or thought of doing other than burying it in the slender blonde's
cunt box.

She wiggled her hips from side to side when the dildo met resistance,
screwing the thick rubber prong around inside Jessie's snatch, humping back
and forth until it pushed deeper.

She grunted with the effort, her hands on her sister's hips as she drove
the dildo steadily deeper into her cunt chamber. Only when her own hips
were pressed hard against Jessie's soft round buttocks did she began to
draw back.

She fucked into Jessie's cunt cleft with a steady humping motion, going
fast because she knew Jones wanted her to. Jessie hardly seemed to notice
at first. She moaned, as she'd been doing for some time but did not try to
resist or move away.

"Harder!" Jones ordered.

The order wasn't unexpected and Caitlin immediately began to fuck
harder, drilling the thick rubber cock back and forth inside Jessie's fuck
tunnel. Her hips began to slap against Jessie's ass flesh with greater
force and noise now and Jessie grunted with the impact of the dildo against
her fuck box.

"Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!" she groaned in accompaniment to the
slapping of Caitlin's flesh against her buttocks.

"I think she needs something else to turn her on," Jones commented.

"Take out the dildo and take this." He handed her the cattle prod.

She almost dropped it, staring wide-eyed at the metal tube. Jones undid
Jessie's collar and unclipped her wrists from the chain. The blonde
groaned in relief as she let her still bound wrists slide down her back.
Jones immediately slid a slender chain noose over the blonde's head and
down around her throat, then gave the other end of the chain to Caitlin.

"Now whore, you're gonna ride this bitch like she's fuckin' buckin'
bronco. And she will be too. Stick that prod as deep in her cunt as it'll
go, then hang onto the chain and press the button."

Caitlin thought, briefly, about using the prod on him, but was sure he
was prepared for such a thing and doubted she'd be able to reach him before
he knocked it out of her hand. Anyway, she was too frightened. She eased
the tube into her sister's cunt, reluctantly pushing it deep into her
snatch until she could get it no further.

"When I say, you press the button, and if she gets away from you before
I say to stop I'll shove it up your cunt and show you how easy it is to
hold a whore in place and ride her with the prod."

Caitlin nodded her head quickly, gasping in fear at the thought. She
pulled the chain tight, not thinking or caring that it tightened around
Jessie's slim throat.

"Now!" Jones shouted. Caitlin yelped in fear, her finger pressing down
on the button.

Jessie howled in agony, her body pulling desperately against the chain
as she tried to tear herself free from the horrible pain ripping through
her guts.

Her knees smashed and ground against the carpet as her body shook
violently, thrashing and pulling, even as the chain choked the breath out
of her.

Her head whipped back and forth and her body trembled and shook. She
tried to rise several times only to be forced back by Caitlin, who jammed
the prod down hard against the back wall of her cunt tunnel. She shook and
bucked like a horse, her upper body flying upwards off the floor and back
against Caitlin.

Terrified that she'd get loose and Jones would subject her to the prod,
Caitlin hung on for dear life, pulling down hard on the chain as Jessie
tried to rise to her feet, holding the prod inside her thrashing, shaking,
squirming, writhing sister's honey pot as Jessie howled and screamed in
tortured agony.

Finally, the breath choked out of her, Jessie fell forward, flat on her
belly. Caitlin still knelt between her spread legs, holding the prod down
against her snatch as the blonde bounced and shook and trembled on the
floor, grunting and gurgling like an epileptic having a fit.

"Enough," Jones said lazily, grinning.

Caitlin turned off the juice and slid the prod out of Jessie's cunt,
letting go of the chain. She whimpered herself as she looked down at her
sister, still trembling and gurgling and shaking.

"I bet she won't forget that soon," Jones laughed. "Okay, slut, turn
her over and start eating that pussy."

Caitlin rolled her sister over, spreading her legs further as she knelt
and pressed her face into her bald, burned up little cunt. She tongued her
slit, sliding her moist pink tongue up and down the dry cleft, then pushing
it inside.

Jessie seemed oblivious to what she was doing. She was still shaking
and grunting and Caitlin had to hold her thighs down to keep her gash in
place. She pushed her tongue deep into the hole, hoping to moisten some of
the fried cunt she had abused.

Her tongue slurped and sucked and slid up and down the blonde's honey
pot, probing inside her fuck hole as she sucked cunt. In a determined
effort to relieve some of the pain, Caitlin began to rub and suck on
Jessie's clitty, her tongue stroking over it again and again.

