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Both completely exhausted from their blowout with Ganondorf, they almost don’t make it to the hotel bed. Still excited because she had a chance to kiss the dark warrior, but didn’t forget the only thing he did was stare at her tits and ass the first few days they knew each other.

“I’m so thirsty.” The dark warrior said while sitting on the bed. “I think we may have something in the fridge you could drink.” The fairy said hoping she remembered to fill the tiny fridge this morning. “DAMN.” The warrior said as he slams the tiny door. “We do but the fridge was unplugged, the cleaning lady must’ve forgot to plug it back in.” Said the warrior. “That sucks.” Said the fairy, putting her hands on her hips. “I have an idea, how about you take a shower while I get some ice, and when I get back you can go downstairs to get us something to eat.” The fairy said totally confident in her plan. “That’s sounds like an Idea. Do you know where the ice machine is?” The warrior said.

“Yea, its on the 20th floor. I can also get a good look at the city, its so nice at night.” The fairy said, knowing she had other intentions. “Considering every ting that happen today aren’t you tired of the scenery at the top floor.” The warrior said trying to make light of the near death experience they just had. “I have wings, I can never get tired of high places.” The fairy said joking back, as she walked out the door , setting the latch so the door won’t close, because she doesn’t have her key.

As she walked down the hall with the ice bucket, she tried to figure out why she kissed the dark warrior on the roof, and how she really feels about him. She kept getting this strange feeling when she looked at him. She got to the elevator, and pushed the up button. Knowing they where on the 7th floor , which should give him plenty of time to take a shower.

As she road the elevator to the 20th floor, she couldn’t help but think about how attracted she was to the latest descendant of Link. He was mysterious with his milk chocolate skin, something very rarely seen in her time period. At first she was angry, now she’s happy she was sent to the future to help the new chosen hero. The more she thought about him, the more she found she was touching herself.

Not used to these new feelings, she kept going. She started rubbing her vagina, and got so absorbed into her new feelings, she dropped the ice bucket. Not caring, she put her hand down her pants and rubs the sensitive area harder and faster, while she leaned against the wall. DING!!! The doors to the elevator whooooshed open, and there was a couple standing there with their two kids.

Red faced the fairy picks up the ice bucket and walks out the elevator. The fairy walked to the window and thought about what just happened. After getting ice, she called the elevator. When it arrived she didn’t take any chances. Frustrated and wet, she was still hoping she could catch her new roommate in his birthday suit. Ding, the elevator doors open. Hoping she gave him enough time to shower, she got nervous as she walked down the hallway to her room. As she approached her room she started to sweat. The fairy slowly opened the door so he couldn’t hear her, but she was afraid of being to stealthy, because the Tri-Force he possess could alert him, confusing her for an enemy.

She opened the door slowly, just as if he was qued, the bathroom door swung open. As he walked out, his vision was blocked by the door, but the fairy had clear view of what she was so anxious to see. Her eyes got wide as she noticed the water beading off his back like a freshly waxed car. He started to turn around and the fairy panicked, and ran into the bathroom with the ice bucket, and locked the door. “Are you ok” said the warrior. “Yes, I’m fine.” The fairy said as she shoved her hand down her pants, and rubbing furiously, trying to get the same feeling she had in the elevator back.

The fairy turns on the water to the shower so it won’t sound so suspicious when she moans. With images she has in her mind, she starts to abuse her clit. She takes her pants off then falls onto the toilet, and continues to rub herself. As the fairy abuses her box , she grabs the counter and knocks over the ice bucket. “ Are you sure your ok.” The warrior says with ear against the door, positive she’s not taking a shower."Yes!" the fairy said. “Ok if you say so, can I at least have the ice.” The warrior said while he considered to break the door down to see what was really going on. “Sorry, no ice.” The fairy said while she had two fingers in her hot box. “What do you mean no ice, I’m so thirsty.” The warrior said as his face slid down the door. “There is money and my debit card in my valise by the dresser.” the fairy said while briefly stopping herself pleasure, because she felt guilty. “What’s a valise?” The warrior said with a confused twisted face. “It’s a purse Lenny!” The fairy said not feeling as guilty as before. “Ok sorry, why didn’t you say purse the first time?” The warrior said under his breath. “What was that!?” The fairy said just wishing he would leave so she could finish, exploring these new feelings. “Nothing, I’m going to get something to drink, and order us some food, but I’m going to have room service bring it up, so I don’t have to wait around for it. I wanna to visit the gift shop.” The warrior said trying to ease the tension. “Its ok, take as long as you want.” The fairy said in a low voice, as she felt her orgasm building. “What was that?!” the warrior said reaching for the door (front, main) with his key in his other hand. “Nothing!” The fairy said as her orgasm hit her.

