This is only part one more possible if wanted
As I awoke I felt as though I had a hangover times ten, but I did'nt remember drinking. As I slowely pried my eyes open I noticed three glowing balls spinning above me they were about the size of small marbles. I also noticed that they seemed to shift in color going from a brilliant green, to a dark blue, to a fiery red, than to a golden yellow and then would go through the color pattern backwards. I also noticed that there were bands on my body one on my neck, two for my wrist and my ankles and one for my waist. It was than as I looked down that I noticed that I was naked and I began to wonder where the hell was I and what the fuck happend last night. So let me start from the beginning.

I was originally living in Atlanta, Georgia as a scientist just one of hundreds doing research on whatever I was told and I was board. I had no life, no one to love, and was constantly depressed. Untill one day I was approached by two gentlmen wearing what looked like very high class suits. They said "Scott Richards" "thats me" I replied. They said "we work for another science firm that is sorta in battle with the company you work for." I said "look I dont want to be rude but if you are trying to get me to switch to your side i'm really not interested." The looked a little disheartened but said "would you at least hear us out we know you have the day off and would like for you to at least listen to our offer before you dismiss it outright." I thought about it and invited them in.

I said "would either of you like some coffee to drink" they almost replied in unison "YES!" as though I had just offered them something of the finest value. I looked at them and they both looked away "sorry" one of them said we work inside our firm mostly and dont get to drink coffee often so it's like a treat for us. So I made coffee and listend to there offer and was almost having a heart attack by the end I could'nt belive my ears. I said "wait a minute let me get this straight your company is going to pay me one million dollars upfront all I have to do is resign from my company. Than you will fly me in a personal company lear jet to Hawaii. Afterwards I will be driven to my own personal house that has been paid for in a limo that your company will provide. And than I will work for your company as a manager with no less than six people under me." I was to say the least dumb struck I said "so whats the catch there is always a catch."

They replied "well the work that you will be doing is different from what you are doing now we want you to work in experimentation." I eyed them for a moment and said "now you lost me why do you need me, what makes me so special." The said "what makes you so special is that you have no ties to leave behind no love and no family that will miss you. The thing is that this job will be mostly all consuming you will be working long long hours days and weeks at a time and that you have no one makes you special." I said "so what kind of experiments will I be doing" "i'm afraid we are not at liberty to say only because we dont know that information will be explained when you arrive at your job."

I agreed to there proposal and they left saying that I was expected to be at the airport with my luggage by 11:30 tomorrow morning and they dropped a plane ticket on my kitchen table and left. So that evening I called my company and let my boss know that I would be leaving the company. He tried very hard to get me to stay but I told him that my mind was made up I was tired of working like a rat and getting paid in cheese like all the others. He said he understood and would miss me since I was one of the best and most notebly unnoticed workers he wish me well and hung up the phone. I was excited, overjoyed, beaming with energy, I felt like a superball that if I was tossed at the wall I would just keep bounching forever I had'nt felt this good in so long I could'nt belive it. But I put my self to the task of packing my bags and leaving all my belonings here since the men told me that it would all be taken care of by a moving company and shipped to me.

Oh boy little did I know what I was getting in to if I had known I would have stayed a rat where I was. I awoke the next morning with a smile on my face, I got up hopped in the shower and left for the airport at 9. And it was like I was already in hell, long lines, kids screaming, people yelling at one another and security all over the place and suddenly remembered why I did'nt like to fly. But I made it through and got out to my personal jet and headed out to Hawaii. As I was flying I noticed that I was starting to feel nausious a first for me since I was usually a rock when I flew. So I undid my belt and went into the restroom and blacked out. When I awoke I was in a room but not on the plane the small spinning marbles were above me and I was naked with the bands on my body. I was also suspended in the air there was nothing holding my body up but I could'nt move either. Than I noticed a door form along the wall to my right and it almost seemed to melt into the floor. And a woman or something like a woman walked into the room she was about half my height, but the most noticable thing was that she was not human. She had blue skin that seemed to shimmer as she walked, she was bald with a tail similar to a monkeys but thinner and longer and it was wrapped around her leg. Her feet and hands were webbed and here eyes were big like that of a deer and here eyes seemed to shimmer with all of the colours of the rainbow.

She was stunning to say the least she had a flat chest and the only way I could tell she was female was that she wore no clothes but she had a vagina that was identical to that of a humans. I also noticed that she wore a large piece of fabric around her neck and it almost looked like the sides of the garment bulged in and out. As she approached me she cooed to me like she was trying to calm me but when she went to speak all I could here were some high pitched clicks. She looked at me and from behind her withdrew a sirenge. My eyes went wide I tried to speak but nothing came out she cooed again and inserted the needle into my neck I tried to scream but to no avail as I noticed a blue liquid of some kind injected into my blood. Though it felt cold at first it quickly turned into fire in my veins and the pain was so intense that I passed out. When I awoke I was in the bathroom on the floor I figured that I had passed out and had a bad dream or something. So I sat up collected my self splashed some cold water on my face and exited the restroom. One of the attendents came over to me and asked if I was ok since I had been in there for the past thirty minutes I said I was fine and she ushered me back to my seat since we were about to land.

When we were on the ground I collected my luggage and started for the main entrance when a very tall and well muscled man approached me. "Scott Richardson I presume" his voice boomed as he said my name I meekly replied "yes." He chuckled and said let me get those bags for you and escort you to your ride sir. As he picked up my bags with great ease we walked toward a limo that was in idle near the curb another man exited the vehicle and opened my door. These two were certenly the odd pair as the one who got my door was very short almost like a midget. I got in and my door closed and I almost jumped out of my skin when a voice spoke to me. From the shadows a hand appeared and the voice said "Mr. Richardson it's nice to finally meet you" I extended my hand and said "like wise but who are you?" A man appeared attached to the hand and said "I am the man who hired you Mr. Richardson my name is Keith Coleburn." When I looked at him I almost wished he had stayed in the shadows. He was bald and his skin hung badly from his face his eyes were sunk deeply into the back of his head and he was white as a ghost.

