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My Sisters ‘Slave Minutes’

“One minute ONLY”…..
….That was the statement I got from the my bossy sister Dana. I came to her room to ’collect’ my ’slave minute’ she owed me. I began to feel her full, soft wonderful tits for 1 minute.

….I’m Chad, and a ’slave minute’ is what I get when I do something requested by my sister. It can be slave seconds for small favors. I spend my minutes on feeling her up.
…..She is older than me and she started all this when we were younger. It started when I wanted to feel her nice tits. She said ‘IF’… I did this or that chore, I could touch them outside her shirt, for 5 seconds ONLY. Not bare skin. That was a thrilling 5 seconds for me. She closed her eyes and smiled as I felt them. She then sighed….
…..Things progressed over time and I wanted to feel more of her tits, only this time the bare skin. I did all kinds of stuff for her to get slave seconds or a full minute. She always closed her eyes and smiled as she seemed to enjoy me feeling her up, only now…. under her bra. She would give me ’free bee’s’ sometimes and take my hand and quick rub it on her pussy. She had me ’willingly’ doing all kinds of stuff for her to get slave seconds or minutes.
…..She got spoiled, I mean really…spoiled.
….Her body grew hotter all the time. She was one of the hottest girls in school, and I got to feel her beautiful tits up, and more, for my earned slave minutes. I now felt her legs, tummy, bare tits and everything…but not…her pussy.
…..It got better. I wanted to wash her tits in the shower, of course, she would get a nice turn on from it. I had a plan to get her all hot and continue to feel more. I dreamed about feeling that ’forbidden-to-touch’ pussy of hers. The taboo, can’t touch, no way, place of hers I had wanked to, so many times. I had quick felt it, flash seen it, but I wanted to feel it and get my fingers in it.

…..I used all of my slave minutes and seconds on her that afternoon. She got hot and aroused as I stood behind her and reached around feeling her soaped up tits. My fingers headed for her pussy. She didn’t stop me as I stood behind her in my swimming trunks. I had her front all soaped up as it ran down between her legs. I felt her tits and bare skin. She leaned back on me as the minutes raced by. Slowly my fingers drifted down and I was carefully going up and down her little bush and slit. She jumped and moaned as my finger rubbed across her nice sized clit.
…..“Ok Chad, stop.” she gasp and said. By now I had my hard on tent poking her in the ass. She stood there breathing hard and reached around behind her and felt my hard on. I said: “That will cost you 3 slave minutes right now for a hard on feel.”
“In your fucking dreams, Chad.” she said jerking her hand away. She giggled and pushed me out of the shower.

….When I got a girlfriend, my slave world with her all stopped. I got everything free now from my new girlfriend. Dana had lost her power over me. “Sorry sis,” I told her.
…..God she hated my girlfriend! She called her ‘little miss what’s-her-name‘….but…

….that was not the end of it.

…..My sister’s body…it continued to grow really hot, nice full tits, sexy hips and ass. She knew how to tease me with her killer body and oh…. those hot long legs and long light brown hair.
…..She had all kinds of boyfriends …but…she had trained me slowly how to massage and feel her up, just like she liked it….except her pussy. My prices went up, much to her displeasure. Now I was up to 4 slave minutes saved and I planned to spent them to finger fuck her. I still had my girlfriend if she didn’t want to go for it, but Dana had the ‘forbidden’ pussy I wanted to feel for so long.

…..I stopped her in our hallway. Mom and dad were down stairs. Dana had on only a robe. I whispered: (“…a free bee..”) and began to massage her neck and shoulders from behind her. I knew it was her weak point. She closed her eyes and leaned up against the wall. She was melting, just as I planned. I whispered in her ear as I leaned against her: (“…2 slave minutes and you let my fingers do what they want. Ok?”)
…..I now had a full hard on in my boxers and it was again against her butt crack. I worked my fingers deep in her neck and back. She half moaned in a drunk like, slurred voice. She whispered: (“..make it quick Chad….(gasp and swallow), mom and dad are right down stairs.”) I lifted up her robe from behind up over that beautiful ass of hers. She ’assumed’ I was going to finger her from behind. She spread her legs wide apart and stuck her ass out for me. I reached around to her front and felt her sweet patch of pubic hair. I continued my fingers down to her damp pussy. I slowly started my fingers up and down her slit. She was breathing hard as she leaned against the hall wall. I reached down and with my other hand and let my boner out. It sprang up right between her legs. I slowly moved it back and forth on the underside of her pussy.
….(“…Chad...that’s not your finger back there …Chad….that wasn’t…(gasp)..part of the deal Chad….” ) I worked my fingers in her wet pussy and my thumb on her wet clit. Just like she had described she liked it. She reached down between her legs in front and felt the head of my hard on. She moved her hips back and forth on my hard on and kept gasping for air. (“..Chad…we can’t do this right here and now…later Chad….(gasp)…we’ll continue later Chad….let’s stop now…ok….”) She kept feeling my boner and then stopped and took a big breath. She pulled her robe down and staggered to the bathroom.
…..That was the best one so far. Worth the 2 slave minutes I spent. I was planning for the next play time with sis when she came in my room. I was standing up. She came up to my face smiling and said: “Chad, would you like to ’earn’ some more slave minutes?” I said: “You owe me 3 minutes for feeling my hard on Dana.”
She smiled and said: “Tonight mom and dad are spending the night gambling, and won’t be back till tomorrow. Chad…I know what you want. How about you and I have a ’spend and earn’ night tonight?…or do you have a date with what’s her name?” “Bonnie?” I said…”I can have Bonnie anytime I want Dana…free….but I’ll take your offer if ….I can feel your tits right now.

