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CAUTION: This story is not politically correct. It includes the humiliation and degradation of willing and maybe not so willing black women/men. The "n" word is used liberally.
My name is Joe. I’m a 50 years old black man, living on a good pension, having just retired as a cop. I had invested well, was single and living the good life. I have been submissive my entire life and have always dreamed of being a real slave to a white woman and worshipping at her feet. I have always felt inferior around white women, but due to my profession, never acted on it. Not until the night I met Jen.

I was sitting at a rundown bar, having a drink when she caught my eye. White girl, early 20’s, a little overweight, hanging out with another girl. Jen, as I later found out, was barefoot, with black heels on the floor next to her bar stool. I must have been daydreaming, staring at her feet as next thing I know, she walked up to me and said, “you have a problem, my feet hurt”. She was very rude, talking down to me, you could tell she had been drinking. I couldn’t help but look down at her feet, which were perfectly pedicured a dark red. I said, “I’m sorry, Ma’am, I didn’t mean to upset you” and offered to buy her a drink. “Sure boy, I’ll let you buy me a drink”. I was old enough to be her father and she was calling me boy. I felt myself getting nervous as I thanked her. We walked up to the bar and she ordered a drink for her and her friend, Amber. I pulled out my wallet and gave the bartender a $100 bill, I was trying to impress her. As the bartender started to count my change, Jen looked at me and told the bartender to keep the tab open. “I’m guessing that’s alright with you boy” Of course Ma’am, thank you” was all I could say as I stared down at Jen’s beautiful feet. “You must really like my feet, huh boy, I just got a pedicure yesterday”. Yes, Ma’am, there very beautiful, red is a nice color, was all I could say. “Well then you can pay for it boy, how’s that sound”. Yes Ma’am as I pulled out my wallet, She took another $100 bill and said, “I’ll keep the change boy” with a smirk. I again thanked her, not knowing what else to say.

Jen looked at me smiling and said, “your welcome, I like you, you know your place don’t you nigger?”. I couldn’t believe she was talking to me like this, it is 2010 after all. At the same time, I was rock hard and had never felt so submissive in my entire life. All I could do was thank her and ask if I could get her anything else. Jen looked at Amber and Amber, who did not appear shocked in the least bit, said, “tell your nigger to get me a pack of Marlboro’s down the street”. Jen said, “you heard her nigger, run down the street and if you’re not back in 5 minutes, don’t bother walking in the door”. I ran out the bar to the corner store, but there was a line. I cut in line and gave the clerk a $20 and let him keep the change for the cigarettes. I ran back and they were sitting in the same place, I had made it back in 4 minutes. Jen was pleased. I thanked Amber and handed her the cigarettes, she didn’t so much as look up to me. Jen then said, “if you keep this up, you’re nigger lips may touch my beautiful feet, someday”. I thanked her and started to grab a seat next to Jen, as I was exhausted.

Jen stopped me, “you will never sit with me nigger, I thought you understood your place, boy”. “you may go stand in the back of the bar, I will raise a hand if I want you”. Yes Ma’am, thank you as I walked to the back of the bar. Jen completely gnored me for over an hour as she sat on the barstool talking and laughing with Amber. I was so thirsty from the run and the smoky bar, which luckily only had a few people inside and nobody seemed to notice me, but I dare not move. Jen and Amber finally got up, Jen put her heels back on, settled the bar tab, putting my money in her pocket and they walked towards me. Jen said, “for an old man, you know your place nigger, I expect to see you standing against this wall next Friday night at 9 pm with 5 $100 bills for me and drink money as well. If your lucky I might take my shoes off for you again boy”.

Chapter 2

Well, a lot went through my mind after I got home and I must have masturbated 20 times that week thinking about Jen and the way she treated me. Part of me thought about not going back to that bar, but of course I did. I put a nice dress shirt and slacks on and put 10 $100 bills in my wallet, I really wanted to impress Jen. I got to the bar about an hour early, wanting to make sure I was early. I told the bartender I was waiting for somebody and asked if he minded if I stand in the back of the bar and wait. The Bartender said, sure, Jen told me about you, go ahead. Luckily the bar was fairly empty and no one seemed to notice me. I wasn’t sure if she was going to show, it was 10:30 when Jen walked in with Amber, another girl and a guy, all about the same age. They all looked in my direction, laughing and sat at the bar. I wasn’t sure what to do so I waited until Jen motioned to me to come over.

