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   Summary of Part 1: Mr. Keys, otherwise known as Coach K by his volleyball players, finds himself attracted to Alex, his team captain. Though he has always treated her in an indifferent manner he soon finds out the reason for it and tries to avoid it. However, when he decides to give her a ride on a rainy day, Alex offers him a cup of Pumpkin Coffee—something he finds himself unable to turn down—and soon afterwards, in her house. He soon realizes just how much of a bad idea it had been and leaves just when she had appeared in front of him with a shirt that wasn't very appropriate. Now he finds himself wondering whether he should pursue his feelings for her or just let it go for the sake of his marriage.

  Alex is her name. Alex Petrov. She's from Russia. Her hair is jet black and wavy. Her lips small and bow-shaped. Her eyes are quite the attraction. They're big, round, and black. Every time I stare into them I get lost somehow. It's like an endless black hole that traps me. But that's not the only thing. She has this perfect hourglass figure that I have been craving for quite a while now. It drives me crazy. 
  Not being able to have her because of the restraints that keep me neutral. Otherwise I'd be attacking her with playful remarks. And that's why I act so bad towards her. Because I can't tell her that yes, I feel attracted towards her. My star volleyball player. 
  "Hey, coach!" that's her right now. Making her way towards me with a quick, happy pace. Her smile shows how she feels. Quite happy and pumped for god knows what reason. My eyes quickly take in her cleavage before looking down at my shoes, dissimulating. Her breast were looking quite alluring right now. Were it not for the fact that I'm wearing quite tight boxers, my cock would show. I meet her eyes then. 
  Nodding, I say her name, "Alex," before looking away and going down to the locker room. How much longer I was gonna be able to keep this up, I don't know. I just hope that it was a long time. Perhaps til' she gets out of high school. This is her senior year, anyway. 
  Before I know it, ten minutes have gone by. The guys get changed into their football uniforms and file out of the locker room. Coach Simmons says goodbye and then leaves out with the rest of them. I stay seated in my small working area. Of course this is only for the season. The summer season, I think. Being stuck in here every afternoon really drives me nuts sometimes. 
  Not because of the crazy heat waves we get, but because of Alex. An entirely different kind of heat wave. Not the kind that makes you sweat and want to take a cool shower. But the kind that makes you horny all the time. The kind that just by plain thought, sets you on edge and makes your cock hard. More than it needed to be. 
  As though my dirty ol' thoughts somehow made a calling to her, Alex appears on the door. Clutching something in her hands. A small, brown box. Curiosity takes the best of me as I keep glancing at it. But then it quickly goes away as I take in the long, thin, creamy, nimble fingers that are holding it. 
  "How's my team captain?" I ask, smiling with unease. Being nice to her is not something that I'm used to. But for the life of me, I promised I'd be nice just to keep appearances. 
  With a small smile, she answers with a sweet voice, "She's perfectly fine, sir." The smile stays on her lips. She's oblivious to the state I'm in at the moment. I keep twisting one of my pencils with my fingers, watching her. Patiently waiting for what she has to tell me. 
  "Mr. Keys?" I raise an eyebrow at her. Surprise, surprise. I'm most certainly surprised. I reckon she's supposed to be calling me Coach, not Mr. Keys. Of course, this is only during Volleyball practice. During school, things are totally different. 
  Alex's brows quirk together.  Realizing her mistake, she backpedals and speaks louder, firmer, "Coach, this came for you." She motions for the package in her hands. 
  I noticed then her wearing a soft pink shirt. I sigh. Last week hits me like a cold bucket of water. I had been at her house on a rainy day. Nothing bad happened—except for me getting a boner and leaking pre-cum—at all. But seeing her in that shirt reminds me of the way she stood by the entrance to her kitchen with that oversized, silky shirt that showed off her slender legs. All alone and careless to my ogling eyes. I wanted to touch her every curve very much. But I knew better and left. 
