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She can't help herself
The next day my mind and body were in a fog. I had let three different cocks fuck me last night. I hadn’t got much sleep and I was sore all over especially the entrance to my pussy. The Rottweiler’s knot had been huge and it would be awhile before I could let something that big try to get inside me again. I was about to lay down for a mid morning nap when the doorbell rang.

It was Sue from next door. She wanted to thank me for taking care of her dogs while they were away on vacation. I told her that it was no trouble and that I would be happy to do it anytime she needed me to. She said she appreciated that and we made some small talk. She had something in her hand and during a pause she showed it to me. It was my cotton nightie I had left on her couch last night. I could have denied it when she asked me if it was mine, but I didn’t. I said it looked like one of mine and asked her where she found it. She said one of the dogs had found it, the big male, on her couch. He had sniffed it out and was carrying it around in his mouth. I though to myself, was he doing that because my scent was on it, was I busted?

I though for a moment then said that I had done a load of laundry over there one day when my washer was acting up. I had dumped the clean clothes on her couch to fold and must have missed that one. She handed it to me and I could see a little doubt on her face. I tried to change the subject by asking her how the dogs were and if they missed her. She said they were glad to see her especially the male. Since last night if he was around her he was sniffing her to get reacquainted, or so she thought. She said he was pretty persistent even sticking his nose in her crotch which could be embarrassing. I said that yes I hated when male dogs did that, but I was thinking that I hoped I hadn’t corrupted her dog. She said she had some unpacking to do and thanked me again then left.

I closed the door and breathed a sigh of relief then went to lay down. I could tell I had stopped ovulating and knew my period would start in about a week. I was like clockwork when it came to that. Maybe things would calm down and get back to normal. As I drifted off I wondered if that was what I really wanted.

Over the next week I recovered and felt good. I was feeling a little bloated in my lower belly, but I figure that was because my period would start any day now. I had circled Friday on the calendar as the day it should. I made a commitment to start getting in better shape. I was going to start walking and doing some weights. Workouts like I had recently took it out of me and maybe if I was fitter if it ever happened again I would be less sore.

Friday came and went then the weekend and then Monday. I looked at the calendar and saw the circled day. It was 3 days past it and I hadn’t started. I thought well maybe a couple of more days, it’s no big deal. I was busy for the rest of the week and suddenly it was Friday again. I still hadn’t started my period, I was a full week late. No need to panic yet, or was there?

Surely I couldn’t be pregnant. I knew the exact days I had been fertile. There were three possibilities. One, somehow the one time my husband had cum inside me during that time the condom leaked. Though they were not 100% foolproof, this was a slim chance. Second, all the sex I had during that time messed up my monthly clock and which caused a delay. I shook my head and said to myself that I am never late. I always know the day I am supposed to start and I always do. The third possibility, I had a huge amount of potent dog sperm deposited deep inside me by two very virile dogs multiple times during my most fertile time of the month. Millions of their little swimming puppy makers had attacked my egg or eggs for a whole week. Did one get through? Did conception occur as impossible as it seems?

Just a few more days I said to myself, just to make sure. I was a nervous wreck around the house. My husband asked me if I was alright and I told him yes that it was just PMS. He left me alone. It got to Thursday of the next week and still nothing had happened. I was almost two full weeks late. I woke up that morning and felt my belly. A sinking feeling came over me. I knew, I could tell. I felt queasy and rushed into the bathroom and threw up. Was that nerves or morning sickness?

That afternoon I went to the pharmacy and bought some pregnancy tests. I went home and into my bathroom. Opening one up I sat on the toilet and peed on the strip. I set it on the counter. It said to wait ten minutes. I paced around my bedroom and watched the clock slowly count down. This test was supposed to be accurate and readable. There was no + or – sign. It would say PREGNANT or NOT PREGNANT. Ten minutes was up. I slowly approached the counter. I picked the test device up and looked at it. There was no mistake what it said, PREGNANT.