She fell backwards almost hurting her back on the tank of the toilet. She heard the door slam , signaling she’s alone. “I can’t take this anymore.” She says almost felling guilty about having an orgasm. Nearly forgetting about the running water she slid into the shower, letting the water wash over her curvy body, and soaking her platinum blonde hair. She stood there rubbing soap over her body, as the washed away the dirt and grime from the fight with Ganondorf earlier. After she gave her body a full inspection, she washed her hair. As she got out the shower, she forgot about the ice she spilled. Now it’s water, making her feet cold. The platinum blonde walked out the bathroom determined not to be a slave to her feelings anymore. She saw Lenny on the bed sleeping, the she realized she was in the shower a lot longer than she wanted to be.

Wishing she had the Tri-Force of courage , thinking it would make it easier to approach the dark warrior. The curvy blonde gathered all the strength she could, walked over to the bed were the milk chocolate warrior was sleeping and kissed him the best way she knew how. Stunned the warrior pulled the fairy off of him, and said “I know you kissed me earlier, but I thought you did it because you thought I was dead.” “I kissed you because I was waiting along time to do it. I can’t keep fighting my feelings about you.” The fairy said while she started kissing him again, this time a lot more tongue.

Since the blonde was naked it was easy for the warrior to grab her breast and massage them. The fairy moaned into his mouth. Knowing he was doing a something right, the warrior dropped his experienced hand to her wet tunnel, searching for her clit. After he found it he knew there was no turning back. He didn’t have to play with it for more than a few minutes, before she pulled away from their kiss. The warrior felt the platinum blonde start to shake, and watched her close her eyes as she fell into his chest. After her orgasm, she looked up at him almost like worship. “That was felt great, please show me how to make you feel good.” The fairy said. “Oook” the dark warrior responded unsure how to answer her question. Before he could say anything, she was taking off his shirt and started kiss awesome chest.

Without permission, the platinum blonde took her roommates shorts off, and almost like bewitched his boxers disappeared too. Regretting her decision to get her partner naked, she was face to face with a eight inch chocolate beast. “Are you sure you still want to do this.” The warrior said understanding her concern, but still hoping she says yes. “I’m more than sure.” The blonde said while taking a deep breath. She didn’t know exactly what he’s going to do with it but she knows it’s going to hurt. “Don’t worry we’ll take it slow.” The roommate said knowing he didn’t want to do anything slow, as he absorbed the sight of her perfect body. “But it’s so big.” The vixen said while she stroked it slowly in her small hand, still unsure what to do. “Just lick it a little.” The warrior said as his Tri-Force started to glow in anticipation for what she was about to do. With out hesitation she put the chocolate pole in her mouth an started to lick. The 18 year old closed his eyes and leaned back as he enjoyed the blowjob from the ancient vixen, realizing he’s the luckiest guy in the world.

With most of the head in her mouth, the platinum vixen begins to bob her head, trying to take more of the chocolate treat in. “You don’t have to take so much, I don’t want you to choke.” The 18 year old said secretly wanting to jam the rest into her throat. Not paying any attention to what her recipient has to say, she starts to take more into her mouth. Even with the light from the TV, the celestial glow of the Tri-Force fills the room. With the glow in her eyes the vixen knows she’s pleasing her host, she takes her roommate even deeper, and his member invades her throat. “Oh my god!” The dark figure says while pushing the blonde’s head down out of habit. He hears her gag a little, and easies up on the pressure. She looks up at him like putty would look at an artist. He pushes her head back down, and parts her lips with his chocolate stick. After he enters her mouth again, she takes over, now in complete control, and knowing what to do.

After a minute or so, he moves one of the hands sliding up and down the shaft to his swelling sack. The chocolate warrior practically melts with her uncoached hand on his ball sack. She continues to take her partner deeper, while playing with his sack. She can feels his balls tightening, and his pole convulsing. She knows something is about to happen. She looks up at him, and before she can make out what he is saying, she feels a Tri-Forced empowered hand push her head back down . Suddenly her hand and face meet, and she can feel a turret of liquid moving down her throat. Her eyes start to water because of the uncomfortableness of her dark roommate’s pole down her throat. It felt like the liquid would never stop, and she would never be able to breathe again. She new it was a lot, because she wasn’t hungry anymore. The glow of the Tri-Force went away, and she could breathe again. “ I’m so sorry, it felt so good. Did I hurt you?” The relaxed warrior said. KNOCK, KNOCK “Room service.”

Startled the fairy fell off the bed. “One minute!!” The warrior yelled making sure the bell hop heard him, while checking on his new favorite person. The weak kneed warrior picked his fairy companion up, helping her compose herself. “I’m not so hungry anymore, how about you?” the warrior asked. “I think I’m good, thank you for asking.” The fairy said. “ Ok! How about I answer the door, then I return the favor.” The warrior said knowing she didn’t have any idea of what was about to happen to her.

After tipping the bellhop, the dark roommate walks the dolly back, and parks it next to the TV. “Now, about that favor.” He says as he pounces from the dolly to the bed and pins the ancient vixen down. “What are you going to do.” The vixen says with trembling words. “Just lay back and relax.” The experienced warrior said. He starts with her neck and his beard brushes against her cheek lightly. The platinum vixen cooze, knowing her dark warrior is going to make her feel better than she can herself. After her neck, he moves down to her c sized breast sucking and licking the left nipple. All the while his beard is tickling her. He starts to move down to her stomach and plays with her belly button. He takes his hand gently strokes her labia and parts her wet, sticky lips with his fingers.

