This is the sequel to Riding the Ponies. Twenty years after their marriage, their daughter returns home to new discoveries.
Chapter 01 – Homecoming

Olivia is not an ordinary young woman. While most young girls dream of receiving a pony for Christmas, she had more horses at her beck and call then she knew what to do with. Mostly because her parents owned riding stables. From early childhood she had ridden with her parents at every opportunity. The scent of fresh hay and animals was intoxicating to her from an early age.

Her mom, Melanie had inherited the stables from her father and horses ran in her family's blood for generations. After their wedding, Olive's other mother joined the family business and spent more and more time with the horses. Even though she was adopted, Olivia has riding in her blood too.

All this and more swirled through her mind as she looked over the family photos on the wall. Nostalgia quirked her lips into a smile as she reminisced. Looking at her moms' wedding shot she remembered riding on Brutus and Neptune as a child. The enormous Great Danes were her constant companions when she wasn't with the horses. A sullen sigh escaped her lips as she remembered that they were gone.

The scratch of nails on tile snapped her out of her maudlin mood. She turns just in time to catch Cronus. She and her mothers had picked him up at a local kennel almost three years ago. Melanie has a fondness for naming pets after Gods and Goddesses, but Cronus had certainly grown into his lofty name. His massive paws settle onto her shoulders as he licks her face exuberantly in greeting. With his full height extended from the ground he has to bend his neck to reach her.

She laughs as her poor face is covered in drool.

"Easy boy," she giggled. "I haven't been gone that long."

She scratches at his exposed belly as he kisses her in his doggie way. His amorous licks force Olive to shut her lids to avoid getting her eyeballs coated in slime. With her eyes shut Olivia is oblivious to the thick scarlet shaft peeping out of his sheath and stretching up to her scratching hands. But her delicate hands slowly migrate up his chest and pull him into a hug before gently shoving him off her body.

With greetings taken care of, Olivia heaves her backpack off the floor and trudges off to her room. The first summer break of college is always a great feeling. Many of her classmates were heading off to vacation and dreaming about being back to the freedom of the University life. Olive on the other hand couldn't wait to go home. She loves her parents dearly. And after a lifetime of riding, she was impatient to get back on her horses.

It wasn't long after she arrived at college that she started itching for a ride in the country. The loss of a massive animal from between her legs drove her to distraction. It might have helped if she had taken a lover during her freshman year, but she doesn't like to go into that. Men are complicated and frustrating. Riding is pure, natural, and beautiful. When she is on top of one of her magnificent animals the whole world simply melts away.

Her short lived winter break helped her aching needs, but it simply wasn't enough. Too soon she was back in her car heading back to an animal free college life. So she is very much looking forward to helping out at the stables all summer long and taking every opportunity she can to ride until her thighs ache and her butt is sore. But before that the fine coating of dog slobber on her face reminds her that a shower is in order after the long drive home.

Naked under the hot spray of water, her thoughts quickly turned to Hermes. When one of Melanie's prized stallions fathered a beautiful foal, she decided the then teenage Olivia could raise and train him. Following her mother's penchant for the old myths she named him Hermes after one of Zeus's many children. When she was gripping that amazing stallion betwixt her legs as they raced through the fields, she felt like they were flying.

Another trait she acquired from her adoptive parents was the pleasure she took in riding. Beyond the rush of galloping through the trees, beyond the power of controlling such a majestic and powerful creature, and beyond the exhilaration of nature and her wanton body; was the connection of her snatch and her saddle. Even before she started masturbating, she realized that riding did unimaginably amazing things with her body. And once she went to college, even with her rabbit she just never came as hard as when she had just finished a good long canter.

So she is itching for a return to the stables for many reasons. But as her thoughts flit to the idea of once again straddling Hermes and riding off into the sunset her crotch demands her attention. She slides her hand down her supple chest and into her sparse pubic hair cut close to her skin. Her fingers pry at her opening releasing her fluids to be washed down the drain. Although technically a virgin, she had long ago burst her hymen with one of her toys. So her fingers find no resistance as she buries them deep in her cave.

