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I only request that you dont let go of love
Around you...

My breath flows out of my lungs with ease
My pain finds its place and leaves
My life finds a whole new meaning
You are the only sight worth seeing

Around you...

No other woman matters
Even the most beautiful cease to flatter
I would eaily serve my heart on a silver platter
My words do not falter

Around you...

My minds thoughts come easily as the wind
My heart beats faster than the world spins
The pains of the day seem to go away
You are the reason I pray

Without you...

My life no longer has meaning
I want no contact with human beings
My mind is not worth freeing
My love is not worth seeing

Without you...

I would gladly die
My heart forever cries
Love is what Lies
Its time for the world to say goodbye

Without you...

No book is worth reading
No breath is worth breathing
No heart beat is worth beating
No thought is worth thinking

I've wrote this poem to give to somebody that was very dear to me. But instead I decided to share it with the people here on X. I hope that someday this poem helps you gain the trust and love of the person you care about the most. I realise, had I given this poem to the one it was intended for, it would only make matters worse and saying goodbye even harder. All we want to do for the ones we love is give them everything they will ever want or need, as you can see I was not able to fulfill that duty.

I want everyone that is reading this right now to learn a very valuable lesson. Once you find the one you love never let go. Never let fatal words be the last words that are shared between you. Make every moment last as long as it possibly can and tend to their every need, whim, or wish. Let the last kiss you have, be the tenderest of them all. Let the last time you make love, be the most meaningfull between the two of you.

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2011-06-23 19:05:17
God bless u n ur love.
From;;; Tiger of Pak

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