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a school for gay boys that find love and friendship
Since you opened this story you have to understand that
I the writer of this story don’t give a rat’s arse
About the spelling and grammar. I don’t get
Paid to write here so if you don’t like my story then
Go find your slimy hole and jerk off down there.

For those that have questioned the reason why all
the boys are the same, E.G, black hair, blue eyes
and circumcised will see the reason why in this
chapter, As for all the negitive remarks about this
event will see why I wrote it this way.

My stories are about puberty, love and friendship
between boys, it’s not meant to be a jerk off for you.

Subject: Boarding school for loving boys

Chapter 3 gay young friends

Copyright: 2011.

Not to be copied or changed without the owner’s consent.

This is a story, so it never happened and no boys ever
had sex to make this story. If you are not 18 and over
you should not be here reading this stuff.
Boys will try and experiment with other boys and some
end up being gay. If you are not liking this story then
try something else.

Chapter: 3

* What a week this will be *

Harry now awake, looked up and saw his new friend and lover in the
next bed beside him, above his head a poster of his friend in a stained
frame hung above him. He was now happy to be here and no longer had to
hide his gayness from other boys who would call him names and do other
bad things to him, like spitting on him and peeing on his legs when
using the urinals as the other boys would show their cocks and say
go suck this you gay wad, or want to feel this in your butt.

Yes, boys and men can be cruel to folks not like them and show bad feelings
towards those who show some love for another male. J.W was now waking up
and smiled at his new boy love, stood up and walked to Harry's bed, sat down
and kissed his roommate. "That was nice of you, but you need to brush up
as your mouth tastes like my cock." Harry laughed. "Well you did have your
cock in there last night and so now you are going to taste it all the time
while we live here." J.W sniggered. Now fully awake the boys went and
had a shower and while there they just hugged and kissed under the hot water
then decided to wash each other, dry and dress.

"Shawn and Toby are real cute and I think we will end up having some fun with
them later this week." J.W giggled. “They are going to end up being great
friends and lovers just like us and they look happy being here." Harry replied.
"So we better go and find them and head for breakfast and see what happens
today." J.W said. On the way to the dining hall the boys bumped into the
younger boys and headed for breakfast. "You two look like you had some fun
last night." Harry said to them. “It was one of our best nights so far
and we learned what makes each other tick and what we like doing the most."
Toby replied. "We talked about our lives and what we went through and now
we are happy and proud to be part of this school." Shawn told them.

The four boys sat down at the table and ate some cornflakes with milk and a
glass of fruit juice. Ham and eggs on toast was placed in front of them
and the boys rubbed their tummies. "Hey guys, we have free time for the next
hour so do you want to go outside and have a walk around and chat for a while."
Harry asked. “yeah, love to." the boys replied. As the boys walked around
the gardens they talked about the sex Ed session they had yesterday.

“I was going to blow my load if I had any, after watching that kid play
around with that other boys cock and pulling around on his skin." J.W
said. "I know how you felt; he had bigger balls than me to do what he did
on that video and let us all see him do stuff to the other boy and the
one not cut like us must have been jacking off after the filming finished
as he must have enjoyed the other boy feeling him up. Toby replied.

“I don't think I could do that in front of a camera but in bed with my lover
that would be different." Harry giggled. “You know he was cute as he stood
there and had someone feeling his cock like that, wish I had some skin to
play with, but I am happy with what I got down there." Shawn said. “Lets
head back to the next lesson and its craft work today." J.W said to the boys.

Craft time was good for the boys as they made bracelets in leather and braded
them for friendship bracelets for each other... Then they made a belt with
their name stamped on to it and dyed it black. while waiting for the belts
to dry the boys went to find the lovers room to see what's there and to find
out how to use the stuff inside the room.

"God, look at that bed, its round and would fit all of us on it." Harry
gasped... “Never seen a bed like this before and LOOK it shakes when you sit
on it. Shawn looked surprised. “That’s for getting you turned on I reckon."
J.W replied. "Hey look at all this shit right here, plastic doodles, that shake."
Shawn said as he found the on button and slid it in between his legs and jumped
about as it tickled his groin area. “He’s having fun with that thing so lets
all find one and see what they do." J.W hooted. Well all the boys were now
jumping about as their cocks felt the plastic cocks shake around and tickle
their cocks and balls.

