Jenna gives me a present I will never forget
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Jenna and I are sitting outside an older track home in a stolen piece of shit Ford Escort. According to Jenna the car is the same make, model and color of the old junker our target had parked in her back driveway until a few weeks ago. She says the neighbors will not be suspicious if a similar car is seen in the same parking place. I have looked in the carry bag Jenna brought along and am almost ready to puke. Besides rubber gloves, dildos, masks, enema bag, flex tie restraining straps and prophylactics there is a black automatic pistol. She just warned me not to touch anything in the bag without gloves on to keep from leaving prints or DNA. This is one hell of a way to spend my 27th birthday.

While her initial idea was exciting, seeing the gun and having her tell me we have to be prepared to kill the woman if anything goes wrong has made me nauseous. When I asked if it was loaded she replied “all you have to do is point and pull the trigger”. I have never even touched a gun before and am afraid to be in the car with one. The thought of raping and ravishing a woman Jenna described as “the bitch who fucked her over” was exciting but the prospect of taking a life terrifies and sickens me. I have asked many times what this woman did to her but she just repeats “ take my word for it she deserves what she will get and I half hope something goes wrong”.

Jenna and I have been lovers for the last year and a half. She is 23 years old with a small slender shapely body and the most reckless, ravenous sex appetite possible. Until we met my sex life was normal and a bit mundane. In the last year and a half she has introduced positions of coitus that would maim a yoga instructor and make the Kamasutra blush. We have performed full intercourse while driving a car, in both private & commercial airplanes and on a Grey Hound bus. We have had sex in the police station restroom, library, the bathroom of every party we have gone to and in the bleachers at about every type of major sporting event. Life with Jenna is about having some extravagant encounter daily if possible.

I ask Jenna “what is it we are waiting for”. Her reply is “for the mailman to deliver a small package from the woman's niece”. She then goes on to explain the package contains dried fruit that is the woman’s favorite and it has been doused with Rohypnol. She adds “ if she only checks the return address and not the postmark we are set”. In my mind I’m thinking we are most likely set to go to prison for the rest of our lives. I love Jenna but I’m on the verge of falling apart.

We can see the postal carrier coming toward the house pushing one of those three wheeled carts. Jenna watches through binoculars as he opens a mail box next to the front door. She tells me her timing was right as he dropped the package she sent in the box with some letters. I ask what we would have done if he hadn't and she says “ we would just hide the car for the night and try again tomorrow”. She then starts the car and we drive to a small restaurant a few minutes away to wait.

Over coffee she explains she has done a lot of planning to make this come off without any problems. Things she has planned for are postal deliver time, the woman's time of arriving home, where the back door hide-a-key is located and what her schedule is after arriving. She informs me we have about a half hour to wait before we go back out to watch. I excuse myself for the restroom and while trying to piss, wind up puking up my lunch in the urinal. I wash and freshen up while looking in the mirror at the my pasty completion and think what a dumb shit I am for going along with this.

As I return to the table Jenna picked up her stuff and motioned for me to follow. When we were back in the car she drove to the cross street near where we had parked before and had me keep watch for a newer dark blue BMW. She indicated which direction it would be coming from and said it would turn into the alley running behind the street we had parked on earlier. The neighborhood we were watching was probably built in the 1930's or 40's as they had garages in the rear, with access reached from an alley. Jenna sat back in the seat and took a nap.

When the BMW approached and turned into the alley I was tempted to say nothing but Jenna looked up and saw it to. She immediately started the car and drove around to the front of the house in the place we had been earlier. She picked up the binoculars and handed them to me saying “ keep watch on the mail box and you'll get a look at what your going to be fucking in about an hour”. About twenty minutes later a very attractive woman in her late 30's or early 40's came out the front door wearing shorts and a tight t-shirt. When Jenna had told me the day before I would consider the woman to be a MILF she had understated. This woman was gorgeous with big tits, small waist, great ass and the face of an actress. My stomach was still rocky and I had decided I would not let anyone be killed, but being able to use and abuse her sexually any way I wanted was very appealing after seeing what she looked like.

