Chapter 08 - Discoveries

The stables are exactly how she remembers them. Not much has changed over the last five months, other than the lack of snow on the ground. The fields in front, the riding rings, the woods, all the welcome sights draw her in as she drives in. Once her door opens the smell of horses is pervasive. She inhales deeply pulling the much loved scent into her core. She pulls her light jacket tight against her body at a sudden breeze. Summer vacation may be here, but summer is still working its way into the weather. She can hear the horses neighing and walking to lessons as she approaches the main stables.

Without even looking to find her mom she rushes in to Hermes. She throws open his door and stomps in giving him a huge hug and kissing the side of his neck. The reunion makes her heart flutter as she reacquaints herself with the huge animal. Deep black like his father, he can almost hide in shadows despite his bulk.

"Did you miss me boy?" she coos softly in his ear.

As if in response he curls his supple neck around her waist and nips at her riding pants. She giggles as his rubbery lips pull at her ass leaving a wet mark. Pulling some carrots out of her pocket she distracts her horse with the tasty treats. She leaves him chomping at the treats and grabs his brush from outside the stall.

While he chews she takes her time brushing the dust out of his hair. It's hard to tell really with his black hair how dirty he is, so she contents herself with running the brush over and over his enormous body. She hums to herself lightly as she gets back in the feel of strong muscle underneath her fingers.

She brushes off his back preparing him for a saddle. The brush flows naturally back over his hindquarters. His large posterior forces Olivia to cuddle up close to Hermes. His warm presence sends a sharp thrill through her crotch as she presses her body against his side. It seems the recent escapades with Cronus have opened her up to desires for more than just riding with Hermes.

But for now she is content to cuddle up close against the massive horse and comb out the lingering dust. She finishes up with the rump and starts brushing down his sides. She finally finishes up with his belly. The brush flows from his forelegs back towards his hanging sheath. After years of brushing down her horse, she knows how far the hair extends without even looking. So with one hand underneath his girth she pets and caresses his back.

Because she isn't looking where her hand is going she is startled by the a touch of warmth sliding along the back of her brushing hand. Before she even looks under his belly, her pussy begins to moisten at the touch of the silken flesh. She crouches down to see Hermes' fully erect cock bouncing up to caress her hand. She has seen it often before when she brushed him down. Something about the gentle stroke of the brush's bristles must turn him on.

But in the past his mammoth tool was simply a curiosity to her young mind. With her recent education she starts to think of all kinds of interesting uses for the horny pony. She continues brushing Hermes, but her other hand begins to explore his erection. The thick veiny protuberance appears almost alive independently of Hermes as she traces its length with her fingers.

Gently, she touches every inch of the ready pole with just the barest whisper of her fingertips. She traces the large vein pulsing through it with a shiver. Losing any pretense of decorum, the brush falls from her hand as it joins the other in fondling the phallus. Her hands stroll down to the base of his cock and heft his hanging ball sack. The weight of his testicles sending a bolt of pleasure singing through her as she considers if the contents are as delectable as the dog semen she has recently acquired a taste for.

Letting the testicles hang free she drags a fingernail under the entire length of his dick. By the time her finger reaches the head Hermes gives a loud snort of animal lust. The sound snaps Olivia back to reality. Unlike her house she isn't necessarily alone here. Regretfully, she leaves Hermes side to stick her head out of his paddock. She doesn't see a soul in the stable other than other horses' heads sticking out of their areas.

Hermes stall is on the very furthest end of the lesser used stables. Olivia reasons that if anyone does approach she should hear them coming a long way off. She decides it's a calculated risk, but she should be able to finish her examination. Just to be safe she closes and latches the door so it looks like no one is with Hermes. With a sigh of anticipation she returns to kneeling next to Hermes.

She returns to her gentle fingertip evaluation. Bringing her hands to the head she presses the bulbous tip. It's easily as large as Cronus's knot, and it's on the tip instead of the base. Not to mention the length stretched behind the head isn't that much smaller. Her pussy drools with the desire to take that massive insertion. Luckily her brain is a bit more circumspect. For now, she plays with it lightly. The slight give to the swollen end surprises her considering the tense strength vibrating across the rest of his cock.

