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Adventures of a very powerful young man and his friends.
Note: ——I am NOT the author! There are several authors actually, I’m not so certain that any one of them is the creator, but I know it’s not me. I am simply sharing this lovely story with all of you because I have not seen it on here. Now originally it was all going to be 9 parts, but… Someone said the first one was too long, so I’ve decided to split all of these up into smaller posts. I thought I’d try a different look, but you guys didn’t seem to like it, so I’m going back to the old way. ENJOY———

Tim, the Teenage Part Twenty-Three By: Rass Senip

+++ Chapter VI: 9th Grade, Summer 1986 - Summer Camp Campers Part 4 - It's Good To Have Friends (mc, TP-Mast)

The sensations of a glass of soda at my lips awoke me, and I greedily swallowed the drink, finding myself very thirsty. Mick refilled the glass as I found myself in Joey's bunk with Joey beside me. Mick handed the glass back to Joey who held it for me as I drank it down. My head still hurt, and I was feeling pretty tired physically. I started to remember what had happened, then moaned as I realized what I had done. "Come on Tim, keep drinking," Joey said. "I know you got a headache, but you have to fix Bethany before she wakes up." "Where is she?" I weakly asked. "On Jerry's bunk. Gina and Dana managed to get her back in her bathing suit, but... Shit Tim. You both got a bit scratched up fucking like that under those trees. I don't know what you could do to cover that up. What happened anyway? How did you loose control like that?"

"I pushed her too far. She was so horny... Holy shit. She's telepathic or something. She made me as horny as I had made her. We kept doing it to each other and couldn't stop." I tried to sit up, finding every muscle sore. "Man am I sore," I said before drinking down the third glass. We heard Bethany moan and all three of us looked over at her. I turned pale realizing I would have to do something right then. "Shit," Joey said, looking back at me. "What are you going to do?" "For now, put her back to sleep until I can figure that out. Man, my head hurts. Shit. Here goes." I had to lay back down and close my eyes before I could even try. And then I had to imagine Bethany's mind in Jerry's bed since I didn't dare to attempt feeling it out first. I successfully sent her into a deep sleep, but my head exploded with pain from the attempt.

My cry startled Mick enough to drop the two liter bottle of cola. He managed to recover it before too much spilled out. The pain was bad enough to produce tears. I couldn't drink anymore soda in fear of throwing up what I had already drank. I was aware of Joey speaking to me, but I couldn't concentrate on their meaning. I felt Joey's hand rubbing my bare chest, but that only marginally helped. He tried to comfort me the best he could, even giving me a few pecks on the forehead like my mother would. He said something again to me, then I felt his very modest attempts to probe my head. I felt a surge of frustration come from him, then suddenly he formed a completely different kind of connection.

Relief washed over me while I felt Joey shudder then let out a deep breath. I opened my eyes and said, "Wow Joey. What did you do?" "I don't know. I was trying to figure out how I could help you, and when I couldn't get anything from you I could make any sense out of.. I guess I wished I could take on some of the pain for you." "What's going on?" Mick said. "Joey did something that got rid of my headache. And I don't feel anywhere near as tired," I said sitting up. "I don't have a headache either, but I feel a lot more tired than I did before. Maybe I shared my energy or something with you." "Sounds like you shared your life force," Mick said. "Huh?" I said at the same time Joey said, "What do you mean?" "You know. Like when you die, your life force is all used up, and your soul leaves your body. I read somewhere that your life force is like what drives your body, and when you get sick or hurt, your life force had to be recharged before you get better. I'm not saying I really believe it, but I thought it made sense here. Joey shared his life force with you." "Well, what ever you did," I said moving over to Joey. "Thanks." I kissed Joey tenderly, then remembered Mick wasn't too comfortable about that kind of stuff.