Jenna said “ let me introduce you to May Carlson, the worlds biggest bitch who is about to get some payback”. The woman I was watching took all the mail out of the box and stopped to look at the small package Jenna had sent. When she read it she smiled and walked into the house. Jenna said “ now it won't be long”.

We sat there about a half an hour. I had seen the woman walk by what appeared to be a kitchen window twice in the first ten minutes. Jenna put on a pair of thin latex gloves and dialed a number on a cell phone. She had it on speaker and I could hear someone answer but the words were garbled and slurred. Jenna shut off the call and said “it's time”. She threw the phone in the bag, as she handed me gloves she said “the phone is a throw away we will dump later”.

It was just turning dusk making our approach more stealthy. Jenna took two masks out of the bag that looked like something the Long Ranger wore but in a flesh color. We each put one on and with the coloring it was not obvious we were wearing them. She drove around to the alley and parked in a short driveway to the side of a garage. She told me to bring the bag and not to slam the car door when I got out. As we passed the garage window I saw the blue BMW inside.

We crossed a small neatly landscaped yard and walked up to the backdoor of the house we had been watching. Jenna picked up a fist sized rock from the planter box and slid something free on the bottom of it. She extracted a house key and unlocked the back door. My heart was pounding as if it might explode at any time. I followed her into the house through a laundry room and into a hall way.

She was turning on lights as we went, looking for the owner. As we searched each room she motioned for me to turn off the lights behind us. We found the woman in the living room sprawled on the couch with her cell phone laying next to her. The opened package was sitting on the coffee table with some of the dried fruit missing. Jenna's first move was to take the package and wrapping material, placing them in a plastic bag and stashing it in our large carry bag. She checked the phone for last number dialed to make sure May had not called 911.

I looked at the woman carefully and saw she appeared to be semi-conscious but totally confused and having a hard time controlling her movements. Jenna had briefed me earlier not to remove my mask or gloves until we had left and I was to call her Rita. She said the woman might recall later what we looked like and any names she might hear. She addressed me as Paul and told me to strip the clothes off of May. This I did with both a growing excitement and hard on. I rolled May face down and pulled her so her ass was in the air over the arm of the couch. Then relishing every touch I slid her shorts and panties off slowly touching every inch of her. Oh damn she had one killer body. The way she was bent over I had free access so I separated he legs as wide as possible and slid a couple of fingers into her vagina. She responded with a moaned and flexed her pelvic muscles making this even more exciting.

When I looked up Jenna had been going around making sure no one could see in the windows and that the doors were locked. She looked at me and almost laughed saying “you look like a little kid who is free to do what her wants in a candy store”. I grinned like a dope and asked if I could start. She said it was OK to start with a good ass fucking and added “ make it rough”. Jenna said not to worry about a rubber when I fucked her in the ass as we were going to clean her out good after. I was glad I didn't have to use one of the rubbers she had brought as they were the novelty type with large knobs and bumps to simulate a radical french tickler. Jenna and I had tried them a few days earlier but she said they tore her up to much. I had a feeling that was her intention for this woman.

There was some hand lotion on the table so I lubed up my dick and her ass. I slid it into her ass with only having to force it a little. She was reacting to the pain verbally by groaning and squealing but put up no physical resistance. I looked over at Jenna and she kept egging me on by growling “give it to her harder” over and over. Jenna had pulled off May's t-shirt, ripping it as she did. I was surprised and pleased that the woman was so clean and fresh. I assumed she had just come home from a day at work and would be a little gamey. It sometimes puts a person off when you are ass fucking and have to contend with the smell and having shit on your dip stick. So far her ass was lick able and kissable.

I was really getting into it standing behind her and pounding away. Jenna was encouraging me to shoot a big load in her ass and I was loving the way her sphincter was grabbing me on ever stroke. She appeared to be enjoying the rough ride I was giving her as she moaned in the way I knew each thrust was bringing her pleasure. My upset stomach was soon forgotten and I was squirting a hot load deep in her ass. As I pulled out I was ready to kick back and take ten.