She stares into the slit from which his copious sperm flows, and her stomach growls in hunger. Unconsciously her mouth moves closer and closer to the tip until her lips brush against it in a delicate kiss. Her hands are already moving to encircle the lengthy shaft. Unlike Cronus's dick, she can't even touch her thumb to her fingers around his massive girth. Feeling the extent of Hermes' thickness causes her to lick his head uncontrollably.

Her lust has completely taken over and she no longer listens for intruders on her privacy as her she gives the cock a slow tongue bath. She covers his knob with her dripping saliva and savors the taste of horse meat on her tongue. He tastes of fresh air and open fields, but most of all he tastes like fresh horse cock and she can't get enough.

Soon she can feel her own saliva easing her lips around the cock and it slips into her mouth. She gasps in surprise at taking the giant bulb in between her teeth. With her saliva lubricating its path it slid in easier then she thought possible. She imagines how easy it would be to take Cronus knot into her mouth as well as long as she sucked and licked and covered it with her spit.

But thoughts of future endeavors are driven from her mind by the thick cock pushing her teeth apart. She can feel the head scrape against her incisors as it eked past into her warm cavity. Just to test the pliability of the situation, she pushes her head back and forth to ensure the dick will slide free when necessary.

Confident she can manage the transition; she shoves her mouth as far as she can onto the joyous pole. It doesn't penetrate her mouth nearly as far as she'd like, but it fills her up despite the shallower penetration. Either because of the angle, or the sheer size, the horse cock cannot reach down her throat. But despite Cronus's deeper penetration, Hermes still has him beat in the size department. If she relaxes her jaw at all she can feel her teeth touch the hard flesh of the intruder.

Her moans bubble out around the bestial gag. She sucks ferociously itching for her first taste of Herms' cum. Her hands pump firmly along his shaft trying to coax his balls into releasing his treasure. The inside of her cheeks stroke the invading knob as they hollow in against him.

But despite her passion, her jaw isn't used to the strain of an embedded horse rod. She is ultimately forced to pull herself off the magnificent member to rest her aching mouth. But, she is not so easily deterred. Instead of focusing more on the head she shifts her weight and begins to work her mouth over his shaft from the side.

Her lips suckle at the hardened flesh. Her tongue lashes out questing for the taste of Hermes. Her hands fondle the giant tube kneading in the saliva spilling from her mouth.

Inch by breathtaking inch she enjoys the changing texture of taste and touch as her lips make their way to the base. Every moment she is in contact with his instrument brings novel pleasures to her sensitive cunt. She can sense the liquid slide from her wet lips and run down her legs spurring her on to lustful heights.

She finally finds the base of his cock and breaks free for a moment to lick his balls. She feels the hanging weights fall against her tongue and chin. She knows that she wants what's inside, but for the first time she considers the volume of his product. Not having any spare clothes, if she can't ingest his full load her clothes will quickly become unbearable. Throwing caution to the wind she strips out of her jacket, shirt and bra throwing them into the far corner.

As soon as she is completely topless, she locks her lips back onto his amazing organ. She dips her body underneath his barrel maintaining her oral contact until she reaches the other side. With a new slab of meat between her teeth, she takes the same painstaking care of smothering this side of his cock. She slowly crab walks sliding her mouth against his pole until she once again reaches the head.

Once there she figures it's now or never. She has stretched her maw carefully while toying with Hermes' shaft and now she wants it inside her again. Opening wide she shoves the tip into her cavity. Her hands fly along the length of his member luring his sperm up from his bloated testicles. The fluids she added to his entire pole aid the warm rapid pumping. She sucks her cheeks in against the tip willing the stallion to produce his bounty.

A smile graces her stretched wide lips as Hermes starts to hump forward. His staccato beats push his phallus into her mouth hard. She sucks, toys, and rides that bucking cock as she silently begs for its release.

Finally the first stream of cum splatters against the back of her mouth. The thick substance slides down her throat amid the moans of the beautiful woman. The spurts come again and again coating her esophagus with Hermes' viscous semen. She forces her head backwards desperate for a taste of the liquid flooding her mouth. The profuse ejaculate quickly fills her mouth and spills out with Hermes dick. With a few last shots he covers her naked breasts before his well runs dry.