"How would it feel having this up your butt?" Shawn smiled. "Don't know but
THAT one would rip your butt hole apart as that is the biggest dick here and I
don't think it would fit up your hole."Toby replied as he giggled as Shawn
tried to shove it up his ass with his shorts on. “That must be for the
bigger kids to play with so just try the smaller ones when you two are in here."
Harry said. “Right, our belts must be dry now so let’s all go and see." J.W
told them all. “Look guys, the belts are dry so let’s put them on our shorts
and see how they look." Toby said. All the boys now had their belts on and were
wearing the friendship bracelets they made early on.

Lunch was not far off and after lunch the boys were going to play sports in the gym
with a game of catch that boy, a game where the boys have a ribbon put in the back of
their undies and the boys try and take it off them... A few butts were sore and red
by the end of the game as some boys wanted to feel butts than take the ribbon off them.
"Shit, I must have had 10 boys pinch my arse and it feels like it’s on fire." J.W said.
as he rubbed his butt. "You know some of the boys put the ribbon in front of their
cocks and are now paying for it with raw hard cocks." Shawn replied.

“Need to go and pee," Toby moaned as he started to do the pee dance, hopping from one leg
to another. "Alright let’s go and pee then have a swim for a while. Once all bladders were
empty the boys went for a swim. "You know after seeing that boy in the sex ed video with
his foreskin being pulled back by the other boy was getting me thinking, why are we all here
circumcised, same hair color and not one foreskin in sight." Shawn wondered. "We will have
to ask the sex-ed teacher that question." Harry replied.

Free swim was kewl as most boys
enjoyed fooling around with other boys, having piggy back rides and throwing balls around
no not boys balls but the blow up ones. "Hey guys, look, they have put a water slide up
at the end of the pool, let’s try it out, ok." J.W said. So the boys now flying down the
water slide in the nude, were having so much fun they rubbed the skin off their butts, well
it was kind of getting red as the plastic slide sometimes had no water and the boys butts
skimmed on the dry parts of the slide.

"Hey, the water keeps stopping and my arse is burning."Shawn cried out, "Sorry boys, we have
a water leak some were so come back later when its fixed." the pool man replied.
"Ah fuck, it was fun before the water stopped but my butt could not take any more of that
dry plastic rubbing on my arse." J.W moaned. "Lets see who is good at diving and see who
can do it without splashing the water too much." Harry asked them all. “Let’s make a bet,
the loser has to suck all our cocks in the lover’s room and has to put one of those plastic
cocks up their butts." Toby and Shawn said together. "Wow you two are like twins, dirty
little buggers and horny as all fuck." J.W laughed.

The diving contest was three dives each and the boy with the most splash when hitting the
water was the one to suck all the cocks... Toby asked a boy aged 13 to help be the judge
for the contest and he said if he did this he would give him a wank later in the shower
room. The boy said yes and was happy to get jacked off by this cute 10 year old.
Shawn went first and made a big splash, next J.W dived in and made a small splash when
he hit the water, Harry did the same and so did Toby.

Shawn tried but he just splashed
the water in a big cloud of water and as the contest finished Shawn was the loser and
by the looks on his face he was excited to suck on the
older boys cocks and feel the cock up his butt.

“I think he did it so he could lose and get to suck every one off."Toby giggled.
As the boys went to the locker room for a shower, Toby was taking care of the
13 year old boy in the stalls and was given a warm response with a hot load
of boy cum on his hand and a pat on the butt.

Quickly dressed the boys went to the
lovers room and waited for Shawn to start giving head and suck all those cut dicks.
“I’m first then Harry and Toby at the end.".J.W remarked. So Shawn pulled J.W's
pants down and started to lick the boy pole like a lollypop and after a few minutes
J.W moaned and pumped his cock in and out of Shawn's mouth until he had his orgasm.

Harry went next and was pumping his cock until Shawn sucked him off to get his
special feelings and had his dry cum, Toby was now ready for his cock to be sucked
and his dick was moving on its own with every heart beat until Shawn lowered his
lips around his lovers cock and gave him one hell of a sucking until he cried out
with joy receiving his orgasm.

"How was that Shawn, I bet that tasted good for you, having all those cut cocks in
your mouth." Harry said. "Yeah, loved every minute of it."Shawn replied. Next Toby
went and got some lube and the small dick and told Shawn to lie on the bed with his
butt up in the air and all the boys had a go at pushing the squirming cock as they called
it into Shawn's butt until Shawn could not take any more and had four dry cums and a
large smile on his face. "That was so way cool and I couldn't take any more as I was
about to drop dead with an overload of dry cums." Shawn giggled.