I almost ran to her, I was so excited to see her. “First things first, boy, I think you have something for me”. I reached into my wallet and counted out 5 $100 bills and handed them to her. Jen could see I had more money in my wallet and told me to hand her my wallet, which I did. Jen pulled out the other $500, patted me on the head, smiled and said, “you’re a good little nigger boy, kneel and take my heels off, there killing me boy”. Yes Ma’am, thank you as I knelt and slowly slide each shoe off her beautiful feet. Billy, the guy with Jen, who I later found out was just a friend, said, “damm, Jen, that niggers got a rolex”. Jen looked down at me and said, “is that a rolex nigger?”. Yes Ma’am, I said proudly, still on my knees. Jen smiled an evil smile and asked Billy if he liked it. “Hell ya I do”. “Give him the watch, nigger, that’s a white man’s watch”. I froze, I paid 10 grand for that watch and she wanted me to give it to him? Jen lifted her foot to my mouth and said, “NOW”. Yes Ma’am, thank you was all I could say as I handed Billy my Rolex. “No nigger of mine is going to be wearing a rolex, that’s for sure, she said and they all laughed.

Not wanting to spend her money, Jen pulled out my credit card and gave it to the bartender, keeping an open tab for their drinks. “Go stand in the back, nigger, I’ll call you when I need you”. About an hour later, Jen turned around and motioned for me. “Nigger run to the corner store, we need cigarettes and some candy”. Jen then grabbed a sharpie pen and started writing on my white dress shirt as they all laughed. “Wouldn’t want you to forget my order”. Jen gave me a $100 bill and said, bring back a receipt, you can’t trust a nigger with money. “Run nigger” and I ran from the bar to the store like a fool. I came back as fast as I could with Jen’s order. “Thirsty nigger”. Yes, Ma’am thank you. I started to order a water when Jen said, “my nigger isn’t drinking from a glass, use the sink in the bathroom”. When I returned, Jen just motioned me to the back of the bar, where I stayed for another couple of hours as they continued to drink and talk.

As the bar was starting to close, Jen walked up to me in the back and sat at the table where I had been standing all night and put her beautiful barefeet up on the table. “What do you want from me nigger? I’m a racist bitch and treat you like a clown”. I just want to make you happy, Ma’am and would do anything to be around you, I know it sounds crazy but I think I love you. “Well, believe me when I say I don’t love you, nigger, but you know your place and I do like that”. “Give me your phone number, nigger, we can meet and talk more, consider it an interview. I want to know more about you, I don’t need more cash, I want to see all your bank statements next time, understand boy?”. Now, kneel and kiss my white feet with your nigger lips and tell me how much you love me. As I was kissing Jen’s feet, she said, “ If you want to be my nigger boy, I want everything, no nigger of mine owns anything”. Now go, nigger and wait for my call.

Chapter 3

I waited for five days before Jen called. “nigger boy, where do you live?” I gave her my address and she showed up about an hour later with Amber. They walked right in without knocking and Jen asked for the paperwork, which I had put on the kitchen table. “Stand in the corner, facing the wall boy, Amber doesn’t like niggers looking at her”. Yes Ma’am, as I went to the corner. They spent about an hour looking through my house before sitting down and looking at my finances that I had on the table. “nigger boy, you got a real nice house and some money, no nigger of mine is gonna live like this. Come take off my shoes, boy”. Yes Ma’am, thank you. “If I take you, nigger boy, I take everything from you and you respect me as a superior white woman. I will take all of your freedoms and any self respect you have ever had. I’ll beat you, humiliate you and show you off to my white friends. If this is what you want then kiss the foot that will stomp your nigger ass.” Thank you was all I could say as I passionately kissed her beautiful white feet as she laughed, “wow, you must really love me boy”.

“I have some work to do, sanitizing my new house, Amber has agreed to niggersit you for the next week under several conditions. First, your are to write her a check for $5,000. Second, you are to obey all Amber’s orders, address her as master and never make eye contact with her. In return she will give you food and shelter. Since I knew you would accept my conditions nigger, I have already set up Amber’s basement for you. Amber wouldn’t let you in her house, but she agreed to keep you in the basement. You may thank her for being so kind”. Thank you Master Amber for being so kind and allowing me in you basement and providing me with food and shelter, I am grateful. “Don’t thank me yet nigger, I’m not as nice to your kind as Jen”.

