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Sitting at the traffic light my left foot taps the car's floor anxiously while my other foot holds break. Seemingly the only thing restraining my extreme sexual desires. All day I've been looking forward to getting home before my girl friend. I generally finish work at least an hour before her. And I need that hour to indulge in my hobby. Or fetish. What ever you choose to call it. She would not support my fixation, and especially my intentions. I had to get home and check my email.

Not just any email. My secret account, which I've been using to solicit nude pictures of men I've met on craigslist. I have been using the "casual encounters" section of the site to post pictures of myself wearing women's panties. Indicating my desire to trade pictures of me for pictures of men, their cocks and thier wives. The amount of replies my slim, petite, frame adorned in sexy panties attracted was impressive. All sorts of men wanted to fuck me. And they weren't shy about telling me so. Its just too bad for them I never intended to meet with any of them. To be fair, in my add I never mentioned meeting, just trading pics. Or course these men wanted more. I can't blame them. My ass was very sexy. I had a short boyish figure at 5'7", 120 lbs on a good day. Though I had a supple ass that was very tantalizing in panties.

Though my adds did just fine supplying me with fresh nude pics, I still liked to search craigslist for people with similar fetishes. One afternoon I came Across this add:

Seeking Hot Twink to Dress in my Wifes Panties - 45 - Chicago

I was intrigued. I wanted to know more.
Opening the link the add stated:

The title pretty much says it all.

I can host. You dress in my wife's clothes and we'll see where things go.

There were a few pics attached. A pic of various panty styles, and a full body shot of the host. He had a thick build. Appearing to be big and manly though not muscular. His cock was a thick piece of meat.

My imagination went wild. Picturing me raiding his wife's panty drawer, prancing around in her clothes. How sexy! But there was this man who posted the add to contend with as well. His add was ambiguous, stating I could try on his wife's clothes, but I know when he sees me he will want more than just to look. After looking at that cock of his I'm starting to think that may be quite fun, and sexy.

So I replied:

I'm very slim, usually where a medium size panty. I'd love to dress up and dance for you. Put on your wife's dresses and skirts, sexy panties, give you a little show, sit on your lap and feel that hard on. The thought of wearing your wife's clothes really turns me on!

I attached a few of my sexiest pics to further entice this hunk. In minutes I received a reply.

You have a nice body. I think you'll fit in my wife's clothes. Actually she's my ex now. What's your shoe size?

And so our correspondence began. We emailed back and forth for an hour. Talking about our fetishes and fantasies. From what he told me his divorce wasn't final yet. It seemed that he was upset about the way things ended with his wife, and he saw this as an opportunity to get back at her. Having a man come and dress in her clothes while she was at work and seduce her husband.

Seeing as how I live with my girlfriend, and she would be home soon, my window of sexual freedom for the night was rapidly dwindling. I sent one last message:

Have to go, but I'll be dreaming of that fat cock of yours! Did your wife suck your cock? I'd love to see your member in action!

I signed off and resumed my straight male life.

I spent all night rolling around with and uncomfortable erection. Dreaming of dressing up and going a step further. Indulging in my oral fixation and going down on that fat cock. All day at work I kept thinking of his dick. Just sitting around in torment, thinking of the possible emails waiting for me. When the clock struck 5, I was gone. In my car and zipping home. I burst in the door, dropped my bag, threw down the keys and quickly sat down in front of the computer. Opening my secretive porn mail I saw six new messages. Some from new and old men wanting my ass, but two from my new friend. I decided to open them in the order received.

She didn't suck me too often. Thinks she's too good for it. I liked to fuck her with her clothes on. Skirts, tights, panties that kind of thing.
Here's a video of her sucking me. Hope you can do better!

I clicked the link. It went to his personal sight where the video was hidden.

The vid was shot with him, John, sitting on the couch nude. The camera perched over his shoulder. His wife on her knees between his legs. She was leaning forward with her hands wrapped around his cock, stroking. Up and down the thick length. She lowered her mouth down to his head and began pumping it with her lips. It was a pretty crappy blow job. The kind you expect from a teen girl sucking her first cock. But she kept at it. Pumping his shaft, letting her lips lightly touch his head. You could see his breathing get more short and ragged. His hips bucking, trying to get deeper in her mouth, but she refused. John grunted and moaned indicating his imminent orgasm. His wife pulled her mouth off and pumped with only one hand. I got a good look at her face in that brief moment. She was homely, with brown hair, a wide nose and plain features. John grunted and pushed as she stroked him. His hips drew back, his back arched, he shot a big thick spurt of cum into the air. Several more shots erupted and landed on all over his naked body.