Jessie's mind was a bedraggled mess, fractured into a thousand pieces by
the terrible pain she had undergone. Her body though, reacted as it was
made to. On automatic pilot, without the guilt, fear, or anger to effect
it, her clit began to buzz with pleasure from the careful stroking of the
other woman's tongue.

Caitlin sucked two of her fingers, moistening them, then slid them up
into Jessie's snatch, pumping them slowly in and out as she continued to
lick and suck on her sister's clitty. She felt Jessie's own lubrication
beginning to seep out from her pussy walls and said a small prayer of

Jessie was still trembling, though not as violently. Her grunts and
groans had been replaced by delirious mutterings and whispers, words
neither of the others could make out. Caitlin sucked hard on her clitty as
she stroked her fingers in and out of the cunt hole she herself had so

Jessie showed no reaction, but her body was obviously responding and
that was what Caitlin wanted. She slid one hand up Jessie's body and
squeezed a fat tit, kneading the flesh repeatedly as she searched for, then
found the hard little nipple.

Jessie's head was jerking and thrashing from side to side and her loins
were starting to hump up against Caitlin's face. Caitlin licked harder,
her tongue rasping across Jessie's clit as she pumped her fingers faster in
her sister's snatch.

The blonde wept and moaned and grunted insensibly, her legs pulling
apart as her ass cheeks ground into the carpet and her hands jerked and
quivered on the floor. Her eyes were open but unseeing as her body,
responding to an age old stimulus, began to rip into an orgasmic explosion
that shoved aside and then buried the sensation of pain that had enveloped
the blonde.

She groaned in pleasure now, though her conscious mind wasn't aware of
what was going on. Her body shook and bounced through a climax of immense
proportions, her raw, frazzled nerve endings flooded and overloaded with
cataclysmic ecstasy that grew and grew until it blasted the hapless,
helpless girl completely out of her skin and dropped her into the blackness
of unconsciousness. "Well, you got a talented tongue, pussy," Jones
snickered. He gripped her thick hair and dragged her to her feet, then
shoved her against the bed, forcing her onto her hands and knees on the
edge of the mattress.

"Spread those legs, whore," he ordered.

Caitlin spread her legs wider, then wider still, raising her ass in the
air as he fingered her slit and asshole. He ran his hands over her round
ass cheeks, then slapped them both down with a laugh.

"That's the position for you to get used to, whore. This is something
all you college girls should be shown before you even start school."

He unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard boner, sticking the head
against her bald cunt cleft. His cockhead sank into her velvety fuck
opening, disappearing from view. Caitlin grunted as he thrust forward,
half his cock driving up into her belly.

"Suck it down. Suck it down," he sighed, gripping her hips as he
slammed the rest of his cock meat into her fuck tunnel.

"Fucking cunt! Stinking whore! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!" he grunted,
drilling his prick into her buttery depths, grinding his hips against her
ass flesh as he pulled hard on her hips.

"Take it! Take it!" he gasped, pounding his prick harder and harder
into her soft cunt box, his hips hammering into her ass flesh, knocking her
body forward away from him, only to be dragged back by his strong, iron
hard grip.

"Fucking bitch!" he cursed, his hips beating a furious tattoo against
her ass, his cock drilling her tight pussy, pistoning in and out as he
jerked her body back and forth with savage, violent fury. Her tits swung
back and forth and her head bounced helplessly as he slammed into her with
remorseless anger and lust.

He grabbed her wrists, pulling them straight back along her body,
pulling so hard she screamed, her arms threatening to rip free of their
sockets as he used them to tear her body back against his raging hard-on.
He bucked into her, his hips making brutal contact with her cupcake
buttocks, hurling her forward with a scream of pain. Then he yanked back
on her arms, again making her scream as he used his grip to brake her
body's forward motion and jerk her back against his next ferocious thrust.

Caitlin was pounded and battered like a rag doll, yelping and groaning
and sobbing in disorientation as her body bounced and jerked up and down
and back and forth. He raped his cock down into her with cruel spearing
strokes, skewering her aching cunt box, making her scream in pain as his
lance impaled her over and over again.

