This story could possibly be the most serious story ever posted on this site (somewhat exaggeration). This is more of a story for a more mature audience, but I guarantee that you will not regret reading this.

“There’s nothing fucking wrong with me!” I screamed once again at the psychologist. “I find that very hard to believe after all that has happened to you”, the psychologist said back in an even tone. “Where is Brooke?” I yelled at her, “Brooke is with another psychologist, and she seems keener than you to open up about what happened”, she said back. “Do you know how she is doing”, I asked softly; “Brooke is getting better”, the psychologist said back quietly. “Now how come the mention of Brooke calms you down?” she then asked. “We are close” was all I said to the question. “Well the interview we had with your parents..” “They are my godparents, my real parents died four years ago”, “right” the psychologist said and continued by saying, “Your godparents say that you are very protective of your god sister”. “Well I have known her since I was eight and she was seven”, I said back. “Yes, I got that much from your file”, she said back. “Why the fuck am I even here”, I said, my temper starting to flare up again. “Your godparents think that a little bit of therapy will do you some good”. “I don’t give a fuck what they say, this is my life”. “Obviously the events over the last couple days have done something to your mental state”, she said. “How so?”; “Well for starters, you are lashing out for no reason”; “No reason!” I screamed, “You have no fucking idea what Brooke and I went through”. “That’s what I’m trying to do, Dillon, help you accept and get over this”, the psychologist said back in her calmest voice yet. “There is nothing that will help me get over what happened”, I said back quietly. “Dillon, just tell me what happened and I will help as much as I can”. “I have already explained to the police, my godparents, and the FBI; I’m tired of retelling it”. “Fine”, the psychologist said, “Then we will start nine years ago when you first met Brooke, and work our way up to it”. “Fine”, I said with a sigh.

Nine Years Ago

“Dillon, hurry up, we are leaving to go meet the new neighbors any minute”, my mom yelled up the stairs. “Why do I even need to go”, I yelled back down to her. “They have a little daughter named Brooke who needs a friend”; “Awww mom, I don’t care about dumb girls”. “Oh so I’m dumb now”, she said back jokingly; “No, just seven year-olds” I said back. “You’re only eight Dillon, so hurry up”.


“So that night you and your parents met Brooke’s family for the first time”, the psychologist said. “Yes”, I responded back quietly. “So you get to their house, and then what?”
Nine Years Ago

“Don’t be shy Dillon, say hi” my mom said; “Hi”, I said to Brooke with a blush. “Hello Dillon”, Brooke said back quietly. “See, you two are going to get along just fine”, Brooke’s dad said with a smile, “You two just go to Brooke’s room and play”.


“Describe Brooke to me”, the psychologist said; “Why, you probably already know what she looks like”, I said back. “I do, as a matter a fact, but I want to hear your description of her”; “Well”, I started uneasily, “Brooke has long dark-brown hair that flows a little ways past her shoulders, she has beautiful brown eyes with a hint of green to them, she is only 5’-3” so she is much shorter than I am, she is a little bit on the skinny side, but fits her height, her face is so cu…; I mean she nice on the eyes”. “I get the feeling that you think of Brooke as more than a god sister”, the psychologist said; “Believe what you want”, I said back. “Okay, back to the story; your godparents said that after that first night, you and Brooke were inseparable”. “That seems like an overstatement”, I said back.

Eight years ago

“Dillon, your parents called and said dinner is ready”, Brooke’s mom yelled up the stairs; “Alright, thanks”, I yelled back down. “I wish you could just stay here and play all day”, Brooke said to me; “I wish I could too”. I said back and leaned forward giving her a small peck on the cheek. Brooke started to giggle when I did this. “I’ll see you tomorrow”, I said to Brooke before leaving.
“Have you been over at the neighbor’s house all day?” mom asked as I walked through the door; “Yeah, me and Brooke have been playing”. “I don’t think that you have missed a day since you were introduced”, dad said from the table; “No, I didn’t go over there when I got sick a couple months ago”, I said back. “Yes you did, you snuck over there when your dad and I went grocery shopping.”; “Oh yeah”, I said with a giggle.


