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CAUTION: This story is not politically correct. It includes the humiliation and degradation of willing and maybe not so willing black women. The "n" word is used liberally.
It was already after midnight when Mary and Theo got back to her apartment building following their first date.

The pretty brunette was executive secretary to the president of the company where she worked. Still not quite thirty she had risen quickly in the organization. In only a few short years she had risen from receptionist all the way to the top administrative position she held now.

Theo was a tall assistant manager at the same company Mary worked. Only in his mid thirties he was on the fast track for success, too. He had finally decided to ask her out and now that the date was at its conclusion, came the awkward moment.

"I had a great time, Mary," he told her, smiling warmly. "I don't know why it took me so long to get around to asking you out."

"Well, I'm glad you finally did!" she said, smiling back. "I was starting to wonder!"

They both laughed.

"I really enjoyed it, too, Theo," Mary finally said. "Would you like to come in? Coffee, perhaps?"

"I'd love to," he allowed.

She led the way, letting them into the lobby and up the stairs to her second floor flat.

"Make yourself at home," she said, gesturing to the couch. "I'll start the coffee."

Theo looked around the nicely kept living room. Everything neat and clean, the rug even looked like it had just been vacuumed. That stood in stark contrast to his own bachelor apartment. He sat on the couch and waited for his date to return. He only had to wait a few minutes before Mary came back and sat next to him.

"Coffee'll be ready soon," she said, looking into his eyes.

"Great," he replied. "I just hope it doesn't keep me up all night!"

Again they shared a laugh.

"Why?" Mary asked suggestively. "You think that'd be a problem?"

"Maybe not," answered Theo in kind.

He slid a little closer to her and put his arm around the diminutive brunette. She looked into his eyes and they kissed. And kissed again. He pressed his tongue between her lips. She parted them and met him with her own. They were both more than a little heated up. She pulled back after a bit.

"Coffee's probably ready by now," she said huskily.

"Can't it wait?" he asked.

"I invited you up here for coffee," she said, winking at him. "Don't want you to get the wrong idea."

She disappeared into the kitchen again leaving Theo alone. He shifted around on the couch, rearranging himself to relieve the discomfort caused by his growing erection being bent over inside his slacks.

"You take sugar or milk?" she called out.

"No, black," he said.

"Good man," she called back and then emerged with two cups and placed them on the table in front of the couch. She glanced down at the bulge in his pants as she sat down. He followed her gaze.

"Glad to see me, eh?" she asked playfully.

"Uh, yeah," he said, a little embarrassed. "Don't you think we'd be more comfortable somewhere else?"

"I'm sorry if I got you all worked up, Theo," said Mary apologetically. "I'm not the kind of girl to go too far on a first date. You might think I'm old fashioned, but I'm really saving myself for marriage. I think my husband will appreciate that."

"Oh," Theo replied, clearly disappointed. "Sorry if I got the wrong idea."

"Look, I hate to let you down," she said. "Do you like colored girls?"

"Well, that's ok..." he started, her question finally registering with him. "Uh, what did you say?"

"I asked if you like colored girls," she repeated. "You know, negroes. Black girls."

"I never went out with one, if that's what you mean," Theo said. "Not that I don't like them or anything. Just never came up. Why?"

"I have a live in housekeeper," said Mary. "A colored girl. You can fuck her if you want. You want me to call her out for you?"

"Damn!" he exclaimed. "Are you serious?" He paused to consider this unexpected turn in the conversation. It seemed pretty outrageous to him, but he could feel his dick coming back to life.

"Of course I am, silly!" she said, smiling. The white girl looked down at Theo's crotch again. "I can tell you like the idea."

"Jocelyn!" called Mary. "Jocelyn! Come here, girl!"

The sound of a door opening could be heard and in a few seconds a tall, thick negress appeared from the hallway off the living room. She was dressed in a charcoal gray maid's uniform complete with a white apron and cap. Theo observed that the black woman was much closer to his own age than Mary's. He also liked what he saw, though he was having trouble believing that he'd be enjoying her charms any time soon.

"Yes'm, Miz Mary?" said the colored woman.

Jocelyn was hardly unfamiliar with servicing Mary's dates. She'd been with her for so many years that it seemed perfectly natural for her to offer her body for the use of these men. She knew that Mary was determined to remain a virgin until her wedding night, to stay pure for her future husband. She was old fashioned that way.

The black housekeeper had come to love acting as a surrogate sex partner for her mistress. She had long ago come to feel pleasure from helping preserve the younger white woman's virtue as well as service her other needs. She could feel her pussy grow wet as the white couple's attention was focussed on her.

