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gay teen love at an international gay boarding school
Before you go jumping down my throat I have used spell check and
grammar so don’t start moaning about my story, if you don’t
like it then leave.
Subject: Boarding school for loving boy’s chapter 5 gay young friends

Copyright: 2011 not to be copied or changed
without the owner’s consent so ask me first.

This story contains sexual matter between
young boys and teens, if you are under 18
and reading this then go find something else
to read as you will get into trouble.

Chapter 5


Boys in this story

John Webber 3rd
Nick name; J.W
circumcised: Purple- red cock, some pubes
Age: 11 1/2
Gay: yes
Penis size: 4 1/2 inches erect
Soft: 3 inches.
Orgasm: Dry cum; soon to shoot

Harrington Westfield
Nick name: Harry
Circumcised: Pinkie red cock, few pubes
Age: 11 1/4
Gay: Yes
Penis size: 4 1/2 inches erect
Soft: 3 inches.
Orgasm: Dry cum; soon to shoot

Shawn Jackson
Nick name: Randy boy
Circumcised: light red cock, no pubes
Age: 8 1/2
Penis size: 3 inches erect
Soft: 2 1/2 soft
Orgasm: Dry cums

Toby Harris
Nick name: Sweetie
Circumcised: Tan, dark skin on cock, no pubes
Age 8 1/2
Penis size: 3 inches erect
Soft: 2 1/2
Orgasm: Dry cums

Tommy Brown
Nick name: snake
Foreskin: purple head, small bush of pubes on cock and balls
Age: 13 1/4
Penis size: 5 1/2 inches erect
Soft: just on 4 inches
Orgasm: Yes, clear to milky cum

Sammy Brown
Nick name: mega mouth
Foreskin: purple pink head, some pubes on cock and balls
Age: 12
Penis size: 4 1/4 inches erect
Soft 3 1/2 inches
Orgasm: sometimes; small clear drops

Boys were now slowly waking up and found themselves still in the lovers
room and all naked under the sheets, morning woods were in need of relief
and one by one the boys went to the toilet and let loose a hot stream of
piss. When finished they decided that they all should head back to their
own rooms and shower and change into their uniforms ready for breakfast.

"Oh my god, I am so sore, my cock is red raw and I think I swallowed
someone's piss as it didn't taste like cum." Shawn grumbled. “Yes, that
was me that peed in your mouth sorry about that, I couldn't control it as
I thought I was Cumming." Sammy replied.

His face red with embarrassment, as he was feeling bad for leaking some
piss into Shawn's mouth. "It’s alright Sammy, as you didn't know and it
wasn't too bad to drink but next time you want a head job make sure your
bladder is empty first."

Shawn giggled. Toby and Harry had enjoyed themselves with their sexing and
J.W and Tommy had great sex and finding how each boy ticks. "That is one
hell of a cock you have there." J.W gasped as he remembered feeling Tommy
cum hit his tongue and fill his mouth with squirt after squirt of thin
milky cum. “I hope to do the same for you and taste that cut cock of yours
and give you the best cum job possible." Tommy replied.

"Well we must do this again, sometime soon, maybe we can have a quickie
when our family comes later on today." J.W smiled as he moved his half
hard cock around in his boxers and was getting weird looks from the other
boys as he continued to move his cock and balls around. "Wow, are you
still horny or what." Sammy asked. “He needs to have a shower as he
gets hives and he will play with his cock until he washes down there."
Harry remarked.

“WE get that sometimes if we don't wash our foreskins as it will
itch our cock heads and get all funky down there." Tommy said in
a shy way. “Right then let’s get the hell out of here and we will
see you all in half an hour and have pancakes and hash browns for
breakfast." Shawn hooted.

It was a nice day for Family Day and not too hot for the boys as
they would have a picnic lunch in the big gardens and no afternoon
storms were going to be arriving that day. "My brother is going to
go ga ga over Tommy as he is the same age and he is one horny
brother and he will end up walking around with a hard on when he
sees him." J.W said to Harry as both boys washed off last night’s

“I hope the boys had fun as I had a strange feeling when I had Tommy's
cock in my mouth and his cock felt different to yours, maybe because
his skin was there and I am used to cut cocks." J.W told Harry.
"Shawn said the same about Sammy's cock and he’s was not upset about
drinking his pee, maybe Sammy thought he was Cumming as I heard that
it feels like you want to pee but you shoot you’re cum instead."

J.W laughed as he thought it was funny hearing that Shawn drank his pee.
Now looking smart in their uniform and feeling cleaner the boys went to the
Dining hall and had their pancakes and bacon washed down with orange
juice. Some of the boys went for seconds and came back to the table with
a stack full of pancakes and a small tub of butter and strawberry jelly.

