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Sadie Starts liking it :P Enjoy
I know the first one to this kind of sucked and I’m very sorry it was late and I just wanted to finish it I promise I’ll do better on this one and if you give positive feedback I’ll do another!
In the other one, it was from Sadie’s point of view, in this one it will be told from a third person point of view.
ALL suggestions are welcome email me @ THANKS a lot. :D
After yesterday’s ordeal Sadie slept amazing and woke up around 8, it was Sunday so Matt was sleeping in from his busy work schedule.
Sadie crept quietly from her bed and through the house to his room and slowly opened the door, as she tip-toe over to him she heard something…
She was to his back and she looked over him and realized he was masturbating, at that she let a loud gasp escape her throat.
‘Sadie! What is it?’ he asked, covering his obvious erection.
‘Umm, I uh came to see if you were up so we could discuss yesterday’s events…’ her voice trailed off.
He patted the bed telling her to come and sit.
They agreed that they’d tell everyone she was his wife and that when and if she became pregnant they’d just get a nurse who would deliver it from at home.
She was overwhelmed with this new lifestyle… he was even making sure she finished school early so she’d have it out of the way and could soon start online college classes.
Within a few minutes a dead silence struck over them, she stared at his erection and she spoke innocently ‘Can I help you with that’ pointing at it, with a smug smile.
He nodded and layed back onto his back, she kissed the large mushroom head and kissed down to his nuts, his dick wasn’t large but it was large to Sadie.
Soon she was giving him head, and swirling her pink little tongue around the head, he just layed back enjoying it, with the occasional moan of extreme pleasure from her hot wet mouth.
He was running his hands through her soft red hair and under her tank top to give her tits the often hard squeeze reminding her he was the boss. He said slowly between breaths ‘I, uh I’m about to, uh cum swallow, uh swallow it all Sadie!’ with that he grabbed the back of her head and pushed her down his cock and her nose was being tickled by his short pubic hair. He thrust upward hard and she let out gagged sounds begging and flogging her arms for him to let up, but with no mercy he came down her throat and she began coughing and choking with it running down her chin to her neck, she ran to the bathroom and spit it all up and threw up from him hitting her gag reflex.
Matt walked up behind her and caressed her back lovingly while apologizing, trying his best to use his comforting social worker skills on her. He began kissing her neck and ears after a few minutes his soothing touch helped and they went to watch a movie, he went is his room to get something as she sat there waiting. He returned with a butt-plug, he ordered her over the couch arm and pulled her tiny shorts down while rubbing lube all over her sore ass he slowly inserted it into her as she yelped and winced.
He quickly pulled her shorts back up and told her to keep it in for the rest of the day, she moved around trying to get it out, but her tight little asshole held it in place.
She then had to pee and when she stood he asked ‘If you’re planning on taking it out in the bathroom then I’ll go with you’
She groaned in annoyance as he followed her closely with one hand resting on her shoulder and the other hand squeezing her right nipple to remind her she belonged to him.
He pulled her shorts down and sat her on the toilet, she really hated being treated like a child it degraded her. She winced as the butt plug felt larger when she sat down and then she relieved herself of her urine.
He then ordered her to bend over and as she did he wiped her recently fucked cunt.
She started ‘Do you really have to do this to me? I mean I’m not a child!’ with anger in her voice still bent over he then struck her right cheek with his hand
‘Sadie, you are not to speak with me in that tone!’
She sobbed to herself and nodded with tears flowing down her face as he pulled her shorts up, now go undress and lie on my bed with two pillows under your stomach and I’ll be in there soon.
She walked out into the other room thinking to herself on how much of a dick he was being and no wonder his girlfriend dumped him!
She stacked the pillows up and lay over them cursing him.
Within 15 minutes he walked in carrying a large bag.
She guessed torturous items and boy did she guess right!
He then told her that he would be tying her up, but in a different position.
Ordering her to lean back against the bed frame and pull her legs as close to her chest as possible, getting the restraints he tied her ankles to the bed posts and explained that he would insert 5 anal beads into her, would take one out after 20 strokes from 5 different discipline utensils, but first she’d receive the warm up spanking, it was 10 strokes from the hand!
Rubbing her stuffed ass, he sat next to her ass, which, was being offered to him, this turned him on!
He then decided she deserved a little pleasure first, so he searched through his back for a dildo. He then stumbled across the very thing that had broken Heather and him up- It was an 11 ½ inch shock rod.
Heather was very short for a 20 year old, she had long waist length dark hair that made her look almost Indian, but with her pale skin you could tell she wasn’t. She had tiny breasts but a nice ass that begged to be fucked.
Heather had shivered from the sight of that thing, he had gave her the usual warm up spanking and a 15 stroke paddling, Matt was very anxious to see her cry out in pain knowing she had no control over it!
Heather laid over the bed and he quickly cuffed her and tied her legs spread, he now decided not to gag her just in case she wanted him to stop and could use their safe word, the safe word had always been banana no matter what relationship he’d been in that was always it.
Matt stepped back to take in what he had before him, her pussy wasn’t anywhere near as tight as it was from when they had met her asshole was stretched and always gaped open, causing Heather to walk uncomfortably. He stuffed the shock rod in her loose ass then turned the dial on it to level one, as Heather began whimpering it burned throughout her entire body as she began to tremble and shake in the agony.
After a few minutes Matt was sitting on the bed jacking off watching heather scream and cry from the awful pain, she used the safe word over and over but it was useless, and that only made Matt more excited. As he came all over her trembling body he turn the dial to high and left her there, he went to watch a movie on the couch and fell asleep, waking up at 3 am, he decided to check on the slut in his room.
