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This is one of several stories with ‘Surprise’ in the title; their common theme is lesbians caught in an unexpected situation. To find the others, and the rest of my 100% all-girl lesbian stories, follow the author link above. This story is fiction, and any resemblance to real persons or places is purely coincidental.
copyright: Lesley Tara, 2011

Sally and I are sophomores at an eastern seaboard university; I met her a couple of months into my freshman year, and we have been lovers ever since – although we have kept it secret from everyone how very much more than just ‘best friends’ our relationship is. For spring break, through the kind offer of my mother’s cousin, we had the chance to use for two weeks a remote cabin in the mountains of my home state, tucked away at the far end of a long winding valley in the pine forests. The cabin was quite large, and so for company we invited along two of our college friends: Patty (a tall, slim, elegant African-American, very fit and athletic) and Veronica (a petite blonde with a curvy figure, a real bouncy bundle of fun).

In the end, Sally and I had to stay on at college for a bit longer than we had expected in order to get our assignments finished. We didn’t want this to shorten the holiday for other two, and we assured them that they should go ahead as we had originally planned, and get settled in. So we loaded Patty’s car with all of the supplies that would be needed, plus Sally’s and my backpacks with our clothes and other things, and we waved them off early on a bright and cheerful Sunday morning. It would take them a day and a half to drive to the cabin, and we promised that we would join them on Wednesday evening – we would be able to get there much quicker, because now that we only each had a small shoulder-bag to carry, we could fly most of the distance.

As it turned out, we got our work finished by Monday evening, and we were keen to lose no more of our holiday! Early on Tuesday morning, we caught a flight to the main airport nearest to the mountains, at a medium-sized city about 200 miles from where the cabin is located. Here we had a stroke of luck: there was a local air service which connected twice a day to the small town at the plains end of the valley, but the morning flight had been delayed – so, when we landed, instead of missing it by 45 minutes and having to wait several hours for the afternoon flight, we scrambled onto the earlier one. This deposited us at the town’s grass-strip landing field not long after mid-day, and from here we took a local bus to the drop-off-point at the entrance of the valley, and then began the two-hour hike up the dirt track to the remote cabin. There were a few other cabins in the lower part of the valley, but we soon passed those and entered a deeply-forested region – now there was only our cabin ahead, about five miles further on and nearly a thousand feet higher up. There was no cell-phone reception in these remote mountains, so there was no way for us to call the other girls and ask Patty to drive down to collect us, or let them know that we would be arriving more than a day earlier than expected.

It was a glorious sunny day, with a blue sky broken only by a few wispy white clouds. The warmth of the spring sunshine was pleasantly moderated by a touch of coolness from a light breeze which carried a hint of the snowy peaks that ringed the horizon ahead of us. The weather was ideal for walking, and we were dressed appropriately. I had a really tiny and tight faded-blue denim cut-off skirt, so short that you could catch a glimpse of the gusset of my pink panties whenever I took a longer stride. Above this was a loose sleeveless vest in pale lilac-pink – my favourite color, it goes so well with my long honey-tinted red-gold hair. Sally, who has lovely blonde hair, not quite as thick or long as mine, looked so pretty in an aquamarine camisole top that teasingly highlighted the outline of her firm breasts and left a gap of bare midriff above the cutest pair of skimpy figure-hugging low-cut yellow shorts. Neither of us was wearing a bra – it was too warm and they would be too constricting, and besides we were enjoying the sight of each others titties bouncing perkily as we walked. The sunshine warmed our long slim legs, bare down to our ankle socks – mine a jolly striped pair, and hers in plain orange.

We laughed and talked as we strode along, so happy to be together in this beautiful and peaceful setting, taking deep breaths of the pine-scented breeze and enjoying the sunshine on our bare skin. After about half an hour, Sally spotted a grassy glade, a few yards into the woods. It was secluded and shady, and she laughingly tugged me in behind her for a leisurely kissing session that inevitably turned into an even more mutually-satisfying 69, with our skirts, shorts and panties coming off one by one to scatter around our entwined forms. I finished her off by finger-fucking her pussy whilst she knelt on all fours doggy-style – it’s her favourite position, although usually I’m giving it to her hard and fast with my strap-on, but out in the country a girl’s just gotta improvise! This got me so horny that after Sally climaxed she rolled me onto my back and kindly did the same service for me, her agile thumb rubbing clockwise circles on my clitoris whilst she pistoned two fingers in and out of my vagina until, with a scream of joy, my back arched as I came.

Following these delights, when we got dressed again, I did not bother to put my panties back on. Instead, I stuffed them into my little pink shoulder-bag, and enjoyed the feel of the soft breeze coming under my short denim skirt and tickling around my still damp and sticky pussy. Sally looked a little put out and muttered that she wished she had brought a skirt as well, but she brightened when I told her in all sincerity how fantastic her ass looked in the little yellow shorts, and how much that was turning me on.