Jenna had me help roll her back over and carry her to the middle of the floor, putting her down on her back. After Jenna removed her own dark Levis and panties she stepped over straddling May's head and placed her pussy over her mouth sitting on her chest. As she ground away forcing the woman to eat her pussy she would reach down and pinch the woman’s nose closed making her gasp for air until she would let go. She kept reaching around behind her pulling and pinching the woman’s large nipples making her cry out in pain even in her half drugged state. I moved around in front so I could watch Jenna rubbing her clitoris against the woman’s nose to stimulate herself.

I was getting aroused again and walked around to inspect May's body. She had the most voluptuous and desirable shape I had ever encountered on a woman. The oldest woman I had ever had sexual relations with was Jenna as I had never considered older women that interesting sexually. Her pubic hair was trimmed short and was soft instead of prickly. She had dark hair and very light, blemish free skin as if she had never spent time out in the sun. I sat there devouring her with my eyes as my dick grew hard again.

I knelt between her legs, spreading them wide and started touching and rubbing her vagina. As I spread it open the inner labia lips would constrict as if it was trying to reach out and kiss me. The smell was intoxicating as if she had just douched with the most haunting aroma known to man. I couldn't resist and placed my lips against hers and began to french kiss her pussy as I would a woman’s mouth. The response her pubic muscles had was almost frightening. I felt as if I had stuck a low power vacuum cleaner hose to my mouth. It was as if her pussy was trying to suck me inside her. I was thinking I couldn't wait to get my dick inside what appeared to be a fantastic fun ride fuck machine. She seemed to be having a slow on going orgasm from the stimulation both Jenna and I were giving her.

Jenna tired of the game she was playing and stood up. She walked toward the back rooms and motioned for me to follow. As we left the room she said May would not be able to ago anywhere so to leave her. We walked back to the master bedroom and both laid down to recover for a few minutes. She pulled off both our masks and took hold of my cock giving it long slow strokes. She had brought one of the radical french tickler rubbers with her and unrolled it on to my cock. As she got it in place she tried to stroke the rough bumpy beast and smiled with a wicked grin. She said we were waiting for some of the drug to wear off so May could come around a bit more and experience the payback that was to come.

We rested for about a half an hour and Jenna asked if I was ready to tear up some pussy. I followed her back into the living room. May was still laying on the carpet in the middle of the room and looking very delicious. Jenna removed the long flex ties from the bag and used them to strap Mays elbows to her knees. We rolled her over and it left her scrunched up like a frog with her ass in the air and her head down on the carpet. May was more awake but could not get it together enough to control her movement. I saw her watching both of us with a questioning look. Jenna took my arm and pulled me behind our captive and told me to “tear off a piece and keep it rough”. The inviting and fully exposed position she was in had me erect and ready. I wanted to try that muscular flexing pussy with nothing on my cock but Jenna was too excited about me using the brutal french tickler to ravish her into a coma.

Jenna went to the bag and extracted two of the dildos we had brought. One of them was a really mean hard rubber cock that makes you squint with sympathy when you imagine what pain it could inflict and the other was a smooth normal size. She told me she wanted to give May a good going over after I was finished but didn't want to ruin her pussy before I had a chance to enjoy it completely. I knelt down behind May with my prelubricated sheathed cock hard and ready. Jenna was urging me to slam it into her hard but I took my time, enjoying running my hands over her soft smooth skin and reaching under her to massage her large hanging breasts.

My cock was poised and pressed against those beautiful pussy lips that seemed to be begging me to thrust forward. Even through the thick layer of rubber it felt like the lips were pursing out and trying to suck my dick inside. I could only imagine what ecstasy it would be to experience this bare back, but could not bring myself to disappointing Jenna. I pushed my dick slowly inside her and felt her whole body shudder and clinch up from the excess friction and stimulation the bumpy tickler was causing.