  Now, I guess it's time to get a better description of myself. At 6'1" with silver gray eyes soft tousled, hazelnut colored hair, a squared jaw and face, I can call myself attractive. Not handsome, but attractive. 
  As I think of this, I narrow my eyes on her hands. On the package just to avoid eye contact with her. I wonder what made me leave that night. Was it really the fact that I couldn't take it? That the truth of my attraction to her scared me? Or was it simply the fact that I'm married? 
  I start to maul over these things when all of a sudden, she clears her throat and takes a step forward. Abruptly taking me off my train of thought. As I reach for the box, her hand carelessly brushes against mine. I don't know if it was me or not but as our skin makes contact, an electrical current had gone through me. Raising every single hair in my body and making my heart beat faster against my chest for a few seconds. 
  My eyes immediately dart up to meet hers. By the startled look on her face, I know that she felt it, too. Something snaps inside of me then and I'm left to stand in a flushed, tired, and confused state. Why was I trying to hide this from her? 
  Oh, right. Illegal. 
  "Thank you, Alex. We sh—"
  "I'm sorry," she says unexpectedly. Taking me by surprise when she said it. Apology? What for? Is not like she has done something awful, is it? The mingle of skin is not bad. 
  Then, as though reading my thoughts, she speaks up again. "I mean I'm sorry for last Wednesday, Coach. I don't know why you went off like that.... But I'm sure you had a very good reason." She shrugs. 
  Grabbing my keys off the desk, I walk around the desk. I'm standing in front of her. Watching her intently. She certainly seems quite sincere. 
  "Yeah, I did."
  With hopeful, waiting eyes she eyes me. Expecting something perhaps. I can just shrug and smile slightly. Truth was, I couldn't stay away from her. I needed to somehow take in her suave, alluring scent. It just drives me nuts. The fact that she's so close to me yet so far away is agonizing. But I'm married. And I should think about my wife... But the thing is that I don't. It only happens when I'm around her.
  As though reading my thoughts, Alex steps forward. I watch her every move carefully. Already knowing the next move before she does it. Her hand lays gently on my arm. Her lips tremble in a nervous smile. She knows the effect it's having on me. Or perhaps she doesn't. But damn it's having 'the' effect on me.
  "Why's your hand there?" I ask. My tone of voice is hard, indifferent. She gulps. 
  "I just wanted to feel them. Everyone is always talking of how good they look," she shrugs as though it's no big deal. Little does she know of the effect it's having on me. I'm becoming quite hard. Heated. Her hands feel soft, warm, electrifying even. My breathing deepens. "I really—"
  I cut her right off. She was squeezing it so softly I could barely feel it. But her hands were there, arousing me. Turning me on. "Stop it!" I say, cheeks blazing hot. I didn't even know why I got so mad all of a sudden. She recoils and frowns. Shrugging a delicate shoulder as she looks down, quite startled. 
  I instantly regret it. I start to apologize but she turns and starts to walk out the door. I don't know what happens to me then. I thought of the many things that had gone through my mind. How much I wanted to stop her and kiss her with great vigor. And as I start to walk towards her, I couldn't think clearly. I knew I shouldn't be doing this. I knew that I was married. And it was present as I took her by the arm. 
  Surprised, Alex looked at it. My brain kept whispering not to do it. But my body kept telling me otherwise. It was not my brain that was giving the orders. It was my already throbbing dick that was doing it for me. Alex, quite taken back, tries to take it away. 
   Unable to, though, she speaks, "Mr. Keys, you're hurt—"
  "That's COACH to you, Miss Petrov," her cheeks suddenly took a pleasant shade of pink. "And don't leave. It gets lonely down here. And practice doesn't start for another 20 minutes." As I say that, I can't help but think of how much could go down in twenty minutes. I slowly let her hand go and take a seat on one of the chairs in front of my desk. 
  A few seconds later, she comes to join me by sitting down on the other one. My eyes rake her body with a steady gaze. I take in her pale complexion. The delicate high cheekbones on her face. Her natural, long eyelashes. Those long, thick yet perfectly trimmed eyebrows. 