"My gentleman caller is uncomfortably aroused I'm afraid," explained Mary. "You'll relieve him." She turned to Theo. "Would you like to fuck her or just have her suck you off? Either is fine with me."

"Uh, well..." he stammered, not taking his eyes off of the black housekeeper. "You sure that's ok, er, Jocelyn?"

"Please, Theo," Mary interrupted him. "don't worry about that. She's a good girl and will do as I tell her to do." She turned back to the black woman. "Isn't that right, girl?"

"Yes'm, ma'am," said Jocelyn, her eyes respectfully downcast.

"See?" Mary said to Theo. "Nothing to be concerned about."

"I see..." Theo pondered. "You have to understand this is unexpected..."

"I'm sure it is!" laughed Mary. "But you should just get ready to enjoy yourself. I don't want to lead you on and send you home unsatisfied after a truly wonderful evening." She looked up at the big black woman. "Don't just stand there like a dumb nigger! Get undressed for the gentleman and don't embarrass me further!

"I's sorry, ma'am," Jocelyn apologized.

The colored woman still felt self conscious every time she took her clothes off for one of Mary's men even though she'd done it many times in the past. She could feel butterflies in her stomach and face grow hot with embarrassment as she reached behind her back and untied the apron she wore. Next she unzipped the uniform dress and let it slide to the floor leaving her standing before the white couple in her slip.

Theo was mesmerized by the sight of this large black woman obediently stripping for him at his date's instruction. He was fully erect as he continued to enjoy the spectacle.

Jocelyn pulled the slip up over her head and placed it on top of her other clothing. She reached behind her back and unfastened her bra, letting it slide forward down her arms revealing her heavy bosoms. She had very dark large areolas and thick nipples that pointed down and out from her saggy breasts.

Theo felt a surge in his dick at the sight of them. Mary watched his face intently, smiling as she did. She loved the look on a man's face when he watched Jocelyn strip for the first time.

The big colored girl pulled her panties down, her last remaining garment. Theo almost gasped at the sight of her clean shaven pussy.

"You like?" asked Mary coyly.

"Oh, yes," he said, his eyes fixed on the negro housekeeper's naked body.

"You want to fuck her?" she asked.

"Yeah," he replied.

"I want to watch," Mary stated. "You mind?"

"Not at all," said Theo.

"You want your dick sucked first?" asked the brunette.

"Sure," he answered eagerly.

"Do it, girl," Mary said to Jocelyn.

The negro woman stepped over to the couch in front of the white man. She got to her knees before him and reached forward to unbuckle his belt and unzip his fly. He lifted himself to allow the black housekeeper to pull his trousers down to his knees, revealing his throbbing hard on.

Mary watched intently as Jocelyn leaned forward. He gasped as he first felt her hot breath and then her thick full lips. He sighed happily as he felt her wet warm mouth engulfing his dick. The black woman slurped away noisily on his white cock.

"Oh..." he murmured. "That's sooo good."

"She is good, isn't she?" Mary said softly. "She has such a sweet mouth." She addressed her housekeeper next. "That's it, girl. Bob you head for the man. Suck his cock good for me like a good nigger. That's the way."

Although Theo was enjoying hearing Mary coax Jocelyn on, it was the colored woman who was most aroused by hearing it. She loved hearing Mary encourage her, and direct her. She felt she was truly acting as surrogate mouth and pussy for her mistress when she did. The negress could feel the moistness between her legs increasing along with her own arousal.

"You want to cum in my nigger's mouth, baby?" Mary asked Theo. "You can if you want. Or you can use her pussy now. That girl's got a sweet black coochie on her. Nice and tight. She knows how to use it, too. You want it?"

Jocelyn continued sucking and slurping on the white man's cock while he struggled to decide.

"'Course, you can fuck her later," continued the white lady. "Would you like that? Cum in my nigger's mouth now and use her coochie later? You can use her asshole if you want, too. She doesn't get any pleasure from it, but I've been told she's got a real good one that'll fit your dick perfectly."

"Oh, shit!" cried Theo. "Oh, fuck! Fuck!"

The colored woman kept sucking as the white man released into her warm mouth. Jocelyn swallowed his semen expertly. Hardly any leaked out, just a drop or two escaped her thick negro lips. As he relaxed, the black girl licked up what semen there was on his dick, finishing with a kiss to his cock head.

"Good girl, nigger," Mary praised her. "Good girl. What do you say to the nice man?"