We returned to the main track – you couldn’t really call it a road – and, affectionately holding hands, we walked onwards and upwards through the pine forest. It was a little after three o’clock when we finally crested the small hill that overlooked the wide hollow in which the cabin was sheltered, and Sally suddenly laid a hand on my arm to halt me in my tracks. With a throaty giggle, she pointed down to the grassy meadow in front of the cabin, where two distant figures could be seen.

‘Ho, ho! Oh, yes – take a lookit that, my sweet!’ she chuckled.

Her eyesight was always much keener than mine, but I had brought a small pair of binoculars in my shoulder-bag, and I took these out and focused them. Then I gave a little gasp of surprise – for we were not the only horny females to have found the combination of sweet sunshine and soft grass too good to resist! On a large tartan blanket spread out in the meadow, the dark figure of Patty lay on her back, legs wide apart and as buck-naked as the pretty blonde who was sprawled across her, as they ate out each other’s cunts in an erotic ebony-and-ivory 69.

‘Sweet Jesus!’ I whispered, ‘Sal, love – you were quite right!’

‘I know, babe, I know’, she replied, a trifle smugly, as she stepped up behind me and rested her chin on my shoulders, whilst almost automatically slipping a hand under my tiny skirt and stroking along my slit. Standing in the dark shade of a stand of tall pines, we both drank in the sexy scene below with avid interest – although my binoculars wobbled a bit as Sally’s deft index finger slid into my suddenly gaping and sopping vagina, bringing me tantalisingly near to a climax.

Down in the meadow, unconscious of any observers, Patty rolled Veronica onto her back and thrust at least three fingers into the blonde girl’s cunt. However, after a few strokes in and out, the black girl rose and walked away into the cabin. With a little sigh, I thought with regret ‘show’s over’. But I was wrong, and Sally gave my labia an excited pinch as the action resumed – and Act II turned out to be even hotter stuff than Act I had been.

The Amazonian African-American had reappeared in the cabin doorway and was striking a pose against it, showing off not only her elegant profile but also the long purple plastic strap-on dildo that she had buckled around her hips. Veronica laughed and clapped her hands, and then like an eager puppy she rolled over onto her hands and knees, sticking her butt up in the air in Patty’s direction and then waggling it provocatively. Her dark-skinned lover descended the three steps from the cabin’s veranda and knelt on the blanket behind the cute blonde’s quivering ass, taking a firm grip of the white girl’s hips. Both Sally and I gave an appreciative sigh as Patty smoothly thrust her pelvis forwards, so that the whole length of the dildo disappeared into Veronica’s pussy.

For a little while longer, we watched this unfolding and entrancing scene of inter-racial lesbian lovemaking, and I reached behind me to return the compliment by sliding my hand down inside Sally’s shorts and panties, and fondling her hot damp pussy. Then, with a shake of my shoulder and a husky note in her voice, Sally said:

‘C’mon, babe, let’s give them a surprise – and then we can all have some fun!’

I squealed in delight at the prospect, like a little girl being offered a candy treat – and so I was, of course, so I was! I gave my sweet lover a merry nod of agreement, followed by a swift hug and kiss, and followed her lead.

We stepped back below the crest of the hill, staying in the dark shade of the trees and avoiding the direct path that descended into the bowl which contained the cabin. Instead, we took a detour through the woods that brought us out on the cabin’s further side, emerging from the shadows about thirty feet behind and above it. Although we had gone almost three sides of a square, it had not taken very long because there was very little undergrowth beneath the tall inter-laced pines. Moving quietly, we crept up to the back of the cabin and then along its side wall, and peeked cautiously around the corner.

We were not too late – in fact, it was just about perfect timing! Patty’s thrusts with the strap-on were mounting rapidly in frequency and force, and Veronica’s hands were clutching spasmodically at the blanket. The blonde’s eyes were almost closed as she soaked up the sensations from her body, and her face was pressed down against the tartan cloth. Sally and I smiled at each other in appreciation of this lustful lesbian sight, with its striking contrast of black on white. We slipped off our small bags and left them against the cabin wall, and then, hand in hand, we walked the few yards through the soft meadow grass, silently approaching from behind the intent Patty.

‘Hiya, girls! We’ve got here early – but we see you’re having fun already!’ Sally breezily announced when she was only about four feet from Patty’s humping (and lithe and very sexy) butt.

The black girl gave a startled shriek, and the shock froze in her tracks – which left the strap-on cock buried deep inside the curvy blonde’s vagina. Still in dildo-dreamland, Veronica was puzzled by the sudden cessation of her lover’s thrilling thrusts, for neither of them had yet come.

