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My final morning with my girls

We were all in the same basic position when I awoke, the next morning, with the minor exception that Sarah's hand was between our bodies gently massaging my cock. I had recovered enough from the multiple climaxes of the night to respond to her caress, and my shaft started to swell in her hand. My only other response was to run my hand over Sarah's body and whisper into her ear. "Good morning, baby."

Sarah shuddered, squeezed my cock a bit tighter, then snuggled closer to me. She continued to run her hand up and down the length of my cock, seemingly intent on arousing me enough to take action. Sensing her desires, I focused on granting her wish. As she jacked me off, I reached around and started to massage her taut, 10-year old body. I rubbed her nipples until they were sticking straight out, then ran one hand down her body toward her crotch. Sarah spread her legs when my hand reached her pussy, and I began to play with her clit, coaxing it out of the folds of her lips.

Sarah was already breathing heavily, and her pussy was wet with her own cum. She was obviously aroused and ready for sex, and I asked her if she wanted to fuck one more time before the weekend was over. She didn't say a word, but she turned her head to look at me, nodding her consent. I leaned into her and gave her a short but deep kiss, then moved my mouth to her neck and ears, nuzzling each to soft, approving moans. Sarah continued to stroke my cock until my own pre-cum started leaking out the tip. She used that to lubricate her fingers and started to forcefully grope the head of my cock, milking even more of the clear, slippery substance from my shaft.

Sarah was learning a lot, and it wasn't long before she had me unable to restrain myself. Her magical touch had me ready to take the gift she once again offered. Well aware of how badly I wanted her, Sarah started to work my cock between her legs. But to my surprise, she didn't position the head at the opening of her pussy. She was holding it further back, pushing against me with her ass. As she pushed, she was rubbing the cum lubricated tip over her anus.

Much as the thought of fucking Sarah's pre-teen ass aroused me, I was concerned about her and asked if she was sure she wanted to have anal sex. When I pointed out it might be a bit painful, she reminded me of our first encounter together. "Tom, you know I'm going to get what I want, and right now, I want to find out why Mom and Cassie like this so much. Cassie hasn't stopped talking about it since you did it with her."

Rolling back onto her side, she added, "That's enough talk. You know you want it."

For 10, she had become very aware of how to use her sexuality to get what she wanted. And I wasn't going to deny her wish.

Laying back down, I once again focused on my tiny lover and allowed her to lubricate her tight brown hole with my cum. When she started to moan, then push back against me, I reached between us, held my cock tight against her, and started pushing myself into her. Sarah started to gasp in pain as my head forced its way into her ass, so I backed out slightly before pushing forward a second time. As she had when I took her virginity, Sarah forced herself to relax while striving to get more of my length inside her body.

Once I felt the head push past her anus, I rocked my hips forward, driving my entire length into Sarah's rear as she let out a soft scream of pain. "Ohhhh my godddd, Tom." Sarah froze momentarily as she allowed herself to get used to the feeling in her ass. As she did, I continued to gently caress her neck and ears, licking and sucking at her soft skin. Once Sarah's muscles relaxed, she started to slowly grind her hips, squeezing my cock with each motion. Rather than actively fuck her, I allowed her to control the pace and the motion.

My little lover relished the sensations and just enjoyed it for several minutes. Once she loosened up, she started to change the pace of her fucking. She started to rock her own hips, allowing my cock to slip in and out of her tiny rear. She was so tight it was difficult to control myself, and only the night's activities kept me from immediately cumming in her butt. Since I had that going for me, I made sure Sarah would completely enjoy this experience.

As Sarah started to surrender more and more to the encounter, I started to take more control. I took longer strokes, driving more of my cock into and out of her, causing her breath to come in short gasps of pleasure. I started to suck on her neck more forcefully, leaving more hickies on her shoulders to mark her as mine. I reached around to her chest and started to twist and pull on her nipples, using more force there, as well. Sarah moaned in pain as I pulled her tiny tits out from her body and pinched at the nipples as they hardened. All the while, I started to fuck her ass harder and faster.

Sarah, for her part, responded with unbridled lust. If I showed any sign of being more gentle or slowing down, she would beg me to keep doing what I was doing. And that made me do everything I could to make her beg. It was incredible listening to a 10-year old beg for sex rather than toys. The fact that she was begging me to fuck her ass, and fuck it hard, made it even better.

