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a story about gay boys living in a boarding school
Before you jump on the band wagon about my grammar and spelling
And how the lines are between sentences “I don’t give a crap about it”.
It’s a story, we don’t get paid for doing this so climb back under your
rock and wait for the other stories to be posted. For others that
like my stories then enjoy it.

Subject: boarding school for loving boy’s chapter 4 gay young friends

Copyright: 2011. Do not copy or change this story without
First contacting the author. That's me.

This story contains sexual content between boys and
young teens, must be 18 and over to read this and must
be ok for you to read it in your country, if not then
read a good book.

This story is about teen’s and going through puberty, love and friendship
will be the main issue here, not for sexual entrainment.

This chapter will deal with new boys arriving at the gay school
As they will be different to the boys already there.
Yes the school was opened by a man that went through the gay bashing at
his school and he wanted to open a school that was in his likeness.
He had black hair, blue eyes and was circumcised and that is why he just
Wanted boys like himself to attend. To those thick heads I hope you now
Understand the storyline when you read this chapter.

Chapter 4

*Boys will be boys*

After a hot night of sex and love the boys woke up to a new day and another
day of love, excitement and joy for one another. The boys now awake were
moaning about a little stiffness in their bodies and I don't mean their
cocks, well they did have morning woods but because they went on a long
hike to the Tooth of Time, a large ridge on the Rocky Mountains.
A trip to the doctor's office to see the male nurse to get a rub
down that might help relieve some of the pain in the legs and backs.

"Hi, Baby," J.W said as he now calls Harry that first thing in the
morning and Harry does not mind being called that and he just loves
the way J.W talks to him when he wakes up. "Hi sweetie,"
Harry said back mocking J.W's way of saying hello. Two nude boys
were now in need of peeing and after whacking their little poles
to deflate the boys went to the toilet and peed together into the bowl.

"Have you looked at your cock lately, as you?
have some more pubes there on the top of your cock and balls." J.W
asked Harry. “Wow 5 pubes now, but they are still
small like yours, but you have a few more too down there." Harry replied.

Nothing gets past these boys as eagle eyes are always looking out for new
things happening to their bodies. "Can't wait to shoot my Juice and fill
your mouth with my boy cum." J.W told him. "Yeah same for me,
but at least you have had some fun with your brother and have
had some of his juice all over you." Harry giggled.

"Ok enough of talking, let’s start off the day
with sucking cock and give me my morning orgasm before I get hyper." J.W
pleaded. “Harry went down on his knees as the water fell on to his head
and he washed J.W's cock with soap until he was hard and then began to
service his friend to his delight and give him his dry cum session.

J.W was now moving his cock and held his hands by the sides of
Harry's head and stroked his cock slowly at first until Harry
felt ok with it. Then he began to moan and would thrust his cock
all the way down until has balls met Harry's face and pulled all
the way back until Harry started to tongue him, his slit opened
and closed as a wet and slimy tongue licked the hole,
flicking over and over trying to enter the slit and push his
tongue into it.

"Fuck, Harry that feels so hot when you do that, I wish I could fill
your mouth with my cum when you do that to my slit." J.W groaned as he
began to have orgasm. Thrusting more and more, Harry knew that J.W was
close to having his feelings he went and sucked his friends balls,
licking them and then went back to J.W dick and licked his cock like an

He jacked J.W's cock for a second or two and finished J.W off
with sucking and licking that cut cock until J.W went into lust mode and
downed his cock into that hot mouth of his lover and squirted out has dry
cum and jiggled his cock once more receiving another orgasm, he gasped as
his balls tightened up and he stopped moving as he was coming back
down to earth from his first two orgasms of the day.

"Thank you harry, you are the best, I love your sucking and you do me proud
when you get me to my best feelings." J.W breathed heavenly. "I hope you
loved it as you have to do me now as I can't wait any longer and
my cock is hurting me with this hard on, so please do me now,
baby boy." Harry panted as he got ready for his own cock to be
sucked off.

J.W also started to wash Harry's cock and cleaned it until
Harry shouted enough of washing start sucking, PLEASE, do
me now" so J.W held the cut 3 1/2 inch cock and licked it
like it was a lollypop and moved his tongue to Harry cut glans
and began to move his lips down and up on that love pole,
sucking hard and fast like a little boy licking on an ice block.