“So this is how things went for a couple of years before your parents died”, the psychologist said; “Well a few things happened here and there”, I said back. “Fill in these blank places please”.

Six years ago

“Will you go out with me”, I said to Brooke; “What does that even mean?” Brooke said back. “I’m not sure, but I know you’re supposed to ask this to someone you really like”; “You really like me?” Brook said back with a little squeal. “You’re my best friend in the world”. I said back to her


“So you asked her out, but it really didn’t mean anything”; “It meant everything”, I whispered back.

Five years ago

“My parents kiss each other on the lips when they kiss”, Brooke said; “I don’t know, that seems kind of weird to me”, I said back. “Well, do you want to try”, Brooke said with a hopeful look in her eyes; “I guess”, I said back.


“Describe the kiss for me”; “What the hell does it matter”, I said loudly. “Just do it, please”, the psychologist said; “Well, it is kind of hard to remember”, I said back. “Don’t give me that, you remember it perfectly”.

Four years ago

“Hurry up Dillon, the movie starts at eight”, mom yelled up the stairs to me as I got ready for my date. “I’m on my down right now”, I yelled back as I walked down the steps; “Oh my god, you look so handsome for your date with Brooke”. “Alright mom, now we are waiting on you”, I said as I walked past her and out the door; “Slow down, we have to pick up Brooke anyway”, mom said back.


“So you went and picked up Brooke and went to the movies”, the psychologist said; “Yeah”, I said back. “Did everything go normal”; “You obviously know that it didn’t if you are going to ask that”. “What Happened?”

Four years ago

“Please, just ignore them Dillon”, Brooke said as she attempted to pull me back; “No, they need to be taught respect”, I said through clenched teeth as I walked over to the guys that just whistled at Brooke. “Hey fuckheads, how about you apologize to my girlfriend”, I yelled at the two guys; “What are you like fourteen”, the guy on the left said back. “Actually, I’m thirteen”, I said as I punched the guy on the left in the nose, feeling it break. “Oh shit”, the guy on right said as he drug his friend away. “See, nothing to it”, I said to Brooke with a wink; “I don’t think that was the way to go about that”, she said back, but with an appreciative look in her eye.


“The hospital report said that the guy’s nose was shattered”, the psychologist said; “Fucker deserved it”, I said back. “Your file says that this occurred almost one month before the fatal car crash”; “twenty-seven days, three hours”, I said back.

Four years ago

“Look at me, try to concentrate; are you okay”? “Who are you, what’s going on”, I said back to the voice weakly. “Can you move”; “Yes, of course, why wouldn’t I”; “You were just in an accident, try moving your limbs”. “Fuuuckk”, I yelled when I tried to move my shoulder. “The parents don’t have a pulse, where the fuck is that ambulance”, the voice said before I passed out in pain.


“Your shoulder was shattered and the police report says your parents died instantly”, the psychologist said; “You don’t think that I didn’t already know that”, I yelled with my eyes burning with tears. “You were in the hospital for weeks, you had three surgeries, and during the whole time you were so drugged up with medication that you didn’t remember a police officer coming by and telling you that your parents were dead and that you would be staying in the care of Brooke’s parents”, the psychologist said reading, straight from the file. “I know, I know, I KNOW”, I screamed.

Three years ago

“Oh my god, I’m so happy that you are finally here”, Brooke said and ran up and gave me a hug; “Loosen your grip please”, I said because my shoulder was still wrapped up. “Oh, I’m so sorry”, she said back breathlessly and gave me a kiss. “My parents said that you are going to be staying here for awhile and that we are going to be around each other a lot”, she continued; “I’m going to need a little space for bit”, I said and walked past her.


“Your godparents said that you stayed to yourself for months, you were always angry, and you would only talk to Brooke, why”; “I was never going to see my parents again, where the fuck did you get your degree”, I retorted back. “No, I wanted to know why you would only talk to Brooke”.

Two years ago

“Dillon, Dillon, slow down, I think we are going a bit too fast”, Brooke gasped out while I kissed her neck and ran my hand up and down her thigh; “Of course”, I said coming to my senses. “One day we will go further, but I don’t think that I’m ready yet”, she said back.