He gave a groan and fell forward over her, his weight crushing her into
the mattress. His body covered her, his arms sliding beneath her and
nearly cutting her in half as he crushed her against him with all his
strength. He ground his crotch into her ass flesh as he twisted his hard
cock around inside her tight, elastic fuck sheath, then his mouth opened
wide and he bit down on her shoulder, his teeth digging into her soft flesh
as she quivered in agony.

He growled and drooled, his cock beginning to pump inside her again, his
hips slapping against her ass meat.

"Bitch! Whore! Fucking... Ungh... Cunt! Ungh!" He buried his fuck
stick inside her, and still he rammed forward, mashing his hips against
her, crushing her against the mattress, trying to ram his entire pelvis
into her cunt opening.

Then he came, his juice spewing out the end of his fuck tool and boiling
down into her belly, gushing along her silken cunt walls and flooding her
womb with warm wet white sperm.

He grunted as he jerked hard on his arms, crushing her against him
again, then again, then again, as though trying to force his flesh through
hers, to force his entire body into her.

A last wad of sperm spat out the tip of his cock and rattled down into
her belly and he finally relaxed atop the near senseless girl, groaning in
satisfaction as his cock finally began to soften inside her snug cleft.

The Intruder Part 6

Jones left them alone for a long while, long enough for the bedraggled,
abused young women to regain some portion of their sanity and energy at
least. They both groaned weakly from the hard riding they'd been given,
and the pain inflicted on them. Each had new sore spots to cup and squeeze
and rub.

Jones didn't bother them until supper time, when they had to go down
into the kitchen and make him a big dinner. The two naked girls worked
side by side in the kitchen, always with an ear open for Jones' appearance,
frightened he might catch them saying something against him.

Both still wore the leather bands around their ankles and wrists, though
Jessie's were no longer fastened together. Neither tried to escape out the
kitchen door. By now they both had the idea that Jones was practically
omniscient, could read their minds and tell when they were planning

Neither wanted to feel his fists again, or the pain of the cattle prod.
Jessie, in particular was too frightened to even think about running away
from him. They made stake and potatoes and gravy and then knelt on either
side of his chair, their wrists bound together behind their backs as Jones

After dinner, Jones used both as foot stools, making them kneel side by
side as he rested one foot on each back. He clicked through the TV
channels, but found nothing half so interesting as the two rounded asses
and tight, bare little cunt cracks staring up at him.

Every once in a while he would lift a foot off one of their backs, then
shove hard on the girl's ass, knocking her off her knees and onto her face
on the carpet. He would watch with a sneer as the girl quickly got back to
her knees and scurried back into position.

Several times he leaned forward, his lighter in his hands, clicking it
on and sliding it beneath a soft little cunt mound so the flame burned into
tender flesh. The girl would screech in pain and fly forward as he laughed
in amusement and put his lighter away.

Still, even this began to bore him after a while. He stripped and let
both girls work on his cock at the same time. To make it more difficult
for them he bound their hands behind them again, allowing them only their
tongues and lips to work suck and lick on his balls and cock. Before he
came he jammed their heads together, then spit his sperm into their faces,
making them lick it off each other.

It was while he was watching Jessie suck Caitlin's nipple, and yelling
at the blonde to bite it off, that he got an idea that promised excitement.
He played with it in his mind for a few minutes as the two girls made love
together, trying to think of the most interesting way to bring it about.

He went to the kitchen and got a sewing kit, then rummaged in the jewel
box for some rings. He found just what he wanted and brought them back to
the living room. First he had Jessie lay flat on the coffee table, then he
pulled her upwards so first her head hung over, then her shoulders. He
pulled her arms back behind her neck and fastened them to the ring of her
collar, then spread her legs and put them down on either side of the table,
running a chain beneath the table to lock them together.

The blonde groaned in discomfort, the edge of the table digging
painfully into her back. Jones ignored her, sending Caitlin scurrying to
the kitchen for ice, then making her kneel with her crotch over Jessie's
face, pressing down hard, her hands cupping and squeezing the girl's tits.

He pressed one of the ice cubes against Jessie's right nipple, holding
it in place for several long seconds as the blonde shivered on the table.
When he pulled it away, the nipple was wet, and firmly erect. He took out
a long, thin needle, his eyes gleaming as he beheld the twin mounds, both
sticking out so hard, so full, so round and firm.

He rolled the nipple in his fingers for a few moments, then pinched the
end tightly and pulled upwards. He pressed the needle against the side of
Jessie's nipple and slowly pushed it in.

