Claire Bennet of the TV Series "Heroes" loves horses.
Chapter 1 – A Fresh Idea

It's been two months since Claire outed herself on national TV. And it seems like every channel is still obsessed with the new information. Every other day some new hero exposes themselves on the nightly news. Police stations all across the world are wooing those with useful abilities in fear of those that would use their abilities for evil. It only took one week for Congress to open an official investigative division of Homeland Security devoted to hiring and training anyone willing to stand against those that would use extraordinary powers against the U.S., human and hero alike.

But for one young man, nothing had changed. Nothing whatsoever. Sure he saw what was happening. He watched the news. But all it did was remind him of what he no longer had. After Claire left Zach's life and moved on from Odessa, nothing seemed to go right. Even after he got accepted into college, he soon lost his scholarship and couldn't keep up with tuition.

He had to move back in with his parents and find any work he could to keep some savings towards starting classes again. With no discretionary income, he spends more time with his hand on his own dick rather than around some girls arm. Although even when he does make a date he still finds himself comparing them to his first love.

Even with most of his memories of their times together erased, he still misses her. Even more so when he found the tape hidden inside his desk. She explained to him that some of his memories were taken, but he never really believed her until he found it taped to the underside of his desk drawer. She had explained all about how they made videos of her testing her indestructibility. And that he had given her all of the old tapes.

Back then he must have been unable to let it go. And after the first viewing it became a nightly ritual. He keeps telling himself that he will destroy it and never again try to relive the memory that no longer lives in his head. But just like every night, he reaches out and presses play. He pulls his cock out of his pants as he hears Claire's voice saying, "This is Claire Bennet and this is attempt number 18."

The view pans out to take in an open farm. A barn, stables, and fields that stretch out into the distance fill the shaking film.

"Are you sure we should be doing this?" Zach's voice asks from behind the camera.

"You're the one that suggested we look into internal damage. So this was your idea," the young Claire replies before taking off towards the barn.

"I really don't think this was my idea."

The camera's vision bounces as he runs after the fleeing cheerleader.

Zach's voice comes breathlessly as he tries to catch up to the athletic girl. "What if we get caught? This isn't exactly an abandoned homestead."

"We won't get caught. I staked the place out already, and the old guy that runs the place won't be back for hours. We'll have plenty of time to get in and out before he returns."

She makes it to the barn door and opens it before darting into the darkness. The camera follows into the gloom of the building. Panning around, he catches the heads of several horses checking out the odd intruders. Claire has already found a cowboy hat hanging inside the door and plops it down on her head.

"Do I look like a real life cowgirl now?"

She spins slowly in the center of the barn shaking her ass in her tight jeans. She stares back over her shoulder into the camera and the look on her face shows that she knows exactly how good she looks.

"All right, down to business."

She grabs a few straw blocks and brings them over to a metal fence. There is some kind of sleeve about chest height in front of the metal bars, but she moves it carefully off to some shelves on the side. Then she kicks and shoves the heavy hay into position where the other contraption was.

She returns to the shelving area and searches for a few minutes before finding a bottle of clear liquid in a cabinet. She then returns to the stack of hay she made and drops her pants to her ankles. The view focuses on a pair of black panties before whirling around to see a white horse with black splotches along his back.

"What are you doing?" Claire chides from out of view. "We have to document this."

The horse knickers as if laughing at Zach's embarrassment. So he turns back to see Claire turned towards him with the bottle in her hand and a cocky grin on her face.

"I told you what I was going to be doing. You shouldn't be so surprised."

"Yeah, but how do you even . . ." his voice fades out as she drops her panties. They pool at her feet with the already dropped jeans exposing his first in person view of a woman's sex. The smooth hairless mound of womanly delight calls to him and breaks his tenuous grasp on his words.

Claire grins impishly at him. "What was that? I didn't quite catch your last words."

Zach sputters and starts before finally grasping his words and finishing, "How do you know your way around here?"

"I already told you I was staking the place out. I've been watching it for weeks and that's why I know the old farmer will be in town today selling his wares. That's also how I learned his practice and got this idea."

She pops the cap on the bottle in her hand and immediately gains the attention of every horse in the stable. She pours a small amount onto her hand and begins rubbing it on to her crotch.