I broke the kiss and looked over to Mick feeling a little embarrassed. My cheeks turned a little red, but I managed to prevent a full blown blush. "You’re welcome," Joey said before following my gaze. Mick just blinked several time without showing any kind of expression. "Do you guys, like, do that a lot?" he finally asked. "Not really," Joey admitted as he sat up beside me. "We're kinda close though," he added while putting his arms around me and laid his head on my shoulder. "I guess we love each other a lot like we do Suzi." "Yeah, but we usually only do stuff when Suzi's with us too," I said, resting my head against his. "We don't think of ourselves as gay. Just... closer than best friends I guess." "So you guys don't usually go fucking each other, or give each other blow jobs?" Mick said seriously. Joey and I had to look at each other for a moment, then Joey straightened up and said, "What we do, we do because if feels good and we love each other. I don't find other guys the least bit sexy, and the thought of giving another guy a blow job makes me sick. If you have to know, yes, we fuck each other. But we do it because it feels awesome to, especially if you're in the middle." "Shit, I miss Suzi," I realized out loud. "Me too," Joey said.

Mick looked at our suddenly somber faces, and after a few moments of consideration, he said, "You guys really do love each other. I mean the three of you. Well, if it makes any difference... I guess I'm okay with that. I mean, when I watched you two screwing on the beach, it was pretty disgusting. But the way you guys... kiss... Well, I almost wish I had something like that too. But I'm not interested, if you know what I mean." I saw he was telling the truth, but at the same time he felt a little lovesick. I shared my probe with Joey, then said, "Come 'ere, Mick," making a space between Joey and I for Mick. "Why?" he said hesitantly. "Relax," Joey said. "Trust us. You'll like it." "And it isn't sexual like you're thinking," I added. Mick sat down between us. He jumped when Joey and I wrapped our arms around him and laid our heads on his shoulders. But after a minute like this, we felt Mick relax. He even put his own arms around us and gave us a short hug. "Thanks guys. I guess I needed that," Mick said as we broke our group hug.

My eyes rested upon Bethany's sleeping form, and I immediately felt a wall of guilt hit me. "Shit. Joey, I've really screwed up this time. Bethany was a virgin." "OH SHIT!" I added, remembering her fertile state. I reached out to her womb, trying to sense if I could detect anything. "What?" Mick said. "Oh, MAN!" Joey said when he read my thoughts. "He thinks he got her pregnant!" "Shit!" Mick agreed. I spent over ten minutes scanning her insides before giving up. "I can't find anything, but that doesn't mean it isn't there. Damn, what am I gonna do?" "For now, just do something so we can wake her up. The way you gulped that soda down, she's gonna need some water too. Then we can call your mom or something. She'll know what to do." "Good idea," I said as I began scanning her mind.

A few minutes later, I said, "This is weird. I can't find any trace of her being a telepath except when she was crazy with horniness. I don't even think she could do it on her own. Some how I triggered it, but I can't figure out how." After discussing it with Joey and Mick, I put her in a mindless state, allowing her to drink and clean herself up without her awareness. Once she was sleeping again, I contacted my mom. My mother's instructions allowed me to actually locate Bethany's fallopian tubes and its hair muscles that push her eggs and/or fertilized embryo into the uterus. I used these muscles to locate the egg, but I still was unable to determine its state. I operated her internal muscles to work sterilized water from the nurses’ office into her uterus. I flushed her out several times, practicing my control while also making sure the egg wouldn't meet any sperm on the way out in case it hadn't been already fertilized.

Once I felt confident enough with directly controlling all of the muscles necessary, I added a small amount of baking soda to some fresh sterilized water before working it into her vagina and uterus. I operated the muscles in the fallopian tube and worked the mass out into her uterus. I only waited a few moments before I forced the fluid back out of her. I repeated the flushing twice more, then followed my mother's instructions on how to trigger a swift menstruation period. I would have to block the cramps she would have the next day or two, but there was no other way to make sure she didn't become pregnant. I hid the events in her mind so she couldn't recall them, faking memories to explain her physical condition. She would believe she had accidentally torn her hymen during a horse back ride a few months ago, and I blocked the raw and tenderness in that area. After an hour of intense concentration, Bethany got dressed and left. She would come out of her daze once she reached her cabin, remembering nothing but her implanted memories.

