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Stripteaser on stage
Sandra positions herself centerstage
Dressed in a yellow G -string bikini
Rock music fills the air in the club
Smiling gorgeously she steps forward

She pulls down the left ¨string of her bra
Partially revealing her juicy,rounded boobs
Turning round to show her cute bum
Pulling the right string of her bra down
She turns round once more
As she draws closer
To get eye contact
The visual impact of those boobs
Was electrifying as she faces the audience

Wriggling her waste in response to the music
She walks further upstage and stops
She draws her underwear downwards
Towards her knees
Revealing her hairy pussy
She is tattoed on her right hip with
A burning heart

Before sitting down
She takes off her underwear
Throwing it aside

Lieing backwards
She raises her legs in the air
Opening them wide open
To show her shapely labia

She commences to rub her pussy
Thrusting two fingers inside
In and Out
Showing the pinkness inside her pussy
Wanking herself to orgasm
With one finger firmly on her G-spot

She gets on her knees
In a doggie style
Moving her waste up and down
To mimic her dominant posture
Fucking him
Taking the full length of of
His cock inside her wet pussy
Sitting on him

Lieing sideways
She sucks
Two fingers
Of her right hand
While she digs her
Left index finger
Into her ass
Before disappearing offstage
To a round of applause
From cheering fans.

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2013-04-24 17:14:49
don't regret your reuind weekend, hooney never forget that the next will be greater at all because you deserve some arrears lol be happy!!!omg I totally agree with Hoosier you deserve forever and ever only the best and I know that your children will be always proud for having such a lovely mum as you are for them .kisses allover, my sweetie xoxoxoxoxoxxxxxxxxxx

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2012-11-20 11:48:23
What crap is this???????

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