"This stuff is some kind of pheromone that only mares in heat let off. It really gets their juices pumping. He uses it along with that sleeve over there to collect semen from these big stallions. I overheard him talking about how he has owners coming from all over the state just to utilize his expertise."

Once she is satisfied with the dousing, she replaces the cap. The bottle goes back in the cabinet, but the stallions are still following her every move. Several of them are banging against their doors eager to get at the wafting aroma. Claire, for her part, bends over to get something from her bag. Instead of kneeling down, she bends at the waist pushing her pert ass back towards the camera.

Zach can't help himself. He zooms in on her dripping cunt and wonders if the glistening liquid is the applied pheromones or Claire's juices betraying her arousal. Truth be told it was a mixture of both. Her body snaps upright with a jingle as she fishes two leather cuffs joined by a chain from her bag.

"I found these in my parents' closet," she explained. "And I don't even want to consider what they do with them. But I think they should manage to keep me from being pulled off the bales."

She proceeds to bend over the makeshift bench and wiggles her butt in the air. She can't quite secure herself with only one hand. She calls her friend over to help only to discover her gyrations are causing him to lose focus again. Not to mention the rough scratching of the hay on her stomach is sending pleasing tingles across her skin.

But the task at hand demands precedence so she calms down and calls once more for help. Zach snaps out of it and comes around to her hands. He locks her tightly into the railing. She gives the cuffs a few good tugs to make sure she is secure before the next step.

She turns to Zach to ask for her first stallion, but he has already released the white and black animal from just behind her. After seeing her show he has lost all hesitation and is eager to see what Claire can take. The freed horse takes a few good sniffs of the air before heading straight to the prone woman. He jabs his snout into her dripping snatch and sniffs the pheromones coating her body.

Zach focuses his camera on the already half hard horse hammer as it hangs from its home. But a loud moan pulls his attention back to Claire. The amorous animal attacks her opening with avarice. His long rubbery tongue pulls at her skin as he tastes the lingering pheromone fluid. Each long lick lifts her ass off the straw before dropping her down with a whump and a moan. And each lick pulls her t-shirt between her breasts and the coarse chaff.

The shirt quickly bunches up around her neck exposing her budding tits. This allows her nipples to rub against the straw causing small scratches that are instantly healed.

But the horse is not done yet. While they were both focused on Claire's cunt, the stallion had grown to his full length. He walks over the chained cheerleader and hooks his hooves over the railing just like he was trained. But unlike his training, the waiting receptacle isn't a heated socket, but a living girl.

Unused to aiming, he jabs his massive organ at the girls virgin flesh. The thick head rubs forcefully against her dripping slit. The added moisture helps lubricate the giant tool, but still not enough to help it into the willing Claire.

Trading finesse for force, he rams his horn as hard as his hips allow driving her into the metal post. She feels her collarbone crack as her body is caught between metal and beast. But it quickly heals as he pulls back for another thrust.

The pain in the shoulder is nothing new. Her ability already dulled the pain so much it didn't even bother her. But the second full thrust rammed the head of the stallion's prick between her virginal lips. The sudden spread of her succulent snatch combined with her shoulder once more slamming into the solid stanchion brought a scream to her lips.

As the throbbing in her stressed crack subsides, her scream quickly turns to moans. Just the first few inches of hot meat in her body drives her wild. Her cunt clamps tightly around the invading mushroom of horse cock. She is so tight around the invading member that as he pulls back readying for another thrust her body is dragged along the straw. She relishes the feel of the coarse feed digging into her flesh.

She waits impatiently for the mighty horse to impale her on his member. But this time she thinks to brace her body for the assault. She locks her arms against the metal poles and pushes her ass back against the invader. The horse humps his hindquarters once more into the young lady.

The stallion's organ pierces her maidenhead ripping through to the base of her uterus. Inch by inch it drives into her body until Claire hears another audible crack and her arms slip free of the supports. The extra insertion length keeps her shoulder from once more hitting the breeding fence, so she instead focuses on the pleasure coursing through her body. Her taut vaginal walls squeeze the massive prick conforming to its shape. The blood from her burst virginity is completely trapped by the thick pole in her crevice.

