Chapter 04 –Tasty Treat

The next morning the two women meet again at the breakfast table. Olivia, despite the desire for Cronus's dick, is eager as well to ride Hermes again. Her hopes for a daily ride dash on the rocks of her mind when Mel asks her to take care of a few errands that day.

"I know you just got back and are eager to relax honey, but I could really use your help. Lessons are picking up at the stables and without your mom here to help around the house some things need to be taken care of."

"I'd be happy to help out at the stables. It seems like it's been forever since I saw Hermes."

Olivia's heart flutters as she watches Mel contemplate this alternative. She scratches Cronus's butt under the table. He loves scraps so much that they had to buy a taller table just to accommodate his bulk without the table constantly bumping and scraping along the floor. At least that's what she was told when the purchase was made.

In reality both her parents thoroughly enjoy a good licking whenever they sat down to eat. And eating with their bodies turned to the table and their cunts pointing a different direction quickly becomes uncomfortable. With Cronus under the table everyone's free to drink their juice easily. He was well-trained to only approach bare flesh in this manner preventing him from surprising Olivia with his lascivious tongue.

Unfortunately, or maybe not, for Mel, after the months of cumming at breakfast she has completely forgotten to wear anything more than her robe. The silent contemplation is less her considering Olive's suggestion as it is attempting to maintain her composure as Cronus drives his tongue into her dripping hole.

While she waits, Olive shifts her hand back between Cronus's legs. She hopes her mother thinks she's just giving him a good long scratch, but Mel is far too preoccupied to notice her daughters wandering hands. She grips his hanging balls and plays with their weight. She juggles them lightly between her fingers before sliding forward caressing his sheath. She wants to pump and stroke until his cock explodes out of hiding, but she worries that her motions will be very obvious.

Little does she know that his phallus is already flying free and aching to be touched. Mel does manage to control her voice enough to reply.

"Well how about tomorrow you can start helping out at the stables? Today I could really use your help here while I'm gone all day. And that way you can rest a bit which you probably wouldn't get the chance to at the stables."

The disappointment of missing out on Hermes rapidly pales as her words register in Olive's mind. Home. All alone. With just her and Cronus. She thinks that would be an adequate respite and fights to keep the eager smile off her lips. Mel lists off a few things that she hopes Olive will take care off during the day, but when she adds giving Cronus a bath to the list her pussy drools.

"He has been rather dirty lately, but I haven't found the time to clean him off. You should use our tub though since your tub probably won't have enough room for his bulk."

Olivia fails to hear the rest of the instructions as her mind is already racing with thoughts of hot soapy water and a big thick pole. She excuses herself from the table in a rush to go take a shower. Mel grateful for the privacy pulls Cronus harder against her searing cunt until she cums with a muted squeal. Then she heads off to her own room to get ready for a day at the stables.

Olivia shivers in expectation even under the burning water. Her hands flirt with her oozing lips unconsciously prepping her hole for the future onslaught. As the water soaks into her skin her thoughts flow to giving Cronus a bath and the enjoyment she'll find with that water.

She dresses quickly and flees the steamy bathroom. Melanie has just finished getting ready herself and grabs her keys and purse. They two women kiss goodbye and Olivia waves as Mel's car pulls out of the driveway. Her body starts to quiver before the door even shuts.

The newly awakened bestial lust within Olive is longing to be quenched. She calls to Cronus and races up to her bedroom. Stripping free of the clothes she had put on not ten minutes before; she sits against the bed and waits for her lap-dog lover. The majestic animal appears in her doorway like a king on his throne.

The early morning lickfest with Mel has already awakened his desires and his nose makes a beeline for the pool of vaginal fluids already settling in the carpet. His tongue lunges for the carpet centimeters from Olive's sweltering sex. The air from his movement stirs her pubes eliciting gentle murmurs of approval. But they are nothing compared to her moans as his skilled organ slides up against her flesh splaying her lips wide.

