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Im obi, and im 18years old. I hava a 7" dick.
This is my story.
I lived with my sister and her husband. One day my sister in law came visiting. She was goin to stay for 2wks. She was 14yrs old and had a nicely tight round as, ful of meat, and a smal developin breast. She is beattiful nd very sexy. Her name is mercy. I had discovered before that a guy had fingered her tight pussy and she liked it. Since then she had been lookin 4 the real thing.
We lived in a 2 bedroom bungalow wit two bathrooms. I and mercy stayed in one and my sis. In the other. Most nights before i sleep, mercy would jump on me, and lightly rub my chest and thigh, believing i didnt notice. She would then say a joke, we would laugh and go to sleep. One day, she asked me if i would give her a bath. I agred and got in the shower with her. I stil had my clothes on. I turned on the shower, and she got naked. She asked me 2 take my clothes..that she was okay wit it. I took of my shirt and shorts but left my boxers on. I took a soap and started to rub it lightly on her. Wen i got to her pusy, she sighed at the feeling she got from my hands. I pretended like i didnt notice. After washing her clean, i asked her to stand under the shower and rinse her self. She looked so sexy as the water flowed down her smal tits, down her pussy. Her pussy had litle soft hairs, and her ass was so tight. I imagined licking her butt cheeks nd eating her pussy. I could tel she was a virgin. This tought caused blood 2 flow through my cock that was begining 2 hareden. I quickly handed her towel and left the bathroom.
That night, we played and had fun until it got more intense. She came on top me. I was laying on my back. She kept shaking met and saying she was not goin 2 let me sleep before her. She was putin on a spagetti top and a pjamas trouser. I was wearin shorts wit no shirt on. She lightly rubed my chest and found my nipples then played wit it. The feelin of her hand on my niple made me wonder what her hands would fil like on my dick whick was begining to wake up. . I lay there quietly on the bed and she began 2 move her hips slowly. Clearly i knew what she wanted. My cock was now hard, then i let instincts take ouer. I puled her off me and on to the bed. We lay there and stared at each other. I took of her top and lay her by my side. I stared to suck her nipples and my hand massaging the other. She kept quiet like i wasnt doin anything. I kept sucking her nipples, and moved over to her rigkt breast and licked. I now lay on top her and started kissing her down her body. I kised and found her navel. I sucked and licked her navel untin she moaned softly. I then licked down her waist line, and she said wait! I wondered what could b wrong. Then she got up and took of her jammies. She was not wearing any panties, which got me harder. I was now seeing her completly naked. I snifed her pusy,and the scen t aroused me even more. I took of myshorts and boxers exposing my fuly hard cock. She exclaimed WOW!
I lay back on her and took her breast in my mouth, sucked down to her navel, suckd on her tighs the came facing her pusy. I started sucking and lickin he pusy. She moaned in pleasure, a took my cock in her hand and started strokoing it gently. This turned me on even more and i licked her cunt even harder. In about five minutes, her cunt started tighten hard from my toungue fukin. I knew she was bout to cum, so i pulled my mouth and inserted my middle finger and finger fukin her til she had a great orgasm. Then she said, please brother obi, i want u inside me, i want u 2 fuck me. Then i slowly inserted my masive fuck tool into her wet, tight., hot virgin cunt. The feelin was heavnly. I started slidin it in and out slowly. I kisd her so my sis and her husbnd would not hear her scream. She was so tight and hot, i knew i would not last long. Soon her pain subsided and i started to fuck her faster. She was leting out mufuled moans of pleasure. Soon i felt her pusy tighten my cock as she aproached another orgasm. Soon her cunt became more wet and sweeter because it was now more lubed. I continued fuckin her for another 5min when i felt my orgasm buildin up. I shot hot loads of cum into her cunt and she moaned in ecstacy as filed her cumt wit my juicy cum. I slowly pulled out of her and put my dick head in her mouth so she can suck it clean. After that we headed to go get cleaned up.
The next day we were alone. I was watching porn in the sitting room. She then kissed me softly, pushin her tounge in my mouth. As the porn played, she watched intently. Then i left and went into d room. When she later came in d room, she undresd and pulled down my shorts, and pushed me on the bed. She lay on top me in a 69 position and sucked my dick and oferin me her cunt. I sucked her until she exploded her cum in my mouth. She got up and sild her wet cunt on my shaft nd fuked me like she saw in d porn. She was like a pro. We both came hard the same time and she got up and liked my shaft

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2013-01-06 16:41:02
Wat the fuck 14 bra get sum help!!!

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2011-07-21 03:48:05
You are living with your sister and her husband in a 2 bedrooms apartment, then your sister-in-law came in,
where she came from you are not married yet ?
you are a dumb shit.

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2011-07-02 21:32:33
Try not to write bullshit stories from your iphone.


2011-06-26 13:35:02
Seriously. I try to avoid being mean in comments, but really LEARN HOW TO SPELL. I agree with WantSomeCandyLittleGirl; if you don't know how to spell, don't post! With this story, how can I even be sure you're not lying about that B+? Work on your spelling please!


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2011-06-14 16:47:31
ok did a fuckin 10 yr old write this ??? its good you just need proper spelling and you other people please quit being mean just give him suggestions !!! :)

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