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Sexy fanfic about teen spy Alex Rider, based from the novels
Alex Rider came out of the mansion ready for basketball. Sabina Pleasure stood on the back porch waiting for him. Alex couldn't help but marvel at her beauty. For fourteen years old, she had filled out amazingly. With her perky c-cup breasts and tight round butt, she was a jewel of perfection. Her blue eyes always sparkled and her brunette hair fell perfectly in place no matter how she moved.
"Finally, slowpoke." she teased.
Alex shook his head. He was fourteen as well, and he was incredibly well developed. Of course, that's because he was a teenaged spy. All of his life, his uncle had taken him on excursions and adventures that kept Alex is peak physical form, and after Uncle Ian's death, Alex found out the truth: His uncle was a MI6 spy! The British intelligence agency had almost immeadiately saw Alex as a potential resource to use in covert operations; each one nearly killing Alex. But now, hopefully those days were behind him. He had accepted Sabina's offer of staying the month at their California mansion. It was nice to relax.
"You ready?" Alex asked, picking up his basketball. They set off to the court, and played one on one for a good hour. Alex let Sabina win. He had always had a love for her. She was amazing and perfect in every way. There had always been that special tension after they had kissed months ago. They made out of and on, but they tryly remained as friends.
But more recently, Alex had noticed Sabina acting strange. He overheard he fighting with her mother about bir th control pills. Then, he had caught her staring at his crotch a few times. Was she interested in sex? He was so unsure... he himself hardly thought about it, even though he was a teenaged boy. He had masturbated a few times, but never really got into it because of his busy life. But he had always the occasional naughty thought about Sabina...
It was getting dark. They walked back to the porch. Alex was sweating profusly, so he lifted the bottom of his shirt to wipe his forhead. Sabina caught a glimpse of his rippled stomach, his chisled chest, and a light brown trail of pubic hair that ran from his belly button into his pants. She knew he was a spy, but never liked to talk about it. He was safe, and that was all she needed. But he was so damn cute to her... his warm smile, shaggy blonde hair... impecable body...
Alex noticed her looking at him and grinned.
"I'm gonna go take a shower..." Sabina said, and took off. Alex sat on the porch and took a drink of his Gatorade. He went inside to cool off and grab a snack. The house was empty. Sabina's parents had taken off for an all-night gala party. No surprise, they were very social people.
Alex went up stairs to change, when he passed by Sabina's bathroom. He heard the shower water running, but ehe also thought he heard a soft moan coming from inside. He shrugged and went to his room.
After changing into a new t-shirt and boxers, Alex sat on his bed, alone with his thoughts. He looked back at the basketball game, remember how fast Sabina was. How quickly she moved... how her body moved... how all the right curves of her figure moved... Then his mind went to her in the shower. He'd never seen Sabina naked before, but he could picture a perfect pink body covered in soapy lather. His cock immeadiately sprung to life. Seeing no objection, Alex pulled his seven inch cock out and began to slowly stroke it, imagining Sabina naked, water and soap dripping down her breasts. His strokes grew faster until he could feel his balls begin to swell... he stroked faster and the feeling of orgasm was coming up...
There was a knock at the door. Alex quickly let go of his shaft and threw a few pillows over himself.
"Alex, it's Sabina."
"Uhh... hang on a sec..."
Sabina opened the door anyway. She came in wrapped in a towel, her body still glistening with water, but her hair was already dry.
"Sabina, what's up? You should put some clothes on, you'll catch a cold."
"It's summer, Alex." She smiled. "I wanted to ask you about something..." She sat on the bed next to him. Alex curled up a little. "Alex... what do you think about sex?"
Alex swallowed nervously. "Sex?"
"Yeah, sex. Do you think about it ever?"
"Yeah, sometimes, why?"
"I do all the time... lately... About being a virgin and whatnot. Do you mind being a virgin?"
"I guess..."
"I want to... 'pop my cherry'."
"What's that mean?"
"It means I want yo have sex and lose my virginity. That's what I hear American kids call it... my 'cherry' is inside of me, and I need someone to 'pop' it..."
Alex couldn't belive what he took from this. "And... you want... me to do that?"
Sabina paused for a second... "Yes, Alex. I love you, and I want you to be my first."
"I don't know what to say, Sabina... I love you too, but this is a huge step..."
"I know... you don't have to do it."
"No, I want to..."
"OK" Her smile widened, and then she stood up and got in front of Alex. She looked at him with loving eyes and then removed her towel. Alex almost leapt forward in excitement as he saw her naked body. It was just as he had pictured it. She had a perfect tan and her nipples were erect and pink. He gazed downwards and saw she had a neat little patch of pubic hair. Her vagina looked perfect, like it had never been touched.
Alex brushed aside the pillows to show her his piece. Her eyes lit up in excitement as his member pointed out of his boxers. She licked her lips and got on her knees. Pulling his boxer shorts off, Sabina gently began rubbing her hand along Alex's shaft. He tilted his head back in pleasure as she began stroking his cock. He moaned softly and she kept going. She went all in and instantly took his cock into her mouth. Alex loved the sensation and held her head as she began bobbing up and down his dick. Her toungue worked like magic, and Sabina Pleasure was ironically living up to her name. Alex could feel cum rising up.
"Sabina.. I think I might cum..."
She immeadiately got up and wrapped the towel back around her. "I'll be right back." she said. She left the room and came back with a box of condoms. "My parents practically keep a whole drawer full of these."
Alex removed one from the box and tore open a fresh condom. He gingerly rolled it on over his cock. He lifted off his tshirt as Sabina climbed into bed. She layed on her back to him. Alex positioned himself over her and they began passionately making out. They let their toungues explore each other's mouths. Alex then began kissing her neck and shoulder. She gently rubbed his bare back as he worked his way down her body, kissing every inch. He sucked on her erect nipples and fondled her perfect breasts. He looked into her eyes. They connected with his.
"Are you ready?"
Alex took hold of his erect cock and slowly manuevered it into Sabina's wet vagina. He moved extremely cautiously, but she seemed to be in complete ecstasy. He finally came to the barrier, or the 'cherry' she had talked about. She bit her lip and nodded to him and he pushed his way in. She let out a soft cry which Alex couldn't tell was from pleasure or pain. "Yes, more!" She whispered. He continued all the way in until his entire dick was inside of her. He began to gently thrust in and out of her. Her quiet moans grew louder as he gained a rythm. She began clawing at his back. He loved the feeling and kept humping her. They were one body as they both thrusted in and out in pure sexual energy. She was close to screaming, calling out his name with every deep thrust. He was giving her his all, and he was almost relieved when he felt her body shudder in climax. He knew he couldn't have lasted much longer either. She screamed in pleasure as orgasmic waves crashed over her. Alex was just a few quick thrusts away from cumming, and he tried to slow himself, but the feeling of her tight pussy clenching him in orgasm sent him shooting. He felt loads of cum burst out of him and into his condom.
They lay they entwined in each other's arms, panting and sweaty .They held one another for what felt like forever.
"I love you, Alex."
"I love you too, Sabina."
"Let's go again."


2013-06-25 13:59:17
So awesome I wish I was her :P

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2012-03-09 01:14:33
She would have been in much pain when he took her cherry not just sayin more and start fuckin no she would have had him stop and get used to it and wait for the pain to stop

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This is what all Alex Rider fans have been shipping for. Good work.

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