The stallion still isn't finished. He pulls on her body dragging her with his dick before plowing back into her thrilled body. She manages to brace herself once more as it slams home into her dripping snatch. She can feel it push her womb further into her body. The bulbous head and firm hindquarters driving it are more than a match for her organs. The air bursts from her lips as the conquering cock physically forces it out of her lungs.

All the while, she has a grin shines on her face like a crack addict that just hit the lottery. The pounding penis fills her up with meat and bliss as her body sings with rapture. The crack of broken bones is replaced with the slap of the stallion's massive testicles slapping against her flesh. The connecting swing of these colossal testicles sends tremors through her body, both physical and electrical.

As her body loosens slightly with the continuous beef injection, she no longer needs to support herself. The friction of her skin on the bales and her arms locked to the pole are enough to keep her on the hay. And the thrusts, despite stretching her pussy into her other organs, are easier to take with each new prod.

Zach can no longer contain himself as he steadily pumps his dick through his jeans. His body is convulsing with the pleasure of seeing Claire drilled by the massive beast and the desire to take its place. He eventually puts the camera down on one of the nearby shelves in order to steady it. He doesn't want his ardor to ruin the film.

Claire meets the rutting stallion with her firm ass. She instinctively drives herself onto the erect pole to deepen the penetration. But, all too soon the stallion's movements become erratic. His hooves dance behind her as he shoves harder into her. His cock buries itself completely into her orifice before spewing a torrent of cum into her scrambled organs.

Claire can feel the liquid bulging out her belly with its volume. Spurt after spurt fills her to the brim. The vibrating member pushes her over the edge into her first penetrative orgasm. Her strident moans become shrill cries of delight as her overused pussy suffuses her body with raging endorphins. By the time she comes down, the stallion has already retreated from her tunnel and walked back into its stall with its soaked rod.

Grabbing the camera once more, Zach realizes that catching the aftermath on film is far more important than whacking off now. He zooms in on her gleaming, gaping, gash once the stallion has pulled free. The camera catches every drop of her fluid as it seeps from her crevice. He waits for the flood of horse semen to pour out of her. But instead it pulls itself shut as he stares.

Like a brand new rubber band, her lips snap back into themselves. As he films, the vulva closes once more into a thin moist line as if she hadn't just been ravaged by a horse. Furthermore, not a single drop of sperm had visibly dripped from her. Stunned, he approaches her prone body.

He tentatively reaches out and caresses her slit with an extended finger. He presses his finger between her lips, but finds immediate resistance. Her pussy suckles at his finger wrapping it in her fluids and squeezing it tightly. He knows that she was just skewered on that enormous shaft, but her flesh was still so tight he could barely insert his index.

The fresh penetration pulls Claire from her stupor and she turns quickly. Stunned, Zach withdraws and waits for the admonishment for taking advantage of his motionless friend. Instead she has a bestial look to her eyes and she yells out just one word.



Chapter 2 – Filled to the Brim

Zach stumbles back at the pure lust pouring out from that single word. He regains his footing and heads off to get another horse. Stopping at the first door he sees he flings it open and rushes back to the chained Claire.

Before he can reach her, a black blur races past him to hover over the prone offering. The gigantic black stallion waits for just a moment sniffing the air above the prostrate lady. Zach is thankful for the hesitation. In his haste he took the camera with him and he didn't want to miss a thing. Instead, he started filming the horse's rump as he rounded the couple. Despite the terrible angle, he could see the ponderous prick swaying between the stallion's legs.

The horse's tool was a sight to behold as it slowly prodded Claire's opening. This horse was at least a foot and a half taller than the last. And his member might have actually been a full foot longer. Claire cooed at the feel of his knob bumped against her newly sealed cunt. But the height difference made the angle to deep.

At this point, Zach is just as desperate for Claire to be penetrated as she is to be penetrated. Setting the camera aside once more, he approaches the animal and its bride. First he unstraps her hands and helps her to kneel on the hay. Her back scratches pleasantly against the horse hair of the stallion's belly. She wraps her hands around the metal bar in front of her in a death grip as she anticipates the joy to come.

The stallion resumes his rough jabbing of her slit. Even with the better angle, he still wasn't nailing the target quite as fast as Zach would like. He grasps the quivering pole and guides it home. The cock is burning hot in his hand and he can feel a textured vein pumping blood down its length beneath his fingertips.