Jenna was moving around us almost dancing with excitement. She kept urging me to fuck May harder while chanting “ tear her up”. Jenna was nude and had her right hand on her pussy with one finger inserted. As she moved around for a better view from different positions she would stop and squat down spreading her legs then stab her finger in and out of her pussy frantically. I almost laughed at the strange sight of her totally nude wearing a mask and latex gloves while masturbating at lightning speed.

Knowing what damage I might do I was stroking slowly in and out of May with an easy measured pace. Even though May was partially drugged she was responding to each stroke with moans of pleasure and vaginal constrictions that would rival a milking machine. I was having a hard time not loosing the rubber as her pussy would almost strip it off me each time I pulled out. If it were not for the thick rubber I was wearing I would have shot my load in the first few seconds I had entered her.

I was so enthralled in fucking May I had lost track of Jenna. She surprised me from behind by pressing the smooth dildo into my asshole and whispering in my ear “I told you to tear her up, now I will help you”. As I started to protest Jenna jammed the dildo into my ass causing me to lurch forward in pain. My pain was transferred to May as I jabbed my tickler clad cock into her violently. We both screamed out in pain and before I could say anything, Jenna rammed the dildo four or five inches up my ass again. We both screamed again and May slid forward on the floor about six inches as I banged into her.

Jenna pulled the dildo from my ass causing me to almost faint and my dick to pull out of May. I sat on the floor with a terrible pain in my ass and groin that caused my erection to fall in one swift drop. Jenna laughed and said “I knew you were going to wimp out and I was going to have to do this my self”. She then reached over and grabbed the large brutal dildo and told May she was about to get the pay back she deserved for molesting her before she was even a teenager. Jenna shoved the brute into her pussy with one swift motion. May yelled again and started begging her to stop. The more she begged the more Jenna rammed it to her.

It all of a sudden dawned on me that Jenna had revealed who she was if May later remembered what was just said. I grabbed Jenna and put my mouth to her ear whispering “ god Jenna you just told her who you are”. Jenna stopped and stared at me without saying anything. May was moaning in pain and still begging, then all of a sudden got quiet. She then said in a soft voice “Jenna is that you”.

I almost fainted and scooted backwards in panic. Jenna got up slowly and went over to the bag we had brought. She returned with the large black automatic pistol and said “I'm sorry John, but we can't let her live now”. May was quite a sight in her scrunched over position with the large dildo sticking out of her. She had managed to turn her body around so she could see us both. When she saw the pistol she started to plead with Jenna saying she would not tell if we let her live. I was sick with fear and moved toward Jenna as she pointed the gun at May. I told her I would not let her do this and tried to get her to talk to me. She turned toward me with the gun and pointed it at my head saying “ I’m not going to spend time in prison over this bitch and if you think you can stop me you will have to die too”

It felt like the temperature in the room dropped about thirty degrees. I was sitting there on the floor shaking with cold sweats. The gun was about three feet away and pointed at my forehead when Jenna said “ GOOD BYE JOHN”. She smiled as she pulled the trigger and instead of a bang a stream of liquid hit me in the forehead. Jenna started laughing and both she and May yelled “ HAPPY BIRTHDAY”.

May immediately started yelling for Jenna to remove the straps she was tied with. I was still sitting on the floor with a stunned and stupid look on my face. My eyes burned from the liquid she had squirted me with. When I started to complain she squirted me again in my open mouth. I then realized the squirt gun was filled with room temperature piss. As I started spitting Jenna howled with laughter saying “ the last time I pissed in your mouth it gave you a raging hard on”.

Jenna got a small set of cutters out of the bag and snipped the straps that had May bound up like a frog. May rolled on to her back and stretched out with a sigh of relief. She still had the large mean dildo inserted fully into her pussy and did not seem anxious to remove it. Even though I was still in shock and angry my dick had gotten hard again from looking at the two naked gorgeous women who had put me through such an emotional event. Every time I would try saying something Jenna would squirt a stream of piss into my mouth and then almost fall down laughing.