I looked around for the bag and found another brand of test. I opened that one and went through the instructions and then used it. I waited and then looked at it. Same result, there was no doubt. I sat on the bed in silence, then started to cry. My emotions got the best of me and I sobbed for 30 minutes.

I got a hold of myself and sat up. I couldn’t ignore this and pretend this wasn’t real. I was pregnant, but who was the father and what was I carrying? I figured a sonogram would be necessary. If it showed a human baby then that would be OK. If something else then how would that be explained. I would lose everything. I would look for a doctor, but first I had to tell my husband. I had to tell him the truth, about the dogs and everything. I prayed he would stand behind me and help me through this.

When he came home from work that night I was very nervous. We sat around the kitchen table after dinner and my hands were sweaty and shaky. He asked me what was wrong. I opened my mouth to speak, but was having difficulty forming the words. Right when I was about to say that I was pregnant I felt something. There was a small one then a bigger one. They were cramps deep in my gut. They felt like menstrual cramps only bigger. I felt a dampness between my legs and I got up from the table. I told him I would be right back and I hurried to the bathroom. I pulled my shorts and panties off and saw the telltale signs of a period starting. I sat down on the toilet and some thick discharge fell out of me. A few more cramps hit and there was more discharge. Whatever was inside me was now gone. I didn’t look, I just flushed. I put on some fresh panties and a pad and went to bed.

I had the normal flow of my period for a couple of days and then that stopped and things were normal. I felt fine but was a little moody. There was relief, but also a slight emptiness. Was I disappointed? What would I have wanted to happen? Did I really expect to carry one of my canine lover’s offspring to term if that's what really happened? A week or so went by and I looked at the calendar to make sure. I could feel it. I was ovulating again. I was going into heat. I felt that itch down below. A telltale feeling of emptiness, I needed to be filled up. I check myself in the bathroom. The lips of my pussy were swollen and red. I was producing that sticky slick fluid again. I could smell myself.

I took my nightly walk in the neighborhood that evening. I must say that the exercise was doing wonders for my ass and legs. They were tightening up and I was showing them off in a pair of tight cotton workout shorts. If someone looked at my crotch they could plainly see the outline of my swollen lips. A very nice camel toe. I wore a sports bra top which was really about two sizes too small. It did a barely adequate job of containing the bounce of my big boobs. My perpetually erect nipples were poking through the fabric.

As I walked down the street there were a few people out in their yards. I waved at everyone. Most of the men would stop what yard work or chore they were doing when I walked past. It was very obvious as I saw their eyes follow me as I went past. First the boobs then the ass. I smiled at their reactions. They were distracted so they didn't notice something else that was happening. There were dogs barking. When I walked by certain houses you could hear the dog in the back yard bang against the fence or the gate trying to get out. I knew what they wanted. They wanted me. I was giving off a scent that drove them crazy with lust. I wondered to myself what would happen if I walked down the alley at night. Would some be resourceful enough to get out of their confinement and find the bitch in heat. I could feel a wet spot between my legs as I continued my walk to the sound of barking dogs.

Later that night when my husband had gone to bed I stood in my backyard in the dark and knew what I was going to do. From the reaction of the neighborhood dogs earlier I knew I could easily find a canine lover tonight. I was in heat and I needed a big cock inside me. I wasn't on birth control and my lover wouldn't be using a condom. Any sperm deposited inside me would surely mix with my egg. The fertile seed would try to penetrate my egg, even if it was canine seed. If one got through, then what? What did I want to happen? At that moment I didn't care I just needed a big cock.

I stripped down and went out my back gate into the alley completely naked. Walking down the neighborhood like this was a big thrill. I got back to my house and then went past it to Mike and Sues. The male Doberman was in the backyard. If I couldn’t find anything of interest farther down I would come back and let him fuck me again. I made it down a few houses and then I heard something behind me. I turned around and there in the middle of the alley was a dog I didn’t recognize. He looked like a stray, kind of mangy and skinny. He had his head down and he was growling a little. I suddenly felt very naked and very exposed. This dog had been stalking me. He had been attracted to this neighborhood because there was a bitch in heat. That was me. All the effort I put into making sure the male dogs could smell had gotten me in this mess.

