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a story about gay teen boys learning about friendship, love and togetherness
Now read this before you moan about spelling and grammar.
“I don’t give a crap. It’s a story. We don’t get paid for this,
so crawl back into your hole if you don’t like my stories.
Subject: Boarding school for loving boy’s chapter 6

Copyright: 2010

Not to be changed or copied without the
owners consent.

Gay: Young friends

Story line: This story contains sexual contact between
consenting boys and teens, love is also involved.
Do not read this story if you are under 18 and it’s against
your laws to read it. I did not bend your arm to look at this
so go away if you don't like reading this stuff.
This never happened and no boy was hurt doing sex acts.

* The day all things changed*

What a night the boys had and they were all sexed out for a long
while as sore cocks needed to repair themselves and cum to be filled
up again. Tonight all the boys will be giving their love to their
partners and want to show their feelings for each other.

Family day now over the boys were talking about last night’s sexing and
how they felt after seeing each other and the brothers that attended.
“Your brother is so sexy, I was happy to suck him and jack him off and he
was great with his tongue on my uncut cock, he knew how to handle it."

Tommy grinned as he patted his groin area ever so slightly as his boy skin
was still thumping from last night’s head jobs and jacking off.
J.W smiled to Sammy as he had enjoyed sucking him and having Sammy blowing
his cock, he was in a good mood and would give Harry a time of his life
tonight and give him all the love he can give to him.

Shawn the sex machine, was so high he could not stop telling the rest of
the boys how great his sexing was and that Harry's brothers knew how to
handle cut cocks and what to do with them...

” Hey Toby, you did well too and the boys said to say thanks for the wank
off session before they went back home. Harry was also reliving last night
with the sex he had with Branden and Tommy as they were older boys and that
they can cum into your mouth and they know more about sex than the younger boys.

"When I woke up I was still so hard and I could not take a piss for 5 minutes
and had to wait till my dick went soft again and Tommy was the same as we both
stood next to each other and watched as we both tried to piss but we couldn't."
Sammy giggled.

Toby was looking at all the boys faces as they talked about the fun and
sexing and he went bright red as his cock stiffened and he had to stand
up shove his hand down his shorts and pull his cock up and place it up
right so that it felt better. "Fricking heck, Toby, could you do that
in the bathroom instead at the breakfast table." J.W hooted as he saw Toby
pull his pants back up.

“You wouldn't believe me if I told you, but my cock
was boning up as hard as I looked at your faces and I realised that I had put
my cock in all your mouths and your brothers mouths and bam my cock went into
boner mode and it was poking in my undies and tenting, it began to hurt."
He replied. “Gee whiz, Toby; I was enjoying my breakfast until you said that."
J.W replied.

Shawn was telling Tommy that he had a nice looking cock and he enjoyed the
Cumming he gave him and that he and the other boys who jacked him were
thrilled with the way his foreskin moved back and forth as he jacked
himself later on in bed thinking of the sexing he did with him and he had
dry cum-ed 3 times before he went to sleep and Toby had warned him if he
didn't finish quickly he would chop his dick off so that he could end up
going to sleep.

All the boys laughed as Shawn stood up stroked his zip and
took a bow. J.W said that it was the best sexing he had in his life with
more boys than he ever had at one time but tonight his love and sexing
will go to Harry and he hopes that Harry feels the same and gave him a kiss
on the lips.

Harry was embarrassed at first but he said that he loved J.W the first day
he saw him and wanted to be his boyfriend and hoped that J.W felt the
same. “OH, that's nice of you too and I know that Shawn and Toby feel the
same, so me and Sammy will have to find some loving too as we enjoy sexing
with each other but we want boyfriends as well."Tommy grinned as he hugged
his brother and thanked him for being his best friend and brother.

“I know what we can do guys, we will point out the real nice looking boys
for you and help you get paired up with someone. Shawn replied."Yes that
will be our next quest as well but we took you over the first day and didn't
let you enjoy the other boys so we will try and find you boys to love.