Her breath bursts from her lips sending a spray of water against the tiled wall. The running water pounds in her ears as she pounds her pussy. She frantically attempts to regain the strength of her orgasm from the last time she rode. Her other hand reaches down to join the first plying at the sensitive bud of her clitoris. Her head slips down to brace her against the wall. The torrent of burning water cascades down her back and licks at her ass crack before falling to her feet. She focuses all her thoughts on the feel of Hermes underneath her. The feel of his charging hoof beats echoing through her body. She wills her body to remember what it felt like to ride into the woods like a woman possessed.

Her breathing comes faster and faster as the pleasurable arcs cascade through her body. The ripples of joy coalesce with the water beating down around her. She can feel the orgasm coming ever closer like a live wire begging to be let loose through her nerves. But a howl from right outside the bathroom door breaks her concentration. Startled, her hands fly out of her body and slam against the shower wall to keep her balance. She breathes deeply as her balance returns, but the moment is gone. And the water is slowly but surely cooling as it hits her flesh.

She turns off the tap and grumbles at the towel before yanking it off to wrap around herself. More than a little frustrated she grabs a second towel to wrap around her hair. Finally she pulls open the door to see the unwelcome interruption. Cronus of course looks as happy as a clam. His head rubs against her breasts through the flimsy towel just begging to be scratched.

Laughing through her annoyance, Olive obliges the big brute with a vigorous head rub. There is no way he could have known what he had done to her she figures. So there is no reason to take out her sexual frustration on the guy just because he wants some attention. She skirts around the giant dog and wiggles her ass to the music in her head as she tries to forget about the foregone orgasm. Entering her room, she fails to notice Cronus staring intently at her swaying hips and licking his chops.

Chapter 02 - A Welcoming Return

Olivia pushes her door shut as she spins into her old bedroom. Her bag lies open on her bed awaiting her attention as she bobs and sways to the silent music. The towel flips and moves as she dances exposing brief glances of her pert ass and bare cunt. The slight breeze created by the motion of the towel intriguing the young woman. The thicker edge of the terrycloth occasionally slaps against her skin sending tingles out through her body.

The gentle tingling entices her to move faster and swing her hips more and more as she dances between the open bag and her childhood dresser. The clothes gradually disappear from the bag as the dresser fills. And just as she reaches the end of her clothes, the towel wrapped tightly around her chest slips free and falls to the floor. Olive is so intent on her movements that she flings her foot out kicking the damp towel under her bed before she even realizes that it fell.

Cursing, she bends down and reaches as far as she can under the bed. Her kick could not have been better if she tried. The wayward towel is trapped behind a foot of the bed and the wall. Rather than taking the sensible route of crawling over the bed to retrieve it, Liv just strains harder grumbling to herself about stupid inanimate objects.

Because of her mutterings, she fails to hear Cronus nudge her door open with his enormous muzzle. She also doesn't hear him sniffing the air as he pads silently into her bedroom. In fact, she has no conception of his presence until he moves up behind her upturned ass and gives it a good lick.

After watching Olivia shake her ass down the hallway, Cronus followed the scent trail of his young mistress. Her zealous masturbation session in the shower had released a cascade of pheromones along with the nectar that flowed down the drain. The scent of a horny female brought him to the door where he howled in frustration at being balked. Even with the water flowing over her body, the odor of sex was strong enough to seduce the dog's nostrils. So when she opened the door he was waiting.

The fragrance drew him down the hallway and into her bedroom. He nudged the door open with his snout seeking the source. In here the scent is so pervasive it fills his canine senses drawing his cock half out of its sheath in anticipation. For a moment he is lost in the scent of a young woman's fresh cunt as he inhales deeply where she danced around. The aroma is so all consuming that he has difficulty finding the source. He licks at the carpet trying to taste the overwhelming joy his nose tells him is so near. Then Olive's grunts draw his attention to the ass waving out from under her bed.

Over the years Melanie and her lover have trained this young mutt well. As soon as his eyes zero in on the waving globes of her ass he knows what to do. Waging his tail for joy, he pads up to her trapped body and licks the source of his excitement. His expert tongue loops around her crotch from behind. The tip of that massive organ wets her pubic hair as the flat rough tongue rubs against her clitoris even through the folds of her labia. The power in his immense jaws is great enough to lift her slightly off her knees with just one lick.

But as his tongue slides between her lips, her weight pulls her along its surface. The force of gravity pulling her against that pebbled tongue provides added friction alongside her steaming cunt. His mistresses had trained him very well indeed. Startled, Olivia is unsure what is going on. She feels the mighty tongue licking delicately between her lips. The strength of her canine lover lifting her up only to let her slide softly to the ground like an erotic playground ride.