  "You're looking at me and it's giving me goosebumps," she instantly covers her mouth. As though she said something that she shouldn't. "I'm sorry, I'm so so—" I cut her right off by raising my hand. 
  "I didn't hear it," I say, giving her a slight smile. More like my 250-kilowatt smile which I instantly turn off. 
  "Coach, may I tell you something?" her voice is timid. Scared. Though the way her volleyball shorts are riding up her legs is distracting my vision. I reluctantly look away from her legs and up at her beautiful face. 
  "It depends. Is it bad?" I smile slightly and arrange the chair so I face her completely, leaning on my knees. 
  "No. Or at least I think it's not," her eyes bore onto my face. 
  "Alright," I say a bit reluctantly. I can tell what she's trying to say to me it's important—to her. 
  "Coach, I just want you to know that I—" she breaks off to take a deep breath. I can't help but smile at her shyness. She's always been like this. It's—cute.
  "You can tell me, come on," I rub her back gently before taking my hand back and letting it lay on my lap as I sit up straight. 
  Alex struggles for words. I wait patiently with a reassuring expression, "I—I have always had a crush on you, Mr. Keys. From the very first try outs to today," her cheeks grow scarlet. "And I—I just wanted you to know that." 
  I lean back against my seat so abruptly, it might have looked as though I had been pushed. Which, in some way, I had been. "What?" I ask, in plain disbelief. 
  Oh, god, how you torture me and tease me by putting me in the hands of temptation. "Alex, you can't be serious," I get up in a brusque manner. She gets up, too. 
  "But I do. It's not bad to have a crush on one of your teachers, is it?" she asks, her voice so sweet and innocent, I can't help but feel guilty somehow for all of this. 
  "Have I lead you to think this?" 
  She looks taken back. She suddenly goes pale. Realization dawning on her face. "You like me don't you?" she asks. Her sweet, innocent, yet surprised voice takes me by surprise. I gulp. 
  Fuck. Did I make it that obvious now? "I—" I stop myself and think of Cherry, my wife. "No, sorry," I truly felt disappointed to say this. But it was for the best. 
  "Oh, no. It's totally OK. It's just…"
  "Alex. You're a beautiful, smart, sweet girl," I say genuinely. Being completely and utterly nice to her for the first time, "But I can't see you that way. You're just one of my students/volleyball players."
  She stands closer. "But—" I cut her right off. It's unbearable; the thought of having her drove me nuts. But I couldn't be with her. I was married, had a job at risk, and she was underage. Just 16 though her birthday was tomorrow. I'm about to say something when my cell phone rings. I motion for her to hold on for a second. 
  "Hello?" I say, already knowing who it is.
  "Stefan, I'm sorry. I have to go on a business trip."
  "Oh, when?" I ask. 
  Cherry pauses. "Right now. It's urgent. My boss wants me with him." 
  I close my eyes, "Cherry. You can't be serious. Not this again. You've done it more times than I can cow—"
  "We need the money, Stefan. You know it." 
 "We don't. YOU know it." I hated to talk this way in front of Alex. She knew nothing of the things that went on at my house. So I didn't want her to know. "Whatever, Cherry. Just go. Have fun," I sigh, giving in. 
  "You're not ma—"
  "No. I'm just having a bad day. Go, love. See you...?" 
  "In five days," she hangs up with no more words said. I stand straight and turn. Only to find Alex behind me. Her pale complexion startling me a bit. Not in a scary way. But her beauty—it startled. 
  "Is everything alright?" asks Alex, sounding genuinely worried. 
  "Yeah. Everything's just fine," I mumble. I was used to my wife abandoning me. I was hoping to have sex with her tonight. But now that was ruined. Not that it mattered. She had left me unattended for around a month now. If I did anything that might upset her, the blame will be mostly on her. 
  All of a sudden, I hear a rather loud thump. I look up just in time to see Alexandria holding her knee. "By the Angel," I say, rushing over to where she now sat. "Are you alright?"
