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The next time she woke, it was to the mans voice, somewhere far off. She heard the door open and close and his footsteps approach her table. Like every morning in her normal life, she would reach up to rub the sleep from her eyes. Her eyes opened wide. She was unrestrained. Just as she began to jump off the table the lights turned on for the first time since she arrived. She blinked at the sudden brightness and looked around.
The room was like a giant school gym, with the painted white brick walls and high ceilings, only this had a couple odd windows a the top. She didn't know it but behind those windows was the observation room. There were two sets of doors, one in front of her where she always heard the man come from, and one far off behind her. She bolted for the door, almost tripping over her own feet. She thought it was odd that the man just stood and watched her with his hands behind his back, smiling pleasantly. But when she slammed into the doors and tried pushing, and discovered she was locked in, she understood and collapsed to the floor. He walked over to her and stood by her, smiling down at her face as tears started to fall from her eyes. "Are you done?" He asked almost mockingly. Suddenly she was overwhelmed with feelings of abhorrence and violence toward this man, and the near growled and threw herself at him, scratching and hitting as hard as she could.
It did no good. He took hold of her wrists and looked sternly at her. "Stop struggling. Your wasting what little strength you have." She responded by going dead weight and collapsed to her knees in tears, his hands still tightly around her wrists. He sighed and hoisted her up. "Come on," he said, "back to the table." She didn't fight back.
She could see what was in the room besides her table and the small desk with his computor. Besides machines, she now saw a scale, which he lead her too. She obediently stepped on, and he recorded the results and measured her height.
As he walked her back to the table she looked up at the ceiling to see black and silver machinery covering it, and many arms like the one that they used on her previously. He laid her on the table and shackled her. She stared emotionlessly at the ceiling.
"Let's see if this wore of yet, okay?" he said cheerfully, gesturing to her crotch area. He massaged it lightly with a gloved finger. "Can you tell me what you feel?" She said nothing, but noticed no extraordinary sensations began to flood her system like before. He saw her lack of reaction, muttered "good" and scribbled on his clipboard. "I think were ready for your next test. Now just relax, alright? This is going to be very intense, but it...evens out a bit after a few minutes." He wheeled over a machine with lots of tubes hooked up to it. He pulled one tube to her vagina and inserted it deeply so it wouldn't come out to easily. He opened a little drawer on the side of the machine, and taking a small plastic jar filled with clear liquid, he poured it in and shut the drawer. He pressed a few buttons, and liquid began to flow from the end of the tube into her.
Most of it spilled to the floor, but what touched her skin brought with it a sensation so intense that she climaxed almost instantly. "Patient 27 is ready for her now, Doctor," sounded from the loud speaker. "Send him in," he said, pressing buttons and adjust dials. He turned to her and smiled. "Im afraid that for the sake of the test, we're going to have to tape your mouth shut. Just relax and keep taking those deep breaths." He pulled a roll of silver tape out of a drawer from his little desk and taped her mouth shut, just as whatever chemical they were pumping into began to get worse. She struggled and screamed against the tape. The door opened and a man in his early twenties walked in. He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. He walked on his own, apparently willing. He gave a brief wave to the doctor who smiled and nodded back, and he began to remove his clothing as the doctor left. This new man smiled down at her. She squirmed and whimpered in fear, pulling as far from him as her restraints would allow. "Relax," he said in a deep, surprisingly gentle voice, " I'm not going to hurt you. I promise." He, now totally naked, mounted her and rested his weight on he's knees and arms, kissing her gently on the neck as he stroked her cheek sweetly. She screamed against the tape, struggling more violently. "Shhh," he comforted, "it wont take that long..." and with that he pulled out the tube from her and tossing it aside rammed his eight inch cock into her. She shouted against the tape again, tears pouring down her cheeks. It was certainly intense, borderline painful. He shoved it in and out of her, holding onto her upper arms as he threw it into her. She helplessly reached an orgasm, and it ripped through her core as hot fluid poured onto his cock. He took one of her breasts into his hand, gripping it hard and rubbing her erect nipple with his thumb. With his right hand he grabbed her hair and dove into her deeper, giving her all of him. Finally he started to feel himself reach his limit just as hot come shot into her body. He slowed down and quivered before climbing off her, kissing her on the forehead and leaving. She lay there, her chest heaving, still shaking. It had been such an extreme feeling but she didn't come as much as before. The doctor walked back in frowning, apparently noticing this. He wrote something down and took another tube from the machine that sprayed water, and he cleaned her. He then wheeled it away and left her.