Jen reached in her purse and handed me a collar, “put this on nigger boy, Amber wanted you to have it, it’s a shock collar”. Yes Ma’am. As soon as I put it around my neck, Amber reached in her pocked and pulled out a remote. She pressed it and I fell to the ground with pain, I literally couldn’t move. “Get up nigger, I didn’t tell you to lay down” Jen said as they both laughed. “Now get undressed and get in the trunk of your or my new Mercedes were going to Amber’s house”. Yes Ma’am as I hurried to undress and went into the trunk. We must have driven only a few minutes before stopping in Amber’s garage. I was directed to the basement and Jen ordered me to put on metal shackles connecting my hands and feet. “That’s a good nigger, you look good in chains”. Amber then hit the shock collar again and I immediately fell to the ground in pain”. “Kiss my shoes boy and get in the kennel”. Yes Master Amber as I crawled into the kennel, which she then locked. “Welcome to my home nigger boy, I’ll come down twice a day to feed you if you behave yourself”. Amber shut the lights off and they waked up the stairs and left, leaving me to ponder my new life.

I had always fantasized, but now I’m shackled, kneeling in a metal kennel in a basement somewhere. I’m naked and can’t even turn around or lift myself up, the kennel is so small. I can’t believe I paid a woman $5,000 to shackle me and lock me in a kennel for a week. Amber is racist and has shocked me with a dog shocker, humiliating me and treating me as less than human. And then there is Jen, who may be worse. She has taken advantage of my submission and foot fetish and is taking everything I own. God only knows what she is doing to my house or what money she is taking from me. I have no idea what time it is and I’m trying to rest in this uncomfortable position.

At some point, the light turned on and Amber walked down the stairs. She unlocked the kennel and put a water bowl and another bowl with what looked like dog food down inside the kennel. I couldn’t believe this is what she was bringing me to eat and I hesitate, not knowing what to do. “What no thank you, nigger”. I looked up and thanked her, big mistake. Amber kicked me in the face, harder than I had ever been hit before, I fell back against the kennel. I could feel my eye swelling shut, it hurt so much. “Now that’s gotta hurt” as she laughed. “Lesson learned, don’t ever look into my eyes, nigger”. Yes Master Amber. “Now kiss the boot that just caused you such pain and thank it for teaching you a lesson”. I looked at her black boot and kissed it as I thanked her boot for kicking me in the face. “Now eat up boy, I’m gonna take a picture and sent it to Jen, just to let her know how you’re doing”. It was hard to swallow, but I ate all of the dog food in a few minutes as Amber watched. “Get up nigger and waddle up to the bathroom, you’ve got 5 minutes, after that I start shocking you”. I waddled up to the bathroom as fast as I could, luckily I was able to wipe myself with the shackles on. I was able to make it back inside the kennel in time because Amber didn’t shock me. Amber locked the kennel and said, “sleep well nigger, see you in the morning”.

The next few days were more of the same, Amber came down twice a day. I think anyways, I had no concept of time. The dog food was disgusting, but you’d be surprised what you can eat when you have no choice.

It seemed like I had been in the kennel for a month when I finally heard Jen’s voice walking down the stairs with Amber. Jen was wearing sandals and had a fresh pedicure. After all this, I was rockhard, looking at Jen’s beautiful white feet, but I dare not look up past her feet, I had learned that lesson. Jen pulled up a chair and opened the kennel, “Have you enjoyed your week, nigger, it’s up, Wow, that’s quite a shiner” as they both laughed.

It might not have been fun for you, but I can’t lie, I got wet every time I thought of my nigger in a kennel eating dog food to please me”. Jen put her barefeet in the kennel and said, “suck on my toes while I tell you of your new life, it’s the least I can do”. Thank you Ma’am was all I could say as I gently sucked on each of her toes. “I have your room ready boy, you can move in with me now. I like your dog food diet, but if you’re good, you’ll get some old bread and some of my leftovers”. Thank you for being so kind, Ma’am, as I passionately kissed her feet. “I changed some things in my house and bought quite a few new things, now that I have money. I threw a lot of things from your old life away. I couldn’t have all those pictures of niggers hanging on the wall so they were thrown away”. I couldn’t believe it, those pictures were of my family, my deceased parents. I took Jen’s toes out of my mouth and told her that I needed those pictures they were of my parents and family, I told her I couldn’t believe she would do that.