I started to back away from him and he came forward following me. I panicked and did something really stupid, I turned and ran. He chased me of course. I got past a couple of driveways and just as I turned up on to find a place to hide he caught me. Luckily I was on a patch of grass when he nipped my ankle causing me to trip and fall. I landed on my stomach squashing my boobs beneath me. He was quickly on top of me nipping at the back of my neck telling me to stay still. He was either going to bite me or rape me. I was really scared now and blamed myself for letting this happen. I felt his dripping cock near my ass. He was biting my neck harder telling me I better cooperate. Reluctantly I raised my ass to allow him to penetrate me.

All of a sudden the stray dog was knocked off of me. I rolled over and saw a huge bulk knock the stray to the ground and hold it there. It was the Rottweiler I had mated with a couple of months ago. He held the stray in his jaws by the throat and growled deep. He was telling it that he was the king dick around here and nobody else was going to have his bitch. He let go of it and the stray whimpered and slowly moved away. The big dog barked once and made an aggressive move and the stray ran off down the alley with it’s tail tucked under.

The Rotty came back over to me as I was sitting there in the grass and stood by me. He had saved me. He was my great protector. I put my arms around his big neck and hugged him close to my bare breasts. His rough fur felt good against my erect nipples. That was an exciting episode and I think we both felt a little adrenaline rush. As I hugged him I started running my hand down his back feeling his powerful muscles. I stroked his back and sides eventually making my way underneath to his belly. I found his sheath and I squeezed it feeling his tool start to get hard within. Reaching back I gently cupped his huge ball sack. They were like a couple of big oranges beneath his smooth skin. Moving back up to his sheath I found his huge cock starting to emerge. I stroked it as it grew. It felt so strange so different from a humans. It was powerful and earthy. It was hot and throbbed.

I let go of his neck and moved down low to get a better look at it. It had been in my pussy once, but I had never really seen it. I was in awe of it’s size and couldn’t believe it had fit. I move closer and it was a few inches from my face. It the moon light I could just make out the hole in the middle of the super fat head. I was such a dog slut. I knew what I was doing was natural. I was knew that I was going to keep doing this and had no issues with the morality issues of society. Holding on to his huge penis with one hand I brought my face closer to it and reached out my tongue to taste him.

It was warm and a little salty. He smelled like an animal and I loved it. I brought my lips to the end of his cock and gave it a kiss. When I pulled away a string of his precum hung there between us. I leaned forward again and opened my mouth as wide as it would go and inserted his cock into it. It was so fat that I didn’t get much in, maybe a couple of inches. I stroked what I could in and out a few times and then made my way down his shaft licking as I went. The beginnings of his knot had just come out of his sheath and I kissed that too. He was standing very still and I am sure he was enjoying my worshiping of his cock.

I continued to stoke and lick it, also trying to get more in my mouth. His precum was flowing freely now. I drank some down but a lot ran down my chin onto my breasts. I was using both hands now to stroke his cock and that barely fit around it. His knot was large and hard and when I felt it I knew why I had been sore for a week. He was getting a little figity, but I kept stroking and sucking. I had a pretty good amount of his head in my mouth when I felt it. It started at the base of his cock and rolled like a wave up to the end. The end that was presently in my mouth suddenly exploded with his load. I choked and swallowed but he kept filling my mouth up with the stuff. I swallowed a few more times but it was too much. As I pulled it out he shot me in the face once then I directed it towards my tits.

His spurting slowed down and I let go of his cock as it shrunk some. I used the back of my hand to wipe his load from my face and I laid down in the grass. He laid his big bulk next to me and we cuddled. His fur felt great against my naked body and I felt safe. I must have dozed off for a moment because I awoke to him standing near me with his head between my legs. He was sniffing and licking me there and from what I could tell he was ready for round two. I opened my legs to him exposing my sex. He had claimed me, he could do whatever he wanted to me. He licked my pussy tasting me.