Jessie gave a sharp cry of pain, then another, louder yell. She started
struggling, the muscles of her stomach and legs rippling as she tried to
pull away. Her face jerked upwards into Caitlin's crotch, as though she
could lift the girl off the floor.

She screamed louder as the needle dug into her super-sensitive flesh,
boring a way through the nipple and out the other side. Both Jones and
Caitlin stared in fascination at the nipple, pierced by the needle, an inch
of thin steel projecting out either side.

Instead of pulling the needle all the way through, or drawing it back
out, Jones turned it to one side, twisting it around in a full circle,
twisting the aching nipple with it as Jessie howled in pain. He let it go
and it spun around just like a propeller.

He took it out and replaced it with a small golden earring. Jessie's
screams had dropped to whimpers but quickly picked up as she felt the sharp
biting pain in her other nipple. Of course the way to do such things was
quick, so there would be less pain. Jones pushed the needle in as slow as
he could, prolonging the pain for the shaking, jerking young woman.

Then he slid a matching earring through this nipple.

Jones shifted downward along the table, eying the soft, warm pussy meat.
He licked his lips as his fingers rubbed along Jessie's cunt, felt her
pussy lips and looked for a good place to jam in the needle. Down at the
bottom, he thought.

Again Jessie howled in pain, this time even louder. her legs jerked
furiously against the legs of the table, her legs straining to pull free as
Jones pushed the needle deeper and deeper into her tender cunt meat.

Jessie didn't know what was going on. All she could see was her
sister's thighs ass and cunt, along with the far wall. She had no idea why
her nipples had stung so, and why they still stung a little and felt so
odd. Nor did she know what Jones was doing to her cunt mound, to the
tender, pulpy meat down there. All she knew was that it hurt... a lot.

She struggled furiously, but could do nothing as Jones pushed the needle
through her flesh and out the other side, then put a fat ring through her
cunt flesh just at the base of her slit.

He played with the three rings, rolling them, tugging on them, twisting
her soft skin until she screamed again. Finally he untied her legs and had
Caitlin let her up.

Jessie stared down at the rings dangling from her sore nipples,
astonishment on her face. Never in her life had she heard of people
wearing rings in their nipples, nor ever imagined such a thing happening to
her. She couldn't pull her hands down from behind her head and couldn't
see the ring dangling from her pussy, but knew it was there, could feel it
against her thighs when she closed her legs.

"Take them out! Take them out!" she cried.

"Don't tell me what to do, slut, or I'll put in a hundred more," Jones

He shoved her aside and dragged Caitlin up on the table. The brunette
began to whimper in fear but didn't dare to struggle as he fastened her
legs together beneath the table, then bound her wrists up against the back
of her collar.

He pushed her back over the top of the table, kneeling there and
sticking his cock into her mouth as he rolled the ice cube over her right
nipple. He hummed softly as he pierced her nipple. Caitlin, not as
alarmed as her sister had been since she knew very well what was happening,
still cried out in pain, but did not thrash as much as Jessie had.

Soon both nipples and her pussy lips had rings through them, and Jones
got another idea. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and shuffled back a
bit, still holding her head down. Before she could react he slid the
needle down against her nose and jabbed it in hard.

She screamed in agony as her eyes teared up. Her nose felt like it was
on fire as he forced the needle through the small layer of flesh dividing
her nostrils. He pulled it out and took another earring, slipping it
through the hole and clipping it in place.

He looked up at Jessie and his eyes gleamed. She started whimpering and
her head turned left, then right, as though seeking a path to escape.
Jones pounced on her and forced her flat on the ground, sitting on her
chest and bringing his knees down hard against the sides of her head.
Locked tightly in place, she could not resist as he pierced her nose as
well, and slid an earring through.

He let her up and she sobbed as she felt the gold ring dangling on her
lower lip. It was a bit big for a nose ring, but Jones was happy and that,
ultimately, was all that mattered. He released Caitlin, then forced both
girls to their knees, side by side in front of him.

"Now that looks good," he sniggered. "Dirty little whores. All you
cunts ought to be taught your place like this."

He looked down at the bound, naked girls, licking his lips as his eyes
gleamed in delight at the delicious sight of the naked, docile female flesh
that was in his control. Both girls knelt with their heads bowed, gazing
down at the rings through their nipples and the trying to see the ones
through their noses.