"OOh, man or man, that feels so horny, J.W, lick my balls and
suck them, my love." he replied. Harry was feeling his pubes
getting wetter and wetter as J.W licked and sucked his balls,
J.W went back to his cock finding Harry's tiny bit of foreskin
and rubbed his tongue over the ridge where his foreskin was
until Harry got J.W to speed up and give him a blow job to remember
him by and startled his friend by jamming his cock all the way in
as he got his first dry cum.

He went into his final thrusting again as J.W
started to masturbate Harry and he went into orbit as he exploded
with a Squealing groan as his second orgasm finally came and went,
he got J.W toStop wanking him off as his cock was now sore with
pleasure and he went up to J.W and kissed him on the lips,
thanking J.W for giving him his feelings for the morning...

"I love you J.W, you will get something special tonight my love,
and I want you to fill my hole with that love stick of yours
and pound my butt and make me Cum" he cried as tears of love were
falling down his face with feelings for his friend and he wanted
to join bodies together and make it a true bonding of lovers.

J.W was also crying as he was filled with joy and understanding
how Harry felt. Now coming down from their love for one another
both boys finished showering as they started looking like prunes
and quickly dried.

Knocking once at the door Toby and Shawn waited until someone
opened the door and Harry stood there as two cute boys waited
to be asked to come in.
"Hi, guys, you look good today, what's the secret." Harry asked.
“Well if
we told you, we would have to shag you silly until you shouted
uncle."Shawn giggled. "Yeah right, you stick that tiny dick up my
butt and all you will get is shit on the end of it." Harry laughed,
“Well at least we tried." Toby replied.

"Hey J.W, get a move on, or we will be late for breakfast."
Harry groaned as his tummy was running on empty and he wanted food.
"Alright dude, just shaking the snake in my undies as he spat out
some pee on me." J.W replied.

The smell of bacon and eggs were now filling the dining room and the boys
rubbed their tummy's and walked right up to the server and asked for two
eggs and three strips of bacon. Baked beans and grilled cheese on toast
was also taken by the boys and all headed to their table to eat and chat
catching up on any news that was going around.

“Well we have art class today and we can draw each other nude if we want
to keep your cocks down as we don't want the other boys to see how big
we are down there." J.W said.
"I know that some boys have been watching us when we go swimming and I have
seen lips a licking when we walk about nude at the pool." Shawn told
them. "Wow, we have groupies after our cocks, we must be good looking
then." Toby replied.

Now all full of food, the boys went to the art class and waited to see
what was going to happen there and as the art teacher arrived and told
the boys to sat down, a small boy sat on a chair nude as the day he
was born, moving his legs back and forth waiting for everyone to
settle down. The art teacher asked all the boys to pass the art paper
around and open the box of pencils in front of them and draw the
boy on the chair. !/2 an hour later all the boys finished drawing
and showed the teacher what they did.

"Well, very nice art work guys, a lot of you have the feelings for
drawing so now I want you to draw your lover and after you have
done that swap around and continue drawing that person until the
two of you are on the same paper." He said.

Half of the boys undressed and sat or stood naked waiting for their
loverto draw them in the best way possible, stopping for a while
until the boys settled down again as it took a while to draw their
friend and lover as they just sat there and looked at their naked
partner before continuing to finish the painting.

The boys swapped places and did their best to capture their lover
on the piece of paper. All boys finished with their art work and
lifted them up for the teacher to see and he was clapping his hands
saying that the drawing were good enough to keep and pin them on
their walls.

"You did good Harry, you got me right down to my cock and you didn't take
long to draw it." J.W said to him. "You are good as well but you
filled me with a stiffy on the paper, and I didn't have one."
Harry laughed. “Seen it more than once and its stuck in my mind
forever." J.W replied. Both boys hugged and kissed each other
and went back to their room to pin up the drawing.

Next the boys went to the gym to play some sports games until
lunch. Dodge ball and catch that boy was the main games the boys
wanted to play. Catch that boy was a game where all the boys had
blind folds on and tried to find and grab the boy that could see.

The sports games finished and lunch was ready for the hungry boys,
all went and grabbed what they wanted to eat. "You know guys that
we have been here for a month now and this weekend will be parents
day and we can see each other’s families and have a picnic lunch
in the garden area." Harry said to them.

Yes, I'll get to see my family and show them my friends to them
all." Toby replied. “I know my brother will want to come and see all the
boys here and maybe want to stay and hang out over the weekend."
J.W giggled.