Forgetting where she was thanks to his expert tonguemenship she raises her head only to conk it against the bedframe. Seeing stars, Olive is helpless to prevent the not unwelcome assault on her lady parts. Cronus for his part simply loves the taste and smell of a ready female and is happy to lick her thoroughly while she comes to her senses. Of course that does not help matters very much. The constant rubbing, licking, sliding, and stroking of her pussy only converts one type of bedazzlement to another.

As her head clears of the cobwebs of concussion it fills with the fuzzy heat of desire. The groans of pain and a throbbing head quickly transform into the moans of lust. Her body shakes still half buried under her childhood bed. The pressing tongue becomes more insistent with every lick pulling harder against her body. He starts to linger on the initial swipe lifting her higher until her back presses gently against the cold bar of the bed frame. The mixture of cool steel meeting the burning fires emanating from her crotch s heavenly. The warring temperatures create a tornado of pleasure that wreaks havoc on her system.

Her fragrant sex opens wide before this brute like a delicate flower opening to the life-giving sun. Her lips spread to invite the tempting tongue to taste the torrid extract of her desire. Cronus is not one to shirk such a delightful invitation and hounds her opening flower with his thick meaty organ. Liv's clitoris unaccustomed to such a complete workout exposes itself from within her protective folds. It soaks in Olivia's lust and gorges itself on her need to obliterate the prior sexual frustration.

The sensitive bundle of nerves breaks free demanding attention as it goads the assailing tongue. The first full swipe of tongue on clit feels like an explosion of ecstasy blows off in her cunt. The tingling pleasure pulses through her being and once again she sees stars. But these celestial orbs are warm and loving and wash her body in the beauty of their light.

Before the lightning fast traces of pleasure could reach her fingertips, Cronus's exquisite organ returns to her love bud. The additional assaults send wave after wave of the same electric sensations chasing after the first. Every slide down his hanging tongue her clitoris scrapes against his taste buds on the way down generating mini tremors in between the massive shakes. Her orgasm comes fast and hard burning through her body. It wraps her in its heated embrace caressing her body.

Olivia's crevice ripples as if to milk a non-existent cock as she finally reaches the orgasm she's been waiting five months for. Her body seizes against the floor raking her hardened nipples against the soft carpet. Her hands wrap around her ass cheeks pulling them apart and urging Cronus to take her. Willingly he laps up the fluids coursing out of her gaping hole. His tongue shoves roughly against her tender lips as her shaking frame causes her to lose control and release her bum. Cronus continues his licking undaunted as her honey floods his muzzle with liquid pheromones.

She waits for her body to stop trembling with the force of it and slowly realizes that it isn't going to. The tremors are weaker and more infrequent, but they remain constant. Cronus's consistent lapping has kept her right on the edge of orgasm even as she came down. If anything, his pace increases as the scent of satiated pussy envelopes his brain.

The tongue lashing rapidly confines itself to her open licks. Less and less of the broad palate of his organ contacts the tender flesh with each passing lick. Though the increased frequency of his attentions more than makes up for the reduced contact. As the magnificent tongue slowly retreats from her clit, Olive regains control over her muscles. She inches her way out from underneath the bed. And Cronus's tongue pulls back until only the delicate tip is tickling the entrance to her cavern.

Olivia assumes that his reduced contact is an invitation to crawl out from under the bed. And we all know what happens when one assumes. She backs up effectively shoving her sweet-scented cleft into his face. Opening his maw impossibly wide, Cronus stiffens his ready tongue and rams it home into the encroaching pussy. The strength of his lunge robs Liv of the little progress she made forcing her bodily back under the bed. Her torso is slammed against the plush carpet once more. The fibers wrap around her raised nipples stroking them as she slides.

Her breath bursts from her chest. The sudden intrusion takes her by such surprise that her head spins as she attempts to sort out what happened. The thick organ filling her vagina feels as big as her prized rabbit still stowed away in her luggage. But instead of a constant buzzing, this invader undulates and rolls as it pushes deeper spreading her walls before its ruthless advance. She can feel the scratch of his teeth against her ass and pubic mound as he fights to get his mouth as close as possible to her delicious body.