She grasps his head and pulls him into her body urging him on. Unknowingly mimicking her mother's actions from this morning. Cronus is more than happy to oblige and presses his teeth against her tender flesh. The close contact allows his tongue free reign to lick and slurp in rapid-fire assault of her open box. Turning against his amorous attention she catches a glimpse of the source of her desire. His red rocket is already erect and swaying with his body as he laps up her juices.

Unable to wait any longer, she pulls at his muzzle. She fights against his natural inclination to keep licking and manages to wrest his amazing tongue from her cunt. She feels her body crying out to her begging her to let him continue, but she's a woman on a mission.

She pulls his face up to hers and licks his chops. The taste of her nectar is thick on his fur. She sucks his tongue into her hungry mouth even as she encourages him to mount her face. He pulls back his muscle and makes the same leap that she remembers from the day before. The sudden rush of thick meat towards her face makes her giddy. She opens up wide and moves forward to intercept the incoming missile.

The rod for its part happily bounces along her tongue before glancing off her uvula and embedding itself in her young gullet. Cronus simply stands over the young woman engulfing his prick enjoying the belly rub her forehead gives him. Her nose tingles with the forbidden scent of animal loins. Her mind gets reacquainted with the swirling odors of Cronus's musk. And she finds it even more delectable than her previous first whiff.

Her untrained throat strains with the inserted bulge. It tries to swallow reflexively sucking it deeper even as it massages the tip buried in her neck. But before long Olivia pulls her head back so she can take a breath. Gasping, the slick pole eases out of her. It glistens with her saliva. She stares into the wiggling tip before licking it gently. Then again and again she covers its length with her starving tongue.

Unable to wait any longer she slurps the full length back into her maw. The thick full feeling makes her eyes cross in bliss. She lets her mouth suckle at his extended member. Her hands move out to divide their attention. One grips his hanging balls caressing them through his sack. The other fondles her soaking receptacle.

She slowly adds one finger after the other to quell her desire as she lovingly licks the red lollipop in her mouth. As soon as she manages to insert her fourth finger Cronus takes over. His hind legs push his powerful haunches forward driving his cock into Olivia. Her moans burble around the invasive member as it slides in and out of her mouth. His strong legs quickly boost the pace plowing into her tight orifice at a furious rate.

She desperately tries to keep up with her hand plunging into her dripping pussy. She realizes quickly that her efforts are futile. His cock pumps in and out of her throat so quickly that she doesn't even feel it block her airway before it pulls back out for another thrust. Instead she rams her fingers in to the knuckle and wiggles and spreads her fingers. Her digits caress the silken walls of her vagina as her thumb rolls over and over her clit.

A sudden change drives her eyes open. She can feel a pressure building between her teeth with each jab. Shifting her hand she grips the base of the rapidly expanding cock. She bemoans the loss of several inches of welcome dick. But the knot worries her more. She doesn't want it to get stuck inside her mouth and hurt either of them. So she contents herself with holding it as it expands underneath her touch.

The size was startling to say the least. It bulged out opening her fist and widening her eyes. A fleshy protuberance the size of an orange flies at her with the speed of a locomotive. Her smile widens even as Cronus boosts his speed. She feels the rush of his cock sliding between her lips and kisses the plus sized knot with every insertion.

Yearning for the taste of his cum she pulls her lips tight squeezing the burning phallus as it seeks her wet hole. Her teeth gently nip at the piston with every stroke enticing it to spit down her throat. And with one final lunge to bury his organ as deep as possible, Cronus's balls let loose their sperm wave.

His first few spurts are too far down her throat to taste it though. Luckily, Mel and her wife also delight in playing with a glob of cum on their tongues. So they trained Cronus to accede to their wishes. He drew himself out of her precious enclosure to release the rest of his seed into her gaping mouth. She savored her first taste rolling it and the tip of his penis around in her mouth.