"Thank you, sir," said Jocelyn softly. "Thank you fo' cummin' in ma mouth, sir. I hopes dis nigga please you good."

"Oh, yes," he started to say when Mary gently put her hand on his face and turned it towards herself.

"Talk to me, Theo," she said gently, "not the nigger. As far as you're concerned I sucked your cock just now. I just used my nigger to do it, understand? I only had her thank you because it's important for her to remember her place and to be polite and respectful. A nigger always thanks a gentleman for using her. That's all."

"Uh, ok," he said hesitating. He took one more glance at the humble negro woman kneeling on the floor before him, his semen dripping off her lip. Then he turned to Mary. "It was great! I loved it! You're fantastic, Mary."

"Mmmmm," cooed the white woman. "I'm so glad you liked it."

She leaned forward and kissed him on the lips.

"It's getting late, baby," she said at last. "I had a wonderful time, but we both have to go to work in the morning. I'll have my nigger zip you up, k?"

"Oh, yeah," he said, now more alert. "It is late!"

He stood up, his pants falling even further down his legs. Jocelyn pulled them up and fastened the button, zipped up his fly, and buckled his belt.

"Let me walk you out, Theo," she said.

They walked to the apartment door which Mary opened. They embraced and kissed once more and parted. The white woman closed the door after him. She turned to the kneeling negress.

"Good girl, Jocelyn," she praised the black woman again. "You're a good nigger. I think I may see that one again. And I could tell he enjoyed you!"

The colored woman blushed but also felt pride in having pleased her mistress.

"Thank you, ma'am," she said. "I's happy to please you."

"Oh, you know there's a little more pleasing for you to do!" Mary smiled at her. "Gather your clothes and come to my room."

Jocelyn smiled to herself as she picked up her clothes from the floor and stood up. After dropping them off in her own quarters she joined her mistress who stood in the middle of her large bedroom.

The nude black woman stepped behind the white lady and unzipped her dress, helping steady her as she stepped out of it. She lifted the slip off her mistress and unclasped her bra. Stepping around in front she took the garment off her and glanced briefly at Mary's small pert breasts with small pink nipples that pointed up slightly. Jocelyn involuntarily licked her lips at the sight. Finally the colored housekeeper pulled the brunette's panties down, leaving her naked once she'd stepped out of them.

Mary smiled at Jocelyn as she lay on her bed and opened her legs. Patting her thigh with one hand and crooking the finger of the other she summoned her servant forward, indicating the nature of the service she required.

Jocelyn hungrily eyed her mistress's pink pussy with the small patch of fine brown pubic hair as she crawled between the white lady's legs. She kissed the insides of her thighs, enjoying the shudders of anticipation that caused in her. The negress was well practiced at pleasing Mary. Just because the brunette wanted her husband to be the first man to have her didn't keep her from enjoying some pleasures of the flesh.

Mary was very aroused and Jocelyn could smell it long before she got her nose to the white woman's coochie. The colored girl smiled to herself again as she began licking the pink pussy in front of her. It didn't take long before she felt the creamy white thighs of her mistress holding her head firmly in place at her crotch. The black woman continued to lap the sweet juice up eagerly and began to squeeze her thighs together, putting pleasurable pressure on her own clit.

The brunette humped her black girl's face vigorously as she approached her climax. The negress was also squeezing with more determination as well.

"Oh, yes... That's it, girl!" cried Mary. "Yeah! That's a good nigger. Lick me good! Oh!"

Jocelyn felt her own orgasm hit at that moment, moaning with pleasure into her mistress's hot wet cunt. The white lady always loved the way that felt and gripped the black woman's head even tighter and ground her pink pussy into the negress's black face as she experienced her climax in waves.

At last Mary relaxed and motioned her servant to climb up beside her and planted a wet kiss on the negress's lips.

"Good girl, Jocelyn!" she said dreamily. "You never fail to please me. Would you like to sleep in here with me tonight?"

This was not an privilege always offered and the black housekeeper felt honored at the offer.

"Yes, ma'am, Miz Mary!" she said with delight. "You too kind to yo' nigga!"

"Well, you've been such a good nigger tonight, I think you've earned it," said Mary. "Go get your blanket. You can sleep on your place on the floor tonight."

"Thank you, ma'am!" the black woman was positively giddy. "I be right back!"

Jocelyn happily went to her quarters and collected her blanket and pillow. She returned to her mistress's bedroom and lay on the floor at the foot of the bed. She smiled as she drifted off to sleep.

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