Too busy to notice the fresh cum blanket, Olivia rolls the sperm in her mouth relishing the pungent taste. The flavor is much like the taste o0f his cock only stronger and far more filling. She swallows the full load between her cheeks bit by bit. The sound of crunching hay outside Hermes' stall startles her and she spins swiftly to find nothing but the wind. So she turns her attention back to Hermes and her cum covered tits.

Mel's heart is racing a she hides behind the door. She prays that Olivia didn't just see her, but she is afraid to look around just yet.

After seeing Olivia's car in the lot she went looking for her daughter. Assuming she had made a beeline for Hermes she started her search there. As she approached the stall and saw the closed door she was about to look elsewhere when she heard the familiar sounds of muffled moans. Both she and her wife had made those sounds often enough since they met that she immediately recognized the sound of a horse-cock stuffed mouth.

She peeped through the door's window and saw her daughter. Her lips wrapped around Hermes' dick like a vice. Her hands pumping the rod into her mouth. Her cheeks sunken in like she was sucking on her favorite milkshake. Without thinking, her fingers found her clit of their own accord and started rubbing her already wet crotch.

She watched as the fruits of Olive's labor filled her mouth to the brim and spilled out over her bare chest. She stepped forward with the sudden urge to lick her adoptive daughter clean, but then she heard the hay rustle under her foot.

She spun to the side of the door as Olivia turned as her heart beat in her throat. Only then did she notice that her fingers were buried up to the knuckle in her wet pussy. Extracting her hand, the smell of her juice gives her strength and she returns to the window. She observes her child carefully collecting every ounce of spilled seed onto her fingers and sucking them clean. When she has the last glob at her fingertips she reaches into her riding pants and seasons it with her own nectar before slurping it into her mouth.

Mel's fingers were at it again, but this time she couldn't stop it. She stumbles into a nearby cubicle and brings herself to a silent orgasm. The poor gelding in the room she invaded simply looks on in envy. Once Mel calms down she hears Olivia leading Hermes out for a ride. She must have gotten herself and Hermes dressed and ready as she reclined in the hay.

Her mind races as she works through what just happened. Obviously Olive has inherited her parents' needs along with their love of riding. Now she wonders just what she should do about it.


Chapter 09 – Deep in the Woods

Olive is oblivious to her mother shaking off an orgasm behind one of the horse's stalls. She takes Hermes out to one of her favorite trail rides through the woods. As soon as his stirrups and girth are set, she leaps into the saddle and heads off at a nice warm-up pace. She regains the lay of the land in her mind as she grinds her hot snatch into the saddle. Already horny from blowing her stallion, she cannot help rubbing her clit against the hard leather.

Once Hermes is warmed up, she gives him a gentle squeeze and spurs him onward. They take off down the path at a quick trot. Olivia, unwilling to break contact with the luscious beast, maintains a sitting trot rather than posting. The hoof beats raining down on the ground fill her body with their rhythm. Every caress of her ass against the moving horse sends bolts of electricity through her.

She urges Hermes into a canter. The triplet beat of his hooves under flows through her crotch. Years of lessons and riding allow her to keep her balance even as her eyes become heavy. Her pussy oozes fresh fluid flooding her panties. She knows that she cannot take much more without doing something about it.

Forcing her eyes to focus she tries to figure out where she is on the trail. She finds her bearings despite the stimulation and pulls Hermes to a reluctant stop. Fortuitously, she recognizes the markings she made when she was a child on a nearby tree. Back when she was on her first solo trail ride, a branch fell in her way spooking her horse. The startled horse surprised Olive into forgetting her training. She barely managed to hold on as he barreled off through the trees.

He didn't stop until they came to a clearing. One of the massive ancient trees had collapsed taking a good number of younger trees with it. Several stumps showed the remnants of the living trees, but the canopy was completely gone. All she could see was clear blue sky surrounded by an infinite circle of swaying green trees. Once she had regained control, she stared in wonder at the beauty of nature.

She eventually realized that someone would miss her and guided her horse back the way they came. But she didn't want to lose the clearing, so when she found the trail she knew she needed to create some type of marker. Being a resourceful young girl, she slipped her stirrup free of the saddle. She stood up as tall as she could on her ride's back and scratched a marking into the two trees they were between.

Sitting back down she looked at the markings feeling satisfied. She hoped that no one would be looking that closely to realize that the scratches were made by a human. She wanted to keep the clearing her own little secret. Now she hopes that it still is her own secret place.