But the savage thrills of his digging tongue eclipses the light pain of his sharp canines. It rolls and twists soaking in her sap and sucking it back into his waiting jaws. She can feel the saliva dripping from his fangs and down over her flesh. It prickles her asshole before continuing on its journey. Its final destination is to mix with the free flowing fluids of my cunt and pour back into his mouth.

The orgasm that was slowly abating comes flaring back into her body as the muscle explores its new terrain. The new sensation of a living warm organ trapped between her legs thrills her even more than the memory of riding Hermes. She finally works her arms under her prone body and pushes backwards. The teeth cut barely into her skin, but she is beyond caring about such trivialities. All she knows is that she needs that amazing tongue to do whatever it wants and bring her to a second orgasm. From the shockwaves pulsing through her and threatening to collapse her arms she knows with complete certainty that the coming cum will blow the previous one out of the water.

Luckily, Cronus is a very well trained and experienced lover. Once he feels Olivia pushing into his muzzle he forces his jaw wider to accommodate the voracious youth. His mistresses had ingrained in him never to draw blood unless they give prior approval for a little more vigorous attention. Olive of course had no idea of the training she now benefits from, but at this point she doesn't care.

She forces her ass into Cronus until she feels the stretched lines of his lips caress her cheeks. Then she moves back and forth riding the extended tongue like one of her horses. The feeling of that large lapper being squeezed out of her orifice only to slither back into her passionate body drives her nuts. She takes only a few minutes of this rocking penetration to achieve her second climax.

Her trembling body shakes between the extended choppers of her loving dog. Her body pulls his muzzle with her movement. Her cunt throbs around the muscle still buried in its depths. And her fluids spout into Cronus's mouth to pool around his tongue. Her strength gone, Olivia's knees slide out from under her dropping her into his maw.

Cronus quickly dips his neck down to lay her onto the floor. Some of his reward drips from his snout as she falls free of his sharp teeth. But it is a small price to pay for her safety.

When Olivia comes to her senses she at last slides out from under the bed and sits upright with it supporting her back. She looks at her stomach amused at the semi-circle of red pinpricks. In her post-orgasmic collapse, Olivia's skin collided with Cronus's sharp teeth before he released her. Olivia smiles despite the slight itching pain, seeing the marks as a memento of their encounter.

Expanding her gaze, she spies Cronus tucked against her closed door. His muzzle between his own legs he licks longingly at his visible penis. Knowing that her parents did not neuter they're pets if they could help it; Olive is not surprised to see the scarlet phallus. Over the years whenever he got excited his cock slid out from its furry sheath. But after the dual orgasms of his tongue, she is seeing the monstrous organ in a new light.

She calls to him from her sitting position. Ever obedient, he lumbers to his feet and stalks over to her. He licks her face, but this time she can smell her own fluids mingling with his doggie breath. On instinct she opens her mouth wide licking at his tongue with hers. Taking the summons, his tongue pours into her mouth filling it. The taste of his drool and her nectar is exquisite on her taste buds.

She swallows the copious liquids and her throat works the tip of his tongues down as well. The thick protuberance slides into her neck like a too big bite of meat thrilling her. The wriggling tongue strokes every inch of her filled orifice. And just before she begins to choke he withdraws pulling his dripping muscle back into his mouth.

"Good boy," she coos as she scratches his head. She can see through his forelegs back to the still erect penis. Her mouth waters as she stares at the fascinating phallus. The taste of his tongue still lingering on her lips. She slides her hands down through his fur to stroke his large chest. She buries her fingers in his soft fur reveling in the feel of his skin. She scratches his belly languidly as her hands move ever closer to her prize.

But his protruding chest stops her before she can reach the throbbing dick. She grasps his fur and digs her fingers in deeper urging his massive body forward. She pulls his massive frame almost whining with the need to feel his prick in her hands. Heeding her instructions, Cronus leaps forward planting his forelegs firmly on the bed behind her.

Her hands wrap around the pole as it drives forward. His hind legs don't stop until they rest in the same position his forelegs just left. His massive hanging testicles still swing from his sudden movement. And the pointed cock stops a scant inch in front of Olivia's face.

She stares at the object of her desire captivated by its beauty. She can smell the thick animal musk emanating from Cronus's body. Her hand lightly pumps the extended pole of its own accord as she studies it. The red appearance seems to be mostly thick veins cascading through the erect member. And without consciously wishing it she imagines the thick point driving its way into her belly. Forcing its way past her defenses like an arrowhead through armor and filling her with its shaft.

