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Hello! Everyone I am Karan, 22 yrs old. I am writing my first story on PW. Well this Group is very good. I read so many stories here. Now I am writing my own one which happened in the 7th semester of my graduation.

Vinita madam was one my college teachers. I had an eye on her since the day she joined the college. Now let me tell you about her she is 36-28-34 with a slim sexy body her face is attractive and wheatish in color. She is slim but her boobs are great. Her boobs can erect anybody’s cock. Now let me tell you the story-

I was in the class and thinking for Vinita, I was thinking about her butts, her boobs, her lips. Totally I was fucking her in my thoughts. Now her class period came she was wearing a salwar soot and was looking very sexy!! She took the book and looked at me I was looking at her boobs continuously then she gave me a naughty smile. I become shy and suddenly looked at the book. After the class I went to the hostel room and was masturbating thinking about her. Next day she came and again gave me naughty smile.

That day she was wearing a deep neck salwar soot so very little curves were visible. on that day I again was continuously watching at her breast. She was happy to see that I am looking at her.

In the recess I told her that I want some tuition of OS. She took some time to think and replied yes you can come to my home. I gave her a very big smile and she did the same. On Sunday I went to tuition. When I ring bell she opened the gate and welcomed me with a sweet smile.

I went inside; she was wearing a very beautiful black deep neck salwar suit. Though it was Sunday I was free and relaxed. She went inside the study room and called up me. I went there and sat on a chair. There was a table in front of me which was small the table was troubling me in writing because I had to bend my west enough from behind to write something. Madam was looking at me. I was in shirt and trouser. As soon as she bend herself to write something I watched her boobs and become unconscious for some time.

My little friend woke up and started fighting with my panty there was a little bulk on my trouser. I tried to hide it with my book, notebook, hands but failed it was clearly visible. Then she watched my bulk. She was looking happy by watching it. Then she tried to tease me. she fell her pen under the table and bend fully her body to take it.

Now I was not in control I watched her full tits. My cock was out of control and I realized that mam was smiling and also trying to tease me more. then she ordered me to take her book from the rack. I understood that mam want to see my bulk, and then I stood up without any fear and gave her desired book.

After tuition I begin to tie up my shoes, I watched her she was looking sad. she asked me about my further time table I replied that I am totally free today mam she replied that can we talk for sometime as she was also free and would get bore else suddenly I said ok then she said ok then come with me, I followed her and reached in her bedroom.

While going to the bedroom I caught her from the back and made her stuck to the wall. I got hold of her both the hands and started kissing her neck. While I was kissing her she started saying to leave her as this is not right and she is mine teacher. I never listened to her and kept kissing her neck and slowly she also started enjoying and left herself lose. After few moments she turned back and we had a smooch. God those were the best moments of my life our tongues were rolling each others tongues.

I suddenly grabbed her and went to bedroom. she lay down on bed and I was kissing all over her body. I shyly said to her that-Mam can you put off your clothes please??!!?? mam replied with a smile-self service. . :-) Then I first put her kurta off she was in a white bra, i touched her bra and started massaging her boobs over the bra. every movement of her boobs were making my condition bad.

then I slided her pajama fully down and then I saw her wet panty. Now she was only in bra and panty. Then I looked her full body, she was looking soooo sexyyyy!!! She was continuously smiling at my condition. My cock was paining me inside pants. Then first I put off all of my clothes then she saw my cock which was increased few inches more.

Then she said Wow!! what a beautiful cock. then I leyed myself on her body and watched her face her lips was dry and was looking more sexy when she smiles. so first I sucked her dry lips. my every wet kiss was making her lips wet. I was continuously kissing her. our tongue was playing in each others mouth.

i was feeling the hardness of her nipple, for which I broked the kiss and unhooked the bra from behind. then I throw her bra and started sucking, sqeesing, playing with her boobs. I was giving my head between her tits. she was moaning loudly. She grabbed my penis and slowly took it inside her mouth. she was sucking it nicely, she was sucking it like a lolipop. She was coating my cock with her toung by saliva. i was enjoying every turn. Then I kissed her boob then stomach, then panty!!!i forgot to watch her pussy. then I slowly slided her panty down and found the real stufff!!

she was having a clean shaved pussy . then I asked her about ass hole. she turned her body in opposite direction and I found two big bums. i pulled and pushed her bums and gave a deep kiss in each of them. Then I slided bums in opposite direction and a pink hole appears. It was her ass hole. Then I gave a kiss and fucked the ass hole with tongue.

She moaned slowly. Then I turned her body again and saw her cunt. it was wet then I smelled her cunt which was giving a flower like smell then I touched her cunt with my toung and she moaned sexily. Then I kissed her cunt and took a taste of her love juice. It was salty and tasty. then I was continuously sucking her cunt. She was moaning loudly.

After that her pussy threw more juice and I drank every drop of her juice. Then I placed my cock on the surface of her cunt and then started rubbing cock on her pussy. i was teasing her. She was saying ooooooohhhhhh yeeeeeees yes yes ahhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhoo fuck me fuck me. then I fucked my cock inside her cunt and she was moaning loudly.

Then I told her that I am about to came. she said unload your load inside my mouth then I put my penis inside her mouth and threw all my load. every corner of her mouth was filled with my semen. Then I slept over her body and she also slept with me. Then after about 4 hours of sleeping we both took a shower and I fucked her two times in the bathroom.

After that I fucked her ass hole too!Then I fucked her so many times. Also fucked her in the college time too. Now I am on my industrial training and whenever I get some time I go to her place and fuck her. Please send ur response!!!I will be waiting.

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Plzzzz give teacher no ill talk wth her

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Fucking you whore I wat to fuc u

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