I took a shower, got dressed, then joined everyone for dinner. Even though I ate like a pig, I was severely depressed. I only spoke when spoken to, and after satisfying my hunger, I told a counselor I wasn't feeling good and went back to the cabin. I laid in my bunk, going over my mistakes before falling asleep. When the others came in to grab their stuff for their shower, Joey told me everyone else seemed to have recovered okay. He told me to be in his bunk by the time he got back, and left with the others to shower. I did as I was told after changing into my boxers to sleep in. When they returned, Joey put his stuff away, then went to my draw and pulled out my coin. I scooted over to make room for him, and wound up lying against his chest with the coin between us. I was surprised when Jerry didn't display any reaction to our closeness.

In fact, no one seemed shocked by the tender caresses Joey gave me. But then after the fuck fest earlier that day, I found Jerry had talked to Joey and Mick about it in the shower, and so everyone in the cabin pretty much knew the status between Joey and me. My curiosity prompted me to ask what had happened during my crazed state, and at first I wasn't sure anyone would speak. The screams and shouts from Bethany and I were not heard until the three couples came back from their paddle boat venture. At first they thought we were just noisy and clumsy lovers. But after several minutes, it became obvious we had lost control of ourselves, then they immediately realized we couldn't stop even though we were exhausted.

When Paul, Rita, and Scooter fell under the fuck lust spell also, Gina remembered something Joey had said about his ability to shield himself. Scooter had knocked her down before she could get away, but managed to tell Jerry and Dana to run and get Joey. Jerry and Dana had barely comprehended her words before Gina felt the fuck lust also. Jerry and Dana ran down the beach calling Joey's name. Before they found him, Mick asked what was wrong, then ran to see for himself. Mick admitted that when my lust hit him, he was so horny for my butt that he had knocked Joey to the ground after Joey grabbed him. If it hadn't been for Joey calling him fag and belittling him about what he wanted to do, Mick probably would have lost his virginity on my butt. But instead, the words shamed Mick into controlling his actions. He jerked himself off and came while watching Joey lead me with his dick at my ass towards the water.

Mick, Jerry, and Dana then forced first Gina and Scooter apart, then Paul and Rita. Bethany was crying for someone to screw her, which Paul almost did if Jerry hadn't stopped him. By that time they all had recovered most of their senses. But they were nearly shocked back out of them watching Joey toss me on the shore, then fuck me as I gasped and coughed for air. When my head had exploded with pain, the connection Bethany and I had been using to feed each other our lust broke, letting Bethany pass out from her exhaustion.

After I blacked out, Joey came back to his own senses fairly quickly. He explained to the rest I had broken through his shield, and said he had never intended to fuck me. He lured me to the water so he could snap me out of it, not to drown me while he pounded my ass. Everyone helped carry Bethany and me to the cabin, then the three couples went back out to the beach to make sure everyone else was okay and to grab anything left behind. Joey and Mick put shorts on themselves and me when the girls returned and dressed Bethany. They had let us rest for about a half an hour before Joey woke me with the soda. I thanked everybody for their help. I explained it had been my fault, and apologized. I told them what had gone wrong, and even shared my guilty feelings about Bethany's virginity. I didn't cry or anything, but I was pretty depressed.

Joey rubbed my chest the entire time I spoke, and continued to do so for the several minutes of silence afterwards. When lights out was ordered, I got up to get in my own bunk. "Where do you think you're going?" Joey said grabbing my arm. "You're not in any condition to sleep by yourself. You might try and kill yourself in your sleep by rolling off your bunk." I weakly grinned at him, and gave in when he tugged my arm. "Besides," he added as he snuggled up against my back. "We won't be seeing Suzi for another two weeks, and we won't have a chance to sleep together while we're playing babysitters." "Don't remind me." "Hey. Pretend you have tits so I can call you Suzi. At least one of us can go to sleep happy."

I heard a snicker from Mick, which I immediately investigated. He was imagining what I would look like if I had been a girl. Then his mind wandered to his version of what Suzi looked like from our brief deions of her. The temptation to show him what Suzi really looked like quickly faded when I realized he would get pretty upset about my unauthorized peeking into his thoughts. My own thoughts turned to imagining what the rest of the guys would look like as a girl, and I couldn't help but let out a soft chuckle myself. Joey probed to see what was so funny, then moved his hand and gave my left nipple a tweak. "Nice tits, Paulina," Joey snickered. I rolled onto my back and looked at Joey for a moment before whispering, "I love you, buddy." Joey softly said, "I love you too," before getting more comfortable with my new position. We fell asleep with him hugging my chest like a teddy bear, and we both dreamed of Suzi.