Sex Ed class was in 1/2 hour and the boys needed to get ready for that class as they
wanted some questions answered and maybe have some fun as well. “Alright settle
down boys take a seat and we will start with the masturbating session and how to pleasure
your lover." The teacher said. He went on and told the boys about lube and how to grip
the penis and what ways to do it, later he asked if any of the boys had questions they
wanted answering.

“Yes I do, what age you have to be to start Cumming." One boy
asked. "Well it depends when puberty wants you to start and you can shoot cum as early as
12 or 13 some might start at 11 but they just have some clear stuff leak out." he replied
"How many dry cums can you have in an hour" Toby asked. "Well you might have 3 or four but
that depends on your cock." The teacher replied.

J.W was next and he asked why all the boys are here with circumcised cocks and no boys here with fore
skins and why we have the same hair color. "Well the teacher sat there and waited for a minute and
then told the boys about the founders of the school and why he had requested boys just like him
He started telling the boys about the founder wanted boys who were circumcised as he was cut
and he had black hair.

Most of his bullies were not circumcised and he was upset with boys that
were not cut as they would say things about his cock and say things like "look his cock is
damaged and he can't jack off like we can, and was abused by boys who shoved their foreskins in
his face and said looky here you can't do this and they pulled their skins back and forth jacking
in front of him and saying things about his ugly scar on his cock as he had been given a bad
circumcision and some bits of his foreskin was still there making his cock look ugly. He was living
in the U.K as a small boy until high school and he was born in New Mexico but his family moved to
the UK due to his dad's employment moving him and his family there to live there full time.

In the end when he was found with his lover in the shower room he could not take any more abuse
and he and his lover moved back here and later started this boarding school as he did not like
to see boys with foreskins anymore and just wanted boys who were cut so that no boy would go
through the same abuse as he did. “So he just wanted boys that looked like him to be here and
That’s why he wanted us all to look the same." Harry asked. “Well that's the story I was given
and Now you all know why you are so special to him...

But I have heard that he might let some
boys who are not circumcised as some boys want to see other boys here with foreskins after
seeing the video with the two boys one cut and one not and 15 boys have asked if some boys
could live here who have foreskins and be able to love boys that have a skin as it’s not fair to
miss out on boys who are different to them.

The teacher then asked how many boys have seen a boy with a foreskin before and only 7 boys
out of 30 have ever seen one close up. The teacher was asked to find out as the founder wanted
to know how the boys felt just having boys here with cut cocks. He now had his answers and he
would make up his mind to let uncut boys to stay here as he wanted the boys to enjoy their
time here and find love as that is what he wanted for himself, To be happy and find love and

"Wow. that was sad to hear what he went through as a boy, I never had problems like that with my
cock, but yes I have just seen cut boys and never seen a foreskin, only photo's in puberty books."
Toby said. “You know you are right, my dad is cut, my brother is cut, and my dad’s brother is cut and his
boys are cut and I have seen them all and I have never bothered to find out if we were different down
there or not." J.W replied. "When I saw my younger cousin for the first time nude and we looked at
each others cocks I thought that something was wrong with his dick as it didn't look like mine
or like my friends cocks, he said mine was removed as a baby and his was left on and he lives in
the U.K. and he told me just a few boys over there get cut." Harry told them.

* * * * * * * * * * *
Author's Note: The reason I wrote this story was to show that a lot of boys who have just seen a penis
like their own: E.G circumcised, have grown up with cut cocks and might see boys with foreskins and
give them hell in the shower room as they are different to them like some of my friends went through.
The same can go for boys that just see un cut cocks, but look back when you showered in high school and
remember boys who could have gone through the same problems as the founder of this fake boarding school
went through.
* * * * * * * * * * *

The boys now understand why the founder did this and why he wanted just boys here like himself so that
no boy would go through the same problems as he did but it now sounds that he might have changed
his mind, as we are more open now about our bodies and not bothered what a boy has down there as long
as he wants to have some fun and love with it. . The class ended in a sombre mood and the boys were
now glad to hear the real reason why they were here and all the same.

