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The Accidental Fuck

Chapter 1

I work nights four times a week at a call centre start at 9pm finish at 7 in the morning normally get home about 7.30 the straight to bed.
And today was no different I unlock the half ton of locks on the front door, dump my coat and bag some were near the front door and work my way up to the attic to my bed. Wile undressing say the customary “morning love” and in return I get the customary grunts from under the sheets. Slipping in beside her naked scoot across snuggled for a bit before I want to sleep. where notice she was naked for a nice change!, her warm skin against mine was coursing a swelling. As I became more aroused I playfully nudged her large arse continuing my cock eventfully found its way between her arse cheeks. I moaned with delight as my cock became sandwiched between two large mounds of flesh enjoying the feeling continued slowly pumping.
I was in luck my wife was arousing in a horny state and soon wiggling her arse making it go deeper in to her flesh, my cock was surrounded and getting ready to surrender its load but she move and the angle changed I came in contact with the out lips of her extremely wet cunt I slipped in with ease. I did not give her time to adjust I slammed my rock hard meat deep in side of her.
I let my hand travel away from her hip across her side grabbing at her breast, squeezed her large flesh coursing it to bulge between my fingers wile I continued fucking her hard. The it hit me, I squeezed her large breast once more, large breast! my wife dose not have this amount of womanly flesh. I looked over her shoulder I froze in shock. Its not my wife but her best friend, but how?
Remembering that my wife said she was coming over for on of there girly nights in and would be staying for the night as she lives 15 minuets away by car. This was not abnormal I just totally forgot until now with me deep inside her. Realising what I was doing I pulled out and began rambling some sort of apology when I heard a snigger.
“I wondered how long it would take you to realise it was not me, you dirty boy!” said my wife who some how appeared a top of the bedroom stairs. She was sat down her back against the wall naked, leg spread with fingers deep inside her, her hand never missing a beat even as she talks to me.
“Don’t stop fucking her can’t leave her high and dry now. Fuck her how you fuck me. Show her what iv been bragging about for years”
I was dumb strucked there my wife of six years telling me to fuck her best friend wile masturbating franticly. Stunned I did not know what to do, god knows I wanted to fuck her friend iv all was wanted to ever since I meet her but my wife has never wanted to have a threesome or let me fuck any one but her. Every time I bought it up normal jokingly she always been stern when saying she just could not do it. She must be drunk or some thing, what if she is and I do fuck her best friend, she hate me and her. My train of thought was soon lost when my cock was consumed by my wife friend.
“oh Ffuuckk!” I cried allowed. Looking down watching the mouth iv never kiss travel up and down my shaft, looking up at me trying to smile as she gave me pleaser and god was she ever. She was sucking me like a pro cresting the head of my cock with the back of her thought and kiss it on the return. I never felt any thing like it I was in haven. It carried on for a while then I felt her hand cup my balls stroking them gently..
Once again I pear down to watch the action unfold to burn it to memory just in case this never happens again or if I find my self alone after what ever my wife has taken warned off. To my surprise I found that the hand that was expertly caressing my ball belonged to my wife. I was to high to notice she move and join us on the bed. Moving close she whispered
“how is it baby? That mouth sucking you off huummm…now fuck her wile I watch” pulling her friend off my cock and forcing her on her back. Opening her legs showing me her extremely wet cunt all open ready and waiting. I moved in for the kill only to have my wife stop me.
“No I want to put it in” grabbing my cock with one hand and opening her friends hole with the other. She guided me in to her. We both gasped. Pursed enjoying the view her tits hung slightly to her sides the pink nipples hard and tort moved gently as she breathed heavy. I watched as my wife lied beside her and began to suckle on her breast ramming herself with one of her many rabbits she obtained from the open draw beside her.
That was it could not hold back any longer I pull back and pump my meat back and forth like a man possessed feeling her walls of her pussy stroking me as I move. She moans fill the room clearly enjoying the treatment. Her breast now frankly moving back and forth. My wife smiling up at me trying to match me stroke to stroke with her plastic pet.
Suddenly her friend screams and body stiffens her cunt clamps down around my cock milking it. Its all to much my balls tighten as they release ropes after ropes of cum. Red face and sweating I collapsed. Last thing I remember is my wife kissing my forehead and saying
“Well done baby sleep tight”


2011-06-10 06:05:00
Good premise, totally spoiled by shocking spelling, grammar and no paragraphing.

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