"He might leave with a present on the end of his cock." Shawn smiled.
“You dirty little bugger, all you have is cocks on your mind."
Toby told him.
"He might enjoy it as he's not getting much lately as his jack off buddy
has gone away for two weeks for an operation and will be out of action for
a while." J.W said. "Wow, so he'll have a bucket full of cum in him
and he would want help to empty it." Harry hooted.

“Hey, is this pick on my brother day or what," J.W cried out laughing.
As the boys continued to talk about their families two new boys
walked in to the dining hall and as most of the boys knew each other
realised that these boys have just arrived here.

Both boys had blonde hair and it stood out with all the other boys
with black hair.
“I don’t believe it; I think the founder had decided to let a few
new boys in and they don't have blue eyes or black hair so if you
are thinking what I am thinking there uncut." Harry gasped.
“My cock is thumping in my shorts as I speak." Shawn mumbled, as
he adjusted his dick to make it feel better.

“One looks like he's 12 and the other one could be 13, anyway we
will find out soon enough." Toby said. The head coach stood up
and rang a bell to get the boys to stop talking and wait to hear
what he had to say.

“Ok boys we have some new chums here, this is Sammy and he his 12 and the
other boy is Tommy and he is 13, both boys are from Springfield Mass and
both are BROTHERS." he said. “Oh my breaking cock, two brothers, I bet
they do stuff together and that's why they are here."

Shawn smiled as he
rubbed his little hard on and Toby walked up to him and slapped
him on the side of the head. He told him to keep his cock zipped
until we find out who they are as they could be cut just like us
or have the extra bit on the end of it.

"Guess what we have after lunch." Harry asked. “Free swim." All the boys
shouted. and four young cocks sprang to life as the new boys will have
over 30 pair of eyes looking at them when they all go to the locker
room to undress to go swimming. The lunch bell
sounded and all the boys picked up their trash and placed it in the

Free swim time was next and a group of boys headed to the locker room
and began to UN dress, the new boys were there too with the swimming
coach as he sorted out lockers for them and went through the process
as all the other boys did and told them the rules and that all the
boys swam nude in the pool.

Both boys nodded as they heard what the coach said and then he
left. Looking a bit shy at first both boys now started to undress, first
removing their shoes and socks, then took off their T-shirts and jeans
finally down to their boxers the boys dropped them and 30 plus boys
looked in their direction and saw two cute and long foreskins on each boys

The 12 year old was about 3 1/2 inches and his brother was 4 inches
long, and both half hard.
"Hi guys, welcome to the boarding school for loving boys, My name is
Harry and this is John Webber 3rd but we call him J.W and this is
Toby and his friend Shawn." Harry responded.

"Hey there, were brothers and my name is Tommy and this is my
brother Sammy." he replied. All the boys now naked were scanning
each other’s cocks and balls as well as looking at all the pubes
on Tommy's cock.

"Ok let’s go for a swim as its free time and we can
do what we like." J.W smiled. Diving and doing cannon balls was
first off
the bat and the boys had a comp to see who could splash the most
when doing their best cannon balls.

"So what brought you two here then."J.W asked. My
uncle is the co-founder of this school and we wanted to come here but we
did not pass the requirements like you all, but since the main founder
changed his mind about the entry here we were allowed to be part of
it and now we’re here." Tommy said to them...

"Have you two fooled around together and do you have friends that you sex
up with." Shawn asked. "We have from time to time but we did have
boyfriends and that all our parents know that we are all gay and that we
have fooled around with other boys and they wanted us to find
friends like ourselves but we only had a few as most boys we
knew didn't want to suck off cocks with us or have sex as they
just masturbated once or twice and they ended up getting
girlfriends and that left us without fooling around with other
boys." Sammy said sadly.

"Well you have tons of friends here
and you can enjoy anyone here, but you just need to ask the boy you want
some fun and he will either say yes or no, depending if he has a lover or
not and how much he wants to share sex with others."Toby said as
he smiled at Sammy and Shawn was doing the same to Tommy.

The water slide was fixed and now running and the gang went up the stairs
to line up. This time the boys didn't get any slide burns on their butts
and continued to it for half an hour until they rested up for a while and
sat on their towels.

“How do you like being surrounded with all these cut
cocks." Shawn giggled. “Well it’s going to take a little time to settle
down here, as all of you have seen each other nude and have made friends
and I suppose done stuff together and as we are the only boys here with
skin on the end of our cocks it’s going to be exciting and hopefully have
fun with them all...” Tommy replied.

"I know we stick out like saw thumbs or should I say saw cocks as
we saw the looks we got when we pulled our
boxers off but we also saw a lot of cut dicks and we looked at a few nice
ones including yours." Sammy replied.