‘Ooooh, c’mon baby, noooo – don’t stop now – c’mon, my Pussy-Patty, fuck me more, harder, please honey-babe, oh God, I need it so bad!’ she begged plaintively.

However, Patty’s continued inaction registered at last. Veronica glanced backwards over her shoulder, and then her eyes went wide and her mouth gaped open. ‘Oh, shit!’ she breathed softly.

Really, it was a priceless moment – maybe we shouldn’t have surprised them like that, but it was just too good an opportunity to miss. And they did make such a lovely picture, with the peachy blonde’s roundly-curved pale pink ass thrust up in the air, and her ebony lover kneeling behind with her back tall and straight and her pointy breasts jiggling in the cool breeze with each impaling thrust of her hips.

They had been so completely certain that they had the place all to themselves. I nearly collapsed in giggles at the expression on Veronica’s face – a mixture of disbelief, astonishment, confusion, embarrassment and unslaked lust, for she had been on the cusp of coming when we had interrupted their little fuckathon. Indeed, I noticed that almost unconsciously her pelvis was still giving little reciprocal thrusts backwards against the strap-on, as if in the hope that this reminder would set Patty into motion again.

‘It’s OK, girls!’ Sally reassured them with a merry laugh, ‘we kinda guessed some time back that you’re gay – in fact, that was the reason we invited you to share this holiday, just all of us girls here together.’

As understanding dawned, first on Patty’s face and then on Veronica’s, Sally drew me to her and kissed me fully on the lips with obvious sexual intent. To make sure that there was no possible doubt, my lover ran her hands caressingly over my breasts, whilst I squeezed her butt and returned her kiss with evident experience and passion. Then Sally stepped half a pace to one side, a mischievous glint in her eyes, and with one smooth movement she undid the button of my denim skirt and pulled it down to my ankles – revealing, like a magician performing a parlour trip, my naked pussy underneath, still aroused and open.

I heard Veronica give a little gasp, as Sally emphasised our lesbianism by running her hand over my bare shaved cunt and probing one of her fingers an inch or so into me. I gave a moan of appreciation and hastened the process, pulling off my top and throwing it aside, revealing my bra-less breasts and standing almost naked in just my trainers and striped ankle socks. The two girls still looked stunned, as Sally smilingly explained further:

‘No one else knows about us either – don’t worry, we can keep a secret! We’ve been lovers for over a year, and we thought what fun it would be to have some friends to share with – that’s why we suggested you two babes coming on this holiday ... because we’re hoping there’s gonna be lots of coming, lots and lots!’

Patty ran her tongue over her lips with increasing appreciation of just what a little love-nest this remote and secluded cabin could be, and how four girls could cavort here all day long to their hearts – and pussies – content, without being seen or heard by anyone else. She and her sweet girlish lover both watched avidly as Sally turned towards me and kissed me again, her hands roaming over my bare breasts, cupping and kneading them, whilst in return I seized her ass and squeezed her buttocks, pulling her closer into a clinch of pelvis-grinding pussy against pussy, with only the thin fabric of her tight little shorts between us.

Veronica was saucer-eyed and her mouth was still half-open, but the elegant Patty eyed my slim form with evident interest and her lips shaped a soft whistle. Sally grinned back at her, and then gave me a fond slap on the rump, urging me forwards in the black girl’s direction.

‘Go to Patty, honey’, my sweet Sally said to me, ‘I know your pussy is dripping wet, and I think she’s got just what you need – and I’m gonna attend to Veronica here, that cunt of hers needs a good eating out!’

Sally held out her hand to Veronica, who gave an excited squeal as she eased herself off the shaft of Patty’s strap-on and then crawled over to the other side of the wide blanket. With a purr like a cat that’s got the cream, the busty babe rolled over onto her back and spread her legs far apart. If she had put it up in flashing neon lights, the sign couldn’t have been clearer – her posture shouted ‘have me, take me, fuck me and fuck me!’ From the corner of my eye, I saw Sally swiftly discard her shorts and her plain blue bikini panties, and then straddle Veronica, dropping her cunt onto the blonde’s face whilst her own mouth swooped down onto the gasping girl’s gaping sloppy slit in a classic 69 position.