God, I was hard. Seeing her make him blow that big with a crumby bj/hj, I was hot thinking of how big I could make him cum with a real bj. Though, honestly I had never been with a man before. This was the closest I had come. Just talking to a man about sex and hearing about what he wanted to do to me.

I opened his next message:

Hope you liked my video! I'll be home alone all day tomorrow. Come visit me. We can have some fun!

Included in the message were his address and phone number.

Overly excited I impulsively replied:

Oh wow! Thanks for the vid! Do you always cum that much!? I can't wait to see you shoot! When can I come over?

During our short exchange I made my plan. I was going to leave for work tomorrow morning, then call in sick and go meet John instead. My gf shouldn't suspect a thing. It was a long night. In the morning I showered and shaved all the hair I could, without things seeming weird to girlfriend.

I pulled into Johns driveway. Sitting in my car I contemplated the weight of my actions. I was being unfaithful to girl friend, if she knew I would never be forgiven. But this was a part of me, something I needed to explore at least this once. I exited the car. His house was a nice two story suburban home. Nicely manicured lawn, trees, flower beds, the works. I approached his unassuming front door and knocked, initiating the lose of my innocence. Immediately I had the instinct to bolt. Just turn and run to my car. But I had come too far and wanted this too badly. I could hear him approaching the door. My heart pounding in my chest.

The door swung open to reveal a burly, mature man. He was tall, taller than me, 6 foot at least. Broad shoulders. Brown hair with bits of grey streaking the sides. Looking down on me he smiled broadly. "Nice to finally meet you, Chris." He extended his big manly hand. I gripped his hand, and squeaked hello. His other hand clasped my shoulder and drew me inside.

His house was neat and clean inside. Releasing my hand he moved he cupped my face in one big, rough palm. He turned my face toward his. "Your cute. Not too masculine."

"Thanks." I replied sheepishly, dropping my eyes again.

"Relax, sweet heart. This will be fun. We don't have to go too fast." I nodded my head, feeling rather uncertain. "Lets go upstairs and you can see my wife's collection."

I tried to explain, "Sorry, I'm just nervous. Never done this before." I felt comfortable relating to him. "Being dishonest with my girlfriend is wearing on me."

He extended his arm across my shoulders angling me toward the stairs. "But if feels so good to indulge in fantasy. I'm sure you've had these feelings for a long time, just like me. Its time we enjoyed them." John walked me upstairs and guided me into his bedroom. The room opened to the left, with the head of the bed against the left wall. There was a door in the far right corner of the room leading to a master bath. On the right wall close to the door was a long, low dresser. He left me and approached the dresser. "Come explore." John said in a dubious tone, after sliding the top drawer open.

I approached.

My eyes feasted on the treasure trove of panties before me. I started getting hard seeing all the lace, cotton, silk, variously colored and styled panties.

"You can wear what ever you want." John told me, "This is all about you feeling sexy."

I let my hands dive into the drawer, sorting through this magnificent collection. "I can wear anything?"

"Absolutely. There are skirts, tops, and lingerie in the other drawers and shoes in the closet. I'll be down stairs when you feel comfortable." And with that he walked to the hallway. Pausing in the door he said, "Oh, and I left some things for you in the bathroom." He gave me a wry smile, winked, and shut the door. Curious, I made my way to the bathroom, my interest piqued. Standing in the door to the bathroom I found his gifts. On the counter was a brunette wig and makeup. I walked in and approached the wig. Stroking the fine hair I new this would make my crossdressing fantasy complete. Well, almost.

I striped my clothes. Standing in front of the large bathroom mirror I admired my boyish figure. Narrow shoulders, slim arms, andas of this morning, hairless. I took the wig and positioned it upon my head. It took some adjusting, turning, moving back and forth, but eventually it fit. And looked quite convincing. My new hair was very straight, the bangs were cut in a stylish arch over my eyes. I looked like a teen girl. I began looking through the make-up. Having never used make-up before I really didn't know where to start. Lip stick is always sexy, so I selected and nice red shade and began applying it to my upper lip. It did look sexy. I decided to leave it at that for now.