She shivers with the delightful thought of being filled with his enormous dick. Just from stroking it she can tell it is longer and wider than even the biggest of her toys. And as she rubbed his rod and balls she wonders just how huge his knot will be when it inflates. She catches her thoughts as they turn to feeling his bulge expanding inside her unprotected pussy.

For half a second she worries that her depraved imagination has finally gone too far. She had often thought about what it might feel like to have Hermes driving his huge tallywhacker between her thighs. Although she had never come close to the attempt, with Cronus's dong so close the temptation was immense. But is it right she asks herself.

Any fears over right and wrong are abolished when the tip bounces forward touching her lips. The taste of that tip wedging between her lips is intoxicating. With a moan, she opens her lips to taste more of him. She opens up just in time, because Cronus jabs forward plunging his erect cock into her mouth so deeply his balls bump her chin. The cloying scent of raw animal lust overwhelms Olivia's senses.

Her throat opens wide to accommodate the intrusion poking deeper than the tongue even managed. Her hands automatically enclose his haunches as she holds his cock inside her mouth. She sucks and licks and revels in the taste and small and feel of such a colossal trespasser. But a slamming door breaks her amorous attack.

In a panic, she realizes that her mom is home already and she is still naked as a jaybird. Reluctantly, she pulls the gratifying phallus out of her craw and slips sideways out from under the horny pooch. She quickly shoos him out into the hallway and hopes that her mom will just assume he was licking himself and that is why he's all worked up.

She hears him run down the stairs as she hastily finds the lost towel. She dresses in record speed praying that her mom won't burst in on her happy to see her daughter after so long. Luckily for Olive's sensibilities, Mel is quickly distracted upon entering by the attack of the giant Dane. Unlike her daughter, she swiftly notices the extended cock as Cronus places his paws on her shoulders in greeting. She grabs the offered member and slides her hand along its substantial length.

"I see you've been licking yourself in anticipation of my homecoming," she purrs to the eager pup. She rubs her child's saliva into the slick rod. "But I can't play right now. Olive's car is in the driveway. I promise tonight when we go to sleep I'll take care of you."

With her promise made, she kissed his nose and walked off to greet her long awaited daughter.

Chapter 03 - Bumps in the Night

By this time, Olivia has managed to get her room, clothes and respiration all in order. She greets her mother warmly as Mel pulls her into a crushing hug. She lets her daughter go when she feels her wince. The strong embrace makes Olive's shirt scratch at the bite marks on her belly.

"You all right honey?"

"Oh, I'm just a little sore from seatbelt after the long drive," she responds thinking fast.

"Well you'll bounce back."

"I'm sure I will. Have you heard from mom lately? How's the stallion hunting going?"

"Yeah she called in this afternoon. Sounds like she's having a ball testing them out before she decides on a new purchase for our stables."

"Yeah, she likes to ride even more than me."

Mel smiles softly to herself. Silently she thinks about her lovely wife and how much fun she must be having riding new stallions. She always does enjoy the feel of new horse flesh between her legs. Snapping out of her envy tinged thoughts, she pulls Olivia into another crushing hug.

"That's from her by the way. She said she wishes she could be here to greet you, but she should be done by the end of the week."

They spend the next few hours eating dinner and catching up on what they haven't shared in calls and emails over the past months of schooling. As time passes Cronus continuously rubs against each of the lovely women begging for attention. He receives plenty of scratches and pats as they talk and eventually retire to the living room to watch some television.

Finally, even with her youthful energy, the day's toll starts to show on Olive. The combination of a long drive, unpacking, and two body wrecking orgasms are starting to make her eyes droop. She decides to follow her body's advice and shuffles off to sleep. She is tempted to drag Cronus along with her. After a quick nap and while Mel sleeps she would have a little more time with his intriguing cock. But as always, she figured that Mel would be taking him into her bedroom for the night.

Ever since she was a child, her parents slept with their pets in order to keep them out of trouble. Despite how desperate she was for a little alone time with the beast, taking him into her bedroom would be very suspicious. So, she kisses Mel goodnight and wanders up to bed alone with thoughts of Hermes to carry her off to dreamland.

