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My wife has been cumming more than she ever did in the first part of this true story (yes it is a true story), but what happened next is unbelievable.

We were in their basement and all the lights were on. We saw a sex play room with so many sex toys that it would take many pages to describe.

The neighbor's wife went behind my wife, still holding onto my wife's nipple, and grabbed her other nipple when he let go. He asked my wife if she wanted his cock and my wife shook her head no. He told his wife to give her a little friendly persuasion. She started to pull, pinch and squeeze my wife's large and reddened nipples. She moaned but still shook her head no.

"Well I guess we need to make this bitch a slave to our special tit toys." he said. Next they put my wife's wrist into cuffs hanging from the ceiling and she squirmed to get free but couldn't. "Now bitch." the wife said, "Try this.". Her husband put a nipple chain on my wife's nipples and started to add weights to it. My wife just smirked and stuck her tits and stretched nipples out into their faces to show she could take it.

"Well." the wife said. "She needs something stronger." She took the nipple chain and weights off rather roughly and pulled out a small shop vac with two hoses attached to it. My wife has used a breast pump and had no problem handling the strong suction on her nipples, but a shop vac may be more than she could take. She turned it on and sucked just the nipples in to its small openings. My wife screamed and moaned. She tried to squirm away but to no avail. The husband looked pleased but when my wife started to like the sucking and pulling of the vac as it sucked, he became upset. He didn't want her to enjoy the machine sucking her off.

"Wow, this tit whore bitch is something else." the wife said. The husband and wife talked to each other while my wife was enjoying the shop vac trying to milk her. "She is enjoying this too much." the man said. "Lets really give her something she can't take."

They went into a little refrigerator and came back with two small glass cylinders. The wife took one glass cylinder and her husband the other and stood in front of my wife and held up the cylinders in my wife's face. My wife saw what was in the cylinders and started to scream and squirm to get away but couldn't. The wife shut off the shop vac and the suction tubes fell off not completing their job. My wife's nipples were a good three inches and red by now. But she took and beat the vac. But now she may have met her match. Again they held up the cups and showed my wife what was coming next and asked her if she was ready to fuck. She shook her head no and they said "we'll see.".

I couldn't see what was in the cylinders because I was behind them to film my wife's milking. But as they walked closer to her I got into a better angle and I almost dropped the camera.

They each grabbed a tit and rubbed my wife's nipples against the icy cold glass cylinders. My wife was squirming, trying to get away plus screaming. The man took my wife's nipple and tit and slowly pushed it into the glass cylinder and into the cold water. My wife frantically tried to get away but he pushed her swollen nipple into the icy water. She kept struggling and trying to get her tit and nipple away but couldn't. I finally saw what was in the cylinder and zoomed the camera in on her nipple in the icy water and a very large leech swimming around it. He was forcing her to give her nipple to a leech. The leech squirmed around the glass and was brushing up next to her aroused nipple while she tried to free herself from the cylinder and what the leech would do to her nipple. But it was no use and she finally realized that. Her black would be lover kept telling her to relax and let the leech grab her nipple. "He's going to suck your nipple till he gets your milk from you.

My wife was going crazy and her black lover asked her one more time if she was ready to let him fuck her. She hesitated and really was thinking to give into him but nodded no again.

I zoomed in with camera on my wife's face, tit, nipple and leech getting ready to grab her big nipple. After what seemed forever, the leech grabbed my wife's nipple. She jerked and squirmed and screamed but the leech was attached to her nipple. Pleasure and pain was in her face. She turned red and tightened up her whole body as the leech started sucking for her milk. She did this for about three minutes before her black lover let her swollen tit out of the cylinder. Now freed the tit bounced out of control as my wife tried to shake off the leech sucking her nipple. Amazingly the nipple was swelling and definitely the leech was sucking something out of her. The leech started to get bigger with the blood he was sucking from my wife's nipple. She couldn't give the leech milk but it was sucking her blood from her nipple. The black lover now held my wife's head down towards the leech and told her to watch the leech suck her nipple and tit. Sure enough, it got more bloated as it reached the end of her nipple. It had almost all of her nipple in its body while sucking on all parts of her nipple.
My wife quit screaming and started pumping her tit to give her leech all of what it was sucking. The leech was now nursing off of my wife's tit and growing bigger. She was in a state of ecstasy and they now had her. She would almost do anything to keep this type of tit nursing up.

The wife now got into the act and showed my wife the other cylinder with another leech in it. My wife didn't hesitate letting her put her nipple in the icy water and quickly the second leech found the target and attacked it. This one was hungrier for her nipple and quickly sank its suckers into the nipple meat and grew quicker than the first.

My wife was now completely under their control. He made her stand in front of me and the camera and said he wanted to fuck her. He then told her to kiss his wife. She obeyed and frenched kissed her long and hard. He then told her to suck his cock and she quickly sucked in his cock. My wife was always shy about sucking my cock but now without hesitating sucked her black lovers cock without even thinking about it.