Well the ice was broken and the boys continued to talk about
themselves and what they liked and disliked, where they lived
and about each others
family. The boys did not have any sisters but loved each other
as brothers do and have shared boyfriends and had a group jack
off with the four of them at camp one time.

Free swim was now over and the
boys headed back to the change room and had a shower together.
Somehow a game of dick tag was started and the boys enjoyed a
game of touch the cock and Tommy and Sammy were now in full
mode feeling up cut cocks and the other boys now touching
foreskins for the first time well most of them.

The coach came out of his office and told the boys to hurry up
as they will miss their next class if they didn't get a move on.
"We need to show Tommy and Sammy the lover’s room tonight and
book it for us
all and get to know our new friends before anyone else tries to jump in."
Shawn said gasping as he tried to put his hard cock back in to
his tightly whites as he watched the new boys dress back into
their uniform.

So it was agreed after dinner all the boys would meet in the
lovers lounge and find out more about each other and enjoy
the friendship together. Everyone went to the gym and were
seated waiting for the headmaster to give them the monthly
meeting report on what's happening this week plus about new
boys coming here in the coming months and family day.

The new boys were now
smiling and were happy to be here and have found friends like themselves.
The headmaster said that family day will be held on Saturday and a picnic
lunch will be set up in the gardens and all families have said that they
will be coming. "I have to get you guys to meet our families and we can
have a huge picnic together," J.W said to the new boys.

“That will be fun as we will see your families but I doubt that our
parents will come as they are going away for a while for a holiday cruise
in Europe. But we would love to meet your family and have a picnic with
them." Tommy replied.

"Sammy, you will like my brothers as they are fun to be around
with if you know what I mean." Harry giggled. "We need to move
our butt now as we are going to the computer room as you two
needs to make your posters and have your photo's taken for the
room passes and dorm info." J.W told them.

So the rest of the boys learned how to safely surf
the net and what sites not to check out as some have Trojans
and other crap that will harm the computers and to look up
any teen chat sites and join in some of the gay teen web sites.
"You guys will love being here as we can check our emails here
and chat to friends, and swap photo's of us in the nude." Harry

He moved his hand over his cock as he read his emails and found
some photo's of his friends and brothers together naked in a friends bed
room sucking cocks and jacking off. “Must have been a sleep over at
Peter’s as their parents must have gone away for the weekend and left
them to it as they live next door and my folks would keep an eye on
them." Harry laughed as another photo downloaded and he saw
his little brother 69 ing his school friend.

"Ok, once you have finished reading your emails and chatting to friends
please log out and turn off the lap tops." the teacher said. Now all of
you scoot and go to your next class." "Hey guys I need to pee." Shawn
pretended as he wanted to be next to Sammy and check him out at the
urinal. he is one dirty little boy as he knew what he wants and
he needs to play with his new friend.

"Right, there is a bath room just around the corner so we can
go in there and do our business." Harry replied. So all the
boys went to the urinal and Shawn stood next to Sammy and all
boys eyes were watching the new guys taking a piss.

"Yes, Shawn said quietly. Sammy was a skin puller,that meant
he peed with his foreskin back and as he did this Shawn was
getting a hard on and wanted to try this new toy that his friend has.

"Don't that hurt when you pull your skin back." eagle eyed
Shawn asked. "No not me but my friend is a bit tight down
there and he has a hard job getting it pulled right back."
Sammy replied. "Shawn, stop pestering Sammy, you will get
to play with it soon enough as long as Sammy wants too."Toby snapped.

"You all must have fun here as we heard some of the things that have
happened by our uncle and he said that we would see things we have never
seen before and will enjoy it." Tommy said. “So why didn't you two get
circumcised like us." J.W asked.

“My mum wanted us to keep them until us
are old enough to decide if we want to keep them or not and my dad wanted
us done but mum won and so we did not get the chop." Sammy told them all...

"Well I like them and I would like to see one in action again as the last
time I played with one I was hard for days thinking about all
the fun I had with one." Harry giggled.

"Tonight we will have some fun as the lover’s room is just for
us and if anyone wants to have fun and enjoy some hugs and
kisses plus a few others
things to be there at 7pm and drinks and chips will be had."
J.W replied as he rubbed his hands and tweaked his boner in
his shorts thinking of the loving all the boys will get tonight.
"Time to clean up so all of you head back to your rooms and we
will see you in half an hour for dinner then we will see what we
can do in our special place."Harry quoted.

