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Leah has teased one guy too many at her high school. Now one decided enough is enough.
If he could have destroyed her, he would have. Sometimes it is better to leave them hanging, by a thread than to obliterate their sense of self worth.

She worked up the courage along with two of her best friends to ask their favorite person to relentlessly tease and prod, a question. "I was wondering. Would you be interested in going out with me sometime?"

Donald turned his head left and then right. He chuckled suddenly and pointed to himself. "Me? Are you serious? First the three of you make my life in school a living hell and then you have the gall to come here and ask me out? Fuck off!"

Their teacher overheard the raucous and chided Donald for being boisterous. Leah snickered with her two girlfriends Kristen and Melissa, a thin blonde and a thicker brunette, respectively. Leah was comparatively thinner but her thighs and ass were drastically larger than either of her friends. They would make a black man like Donald very happy.

When their teacher left to go...somewhere, he returned the favor to Leah. "What was it that you said, about us going out?" with both of his hands lewdly groping the clevage of her ass as she bent over the table's close edge. Donald sat in her seat, directly between her chair and what she used to sit.

Her jeans were thinner than usual and admitted his fingers further around each cleft. She hated that a man, let alone an African male was admiring her plump booty. He slapped it and firmly tugged down the waist of her belt less pants. Leah wasn't quick and fumbled uselessly until her pants rested around her ankles at the floor. No one was left in the room except for the two of them.

"I...I was joking, Donald. Please, just let me go. I swear I won't bother you again." Her voice cracked, regrettably attempting to apologize for the past five years. She trembled, bent clear over the table as he fingered her dripping slit through the flimsy garment, sheathing her sex.

"Then tell me. Why the fuck are you so damn wet?" he shouted tauntingly at her. "I think it's cause you want my big black dick in your tight little white cunt, isn't it? You privileged, prissy, blue ballin bitch!" He tore away the leg holes of her now shredded underwear and stood behind her, pushing his jeans to the floor. The head of his sturdy meat touched the insides of her untouched pussy and Leah shrieked fearfully.

"No! God no! Please! You'll rip me in two!"

"God? You have got to be trippin, girl. Name's Donald. I'm gonna teach you a few things about teasing guys." He growled and pounded his eight inch cock inside with some of it unable to fit.

"You'll break my pussy! Ow! Pull it out! Nooo!" she screamed and couldn't do much of anything with his cock in her cunt. Every time she tried to reach behind her, he grabbed her wrists, pulled them up higher into the air and rammed his cock as far as it would go. The fight died within her quickly but emerged with the sudden pulling out of his cock.

It sought another unused hole and tried for its coiled opening. Leah yelled for help but Donald lifted up her shirt. He twisted her little brown nipples in two different directions and mumbled threats under his breath. "You are gonna do as I say, bitch! Now be a good prude and catch my seed!" His hips sawed the plentiful meat of his loins in her raw hole. It wanted to push him out and failed.

He withdrew again, from her ass and returned to her pussy just in time to cum. She squirted all over the floor and his cock to thank him as she swore. "Fuck! I can't believe you made career is going to be ruined!" Donald slapped the whore across the ass and spat on her. "I'm not done yet, whore. I'll tell you when your career is over. Now bend down and hold onto your ankles. There's still a lot for you to learn!"

She followed orders and leaned forward, beneath the surface of the desk. His cock eased out of her abused pussy and was covered in slime. As she gazed up in horror from between her legs, cum hit her right in the eye. A plentiful glob of her rapist's bitter formula stung and coated the already bloodshot veins the stress of having been used had born.

His prick pushed up her anus and didn't wait for her to become used to his gargantuan size. Donald had a vendetta, so did his cock. She regretted ever coming to school today as he drilled her pristine pooper vehemently. His cum dribbled out of her cunt and landed square on the bridge of her nose. The glob trekked further down its slope, Leah whimpered and finally shrieked in discomfort when it rested in her closed eye socket.

"You love your first black cock, huh? How you gonna explain your African baby to your white momma? Haha" he slapped her jiggling ass rudely and shoved inside to make her scream. It came out warbled, but still terrified her to have such a stretched shitter. The creamy goo from earlier settled beneath her eyelids and more warm stuff pelted her rectum.

She straightened out and felt him step away from the table. He ran out the door chuckling at her, as the seed from her ass and cunt puddled on the floor beneath her gaped thighs. All she could do was continue to lay there, helpless to stave off any potential attackers that might find her in such a precarious position.

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The last part was funny!

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Lame story told even worse. I hate black things touching our women.

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