Jones dropped his pants and his boner stuck out hard and strong and
proud. He grinned as he stepped out of his pants, then he gripped them by
the hair and pulled their faces in against his crotch, rubbing his cock
against them.

He pressed their faces together on either side of his cock, sliding his
cock slowly forward and back between their cheeks, pressing their faces
against it as he humped slowly in and out. He pulled back a bit, then
pushed his cock against Caitlin's mouth. She opened it and he thrust it

His cockhead pumped steadily in her mouth as he watched her begin to
suck. After a minute he pulled out and pushed it into her sister's mouth.
Jessie dutifully began to suck on it as well and he pumped it in and out of
her soft, moist lips for a long minute too.

Wet with saliva, he pulled his cock out of her mouth and rubbed it
against her face, then let her suck on it again. He took it out of her
mouth and rubbed it against Caitlin's face, his eyes full of lust and
power, certain of his mastery over their soft, vulnerable bodies, relishing
their subjugation and degradation.

He moved behind them, then pushed their heads forward, forcing them down
onto their shoulders on the floor. They knelt there, asses in the air,
legs apart, arms bound behind them, as he admired their perfect round
buttocks and the soft pink flesh of their pussies peaking out between their
cunt lips.

He knelt behind them and slid a hand under each pussy mound, rubbing
back and forth, savouring the softness of their pulpy little cunt meat. He
thrust a pair of fingers into each girl's snatch and pumped steadily,
wishing he had two cocks to fuck them with.

He shuffled to one side, positioning his cock against Caitlin's gash,
then pushed it inside, burying the entire length to the balls inside her

He sighed in delight, pumping steadily, not in any hurry to get off. He
fucked her for a minute, then pulled out and shifted behind Jessie, then
thrust into her, jamming every inch of cock shaft inside her.

He started fucking her with the same steady motion as he'd used on
Caitlin. His left hand slid up and down Caitlin's cunt mound as he finger
fucked her at the same time. He felt powerful and commanding, relishing
his conquest over the snotty college girls he hated.

He pulled out of Jessie and moved over to the bag he had on a side
table, pulling the strap-on dildo from it. He returned to the girls,
neither of whom had moved, and knelt behind Caitlin. He pressed his cock
against her hole, then drove it deep inside with a single thrust.

He held the base of the dildo in his left hand, pressing the head
against Jessie's snatch. He screwed and twisted it as he forced the thick
rubber prong into the blonde girl's fuck pit, loving every groan and grunt
she gave off.

He fucked both girls now, using the same motion, the dildo sliding in
time to his cock as he casually made use of the subdued girls' bodies.

He started fucking harder, then harder, his hips pumping with greater
energy as his excitement mounted beyond check. He no longer could restrain
his furious desires as he slammed his hips into Caitlin's buttocks and
pounded the dildo down into Jessie's quim.

He fucked hard and fast, using long, deep strokes that sent cockheads,
both real and rubber, smashing into the deepest pits of the girls' fuck

Then he came, spitting thick gooey streams of juice up into Caitlin's
belly, groaning in pleasure as he felt her tight, elastic cunt milking his
tool, sucking out every last drop of fuck milk down into her hot belly.
His pumping slowed and he sighed in relief, stopping and pulling his cock
free of the brunette.

He jerked the dildo out of Jessie's cunt so fast she cried out in pain,
which made him smile.

"Time to go to bed, whores," he sighed, rubbing his head and yawning.
He led them upstairs to the master bedroom, then looked around, as though
searching for a place to put them. He shoved Jessie down onto her back on
the floor, then positioned Caitlin over her face, forcing her cunt down
onto the blonde.

He slipped a finger into the ring in Caitlin's pussy ring, pulling it
down towards Jessie's nose ring. Each of them yelped and gasped in pain as
he tugged on the rings, trying to clip them together. Finally he
succeeded. He crawled over between Jessie's legs then and pushed Caitlin's
face down into her cunt, snapping Caitlin's nose ring through Jessie's
pussy ring.

He took a small gold chain and slipped it through Caitlin's nipple
rings, then circled it around Jessie's back. It was very tight, and pulled
both her titties out towards the sides of her body, but her discomfort
didn't concern him. He found another chain and slid it through Jessie's
nipple rings, then around Caitlin's back.