Next thing I felt was the shock as I fell to the ground in pain. Jen removed her foot and locked the cage. “nigger, you will never speak to me like that again. You’re old life is gone, you will never speak to your family or friends again. I am your family, your friends, your god and everything else, you ungrateful nigger. Two more weeks in the kennel nigger, I hope you will learn your lesson by then”. With that they both left, turning out the light.

Chapter 4

The next few days or so, I stayed shackled and cramped in the kennel. Master Amber came down twice a day, putting dog food in my bowl and water and letting me out to go to the bathroom. Amber didn’t say a word to me the entire time, I thought she was upset, but I couldn’t really tell as I never looked above her boots. With so much time to think, a lot went through my mind. I’m 50 years old and willfully let a 23 year old woman take everything from me, including any dignity I ever had. I went through many emotions from mad to sad to sorrow for talking to Jen the way I did. I still got rock hard thinking about her beautiful white feet and sucking on her toes. I find myself thinking of her lounging on my couch, swimming in the backyard, eating at fancy restaurants, etc. Instead of being mad, I just want to serve her in some small way and be part of her life. Jen was living the life she deserved and she was training me. I found myself wishing for her to come back so I could apologize to her for not showing her respect by knowing my place. I wanted to grovel at her feet and tell her how much I love and respect her. Jen was right, I am her nigger and nothing else matters, not my wants, those pictures, nothing but pleasing her.

After a few more days and a few more meals, Master Amber came down and pulled up a chair next to my kennel. “I just got off the phone with Jen and she’s still very upset with you nigger. She wants you to stay kenneled for an extra week while she goes on vacation. She wants you to think of something nice you can do for her to show your sorrow and devotion to her. Oh ya, when she gets back she says your getting 50 lashes as well. I know you don’t have anything to give her boy, but I do know what you could do to show your devotion”. Thank you Master Amber, as I stared at her boots, can you please tell me, I would do anything to maker her happy. “Well nigger, I know somebody that can put a brand on your ass that says “PROPERTY OF JEN” and, unlike a tattoo, you can’t get it taken off. That would show a lot of commitment on your part, boy. I can have it arranged if you’d like”.

It was a chance to show Jen how much I loved her. I was so excited, I looked up and started to ask Amber if she would please make the arrangements when I caught myself and immediately returned my eyes to her boots. “Big mistake, nigger boy” as she opened up the cage and said “present your face to me boy”. Amber kicked me so hard, I think I passed out. I awoke to Amber kicking me in the side, telling me to wake up. I felt like someone hit me in the face with a baseball bat, the pain was excruciating. “Wow, that’s gotta hurt, I’ve never seen a face swell up like that before”. Amber then placed her boot near my mangled face and I knew what to do, I kissed her boot and thanked “it” for teaching me a lesson. “you’re welcome, nigger, my pleasure.

“I’ll tell you what boy, I wasn’t looking forward to watching you, minus the money of course, but I have to admit, it’s not bad. I find myself thinking about you when I’m eating breakfast or watching tv, going out, whatever. It’s kind of funny that while I’m out doing my thing and Jen is in Vegas, we both know exactly and I mean exactly where you are and what you’re doing. Anyways boy, I think you were trying to tell me that you’d love to be branded, I’ll have it ready in a few days. And by the way, Jen told me no food or water or bathroom for you till tomorrow, night nigger boy.

I spent the night in the kennel, stiff, hungry and with a full bladder. I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed waddling up to the bathroom and stretching, albeit for only 5 minutes. I rationalized to myself that night that I deserved it and that it pleased Jen, so I was happy to suffer for her.

It was status quo for a couple of days when Amber came down stairs talking with a man. I could hear him laughing as Amber talked about me. I couldn’t see what they were doing of course, I didn’t dare look above their shoes. “Well I’m ready Amber, it’s been heating up for over an hour, you sure this nigger doesn’t want any pain meds”. “I’m not paying for pain meds, he’ll be fine” “O.k. Amber but the brands are gonna hurt awfully bad, your nigger might even pass out on us”. Just do it, he’ll handle it”.

