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It has been three months since the baby was born. My wife's tits have really gotten big. She uses a special made bra. She measures 48-36-40 now and also lost some weight after the baby was born. She gave birth to a nine-pound baby boy. He nurses off her milked filled tits five times a day.

The past two weeks, however, the black couple weaned the baby off of my wife's tit milk to a bottle and this has caused her to swell up with unused tit milk. They knew what they were doing to her and had something special for her.

She pleaded with them to milk her but refused her. Her tit milk would seep out of her now almost two-inch nipples constantly. She even begged me to milk her but I refused.

She hadn't been fucked for about two and half months and was horny as hell. I even caught her masturbating one-day. But this didn't help. After getting that big black cock for six months straight, nothing but a big black cock would satisfy her.

Tonight we were invited over to their house and my wife could only imagine what they were going to do to her.

So off we went with my wife fantasizing what was going to happen and me and my video camera.

When we arrived, she went to see the baby, who now was about 15 pounds and getting bigger. All the nursing she did for the baby made him put on weight. There also was a guest of theirs there. He was about sixty-six years old, tall, lean and also black with white hair. He introduced himself as a friend of the black couple.

However, he heard about my wife, from them, and asked to see her and wanted to use her. They agreed and he told them what he wanted to do to her. They figured to make her suffer a couple of weeks and she would be more willing to perform for them.

My wife was starved for sex and milking and they were right in their assumptions. She was only fucked by her tit master and never allowed to fuck any body else when he made her pregnant that one night.

But now she was ready and needed a black cock.

We all went down stairs to their sex room and I noticed something on the couch that was covered up. It looked like boxes, but more on this later. They had pillows laid out on the floor and hot overhead lights trained on the pillows. They told my wife to strip and she quickly did, even with the older man looking on. She was told to lie down on the pillows and spread her legs. She meekly did and the wife put a pillow behind her back forcing her huge milk filled tits up into the air. The lights were hot and my wife started sweating and you could see the sweat forming on her body.

The husband and wife started asking her if she wanted milking. She nodded her head yes. "We can't hear you." they said. "Yes, milk me, please." she said. "Ok." he said, "but our way only." he said.

I was filming all of this and her tit master's wife told me to get a shot of the older man now. I hadn't noticed but he had all his clothes off except for his jockey shorts, which had a large bulge in them. I went to filming my wife who now was squirming, waiting for her milking. The leeches, the black couple or the older Black man. It didn't matter. She needed milking now and didn't care by who or all of them.

She was surprised when the wife brought the black baby over to her and placed the baby between her legs on its belly. The black baby was naked and amazingly he started crawling up to my wife's pussy. Quickly the tit master had handcuffed my wife's wrist and she was hopelessly unable to help the baby. The baby started mouthing my wife's pussy. She also was leaking milk out of her nipples and the tit master wiped it up with his finger and making a trail from her left tit towards her pussy. Finally the trail led to her pussy and the baby instinctively started to suck its way up. My wife's pussy was wide open and as the baby sucked up the milk trail she was squirming and breathing heavily. They helped the baby stay on my wife's sweating and slippery body till it reached her swollen left tit. They released the handcuffs so she could hold onto her black baby and feed her tit to the baby's mouth.

The black baby finally made mouth to nipple contact and started to suckle her tit. She let out a moan of pleasure and joy as the baby sucked hard on her swollen nipple. After a few minutes of draining her left tit the black tit master motion the elderly man over to my wife. The tit master spread my wife's legs far apart and showed her new black lover her pussy. My wife opened her eyes and saw her new black lover standing over her. He smiled at her and then she saw a large bulge in his shorts. He told her he was still capable of getting a woman pregnant and she was going to be that woman. He asked her if she wanted to see his "black snake." He then dropped his shorts and showed her the black snake. It must have been 10 inches now and thick. He grinned at her and started to stroke it and it started to grow even bigger. After about a minute he had a huge 14-inch black snake pointing right at its target; her pussy. She was pouring out pussy juice anticipating a pounding from this huge black cock.

He started to kneel down and stared at her wide-open dripping pussy. But before he was going to pump his semen into her, he put his face down and sniffed her pussy. He commented, "ripe and fertile" and started to lick her. He had a tongue about five inches long and slowly licked her pussy. He opened her up so wide that when he put his face down to eat her pussy, he could put his nose and mouth several inches into her hot cunt. He ate her out and licked her clit till she screamed for him to fuck her. He had her and he knew it.

He slowly inched his way in and when about 12 inches was in her, he thrust to completely fill her. He had bottomed out deep into her and then let her feel all 14 inches throbbing in her.