Even after he pulls his cock out of her tempting mouth she continues to swirl the load of spunk around her mouth only letting it slip down her throat gradually. Cronus jumps down off the bed and licks her lips gently before padding out of the room. Finally finishing her after breakfast treat, Olivia rises unsteadily to her feet. She can't wait until bath time, but she wants Cronus to regain some of his spent energy.

So, she follows him down to the living room and curls up naked next to him on the couch. His head curves around and gives her a tentative lick as she sits down, but he soon folds back into himself for a quick nap.

"Rest up boy," she coos in his ear. "Because I have big plans for you today."

She gives his balls a quick pat and settles in to watch some mindless TV.


Chapter 05 – A Filthy Bath

A few hours later, Olivia is busying herself with some of the cleaning Mel had asked of her. The click of nails on tile makes her pause in cleaning off the table. She bends more deeply at the waist over the table giving her ass a little shake. True to form, Cronus sticks his cold nose between her ass cheeks and slimes his tongue between her legs.

Sighing with pleasure she pulls her legs wider. She also lies completely onto the table tilting her ripe plum to his waiting tongue. After a few licks he suddenly springs up onto the table. Not quite ready for the change in position, Olivia pushes back into the heavy body at her back. Her abrupt movement only manages to impale her dripping snatch on the already growing canine member.

Her first taste of fresh hot living meat between her lips makes her drool. Her mind takes a moment to work through the different explosions of joy, lust, and surprise as the cock continues to flow out of its sheath and into her. Deciding to prolong the inevitable she quickly pulls herself free and ducks underneath the massive animal. In another half a minute her decision would have been made for her as the growing member would have been too large for her to extradite herself and get away.

"Naughty dog," she admonished playfully. "If you're going to be so filthy with me then it must be time for your bath."

She grabs his collar and leads the massive brute up to her parents' bedroom. Letting him go, she roots around under the sink for the doggie shampoo. Cronus takes the opportunity to lick her breast as she leans back to look. The surprising attack knocks her onto her ass affording a better opportunity to assault her tender flesh. She giggles as the rough tongue adds saliva to her erect nipples. The rough texture tickles and arouses her at the same time.

She moves back further enjoying the thick muscle playing across her skin. She rubs the excess droll into her skin as his head shifts from one globe to the other. Of course this left one hand free to play amidst her pussy that is already seeping onto the floor. She slides all four fingers back into her cunt. After feeling just the half ready pole sliding into her, Olivia thinks that prepping her body for the coming intrusion is a great idea.

But after a few strokes as her thoughts turn to how it felt to be speared on a cock and to sense it growing inside her, she becomes impatient. Taking her fluid coated hand she swipes Cronus's nose. The overwhelming burst of delicious scent sets him back a pace long enough for Olive to grab his shampoo and stand up.

Smiling at her own ingenuity, she pushes Cronus into the tub for his cleaning. Luckily he agrees with her direction otherwise the push would have accomplished nothing. He hops into the deep tub and waits for his mistress. Her parents certainly enjoy their baths. The whirlpool tub is immense. It comes up to Olivia's chest and easily fits the enormous canine and the young woman. It's almost the size of a hot tub only it's inside her parents' bathroom.

She climbs up the steps and crawls in after the eager pup. She turns on the tap and waits as it fills in around their feet. She scoops the rising water over Cronus with her hands. She rubs the warm water into his skin mussing his fur. Cronus loves the feel of the water swirling around him. She drops a dollop of shampoo on her hands and starts in on his legs.

The suds make his fur silky smooth as she rubs it carefully into his powerful legs. Her hands gradually rise with the moving waters up to his massive chest. She cleans his chest scratching him as she goes. She can feel his strong muscles underneath his skin and it sends a buzz through her already wet pussy.