"That was one of the hardest moments I have been through, you know we are all boys and have cocks but
you never think that boys can get pissed off with other boys and what you have down there." J.W said
“I wonder if girls go through the same thing with their tits or slits." Harry replied. With a mouth
full of food Shawn was coughing when he thought of his sister fighting over her slit and boobs.
"What's wrong, Shawn." Toby said as he patted Shawn on the back.

“Well I was just thinking about my
sister and fighting about the size of her winkle with other girls." he groaned. “You dumb ass, Shawn
come here and give me a kiss." Toby told him. Later that night the boys headed to the gym where a
movie was going to be shown, a movie about a bunch of boys running around in their undies and killing
pigs and stuff. "This is a good film, I've seen it before and I had a hard on all through that movie
watching boys in their tightly whites." Harry giggled.

The movie went well for the boys and some of them hugged one another while watching the film others
having a feel up session in the dark. “Hey guys I'm heading for bed as I am worn out so we'll
see you guys tomorrow." J.W said and he kissed both his smaller friends and gave them a hug as he
and Harry returned to their room. “What a day we have had, you want to cuddle for a while Harry."
he said. "Love to." Harry replied.

So the boys took all their clothes off and laid on J.W's
bed, both boys hugged and then kissed for a while. Soon boy cocks began to stiffen as the boys
went into passion mode and began to rock back and forth hitting each other’s cocks with every thrust
and a small moan of pleasure could be heard as the boys moved faster and faster until they exploded
in each other’s arms and having their orgasms together.

Soon both boys were asleep still nude and arm over arm face to face breathing slowly and dreaming of
each others love and happiness together. J.W woke up first as he had one hard cock and he needed to
pee real bad like and he didn't want to wake Harry up but in the end his dick won and he got up to
go to the toilet. When he returned to the bed room Harry was getting up and also had one huge hard
on and J.W said to him to hurry up and pee before he pissed himself on the bed. “I think we drank
too much pop last night." Harry mused. "Yeah, But it was a fun night and we did enjoy ourselves
and the loving as well." J.W replied. so when Harry finished peeing both boys went and had a
shower together with a quick jerk off and dressed in their uniform for breakfast.

"Hi there, sweeties, how are you this morning." Harry asked as the younger boys sat at their table
with bowls of coco puffs and an orange juice. "Feeling like any other 10 year old that had a head
job first thing in the morning." Shawn said. “He he. you two are going to break those little cocks
off by the end of the week." J.W replied. "Nah, we just like having fun in the morning and night and
during the day just like you two." Toby giggled.

“We know how you feel, but it’s not all about sex
you know as love and friendship have a part of it as well." Harry told them. "Ok, we are going on a hike
up that ridge of that mountain, it’s called the tooth of time." J.W said. At that time a bell sounded
and all the boys went to the large table picked up small back packs filled with trail food and water
bottle and headed to the school bus to drop them off to the start of the trail.

“It’s a nice day for a hike, guys, let’s have some fun today Ok." Shawn smiled. “Did you bring your camera?
with you today." J.W asked. "Sure do; let’s take a photo by that big pine tree." Toby said. As the boys
stood by the tree another boy took their photo as the boys hugged each other. Half way up the ridge
the boys stopped and had a water and pee break.

"I bet you can't pee onto that rock from here."
Harry asked. “What’s the prize for the winner?" Shawn asked "Shit, is that all you care for, a prize,
stop thinking of your cock and pee." Harry said. "That was all it took to get Shawn to pee first and
to see if he could hit the rock about 2 feet away, No one got close enough as they only dribbled some
pee out. "Better luck next time, I think we all just had enough to wet the ground." J.W replied.

"Hey, Toby, Do you have any brothers or sisters back home." Harry asked. “Yeah, I've got 2 sisters
Aged 9 and 7 and an older brother aged 14 who is a rat face prick at times." he replied. "I have
a sister that's 14 and that's all." Shawn said. "I have an older brother; he's 13 but no sisters."
J.R told them, “Well I have 1 younger brother aged 9 and an older brother aged 11," Harry said.
The boys talked more about their families and what they did back home “Any of you guys fooled
around with your brothers or sisters. "Shawn asked the boys."