I was pretty busy the next two days. My kitchen duty Friday and Saturday actually made getting breakfast served to the mud wrestlers easier. I had to miss a few activities since I had to help prepare the food, but I found myself enjoying the time I spent with the two cooks. The cooks were newlyweds, but both had been married before and had kids at the camp themselves. They had a lot of fun as they worked, joking and laughing at little silly things they thought of or did. Their spirits and energy helped my own, and I was feeling pretty good again by Saturday night. I almost offered to help them for the duration of camp, but I came to my senses and only offered to give them a hand if they really needed it.

Bethany seemed to recover okay. I was constantly checking on her, finding her menstrual cramps always beginning to find away around my pain blocks. But I was able to remove my blocks Saturday afternoon without any remaining discomfort. Joey and I went to the dance as bachelors, finding plenty of girls to dance with. After the disaster at the beach, I didn't dare try anything funny at the dance, despite several good ideas from the guys. Sunday morning, everyone slept in. The early morning mud wrestling had taken its toll on all of us. Joey and I even slept in our own bunks that night so we wouldn't wake each other up during the night. Breakfast was served an hour later than usual so we all could get an extra hour of sleep. Of all the days of camp, the last was always the most fun because it was all races and contests, resembling a fair more than anything else. Pie throwing and paddle boat races, stuff like that. Every year we form strong bonds with the people we bunked and hung with, then everyone becomes a little glum right after dinner the last day of camp. It wasn't as bad as past years since most of us had two more weeks together, but it still was hard.

Despite my preprogramming for Rita and Paul's love affair to end painlessly in their sleep the last night, they were on the edge of tears the entire evening. They didn't know about the precautions I had taken, but they knew that it was their last night together. I felt sorry for them, but I didn't interfere. After all, the original purpose was to show Paul what a relationship with a woman should be like. I had meant to spare him from the pain, but I realized it was a necessary part of the experience. I let them both suffer through their time together knowing they would feel better in the morning. Gina and Scooter were a different story. They lived in different parts of the state and probably wouldn't see each other again. Gina was my age, only a year older than Scooter, but the age difference didn't show. They were the same height, and in many ways seemed to be a perfect match.

When they asked me to arrange it so they could sleep together that last night, it was very difficult to tell them no. "Paul and Rita already asked, and I had to tell them no because if they woke up together, things would get very confusing for them. If I let you two do it, I would have to do something to Paul to cover it up. "And sleeping together like that would only make leaving each other tomorrow even worse. Please believe I am trying to make things easier on you." But Joey disagreed. "Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved in the first place. Come on Tim. Remove all of the commands you gave Paul and Rita, then let the four sleep together. Paul won't lose his feelings for Rita. The braces have straightened the teeth. You don't want them to go crooked again by adding more braces, do you?" We ignored the confused looks on Scooter's and Gina's faces caused by our braces analogy.

I sighed and thought a minute before I asked, "Scooter, how would you like to spend another two weeks with her?" "Yeah! That would be excellent! Would you really do that for us?" "Actually, I wouldn't have to do anything. Ted Steinbeck was supposed to be a Jr. Counselor, but his grandmother died yesterday. He's going home tomorrow with everyone else. Hmmm, I would have to convince them you're fifteen, but besides that, all you have to do is get your mom and dad to okay it." The happy couple went to make the phone call, while Joey and I went to look for Rita and Paul. I eventually had to search for him mentally, and found them cuddling in the nude behind the waterfall. I was about to tell them by speaking in their heads when Joey asked me a question.

"Couldn't you trick them somehow into seeing you climb up there and telling them? Like make them have a hallucination?" "I never thought of that before," I said. I thought about it for a few minutes, and Joey helped me with a few details, and even allowed me to test it on him. "Wow. Apart from the fact you appeared out of nowhere and then vanished again, that was totally real," Joey said excitedly. "It was a lot harder to do than I thought. I'm feeling tired. You think you can do that life force sharing thing again? I don't really want to risk getting another King-Kong-stomping-on-my-brain headache." "Uhm, I'll try.." Joey and I closed our eyes at the same time like we always do before linking. After waiting a few minutes, I felt Joey's energy touch my own briefly, making me feel better. "Thanks. How do you feel?" "Actually, I don't really feel different. I almost thought it hadn't worked."