  "No," she sounded strained. "I hurt my ankle pretty badly," her face is a mask of pain. "Fuck," she curses. I make a mental note of telling her something about it later on. 
  As I brush her hand away, I notice blood trailing down from a mean scrape. "Ow," she hisses as I make contact with her skin.
  "Here, hold on," I start to look for the first aid kit. Having found it, I return to kneel down in front of her. Her skin, I notice, is rather soft to the touch and quite warm. I finish putting the band aid on. My fingers, however, seem to have forgotten their manner and linger on her leg. I look up at her. And notice her looking at me with wonder. "I hope it doesn't affect your practice, Miss Petrov," I breathe out. Suddenly everything seemed to slow down. I grip her legs slightly before getting in between them and pressing my lips against hers. 
  She gasps slightly but I care not. I feel the way her lips brush carelessly against mine. The intensity of it and how she was letting go; her lips feel rather soft and plush. A soft moan escapes her lips. Making me hiss right back, enjoying the moment while it lasts. Her hands all of a sudden wrap around my neck, making me stand up, bringing her with me. She grips my hair hard. Pushing me closer and closer. In the heat of the moment, I raise her off her feet and set her down on the desk and begin to slowly grind myself against her warm crotch. 
  "Mr. Keys," she gasps. "No, not now," her hands travel down to my lean chest and she begins to push. Or so she attempts. Instead, she grabs my shirt and helplessly pulls me closer to her. Her movements, too, becoming rather fast and urgent. She wants to, I think. 
  As my fingers creep up under her tight pink shirt, I hear her gasp in surprise. "Mr. Keys, no," but I'm kissing her and biting her upper lip. Everything seemed to be hazy from that moment on. I didn't know what I was doing. I was only aware of the feel of her skin and those round plums I like to call tits. A small sound escapes her lips, telling me she likes it. 
  My cock starts to strain against my boxers in an uncomfortable way. It almost hurts to be like this. "Alex," I say her name. The feel of her name being said by my lips has a pleasant feel. Like its always belonged there. It just feels right. 
  I pinch her nipples and she lurches forward, bumping her crotch on my cock. "Fuck," I mumble. It had felt good. 
  I let her tits go, look at her, and then laugh. We both laugh. She stands up, looking around. "You do like me," there was an arrogance to her tone that I enjoyed, oddly enough.
  "Who wouldn't?" I ask her before bringing her in for a kiss again. It suddenly seemed like nothing mattered. Not even my wife. 
  As I keep kissing her lips, I am amazed at how incredibly soft they are and feel against mine. I'm very aware of our bodies pressing tightly together. Her ample breast press up against me. Making me shudder surprisingly enough. 
  All of a sudden, something inside of me snaps. I grab a sudden, harsh grasp on her hair and start to force myself on her. My mouth travels down her long slender neck as I hold her head to the side. Her gasps of shock cheer me on. 
  "God, I want you so damn bad right now," I grunt into her ear. All the hair on my body standing up as she looks at me and I look down at her. How wrong this was—I couldn't explain. But the way she turned me on made me feel as though I was in a sea of bliss and I couldn't swim my way out. 
  "Make me yours," she whispers a bit breathless. "I want you. Please, just do it," her fingers begin to undo the work shirt I'm in in a haste. But it's hard, she realizes, considering the bulging muscles...
  "Alexandria," I whisper, trying to catch her lips though she keeps avoiding it. "I can't," but the buttons on my shirt are already off and it's obvious that I actually can and do want to do it. So instead of pushing her away and ending this, I grab a firm hold of her ass with both of my hands and make her wrap her legs around my torso. As she hangs on to my hair and we lock once again in a passionate kiss, I feel her grinding against my cock as gently as she can. Though I don't want gently. I don't need gentle. I need rough. 
  "You're not a virgin, right?"
  "No, just do it," with that said, I lay her down against my desk and begin to peel off her tight volley ball shorts. 