"I hear the brits like eating theirs with butter and jam as they call it,
so I am going to try it and see if I like it." Shawn said as he built up
his stack spreading jelly and butter on every pancake. "Looks like something
from outer space" Tommy squeaked as Shawn shoved a fork full of the
stuff into his mouth.

“How is it?" Toby asked. “Not bad, not bad at all." Shawn mumbled with a
Mouthful of food. Everyone was now full and recharged ready for todays
event and as it was Saturday, it was a free day and the boys could do
anything they wanted so all the boys went to the computer room and catch
with their emails and find out what's happening in the outside world and
talk to friends before heading to the pool for a swim and a relaxing soak
in the whirl pool.

"When I stick my cock next to the water jets I get my
feelings so quick I can have 2 or 3 cums before it start to hurt my cock."
Shawn giggled as he rubbed his pecker thinking of the fun he gets there.

The water was clear and warm and the boys quickly undressed and eyes were
now glued on the new boys as most of the other boys now had a chance to
look and see what they had down there...

I am kinda getting adjusted to
other boys taking a look at my cock cos at school we just had out shower
room fixed up and it’s now open and you can see all the boys’ nude as before
we all had stalls to change in but that was taken too much room and the
school wanted more showers there to speed up the showering and didn't
bother about us seeing each other as we all have cocks, just some of us
were different as we later found out." Tommy said to the boys as he
scratched his tip of his foreskin and giving it a rub.

"Hey I'll scratch that for you." Shawn giggled as he rubbed his hand
together hoping to feel up Tommy's cock. “Maybe later, Shawn, we tend to
get itchy there, once and a while and have to adjust me foreskin as it rubs
on my undies." Tommy replied, "But thanks anyway.

Sammy was nodding his head and was doing the same as what his brother did
fiddling with his foreskin. “Will you two stop feeling up your cocks and
get a move on as my cock can't take any more of this dick itching." Toby
gasped as he slowly started to fill his cock with blood and fill his cut
boy cock.

"Well stop look at them playing with their cocks and you will be ok then."
Harry yelled at them as the boys went to the whirl pool and soaked up the
hot water and Shawn and Sammy found the jets and placed their cocks near
the jet holes and started getting boners, thrusting their small cocks into
the stream of hot water.

“You getting stiffer, Sammy." Shawn asked. "Yeah,
this just feels great on my cock and I can only do it for a few minutes
as it hurts if I stay there any longer." Sammy groaned as he was now
getting his orgasms and jacked his foreskin back and forth into the jets
until he moved away as he just cummed again and it was tickling his
dick until he could take no more.

Shawn was also jacking his cock into the water jet and
was so stiff he jacked his cut cock as he fucked the water coming out of
the jet. "Oh, fuck, that is so hot on my cock, I can't get enough of it,
and I just want to wank off as it flows over my cock head." Shawn moaned.

All the other boys were watching these two horny boys fucking the water
jets and were laughing when the boys had their dry cums and came down from
their orgasms. "Now that you two have had your fun, let’s go and ride the
slides for a while." J.W yelled out.

Tommy took the lead and the rest of the boys followed to the top of the slide.
He went down head first and ploughed into the water with a big splash.
The rest of the boys slid down the same way and all ended up with water
up their noses.

1/2 an hour later they had enough and rested on air beds and floated around
the pool looking at all the other boys swimming and playing in the water.

“I wonder if we will have time for our brothers to have a quick swim here
when they arrive." J.W wondered, “Well you won't see any girls in here as
they won't allow them to see our cocks in the nude." Shawn replied covering
his cock as to hiding it if a girl saw it. "Well that’s true, so we can
show our brothers the loving room as the rest of the family look around
and maybe have a quick grope with them." Toby remarked.

"We need to distract
our families and just say that only boys can go past this point and that
no girls can enter this area. Tommy replied. "Wow that just might work
and we could enjoy a quick jack off together." Harry said as he felt up
J.W's cock and gave it a quick pull. "Hey, later, baby boy, you will
get your fun when everyone is gone." J.W said.

The boys now dressed and ready for their parents to arrive the boys
plotted on how to get their brothers away from the family picnic and
into the loving room. J.W's family arrived first and found their son
waiting for them in the parking lot and then Harry's family arrived 10
minutes later.

Soon all the families arrived and the boys hugged and kissed their parents,
sisters and brothers and a few tears were flowing from the younger boys.
“hiya, son, how are you darling" J.W's mum asked as he got a hug from her.