With an ear splitting whinny the giant stallion hits pay dirt and drives his pole into the tight cave before him. The force of his thrust lifts Claire away from the hay allowing gravity to assist the penetration. For the second time that day she feels her hymen give way before a stabbing bulbous horse dong. Her regenerative powers make her a permanent virgin regardless of how many dicks or objects she uses to get herself off. But just like the first time, the wound is immediately filled by horse meat. Only the barest drop drips free to trace a red line across her dangling thigh.

Once Claire is fully impaled once more with a new thicker, longer cock, the stallion allows her to crash once more to the hay bale. He forces her head underneath the bar in front of her as he muscles his way into her cavity. His height allows him to stand on all four hooves over the railing unimpeded. His immense hindquarters shove his member into Clair pushing her through the opening and into his front legs.

Claire, not wanting to crack her bones against the darling animal twists on the bale so she is shoved more to the side. Zach is so intent on catching every moment of action that he is dazed as a large force knocks him on his ass. In his haste to find Claire a second suitor he hadn't checked the stable he was opening. The door he opened is a communal area for some of the stallions to congregate. One of the other stallions had lost the last of its self-control and made a mad dash for the rutting pair knocking Zach over in the process.

Claire had forgotten that the breeding railing worked both ways. With her mouth wet and open and moaning she provides a perfect target for the horny newcomer. From her bent over position all she could see was his dark brown coat soaring off over her head and his thick black cock wavering seductively in front of her eyes.

Zach quickly fumbles the camera in position just in time to catch Claire licking her chops. She leans in and gives the chocolate horse a kiss on the head as his cock wiggles in front of her face. The kiss rapidly evolves into a complete blowjob as both horses simultaneously hump into her tender body.

She watches as several feet of horse flesh sinks into her mouth. Her cheeks bulge out as the head presses onward towards her uvula. It continues on down her esophagus burning slightly as it bulges out her neck. Despite not being capable of breathing with the cock buried in her airway, she moans around the massive meat.

The two horses work effectively together to slam the young maiden between their powerful haunches. Claire can feel her organs shifting to make way for the exultant heroes as they joust with each other within her body. The feel of the two knobs meeting within her sets off another orgasm. Despite the rearrangement of her internals her nerves are alive and well. Her body shakes with the electric burn of pure pleasure.

At this point Zach is wise enough to climb onto one of the stall's railings. Another three horses have already arrived from the door he opened and he isn't sure how many more there are still hiding in that area. But, he doesn't want to get trampled by the excited animals.

Claire's quaking body brings the big black stallion to his orgasm with her. He lunges forward driving her nose into the chocolate pony's sheath as he unloads his sperm into her receptacle. After several long spurts of burning sperm are added to the white horse's offering, he slips free from her still shaking body.

The next contender steps up and Claire's power just manages to repair her maidenhood and rearrange her womb before he thrusts into the closing hole. The fresh tearing brings stars to her eyes as she gurgles happily around the thick stick in her maw.

The vocal cord vibrations bring the chocolate horse off. His searing sperm fills her stomach to the brim as it floods her system. She doesn't even have the chance to taste his gift since the source is already long past her taste buds.

No sooner has she taken her first breath in several minutes then a new pink pony pole pierces her throat. The two spent horses return to their paddock as the new pair combines their force on splitting Clair open.

Zach can hardly believe his eyes. Claire is reveling in every inch of dick that makes it into her warm moist orifices. But if she enjoys it this much he reasons she should enjoy it while she can. He sets the camera on a shelf once more making sure it is capturing the action before tearing off between the horses. He quickly opens up all of the doors he can find before sprinting back to the breeding area.

Even with his speed he has already missed one change over as Clair's body had already milked the previous pair dry. Momentarily disappointed he remembers the tape and decides that he'll have to replay the action that night. Besides, there were still a dozen fresh horses ready to go at her.

Seeing the milling horses he doesn't want them to lose interest in their prize. So once again he jumps down from his perch and rushes over to the cabinet. He quickly finds the bottle Clair used before and pops the lid. He immediately draws the attention of the unoccupied males and realizes he needs to hurry.

He rushes over to the horse currently balls deep in his friend. He tips the bottle gently trying to pour a little more over her ass and into her gaping pussy. The sight of the brutal tool slamming into Claire's body makes him pause. He's mesmerized by the thick flesh knifing in and out of her trembling flesh.