Then he got into bed, confident neither would be able to go anywhere
with their wrists bound behind them and their bodies so tightly locked

That each girl had her mouth pressed directly against her sister's cunt
slit was merely amusing to him, though they of course found it highly
uncomfortable. Neither could sleep at all, not with their nipples being
pulled so hard by the chain around her sister.

Any small movement, however subtle, would pull hard on a nipple ring, or
worse, a nose or pussy ring, which would result in a cry of pain from one
or both of them.

Hours passed, uncountable hours, as Jones snored and the two women
endured the discomfort and pain of the sleepless night. Both had bruises
and aches and pains all over their body, including stinging, continual
discomfort from the little electrical burns where the cattle prod had
touched them.

For Jessie, it was the second sleepless night, after the second,
horrible, tense, exhausting day. She wept bitterly several times, in
absolute misery. Her tears however, served no purpose other than to
moisten her sister's crotch.

Sometime near dawn, the exhausted girl drifted off briefly, only to
awake with a jerk of her head that made both her and Caitlin cry out in
pain. Tears flowed down her cheeks again as the nose ring sent pain
ripping through her face.

She couldn't even clutch her nose to rub the soreness away, nor could
Caitlin cup her stinging pussy to ease the pain.

"Watch what the hell you're doing!" Caitlin snarled, panting from the
pain in her tender cunt flesh.

"I'm sorry," Jessie whimpered, blinking back tears.

"How the hell you could fall asleep... "

"I haven't slept in two days!"

"Well don't do it now! You nearly tore my cunt open!"

"Did not," Jessie pouted, sniffling in misery.

"Shit that hurts," Caitlin moaned. "That lousy pervert fucker."

"I'm sorry," Jessie repeated, an idea appeared then in her far from
clear mind. She pushed her tongue out against her sister's cunt, sliding
it up and down the bare slit, then working it in deeper.

"What are you doing?" Caitlin gasped.

"I'm trying to make you feel better."

"Well don't."

"Doesn't it feel better?" She pushed her tongue deep into Caitlin's
snatch, twisting it around inside her velvety cunt box, then rasped it
across her clitty with sharp, flicking motions.

"You just... just shouldn't," Caitlin groaned. Jessie didn't really
hear her. She licked all along Caitlin's slit, probing deep inside with
her tongue, then started a steady, soft lapping of her clitty, her soft
tongue slipping over the rapidly hardening little bud again and again and

Caitlin lay there, weary and despondent, not caring enough to make her
sister stop licking at her slit. It didn't feel bad, after all. In fact,
it kind of felt good. Certainly, she'd felt little enough that was
pleasurable since she'd come here yesterday morning.

After a while though, the pleasure intruded on her quiet despair,
sending tingling heat into her belly, a hot, quivering lust sizzling up
along her spine to her brain. She began to pay a lot more attention to
what was going on between her legs, spreading her legs wide apart to let
her sister lick easier.

She flicked her own tongue against Jessie's cunt, pushing it in between
her cunt lips and corkscrewing it in as deep as she could, slurping and
sucking at her sister's cunt box. Jessie sighed in pleasure and opened her
own legs.

Caitlin pushed her tongue deeper, heaving a little sigh herself as
Jessie's tongue rasped particularly hard over her clitty.

"Oh! Oh Caitlin!" Jessie moaned as the brunette mashed her chin against
the blonde girl's clit. She had to tug a little on her nose but the pain
was minor next to the pleasure bubbling up into her belly.

Caitlin sucked hard on her slit and cunt, chewing and gnawing at her
fuck meat as Jessie moaned louder and began shaking and trembling against
her. Caitlin arched her back, pulling her tits back against the pull of
the nipple rings, then she mashed her tits against Jessie's belly, groaning
in pleasure.

She flickered her tongue as fast as she could against Jessie's clit,
then pressed it against her lower lip and mashed it slow and hard over the
buzzing little fuck button. Jessie quivered and jerked and moaned, both
girls giving little cries as their bodies pulled at the rings locking them

Then Caitlin screamed as Jones slashed the riding crop down against her
upturned ass cheeks. Her body shot forward, her cunt ring tearing at
Jessie's nose, Jessie's cunt ring tearing at hers. They both cried out in
pain at that.