Two brands? What was he talking about, I wasn’t sure but I dare not ask. Amber unlocked the kennel and said, “nigger present your ass, it’s time”. Yes Master Amber. And then I felt it, by far the most pain imaginable, and I could literally smell my skin burning, he must have kept it on my ass for over 10 seconds, pressing hard. Then I felt it on my other ass cheek, same pain, I thought I was going to die. “All done, this nigger’s marked for life”. “Good, go upstairs and wait for me, this has made me so horny, your gonna get the ride of your life”. After he left, Amber told me that she had taken a few pictures of my brands. “Turn around nigger and look at this beautiful work, it’s ok, you can look up”. Yes Ma’am, thank you, I managed to say as I was in near shock. I looked at my new ass that read, “PROPERTY OF JEN” and “WHITE PRIDE”. “Jen is going to be very happy with you when she see’s this boy. Amber caressed my face with the side of her boot and told me she would get me some pain medicine if I really needed it, because it looked very painful, but she told me she would be very impressed if I didn’t need it. Fighting back tears, I thanked her and told her I didn’t need the meds. “Good nigger, that makes me happy, now I’ve got someone upstairs that’s gonna get lucky”. With that, she locked the kennel and left.

I could still feel my flesh burning, but I couldn’t help but think how happy Jen would be when she saw my devotion. I couldn’t sleep at all, mostly due to the pain, but also the thought of Jen letting me worship her beautiful feet when she returned. I was determined to be the nigger Jen wanted me to be.

Chapter 5

The next few days or so were the same, Amber would bring me food and water, let me out of the kennel to relieve myself. Some days, Amber would sit next to my kennel to me how her day was, which was nice, even though I was reminded what had become of my life. I used to be able to go out and do things, now I spend 23 hours and 50 minutes of every day locked and cramped in a kennel. I’ve had shackles on for almost a month. I know a weed has passed only because Amber throws soap on me and rinses me with a water hose once a week. With all this I still find myself dreaming, I think I’m dreaming anyways, of being with Jen, her rubbing her beautiful feet in my face. I can’t wait to show her the brandings on my ass hoping she will like them and bring me home.

Finally, I heard her sweet voice laughing with Amber, walking down the stairs. Jen was barefoot and had a beautiful French pedicure on her toes. “Amber says you’ve been well behaved nigger, that’s good have you learned your lesson boy”. Yes, Ma’am, I’m so very sorry for disrespecting you, I love you so much and just want to please you. I was actually sobbing as I was talking to her, I was so emotional. “And the nigger pictures”. I thanked her for throwing away the nigger pictures of my parents and apologized that they were on the walls and she had to look at them. Jen opened the kennel and put her dirty feet on my face, caressing me. “Look up nigger, it’s ok. I accept your apology and I’m glad you feel this way, you make me very happy. I couldn’t help but think of you when I was in Vegas. I thought of you at the pool, the clubs, gambling, eating out. It made me so horny thinking of you locked in this kennel while I was spending your money and having so much fun. Did you think about me boy” she said as she continued caressing my face with her feet, brushing her toes against my lips. “Yes, Ma’am, Master Amber came up with an idea and was kind enough to get it done, can I show you please. “Sure nigger”. I turned around and showed her my new brandings, I was so nervous I hoped she would like them.

“Wow, turn around boy, let me see you. That is so sweet nigger, I don’t think anyone has ever done something so nice for me before”. Jen extended her foot. “Kiss my foot and tell me how much you love me boy. You’re such a good little nigger” she said as she pushed her toes into my mouth. You spent two weeks in a cramped kennel with your shackles on, minus 10 minutes a day for me and you felt so bad you wanted to brand yourself for life just to show me your nigger devotion and for what? Because you asked me why I threw away family photos of your dead parents. Part of me feels bad, but looking at your nigger dick so hard, I’d bet you’d take any abuse I give you to suck on my toes”.

“Well thanks for nigger sitting my boy, I think it’s time he goes to his new home”. I was so excited I couldn’t wait. “O.k. nigger, get up and waddle you’re ass into the my trunk”.

Chapter 6

When we got to the house, instead of going inside, we went straight to the basement. I couldn’t believe what she had done, it looked like a dungeon, there were whips and chains on the walls, a small kennel, a bigger cage and a standing cage. Jen had pics of herself up, a large swastika painted on the wall, white pride, etc. I also noticed about 5 or 6 cameras mounted in the room. In one corner she had put a toilet and a water hose with a drain into the floor.