She finally started talking by introducing me to her aunt May. She said she was not kidding about her being someone who fucked her over. Jenna went on to explain her aunt was the person who introduced her to sex when she was eleven years old and it had been the driving force in her life since then. She went on to say her aunt had taken her cherry with a strap on dildo before she was in her teens and had continued to fuck her every time she got a chance. As she talked I noticed May had moved so she could sit and lean against the couch with her legs pulled up and spread wide. She was manipulating the large dildo slowly in and out with a glazed look on her face. I don't think she was even aware of us as she pursued the orgasm she had just been cheated of.

Jenna went on to tell me they had been lovers for half her life and had both been planning my birthday surprise for three months. She talked about how they had not tried the rape scam since Jenna was in high school as it had backfired. The three boys Jenna had recruited from the basketball team had done an admirable job of fucking May in every hole many times when one of them decided to start beating her with his fists. T hats when they decided as exciting as it was not to try it again until now. I asked how she had stopped the attack and she replied “ I kicked the asshole in the balls from behind and then the two of us beat the shit out of him as his friends ran out the door”.

Jenna had me help her lift her aunt onto the couch into a sitting position and said she wanted to show me her aunts gobbler. She explained that was what she had called May's pussy since she was young as it would try to eat you up. As Jenna started to remove the dildo her aunt was protesting and trying to hold it in. When it was out I sat there almost drooling over her pussy with the urge to devour it. Jenna had me kneel in the floor between her aunts legs and softly kiss her vagina. The lips of her pussy responded by pushing out against my lips while opening slightly and retracting with an almost sucking action. The sensation sent a thrill to my groin that almost brought on an orgasm with out anything touching my dick.

May began to breath faster and shallower as I continued to experiment with light kisses and an occasional lick of her vagina. Each time I inserted my tongue her pussy would surge forward around it and contract as it pulled back. I looked up to see Jenna kneeling on the couch next to May softly fondling her large breasts and kissing her open mouthed with a slow wet tongue fucking action. I could wait no longer so I straighten up and pressed my cock against the lips of her vagina inserting just the head. May moved down to give me full access. The rhythmic milking action was pulling my cock inside her at about a half inch each time she flexed. I understood why Jenna had called it a gobbler as I was slowly pulled to full insertion. I was still feeling the gently but firm pressure almost as strong as a hand would be grasping at the base of my cock and applying pressure with one finger at a time and then starting over again.

As I looked over I could see May was in the process of inserting several fingers into Jenna's pussy as they continued to kiss and fondle each other. I had never seen Jenna with a woman before and found it very erotic. May's fingers were were inserted up to the knuckles and Jenna had pulled away and straightened her back. Her face was pointed slightly upward and had a pinched look from the pain she was enduring as the large part of Mays small hand interred past the outer lips and up to the wrist . May started a slow short stroke in and out of Jenna's pussy with her arm that had the same timing I was enjoying on my dick. Both women had stopped and were staring at me through half closed eyes as I started to climax without having taken a single stroke in and out of Mays pussy. Both Jenna and May were on the edge of orgasm also but holding off to watch my reaction.

I could hold off no longer and the flood gates opened as I started squirting the largest load of cum since I had jacked-off in the bath tub at 10 years old. Each spasm was filled with pain and pure pleasure that was centered some where between my balls and asshole. After about fourteen or fifteen ball clenching squirts I yelled and collapsed backwards as both women were finishing there climaxes with moans of pleasure. Jenna's juices were running down Mays arm like she had lost bladder control and about a cup of our combined cum had squirted out of May by the end of her last spasm.

We retired to Mays bed for about three hours of sleep where I would wake periodically and get another erection just looking down at the two beautiful women I was laying with but would then nod off again being unable to do anything about it. When I woke later both women were standing at the end of the bed with a birthday cake containing twenty seven lit candles. Jenna told me to make a wish and blow. I blew out the candles and told them it was their turn to blow. I got my wish and the most memorable birthday present one could ask for.

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