Returning to the panty drawer, I came back to a silky zebra print tanga I'd seen earlier. It felt smooth and sexy in my fingers, white, with a purple zebra pattern and black lace around the waist and leg openings. I set them out on the dresser, there were other things to put on first. Drawing a lacy little string out of the drawer I slipped it around my waist. The black garter belt fit snugly. Its ribbons hung down my thighs, searching for a pair of thigh highs. Finding a pair I sat down on the bed and slipped them on my legs. Standing, I attached the garters to the buttons on the ornate, lacy black cuff of the stockings. With the panties in hand I slipped them over everything. The silk felt marvelous on my hairless body. They fit so sensuously between ample little cheeks.

Rummaging through the drawers again I found a nice, simple dress. It was short and slim, with spaghetti straps. Its dark purple color complimented my fair skin well. I slipped it over my head, making a note to dress first before applying a wig and make-up, next time. I turned cirlces, admiring myself in the full body mirror. Damn, I looked hot. Like so many young sluts I'd seen flaunting their bodies in public. Then I remembered, I had a man waiting for me. I wonder what he'll think of me? A sly grin on my face, I needed one last touch; shoes.

In the closet I found many different shoes, I just wanted something simple. I selected a pair black leather heals with little straps that attach around the ankles. I put them on and awkwardly made my way to the door.

John was waiting for me in the living room. I found him sitting on the couch drinking a beer. When he saw me, his eyes widened, a look of pleasant surprise flashed across his face. I noticed something in his eyes; lust. That quickly he wanted to fuck me!

"You look amazing!" he said, rising from the couch.

"You think so?" I asked, trying to keep voice low and demure with out being overly feminine.

"Oh absolutely!" his hand found my hip and lightly encouraged me to turn around. He let out a low whistle as he gawked at my ass. The dress was short, barely long enough to reach the top of the stockings on my upper thighs. I bent at the waist, putting my hands on my knees, to give John a better view. He leaned back trying to see more. Suddenly I felt his hand on my inner thigh. His finger tips slowly and deliberately sliding their way up. John's hand found my panty covered crotch, lingered for a second before his finger found traced its way between my cheeks. He pressed once on my hole and withdrew.

The whole encounter left me feeling like a lightening bolt had struck the tip of my penis. My mind was fuzzy, reeling with the reality of what was happening. It took me a second to recover. When I did a new personality had swept over me. I was no longer a boy dressed as a girl. I was a girl. A dirt little slut, ready to please a man for the first time.

John had moved to the couch, looking at me he patted the cushion next to him. But I knew where my seat was. I moved into position in front of him, put my knee in between his and pushed his legs open. Standing, I left my hands explore my body. Pushing the dress in between my legs, caressing my little tits. Resting my hands on my hips, gyrating very sexually, I lowered my ass down to my heels, knees together, pointing right at John. I slid my hands out to my knees and opened my legs wide. John's cock jumped, his thin shorts doing nothing to hide it, when he saw his wife's panties clinging to my hairless mound.

Moving forward I crawled my way up his body until I was straddling him. My dress pulled up my thighs, barely covering my ass, my panties on display for John.

"Do I really look sexy, hun?" I asked trying to sound like I was his wife. But John was past talking. One hand slipped around the back of my head and pulled me mouth to his. He kissed me long and deep. His tongue exploring my mouth, I could taste the beer on his breath. But I didn't care, I was swept away in his passionate kiss. His other hand found my ass and gyrated me against his hard cock, I could feel it rubbing against my ass cheeks. God damn, it was big! Our arms entwined, tongues mingling, passion overriding us both. We laid down on the couch. John on top of me, dry humping me. Showing me his strokes. I slid my hand down and grabbed his cock. I had to see this wild beast. My hand did nothing to stop his thrusting.

He broke our kiss and pushed himself up onto his knees. Griping his shirt he pulled it up over his head in one motion. Revealing his broad chest and burly frame. His body covered in wispy brown hair. My legs still wrapped around his lower thighs, his cock still tenting the little shorts. His hand moved to the waist band.

"Wait." I interceded, "Let me." Pushing myself up I reversed my position. Now on my hands and knees, staring directly at the top of his tent. I reached one very nervous hand up to his waist band. This was it, the moment of truth. I slowly pulled his shorts down. The band running along his hard-on, pushing it down. The band was almost to his knees before his cock sprung free. Pointing right at my face. It was magnificent.