Breakfast was eaten before all the boys thanked each other for the love
fest and all wanted to do that again in the coming months. P.E is one of
the school's, requirements and all boys now headed to the gym and found the
coach ready for some training with ropes hanging from the roof and some
floor mats on the ground. “Right boys, you need to climb half way up and
stay there for 10 seconds then climb back down until all boys have climbed
the ropes" He said.

There were 6 ropes hanging up and 6 teams were needed to line up next
to the mats.
Once all the teams were ready the race began, J.W was up first touching
the tape around the rope and flew down again, Shawn was next and as he was
climbing up the rope was rubbing his cock and giving him a boner, he tried
to get it back down but it didn't so he continued to climb up till he found
the tape, touched it and moved quickly back down with a smile on his face
and a huge tent in his shorts.

"Hey, look at Shawn he has a boner climbing the rope, did it turn you on."
Harry grinned as Shawn told him to fuck off and wait till it’s his turn
and see if it gives him a boner.

Tommy went flying up and down so fast that Harry was pushed to the rope to
start climbing up as he thought that Tommy would take the same time as the
rest of the boys. “Hey Harry, are you getting horny yet rubbing your cock
on the rope." Shawn shouted.

Harry's cock was half hard as it was turning
him on as it felt like someone feeling him up but by the time he got back
down he shouted look Shawn no tent. Toby went next and was a bit slow at
the start but ended up finishing a bit quicker than what Shawn did.
Sammy was last and he was like a monkey up and down the rope so quickly
that they won the race and were given a prize of a care package of
oils and creams for you know what and the other boys yelled and screamed
as they found out what the boys got from the coach.

"That was hard to do after all that fooling around we did and Shawn had
enjoyed having the rope rub him up like that. J.W smiled as he looked at
him. "Ok guys go to your next class and have fun." The coach said. 6 happy
boys now went to arts class to try their hand at pottery as all the boys
were gifted in one way or another.

The boys thought that Shawn's gift was that he is a stud in sexing and he
would be at the top of the school for thinking about sex all the time.
Small boxes of clay were put on each of the spinning tables and the boys
waited to find out what was going to be made.

"Hi, boys, today I want you to try and make a vase for a mother's
day gift and send it to your mother as a surprise for her." he told the
boys. Before moulding the clay all the boys went and put on aprons so they
would not get dirty and make a mess of themselves.

"I am going to make a long, thin vase for her to hold a rose."J.W said,
"Yeah I might make one for my mum too but paint it pink for her." Harry
replied so as the boys thought of what they were going to make them
unwrapped the clay and placed it on the spinning wheel and began to
mould the vase.

20 minutes later the boys finished their projects and cleaned up
ready to fire the gifts for their mothers. Shawn found some spare
clay and made a cock as big as his dad's cock and asked if he could fire
up this for his sister. The teacher laughed and said no; sorry we can't
send that to her. He moaned a bit but then' got over it and giggled as the
teacher broke the clay dick up and placed it in the trash.

"That felt nice rubbing my hands in to the clay and making a vase for mum
So I hope she likes it." Sammy said. “My sister would have liked this dick
that I made but the teacher wouldn't let me finish It." he giggled. Just as
the boys were leaving Tommy and Sammy were talking to some boys from the
class and it looks like they have found some boys who are taken an interest
in them. "Well it looks like those two might get some action later on."
Toby mused.

"Who ever get them will be the talk of the school as we know
what they are like when sexing so good luck to them." Harry hooted.
"Guys, let’s go and spend our pocket money and see what's there this week."
Shawn asked the boys and they all went to the gift shop and picked out
what they wanted in supplies and treats.