"Fine thanks, mum, really enjoying myself here." he said without telling
them the hot sex he's getting but she kinda knew that their son was having
sex here and fooling around with other boys as they were told that the boys
could find love with other boys here and sex might be involved.

Branden, J.W's older brother came up to him and said hi to his younger
brother and twisted his cock when they both hugged. “I’ve missed you,
little one, so how is the sex life here. “He whispered into J.W.’ ear.”
You might find out later if we can get you away for a while." He replied.
“Harry, can you come here for a minute and meet my folks." J.W asked. So
Harry and his family walked up to meet J.W and his family.

“This is my Roommate, Harrington Westfield, but we call him Harry for short."
J.W said. "This is John Webber or J.W as he wants to be called." he said to
his parents. Now that all the boys and parents were told each other’s names
the rest of the gang met up in the dining room and met the rest of the boy’s
families... Tommy and Sammy were led up to meet everyone's parents and were
made part of this now large family network.

“Their parents went on a cruise and it was booked before the boys knew
that they were coming here so we made friends and asked them to join us
at the picnic and not be left out." Harry remarked. "Hi, boys, Brendon
said nice to meet you two." as he knew about them as J.W emailed him
telling him what's what here and the fun we have had with other boys as
he was meant to be here but was not gifted enough to attend. Toby,
Shawn and their folks met the other boys parents and talked about their
boys and how gifted each boy was and all the other info about the boys.

Each boy took his family around the school and as the pool was out of
bounds for non clothed boys while the parents were here, J.W and the others
looked around to see the water activities and lockers, later they went to
the boys rooms and before they went in J.W and Harry removed the nude
drawings so that they would not be embarrassed by their parents seeing
the sexy pictures both boys made of each other.

"Nice room you have here."
Harry’s brothers said. “Branden sat on J.W's bed and looked at the poster
of the two boys and gave J,W a wink. later all the families went to the
dining room and picked up the picnic baskets and headed to the garden area
and set up the food and drinks that were made for all of them.

When everyone was finished eating the boys said that they would show the
rest of the boys some of the other rooms that were just for boys as some
boys did not have parents attend and might be undressed or doing things and
the girls had to stay here with the parents and they would be away for
about an hour.

All the families agreed and said that everyone would meet up again before
heading home. “Alright boys, Now you have to keep a
secret form our mums and dads and what you see and do must stay here or we
doesn’t show you jack shit, you all understand." J.W demanded. “Ok, we are
going to show you our lover’s room and what we do there." Harry said in a
near cum voice.

As all the boys entered the room groans, and heavy breathing could be
heard as each boy found stuff they have never seen before or have seen
pictures of them but never touched one. Harry's younger brother found
the plastic dicks of different sizes and almost dropped it as it started
to jiggle in his hands and tickle him on the chest as he held it close
to him feeling the movements of the cock as it danced in his hands.

Other boys sat on the round bed looking up and seeing mirrors above them.
"Wow this is one fucking love shack, I bet you guys get it up in here
and I want some right now." Branden moaned as he dropped his shorts and
undies and the rest of the boys did the same until everyone was naked
and stood still looking at all the cut and uncut cocks now boning up
and sticking out, up and down.

"Oh, I'm in heaven and hard as hell so let’s get started and have a circle
jerk and have some fun." Branden groaned as he started to jack his big
cut cock looking at Tommy's uncut cock watching him pull his foreskin back
and forth watching this purple head pop out of its cover and start
dripping precum on to the floor.

Shawn, Sammy and Paul, Harry’s older brother made a smaller circle
and were now jacking each other’s dicks and feeling Sammy's
foreskin move back over his cock head, he moaned as each boy took
fiddling with his now stiff cock and Paul slicked some of his clear
precum and placed it on the tip of Sammy's purple pink cock head
and used it as lube.

Sammy and the other boys swapped around and played with other boys
cocks so everyone had a turn on someone else's cock until dry cums
arrived and one load of cum.

The other boys J.W, Harry, Tommy, Toby and Harry's younger brother
also had turns on Tommy's cock and had a taste of his pre juice as
it fell out of his slit, Branden was also leaking his sticky stuff
and it was passed
around. “This is what I've been waiting for teen boy juice and wait
till he blows his load."J.W panted as his hand moved back and forth with
some of his brother’s pre cum that was leaking like a tap and soon the
boys would be spitting out the good oil out of their slits.

Each boy in the lover’s room now parted and found someone to suck off
with as most boys that could shoot wanted to cum in someone's mouth
and there were plenty of boys that wanted to be the receivers of that
boy juice. Tommy and Harry’s younger brother began to engage in
sucking each other’s cocks,

Sammy was picked by J.W and both boys were now locked on each other’s
cocks as J.W entered Sammy's foreskin and began to ease back his skin
licking the now wet bell end and exposed more and more of this silky
moist cock head.