"Fucking dyke whores!" Jones snarled. "I'm tryin' to get some fuckin'
sleep!" He slashed the crop down on Caitlin's back again and again, raining
blows down as the brunette screamed in agony, her body doubly pained, both
by the crop and by her own jerking motions that pulled at her cunt and nose

She rolled instinctively and the crop cracked down on Jessie's buttocks,
bringing a howl of pain from the blonde. Again and again the crop cracked
against the blonde's back and buttocks and thighs until Jessie rolled and
then Caitlin was slashed.

Both were soon in tears and frantic pain, unable to move to avoid the
pain of the crop without drawing pain from their agonized noses and cunts
and nipples. All they could do was lay their and sob with pain as Jones
whipped the crop down steadily.

At last he tossed the crop away and, grumbling to himself, climbed into
bed again and settled down to fall back to sleep. The two tried to keep
down their weeping in case they woke him again.

Hours later Jones woke up and got out of bed naked, grinning down at the
two, apparently in much better humor now.

"Well, I hope you slut lesbos had a fun time munching cunt all night,"
Jones snorted as he stood over them. He bent and unfastened their rings,
then pulled them both up by the arm, dragging them into the bathroom.

"Time for our morning milk," he snickered, lifting one of the big
containers of horse sperm. He opened it and held it against Jessie's lips.
She cringed but began drinking. He snickered, then pulled it away and
pressed it to Caitlin's lips. Remembering what he'd done yesterday when
she'd refused, she drank quickly, trying to ignore what it was she was

He turned them so their backs were towards him, then grabbed a fist full
of ass with each hand, cackling with pleasure as he mashed their ass meat.
He undid the links holding their wrist bands together and gave them a shove
towards the tub.

"Get into the tub, whores," he ordered.

The two women stood in the tub, which still held all the sperm he had
poured in the other day, then got down onto their knees as he poured the
container of milky white fluid down over their heads, coating their bodies
with horse cum. He picked up a second container, then a third, pouring the
entire contents down on them.

"Let's see some lesbo action," he ordered, picking up another container.

Jessie was dulled eyed and hopeless. She obeyed at once, putting her
arms around Caitlin and kissing her. Caitlin kissed back, trying to think
of how she could get Jones, how she could escape, how she could kill him.
Jones watched with lewd delight as they kissed each other and fondled each
other's cum stained body.

"Suck her tits, blondie," he ordered, and Jessie bent and began licking
and sucking on Caitlin's nipple, ignoring the fact the white horse sperm
completely coated it and was dripping down into the pool of cum they knelt

He picked up the toilet plunger and shoved it hard against Caitlin's
side, knocking both girls over onto their sides. There was a good foot of
cum in the tub and they rolled in it helplessly as he poured down more.

Jessie wound up on her back, her entire head under the horse sperm for
long seconds before Caitlin could shift and let her up.

The blonde choked and coughed as Caitlin rubbed her back. Her mind
blazed with rage at Jones. The man snickered as he bent to open another
container. He laughed openly as he poured it down on the choking blonde
girl's head.

She had to, simply had to get him soon. She couldn't bear the idea of
another day of torment and degradation.

It had to be fast and unexpected, leaving him no time to react.

Jessie was so exhausted and subjugated by now that she'd be virtually
useless. And if she didn't do something soon, she wouldn't be in any
better shape herself.

"You two whores make a good show," he said in a conversational tone.
"You got good tits too and nice tight cunts. I bet I make a fortune out of
you. I'm gonna take you across the border to Mexico and sell your cunts
all day long. I'll be fuckin' rich!"

She saw him pick up another big jar of horse sperm. Both his hands were
needed to hold the jar and he was being very careful with it, not wanting
to spill any on himself. The cattle prod was sitting on the counter on the

She gave Jessie another deep kiss, then rose to her knees, pulling the
blonde up with her. Their hands stroked each other's buttocks as they
kissed passionately, wanting to please Jones. Caitlin thought quickly,
wanting to stand without raising any suspicion.

She slid her hand down between Jessie's thighs, squeezing her pussy,
pushing a pair of fingers up inside her snatch. Jessie moaned in pleasure,
her dazed mind no longer registering what would have disgusted her only
days ago.

Caitlin gripped her hair and pulled her higher. She put all her own
weight on her left knee as she brought her right up between Jessie's thighs
and mashed it against the soft cunt meat. She pushed Jessie back against
the corner of the tub, then rose, pulling the blonde up along the wall.