“I am maxed out so let’s put this stuff away and get some lunch." J.W said.
As the boys went back to their rooms J.W cuddled up next to Harry and
kissed him slowly on the lips, both boys sat there and had a giggle as they
looked into each other’s eyes. "That was nice of you, what brought that on."
"Well I just wanted to give you a kiss and have a cuddle as I just need one."
J.W replied.

As the boys ate lunch Tommy and Sammy were eating with some other school
boys and it was the same boys from the art class and laughing and giggles
could be heard from the table as the smiled at each other and some
touching and feeling could be seen under the table.

“Tommy looks like he's having some fun there and Sammy seems to be getting a
tent in his shorts as his friend is rubbing up that cute cock of his."
Shawn gasped. "Let’s all go for a walk and have a chat in the garden for a
while." Toby said. As the boys walked past Tommy and Sammy both boys waved
and then carried on talking to the other boys they just met.

Toby and Shawn held hands as J.W and Harry walked side by side as they
talked about Tommy and Sammy's new chums and maybe lovers. “You know that
I fell for you just as you left the doctor's exam area and I was in love
with you as soon as I saw that baby butt wiggle towards me." J.W said as
he started to tent up and get his loving feelings again.

"You did the same for me and I wanted to get to know you more so that's
why I moved close to you and hoped that you would take an interest in
me and wow was I right when we first had sex together." Harry gasped
as he felt warm all over again thinking of that special day and now has
bonded together as sexual friends and great lovers.

Shawn was happy to when he and Toby ended up being roommates and found out
that they were made for each other. Shawn was more sexual than Toby and
was a top boy most of the time but Toby could give Shawn a great head job
and was good at jacking Shawn off with extra dry cums. “Hey Toby, do you
want to try something new with me tonight and corn hole me with that cut
cock of yours." he asked. "Sure, I wanted to do that but I thought my
dinky would not be long enough to please you." he replied.

“Size does not matter as long as you enjoy it and us both get pleasure
out of it then we can have some fun with it." Shawn giggled as he
slapped Toby's butt and then gave
it a bit of a rub.

"Lets go and see if the other boys want to go to the computer room and
check up on our emails and check out some sites for a good DVD for
tonight’s loving." Harry hooted as he was feeling randy as anything
and could not wait for bed time to enjoy his boy friend in bed.
It just felt good for the boys to talk about how they felt for each other
and that it wasn't just sex that got the boys together but love as well
and they did not feel like it was gay to feel this way for each other but
love like you would with a girl but only better as they were in love
with each other.

Tommy was grinning from ear to ear when the boys arrived at the computer
room to read their emails and find out what's been going on in the
outside world. "Boy, Tommy, do you look like you are on heat or something
as you are glowing light a light bulb." Shawn asked. "WE have been talking
to some of the other boys and they want to be our boyfriends." Sammy replied.

"That's good news guys, hope you can find love for each other and also
enjoy our friendship as well." J.W grinned. "Maybe we can all meet up
sometime and have some fun together." Shawn replied. “Nothing but sex on
the brain, Shawn" Toby flipped at him and went to a computer to enter his
password to go to his web page and check his mail.

The rest of the boys
did the same and found that Harry's brothers and J.W's brother had sent
them all emails about the fun and sexing they had at the family picnic. "
Toby thanks for having fun with us at the weekend as you were one hell of
a cock sucker and my cock was so happy as well.

James." "Tommy, you and I were one hot sex machine and I loved it when
you gave me your baby batter as it was great to taste you and I hope
to meet up with you again one day." Branden.

Each boy got the same type of email from the boys and told them what sexing
they had been up to with friends back home and asked what was happening
over there. “Hi Branden Thanks for the sexing as your brother told me all
about you and he was right when he said you were good in bed, Sammy and
me have now found boyfriends and are getting on well with them. You can
still mess around with me and the other boys as we share what we have
together." Tommy.

“Sammy, you turned me on like a light switch when you
and I sucked each other’s cocks and I want to say that I loved that cock
of yours and I hope you feel the same for me." Paul.