He walked in slowly seeing her unconscious, cruelly grabbing and twisting her cum covered nipples he laughed as she sprang awake.
He then shoved her underwear into her mouth and shoved a smaller rod into her abused pussy, getting a small vibrator he put it into her mouth and laughed at her pain. He decided to amp it up a bit, so he took off his belt and began whipping her and watched as she let out muffled screams.
This went on the entire weekend, while he slept she sat there in misery, he then decided the slut had enough and took them all out of her poor little holes, leaving her tied he fucking her in the ass and came all over her.
Still crying she begged him to untie her using ‘banana’ over and over but to no avail it continued.
Finally he untied her and let her go, she called him a sick bastard and that she never wanted to see him again, she barely could walk from her cruel punishment.
He never saw her again, he knew he had gone too far, and hadn’t dated anyone sense, because he hadn’t trusted himself, but now he decided that this slut would just take it all and had no choice!
Shaking the horrible memory of Heather away, he got a smaller dildo, a 6 inch long and maybe 2 inches around, he then explained to his bound and gagged slut, that he was feeling unusually nice today and would be pleasuring her, lying on his stomach between her legs he inspected her pussy, she was very tight, and her pink little clit was hidden in the hood.
Grabbing at it and rolling his thumb around it he groaned ‘Awe you like it don’t you, baby sister’ she nodded in delight.
He got some lube, knowing it’d be slightly painful cause it was only her second time, he fingered her tight little shaven cunt in and out slowly, and as he rubbed her clit with the other hand she made muffled moans as she grew wetter.
When he decided the gorgeous southerner was ready he positioned the dildo at her entrance and before thrusting it into her, he explained ‘I’ll be very gentle this time, and this dildo is just a little smaller than my cock so it shouldn’t hurt you too much, understand?
Nodding, Sadie felt a cold hard thing at her entrance it slowly entered her and then came all the way out again, in a little further then out all the way this was driving her crazy.
She began bucking her hips at the dildo for him to fuck her, but he just kept up with the same motion until she starting climaxing. He viciously grabbed her clit and squished it in a clamp, while thrusting the dildo in as hard as he could making sure he rammed her cervix then pulling it out slowly.
As she came wildly the second time, he took off the clamp and put it on her right nipple then began sucking her clit while fucking her savagely with the dildo.
Sadie twisted in pain as the nipple clamp pinched at her tender nipples, but the pleasure Matt was giving her was all too much and she came for the third time in a half hour!
Gripping the bed sheets, Sadie recovered from her mind blowing orgasm.
Her back began hurting from the awkward position Matt had put her in, hearing her groan loudly, Matt took the nipple clamp off and took the dildo out.
Muffled moans escaped her throat as she felt the dildo slide out slowly.
Deciding it was time for her spanking, Matt started rubbing her bruised little ass.
The first five spanks were easy for Sadie, the sixth then came in an explosion on her sensitive little pussy lips. Screaming out, Sadie wriggled her butt around hoping Matt would ease up, but this only encourage him more.
SMACK, ‘Uhhhgggnn’ groaned Sadie.
SMACK, SMACK, SMACK the 10th landing on her left ass cheek making tears form in Sadie’s blindfolded eyes.
Matt reaching for the anal beads, smiled proudly at how he would be training her from now ‘til she was 18.
Sadie, thinking it to be over smiled, then as she heard Matt rustling through the bag remembered her awaited punishment in horror.
Matt resumed to her abused bottom, as he pulled out the butt plug, making Sadie cry out from no lube.
The anal beads were a little larger than golf balls and a little smaller than base balls.
Lubing and fingering the terrified girls virgin asshole Matt placed the first one at her asshole applying little pressure.
After an extended wait a loud POP sounded and Sadie made what sounded to be wails of pain from beneath her gag and underwear.
The third and fourth were the same, Sadie writhed in pain and the last two were inserted slowly as Sadie just sat there crying.
Deciding on a ping pong paddle, Matt rubbed it against her ass, while Sadie, who had accepted her fate, was anxious to see what the next 4 instruments of torture would be.
5 hard smacks were quickly laid onto Sadie burning ass.
Crying out and praying to God or whoever would save her Sadie, realized that the spanks were making something in her pussy tingle, and how wet she was getting started freaking her out. As Sadie thrust her ass up to meet the spanks Matt had seen her do this and noticed it was something Heather had never done!
Finishing her first set, Matt reached inside Sadie’s tight ass hole making her wince at first from the pain but shortly after the pain was what seemed to be her source of pleasure…
Please tell me what you think, I love opinions, rude or nice!
Thanks for reading !
-Megann :D

anonymous readerReport

2011-06-13 01:35:56
if you dont like it, the dont read it...violence is my thing.
and okay thanks for the space tip...
Heather is his ex girl friend and he was having a memory about her.
Sadie is clearly is yonger sister. you probably got confused cause you didnt read part 1.
pleae dont names, this is what trns me on and im just supporting the very few like me!
-Megann :D

anonymous readerReport

2011-06-12 15:57:04
This is one sorry story, too much meaness towards a willing sister, whose is supposed to be named Sadie, however she is called Heather at times, also is at times less than eighteen years old, and at other times she is twenty years old. this looks very bad, it actually looks like a cut and paste from two different stories..!!

anonymous readerReport

2011-06-12 04:37:04
Most of us who are into Sister and Brother Sex are not into the meanness.

When sis gives up some pussy we are kind, friendly and happy.

Evan if she is into a little pain and bondage we are Nice About it.

anonymous readerReport

2011-06-12 04:34:19
Not A Good Story.

However not a bad writer.

Please learn to space. This site will give you all the space you need.

Anonymous readerReport

2011-06-12 02:38:55
WTF is wrong with you how could a loving brother be so fucking sick he would enjoy hurting his sister or can't the sick freak can't get it up without hurting her shit a few love taps can be fun for both.

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