“I knew we would eventually come to something like this”, the psychologist said; “What do you want me say, I guess I’m caught”, I said back sarcastically. “It is perfectly okay to have sexual contact with the person you love”. She said back.

One year ago

“Oh god, don’t stop Dillon”, Brooke moaned as I ate her pussy out; “You don’t have to worry about that”, I said before running my tongue back over her clit and pussy lips. “Jesus Christ you taste so good”, as I lapped up all the juices coming out of her pussy. “I’m about to cum, I’M ABOUT TO CUM”, she finally yelled out as a climax took over her.

“Now it’s your turn”, she said to me as she undid my belt and pulled my jeans down; “Oh goddamn”, I whispered as she put her lips around my cock and started to suck me off. “Do you like this sucking”, she said lustfully before going back to blowing me; “A little more”, I gasped out as I felt an orgasm boiling in my balls. “Oh shit”, I gasped out and shot my load into her mouth.


“I’m assuming that you two still had not had intercourse at this point”; “No”, I replied back. “Now I am also assuming that we are coming up on what happened over the last couple days”, the psychologist said; “Yes”, I said quietly with my head in my hands. “We can stop here and finish tomorrow if you need more time”; “No, if gone this far, I might as well finish”.

Four days ago

“I love the park at this time of the night”, Brooke whispered in my ear before planting a kiss on my lips”; “I don’t know, it’s kind of creepy in my opinion”, I said back. “Don’t tell me that you’re afraid of the dark Dillon”; “I’m not afraid of the dark, it’s the people that take advantage of it that creep me out”. “It sounded like leaves just rustled in those trees”, Brooke said pointing at the location; “I’m not scared, so don’t waste your time Brooke”; “I’m not lying”; “Maybe it was the wind”; “The wind isn’t blowing”; “Maybe it’s an animal”; “Maybe”, Brooke said as we quickened our pace. “I thought you liked the park at night”, I said sarcastically; “Well now I’m a little cree..”


“The police report that was filed says that chloroform was used to knock you both out before either of you knew what had happened”; “No shit”.

Three days ago

“What the fuck”, I groaned as I woke up; “Where the hell am I”? “Brooke, Brooke, BROOKE”, I yelled as I spotted her three feet away from me, unconscious. “Why are you naked and your hands tied up”, I whispered to myself as I became aware that I was also nude and tied up, with the horror of the situation dawning on me. “Ugghh, my head”; Brooke whispered as she regained consciousness. “Thank god you’re okay”, I said; “What do you mean”, Brooke said a she turned her head to look at me. “Why are we naked”, she gasped out as the situation dawned on her also.

“About time you two woke up”, a voice said through an opening on the door behind me. “Who the fuck are you”, I yelled to the voice. “You will find out in time, I will give you two a little time before the fun begins”, the voice said, then said back to me “Thanks for keeping her a virgin”, and then walked away. “Get back here”, I screamed’ “Get back HERE”; “I’m so scared Dillon”, Brooke said through a sob. “It’s going to be okay, I’ll get us out of this”, I said trying to comfort her; “How are we going to get through this Dillon, and what did he mean by thanking you for keeping me a virgin”, Brooke sobbed back. “You already know what that means”, I said as tears started to blur my vision; “Oh my god”, she said again and then sobbed out “I wanted our first time to be special”. “It can still be special”, I said as an idea formed in my head; “How”, Brooke said as should stared at me. “See if you can maneuver over to me”, I said as I attempted to get over to her; “Oh, I see”, Brooke said, now realizing what I was getting to. “I was also hoping that it would be special, but I think that this is better than what might happen later”, I said to Brooke as I mounted her the best I could. “Please go slowly”, she whispered as I pushed the tip of my cock into her hole, which was surprisingly somewhat wet. “I’m about to break your hymen, so this might hurt”, I said as I thrust forward, taking Brooke’s virginity; “Ouch”, Brooke squealed as I begin to get into rhythm of fucking her. “This would probably be much more enjoyable under different circumstances”, Brooke gasped out as I picked up my pace; “I’m going to cum any second now”, I gasped out feeling the usual sensation of an orgasm approach. “Cum inside me, I would rather have your seed than anyone else’s”, Brooke whispered as I began to shot string after string deep into her womb. “I love you”, we both whispered to each other.