Mel on the other hand is far too keyed up to sleep. Upon seeing the erect Cronus when she arrived home her pussy started dripping and just wouldn't stop. She always missed her love when she was away. The loss of her constant companion left a hole that was usually filled by Cronus's dick. Especially during the last year.

When Olivia left for college, the two women acted like it was a second honeymoon. Many days they would "forget" to get dressed and simply walk around naked groping each other on a whim and enticing Cronus with frequent shakes of their asses. They both love their daughter dearly, but her arrival for summer break definitely forces them to be a little more circumspect. And even the few strokes of his ready cock had started urges deep in Mel's belly. Thankfully, taking Cronus in to sleep with her is standard operating procedure and Olive wouldn't think twice about it.

"Thank god," Mel thinks as she fondly ponders what this night will hold. Her pussy is aching to be played with and her toys just won't cut the mustard tonight. When Olive leaves the room she eagerly expects to take Cronus up to their bedroom and satiating her desires.

Shortly after she hears her daughter's door close she shuts everything down and moves silently upstairs. Cronus already ready for the evening keeps pace with her the whole way. He beats her into the bedroom and jumps up onto the king sized bed. His member is already poking its way free of the confining sheath in anticipation of copulation.

"Hold on a second boy," she whispers.

Yearning to be stuffed, but not wanting to be caught, she steals out of her bedroom and down the hall. She listens intently at her daughter's closed door, but all she hears is the deep breathing of a sleeping teenager. With a giant smile, she races for her bedroom and strips naked before jumping onto the bed with Cronus.

Her body slides effortlessly under his massive frame. Slipping along the thick comforter, she rests underneath his body. Her eyes drink in the magnificent form of her tawny animal. For a flitting moment she wishes she could feel her wife's lips on hers, run her fingers through her hair, and her fist through her pussy. Sex with her human lover is always the best, but having Cronus all to herself especially as horny as she feels is not a terrible consolation prize.

His scarlet cock hanging above her face begs to be touched. She can almost hear his hanging testicles cry out to be emptied into her receptacle. Still she stares at the wonderful sight of doggie tackle tempting her with visions of what it will be doing very soon.

Cronus on the other hand doesn't have that kind of patience. After the extended session with his newest conquest he is more than ready to empty his balls into the nearest willing female. He arcs his neck and delights in the bouquet before him. His tongue lolls out of its own accord and smothers the offered pussy with its strong musculature.

As he licks, Mel's honey pot quickly opens to him. Mel did not choose this position at random. With the years of practice she knows just how to get what she wants. Once her clitoris shows itself she braces for the unending torrent of bliss to flow from Cronus's tongue. With him facing the opposite way, each lick does miss much of the cunt flesh he would normally assault. However, the placement of her sensitive bud means that marvelous tongue scrapes against it stronger than normal.

In addition, his laps cause his tongue to roll over her clit forcing him to flick it roughly with the tip of his tongue with every stroke. The pure volume of stimulation is exquisite and rides the first waves of bliss as they swell within her breast. However, she isn't content to leave Cronus alone for very long.

She lifts herself up onto her elbows careful not to disrupt the passionate licking in her crotch. With a practiced ease, she engulfs the hanging rod in her ruby lips. She can feel it bump along her taste buds before it enters her throat. Without hesitation she guides the engorged member down her gullet to settle. She can feel his furry sheath tickle her lips as she pushes him in deeper. His balls bump across her face finally settling against her nose. She ogles his wagging tail from between his wide legs moaning around the pole impaling her mouth.

With years of practice she can sustain the penetration indefinitely. Especially in this open position, she can breathe in through her nose expanding her esophagus to allow the air past the invasive tool. This has the added bonus to Cronus of massaging his thick cock with her throat. It also allows Mel to inhale his strong animal scent deep from his groin which only turns her on ever more.

She suckles at the penis like a cow suckling his mother's teat. Never allowing it to shift more than an inch or two from her lips before sucking it back into her clutches. The attacking tongue only serves to drive her passion. She revels in the decadence of her doggie 69. She loses herself in the overpowering musk of aroused canine. The slurps and licks of both animal and human fill her ears.

Too soon she feels the familiar bulge of his growing knot. Finally extracting the tool from between her teeth, she admonishes the eager pup.

"Oh no baby, you aren't getting off that easily."