Regardless, in her mind the decision is made. She hops down from Hermes and takes the reins in hand. She steps carefully between the trees heading straight into the woods. She tries not to leave too obvious a trail, but hopefully a deer or other forest animal will be blamed if anyone notices.

Heading straight the pair eventually comes to her field. It's just as beautiful as she remembers. Tiny saplings are starting to take root and turn it back into the woods it started as, but that only adds to the marvel of the environment. For a moment she forgets her desire as she breathes in the soft scent of overwhelming nature.

Hermes reminds her with a gentle nudge of her ass. The bump sends fresh cascades of shivers through her body as her lips connect with her wet panties. She hurriedly ties Hermes' reins around an exposed branch and seeks a worthwhile spot for a furious masturbatory session. She settles on one of the standing tree stumps. Time, wind, and rain have weathered the stump to the point of it being soft and smooth without rotting enough that she sinks through it.

Unable to hesitate a moment longer, she quickly strips naked and lays herself out on her back. Her feet curl up against the rough bark as her fingers find their way to her dripping snatch. Her fingers slide in effortlessly. A groan passes her lips as she pistons the digits in and out of her slit. Her thumb strokes her clitoris roughly with every pump of her hand.

Between the gallon of horse cum swirling in her belly, the maddening ride out down the trail, and her memories of the long thick horse cock, she cums screaming to the open sky after just a few minutes of attention. Her hand slips from her cunt as she rides the orgasmic fervor back down to Earth.

She lolls her head back against the remaining bark of the tree. She shivers as a cool wind laps at her nipples. They harden again to stiff points under the gentle stroke of the wind. She imagines the wind is exploring her body as it blows over her. She wants the wind to harden and dig deep into her seething box. Despite her recent orgasm, or maybe because of it, she is once again desperate for a thick pole to fill her up.

Her mind fills her body with the thought of Cronus shoving his slick tongue into her ready snatch. She squirms as she imagines his thick cock pushing down her defenses and filling her with its thickness. She can practically feel his large organs pushing their way into her moist cave. Wriggling within her they search for her pleasure. With a start she bolts upright as she comprehends that her fantasies have spilled into reality.

Hermes is standing at the vee of her spread legs. His nose snuffling her dripping snatch as his tongue pulses into her opening. The dense horse tongue fills her body with every millimeter of slow penetration. His reins trail uselessly along the ground as he muscles his tongue in deeper into her cavity.

While Olivia was distracted by her own actions, Hermes had pulled himself free of the hasty knot she tied him with. His natural curiosity led him to Olivia's pulsing pussy. The scent of her open juices intoxicated the young stud and he dipped down for a drink. Once ingested, the fluid filled his mind and all he could think about was getting more.

Despite her surprise, Olive quickly melted back onto the tree stump as the slap of meat spreads her wide. She can tell that much like his large cock, his tongue is substantially larger than Cronus's. It almost feels like Cronus's dick is pushing its way into her missionary style. A brief flash of an idea flits across her mind before drowning in a rush of endorphins. The full unveiling of Hermes' untrained tongue drives all thought from her.

She gives herself in to the bestial licking as it fills her to the brim. Finally she feels his big teeth rubbing against her sensitive clit. His rubbery lips flop around her crotch coating her in his viscous saliva. She reaches down to stroke her beloved pet's forehead as he treats her body to his exploring organ.

Her body rocks with the pulsing pleasure of his penetration. It fills her soul with lust for the massive horse. She can feel another orgasm on the horizon. The shaking in her body increases in intensity as the peak rises before her. The burst of bliss is so close she can taste it on her lips, but without warning Hermes withdraws from her cunt.

She can feel the cresting waves ebb away with the tongue sliding out of her box. Her mouth releases small whimpers of need begging him to return. But a thudding noise drowns out her desires. Looking past his rising head she can see his prick bouncing up and down slapping against his chest.

Mel had once told her that horses can stimulate themselves if they have a mind to, but she had never witnessed it before. The moving organ fascinates her to the point the she forgets her own pervasive lust. She is so captivated by its stark splendor that she fails to register when it begins to move closer.

Her eyes don't consider the closeness of the slapping rod until Hermes' shadow blocks the sun. His head has covered the sky already and he is still walking slowly over the stump and Olivia. She tilts her head up to follow the muscles rippling through Hermes' chest. His majestic head towers over her prone body.

