My first time Tom & Tom
When i was 14 my parents and i always used to go away to the countryside, quiet often. I always found it boring and i was allowed to bring a friend and so i knew who to ask straight away, my best friend Tom, we were known as the "two toms" i know its not exactly a brilliant name but its what everyone calls us. Me and tom had been friends for years and talked to each other about everything, school, friends, girls and also puberty.

We picked Tom up and went to the cottage that we stayed in by the time we got there it was late and we all just went straight to sleep then next morning my parents went on a walk together i knew they'd be gone for ages so i thought me and Tom would just hang out. So me and Tom did our usual talk about things as we sat watching the T.V in the lounge, we talked bout our usual stuff girls etc. Then i wanted to change the channel got up and took it off Tom and went to change the channel however Tom was happy with what was on and took me to the ground. Tom was very muscular and had a really good athletic body for a 14 year old, but so he took me to the ground and we messed about wrestling each other to get the remote. I got the remote in my hands and rolled onto my front just so that Tom couldn't get it but he got on top and just layed there. I just layed under him but then he got a boner and i know because i could feel it through our clothes and it was right in my bum crack. I said "whats that?!" he just simply said "oh sorry i get excited sometimes really easily don't you have one too?"
i was embarrassed because i actually had one too, so i nodded and said yes. there was an awkward silence for a bit and he just layed on top of me then we ended up wrestling again and he ended up on top of my back again but this time he seemed to be thrusting his hips and was dry humping me it strangely felt really nice. i said should we go into my room and do this and he thought this was a really good idea.

We went into our room and he said its your turn to do me, and so i got on top of him and started dry humping him the friction on my penis felt really nice and because it was on him it felt brilliant. i stopped and just sat down next to him. He asked me if i wanted to play a game i agreed and he pulled out a 2pence coin, he told em the rules " i flip the coin and you call the person that looses has to take an item of clothing off" i said ok and so the game began with just boring things like socks and hoodies, i then won again twice in a row and so he had to take his top and jeans off, id seen him in just his boxers before but now there was something new. i then lost the next toss and took off my top then i wont again and he had to take his boxers off. He pulled down his tight boxers and i saw his gorgeous cock he didnt' have many pubes but his cock was about 6.5" i was only 6" he stood there naked and said "right new game, but you need to get naked too" i got naked as quickly as possible "dares" he said to me i could tell where this was going.

"il go first" said tom " i dare you to......touch my cock for 10 seconds" and so i did it and i felt his warm dick it felt naughty but nice and then after the 10 seconds he held mine but he went straight down on me and just started to suck me off, it felt amazing his tongue licking the head of my cock i said i want to do that too and he moved his legs above my head and we were in a 69er position i grabbed his young cock and put it into my mouth and i started to suck him off it felt really nice my heart was pounding and so we did that for several minutes. we then stopped (neither of us had cummed though) and he layed on top of me and we began kissing it felt strange with it being with another guy but i liked it. He then said he really wanted to shag me and i liked the idea of this too.

We flipped a coin and tom won so Tom was going on top first he said have you ever even poked your bum hole and i hadnt so he said " ok well il just finger your arse first so you get the jist of it all have you got any baby oil or anything?" i told him where it was and he got it and brought it back and put it all over his fingers and my hole he put his finger in and i quickly reacted to it and he told me to calm down it feels nice in a minute, and so it did, he began to wank me off too and i came close to cumming so i told him to stop. Now i was ready for his dick.

Tom was also a virgin and it would be both of our first times but we were ready i was on all fours on my bed tom got behind me and took his dick and put it on my ass hole, he then began to push it slowly in, my ass was really tight and so i told him to put more baby oil on it and it slid in it felt brilliant he began to pump slowly at first but then he began to pump faster and faster it felt so nice and i began to moan tom then grabbed my cock from behind and wanked me off while he bummed me i almost came but i did first he gently slowed down and pulled it out he then bent over on the bed and i climbed on top covered his body in baby oil and gently put my throbbing penis into him and began pumping in and out it was sensational tom began yelling in pleasure and he had got another boner and told me to wank him off, which i did of course and he came within a minute. I felt my self close to cumming and i told him he then moved his arse out of the way stood me up and sucked me off, i felt the orgasm building inside me and then with one last moan from me i came it came as a shock to tom and he took it out of his mouth and wanked me off to get it all out i came far more than i had ever done and i was coming in spurts for around 30 seconds by the end tom was soaked in my cum, we then layed in bed together naked and got off.

Half an hour later we both said we needed to get cleaned up and both got into the shower, the shower at the cottage in really small and so our bodies were pressed together and it became intense the heat, steam and the water created a good scene and we began wanking each other off again and both came at the same time. Then we got out and got dressed and just watched T.V.

The end

I do have other stories about me and tom il write them soon


2011-06-11 07:57:34
good story! liked it!

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2011-06-11 01:26:29
I don't care about the grammar. Great story write more soon please :) got me so horny.

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2011-06-10 17:59:21
You really need to pay attention to grammar


2011-06-10 14:20:03
feel free to comment :)

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