She turns her body around underneath the massive dog. She releases her cunt from his amazing tongue in anticipation of a far greater prize. She wriggles it up against the dangling organ urging Cronus to take her hard.

"Come on, Cronus. Put that hot doggie dick in mama. I need you so bad right now."

Cronus launches forward pushing them both forward on the bed as he shoves his enormous phallus straight in to her womb. The orange sized knot fully expands within her hot crotch and she clamps down tightly preventing its escape. A deep moan rumbles out from her diaphragm. This is what she has been waiting for ever since she came home. The moan also drowns out the gasp of shock from outside her bedroom door.

After a brief nap, Olivia bolts upright in her bed. For some unknown to her reason she could not fall back asleep. In actuality a particularly loud moan from Mel had traveled through Cronus's dick and down the hall to insinuate itself in Olive's subconscious. In any event after a few minutes of tossing and turning she decides to go downstairs and watch some TV.

However, as she walks quietly to the steps she hears the unmistakable sounds of sex coming from her parents' room. Intrigued she sidles up to the door to listen in. Curiosity turns to panic as she realizes that her mom is out of town. Fear grips her as she assumes the worst and that Mel is having an affair in her own house while her daughter is just in the other room. The panic turns to anger for her poor betrayed mother. But the anger rapidly gives way to lust as she hears Mel calling out, begging for Cronus to fill her hole with fresh dog meat.

Her pussy grows damp in the dark hallway. She gasps in astonishment that Mel is living out what had just become her most recent fantasy. Her hand flies up to her mouth to cover the outburst. Even as she worries that she might be caught her other hand slides down her smooth belly to toy with her moist lips.

Although she cannot see what is happening, she can still hear the constant moans and encouragements spilling from Mel's lips. And the slick slap of Cronus's body colliding with her mother's is music to her ears. Thinking back to the afternoon, Olivia realizes that Cronus was far too good at getting her off for it to be a coincidence. She wonders how long Mel or maybe even both her parents have been training Cronus how to please a woman.

Nevertheless, her musings dissolve before the heat emanating from her crotch. Forgetting about how he learned his skills, she instead focuses on how she can soon benefit from them. Her fingers dip into her gaping snatch. And she imagines them to be Cronus's cock as she bends down to all fours on the carpet.

Mel, on the other hand, is living that fantasy. The pounding rhythm of a dog slamming into her body thrills her to the core. The staccato beat of his balls against her mound nearly wrests her control away from her. But she still barely manages to keep a tight hold on the massive knot permeating her cunt.

Olivia desperately tries to match each thrust of the huge dog with her own pumping fingers, but it's hopeless. Her hand simply cannot move as fast as the sounds coming from the bedroom. The smacks of flesh touching flesh blur together. The ferocity of the fuck just from the sounds awakens a deep desire in Olivia to receive what her mom has at the next opportunity.

Mel, oblivious to the eavesdropper, allows her moans to become louder and more insistent. Trusting her daughter's deep sleep or possibly just beyond control at this point, she screws her ass into the humping pup seeking the little death. The first spurts of dog cum are enough to propel her screaming into her orgasm.

Simultaneously, Olive's feverish fingering force her to fly into her own orgasm and her voice joins Mel's in calling out her pleasure. Neither woman even notice the other's cry as they are too preoccupied with the joy coursing through their respective bodies.

But Olive worries that her enthusiasm gave her away. She crawls back to her bedroom unsure if her legs can hold her full weight. She pulls herself into bed and snuggles under the covers. She buries two fingers into her still burning snatch.

Mel now filled with Cronus's gift slides off his thick cock. She smiles at the feeling of fresh sperm running down her used channel. As usual Cronus followed up his brutal attack by gently cleaning his dripping fluids with his tongue. And so with fingers in play and a cleaning tongue, the two women tumble into a satisfied sleep.


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2011-08-09 15:34:23
My neice and I read stories together and have anything goes sex. She is begging me to get a large dog to fuck. Your story has her hot for dog meat and I'm hot to watch the knot swell inside her pussy. I have a question, can a man fuck a female dog? On the pecker erection meter, I give your story an 8.5. Thanks for sharing your hot story and looking forward to reading a follow up.


2011-07-21 00:50:44
GOOD I just frenched our dog for the first time this week. Having that big tongue down my throat was exciting. I am going to do it again and again

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2011-06-29 14:31:14
very very sexxxy.... mmm.....

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