The hallucination worked pretty good. They didn't seem to notice the fact that they could hear me fine, but they barely could make out what they said themselves. And the fact I was wearing dry shorts didn't occur to any of us until Joey started laughing when I finished. Scooter and Gina found us while Joey was trying to give me another shot of his energy. Scooter's parents had insisted he come home with his brother. "Ahhh.. Thanks Joey," I said when I felt myself perk up. I had Scooter call them again, but this time I got on the phone. I crossed the distance with my mind to a place I had never even visited and slipped into his mother's mind. I had considerable difficulty trying to reach his father's mind since he had gone outside for some reason. I had to remote control his mom to go out and find him, then managed to slip into him long enough to convince him also for Scooter to stay the extra two weeks.

Before I broke the connection, I ran across something that disturbed me. Their dad had been cheating on his wife for years. Originally, he pretty much had the same view of women that Paul had before Rita, but had settled on making due with his wife. When she refused to have sex but once a month or so, his old habits came back. Joey grinned at Scooter while his parents suddenly found themselves attracted to each other in a way they never had before. I made sure their attraction would constantly renew itself, and finally closed my connection. Scooter exploded with a "What!" from Joey's and my stupid grins at him. "Looks like your whole family will be getting some tonight," Joey said. "Yeah, and it wouldn't be all that surprising if you wound up with a little brother or sister in say another nine months," I said, probably with a sparkle in my eye. The shock on Scooter's face was priceless.

When Jerry and Dana found out about Gina and Rita sleeping in our cabin that night, they asked if Dana could also join our slumber party. After I agreed, Joey pointed out that Mick would be the only one sleeping alone. Joey and I had already decided we would sleep naked together, planning to do everything but fuck. I shared Mick's thoughts with Joey while we approached Mick very carefully on the matter. I trusted Mick about not going to far with a girl, so I offered to find a girl to sleep with him. Mick wisely turned that down, saying he didn't want to spend a night with a girl that he didn't love. When we told him that we were planning to sleep together nude, the memory of Joey's lust driven pounding of my ass on the beach popped up, and we quickly told him we weren't going to fuck. We painted a picture of us holding and touching, pretty much what Mick had envisioned he would like to do with girl romantically.

We spent a good deal of time telling him about what we would be doing, and finally his mind began imagining him in the middle of it all. Once we saw the seed had sprouted, we asked him if he would like to join us. The indecision in his eyes softened when Joey offered to sleep alone instead, and after several minutes of assurances, Mick agreed to the threesome. After all the arrangements were made and the girls arrived, we pretty quickly decided to move the mattresses to the floor. The three girls and I went to get their mattresses, and before we got back, the lights out order was given. We entered the dark cabin, not seeing anyone inside. I barely found out the reason why before the guys came out of the shadow to scare us. The fact that they had stripped naked probably startled the girls more than their sudden appearance.

I faked surprise, but Joey knew I hadn't been fooled. Once everyone was cuddling their bedmates, Jerry surprised me with a special request. "Hey, Tim? Could you do that thing you do when everyone, er, plays with themselves? Dana hasn't felt it yet." When everyone else wanted in on it too, Joey jumped in before I could answer. "Tim can't do that many people without getting sick. Let's just have our fun the old fashioned way. He's already given you the chance to do that." Even though no one argued, I said, "I have something better in mind anyway. When you start to feel it, get busy. I won't quit until you both cum, but because Joey, Suzi and I have found it addictive, I'm only going to do this once, so don't ask me for seconds." "What are you going to do?" Joey asked me quietly. "I'm going to give each of them a full two way with each other," I said just as softly. "Compared to our three ways, this will be easy."