In his daze, he loses control of the bottle. The current stallion hits it with his chest and dumps the full contents onto Clair's ass. The aroma is pungent even to a human from that distance and at once every animal in that barn zeroes in on Clair.

Zach returns swiftly to his safe perch just in time. The stallion at Clair's cunt finishes up and slips out staring a stampede for the young woman. Miraculously none of the stallions are injured or even fighting. As soon as one of them manages to connect with her crevice or mouth the others simply wait their turn at the breeding area.

After several further changeovers and subsequent fillings Clair's belly is visibly distended as if she is already coming to term with a colt. Her body may repair itself, but it obviously doesn't see the horse cum as damage and so it is simply accumulating with each successive spurt without emptying out. And the combination of continual penetration and rapid healing of her vaginal walls to a virginal state isn't allowing her to release the excess baby batter.

Additionally, as Zach watches another batch of horses penetrating his friend he notices the line for her body never seems to diminish. Belatedly he realizes that he never shut the stable doors. The stallions were returning home for a brief rest, but with a dozen or so replacements they were becoming aroused again before the rest of the line had finished.

He can see the half hard glistening members of the already serviced horses hardening in anticipation of Claire's fluids. He isn't sure if Claire would even mind if this never ended, but he is still afraid of getting caught. A pregnant looking cheerleader full of horse cum and yet completely unharmed is not something he wanted to explain to the owner upon his return.

But before he can react some of the stallions become impatient while waiting for their turn. He watches as two of the large horses peel off from the group and approach Claire from either side. Unfortunately this meant a large horse rump is blocking Zach's view. Zach carefully steps across the wall that he made into his perch. He can hear a new thumping sound as he moves into position.

Once he finds a better angle, he turns to see the two added stallions humping the air. Their cocks are bouncing up and slapping continually against their own chests. The slap of dick on horse flesh is the source of that sound. The novel sound also attracts Claire's attention.

She reaches out with both hands to grasp the slapping poles on each side. Without her hands for support, her body bounces with the force of the colliding cocks within her. She hovers over the bales of hay as the embedded organs lift her up. But her flight stabilizes as she grabs onto the two new horses.

The impatient ponies are ones that already had a go at her holes so her fingers slipped along their length aided by her own fluids. She slides back and forth jacking on the massive pricks as her body shifts between the four horses. The change in movement gives the stallions at her mouth and crotch new angles to assault her body and stir her organs.

But the unnatural gyrations of Clair's body also limit their aim. As Zach observes the five way fucking he can for the first time see the full erect cocks of the horny stallions slide out of her pussy and jaw. Several times they slip completely free of her body before finding their way back and piercing her once more.

Finally, like a synchronized swimming event, the horse cocks at her mouth and ass pop free as all four cum in unison. Claire's torso drops the few inches to the straw platform as thick white semen shoots from the four horses splattering over her ass, back, and face.

The energetic pony pole at her face even knocks off the borrowed cowboy hat she somehow managed to keep on her head up to this point. Without missing a beat, she caught the hat and used it to catch strings of sperm from the shooting stallions. Once they all empty their balls, she plops the full hat back on her head and waits for the next batch of meat.

Zach stares as white goo trails out from underneath the hat. Claire licks at the dripping fluids and blinks them out of her eyes, but she doesn't have long to wait for new challengers. And once again Zach finds the camera view is shaking from his own unconscious masturbation. Leaving the camera to record the next party he follows the tired stallions to their stables and locks them in. Four down, eighteen to go.

Eventually, Claire is down to the last two free horses. Zach lets them finish up and locks them away. He then returns to his friend to find her smiling dreamily while sitting on her hay bale. Her body is completely covered with thick white goo. Little bits of straw are sticking to her cum covered body.

And she looks like a very pregnant teenage mother with the way her belly is poking out. Even with all the cum sent straight down her gullet she is licking her lips and fingers clean. Once they are taken care of she starts picking up globs from her skin to shove down her gullet. She moans with pleasure as if the fresh stallion milk is the greatest dish to ever grace her lips.

"You didn't have to put them all in their pens," she purrs as Zach approaches her.

"Yes I did. You have been at it for over an hour and I thought you said we only had a few hours."