“What have you done”, the voice yelled as I heard the door behind me open behind; “I should fucking kill you for this”, as I was pulled off Brooke and kicked in the stomach, and seeing a gun pointed at my face. “NO, please don’t”, Brooke yelled from where she was. “For that I’m going to fuck your little girlfriend right here in front of you, but first I’m going let you listen”, he said as he picked Brooke up and carried her out of the room, shutting the door behind him. “No, no, NO”, I screamed as I heard Brooke crying as she was carried away.

“Oh yeah you’re still nice and tight”; “Please no, we will do anything”; “Don’t you get it you dumb bitch, this is what I want”.

“Get up shithead”, I heard the man say as I took another hard kick to the stomach, I had gone into a stupor as I listened to Brooke get fucked; “Your little girlfriend is waiting for you”. “You’re going to fucking pay for this”, I snarled at him as I was led out of the room; “Oh really tough guy, how are you going to do that”, he said back as he pushed the gun to the back of my head.

“Brooke, are you okay”, I yelled when we entered another room, she was laying on floor sobbing; “She looks like she has had better days”, the man laughed as he threw me onto the ground. “Just so you don’t start feeling like a hero I’m going tie your legs up also”, with that, he tied my legs together and walked over Brooke. “I hope enjoyed that previous fucking as much as I did”, the man said as he got behind her and began fucking her again. “I’ll fucking kill you, I’ll fucking kill you, I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU”, I screamed as loud as I could. The sound of a gun going off took all of the air out of the room. “If you don’t shut the fuck up I’ll shoot you in the stomach, then kill your girlfriend, then finish you off, how does that sound”, the man yelled “and where the fuck do you think you’re going”, as Brooke had pulled away from him and started to crawl over to me. “That’s it”, he yelled and grabbed Brooke up by her air, took the ties off her hands, picked her up by her legs and begin to fuck her hard. “Please stop, please stop”, Brooke kept whispering after each thrust. “Oh fuck”, the man yelled as he came inside of her.

“You look like you need a good fucking yourself”, the man said to me as I gave him the most devilish stare I could muster. “You’re going to enjoy this”, He said as he got behind me and put his dick to my ass and pushed in. “Oh god, and I thought that her pussy was tight”, he said as his began thrusting his dick in and out of my ass.

I looked over a Brooke who was crying her eyes. She eventually caught my stare and I tried to signal to her that I was about to try something. She looked at me fearfully as she understood what I meant.
“Does my ass feel good”, I said to the man; “Your goddamn right it does”, he said as he kept fucking. “If my ass feel goods, then you’re going to love this”, I said as I threw my head back as hard as I could feeling it connect with his skull, knocking him out cold. “Brooke now”, I yelled and she ran over to me and untied my hands and feet.

I grabbed the gun that he left on the table and pointed it at him. He came to a couple minutes later looking at the barrel of his own gun pointing at him.

“You don’t have the guts kid”, he said when had come to his senses; “Haha fucker, I told you that I was going to kill you”, I said with a maniacal laugh enjoying as his face turned to one of pure terror. “We don’t have to kill him”, Brooke whispered to me; “I do”, I whispered back softly. “No, no, listen to your girlfri..”. He never got to finish that sentence before a bullet tore through his stomach and he began to cough up blood. “Time to end this, look away Brooke”, I whispered and put another bullet between his eyes. “Let’s get out of here”, I said to Brooke who was now turned the opposite direction sobbing hysterically.


“You two escaped from the hideout and a few days later, here we are”, the psychologist said; “Quite the tale isn’t it”? “I have no clue how someone can retell that story and then say that it did not affect their mental state at all”, she said back; “I can because I would do anything to keep Brooke safe, she is the only reason for me waking up in the morning”.

This is easily the best bit of text that I have ever written in my life (in my opinion). I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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this story was amazing so keep it up cause i want to read more and dont listen to the jerks that say your story sucked CAUSE O SAY IT FUCKING ROCKED KEEP WRITING

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