  "I love your ass in these shorts, just so you know," I smile slightly. Once the shorts are off, I am pleased and excited to find that she's not wearing any underwear so I start to do the same with her shirt. She sits up with her legs wrapped tightly around me, giving me a timid smile. There was something about it that made me stir with passion inside. After the shirt is off, I let my lips travel down her throat and in between her breast, crouching in the process as I go lower and lower. 
  "Mr. Keys," she moans in anticipation. I look up just in time to see her ample, firm tits hanging above me perfectly still. She looks like an angel. The nipples are jutting out almost painfully, it seems. Finally I kiss the creamy skin on her stomach, biting it slightly, before the strong aroma of her aroused cunt spikes my senses. My cock begins to throb, wanting to be buried inside of her. The familiar heat I get whenever she's in front of me starts to become slightly unbearable. Without further ado, I begin to lick all around it. Teasing her enough to get her even more wet than what she already is as she leans back on her hands. Her hips are moving in small circles, somehow chasing my tongue.
  "Please, Mr. Keys," she groans. I look up at her with an arrogant stare. 
  "Please what, Miss Petrov?" I let my tongue travel ever so gently and close to her clit. I feel her shudder under my hold. My hands, once holding the back of her legs, spread her legs out even more as the soles of her feet lay on the desk. Giving me a perfect view of the fleshy, thin folds that lay in between the thick labia that surrounds it. Her clit forms a hood that begs for me to stick my tongue under it and lick it as fast and as hard as I can. The juices of her arousal glisten under the strong light. I wanted so much to give in to her pleadings. It was impossible not to.
  "Please eat me out," she groans again, thrusting her hips forward so I lick her pussy. 
  "Do you really want me to?" I ask, licking her pussy once. She trembles. 
  "Yes, Mr. Keys, I do want you to," she mumbles. I start to dig in with great vigor. A gasp escapes her lips as I close my eyes and begin to lavishly eat her out. I lap at her clit as fast as I can. Tasting her musky juices and smelling in the scent of her arousals as I do so. Which turns me on all the more. 
  My cock keeps stirring inside my pants. It's straining against my zipper. I know I'm as hard as a rock. 
  "Mr. Keys!" Alex moans, grinding her hot cunt against my mouth all the more. "Oh, god…," her hands grip my soft, tousled hair and push my head closer to her. The way she writhes, the way she moves, and the way she moans with pleasure excites me all the more. I take one of my fingers and insert it into her love tunnel. Closing my eyes in the process. I proceed to put one more into her. Once I start to work a rapid, precise rhythm, I begin to lick her clit again. Her muscles helplessly grip my fingers as her breathing becomes ragged. This makes her cry out in pleasure. "Mr. Keys!" she gasps, her eyes closing tight as I look up in pleasure. I wriggle my fingers inside of her to make contact with her g-spot. That's when Alex's chest juts out as her back arches. A long quiet moan takes over her as ecstasy takes control of her. "Oh, I'm coming…," she whispers, laying back against the desk as an earthshaking orgasm hits her. So into it I get, that I begin to enjoy it as much as she does. Her orgasm rocks out from her to me. 
  Suddenly, her hands grab my tie and pull me up. "I want you inside of me," she says in a breathless voice. I notice her body covered in goosebumps and sweat. Her chest is heaving as she tries to catch up with her breathing. I begin to tell her that there's not enough time when she so unexpectedly grabs my aching hard cock. I sigh in relief. Her hands were gentle and soothing. "Alex," I start but she grips it harder and moves her hand to the side, working on my hard cock. This makes me place my hands by either side of her. "Alex," I moan. "You can't—" she squeezes it again. Sending up a flaring jolt of bliss up my spine—it quickly spreads all over my body. Setting me on fire and making me blaze up in my aroused state. I look down and notice her creamy white hand. After a few second of fumbling, she gets the zipper down and the button undone. A great relief hits me. And then a great ache comes back again. 