"That long? I must have lost track of the time. I certainly lost track of my orgasms. They just seemed to come over and over until they blurred together."

Her comment makes Zach's rock hard erection twitch in his pants. Clair's eyes dart towards the movement and her smile widens.

"As you can see," she continues patting her rotund belly, "I seem to have gained some weight. I could use your help relieving myself of it."

"If twenty horse cocks couldn't pierce your ability enough to loosen their sperm what makes you think I can?"

"Simple," she coos with a gleam in her eye. "I have an idea."


Chapter 3 – Getting Messy

When Claire tells him her idea, Zach's eyes light up. She can tell he is ready willing and able so she bends over the hay bales one last time, at least for today. She sticks her slimy ass up in the air and wiggles it for the horny highschooler.

"Whenever you're ready." She calls to him.

She doesn't even look back to see him take off his clothes and approach her shaking ass. But she feels him as his index finger prods her tight opening. He slides his palm over her cum covered ass coating it in animal lubricant. Then he pushes his finger into her slit. Her walls slowly give way to the intrusion as one by one he adds his other fingers to the penetration.

Claire squirms as his thumb joins his fingers inside her cunt. And he isn't done yet. He pushes forward. He finds firmer resistance almost immediately, but forces himself deeper. For the umpteenth time this afternoon, Claire's hymen breaks as his hand and arm slowly inch up her vaginal canal.

Her tight walls pull at his arm and wrap it in its warm embrace. But he manages to shove his hand into her until he reaches the entrance to her womb. Clair best guess is that this is where her sperm belly is being stored. He wriggles his fingers against the spongy cervix as Clair squirms and giggles.

The giggles become moans as his fingers press on into her womb. He instantly feels the full liquid warmth of horse semen mixing around his fingers. Claire was right on the source of her extended abdomen. But it isn't flowing out just yet. He pushes onward until his full hand is inside her and makes a fist. He swirls his fist around in her full belly before yanking it roughly through the opening.

He rapidly pumps his fist in and out of her womb, but still her body refuses to release its hold on the horse milk. So they move on to her next idea. He pulls his fist back halfway through her cervical opening and opens it up like someone trying to cup water. This leaves an opening for the accumulated fluid to pour out. However, it still isn't emptying fast enough. Claire shifts her body on the implanted arm until she is lying on her back. The new position allows her full belly to empty out down her gaping channel. The oozing fluids pour over Zach coating his upstanding dick with warm cum and vaginal fluid.

He could see her stomach shrinking back to normal as the hoarded wealth of cum floods Zach's crotch. His slimed dick quivers in joy as the goo coats its length. Slowly but surely, the day's hard won earnings flow out of Claire's belly. Zach is careful not to shift his arm and disrupt the flow. But he can't help but watch the waterfall of viscous liquid oozing from her snatch. It seeps over her already coated ass and splatters onto the floor. Claire, in an attempt to help squeezes her strong muscles to force more out. The added force shoots more of the thick globs onto Zach's extended cock, but he needs more.

He shifts his weight forward to dangle his dingle in the fluid's flow. The tip barely makes her wondrous waterfall without him losing his arm's position. Now he can see and feel the warm tincture coursing over the tip and flowing down the shaft until it pools in his short hairs and envelopes his balls. Claire is too focused on emptying her womb to notice his shift of position, but his shudder of delight vibrates his arm sending similar shivers through her body from within.

With the last of the fluid drained from her amazing body, Zach starts pumping his fist in and out of her womb. He can no longer contain his desire to fill Claire's body. Instead, Claire fills the barn with her cries of lust as if to make up for her inability to be vocal with a horse dong shoved down her throat. Her moans and screams break open with every firm thrust of the young man's arm. But the gasping lady produces more and more moans to replace them.

Zach, for his part, is more than eager to please the writhing woman. He slams his fist into her needy body over and over. He shifts his arm back and forth varying the penetrative angle with each jab. Her copious vaginal fluid runs down his arm only to mingle with the already potent mixture of cum and sweat covering the young man.

He opens up his hand and caresses her flesh from the inside. The sensation of his fingers toying with her cavity drives Claire up the wall. Her body quakes around the arm buried in her twat. Her walls suckle at their own fluids coating the inserted limb. And she cums like a freight train shaking across the bale. The sharp straw digs into her writhing back intensifying the pleasure as Zach continues his assault.