Sammy was also enjoying his sucking and rimming J.W’s slit and ran
the tongue around that cut cock like a lollypop, moving his head up
anddown tasting the shaft of a 11 year old boy. He made sure he was
clean down there and had washed his dick twice before making sure he
was smelling nice for a hopeful head job.

Toby was licking Harry's tool and was licking his balls one at a time
then taking a pre pubic ball into his mouth and sucking it still he
herd Harry moan from one of his dry cums. Toby was pushing his cut
cock into Harry’s mouth and fucked like he has never fucked before.

Shawn was feeding his cock to Paul, Harry's older brother and Paul was
likewise doing the same to Shawn both licking cut boy poles and
finding the tiny slits hungry for cum, Shawn was now feeding off
Pauls cock as precum began to flow as Shawn knew how to make a
teen cock drip its load of boy juice. Brandon wanted some fun and
took over from Harry's younger brother and began to get stuck into
Tommy's cock and pulled his foreskin back and forth seeing that
purple head.

Now slick with precum, Tommy was panting hard as he felt his skin
being sucked and probed by Branden's tongue entering the tip of his
skin licking the inside of Tommy's cock head tasting his boy juice
slip out of his slit, Tommy was enjoying his friends cock and swirled
his tongue around and around the cut ridge of Branden's cock.

Both boys leaked glob after glob of precum until both boys shot
bursts of hot boy milk into hot sticky mouths, Panting and moaning as
they came down from their orgasms got up and kissed each other and
blended both boys cum as they poked tongues into each other’s mouths,
tasting the mixed cum each boy just blew out of their cocks.

J.W was fucking Sammy's hot mouth and his cock and balls were working
overtime as both boys drew closer to Cumming. Sammy's foreskin was
leaking small blobs of his pre pubic juice onto J.W's tongue as he
was now ready to enter his orgasm.

J.W was slapping has balls so fast that it could be heard bouncing
off Sammy's face with every thrust of J.W's cock. “I’m cummmiiinnnggg
Sammy, suck the fuck out of me, as he put his mouth back onto Sammy's
love tool, both boys at the same time rammed their cocks into each
other as they cummed and jiggled cocks until no more movement could
be achieved.

Toby was in full swing with Harry as the two boys got closer and closer
to Cumming and enjoying their own orgasms, tongues licking and lips sucking
until both boys stopped and felt their dry cums shoot out of their cocks
and feel balls move closer to their bodies.

Harry's older brother, Paul was going to last only a few more minutes
before he spat out his baby batter into Shawn's mouth. Two minutes
later Shawn was getting his tongue covered in hot boy juice and flooded
his mouth some dripping out the sides of his lips and removed his mouth
from Pauls cock and licked Paul's now dripping cock head as more cum
squirted out of his cock hole. Shawn and Paul moved and faced each
other kissed with tongue until their orgasms finished.

Poor old James, Harry's younger was feeling left out as he didn't
get his
orgasm due to being the odd one out not having a partner for the
most part was now covered with kisses as the boys took turns sucking
his cock and kissing balls as the boys knelt in front of him dropping
their cocks into his mouth.

He loved the way Tommy's and Sammy's cocks felt in his mouth feeling
the foreskins move back and forth as he suckled on them, he came three
times and tasted cum twice until every boy had taken his turn with
James's cock and James had sucked all the cocks there, now relaxed and
Cumming down from his dry orgasms he got up and kissed all the boys
and gave the boys a quick jerk off.

All the boys now empty of cum started to clean up with wet wipes and
then got dressed ready to see their parents again. “I hope all you boys
had fun and had a fucking good sexing so that you will remember what
we all did today and have a wank over what we did." J.W said as he
humped his hand one more time before being the last boy to dress.

All boys hugged each other and kissed until it was time to head back
to the gardens wondering if their parents knew what they were doing
together. Time flew quickly as in half an hour all the families had
to head back home as some had a few hours’ drive ahead of them and
needed to go real soon.

Alright guys lets clean up this mess and clear the tables and say
our farewells.” One of the parents said. J.W hugged his family and
told Branden to keep an eye on the emails he sends as he doesn't want
his parents seeing the stuff he says to him. Harry kissed his parents
and gave a hug to the rest of his family before getting back into their
car. Toby and Shawn did the same and kissed and hugged their parents
and Tommy and Sammy waved each family good bye before heading back
to their rooms for a rest.

End of chapter 5

Please forgive spelling and grammar.

Continued soon

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