I was ready for him. I rolled over on my knees and elbows. His cock was huge and it was going to hurt but I didn’t care. My pussy flowered open to him. He licked it a few more times and then mounted me. He found his mark quickly and pushed into me. I had been stretched over the last few weeks, but he was so big. It hurt and I bit my lip. He was stroking slow and steady trying to get in the horny bitch. The friction and tightness of my cunt was keeping him from pounding me. I tried to spread more for him but I couldn’t. Slowly I started to loosen some for him and he sped up. I could hear the squishy sucking sounds we were making. I got up on my hands to give my elbows a rest. My big boobs were swaying back and forth below me. They were very full and very heavy.

I could feel the end of his cock bang against the bottom of my vagina. He was stretching me to form to his penis and nobody else’s. I was having little orgasms as I felt every inch of his throbbing cock go in and out of me. I wanted his seed. I wanted to feel it shoot deep inside me. He wanted to get his knot in me. I didn't know if I could take it. I was going to get it in or pass out. It was the only way for me to know for sure that his seed was going where it was supposed to. I tried to relax my opening. I imagined it was a flower opening up. He was banging his knot into it now with a purpose. I could feel his strong forepaws tighten around my waist. His strong ass muscles were driving him forward. With each push he got a little more in. I was gritting my teeth and a few tears came to my eyes.

I think if we both had not been so determined to mate it would not have worked. One big push and my pussy opened up for him as if it had a mind of its own. His huge knot slipped inside me. Just as quickly as it had opened up my pussy clamped down hard on it and we were stuck. Impossibly he started to swell even bigger. Once again I felt his cock start to spurt great globs of sperm inside of me. I was light headed from the strain of getting it in and I just hung there from him shaking as I absorbed his seed into my reproductive system. He was my protector and my lover.

He could have turned around on me like before but he didn't. Instead he laid down on his side taking me with him. We lay in the grass spooning together with his huge cock and knot still firmly implanted in me. I was so tired that I was drifting off as I still felt his cock twitch deep inside me shooting just a little bit more. We were laying in the grass behind someones house joined together. Nothing ever felt so right to me.

I blinked my eyes and felt a little disorientated. I opened them and immediately notice it was getting lighter outside. It was near dawn and I was still outside. I felt something behind me and I turned my head. The dog was still there right up against me. His cock and his knot were still very much up inside me. I don't know how long we had laid there, but I knew I had to get home, quick. I wasn't sure if he had tried to pull out of me and couldn't or if he just liked being inside my tight pussy. I tried to get up and it was awkward still being tied together. Somehow we managed and found ourselves butt to butt. This position was actually the best to try to separate. I guess he had shrunk some after being inside me for who know how long. He started to come out of my, but it was like my pussy had formed around his cock and the suction was holding him in. For a moment it felt like I was going to be turned inside out. Slowly he withdrew his knot from the confines of my hot hole. It was like peeling the skin of a juice grape. Once that was out his his huge semi hard tool flowed out of me too. I stood up and noticed there was very little leakage.

I told him to go home as I ran down the alley back to my house. Instead he followed me I guess to make sure I got home unharmed. When I reached my gate I turned to him and smiled and said to go home that I would see him soon. I opened the gate and went in the yard. It was getting lighten and I could see lights on in the house. Looking in the kitchen I could see my husband making coffee. I knew he wondered where I was. I had prepared for this. Hidden behind the bushes I had a sack with some workout clothes and my walking shoes. I hid in what was left of the shadow and got dressed in them. I slipped my shoes on and started walking toward the backdoor. I opened it and walked in greeting my husband.

He asked me where I had been. I told him I decided to get up early and go for a power walk. He nodded his head like that was a logical excuse. I told him I was all sweaty and smelly, which I was, and I told him I was going to take a shower. I smiled and waved to him and went directly back to the bathroom and jumped in the shower. I let the hot water run over my body and I soaped away all the signs of what had taken place last night. I had a few scratches on me that I would have to hide, but overall I had come out in pretty good shape. As I soaped across my lower belly I wondered what was going on in there right now. I had been with my canine lover tonight and I was very fertile. In about ten days I would know if he had knocked me up.

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