Mick gave Joey a questioning look, but I answered by forming a complete two way with him for a moment, then disconnected. "Oh. OH! Wow, that WOULD be cool with a girl..." Mick said. "Jerry, since it was sorta your idea, you two go first. Then I'll do Paul and Rita. Uhm, if there is time, I'll still do Scooter and Gina, but if I don't tonight, I'll make sure you guys have it another night." Without any further delay, I formed the two way, leaving myself out of the connection. Joey and I grinned when they gasped, but since there were two other couples starting to make out, we didn't bother to try and distinguish who was doing what. Mick was starting to feel a little awkward about being naked between us, so Joey told him to close his eyes and relax. Joey and I began rubbing his chest and thighs, making sure we didn't touch any private parts. Mick physically relaxed, so I laid down next to him and managed to wrap my arms around him just to hold him. The feel of his skin seem strangely different to me. I realized I was mixing some of my other perceptions with that of my touch. He wasn't entirely comfortable with our caresses. Something built in his nature was telling him it was wrong.

I felt confusion coming from Jerry and Dana, so I plugged into their activities. They had managed to loose track over what body part was on what body, so I just reset them back to normal, then swapped their bodies. They expressed their thanks just as I cut back out. I found Mick's discomfort rising, so I shared my findings with Joey. Joey sighed and patted Mick on the chest, then said, "Okay, Mick. Let's put some shorts on and just snuggle a bit. Would that be better?" Mick opened his eyes and then nodded with a guilty expression. "I'll get them. Don't move." Joey said standing up, unsuccessfully hiding his hardon from Mick's sight. "Shit. I'm sorry guys. Why don't I just go back to my bunk and let you two mess around like you wanted to." "And let you lay awake while everyone else moans and groans? Joey and I can do this at home. But we only get to see you guys once a year. If you would rather do something else, we can. Joey and I just thought you liked the snuggling bit."

"Well, I do like it, but.." Mick paused, then said softly, "Everyone here but me is horny about what they're doing. I'm not." "Uhm, excuse me? In case you haven't noticed, my dick is just as soft as yours. Okay, so Joey had a hard on. It doesn't mean he's hot for your bod." "Yeah. I'm always horny when I'm lying beside someone. I pop a boner when I lay next to Rex, our dog," Joey said tossing our boxers in our faces. "But I don't want to have sex with him. And no offense, Mick, but I wouldn't have sex with you if your life depended on it." "Then why were we naked?" Mick whispered. Joey and I looked at each other, then Joey said, "Uhm, because we thought you liked being naked. Like we do. You know... Your dream and all." "Oh." There was a long pause before Mick looked up at Joey who was still standing and said, "Look, I'm feeling kind of tired. Can we just snuggle and go to sleep?" I felt Jerry and Dana sharing their orgasms, so I said, "Nope. First you're going to experience one of my super deluxe mind blow jobs. Then we can snuggle while Paul and Rita have their turn."

"Mind blow job?" Mick questioned. "Cool. Which kind?" Joey asked. "Which one would you like?" "Uhm, Mick wouldn't like the one I like the best, so how about the... Giant pecker one? Where our entire body is one big dick fucking a girl?" "I don't think so. Mick's a virgin, and besides. You pissed all over yourself, remember?" "That's because I had to go. You pick it." "Uhm, I have a better idea," Mick said. "I have this fantasy when I'm spanking the monkey and nothing else works. Could you.." "Wow," I said watching his mind as he recalled portions of it. "Yeah. At least I can use the idea. Hang on Joey. This one is wild. And I think I can work something else in I've been playing with. Hang on." I laid down flat and closed my eyes. I raised my 'antenna' then lowered it back down when I remember I had put my boxers on. "Sorry Mick. You gotta be nude for this."

Once I pulled my own boxers off, I said out loud to everyone in the room, "Hey everybody. I've figured out something new. But to do everyone at once, I'm going have to cut your control to your body's muscles one by one, so don't panic when I do it. I'm gonna give you a Mick & Tim mind melting blow job that will most likely knock you into the next state from cumming so hard. Please stand by." I closed my eyes again and had my dick at full attention. I reached out to Mick and conditioned his body to naturally lay the way I needed him to. He gasped when his own antenna snapped up, then I proceeded to do the same to Joey's. One by one, I raised their antennas, getting the standard gasp before cutting their motor control off and linking it to mine. Even the girls found their clits rising to the occasion.