She plays her hands across his body making sure to clean every inch of his water soaked fur. She intentionally leaves his groin for last and can feel her body sing as she rapidly runs out of other areas to touch. She finally allows her wandering hands to settle over his sheath and balls. His cock is already sliding out like a giant's lipstick applicator. She rubs the lather into his sheath over and over urging the beautiful pole out of its hiding spot.

Her fingers wrap around the enlarged member of their own accord. The soap coating her digits make the connection even slicker than normal. Her hand flies along Cronus's shaft as fast as she can go. She throws her leg over his back for a better angle and finds she cannot reach the ground. So just like when she was a child, she rides the beast's back. Only this time she drives her bare cunt into the pooch's spine while she jacks him off.

Soon the rising water laps at her fingers sapping away the last of the lubricating lather. She lets herself glide into the water. She finds her way to the taps and shuts them off only to feel the now familiar tongue between her legs. Though the bath water creates a whole new sensation.

Floating near the surface her pussy is barely exposed to the air. Each of Cronus's licks delve into the water before slapping against her skin. The motion of his tongue swirls the water around her body caressing her skin before he even reaches her. And when he does connect, the pressure of his licks forces water into her hole only to drip back out like the tides.

She shivers and squirms along the surface of the water. His careful ministrations forcing more of her fluid out with the bath to diffuse through the nearly full tub. Her patience finally burns away under his passionate licking and the only thought that runs through her mind is, I need cock.

She braces her arms against one of the available seats and pushes herself into the giant dog. She carefully steers her body between his stalwart legs. Once through, she twists her ass back up to the surface and guides it to his expecting instrument. The upturned spear slices into her flesh forcing her breath from her body in bubbles.

She pulls her head out of the water just managing to take a breath in the space between his legs. Fighting for traction she pulls her body back impaling it on that wonderful organ. The full phallus trapped in her body is decadent. She moans even as she fights for air. The fully erect member is ten times as filling as the brief taste she received just a little bit before.

She tries to push it deeper into her willing snatch, but she cannot find purchase in the water. Realizing her mistake she regretfully pulls herself free from his powerful embrace. Then she flips herself around and slips the wonder rod back into its home.

She feels it reach the same point it stopped at before. Her tight pussy provides too great a barrier without a little leverage. But now, she can wrap her arms and legs around the massive animal. She coils her limbs around the brute and uses her horse riding trained thighs to wrench that organ into her cave.

Inch by inch she impales her crotch on his ready dick. She revels in the pleasure cascading through her nerves. Eventually, the prick reaches a more substantial barrier than just her squeezing tightness. She feels the pointed tip pressing into her cervical opening. But she also senses that there is more length available for this insertion.

Intuitively, she wiggles her ass prying her own orifice open gently with the tip of his dick. She flexes her calves sliding the cock in slowly with every inch her cervix opens. She screams her need into Cronus's slick fur. Her nipples grind against his clean chest. The smell of his shampoo is overwhelming, but she can still find his animal scent as she buries her face into his skin.

Even with her screaming and moaning and rubbing, her legs still pull automatically on his haunches desperate for his love bar. Finally her lips press hard against the huge knot at the base of his cock. All of the foreplay and the slow squeezing slide onto his thick pole had already aroused the dog to the point of inflating his massive knot.

She grates her slit against that prevalent protrusion. Taking his cue from her full penetration, Cronus starts rolling his hips forward into her hanging body. His speed is hampered by the bath water swirling around their connection. But the lapping water adds new thrills to her body. The magnificent canine has both a sizable boat and the motion of the ocean working in his favor.

The knot presses urgently against her spread flesh, but the increased resistance kept it from forcing its way into Olive. But she was too busy riding the waves to concern herself with the pulsing ball of joy. The cresting bursts of pleasure course through her body in time with the physical waves lap at her skin.

She cums shrieking into his fur as his sperm shoots directly into her womb. The filling semen gives her belly a pleasant full feeling, but the orgasm ripping through her synapses distracts her slightly. Her body tenses around Cronus's chest having the added bonus of trapping his spurting cock inside her massaging passage.