With her head turned the other way, she fails to follow his cock as it bounces against her saliva slicked flesh. She turns at the new sensation of horse dick spanking her crotch and ass. She muses over the feeling of such a huge head wetting itself with their combined fluids before rising up to meet Hermes' barrel.

The amusement quickly becomes fear as the head catches against her lips. She can feel the pressure of him pushing against her soaked crevice. She knows that she can take some of it, but even Cronus's knot is still a bit much just at her opening. The full length of Hermes might just break her.

His ardent thrusts wedge the bloated head against her lips and push her body harder into the stump. She can feel her back brace against the soft wood as the pressure increases. The horse's powerful hindquarters shove his ready pole into her body.

With a gasp of shock and desire, the inflated knob buries itself into Olivia. The head of the massive organ is barely inside her lips before she feels him hump at her. She knows what he wants and a part of her wants to see just how far that massive member will go before splitting her open.

But the fear wins out and she locks her bare feet in Hermes' hips. His cock is still in the opening to her crevice, but he cannot impale her any more without pushing her along the stump. Of course he is beyond reasoning at this point and still tries desperately to have his raging boner trapped within her warm embrace.

He humps into her body pushing her to the edge of her perch. Looking up she can see his hooves stomping before her. She doesn't want to lose the insertion, but she really doesn't want to be trampled. Her stirrups nudge her shoulder as they sway with Hermes' shaking.

An inspiration takes hold in her brain. She wraps the weighted straps of leather around her wrists and pulls herself up into Hermes' chest. She isn't prepared for the prickling decadence of her breasts rubbing against his hair. Her legs slip allowing the foot long cock to force its way deeper into her canal.

Her mind fuzzes as she works through the pain and joy of such a fulfilling penetration. Desperate to regain control she wraps her legs tightly around Hermes' bulk. While this does provide her with adequate support, it also spurs Hermes on as she grips his body. He starts walking on with the young woman hanging beneath him.

The swing of his gait slides his embedded shaft back and forth within Olivia. Even as she fights to maintain the same depth of penetration the pleasure of being filled by the invading cock makes her weak in the knees. In order to keep herself steady, she digs her heels into Hermes' side. Hermes understandably takes this as an invitation to speed up and takes off as a trot.

The bouncing gait slides another inch of horse meat into Olive's hungry womanhood. She grips his body tighter so she doesn't fall. The five inches of horse rod rooted in her body helps to keep her riding. And Hermes races onward at her unintentional goading.

She can feel her walls reluctantly stretching wide before the enormous tube of horse flesh. Her legs become as weak as loose noodles. His pounding gait pries open the last of her clinging vagina and bumps into her cervix.

Without her mother's training, her body isn't ready to open wide enough to take in the knot sized head of horse cock. Instead it rams headfirst into the obstruction before pulling back for another go. Olivia manages to wrangle enough strength from her weakened legs to blunt the intrusion of her internal organs.

But she still feels the eight inches that can penetrate her over and over as Hermes races around the clearing. Every step pushes his cock in to plumb her depths before the next pulls it back out almost to the tip. Then despite her clinging heels she feels his tempo slow and grow erratic.

Without warning he rears up sliding her hard along his rod. She pulls on the stirrups holding her body up until he comes crashing back to the ground. With a few good standing humps into her hanging body, he releases his seed deep into her womb. While her tight cervix held fast against his pounding prick it holds no barrier to his liquid offering.

The hot semen fills her where only Cronus had before. She can feel it course through her body and leak out around his still buried pole. Her arcing pleasure boils over with the bubbling sperm. Her orgasm burns through her body leaving her limp and tied to the huge animal. Her pussy milks the spitting organ of its own accord as if trying to fulfill her unspoken wish for his cum.

Once emptied, his cock begins to suck back into its home. Without the stiff bar holding her up, Olivia's ass slides to the forest floor. Her hands release the death grip they had on the stirrup straps. The leather unwinds letting her collapse into the grass and blown leaves.

The gooey horse sperm pools out underneath her bare ass. Hermes steps carefully aside careful not to step on his mistress. And Olivia manages enough strength to finger a glob of horse cum into her mouth before her arms give out completely.