When I had everyone's bodies lined up like mine, I connected a special link to Mick's mind. As Mick recalled the music which he had used to drive his jerk off sessions with, I patched it through to everyone and began using my imagination and to create images while also stimulating my own body to feel the effect of the images and music. The music was a classical instrumental type that started out slow, speed up to several climaxes, and then led to a great big one at the end. It is amazing how clearly he could recall the music. Instrumental pieces usually have several different.. melodies (?) going at the same time played by different instruments.

Most people can only recall the melody of a specific instrument, usually what ever is loudest. I began with the sensation of rain drops falling on my skin which formed round puddles. The puddles started to move on their own, tickling the skin as they went, increasing in speed and changing directions suddenly with the jerky rhythm of the music. The tempo was building while the water swirled and jerked, and finally reached a climax with the water swooshing together on my belly to form a single large puddle. This puddle formed finger like tendrils and began simulating the caresses of a hand. The music was smooth and steady, pushing the fingers back and forth across the entire surface of my chest and belly. Little tweaking of nipples here, and teasing of the crotch there, increasing in frequency as the music rushed faster and faster.

When the second climax in the music exploded, so did the puddle. It broke into small pieces again, but this time the pieces were not water, but mouths. The mouths and tongues began to slowly suck and lick all over the body, not touching any of the real sensitive spots, but they did give an incredible affect. I started swirling the mouths around, allowing the music to control the rate. The tempo suddenly changed without a climax, catching me slightly off guard. But the new rhythm gave me a great idea. There were some bass instruments pushing the tempo, only interrupted intermittently with high pitched tweedling of some flutes. The mouths swirled crazily with the bass sounds, then collided to form a single large mouth at the crotch with the flutes. The music kept building to an incredible rate, and I wondered if I could keep it up.

The climax finally hit, and I felt everyone moan from the drop in stimulation. The music was very soft, not really doing anything. The mouths had sunk into the skin, and currently nothing was doing anything. My dick resonated with small tiny surges in the music, and also caused twinges of pleasure at each spot where a mouth had disappeared. The surges became further apart, but grew in strength. The spots on my skin tingled with energy, and after a few minutes of increasing tempo and strength, those tinglings grew and grew until there appeared to be a lump at each spot. The lumps began to surge up and down, each time growing a little, the pleasure from them was very arousing. The music started its frantic climb to its final climax, and each lump began to randomly surge. The music was nearly to a roar as the lumps were starting to transform. The tips began to form a rim and darken, taking on the shape of my dick. Each newly formed penis was surging with the music, only my real dick staying still. The surges went faster and faster, building an orgasm of the thirty five penises covering my body.

As the final race up the scale took place, each dick had begun their greatest surge as the semen pressure built beneath them. The resulting explosion of cum into the air caused another rain storm to fall. A cloud burst of white rain that literally swept us away. I restored everyone's control of their bodies and broke all links before opening my eyes, I rested a moment, finding my chest and tummy with puddles of my seed. When I sat up to check everyone else's state, Joey gave me the thumbs up and said, "That definitely is my number two choice. Very good considering there wasn't any fucking." "Holy shit. Everyone else did get knocked out. And now I'm wide awake. Do you think I should wake Paul and Rita?" "Nah. They fucked twice already tonight. I don't think they would have done anything else. So much for love." I remote controlled Mick to move onto his own mattress, then I snuggled up to Joey. We talked a while before letting sleep take us, with Suzi again being in our dreams.

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2011-07-12 09:37:10
These stories are great. Been reading them a few at a time for awhile. One little suggestion I have is sometimes it is confusing when the next story starts in the middle of something that wasn't in the end of the next story, i.e. in the first few when Tim and Suzy were together at the beginning of one without explanation when they weren't in the ending of the one before it. Otherwise, these are my favorite stories and thanks so much for posting.


2011-06-30 21:51:57
Yes it does... There are another three full chapters, anywhere from ten to fifteen parts left. And I am working on them. Thing is... I umm kind of have a girlfriend now and don't really have time to edit them, but they're coming, I promise. :)

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2011-06-27 02:16:03
great story, i ended up reading it for the story not the sex. this is the last edition you've added but it doesn't sound like an ending. does it continue?

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