Her body does eventually calm down even as it continues to suckle the invading member. Her arms finally give way and she slides off the thick spear into the tub of water. The pleasant feeling of a full womb slowly fades as the semen pours out to mix with her fluids and the bubbly water. She laments the loss of his special protein shake, but quickly brightens when she thinks of the next few months of opportunities she'll have to taste his offering.

She pulls the drain and lets the water swirl around their bodies as she hugs the dripping mutt. She leads him out of the enormous tub and wraps him in an extra-large towel. She rubs the towel into his wet fur. Her head is still thick with lust and she rubs her sore cunt on the towel between their bodies.

Once he is dry, they head out to eat some food and regain some energy. At the table, Olivia wolfs down some lunch while Cronus focuses on her snatch. Under the table, he is content to lick her flowing liquids as she squirms in her seat. The rough tongue grates against her well used orifice. But the slight discomfort quickly becomes pleasure as his saliva swirls around her flesh.

They continue their respective lunches only pausing for Olivia to squirt her raging orgasm onto Cronus's raiding muzzle. Recharged, she adjourns to her room to finally get herself dressed for the day. Pulling on her panties, she quickly finds the discomfort of the cotton against her well-used lips is not worth the effort. So, she throws the underwear aside and instead pulls on a knee length skirt to let the open air heal her battered parts.

She finds her bestial lover licking himself on the couch again and curls up to rest. Lying next to his warm body she sighs happily as her mind drifts off into a satisfied nap.


Chapter 06 – A Walk in the Park

She awoke to Cronus's expert tongue digging deeply into her snatch. In her sleep she had shifted on the couch and her legs had slipped apart. Cronus took the invitation to move his nose under her skirt and lap at the bare crotch. Rousing to an undulating organ submerged in her pussy is definitely her new favorite alarm clock. But as she checks her watch a surge of adrenaline forces the endorphins of lust out of her system. Mel should be home any minute as long as she's on time.

She pulls back shivering as the beast's tongue slithers out of her hole. She clasps her knees together and bolts upright on the couch. But as the rush of fear peters out her throbbing cunt begs for attention. It has definitely healed from the prior assaults and is already aching once more for pleasure. Without thinking she grabs the phone and punches in her mom's cell phone number.

Meanwhile, at the family stables Mel on the other end of the call completely misses the buzz of her vibrating phone. Of course it is still in her pants pocket which is no longer touching her body. Ensconced in the back room of the stables, Mel is enjoying her stallion Ares. Bending over her custom made pew, her pussy is in the perfect placement for Ares's ponderous prick to pound her plenty. The combination of her joyful screams and Ares's thick grunts drowns out the noise of the incoming call.

Olivia for her part is startled when the voicemail clicks on. She was hoping to figure out when Mel planned on being home and hopefully time another session with Cronus appropriately, but the voicemail message threw her. Floundering, she leaves a message saying she's taking Cronus for a walk and didn't want Mel to worry if she came home to an empty house.

She collapses back into the couch vaguely unsatisfied but not willing to risk Mel walking in on her fucking their dog. After a bit she decides to follow through on her message and stalks into the kitchen to grab Cronus's leash. Hearing the gentle chink of his chain, Cronus rushes in to meet Olivia and waits patiently for her to attach the lead to his collar.

As soon as he hears the lock click together he drags Olive out the door. Walking the dog is a bit of a misnomer with Cronus. While he is well trained and will stop when asked, his bulk and strength are plenty enough to drag his helpless human along after him. Olivia long ago became used to this and laughed even as she stops him so she can lock the door.

They take off at alight jog down the street. Cronus loves the open air and lets his tongue loll out as he runs to various random objects sniffling and snuffling. Despite the mild sexual frustration, Olivia starts to smile uncontrollably. The combination of a warm sun and a happy-go-lucky dog work magic on her mood.