Her head flops to the side and she can see a serpentine red mark around her lower arm. A remnant of the leather wrapped around it. Seeing the evidence of her afternoon dalliance makes her smile as she waits for her body to center itself.

Once she manages to stand without falling sideways, Liv redresses. She can still feel a few units of cum dribbling between her lips as she pulls her panties on tight. The liquid bliss of the slithering gift brings a grin to her face. She decides not to clean it up since she would rather keep her stallions cum nearby for as long as possible.

She couldn't possibly know that this decision would open up new avenues for her burgeoning adventures.


Chapter 10 – Girl Talk

Olivia, now fully clothed again, jumps up onto her saddle. Now that she is on the right side, she slips her feet into the stirrups and pulls the reins into her hands. She guides him back to the entrance and picks their way back to the standard trail. She continues on the long winding path back to the stables. Hermes' movement causes his cum to squish between her lips and Olive couldn't be happier.

Her ride back is uneventful. She just enjoys having Hermes between her legs again. She does take the second half of her trip a little slower though. Her pussy is a bit raw from the sizable pounding it received at the desire of Hermes. Still, she has no complaints as she pulls up to the stable doors.

She takes Hermes up to his stall and takes off his tack. She gives him a good brushing again to work out the dirt he gained on their ride. His cock surfaces briefly, but she ignores it for now. There will be plenty of time later to play, but currently she doesn't think either of them is up to it right now.

Instead she takes his saddle back to the storage area and double checks the untack sheet. She sees that Hera is done for the day and hurries off to see to her. Hera is one of her favorite mares. She is situated right next to Hermes so she gets to see her all the time.

Opening Hera's door she quickly removes her gear with practiced hands. She takes it back to the storage area and grabs another brush for Hera.

Since she can sometimes be finicky, Olivia closes the door behind her to keep Hera from bolting. But the gorgeous mare seems far more interested in Olivia. Even before she starts brushing her down, Hera starts to nuzzle her crotch. Ignoring the horse, Olivia starts brushing out her neck and back.

As she goes she hears a quiet wet sound. She pauses for a second trying to place it, but she continues on. Hera, on the other hand, is becoming more insistent at licking Olive's riding pants. The semen stained panties attract the mare like moths to a flame.

Olivia shifts her attention to Hera's rump. The movement puts her out of the way of Hera's grasping mouth, but the puzzling sound gets louder. As she brushes Hera, she finally places what that noise is. It's the sound of Hera winking.

Olivia's first equine blowjob had saturated the air with Hermes' scent. Hera has been practically swimming in his pheromones for the past hour and it has worked its magic on her. Then Olivia comes back from her ride reeking of Hermes with fresh cum in her pants. Hera wants a stallion and her pussy is showing it.

Olivia simply stares at the winking vagina. The subtle pulse of the large opening seems to call to her desires. She reaches out gently to touch the spreading lips of her cunt. They feel soft like velvet. Her caress has an immediate effect sending a shiver through Hera. Not one to let a fellow girl down, Olivia presses her fingers into the dripping warmth of the mare.

Her fingers fit in effortlessly and she adds her thumb before sliding her hand further into the wet enclosure. It sucks her hand in and begs for more. Olivia keeps slowly pressing forward. Her wrist slips into the waiting crevice. Her forearm shortly follows. Her elbow is absorbed completely. She finally reaches resistance as her bicep is sucked into the quacking hole. She curls her fingers into a fist allowing an extra few inches of her arm to slip into the beast.

After hitting bottom, she pulls her arm back out of the grasping pussy. She pumps herself in and out of the strong mare imagining her arm is a giant horse cock. She can feel the walls of the equine vagina pulsing around her arm. With every insertion, she gets hotter.

Her mouth starts to water with desire. After several thrusts more she cannot hold back any more. She yanks her hand free and slams her face into the still squirming snatch. The Joyous scent of horse fills her being as both her mouth and nose bury themselves in the waiting pussy. Her tongue flies out lapping at the shaking mare. She swallows her offered fluids bit by bit as they pour over her face.

She alternates between tasting and touching, licking and fisting as she desperately tries to pleasure the horny mare. Eventually she feels the deep muscles suckling harder at her hand. She knows that her orgasm is at hand and quickly locks her lips to the shivering vagina.