"Come here my love and give me a long and hard kiss and a cuddle."
J.W pleaded. "Are you Ok, baby, you sound like you need a good
sucking but we need to save that for tonight." Harry moaned.
"I know as we will have a great time with our new friends and
Tommy might show us something or two as well." J.W smiled.

B.B.Q night and the boys were sniffing the air as that cooked meat smell
was now in the passage ways as they got closer to the dining hall, noses
twitching and tummy's rumbling awaiting the B.B.Q special. “That’s one of
my best meals I love to eat, all those steaks, burgers and
salad plus fried onions." Sammy gasped.

Sammy and the others headed to a bigger table and as doing
so a few of the other boys were eyeing off the new boys as they
did not have a chance to talk to them as J.W and his gang had all
but taken them to their own group and were not going to share
them, well not for a while yet.

"Look at this spread, guys, it smells just like home on the 4th
of July and I am ready to get stuck into it." Toby said.
“We’d better start as Shawn will get all the best bits as he is
a hog when it comes to food and there is no way if stopping him
until he gets what he wants?" J.W hooted.

"Yeah, that includes sex with boys; you can't stop him moaning
about sex until he has a cock in his mouth and sucking it dry
like a baby." Toby replied.

“I do not moan, it’s just that I need some fun once and a while as I am a
growing boy and I need to get all of my excitement out of me
before I blow a fuse." Shawn smiled as he shoved a big piece
of meat into his mouth and then gave a sexual moan pretending
it was a dick and he was having his way with it.

"Don't choke on it Shawn as you will miss out on tonight’s fun if
you do." Harry giggled. "YES, chew it; don't play with your food." J.W

Dinner was now over and all the boys were full and decided to step out
side and get some fresh air and walk off the meal they just had.
"Boy am I stuffed ." Shawn burped. "Well you should be, you ate
enough for two boys and I don't know how you can walk never mind
having a sexing night with a full tummy." Toby yelped as he was
hit on the butt by Shawn. "I love you, Harry, I just do."
J.W grinned as he looked into his lover’s eyes.

"Wow J.W, you are one sweet boy for saying that." Tommy said.
"Well I do say things like that as I am a loving guy." J.W replied.
"Enough of the sweetie stuff, let’s have a shower and get
ready for tonight’s show." Toby grinned as he rubbed his
cock and patted Shawn’s hard on.

Showers now running and nude boys washing each other and not doing any
sexual stuff as they were going to save that for later on.
“Make sure you wash your cock, and clean your foreskin."
Tommy told Sammy as both boys
cleaned each other and made sure that they did not smell or
have any stinky bits under their skin.

“I want to do Shawn first as he was hitting on me
and I want to please him." Sammy said. "Yeah, I saw the way he was
watching you when you were peeing and he was getting hard." Tommy replied
as he skinned his dick back and soaped his skin as he wanted to
try out J.W as he had a strong feeling for him when they went to the pool and was
rubbing up against him and feeling him up in the water.

"You are getting more pubes there, Tommy, I’ve just got a
few but you are
getting more and more every week." he said as he brushed his
hand over the silky pubes and stroked his brother's cock
thinking of Shawn and his sweet looking cut cock and having
the need to suckle it till he has his orgasm.

“Hey Sammy, enough of playing with my dick or I will blow my
load and J.Wwon't get any of my hot cum." He said.
"Ok, Tommy, you know
it turns me on when I touch your pubes and feel your
hairy balls, it turns me on and I can't stop doing it. Sammy giggled.
He jacked his foreskin a few times to make sure he was clean
down there and all his boy stuff was in working
order for Shawn.

* The lovers room*

All cleaned up and ready to go the boys left their rooms and headed for the
room of love and passion, smiles were on all the boys faces and
looked nice in their T-shirts and jeans. “Come in guys and have
a seat while I get the stuff ready for us all. J.W gasped as he
headed to the little fridge and took out some cans of soda and
handed them out to each of the boys.

containers were full of chips and pop corn as J.W started the
DVD and they watched some movies about boys at a nudist camp.
Russian boys that is.
"He's got a big one, no I like him better, he's got hair, fuck
they all are nice looking." Shawn panted as he started to rub
his cock as he felt it rise up at the start of the DVD.
“Anyone been to a nudist camp before." Sammy asked.

“Well I did once as one of my friends and his parents are nudists
and we went to one in Texas. “Harry said. "I would be walking
around with a stiff dick all day if I went to one."
Shawn giggled. “I went to one of those nudist swims at my
local pool as they have one every other month and I go to
check out the boys there but I don't look at the girls as
they are yucky." Toby replied.

