For most of my life my dad would work late into the evening either at a second job or just stay late at his primary job to finish up a project. It was his routine and mom and I never questioned it because he always brought home extra money for us. After work he would always come home and shower then have something to eat while sitting on the computer. When I was about ten my mom decided I was big enough to fend for myself at home in the evenings and stopped worrying about calling a sitter when she decided to go out with her friends. That was fine with me, babysitters just ignored me most of the time anyway. At first they would try to do stuff with me like braid my hair and teach me about makeup, but I've never been interested in that, I have always been more of a tomboy and liked running around outside and playing in a tree or something. I also liked to play video games alot and had a system in my room so often I would just sit in my room playing a game and the sitter would sit in the living room watching a movie or something.

Anyway, after a few years of being home alone in the evening when mom was out and dad was at work I got into my own routine and really enjoyed my privacy. One reason I enjoyed it so much was because I started going through puberty and noticed my body changing. Along with these changes I learned how good it felt when I touched and rubbed certain spots and slowly started masturbating in my alone time. It felt so good when I discovered how sensitive my nipples were and how wet my little pussy got when I ran a finger along the slit of it.

The first time I did it was kind of an accident as I was showering one evening. I was lathering up and ran my hand across my chest and caught my nipple as I did and felt the first thrill of sexuality awaken inside my loins. I immediately tried it again and felt the same electric shock run from my nipple to my young cunt and surge up into my head. It felt wonderful so I started rubbing both nipples and started pinching them and rolling them between two fingers. All the while my little hole was getting wetter and wetter. I could start to feel the juices seeping out of my pussy and coating my little lips with each pinch and tug. I finally ran my right hand down to my young twat to see what was happening down there. I ran my middle finger between my lips and felt a new thrill. I continued to rub my middle finger up and down my slit and began to feel light-headed and tingly all over. Then, as I pushed a little further in on the up-stroke my finger brushed past my little clit and sent a jolt through my whole body. I almost fell over in the shower it felt so good. I continued to pinch and tease my sensitive little nipples with my left hand and rubbed my right hand up and down my parted lips making sure I rubbed along my clit with each pass. It seemed like only seconds later I was moaning loudly and my legs were shaking through my first orgasm.

After that night I was hooked. I pretty much masturbated anytime I had time alone and thought I could get away with it. I would wake up each morning and rub my pussy till I came then go off to school. When I got home from school before mom got home I would go to my room and have another orgasm. Anytime I had an evening alone I would get adventurous and start trying new things that I thought might feel good or that I heard about from my friends at school. I started off by just fingering myself then I heard using a brush handle felt really good so I did that a lot.

Naturally, being a teenage girl I kept a hairbrush on my bedside table, so when I got in the mood I would lay in my bed and grab my brush and stroke the handle up and down along my lips until I couldn't take it anymore and was nice and wet. Then I would plunge the handle down into my young wet hole and pump it in and out until I came so hard I couldn't breathe. That's how I broke my hymen too, I plunged in one day and started bleeding all over my sheets, but it felt so good somehow that I didn't want to stop. As soon as I came I ran and put my sheets in the washing machine and took a shower so my parents wouldn't find out.

I also eventually started getting on the computer and looking up porn to watch while I fingered my little cunt. I started off with just lesbian porn. At first it was just to get ideas then I started really enjoying watching the girls fuck themselves. After a while I started watching straight porn and realized how hot it was to see a hung stud push his thick meat in and out of a wet cunt. Watching some girl lay there and take a guys throbbing erection into there pussy and moaning loudly as they get fucked turned me on so much. I would sit there watching as I shoved whatever I could find up my young little hole and rub my clit.

One day as I was sitting in the computer room watching porn and masturbating furiously I heard the front door open and realized my dad was home from work. Instead of going towards the bathroom I heard him come in my direction. I was stripped naked and had my brush buried deep in my pussy and didn't know where to go. I didn't have time to get out of the room so I quickly closed my porn windows and slid off the chair under the desk. As soon as I got under the desk and tucked into the corner of the leg area and slightly behind the drawers my dad opened the door and walked in and sat down at the desk.

He logged onto the computer and started doing something routine I could tell by his body language, but being under the desk I couldn't tell what was on the screen. I assumed he was checking his email then possibly checking up on Facebook. I didn't know what to do, I was stuck and didn't know if he'd eventually see me or accidentally kick me but I didn't have a choice since I didn't have any clothes in here and he was now sitting right in front of me.

After a few minutes I noticed the crotch of his pants start to tent out as he got an erection. I never really thought of my dad in a sexual way, but when I saw his tent and his left hand creep down under the desk and start rubbing his cock through his pants I started getting aroused all over again. My dad unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard cock and started stroking it right in front of my face. It was gorgeous. It must have been 9 or 10 inches long and as thick as the ones I saw in the porn flicks. Without even realizing it I had started rubbing my little slit while I watched my dad stroke his cock unknowingly right in front of me.

After a minute or two I heard a video start on the computer. I guess he had found a porn that was pretty good because he leaned back and adjusted himself in the chair and started stroking his big thick cock with his right hand. From his new position he actually put his cock closer to my face, so close that I could have stuck my tongue out and licked it if I wanted to. I could also see his face when he leaned back, but he was so focused on the computer that he didn't notice me knelt down under the desk driving the handle of my brush in and out of my dripping wet pussy imagining it was his cock. I watched his face as he stroked his meat and he looked so hot with a look of dominating power in his eye.

I started to listen to the porn he was watching and heard the female say "Oh, daddy, I didn't know you were here" and the male say "Sorry pumpkin I got out early and decided to check on you. What are you doing under that blanket?" So daddy was watching a taboo flick about fucking his little daughter huh? That turned me on even more, I started pinching my nipples as I drove my brush deep into my tight little cunt. I lost all concern about being seen at that point, he could look down and watch me as I fucked my wet young hole if he wanted. In fact, thinking that turned me on even more and I hoped that he would notice me under the desk shoving my brush up my snatch. I started to moan with pleasure but he didn't hear because it sounded just like the porn he was watching and he continued to stroke his throbbing erection.

I could tell the porn was getting good because he was really working his cock hard and the look on his face changed to one of focus and determination. Everything about my dad was turning me on at this point. I watched him intently as I continued to fuck myself raw. I was close to cumming and I think he was too judging by the look on his face. From the computer I heard "that's it baby girl, take your daddy's cum, uuggh," and all of the sudden my dad leaned forward and jerked his cock furiously at my face. He let loose a blast of warm creamy cum all over me. I opened my mouth to try to catch it like the girls in the porno's do. As his thick salty jizz hit my tongue I plunged my brush deep into my wet aching young cunt and let loose with my own orgasm. As I did I bumped into my dad which made him look down at me finally. When his eyes met mine I greedily sucked his cock into my mouth to milk out the last few drops of his juice and moaned loudly as I continued to cum hard on my brush.

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