Her pulsating pussy pulls at his penetrating faux phallus. He can tell her body wants more, but he doesn't have the strength to push further into her indestructible abdomen. Thinking quickly, he braces his elbow against his chest and uses his full body weight to drive his piston. Claire regains enough of her senses to grasp the railing as she feels the increased pressure.

Zach watches as the extra inches of his forearm disappear into that magical snatch. But that isn't all. As his body slams forward, his ramrod straight dick prods her bunghole. His pole is so firm and lubricated that it spreads her sphincter and slips in half an inch before he quickly pulls himself out.

With a smile, Claire stares into his eyes, "You know we do still have some time. And I'm still horny."

Zach doesn't need to be told twice. Without moving his arm he grasps his cum soaked cock and presses it against her budding hole. Despite the initial accidental entrance, her O ring is even tighter then her pussy after it's been freshly healed. He plies the closed orifice with his cock tip wiggling his member back and forth through the fluids still drenching her ass. Claire purrs and presses her ass against the strong pole.

But Zach wants to draw out their time together. He teases her opening slowly with his prick. His shifting body forces his right arm to tilt and tremble, but Claire doesn't seem to mind. He swirls the dripping juices around her ass until she pleads with him to fill her up. Then he finally sets his cock at her opening and slowly pushes his hips forward.

He pulls his arm up from inside her womb to pull it from blocking his view. Her cave ripples around his arm as he watches his rod slowly pierce her asshole. The orifice clasps his head as it slowly penetrates her body's defenses. As the bulbous head slips in her anus it tightens once more right behind the tip. Even with just the tip inside her moist cavern, Zach has to fight the urge to immediately cum as her body envelopes his tool.

Zach desperately works on keeping his breathing even and not shooting his load too soon. Once his heart rate calms down enough to keep his balls in check, he wheedles his dick around widening the vice like grip on his rod. He opens up the fist buried in Claire's womb and grips her tightly from the inside. The forceful grab elicits a pleasurable gasp from Claire which swiftly grows into a full on scream as he uses the additional leverage to slam his pole balls deep into her ass.

Her body fights his cock for every inch of ground, but it is too hard and horny to be dissuaded. He plows into her until he feels his wet balls slap against her backside. Despite his focus, Zach knows the combination of heat, pressure, and Claire's trembling flesh will soon force his testicles to dump their contents into her. So he wastes no time in thrusting into her with all his might.

He has no real sense of rhythm. His cock and arm move in and out of her body as fast as he can move them. Sometimes they move in tandem both penetrating her to their fullest before pulling back for another stroke. Sometimes they move in opposition so she always has something buried in her orifices. But neither of them cares. They are just two amorous teenagers doing their best to fuck each other silly.

Zach tries to keep his focus, but the added pressure of his own arm makes holding back all the harder. Her squeals of delight mix with his grunts of effort both in forcing his member into her resistant bowels and in keeping his orgasm from bursting. He tries to concentrate on the movement of his hips and arm as they slice into her orifices, but the unmitigated pleasure of having his dick caressed by Claire is taking its toll on his resolve.

Claire on the other hand is still keyed up from the horse orgy and is galloping to yet another orgasm with the help of Zach's dual penetration. As she sails over the peak her body convulses around her longtime friend. She wraps her legs around the boy breaking his concentration and pulling him firmly into her holes. The combination of the surprise and the added milking action of her sphincter is too much for Zach and he cums deep into her.

Despite her leg lock, he keeps pumping his dick into her orifice even as his balls empty. But the action on top of the very busy day eventually overcomes him and he slips from inside her. His knees give way and he collapses onto the ground. Claire on the other hand is still fresh as a spring chicken and hops down from the cum soaked hay. She gives Zach a quick kiss on the forehead before walking over to the still recording camera.

She licks the last of the dripping sperm from her hands before picking it up and saying into it, "This is Claire Bennet and that was attempt number 18."


The tape fades to black and Zach finds himself once more in his room. He disconnects the camera from his computer and hides the tape back in its usual spot. He cleans himself off and tells himself that he will never watch it again. But he knows that's a lie. He'll keep watching until he can remember actually doing the things he sees himself doing in the tape. And if he never remembers he'll just do his best to relive it at every opportunity.

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