She guides him to the woods down the street from their home. This area was set up as a conservatory with several paved and unpaved trails through the trees long before Olive was born. She recalls fond memories of walking the wooded trails with her parents and pets even as a little girl. Of course when she was little her parents held the often taught leashes for their puppies. Even their Doberman was a bit too much for the young girl to handle. Lost in her memories, she doesn't realize that Cronus has led them off the trail until her foot catches a stray tree root.

She stumbles and looks around seeing nothing but trees and bushes. She knows they can't be too far from civilization, but she still feels a twinge of fear. Cronus on the other hand knows exactly where they are. Mel and or her wife had occasionally brought him to this very spot. Though usually the skirts they wore for this type of outing were even shorter than Olivia's current ensemble.

Abruptly, Cronus rounds on his mistress and leaps up onto her shoulders. The added weight pushes her into the tree behind her. Dancing forward to follow her, Cronus plants his muzzle over her lips. The rapid assault startles her, but she swiftly melts into the canine kiss. His strong jaws cover her mouth gently nipping her cheeks. She opens her maw letting the thick muscle slide down her throat.

The deep French kiss is even better than before. The scent of the woods surrounds them mingling with Cronus's canine musk and intoxicating her senses. She sucks on the welcome invader swallowing his saliva as if it is ambrosia. Her willing box already primed from the earlier licking drips down her leg as she hugs the gigantic pup.

Scenting the bountiful harvest of vaginal secretions, Cronus drops down on all fours and dips his nose under Olivia's skirt. With no panties, her burning cunt has no protection in opposition to the conquering tongue. And she wouldn't have it any other way. The power behind his muzzle forces her back against the coarse tree bark. She can feel it scratching into her skin through her shirt.

The irregular scratches add new swirls of pleasure to flit through her physique. But, she worries that the rough treatment will damage the fabric. She turns to brace her arms against the trunk and thrusts her ass into Cronus's face. Rather than take the offered bait; however, Cronus jumps onto her back. His powerful fore legs grip her waist and he slides his growing rod into her waving portal.

"Oh, you poor horny boy," she gasps. "You know just what I need."

The hairs of his sheath tickle her ass and she sways back and forth on his buried shaft. The emerging missile spreads her walls as it burrows deeper into her cave. She can feel her walls stretch before his meat. Every inch of penetration brought a new wave of bliss to her soul. Before he was even fully out his hips start rocking back and forth.

Cronus's thrusts bring his cock shooting quickly out of his protective scabbard. The massive phallus quickly pierced her cervix before she could prepare for the intrusion. The pain of the rough opening was quickly overwhelmed by the intense gratification of his dick pumping into her. Without his knot in the way, his full length reached deep into Liv's hole. He also drives into her at a furious pace without the hindrance of chest deep water.

Her arms give way to the arcing sensuality and she falls against the tree. Her breasts rub roughly against her bra as Cronus's humping lifts her bodily up and down into the tree. The heavy scraping only rips further tingling surges from her trapped nipples.

Suddenly she hears soft voices drifting in on the breeze. She realizes that Cronus hasn't taken them as far from the path as she previously assumed. The possibility of getting caught with her animal lover added a sharp spice to the joy blossoming from her crotch. She bites back her exclamation as a wrenching orgasm overwhelms her.

Cronus lifts her slightly with his embedded member as he dances forward pressing her tightly into the tree. Her rippling channel is already having a strong effect on his pulsing pole. The vast bulge is already growing at the base of his phallus. A groan escapes into the wind as the expanding knot pushes her vaginal lips apart from the inside.

Any worry over pain is obliterated by the caress of the swollen ball in her cunt. The gradual nature of the expansion allows her body to adjust even as it stretches wider than ever before. The orange sized blob locks his wondrous organ inside her trilling fissure. Her voice becomes nothing but a stream of unintelligible grunts and moans. His flying cock blurs in and out of her womb. The rapid-fire pulsing shocks her system with a thousand tiny volts of desire.