All this time the leeches were getting bigger and bigger and consuming more nipple. This was giving her the best tit suck she ever had. But they weren't done yet with her. They made her lay on her back with a pillow under her back so her massive tits were up and nipples with the leeches attached sucking greedily away on her. Next she was bent over and her tits hung straight down again showing how the leeches were attacking and sucking her nipples while getting fatter off their milking her blood through the nipples. Lastly they tormented the leeches with salt and they squirmed to get away from the salt but not letting go of my wife's ravished nipples. She must of came a hundred times.

Next they told me to zoom in on each of her tits starting with the leech on the right tit and slowly go up her tit till the camera caught her face and the expression of pleasure and pain. I did it to both tits and my wife truly was now enjoying it all.

The husband now came into the picture and kissed my wife with long licking kisses. She was getting aroused again and he kept whispering into her ear. She shook her head no over and over and he then dropped down to his knees and started to kiss her wet pussy. She shuddered but opened her legs up so he could snake his tongue up and into her wide-open pussy. His wife now came up behind my wife and started to kiss her and at first my wife resisted but I could tell she was giving in with the husband licking and eating out her pussy and his wife French kissing her long and deep.

When the black woman would stop kissing my wife and force her head to look down at the leeches nursing off her and her black husband sticking his big tongue deep into my wife's pussy and whispered something into her ear. My wife shook her head violently but after five minutes of total sexual gratification by the man, woman and leeches her shakes of no were getting weaker and less meaningful. Finally after eight minutes of total sex on just about all of her body she weakly shook her head and said, "Yes.". The black woman said "Louder." My wife again said yes. "Tell him and the camera what you are going to do." she said. "My black lover will fuck me." "No." she told my wife. "Say it like I told you to say it bitch."

My wife finally gave in and said what her black woman lover wanted her to say. "I want to have that nine inch cock nail me and plant his baby in my belly." my wife said. "What else?" the black woman said. " I want him to come at least three times to make sure I'm nailed and pregnant. I will milk for both of you and the baby. Please I need it now." With that he let my wife laid down on the floor with the pillow behind her back so her tits and leeches could be seen while he screwed her. My wife was about to get laid for the first time by a black man and she knew he was going to be pregnant with a black baby before the night was out. Just before he slid his cock into her she pleaded for him to put a rubber on but he just laughed. He slid the head of his nine inch cock into her pussy and even with all her pussy cum and being wide open it was tight. She squirmed and fought for a moment but then settled into a rhythm to let him in. Slowly he inched his way in and my wife began to enjoy her new black lover.

As he fucked my wife his wife kept telling her about the baby going into my wife's belly and how the black baby, her husband and her were going to make my wife nurse them with her big tits anytime they wanted her. All my wife could do was shake her head yes and ask for more.

The black man had come in my wife twice and now he wanted to shoot one more load to make sure and he told my wife to work and work hard so he can shoot one load of black baby cum into her swollen belly.

They both talked to my wife and it made her squirm that did the trick in making him more aroused and wanting to nail my wife for sure. Finally his wife told him to kiss my wife and stick his tongue down her throat till she fucked harder. He did and it did the trick to my wife who started to fuck him hard and fast. His cock was growing and he knew it. He quit kissing my wife and told his wife to come over and feel him fuck my wife and plant the black baby into her belly. He wanted to kiss his wife and this caused my wife to buck and squirm wanting him to kiss her while he shot the baby sperm into her giving her the thing they all now wanted; a black baby in my wife's belly.

Finally it happened and he came one last time. Without a doubt the husband and wife knew this sperm shot nailed my wife good and planted the black baby firmly in her belly. In nine months she would give them what they wanted and also make my wife the nanny, nurse and also their fucking slave.

Not the end but just the beginning.....................

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2013-09-11 23:06:30
You can make any woman produce milk without pregnancy, but I like the story, twisted and cool

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2012-09-20 18:13:01
but i like your writing

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2012-09-16 18:02:01
this goes way to far

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2012-01-17 10:12:28
U call yerself a husband? Just letting ur wife get pregnant by a nigger... Disgusting.. And wat da hell is with that leeches?!?! Was that a new species that doesn't secrete a saliva with numbness effect to their host!? Though the story is good... But to sum it all, ur just a fat old gay with ol' balls...

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2011-01-02 10:49:14
"Impossible does not even begin to describe this crap. You know little about anatomy, and even less about biology. Finish high school and try again."

this guy's right. you ever been bitten by a leech? i doubt it, and i doubt yur wife has either. thing is, they are arasites and parasites dont like to be noticed. so they numb the area. putting aside the milk drinking(also questionable), your wife wouldn't feel the suction unless it was incredibly powerful, which it isnt because they also use an anticoagulant to keep the blood flowing. also, i kind of agree with the guy who posted three times for some reason.

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