“Kneel at my feet nigger boy, this is your new house. You won’t see daylight for a while and you’re not allowed in my house. I felt bad keeping you cramped in a kennel all the time, so I bought a cage that you could stand in, there’s no room to turn around or sit, but standings good for your nigger posture. If you’re wondering about the camera’s, it turns out a lot of people are interested in your life nigger. I’ve been telling people of you and what I do to you on my blog and thousands are reading it. So Amber and I decided to give you your own web page, it’s called, “The good nigger. Anyone can tune in and watch your life 24/7. There is a feeding schedule, punishment schedule, suggestion box and other things. We’re charging $25 a month and already have 1,000 subscribers, people are already watching you on their computer. You’re like an animal in a zoo, nigger”.

I knelt at Jen’s feet, wondering how I got myself in this position. I couldn’t believe people would pay to see me living like an animal, but I did not say a word. Jen seemed excited talking about I, so as I stared at her beautiful feet, I couldn’t help but feel happy because she was. Amber then called Jen over to the computer on another corner of the basement. Jen looked at the computer, “nigger there’s a 100 people watching us right now on the internet and we have our fist request. Someone wants to see Amber kick you in the face again.” They both laughed and talked for a minute, I couldn’t hear what they were saying at first, then I heard Jen tell Amber that she couldn’t believe he actually paid $500 through the gift donation check box. Amber looked up, in a camera, I guess and said, “ok Bob, here it is”. Jen then ordered me to lift my face, which I hesitantly complied to, what choice did I have. Amber then kicked me in the mouth so hard, I fell over. I could feel my lip bleeding and I couldn’t tell some of my teeth felt loose as I lay on the ground. I slowly rose to my knees to kiss Amber’s boot like always. “Stop, I don’t want your nigger blood on my boots” and pushed my head back down with her foot.

Jen then ordered me to the stand up cage. She took the leg shackles off and put me in the cage. She then put handcuffs on me and attached them to the cage, I literally couldn’t move an inch as I stood straight up. “Were going to the bar to hang out tonite. I know you were thinking you would be my house nigger, and to be honest that was my intent, but things change. There are a lot of people paying to watch you and I promised 24/7 so this is your new home boy. What do you think nigger, any questions”. Yes Ma’am, just about the punishment schedule?. “Oh ya, your viewers seem to really want to see us beat your nigger ass, I know it’ll hurt but it’s part of the show. Maybe I should change it from punishment to devotion though. You’ll take the beating because it makes me happy right? And anyways, it’s all you really have to offer me nigger. You ain’t got any money for me, can’t buy me presents or clean my house. Well were off, to the bars, sleep or stand well boy, see you tomorrow. Oh and I can’t turn the lights out anymore, for some reason people want to watch you stand in your cage”. Yes Ma’am, thank you and enjoy your evening. “Thanks nigger, you enjoy yours too”.

Chapter 7

It seemed like forever, when Jen finally came walking down the stairs. My legs were very sore and my back was hurting from standing so long. “Good morning nigger, I would have come down earlier, but I was really hungry so we went out to a late breakfast, hope you don’t mind”. Jen unlocked the cuffs and cage and ordered me to my knees while she made my food. “Oh my, this dog food smells terrible and it’s all you ever eat. I couldn’t imagine eating the same thing everyday, I mean my omelette was tasty, but everyday”. Jen sat and rested her barefeet on my back as I quickly ate my food and drink from my bowl. After I was done, I asked if I could please use the bathroom, which she ok’d. Jen went to look at the computer so I had some privacy, which was nice. When I finished I stood at attention, near the kennel for her order.