  "Mr. Keys," she purrs while reaching inside and down my boxers to grab my solid member. "Do I make you this hot?" she looks down as her hand retrieves from inside my boxers and pants before lowering them down. Slowly, painfully slowly, my cock springs out of it's cage. 
  "Alex, I don't think we shoul—" my jaw sets. Her hands had grasped my cock again. 
  "None of that is accepted here, Mr. Keys," she opens her lips and kisses me with a delicate passion. Without waiting for her to, I thrust forward. She instantly let's go. My cock keeps pressing against her. Feeling her wetness. 
  So slippery, I think. So slippery and warm. My head begins to swirl at the close contact I'm making with her. "Miss Petrov," I mumble, "you're not very innocent, are you?" I kiss her again. 
  "No. I'm more naughty than everyone gives me credit for," an exquisite throb makes my cock twitch and my body shudder in anticipation. With no warning, I grab my cock, give it a few strokes, and thrust into her. 
  The first thing I'm aware of is the head of my cock entering her pussy and what it feels like. It's like warm, wet silk with a few, small bumps here and there. The perfect temperature for my throbbing cock, I might add and unlike any other texture on her body. The second thing I'm aware of is her involuntary gasps and the way her cheeks flush a pleasant scarlet. The third thing is the fact that I'm enjoying this. My throbbing cock is enjoying this. The great pressure it's getting from all around it as it keeps penetrating her tight love tunnel is enough to drive me insane with ecstasy. And I'm right on that one, I find out soon enough. Because just as soon as I'm all the way inside of her, my body starts to jerk and the sperm boiling in my balls tempts to leave it's container. "Alex, I can't hold it. You're too fucking tight," I grunt. My arms go under her arms and then over her back. I get a firm grip on her like that and begin to thrust into her slowly. Gently as to not set myself off instantly. 
  "Please fuck me harder," she mumbles, her eyes wide and foggy. She's in a great state of ecstasy, I notice, just like me. With that thought in my head, I start to fuck her harder. Just like she wanted me to. With one of my hands, I reach in between us and cup one of her young firm tits. It makes her moan. Her moans make me go faster and faster until I'm working a steady yet fast rhythm inside of her. It's not long before I feel my hips convulsing out of their own will at the pleasure my cock is getting. Correction: at the pleasure I AM getting. 
  "God," I grunt.
  "Oh, Mr. Keys, fuck me harder, I'm so close. Harder, please, harder! Just like that, just like that," she whimpers, grasps my tie, and pulls me closer and closer until there's no more space in between us and the only thing moving is my pelvis against her pelvis with powerful strokes and mad movements. "Oh," she whimpers in pleasure again. The back of her cervix always making contact with the head of my cock are the perfect ingredients to drive me over the edge. 
  Just as my cock suddenly grows a bit bigger inside of her, sets like a stone, and my balls begin to empty out their boiling swimmers, Alexandria bites my neck and makes a hickey, I know, before letting go of her own orgasm. 
  Grunts fill the room as we keep going. Alex wraps her arms around my neck and lays back with me on top of her, my feet still planted on the floor as well as my cock is in her tight pussy. We stay nibbling on our lips and catching our breath before pulling away with reluctance. 
  It hit me then, "Alex, are you on—?"
  "Yes, of course. I'm not stupid," a small smile appears on her pale pink lips. They looked as though they were just bitten hard—which is true. I turn to pick up my shirt. And freeze. 
  There, on the door frame, stands my sixteen year-old cousin, Rory. Her cheeks are a blazing scarlet, her mouth half open, and her gray eyes wide in shock. Alex gasps from behind me and instantly starts to get dressed. 
  "Wow," starts Rory, suddenly breaking out of her shocked state, "I guess now we know why you treat her so badly, huh?" Just before she left without offering any other words, I could have sworn the corner of her lips were pulling into a knowing smirk and her eyes were twinkling with arrogance. 
  Behind me, Alex purrs, "that was the best birthday present I have ever gotten," kisses me, and leaves out the door a few paces behind Rory.

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