She pressed Jessie into the corner, kissing her deeply again, her back
to Jones so he wouldn't suspect anything. She felt him getting nearer,
coming right up against the side of the tub. He extended his arms,
bringing the container of horse sperm over their heads. Suddenly she turned
and her hands shot up, knocking the open container backwards, spilling it
onto Jones's surprised face. He screamed in shock, stumbling backwards
away from it. She jumped forward out of the tub as the container fell on
the floor. She kicked Jones in the balls as she shoved him back against
the counter.

He yelped in surprise, not having even seen her, too busy trying to rub
the horse sperm out of his face. She grabbed the cattle prod and swung it
like a bat, slamming it against the side of his head, knocking him forward.
She pushed the end against his ass and pushed the trigger, shooting high
voltage into his naked ass.

He screamed in pain and was thrown forward, falling into the sperm
filled tub. Jessie stared down at him with wide eyes.

"Get out of the tub!" Caitlin screamed at her. She looked fearfully at
the brunette, then at the cattle prod, and eased out of the tub, along the
wall away from her.

Jones growled in fury and surged out of the tub, but the tip of the prod
met his face and he screamed in fury as the sharp, crackling power bit into
his forehead, flinging him backwards into the tub. Sperm splashed all over
the floor as he fell into it. He pulled himself out, sputtering and
choking on sperm

Caitlin jammed the cattle prod against his arm and chest, stabbing it
again and again and again as he choked and tried to fight her off at the
same time.

He batted at the prod but only got shocked in the hands. Caitlin shot
the prod through his warding hands and shocked his face again, flinging him
back hard against the corner.

He fell back into the sperm again, his head and shoulders disappearing
briefly underneath. The sperm was very slippery, as she well knew, and he
instinctively rolled onto his front, to get on all fours. He heaved
himself up out of the murky white fluid, but his ass was pointed at Caitlin
and she took full advantage.

She stabbed the prod against his balls and pressed the trigger. He
shrieked and shot forward, his head smashing into the wall. He groaned and
sank down into the sperm, his motions feeble as the dazed man tried to pull
his head out of the sperm.

Caitlin jumped into the tub and sat atop his back, her hands gripping
his hair as she fought to keep his head under the sperm. He trashed and
shook weakly, then a series of bubbles came to the surface. She held him
in place for a long minute before climbing out of the tub.

She was shaking and trembling, as was Jessie, who was cowering in a
corner. Both eyed the motionless body floating in the sperm filled tub,
fearful that he was just faking, that he would jump out and attack them
again. But it didn't happen.

It took hours of exhausting work for the two tired young women, but they
finally got the house cleaned up, all the electronic goods put away, and
Jones dumped unceremoniously into an abandoned septic tank behind the

With the house clean they stepped into the shower and cleaned themselves
off, both nearly scrubbing the skin off before they were satisfied. And
then, the exhausted girls dropped into their parents bed for a dozen hours
of uninterrupted slumber.

When Jessie woke it took long seconds to put together where she was, and
to remember the horrible events of the past two days. Her movements woke
Caitlin and the two stared at each other, unaccountably shy now in each
other's presence.

"We forgot one thing," Caitlin said, finally.

"What?" Caitlin slid her hand down onto her sister's right breast and
fingered her nipple ring.

"You know, it's... weird, but, I kind of, well, kind of like them."

"You do?" She tugged a little at the nipple rings.


"Me too."

"I never... I mean, I never did it with a girl before you know."

"Me neither."

"I always thought you were sexy."

"You too."

They stared in each other's eyes for long seconds, then Jessie shifted
hers downward to Caitlin's breasts. Her hands moved out tentatively and
she fondled the rings and Caitlin's nipples, then she looked up at Caitlin,
meeting her eyes.

As one they moved forward, their arms going around each other, their
lips melding in a hot, passionate, loving embrace. Their hands stroked
each other, sliding gently along soft, bruised skin, stroking carefully,
caressingly. Soon moans of pleasure rose from the bed, getting louder,
turing to cries of passion and delight.

The cries rose, going out through the open window, easily heard on the
quiet night air. But nobody was there to overhear, only the horses, which
ignored the sounds, and a bobbing form in the old septic tank, which heard
nothing at all.

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2014-12-02 10:31:30
If that had been EXA I would understand.The rust, roof fariule, general unreliability, dreadful aesthetics etc .Yes! I had a girlfriend who loved hers more than me, even though I had fewer faults.

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