“Come here nigger, the floor is cold on my feet, give me your face to rest them on. You’re a good nigger and judging by that hard on you can’t get enough of my feet no matter what I do to you. Well boy, this website is making me a lot of money and you’re the star, I know you don’t feel like it, but you’re doing it for me boy and I know you want to make me happy. So, as the star, I need to keep you healthy, I’ve got a viewer who is a doctor and he’s volunteered to give you a check up and also give you some kind of supplements, I’m not sure your dog food is enough boy”. Thank you Ma’am, very thoughtful of you. “So how’d you like the stand up cage boy?” Actually Ma’am, it really hurt my knees and back and it seemed like forever that I was in there, I don’t think I can sleep standing up Ma’am. “Well it was about 15 hours, I guess, I like you in that cage, but I understand. All right, you can spend your day in the big cage, plenty of room to sit, lay, rest, whatever, OR,” putting her feet to my lips, “ I let you suck on my pretty white toes nigger. That will cost you 24 hours straight in the stand up cage”. I closed my eyes and Jen slowly pushed her toes into my open mouth. “Wow that’s quite a sacrifice nigger, but it’s really worth it to you, isn’t it. I don’t think I could pay anybody else to suck my toes, but you boy, you’ve given up your life for them. Alright nigger, what’s that been, a minute, that’s enough, back to the cage”. Yes Ma’am, Thank You. “Anytime boy, I’m good to you, aren’t I”. With that she locked me in the standing cage and handcuffed me so I couldn’t move up or down. “24 hours nigger, just think of me when you’re hurting, tired and bored boy, just think of the minute you had with my feet”. Jen left up the stairs to what I can only imagine is a normal life.

It was a long 24 hours, standing in the cage, with the handcuffs, I couldn’t itch a scratch, stretch or do anything but look at that camera. I think I may have slept some, but I’m not sure, with the lights on it was hard. At some point hunger pains crept in and I was very thirsty. I couldn’t help but look at that big cage and wonder if that minute was worth it. But I knew I’d do it again if Jen’s beautiful white feet were in my face.

Chapter 8

I must have been in a daze, I didn’t see Jen come down, but I heard, “24 hours are up nigger, how you feeling”. Jen unlocked the cuffs and cage and ordered me to my knees. Jen was barefoot and I noticed her beautiful white feet were filthy, covered in dirt and grime. “Last nite, I was fucking my boyfriend and after we started talking about you and how much you love my feet. He wouldn’t even kiss my feet when I asked. I even told him I would give him $100 but he wouldn’t and my feet were clean then. Crazy you’d spend 24 hours standing in that cage for my feet and my boyfriend won’t even touch them. He didn’t believe you’re nigger dick would get hard looking at my dirty feet”. Jen then started to gently poke at my dick with her feet and it sprang to attention. “That’s a good boy, do you want to lick my dirty feet clean nigger. Make sure there nice and white like you like them?” Yes Ma’am, please. “Well nigger, unlike my boyfriend, it’ll cost you to lick them clean. 50 with the cane sound’s good boy. Start licking”. I was in heaven, cleaning her feet, just to be so close to her for over 20 minutes. I was licking and swallowing all that dirt, showing my devotion to her. Jen spent the time sitting down talking on the phone.

She was talking to Amber. She told Amber to come down and cane me, Jen wasn’t in the mood. As I was finishing licking the dirt from Jen’s feet, Amber came in and grabbed a cane from the wall. “Ass up nigger and no flinching”. Jen, who was looking at the computer told Amber that over 1000 people were watching. I guess this was one of my planned punishments. “O.K., Amber give em there money’s worth”. The first blow almost took my breath away, I bit down on my lip, I couldn’t imagine 49 more. At 25 my ass was on fire, tears were running down my face, god it hurt. “Stop for a minute Amber our little nigger is crying. Move over her a little so the camera can see your tears. Here nigger, suck on my toes for the next 25, should take your mind off it for a bit. But I swear, if you bite down on my toes, I’ll cut your dick off”. Jen put her toes in my mouth and the beating continued. My tears were running onto Jen’s beautiful white feet. she told me how proud she was of me, which I must admit, helped with the pain. When Amber finished Jen made me turn around, she wanted to see. “Wow, it doesn’t even look like an ass anymore, just a bloody cut up mess. It’s a good thing your not allowed to sit boy, I don’t think you could anyway. With that Jen fed me and let me use the bathroom. “O.K. nigger I think you deserve the cage today, kiss my foot and thank me boy”. Jen locked the cage and left walking up the stairs. My ass was on fire, but god it was nice to lay in the cage, I was almost able to fully stretch my body.

Chapter 9

The next few months were more of the same, Jen usually came down, sometimes Amber, they feed me, beat me and I spent most of my time in the kennel or standing cage. They made a point to tell me nothing about the outside world. I didn’t know what month it was, what was happening in life, nothing. Jen was very happy though, she had over 5,000 people now paying to see me live this way. She must have been making a fortune.