He looks up at her and starts to ask questions he couldn’t ask before. “How long have you been a human?” the warrior asked. “About a year and a half . A lot of this is still new to me. I never did anything like this.” The fairy said. “Don’t worry, your in good hands. I used to help my mom when she worked Allstate.” The warrior said hoping she would take him serious. The fairy laughed then closed her eyes and tilted her head back, confident she had nothing to worry about. The dark figure started to lick the vixens wet vagina, savoring the taste of fresh fruit. He knew it wasn’t soap, because when he kissed her on the roof earlier he had the same taste in his mouth.

Blown away by her tasty vagina, he starts dig his tongue further into her hole. She starts to push his head down, without any real reason because he’s already nose deep in her box. Like a professional the dark roommate eats his new lover’s pussy for another 15 minutes. Numb with pleasure, she feels a burning sensation in her stomach, almost like she has to pee but different. Before she can get used to the new feeling, her left leg starts to spasm. Not understanding what’s about happen, she tries to push the 18 year old from between her legs. The Tri-Force starts to glow, she tries to push harder, she feels something inside her building up, but the Tri-Force glows brighter. As if she was staring at the gates of Hell, she abandon’s all hope, and lets the feeling take over her body.

She never gets a chance to adjust to the new feeling, because two strong fingers enter her love tunnel, next too the equally strong tongue. She can feel her face turn red as the burning feeling explodes inside of her. More red comes to the surface of her face, and air starts to escape her lungs. She starts to grip her pillow tighter, not knowing how much more she can take. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” She says, as somebody opens the flood gates to her vagina.

Light headed, and barley able to see in the TV lit room, because the glow from the Tri-Force is gone. She looks down to a glistening face. He smiles and says “How did that feel.” Not answer him, she falls back on the bed. “ Can we do that again?” She says hoping for A yes. “ I have a better idea, but it will hurt at first.” He says confident she’ll say yes. “Ok, what do you have in mind.” She says in anticipation. “You’ll see.” The dark figure said as he got up and positioned her the way he liked. As she stayed in place, patiently waiting in the doggy style, while the warrior used her mouth. Wondering what he will do different with his pole, the vixen started to get wet while she gave her roommate head. After he was satisfied he crawled behind her and got one last conformation before he takes the platinum vixen’s virginity. “ This is going to hurt.” He said as he layed his chocolate pole between the two perfect buns, she called an ass.

“It’s ok as long as it starts to feel good. I really want you no matter how bad the pain is. I’m pretty sure I felt worse.” The fairy said, quickly having flash backs about fighting Ganondorf. “Ok.” The dark warrior said as he parted her vagina wit his hands. He slid his rock hard pole between her wet pussy lips first, getting it wet and ready to enter. As he started to ease into her box, he could feel her shake. He felt her hymen and warned her again. She nodded, shoving her face into the pillow bracing herself. Now knowing he had the green light he began to take the vixens virginity. He pushed and felt resistance. He started to push harder, and with little strength and a big cock he pushed right through her hymen up into her pussy. The pain shot through her body as she regretted saying yes to her roommate. The dark warrior pulled back slightly, but not all the way out so he wouldn’t have to hurt her again.

Almost as quickly as it came, the pain went away until she felt something pop. The dark figure felt it too, he knew he it was cherry. He heard the vixen wince, but it turned into moans. With only half of his member in her hole he warned the blonde again, but this time she was not so punctual with a response. After another green light he pushed harder and the rest of his pole went into the small fairy.

Before he knew it he had a steady pace and the vixen started to moan. “Harder, deeper, harder!!” the vixen moaned. The pain went away and turned to pleasure. Like an obedient genie, he full filled her wish. Soon he felt his pole hit her womb, which made the dark warriors dick harder. For a moment he considered cuming in her pussy and how good it would feel. At that moment he could hear vixens moans get louder, he knew she was close to another orgasm. The dark warrior was too. He could see his Tri-Force start to glow, as he’s moving his moving his 8 inches in and out of the beautiful vagina surrounded by porcelain.

He could hear her whisper something, but couldn’t make out what she was saying. Then suddenly she stopped, and she tighten her grip on the pillow, and she started to shake violently, feeling orgasm through her whole body. After experiencing her orgasm around his pole, the dark warrior has his own. With no time to pull out he cums inside the fairy. “Oh Navi, I’m cuming!!!” With help from the Tri-Force he pushes his dick deep into the platinum blonde and enter her womb, and released enough cum to fill a bathtub.

Drunk with pleasure the vixen fell forward and the dark protector collapsed. “That was awesome” the fairy said, catching her breath. “There is more were that came from.” Lenny said, while making a muscle.

meanwhile back at Ganondorfs bulding. "Are you ok sir" the soldier said. "I want that girl dead and want that boy alive!!!" Ganondorf barked.

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