With the black baby sucking hard on her left tit and now the old black man bent over and sucked her right tit. She gushed out milk to both the baby and the old man and they both sucked and swallowed all she would give.

He now started to pump her swollen pussy jammed with his cock and quickly my wife started to fuck in rhythm with him. She was cumming over and over leading up to once gigantic mutual, pregnant making finish. But before she and the old man reached it, the tit master bend over her head and fed his nine-inch cock into her mouth. She greedily sucks about six inches in and sucked hard on it.

The wife bent over and placed her hand on my wife's belly and slowly rubbed the sweaty belly where another black baby was going. The old man now pulled off my wife's right tit and milk shot out in a straight stream when he released her swollen nipple. My wife squirmed, wanting someone to milk her free tit and the black lady quickly went for the nipple and started sucking my wife's milk.

The old black man spoke to my wife as she fed her milk to the black baby, the black wife, and the black tit master who she was giving head to. He told her she was about to get the best fucking she ever got and more cum she ever had in her cunt.

He then moved her legs up so he could get maximum penetration and his cock head began to strike. "Here comes the nigger seed." he said and flooded her pussy at the same time as she came. She felt the hot nigger seed fill her pussy and he flooded her so much that it seeped out and down her legs. He held her for the perfect penetration of her egg for about a minute with hic black snake cock shooting all the nigger seed deep into her belly. But to my wife's surprise another hot load blasted her again. His old black snake pulsated and blasted her pussy again with his hot seed. He kept holding her while he unloaded this second hot blast deeper into her. She never felt such pain and pleasure as this old man was giving her. Twice he nailed her and the second was just as good as the first.

Her old black lover started to relax a little and she thought he was going to put her legs down when he surprised her by tightening up her legs around him and gave her another gushing load of nigger seed deep into her stretched out and cum soaked pussy. Amazingly he fired a third load of cum deep into her. And now her pussy was sounding like a suction unit with too much cum for her pussy.

It was coming out of her pussy with pressure and shooting out around her legs and his big black cock. Never had she been fucked so hard and with so much cum. She was getting tired and felt she couldn't cum again. But he laughed and told her now he will make sure that the nigger baby was planted into her belly. He thrust again and his big old black snake cocked throbbed and swelled and for the fourth time shot a load of cum deep and probably deeper than any of the previous loads into her belly.

Yes, he nailed her with what he called his nigger seed, deep into her belly. The tit master now came and made her suck and swallow his black seed into her belly. She sucked him dry and took all of his load into her mouth and down into her belly.

The wife and baby felt a hot stream of her milk shoot into their mouths on the final impregnating load of cum. The milk was so much and fast that it came out the sides of their mouths. The wife felt my wife's belly and let go of her nipple and told her, "Nailed again. You're becoming a regular black baby breeder and loving it."

She took on her black baby sucking her milk, the black wife's sucking her mother's milk, the tit master's load of cum in her mouth on its way to her belly and finally the old black man's black cock snake cumming not once, not twice, not three times but four times shooting loads of black nigger seed deeper than ever before into her belly impregnating her with probably another black baby boy.

But they weren't done with her yet.

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2015-02-11 17:41:00
I do like this story. Some of it does sound fake but it was a joy to read. Location, sounds like a Getto area of town. Wish I could get
my own bride to enjoy "pets" and bondage. She has been with a
number of men and liked ALL but one. I hope to get more of them
to shoot a load in her. Nothing wrong in making a wife happy.

anonymous readerReport

2011-01-16 18:13:44
"to all the previous posts - lighten up! this is a story, a fantasy, and fucking a if it could be real! yeah, some guys get off watching their wife get fucked by other guys! yeah, even black dudes fucking white chicks! This is a great story and only improvement would have been if the tit master had ordered the white man to plug his old ladies cunt hole with his tongue so none of the black cum would seep out until the black sperm had found the white womans egg making the black baby in her."

the problem is that he claims these are true. i reject that idea mostly on biological grounds, the leeches are very questionable, the cizes given are alarming and doubtful. the rest of it i chalk up as possible, if a little sick to my mind, but i don't judge that.

also, this comments section could benefit from a quote function.


2010-05-22 15:24:27
I would like to see more slavery old time, that's hot, but with a white slave master and his house slave...

Anonymous readerReport

2010-05-16 22:39:31
Love it, would love for my wife to meet a breeder!!


2009-10-18 21:13:34
This is soooo hot. It has me sooo wet. Maybe it's more for female porn. It really hits the spot for me

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