"I have a few times with my
older brother as he has jacked me off once or twice and have done the same to him." J.W smiled.
"My sister once had to wash me under the shower when I was 8 as I had broken my arm and she had
to help me as dad was away that night so my sister washed me all over and soaped up my tinkle
and jacked it a few times just to wash it and I boned up, she slapped it saying dirty boy and
finished drying me and putting my P.J's on." Shawn replied.

“I bet that was embarrassing, so
anyway my younger brother who was 7 at the time had one of his play dates over for the
weekend and we all had to sleep in our room, so just before they went to bed they saw me
nude and Sam my brothers friend kept looking at my cock and in the end he and my brother
were all naked and we all fooled around touching and kissing each other’s cocks." Harry

Now at the top of the ridge all the boys ate their lunch and drank most of their water as it was
a warm day. Sleep took over some of the boys as it was a bit tough of a track to walk up to and
back down again. Once woken by the hiking guides the boys headed back to the pickup point
and waited for the bus to take them back to school. “I am going to soak myself in the tub
for an hour to get the kinks out of me." Harry told the boys.

“Well if you are going to
does that then I will join you as the tub is big enough for the both of us and I have a kink?
down between my legs that needs some movement." J.W laughed. In the end all of the boys
enjoyed a good soak and a rub down in special places that boys enjoy being rubbed.

"Feel's good to be back in our room and with friends that you love and enjoy." Harry
said. "Yeah, It was nice to be outdoors but here we have all the mod con's and
hot running water to enjoy as well as each other." J.W replied. Soaking in the tub
both boys moved their toes in and out of each other’s cocks just stroking them slowly
and not trying to hurt those cute looking cocks.

"I wonder if we will see new boys here after what we heard
the sex ex teacher telling us about the founder and his
dealings with the abusers at his school." J.W said. “Yes it might be fun to see
a foreskin or two again as I had so much fun with my cousin's cock watching it
pop in and out of the foreskin and it looks hot as he did that." Harry replied.

Now dressed and refreshed the boys played with the ps3 for one hour before dinner
and had fun bashing up cars in road rage 4. Toby and Shawn knocked on the door
and walked in seeing the boys playing and laughing as they played. "Hi, guys, you
ready to go for dinner." Shawn asked as he rubbed his groaning tummy wanting food.
“It sounds like there is a bear inside you.” J.W said to Shawn. “So how about
you two love birds get off your butts so we can eat." Toby shouted.

A roast pork and vegies with apple sauce was a hit with the boys and was eaten
up so fast they went to get seconds before it ran out. Ice-cream and jello pudding
filled the boys up and smiles were spread around. Patting his tummy Shawn told the
boys that he would sleep like a baby tonight as he was now full and content.
"You are a pig, Shawn, after eating two helpings of pork you should sleep like
a pig." Harry replied.

"Oink, oink." Shawn remarked. The 4 boys went to Harry's
and J.W's room for a chat and a drink. "You guys are great to be around with
and we hope you will continue to be friends." J.W smiled to them. “So do you
guys want some fun before bed." Harry asked them. “Does a bear shit in the woods?"
Shawn laughed. “Don’t know about bears but I had a shit in the woods once and
boy did it stink." Toby giggled.

4 boys now naked, swapped partners and moved to the beds for a little action
and fingers were now stroking hard cut cocks back and forth, side by side kissing
lips and moaning with every stroke. Toby moved on top of Harry tummy and began to
thrust his dick on to Harry’s cock and pounding his hips until he started to
get his dry Cumming and soon Harry was using his cock like a hammer and at the last
stroke he groaned and smiled as his orgasm moved from his balls to his cock.
"OOh fuck, Toby, you were great and you sent me in orbit with that cock of
yours," Harry gasped as he stroked his cock one more time to get his orgasm.

J.W and Shawn were at it like two dogs on heat and were spanking the monkey
as they kissed and humped and changed ways of jacking off until they both
stopped and felt their orgasms build up together and little balls tightened
as they had cummed, dry that is and were now panting and groaning as they tried
to fuck each other’s cocks until they came again. At the end of it all the boys
kissed and said good night to each other then went to bed waiting for sleep
to arrive, it didn't take long before 4 happy boys began to dream of sexing with
each other again and again.

End of chapter 3.

Final note to this chapter: My friend and I went through the same problems
at one point with boys abusing us due to we didn't have pubes and they did
also we were small in cock size and we were all the same age so I know
how it feels when boys go through this type of abuse.

Thanks for now

New chapter out soon for you all.

Boys in the hood.


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