When she woke up, her mouth was still taped shut. She was in a different, smaller room now. She was on her knees chained to a wall. The doctor sat in a chair in the corner with his clipboard. A door opened and an older man walked in, maybe mid fourties. He was good looking, in good shape, and wielding a nine inch cock. He didn't smile at her but he walked over to her and stroked her hair gently before removing the tape. He pulled her to him and kissed her passionately before standing, and without warning shoved his cock into her mouth. She gagged and turned her head, but he wouldn't have it. "SUCK IT," he yelled, and smacked her hard. He shoved it back in her mouth and she, in terror, obeyed. "Suck it like you want it, bitch." She had given a few blow jobs before and considered herself decent at it. To avoid getting smacked again, she gave him her best. She swirled her tongue around the tip of him, as she sucked deeply and tried to take as much of him as possible. He grunted and forced himself down her throat. As she choked, she tried to keep her tongue at work, flicking it around and swirling it, as she could feel he was getting close to coming. She just wanted to get it over with. Suddenly she opened her eyes, and looked to the corner at the doctor. He watched her suck the mans cock, pleasantly smiling, writing things down now and then. An intense feeling of butterflies erupted in her belly, and she suddenly stopped understanding what was going on with herself. She took the man into her mouth with intense passion now, and his breathing got hard and heavy. He pushed himself one last, deep time as he emptied his load into her throat. She swallowed obediently as he removed himself from her. He gave her one quick pat on the head and left, just like that. She kneeled panting, waiting to see what the doctor would do. He got up and approached her. Butterflies rose in her stomache again and she crouched away from him, trying to distance herself. He undid her bindings and picked her up. His arms felt strong and his body was warm. She lightly touched his clothed chest with her hand but quickely pulled away the second she thought he noticed. He took her back to her room and laid her down on her table. He cuffed her and left for another night.
When she woke the next morning he was by her side, staring at the computer screen and typing. She noticed he was drinking a mug of coffee and hadn't shaved. She thought he looked ridiculously handsome.
She noticed then that the room was dark again, save for the area she was in.
The doctor looked down at her and gave her a tired half smile. They looked at eachother for a second, before he spoke. "I've been thinking," he said, "and what I've realized is its very hard to do these tests when I'm not the one....getting the full effect..." He removed his lab coat. "I think I ought to make these observations myself. How else am I supposed to know that they're accurate?" She just stared back at him. He unbuttoned his shirt and removed his tie. "Any way, I think I'll conduct this test myself. I want to feel everything..." He removed the rest of his clothes.
He was about six feet tall, well built, and his cock was half erect already at six inches. He pushed his floppy to her mouth. "Suck it, baby. I want to know how your tongue feels." She didn't resist. With a final sigh of reluctance she submitted to the power he held over her. She sucked him into his mouth and it wasn't much licking and suckig later before his fully erect cock stood at nine impressive inches. It was thick too, more so than the last man, and it filled her mouth with difficulty. He thrust it gently but she did most of the work, still restrained. She felt him reach climax and pour into her mouth. She had never really loved the taste of come, sometimes disliked it quite a bit. But she let it fill her mouth before she swalled, wanting to fill it everywhere. It was then she realized she wanted it in her. He mounting her, he laid on her, stroking her hair gently untill he was ready to go again. He undid her restraints and she immediately wrapped her hand around his cock and rubbed it and kissed and sucked it till he was hard again. He leaned over and grabbed a bottle out of a drawer from the desk an lubed up her tits. They were a nice size of D, not porn star big but impressive, real, and firm. She pushed them together around his cock and he put his hands over hers, fucking her beautiful tits for a moment before he had to move on. He lowered his face to her warm, wet cunt. All patients are kept clean and shaved, and he brushed his lips over the soft skin before planting a kiss dead center. The kiss turned into licking, and he sucked hard on her sensitive clit before diving his tongue as deep as it would go, flicking it around and flicking her clit with it.
Unable to wait any longer, he drew his face up to hers. "Are you ready to take me?" He asked as he looked down at her. She didn't respond but stared back at him. Taking that as a yes, he took to more time in plunging his cock into her. He rammed it in and out, his thick hard dick filling her and satisfying every square in of her. She plunged into an orgasm, and hot fluid poured onto him. "That's right, baby, don't hold back. Just let yourself go." With those words she began to moan with pleasure for the first time since her arrival. She hesitantly wrapped her legs around him, pushing him to her, grinding her hips against him. Another orgasm flowed through her and she moaned loadly and wrapped her arms around him. He locked his lips with hers as he fucked her fiercely, ball deep and hard. One arm wrapped around her neck and back and the other cradled the side of her face. She broke the kiss and bit down on his shoulder for the most intense orgasm of her entire life thus far. As it faded and a new one was brig built up to, he kissed her again, and they both came at the same time, his shooting into her as he groaned with pleasure and hers pouring onto him as she moaned with ecstasy at what he had done, was doing to her. He slowed, and panting, he stopped. His dick remained in her as he laid, his shoulders heaving, holding her tightly. He laid next to her and held her and they rested.


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