This left the gorgeous African-American girl for me, and it took only three strides for me to reach Patty, who was still kneeling exactly where she had been doggy-fucking Veronica. The black honey made a motion to rise, but I shook my head decisively and my hand gave a gentle downwards push on her shoulder. Understanding dawned in her deep dark eyes, and she sank backwards to lie on the nearer side of the blanket, the length of the dildo pointing like a flag-pole straight up to the sky. I stood above her for a moment, fingering my labia apart to give her a good view of my pussy. Patty looked like a prospector who had suddenly struck gold, and so in a way she had. I’ve found that not everyone gets turned on by blondes and not everyone gets turned on by brunettes – but everyone likes a pretty redhead, or at least they do when I trail my pussy in front of them. Patty seemed entranced, as I carefully lowered my cunt onto the spear of her dildo and slid downwards, the rod sliding wetly into my vagina. I pressed down until I had taken the whole length inside me and my labial lips were pressed against the dildo’s harness. My knees were placed either side of Patty’s hips, and once in place I reached forward to fondle her generous D-cup breasts. I was fascinated by their glossy chocolate texture and darker expansive aureoles, and the prominent brown nipples that hardened under my caresses.

Patty took a firm grasp of my waist on either side, and her athletically-muscled arms began to pump me up and down the shaft of the dildo, raising me up with deliberative slowness and then heaving downwards with a vigorous pull until my cunt-lips smacked against the base of the strap-on with a decisive wet thump. I gave a ragged cry, incredibly turned on by her aggressive vigour and the grin of fierce determination on her face. Through all of this, she stared directly into my hazel eyes and I gazed back down at her deep dark irises. By now, I was grasping her breasts more for support than stimulation, and the impaling penetrations of the dildo were really getting me off. Despite the cooling spring breeze, sweat beaded my face and breasts, and I began to moan loudly in approaching climax.

As my body bowed over her, my eyes almost closed, Patty expertly removed one of her hands from my hips and poked her fingers into the top of my gash, questing for my clitoris. Within seconds she had scored on her target, and began rubbing at it, kneading it and even – in the final seconds before I came – pinching it! This pushed me right over the edge and I gave a hollering shriek, bucking up and down on Patty’s strap-on like a cowgirl riding a bucking bronco at a rodeo, and then my whole body spasmed in a massive pulsating orgasm. I ground my cunt down against her with all my force, prolonging the shuddering wave of climaxes that exploded in my pussy for as long as I could make them last.

As they dissipated, I collapsed sideways with a bubbling moan to lie beside Patty on the blanket, and the black girl scooped me into her arms, cuddling me and whispering sweet nothings in my ear. However, fucking me from underneath like that, with its unusual mixture of passivity and dominance, had really lit a fire in her pussy, and her need was urgent. She unfastened the harness of the strap-on and thrust the wetly-glistening plastic cock into my hands.

‘Do me, please – oh, God! I want you to take me, really give it to me!’ she begged, adding with a gasp: ‘Aaah! Fuck – I really need it, babe – fuck me real good, real hard – no holding back!’

Who was I to refuse a damsel in distress? – well, in need of a good lesbian fucking, anyway! My dusky princess arched her legs wide apart, and I had my first clear look at her beautiful cunt – like Sally and myself, and I expected Veronica also, she kept it shaved for ease of lesbian access, and her prominent mound was fully visible, the darker brown ridges of her puffered labia making a startling contrast with the violent pink gash of her partly-open vagina. My eyes were glued to this vision of feminine sexual beauty as I knelt between her spread thighs, buckling the strap-on firmly around my waist and cinching the understrap carefully over my still-throbbing pussy.

‘Missionary position?’ I enquired with a smile.

‘Oh, yeah! – convert me, oh wonderful white woman!’ Patty laughed in gleeful reply, as she slipped her hands under her own ass and thrust her pelvis up in the air, offering me her gaping cunt.

Well, I’m a good girl and always do what I’m told, so I lay on top of her beautiful ebony body, thrust the dildo into her smooth slick hole, and then humped the sexy sapphic slut like there was gonna be no tomorrow. Patty’s eyes widened, surprised and enthralled at my coarse passion. Soon her ecstatic cries were harmonising with those of her blonde girlfriend, as next to us my lover brought Veronica to a third bone-shaking orgasm.

After this climactic crescendo, we all rolled together into the middle of the blanket as one giggling, squealing bundle of sweet lesbian girl-flesh, with our limbs entangled, our mouths meeting in sweet kisses, and our hands eagerly finding breasts to stroke and pussies to poke. Eventually, from sheer physical exhaustion, we ended up lying side-by-side on the blanket on our backs, with Patty next to me, Sally on her other side, and Veronica next to her, with each of us having at least one hand on another babe’s cunt. The day was beautiful, with the sky a bold unbroken blue above us and the gentle breeze sighing softly amongst the peaceful pines. Sally gave a satisfied sigh, and said with a contented smile:

‘Girls, this is gonna be a fuckin’ great fuckin’ holiday!’

She was right – she’s always right, that’s one reason why I love her so much. Of course, being fantastic in bed and regularly screwing me witless probably has something to with it as well!

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Thank you for another great story

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tara darling, u def write fantastic stories. wish u were here with me to write a good one cuz my indian cunt is so wet right now.

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