I alternated between slowing down to make Sarah beg and slamming my cock in and out of her ass as quickly as I could. Each time I picked up the pace, Sarah started gasping and moaning in pleasure. There was no question that my little girl loved having my cock buried in every hole in her body. Those thoughts combined with the tightness of her anus gripping my cock pushed me to the edge and I shot a load of cum deep into Sarah's ass.

Sarah grunted her approval as she felt my warm seed flow into her ass, then climaxed herself. As her cunt and ass muscles started to spasm, she pushed hard against my body, making sure my cock stayed buried completely in her rear. As she recovered, she started to slowly rock her hips, forcing me to try to back away as her ass slid back and forth over my sensitive shaft. Stuck as I was between Sarah and Cassie, there was little room for me to escape, and Sarah continue to slide on and off my cock. The tight muscles in her ass continued to spasm, caressing my sensitive shaft.

Moaning in pleasure, I pulled Sarah into me, rolled her onto her stomach on the bed, and rammed my cock as far into her butt as I could. Then, as I rolled off the other side, my cock popped out of Sarah's anus causing her to shudder from the sensation. She turned back onto her side and looked at me with love and lust in her eyes, then held her hand out to me. She pulled me back toward the bed and I laid down beside her, giving her the opportunity to lean in for one final deep kiss before we had to get out of bed and start preparations to head home.

The first part of getting ready included showers for everyone. My shower was the longest as I spent time with each of my girls, washing up and showering them with affection. After everyone was clean, we packed our bags and loaded the car. All three got dressed in clothes guaranteed to make the trip home interesting, and we walked out the door. As Kelly locked the door, she turned, kissed me deeply, and asked if I enjoyed the weekend as much as she had. I could only kiss her more deeply in response.

Something told me that this wasn't the last time we would find our way to this little haven in the woods.


It had been a little over two months since our long weekend trip, and Kelly had invited me over to her house for an evening together. As always, I was excited for the opportunity to spend time with her. The only question I had was if it would be just her and me, or if the girls would join us.

I got what I hoped to be the answer to that question as soon as I walked into the house, as I heard the girls’ voices in the back rooms. I gave Kelly a welcoming kiss and asked if the girls would be staying for the evening. She nodded her confirmation and pulled me back toward her for another kiss.

When she finally pulled away from the kiss, she asked me to sit down and said she had some news to share with me before we did anything else that night.

Unsure of what she might have to say, I joined her on the couch. It was only then that I realized Kelly was shaking somewhat nervously.

“What’s up,” I asked.

Kelly’s eyes lit up and she gave me a nervous smile. “I’m not sure how to say this, so I’m just going to throw it out there.”

Hearing that, it was my turn to be nervous, not knowing what might be coming.

“You’re going to be a daddy, again, Tom.”

I sat there, stunned and unsure what to say. It took a few moments to get my brain under control before I could respond. I hugged Kelly to me, saying, “That’s so exciting. When did you find out you’re pregnant?”

It was then, from the hallway behind me, that I heard Cassie’s voice. “She’s not.”

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2014-10-06 23:54:44
How about a continuation of this story based on who is pregnant and how it was handled by Tom, Kelly and the one who got pregnant. Was it Cassie(hopefully) and Sarah, who was my favorite one.

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2012-09-24 04:55:56
Hot4fam, I think you may be getting the wrong picture. It was a great story, and I think we all loved it. But, you cannot just leave us with a cliffhanger. Maybe start a new story with a new central idea for the plot and direction, but keep the characters. I don't just read these for kinky sex. I read them for the ability the writer has to produce amazing short stories. That being said, you have quite the talent. However, if this story doesn't continue then you are just throwing away a chance for more readers. It's got a great background already. You just have to elaborate. Great work and I hope it keeps up.

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2012-05-04 00:47:23
excelent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 story but you droped it to early we all no that kelly isn't pregnant so who's the one that got pregnant????????????????/cassie or sarah??

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2012-05-03 23:59:37
excelent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 story but you droped it to early we all no that kelly isn't pregnant so who's the one that got pregnant????????????????/cassie or sarah??

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2012-01-16 00:48:56

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