A torrent of fluids courses over her as Hera came. She tries in vain to gulp down as much as she can. The liquid gold pours past her face and down over her shirt.

Olivia pulls her fist free of the satisfied mare and stares down at her clothes. There is no way she can explain away the mess. She wraps her jacket around her and ducks out of the back of the stable. Dashing to her car she makes her way home to change. Thoughts are already brewing in her mind about what she might get up to in the coming months.

That night Mel is distracted at dinner. They chat about how their days went and how great it was to ride Hermes again, but Olivia can tell something is off. After dinner, Mel asks Olivia to join her on the couch.

Mel cannot take the tension anymore and she cautiously starts, "Honey, I saw what you did with Hermes this afternoon."

Olive blushes furiously and turns to leave, but Mel grabs her arm.

"There's no need to be embarrassed. Mom and I have been doing it for years."

Her daughter's embarrassment turns swiftly to shock. Sure she heard her mother with Cronus the other night, but her thoughts never made the leap to assume Mel gave her stallions the same treatment.

"But you do need to be careful. You probably don't want to get caught having your fun this summer do you? So, after you left I had Hermes moved to our back room with the other stallions. And here is your key. Only you, me, and your mom have the key to the back area now so you can have your fun in peace."

Olivia couldn't believe her ears. She grabs the key offered to her and pulls Mel into a crushing hug.
"You really mean it? You're not mad or upset that I blew Hermes?"

"Of course not," she replied with a chuckle. "I can hardly blame you for doing something that I started doing when I was in high school."

At this confession Olivia's eyes go wide in surprise, but Mel isn't finished.

"I do want to warn you though. As I'm sure you've noticed horses are a bit better endowed then just about any human males. There is a bench we use in the back area for having sex with our stallions, but I don't think you're quite ready for that yet."

"Well . . . actually . . ." Olivia hesitantly told Mel of her adventure in the woods with Hermes. Mel's eyes quickly turned from worry, to amusement, to lust.

"But you are okay right now right?" she asks first thing. At Olivia's nod she instructs her not to try anything with her pussy for a few days just in case and see how things go.

"If you do want to take him safely, I can give you the same lessons mom started with me. She was able to take Zeus fully inside of a month, and if you managed Hermes at least partially then you might manage it even sooner."

"It probably helped that Cronus had stretched me out a bit this morning."

Olivia's hand flies to her mouth at the unconscious admission. But Mel is already chuckling.

"Yeah, he certainly is a bit larger than Brutus or Neptune were. You're just lucky we trained him so well," she concludes with a wink.

With the tension broke and the subject already broached the two women talk long into the night about what Olivia's parents have done with their various pets over the years. Both of them are soaked by the time they finish dishing their secrets.

Olivia, true to her word, goes to bed without playing with herself. Mel, on the other hand, takes Cronus up to her room and fulfills all of her desires.


Chapter 10 – A Proper Sendoff

In the following weeks, Olivia discovers she had no ill side effects from her unprepared penetration. But just to be on the safe side, Mel begins her training soon after the soreness goes away. She spends the rest of her summer working at the stables with both her parents, and finding any spare moment she can to pleasure Hermes, Cronus, and any other horse she takes a liking to.

But all good things must come to an end. On her last night before leaving for her sophomore year, she feels despondent. She knows that she'll be back, but the summer of fucking has definitely left an impact. She knows that she's going to miss Hermes even more as the long days of classes stretch out before her. But she also knows that she'll be back as soon as she gets a break so Hermes won't miss her too much.

While she cleans up after dinner with her parents, they can tell she isn't looking forward to leaving. While they like to think it is because she loves them so much, they know that isn't the whole of her reasons. They share a silent glance and come to a decision. They were going to keep it a surprise, but they want to cheer Olivia up.

"So," Mel starts. "We've been thinking. We know you'll be in the dorms this coming year, but you might want to get your own apartment your junior year, off campus. And we don't want to have to worry about you being burgled or attacked in the night. We think it'll be a good idea if you have a guard dog with you to keep you company."

At the sound of the word 'dog,' Olivia's eyes light up. Her mind is already racing with thoughts of long nights of studying the canine form.