“Why you little shit,….
…ok…go ahead, but that will cost you a massage tonight Chad boy. We both smiled big as she closed her eyes and I felt those wonder tits of hers……

…..As soon as our parents left we put on our robes, and that’s all.
Dana thought at the time….
….I had Chad under my control to do what I wanted. If I wanted a sexual buzz, he would do it. Chores, cleaning and all, Chad was there to do it for me. I had a very good set up until that little bitch of a girlfriend came along and fucked it all up….but…..I had the better body and it was ’taboo’ which made him want it bad…..
…. As time went by, I slowly wanted to have sex with him as I knew he wanted to also. I still had that power to control him and devised a plan to get what I wanted. I had trained him ‘to’ good, and he knew how to turn me on real good. Now to make him my sex slave. The thought of that makes me so damn horny…..a guy to please me, ‘Dana!’, in every way….oh yesssssss!
Fast forward……

….Sis and I were older now, and we sat in her apartment and talked about that glorious night. She said: “You were so hot for me, you were trembling Chad.” “I was Dana, I was. You were spoiled by me and you wanted me to keep spoiling you, and I wanted to get my hands on you and get in your panties, and fuck you so bad. I remember you taunted me with your sexy charms….

…..I remember it so well…..
….“Well… tell me Chad, what you remember.“ Dana said.

…..We went in your bedroom and negotiated slave time for each thing we did. Feels were first, bare skin next. You wanted one of my special massages, and I wanted to massage your pussy and tits. We turned down all the lights and got naked. We could still see enough with the night lights. I feasted on seeing you naked and in bed. You moaned so sweet as I felt you up. You charged me for each tit I sucked on. I charged you for feeling my boner and balls. “5 slave minutes and you can lick my boner.” “5 slave minutes and you can lick my pussy.” No way!, you charge to much! We said. We laughed and giggled our way along as things heated up. Slowly we got so hot we went 69 and had a lick fest. “Time is up…stop!” of us would say.
….” I want to earn some more minutes!”…. we said as we quietly giggled.
…..Soon I remember only our breathing and moaning was all we heard. We started kissing and loving like boy or girlfriend. We forgot we were brother and sister as just closed our eyes. We started kissing our faces and went on to all over our bodies. We got lost in our lust for each other. We both had trembling fingers and heavy breathing. Your pussy felt so good rubbing on my hard on. I played with your nipples just like you liked it. I loved feeling your hot body squirm underneath me. The feel of your naked legs wrapped around me was awesome.

..... I was now going to lick the pussy I had dreamed about. I did a kissing 180o turn. Your lips on my hard on were over the top sensuous. I felt the biggest cum of my life on the way, and you seemed to know too.
….I did every thing you had told me about. I fingered you faster on your G spot and drew your whole clit between my lips and sucked it firm.

…..The anticipation of us wondering if we were going to have taboo brother and sister sex made it super exciting. We had never had sex with each other. Was it going to happen?…we went crazy wondering…..

Dana said: “We took care of that when you licked me into a great climax and I made you cum big with my deep throat blow job. We kept that up until we couldn’t suck and lick anymore. My pussy was sore and so was your cock….but we still had an overwhelming urge to have sex together. I think we both knew…the day was coming when it was just going to happen.”
….”What time do you have to go to work Dana?”
“I’m off today, why?”
…”Chad…I know what your thinking.” (giggle)
….. I put my arm around Dana and said quietly: “So…your off all day?” She smiled big and said: “Yes…all…. Day.”
I said: “Dana, as you know, I’ve been writing our story in my computer, and I….” Dana interrupted….
“Don’t you dare put it on the internet Chad!… it’s our private story. Let’s let it remain that way.”
“Dana, I haven’t written the last part yet and I don’t list our real names, so what’s the big deal?”
“Chad…it’s just that it is so special all that happened, I don’t want to share it. Let’s just keep it to ourselves.”
“Dana Dana, relax. No one will know it’s us.”