One day, Jen came down took me out of the cage and ordered me to her feet. “Bad news from the outside world nigger. Just got news that your sister was killed in a car accident. I got an invitation to the funeral for you in my mailbox”. I couldn’t believe it, that was my only surviving family member and of course I stopped talking to her when I met Jen. It hit me like a ton of bricks, I started to cry. “There, there boy. I know it hurts, I lost my father a few years ago. They say the funeral’s tomorrow boy. “Here, suck on my toes, nigger boy, that always makes you feel better”. Thank You Ma’am I said as I sucked on her toes. Sucking Jen’s toes, I thought about the funeral and how weird it would be to be amongst people again. Even though I wasn’t able to talk with her since Jen, at least the funeral would bring some closure. Then the news. “Here’s the funeral notice, there’s a nice picture of your nigger sister on it”. Thank You Ma’am, that was the first thing I had held in my hand since I was locked up. No newspaper, magazine, nothing but my thoughts and imagination. “Well nigger with the business running so well, you obviously won’t be attending the funeral. Your place is her boy, you do understand. But I will let you keep the photo of your sister with you for a couple of days before I throw it out, ok nigger”. She was right, I couldn’t go to the funeral, I don’t think I could function in the world anymore. Thank You Ma’am for you compassion and for allowing me to keep the photo with me. “Your welcome nigger, now back in the kennel, I’m running late for a hair appointment”.

Later on, Amber came downstairs to feed me when she saw me holding the picture of my sister in my hands. Amber wasn’t sure what it was, “Give me that picture nigger, how’d you get that?”. I tried to answer when she told me again to give it to her. Fearing she would throw it away, I said NO. Amber opened the cage and started kicking me with her boots. I was in my shackles, helpless to try to defend myself. She was enraged, she must have kicked me in the face 20 times and stomped on my head to. At some point during the beating I passed out.

Next thing I know, I’m out of the cage and a doctor is checking on me and I hear Amber and Jen talking. Jen sounds very upset. “That nigger is making us a ton of money Amber, what were you thinking. There is no way we could ever find another nigger to do this. He better be alright”. Then the doctor started to check on me, he told Jen that he’d never seen a nigger beat up like that. Apparently he was watching Amber beat me up on the internet. I could hardly move my mouth, I could tell my nose was broke and I couldn’t see out of one eye. After checking on me he went over to Amber and Jen. “Well, he really took a beating. Physically, it looks like he will heal. It looks like you broke his eye socket, broke his nose really bad and knocked out some teeth. Without cosmetic surgery, his face will look like a mess the rest of his life. His eye will permanently droop and his nose will never look normal again. Jen thanked the doctor, who left up the stairs.

“You’re lucky Amber, I know what he did, but you have to control your temper next time. Well nigger, you really upset Amber. What’s wrong with you, you know niggers don’t say no to whites, what were you thinking?” I’m sorry Ma’am it was just the picture. “ I know the picture of your dead fucking nigger sister, I forgot to tell Amber, but that’s no excuse. And by the way, there is no way I’m paying for plastic surgery on a nigger so you’ll have to live with this lesson for life”. Jen then showed me a mirror. My face was a mangled mess, I couldn’t believe she did that to me. “Now kiss Amber’s boots and beg for her forgiveness nigger”. I slowly crawled to Amber’s boots and kissed them, apologizing for being so rude and forgetting my place. Amber then put a match to my sister’s photo and threw it to the ground. Jen looked at me with disgust and said, “24 hrs in the stand up cage nigger, to think about what you did today”. With that, Jen locked me in the cage and cuffed my hands. They apologized to each other for yelling and were talking about going to get sushi as they walked up the stairs. I looked down to see the last of my sister’s picture burning out.

Last Chapter

Life went on, same routine day in and day out, until one day Jen walks down and tells me the one year anniversary of the website is tomorrow. She had a contest where the winner would be able to request anything they wanted to see done to me. She said the winner, “SCHIAVOZERO” had made his request, which would be done tomorrow. The next day the same guy who branded me came into the basement. Jen had locked me in a position to where I couldn’t move my head at all. The guy looked at Jen and Amber and said, “you sure you want to do this”. “Yep, it’ll be fun”. With that, he took a red hot brand and pushed it into my forehead. I screamed in pain until I passed out. I awoke to two large poster type photos of me below a happy anniversary banner. The first photo showed me in uniform at my retirement party, I guess she found it up stairs. The second showed me as I am now, my face is disfigured and the word, “NIGGER” is branded on my forehead.


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