"Yeah they can be at times, I would like to go to one but I don't want
girls looking at my cock as I might get a boner there and I
would feel like a jerk standing there looking at boys and
having girls laughing at my stiff
cock J.W said to the boys as he now had his jeans off and was stroking his
tool in his boxers.

Tommy and Sammy said that they once went to a nudist
summer camp and had fuck sessions and had tons of head jobs
plus the circle jerk in the shower rooms at night.

Now all the boys were just in their undies and tents were now showing as
the boys took more interest in the nudist boys running around naked and
having their cocks and balls flopping around as the boys
jumped and skipped around while playing tag with other boys
and having fun. Sammy moved towards Shawn and began to hug
him and he placed his hand on the top of Shawn’s boxers and
he felt the hardness of his friend’s tool.

Shawn moved his hand over the top of Sammy boxers and found
the opening of his fly and began to rub the tip of Sammy's foreskin
in slow movements. Tommy was next to J.W and he was now moving
his hand up and down J.W's chest moving his hand closer to the
waistband of J.W's boxers, he slipped a finger down and then two
more as J.W watched some boys play fighting in the water and
jumping in and out of the water.

J.W's cock started to rise up like a snake to find the fingers that were
now entering its home. Precum was filling Tommy's cock and he
could feel it move out of his slit and cover his cock head.
J.W now moved Tommy to the big bed as so did Shawn and Sammy,
Toby looked at Harry and both boys slid off their boxers and
joined the other boys for some sexual fun.

The bed was big enough for the boys to enjoy each other’s bodies and that
all the boys had removed their boxers and were now hugging or kissing and
as hands moved over boy cocks, all low moans could be heard
in all directions as flag poles now stood up
right and were getting a good oiling.

“I want to have that cock in my mouth." Shawn said to Sammy.
“I want to do the same and taste your cock in my mouth.
Both boys moved and Sammy was on his back and Shawn was on top
of him, cocks in each other’s mouths slowly sucking and licking
as they got into the full mode of giving head.

Shawn's tongue found his treasure, he
held his lips over his prize and lowered Sammy's foreskin back to expose
the soft purple head.

Tommy was kissing all the way down to J.W's cut cock and licked
his lips as he went lower onto J.W's balls; he licked each ball
and then placed one ball at the time in his mouth licking the
tiny hairs and going for the kill and took all of J.W's cock
into his mouth and found the rim with his tongue and tried to
shove his tip into the slit of J.W's cock. heavy panting and
groans were getting more intense as the boys got into heavy sex.

Harry was about to enter Toby's hole as he lubed up his cut
cock and pushed his finger into the pink pucker and began to
lube his friends love hole with his wet sticky fingers, he
asked if Toby was ready and he placed his cut
cock over the pink hole and started to slowly push inwards,
Toby gasped as his hole was now slowly filling up with Harry’s cock.

Sammy was feeling his foreskin move back and forth as Shawn's lips pushed
his skin back and he felt a warm tongue lick his now wet cock head and a
tongue flicking over his slit. He was also finding his way around
Shawn's cut cock and finding his ridge where his foreskin was
removed and licked this spot finding little bits of skin and
tickled it as Shawn lot out a groan of pleasure as his first
dry cum exploded out of his cock.

Sammy let out a moan as he felt a small ball of precum leave
his slit and it was licked up by Shawn’s hot tongue.
He was close to having small shooting of his thin watery cum and
have his orgasm.

Tommy was now leaking precum and J.W tasted it with enjoyment as he has
missed his brother shooting in his mouth and soon he was going to get a
mouth full of this 13 year old boys love juice. J.W felt
some more wetness as Tommy squirted 3 ropes of cum onto his
tongue and moved his lips back to catch more of this boy’s milk.

Tommy held J.W's head as he shoved his cock down J.W's
mouth as he felt his orgasm as his cum left his cock and
covered his friends tongue with his sticky goo. Both boys
smiled as they both had their orgasm together.

Harry and Toby where close to their dry cum’s as Harry
pounded Toby's hole with all his might and jiggled his cock
in and out of that pink pucker as Toby Jacked himself
bring him his orgasm and panting as Harry poked his hole one
more time and dry cummed falling on the top of Toby's chest
as he began to come down from his hot butt fucking session
and let out a moan of pleasure.

End of chapter 4

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boys in the hood.
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