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She woke up in the room. It was dark with the exception of the immediate area around her, but she could tell by the echoes of her shifting that the room was huge. Her hands were restrained by metal cuffs on a narrow, body length table, leather cushioned like a dentist chair. Her legs were slightly spread and loosely restrained as well.
On some sort of loud speaker she heard the words "The patient is awake" in a casual male voice, and heard farther off some response that she couldn't make out. Then she heard footsteps approaching her.
A tall man in a labcoat walked out of the darkness smiling politely like she was just waiting for a doctors visit. He was attractive and his expression that of reassurance, but her first reaction was of fear. He did not address her but looked at a screen that she only then noticed to be hooked up to her finger, monitoring her pulse, like at a hospital. He scribbled on a clipboard he carried on him, and typed some things into a computer on a table next to her.
He turned and looked down at her, still pleasantly smiling. She suddenly became aware of her nakedness, and her eyes darted around in fear. "Well how are we today?" He said cheerfully, "how about if we undo those cuffs? Sit up for me." He popped open the cuffs and she immediately sat up and began frantically tugging at the ones around her ankles. "That won't do you any good," he muttered, reading off the clipboard distractedly. He took her vitals, and she cooperated reluctantly and began to search the dark for some means of escape as he typed more into the computer. Suddenly he pushed her back down and cuffed her back up, not roughly but she still flinched away from his touch. He left the room and she heard a door shut far off.
Then the machine came.
She heard someone speak on the loadspeaker and suddenly the whirlling sound of machinery filled the empty room. From the darkness above her came a bar, with hinges and joints for movement. On the end of it was what she could only assume to be some sort of dildo. A little tube came out from above it and squirted her exposed vagina with lubricant, and without any further warning the dildo thing shoved into her. Immediately she began squirming, shouting out incoherant pleas as pleasure erupted in her. Fear and panic gripped her, but the feeling of the thing shoving in and out of her in mechanic precision overwhelmed her senses.
And suddenly it stopped.
The bar retreated, and the man came back. He looked at the screen hooked up to her and wrote down on re clipboard as she panted in shock, exhausted and still overwhelmed. He was wearing rubber gloves this time, and suddenly he shoved a finger into her and felt around. She yelped as it penetrated her, and she involuntarily tightened around him. He seemed to find this amusing, and smiled down at her. Then he removes his finger and wrote something down. Her eyes reared up and she finally spoke. "Please," she begged, "just let me go...don't hurt me, just let me go..." He looked down at her again and smiled.
He left and for a while she laid there, still breathing heavily. When he returned, he was pushing a cart. At first she was terrified he was going to operate on her, as he picked up a syringe. "Now relax, this wont be as bad as it looks. It will be horrible if you move, so its in your best interest to hold absolutely still." Horror gripped her and choked up her throat as he took a wipe and disinfected her exposed clitorus. "Oh god, no, please no." She begged, but ignored her and took hold of her clitorus with his gloved finger and thumb and quickly jammed the needle into the soft fleshy hood. She grit her teeth and didn't move a single muscle, more from shock than anything. He was right, and the pain wasn't that severe, and an almost pleasant tingling sensation flowed through as he pushed the liquid in the syringe in. He removed it and let go of her and sat and watched her. At first she was confused, but then her cunt began to explode in sensation. Her juices dripped out of her and she began to contract involuntarily. Her wide eyes stared into the dark as she gasped for breath. "Let's see how it works, shall we?" He asked in a calming voice, and it sounded like music to her. She began to despise him, planning to fight him as hard as she could should she get the chance. He gently stroked her soaked opening with a gloved finger and almost instantly, she came, spraying the table. He laughed and seemed quite pleased, and began to finger her. Her body convulsed, and she strained and twisted and shouted and moaned. She had had a boyfriend or two in the past and knew very well that fingering just did not feel this amazing. She fought it still, determined not to give in, but unable to not react. An orgasm ripped though her body, and her hot come covered his finger and hand. He stopped, wrote something down, smiled at her and left. Her chest heaved and she knew she had to escape...if she didn't she knew shed inevitably be raped. She sighed, and thoroughly exhausted fell asleep.
The next day (or so she could only assume it was) she woke up to shouting. "Patient 92 is ready for male patient 86," came off th loudspeaker. She heard the door open and a young man sumbled in, his hands tied behind his back. He fought against the two burly men leading him in. "Has patient 86 been injected with the drug?" She recognized the man from yesterdays voice off the loudspeaker and heard another voice come off it saying yes, he had. The young male appeared her age, and violently agry, shouting and practically snarling at the men leading him. His eyes fell on her and he seemed to calm, still terrifyingly violent looking. The men undid his chained hands and left, as he stood there, chest heaving, staring at her. "Test 1, beginning," came off the loudspeaker. The new patient walked over to her, and immediately walked away muttering to himself something like "no, I can't..." He paced back and forth, glancing at her. Suddenly he stopped, looked at her apologetically, and climbed on top of her. "Im sorry, I'm really sorry...I can't help it, try injected me with something..." He pulled down the only thing he was wearing (boxers) exposing a massive almost unnatural looking erection. He plunged into her and his expression changed to that of pleasure and total relief. She shrieked as his throbbing cock rammed into her mercilessly. She struggled to get free, realizing the worst had finally happened and desperate to get free. Then she began to recognize the sensation of yesterday, slowly risin in her. 'Oh no,' she thought, 'no not again...' But it began again. Only this time she was being fucked ruthlessly. Her body shook with the pleasure she fought desperately. Orgasm after orgasm erupted and tore through her, rocking her already weak body. When she began to think it might kill her, the young male began to moan and hot come shot out of his warm member. It not only filled her, but poured out from her and pooled on the table. He slowed and stopped, hung his head and panted, his cock shrinking inside her. He got of her and stood with his back to her, still panting. The came and re-cuffed him, and he did not fight. They left and she heard the door open and close behind them. A few long minutes passed, and the man from yesterday, the doctor, came in and looking down at her smiled sweetly and asked "so how do we feel now, huh?" She wondered briefly if she could kill him by staring at him with enough hate.
He took out shackles and put them on her, undoing the ones tying her to the table. Then he undid her feet. "Let's go get cleaned up, okay?" She fought him, but he pulled her gently to the door and led her down a hallway. The other patients come dripped out of her as they walked. He stopped at a door that said "Patient Wash room" and opened the door. It was essentially a really big bathroom with shackles. He re-cuffed her to th wall and turned on warm water on a very long shower hose. He cleaned her gently, washing away all the juices. "Now let's be a little more thorough..." He sprayed inside her and immediately the sensation returned, and she came. The warm water was too much. With some difficulty, he finally got her clean. He turned off re water and knealed back down and smiled at her. "I have a test of my own Id like to try. Relax, don't fight, I promise you'll be okay." For some reason the words actually calmed her and she closed her eyes. But only for them to bulge open seconds later as the feeling of his warm tongue gently tracing her opening. She had never been so overwhelmed before. His tongue toyed with her clitorus and dipped in and out of her.opening and she shook with pleasure. He licked harder and deeper and all over the opening, and she contracted as hot come spilled out of her onto his tongue. She felt totally exposed and vulnerable as the orgasm rocked through her. Apparently satisfied with this reaction, he pulled away, wiped his mouth, and smiled at her. Without a word he re-shackled her to the unattached cuffs and picked her weak body up and carried her back to her room. She didn't resist. Too exhausted to even.move. He laud her down and she fell asleep.

To be c(u)ntinued...


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Great start to a story

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Interesting. Very good start.

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i like where this is going....please continue!

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