….We locked the door. The ’next’ part of the story began….again. This story continues on and on so there really is no ’end of story’ for now.
Here’s what has happened …so far.

….Going back to when mom and dad were gone that wonderful night and we licked us into euphoria, we woke up about 3 in the morning in each others arms. She moaned and felt my cock. My fingers were in her sweet pussy and I began to slowly massage it. We drifted back to sleep with my fingers in her pussy and her hand slowly stroking my cock.

…..Us talking about our story got us both very hot and turned on. I felt Dana’s big tits as she leaned her head on my shoulder and felt my hard on.

…..She jumped up and got her knees by me. She had that cute rascal smile on her face. She slowly pushed me down on her couch. She got on top of me, and in my face. She spoke quietly: “You will kiss me now Chad. Like the first girl you ever kissed. You want me so bad. I excite you and you want to please me.”
…She had this hypnotic look in her eyes, with one eyebrow up putting her power on me. I said quietly: “….Dana, you’ve got to get in line. I have so many hot girls I can fuck, your just a number.”
…. Now she grinned and put her forehead on mine. “You little shit!….You will not think about them, because you want me so bad, don’t you Chad!. You’ve always wanted me. You will do as your told, so start kissing me now, my little slave. I said: “No way Dana, I’ve got a better idea. You…be my slave for 1 hour…then I’ll be your slave for 1 minute.

“Oh…you’d like that wouldn’t you Chad. 1 hour to have your way with me! Not a chance in hell, little brother. Feel my hot body on you. You want it so bad, be my slave and you ‘may’ get to feel, kiss and even lick it.”
“Dana…feel my hard on. You may have your way with it for 1 minute….ok…2 minutes, and that ALL!”
We grinned as we looked in each others eyes…

… that’s when our lips touched…..
….the hot passion we both had, started to over take us. All the times of feeling her hot and wonderful body were a burning desire in me now. It was like we were on fire and we had to fuck to keep it from melting us. I just went for it….She moaned like a starving little girl finally getting what she wanted. He soft lips were all over mine. She panted so hot with her little moans of pleasure. She was being pleased beyond her desires. I now had a wild woman for a lover wiggling on top of me. She even growled and pulled my hair like a hungry animal. I became like her and she fed my desires as well. I let all my stored up passion for her, for so long ….out… for the sex we both wanted.

….We heard her blouse buttons hitting floor, as I ripped her blouse open. She tore my T shirt literally off of me. We only broke our kiss to gulp air, then back to two hot tongues fighting for pleasure. Whispers of: (“…oh god Chad..”) and (“Dana I’ve waited so long to be with you”) was all the talking that was done. She had a childlike moan that sent hot flashes straight to my cock….

…..I had lost all sense of the world around me and my only thoughts were of my Chad. Nothing else mattered but us. I was rubbing my clit just right on top of his cock, back and forth like an animal in extreme heat. All I knew was that we had to be naked. We jerked at the clothes left on us, and pulled them off. We rolled off the couch and on to my carpet. I was still on top of him. Moans came out of me from nowhere. We were so desperate to have sex, we both trembled all over. My pussy was dripping my juices as I let it rub on his cock. I lost track of my hands as I felt his body.

.....Both our shaking fingers desperately took his hard cock and pushed it in my wet pussy. I brought my knees up and started to ride him like a jockey riding for the win. His hands held my ass as we became one smooth blend of motion. I loved looking at the euphoria in his sweet face. He looked at me like I was an angel of joy. My tits swung across his chest as every part of our bodies joined as one moving unit. He and I felt it building up and up inside up….a massive swelling of desperate desires coming up to welcome us to utopia. “Oh God”….came out of my mouth….”Chad!”…”Oh baby… oh god baby!” I felt a warm glow in my wet pussy as I had to close my eyes or faint. He lifted his cock high to me and pushed his cock in to the hilt.
….We froze and trembled hard….we started yelling loud as the biggest load of cum I ever felt shot in me…..I almost blacked out with the feelings going thru my body. I got tears of euphoria as he moaned with each load he shot in me. All we could due was shake and moan as it went on and on… shaking arms couldn’t hold me anymore and I felt like I was melting on top of him. I collapsed as my pussy kept going and going to get every last drop of pleasure…..He strained and sucked for air as his cock twitched in me ….over and over…..he held me like a baby, and rubbed my back so sweet. I wept with joy….

….the room was dark and quiet now…where was I?….I slowly grinned as I realized…. I was on top of Chad and in his arms. I felt his warm cock in me. I barely had the strength to squeeze his cock with my pussy. He was almost…. completely spent, but managed a cute smile. I felt his warm hands come up and feel my butt cheeks. We started slow fucking.
….We whispered to each other…and agreed..

…..“Unlimited slave minutes for life”
.. sounded just fine with us…….
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