As the boys replied to their emails Tommy walked up to J.W and kissed him
on the lips and said thanks for making us welcome here and being a part of
your family group. A tear drop fell on to J.W's lap top as he kissed Tommy
back and said that he was welcome and would always want to be friends together.
More photo's from Harry's brothers and their friends together having fun.

"Wow that was so cool of you to kiss me like that and you are
welcome any time to do that again.”J.W grinned as he gave Tommy a hug and
a squeeze on the cock. Everyone was happy and in a good mood. "I am going
for a soak in the whirl pool and anyone wants to join me can."
Shawn yelled to the boys as they closed their internet sites down.

"See you in a few minutes Shawn." Sammy replied. Shawn’s eyes lit up
as he herd Sammy say that he would be there with him in the whirl pool.
His cock started to rise up in his boxers and was hoping that they can
play around together for a few minutes or so.

The rest of the gang went to the pool and used the slides for a while
as Sammy and Shawn sat in the hot water just looking at each other until
Sammy spoke up and said that Shawn even though he now has a boyfriend
he still wants to fool around with him and that he loves him too.

Shawn smiled and placed his hand on Sammy's leg and slowly moved it closer
to his prize and went under water and suckled Sammy cock for a few seconds
before coming up for air. "That was giving me such a hard on I want you
to jack me off here and now and later on we both will go to the lovers room
as I want you to have fun with me and Toby can do my
brother as our new boyfriends have to leave in the for family reasons and
won't be back until after breakfast so I will talk to my brother and Toby
will enjoy himself with Tommy." he said to Shawn.

Sammy was now in dream land as Shawn stroked that boy cock sitting next
to him and felt his foreskin being slowly pulled back and as that happened
Sammy jerked his body forward as his foreskin sent a ripple through his
body like a lightning bolt as he knew it was better when someone else
touches your cock and does things to it and you feel every stroke of
those fingers wrapping around your shaft.

Shawn felt Sammy's quick dry orgasm and now his cock began to twitch
as Sammy also began to slide his hand down and up on that cut boy cock
and it was so stiff and hard Sammy was now given Shawn his first dry
cum and a few minutes later he went under the water locking his lips
around the cut shaft giving Shawn another dry cum. Both
boys were now side by side jacking each other splashing water and kissing
until moans of pleasure as both boys orgasmed together and ended up hugging
each other while hands still on cocks slowly stroking until both boys
had enough sexing fun.

"You are one boy I know that can handle a cock like mine and give me one
hell of a cum job and I want to bang your hole of yours tonight so help me
god I am going to cum in you and fill you up with my boy juice as I feel
that I will squirt and I want you to have it." Sammy grinned. So tonight
it will be a night of hot passion for all the boys. Dinner was a mixed
bag of Mac and cheese and fried chicken with salad. Cans of soda were
also picked up as they get soda only 3 times a week as trying to keep
the boys healthy with wholesome food and the odd deep fried food as a treat.

"Watch out tummy as you are about to be filled with deep fried chicken
and hot boy cum gravy. “Shawn giggled in a sexy way as the boys looked at
Tommy and Sammy to see who was going to fill Shawn with boy juice...

"Hey Toby don't eat too much tonight as you will get extra white boy
gravy with that Mac and cheese." Tommy grinned as now it was out of the
bag and all the boys now knew that Shawn and Toby will be drinking the
juice of young boy cum and having bigger cocks up them tonight.
“Wow you two will be in luck as you are getting extra goods with your
sexing so enjoy every minute of it." J.W smiled.

End of chapter 6

hot night of passion next

For those that don’t understand this story.
The Owner of the school was a gay boy, he was
Picked on and abused.
He wanted to run a school that was only for gay
Boys that looked like him, now he realises he
Made a mistake and had to let boys that didn’t
Look like him as the boys complained about
being all the same.


Boys in the hood.

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