Cronus, unable to hold back anymore, explodes deep in Olivia's belly. Even after multiple orgasms that day, his cock smothers her uterus with spurt after spurt of searing cum. Feeling the viscous liquid fill her belly, her body explodes with another mind-blowing orgasm. Her whole body quakes milking every last drop of precious liquid from Cronus's balls.

Eventually, he lumbers off of Olive and turns himself around. He isn't used to having sex with a female that is naturally tied to him, but his instincts take over and he just stands there allowing his knot to trap his seed inside the delectable human. Olivia without his reassuring weight on her back collapsed to the side of the tree. As she fell, her slick fluids and the force of gravity pulling on her ass finally free the lust slaked pup.

The knot squeezes free with an audible pop and she falls to her knees on the leaf-strewn ground. She reaches between her legs and scoops out globs of the canine sperm oozing down her leg. She sucks her fingers clean of all of the juices and rejoices in the cocktail of vaginal nectar and baby batter.

By the time her tongue can only taste her own fluids and no more canine cum her legs feel steady enough to hold her. Checking out the damage she finds that her shirt has several new tears over her breasts, but the bra managed to keep her tender flesh safe throughout the onslaught. She gathers Cronus's lead and he takes her back to the path and ultimately home.

As she unlocks the door she spies Mel's car rounding the corner. She dashes in and up to her room. Olivia pulls on a new t-shirt and fresh pair of panties as quick as she can find them. Fully dressed once more, she heads back downstairs to hang up Cronus's leash just as Mel walked through the door.

"Hi honeys," she calls out to the girl and dog. "You two have fun today?"

"We managed to keep busy," Olivia replied with a mischievous smile. "But I still can't wait to ride Hermes tomorrow."

"I'm sure you'll have all kinds of time to ride him this summer. Now, how about some dinner?"

The two walk off to the kitchen to prepare the meal. Mel wonders briefly why Cronus isn't as horny to see her as he usually is, but wrote it off to a day of playing with Olivia and an exhaustive love-making session the night before. Any thoughts of Cronus's cock are quickly dispelled with lively conversation and cooking.


Chapter 07 – Quickie

The next morning Olivia woke with a smile on her face. Finally she was going to get the chance to ride again. Checking the time she realizes that Mel has already left for the day. So she just throws her robe on in hope of getting a morning licking. Then she pads down to the breakfast table. Cronus hears her footsteps and stalks after her quickly ducking under the table. Before she even settles in her seat he starts licking her bare crotch.

The immediate assault sets a smile to her lips that stays throughout her meal. Once she is full she pushes free of the table and gets down under it with Cronus. She is eager to make her way to the stables, but even more so to quench the lust that starts whenever Cronus is near. Especially when he plays her with that skillful tongue of his.

She leans against the chair she just left and shoves her dripping snatch onto his exposed organ. The lingering scent of her own fluids on the chair. She breathes deeply of her own aroma as Cronus walks forward impaling her soundly. Even with the height restriction of being under the table he manages to power his hips into her spreading cunt repeatedly. This time she's ready for the expanding knot and relishes the tightness as it pushes her walls apart.

The blindingly fast insertions rapidly bring her to orgasm. The added gushing fluids allow the pumping dick to pop free of her binding cunt. She can sense Cronus's pace becoming erratic as his balls swell. She pushes herself forward sliding the chair back. His dick comes completely free just as the first jets eject from the tip and splash on the back of her thighs. Each new splat of cum against her ass and thighs makes her shiver.

And as she expected, Cronus plods forward and laps up the amalgamation of seed and nectar from her flesh. She sighs in the afterglow of her orgasm and waits to be cleaned up. Once Cronus finishes she gives him a quick kiss before dashing off to get ready. After her quickie she's more than ready to ride.

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