"I think we have found a good candidate, but it'll probably take at least this full year while you're at school to train him right. In the meantime, it probably would be best if Cronus doesn't interrupt the nightly training. So when you come home for winter break I think he'll have to stay in your room instead. In fact why don't you let him sleep in your room tonight so he can get acclimated to the change?"

At this point Olive is grinning from ear to ear. No longer longing for her next break, she is already dreaming about what she's going to do that night. Faking a yawn that no one buys, Olivia heads upstairs grabbing Cronus's collar on the way.

"You know what? I'm feeling suddenly exhausted. I think I'll go right up to bed."

Her parent's laughter follows her up the stairs as she guides Cronus into her room. The door shuts behind them and Olivia licks her lips in anticipation. She strips down immediately and pats her chest urging Cronus to get up.

He leaps up onto her shoulders exactly like he did when she came home for the first time. He bathes her in his kisses, just like he did before. But this time, she opens her mouth and sucks his tongue in for a deep French kiss. She toys with his drooling organ as it rolls against her tongue. She also reaches out for his growing member.

Now she knows that it will come with the proper motivation and she wants it bad. She grips the rod as it slowly pushes free of his hairy sheath. Her reaching serves to dip her shoulders bringing Cronus's muzzle into her own ever harder.

The first touch of his veiny dick always brings a thrill to the young student. And the feel of that growing cock reassures her that studying veterinary medicine was definitely the right call. But the feel of Cronus dancing forward as she touches his prick gives her ideas that are not academic in nature.

The feel of his strong chest against hers as his pole nudges her crotch reminds her of an inkling that never came to fruition. Letting him fall to the floor, she lies back on her bed. Her pussy offers a tantalizing treat hanging free into space. Unable to resist, Cronus licks her already lubricated cunt adding his own saliva.

But despite his skill, that isn't the organ Olivia wants. She pats the bed and gives him the signal for up. Despite the unusual orientation, Cronus quickly adapts. He jumps his forelegs onto the bed much like when he first fucked Olivia's face. Only this time he has a much better target. Without assistance his dick slips right into her slick cave.

A loud moan fills the air as Cronus fills Olivia. His hind legs walk slowly forward shoving his meat into her. She grabs at his soft fur begging him silently to give her all he has.

The thrusts start immediately. He pounds into her with a ferocity she never before witnessed. It's almost as if he realizes this will be their last night together for a while and wants to make it count.

He jabs her willing orifice over and over with his shaft. It slides in despite Olivia's pulsing walls and pierces her womb. She squeezes her muscles together to caress the invading cock and provide the friction she craves. Her months of sexual training allow her to ripple her own flesh around Cronus's meat without even thinking about it.

His knot quickly expands filling her lips. She clamps down with all her strength trapping him inside her crevice. Her hands constantly stroke his luxurious fur as his incessant humping grows to a zealous pitch. Finally she feels his thick cum pouring into her uterus. She calls out to the massive mutt and pulls his head down to hers for another kiss.

She lets his member slip out of her sloppy cunt. He licks at their fluids flooding out onto the bedspread. As she watches him pull back from her body she calls out to him, "Oh no you don't. We aren't done yet."

She flops down onto the carpet and ducks underneath his chest. She sucks his cock into her throat knot and all and licks it clean of their fluids. The unexpected assault resets Cronus's desire and he immediately starts humping her face.

Laughing, she pulls back and hops back onto the bed. She falls readily into their standard doggy position and wiggles her ass for him. He makes good on the chase and spears her completely before she can make a single revolution. She calls out in glee as the knot once more pops into her channel only to be trapped by her well trained muscles. She shivers in joy as she rides the tingling spreading out from their glorious connection.

Outside her room, her parents observe through a crack in the door. Mel turns to her wife and whispers, "Our little girl is all grown up." Then she pulls her hand out of her lover's panties and licks off the glistening fluid.

"Now let's see what we can do about that," she continues with a grin. The two lovers retire to their bedroom to make good use of their favorite double dildo. Olivia on the other hand makes good on her promise to Cronus that they weren't finished. She continues the cycle of sucking him to attention and being screwed blind well into the night testing both of their endurance. Her cries of lust frequently mingle with the screams coming from her parent's bedroom. And she falls asleep to the gentle rhythm of Cronus sliding his tool into her womb. He wins this round as her orgasms finally overwhelm her and pull her off to sleep. But next time for sure she is going to tire him out or die trying.

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