Big and thick, with an enormous mushroom head. It looked as if it were carved from marble. A work of art, encapsulating all the greatest qualities of a perfect penis. A master's finest work, curling up only slightly. His throbbing shaft pulsing with veins. The large head pushing the boundaries of the shaft, a warriors helmet, ready to thrust its way to victory. The perfect rim broken only on the underside by a chiseled wedge pointing to his hole. A picturesque drop of precum poised on his tip. That was the first thing I licked.

His cum was sweet but manly. He moaned as I licked at his hole, pushing into it with my tongue. My hot breath caressing his shaft, I was overwhelmed with desire. All the porno I've seen, all the blowjobs, all heightening my anticipation of this moment. I opened my mouth wide and stuck out my tongue. Leaning forward ever so slightly I let his engorged cock slide into my mouth. Wrapping my lips around his shaft so his entire head rested in my mouth. I held him there, savoring his manly cock head in my mouth. It was like a delectable stawberry ripe with juice, just waiting to be sucked dry.

I began sliding my tongue back and forth under his head. "Ooooooo, baby! Aaahhhhhh!" John moaned.

Moving one hand up this thigh I began caressing his balls while I sucked him. Pushing my mouth further down on his shaft. His massive cocksliding its way into my mouth. At the precipice on my throat, less than half his cock fitting into my mouth,I pulled back, now beginning to go back and forth on his shaft. My lips sliding up his cock, stopping at his head, and plunging down again. Each time letting him penetrate my throat a little more. I was in bliss sucking his cock, moving at my own pace.

John pulled his hips back, withdrawing his dick from my mouth with a wet SMACK! Poised on my hands and knees, mouth held in an "O" shape, longing to be filled. John sat back on the couch, puting his feet on the ground. "Why don't you get on you knees, hun." I crawled over and staddled him again, kissing him on the mouth. I slid down between his legs letting his cock drag against my body. Finding myself kneeling between his legs, his cock at attention before me, I grabbed it and began licking it from base to tip. "Ooooooo, yeah baby! Suck it for me!" Opening my mouth I let him back in. This time using my tongue to push his cock against the roof of my mouth. Slurping, I moved my head up and down. "Yeah! Yeah! Don't stop!" John moaned between breaths.

His hand found the back of my head and held me down on his cock. Not letting me up past the halfway point of his cock but pushing be down closer and closer to his balls. Filling with semen, his cock swelled to enormous proportions. He grunted and groaned, his breath ragged and quick.
"Yeah baby! Yeah! Don't stoooooooooppp!"
With that last breath his orgasm broke from his control. John's hips bucking off the couch, his cock penetrating deeper into my mouth. The first spurt shot out and hit the back of my throat, leaving a trail on my tongue. I wanted to stop and taste his thick creamy cum but his hand on my head continued to move my mouth up and down on his cock milking more of his hot cum. The piece of chiseled stone in my mouth kept erupting in big hot bursts like some lustfully choreographed fountain head. I tried to swallow but the volume was too much and his cum began leaking from my mouth, dripping down his shaft.
Eventually his hand eased off the back of my head and his butt returned to the couch cushions. Sucking lustfully along the length of his cock I pulled his member from my mouth, keeping my mouth open to show him the pool of cum waiting to be swallowed.

"Oh yeah, baby. Swallow Papa's load!"

I did as I was told. Sealing my lips and swallowing with one big gulp. I gathered the dribbling cum off my chin with my finger and licked it off. "Your cum is soooooo good, hun." I told him. Grabbing his cock I began licking and kissing it. He was still hard.

"God, you love sucking dick, don't you?" John asked.

"I never blew one before. I always imagined how hot it would be."

"You were amazing!"

"Your cock makes me so hot!" I replied from between his his legs, looking up into his eyes. There was still lust there, a look that told me there was more he wanted to do to me.

John sat up straight, pulling his cock away from me. He leaned forward and grabbed my arms below the shoulder. He stood up and brought me with him. Towering over me, our bodies rubbing against each other he kissed me deep again. His tongue mingling with mine. I knew he could taste his cum in my mouth.

"Come upstairs." He said, "There's something I want to show you." John took me by the hand and led me the the stairs. He stopped at the foot and moved to the side. Waving his hand he indicated I was to go first, but what awaited me and tight, virgin body, up there?

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