He said i'm sorry if my appearance frightens you sir but i'm afraid that smoking cigars and drinking high priced drinks does have some draw backs like cancer. I said "i'm sorry I was just unprepared for this meeting" he said "oh it's quite alright I know I'm not the man I used to be, but I decided to meet you personally for a number of reasons." I said "like what reasons?" He said one I wanted to make sure you arrived in one piece. I looked at him oddly he said "let me explain first off do you know why you are here?" "Experimentation of some kind" I replied. He pulled out a manilla folder and handed it to me the front of the file said in big bold red letters CLASSIFIED! He said "what i'm about to tell you is classified if you tell another living soul out side of the six you work with you will never be seen or heard from again and that is no joke." A lump formed in my stomach. He said "open the folder" as I did I slowely read through pages and pages of what seemed like some wierd 1950's bad alian movie and a smile formed on my face. I looked at him and he was'nt smiling he said all that you have read there is completly true about one year ago my company unearthed a ship that does not belong to this planet. When it was brought to the lab the scientist examined it but there are no doors or windows and no way to enter the ship. I said "ok so, how do we know it's a real space ship."

He said "because we have ran x-ray scans, MRI scans, and many other types and can only tell two things first that we dont know what it's made of and that there is a...thing inside the ship in some kind of stasis." I said "so why did you hire me what the fuck do you possibly think that I can do that no one else can. He brushed his hand across his head and said "I have gone through your records and you were working a boring job with nobody people in a company that did'nt recognize your talents. Once more you graduated MIT with the highest of all honors of the past five years of your class yet seemed to do nothing with your life I on the other had want to change your life." I said "ok you know what if this is a joke i'm not in the least amused." "Oh this is far from a joke I assure you and tomorrow your life will be changed forever guaranteed" he replied.

The car came to a stop and the door opened again Coleburn said "Mr. Richardson I will see you at work tomorrow morning at 10:00 am sharp. As I got out of the car I was still expecting to wake from some weird freaky dream as I walked into the house. I was greated by a maid she addressed me by name and said "i'm sure you are tired from your trip if you will fallow me I will show you to your room." Well one thing I could say was that the view here was better than in the car. The maid had on a skimpy little french maid outfit but she was most certenly a local girl with big tits that almost seemed to pop as she spoke and they swayed ever so nicely. As she turned to walk away to show me to my room I caught the hint of a sweet perfume that almost left me breathless. I also noticed that as she sashayed away that she was not wearing anything under the outfit and her ass was stunning.

She opened the door to my room and flipped on the lights and said "this is where you will sleep if you need anything there is a phone by your bed all you have to do is pick it up and speak what ever you wish and it will be delivered to you." I said "well who will deliver this stuff becuase I would love to see you some more." With that she pushed the door closed and took off here outfit she said "I will be the one to deliver everything to you and it will be my pleasure to do so." Her skin was flawless and tanned with no tan lines what so ever she walked over to me and undid my shirt and pants and pushed me onto the bed as she removed my clothes. She cooed as she took my rock hard member into her mouth and started sucking me off with great viger. It had to be the best blow job I had ever had she took my nut sack in her hands and rolled them around between her fingers before sliding a finger just below my sack and giving a gentle push on the skin giving me a mind blowing orgasim that took my breath away.

I said one I recovered " WOW i've never had anything like that before" she just giggled and said " that is only the beginning." As she moved up my body she planted little kissed as she went. When we were face to face she kissed me and the passion that I felt was intense my cheaks were red and her tounge snaked into and out of my mouth. She tasted so good that I was almost sad when she stopped but she moved up further and placed a very long nipple into my mouth. It tasted even better and as I started to suck she purred and milk started to flow from her and into me. I could'nt belive how sweet it tasted like nector from a huneysuckle flower. As the flow decreased and stopped she pulled the nipple from my lips and moved the other one over so that I could drink from it. After she and I had finished with her tits she moved up my body till her little pussy was stairing me in the face. It was bald but so sexy and I began to lick around it teasining her she moaned and said "no please dont tease me just suck me" well who was I to agrue. So I lifted her up a bit and let my tounge stroke the pretty lips that hung down and pulled them into my mouth one at a time. She was so worked up that she shoved here cunt down onto my mouth and I licked straight into here honey hole. She started to writhe and shake and her sweet cream shot into my mouth and I enjoyed every second of it.

She started to get up I grabbed her arm and said "where do you think your going we aint done yet baby" and yanked her back into the bed. I moved my cock up to here cunt and pushed my cock head ever so gently into her she grabbed my ass and shoved me in. She was wet and warm as hell I thought I had just put my cock into a fireplace. I started ramming into her with full force she screamed "yes fuck me, fuck me harder, yes just like that, pump into me, slide in deep. Than I felt my cock head pop something and she screamed like she had been shot. I stopped and asked what happened she said "your in my womb but dont stop it feels to good just keep going." So I slowely pulled out and pushed back into her womb popping her little cervix ring each time and hearing her moan each time I did till I sprayed my cum into her. I felt it hit inside her and bounce back onto my dick as it filled her womb up. I pulled out and watched my cum dribble out of her cunt and she pushed on her belly and more flowed out of her pussy. I said "that was fun" she looked at me and said "yes it was and we can do it agian but right now we both need some sleep." I laid my head on her lushish tits and fell asleep with one of her nipples in my mouth sucking on it ever so gently.

End of Part One.

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