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Part 1 - Becoming a Cock Lover

Nadia knew she was a nymphomaniac by the tender age of 12. She developed faster than other girls her age, with more than a generous handful of tits by middle school, her hips widening and her ass getting rounder. At age 12, she was 5'7" and a middle school cheerleader, her body toned and flexible. Her interest in her own sexuality had ignited with puberty, and she often masturbated herself to sleep after she discovered the pleasures of her sexy, developing body. Sometimes she used the handle of her mom's hairbrush to fuck herself, but she got off just as well by rubbing on her clit without any penetration.

Since her parents were bi-racial, her mom white and her dad black, Nadia's skin was a beautiful cocoa color. It was smooth as silk to the touch. Nadia's almond shaped eyes were a lovely chocolate brown, her cheekbones high. Her shoulder-length curly hair was light brown with some blond highlights, and she often wore it in a tight pony-tail or bun. Her lips were thick and pouty, usually coated with shiny pink lip-gloss. She enjoyed wearing dresses, flaunting her femininity as she grew into her developing body. Her cheerleading outfit was purple and white with white bloomers, and it was short -- not even reaching mid-thigh. All the boys and men at school eyed her up and down when they saw her in the uniform. Even her dad couldn't help admiring her changing figure, particularly enjoying her long, sexy legs when she sported the short cheerleader skirt.

Nadia's older friends had told her about sex when she was in the 6th grade, and she heard stories of their experiences and couldn't wait to have sex, too. She'd found her dad's porn stash at home, and enjoyed flipping through his dirty magazines and reading the filthy erotic novels. By 7th grade, she had attracted an array of boys who wanted to get to know her better... or at least get to know her body better!

The brown haired, freckled boy she ultimately chose was 12, her age, and also in 7th grade. They had some classes together and rode on the same school bus. She'd let him finger her the entire ride to school and back some days. She had the last bus stop and he lived nearby, so they had a long enough bus ride to have some fun. Even though he was the same age as Nadia, Scott was immature and not quite ready for sex, but his young, randy girlfriend was eventually able to successfully persuade him to give up his virginity to her. Nadia wanted to fuck badly; she was more than ready to give up her cherry. Scott didn't want his sexy, sweet girlfriend to break up with him if he didn't have sex with her, so two months after they'd become boyfriend and girlfriend he finally gave in one night after a school dance.

They were staying the night after the dance at a mutual friend's house, their sleeping bags set up in the basement. The friend, Jimmy, went to his bedroom upstairs around midnight, his parents already sleeping soundly in their bedroom. Nadia and Scott had the basement to themselves, and were making out on the couch as soon as Jimmy went upstairs. Scott's hand slipped under the silky, shimmery white dress Nadia had worn to the dance, creeping up her bare thigh as they tongued eagerly. His hand rested on her thigh, making Nadia shiver with excitement. She could see an large bulge in his pants and knew it was Scott's stiff cock pointing straight at her.

Nadia, the horny young girl, had already practiced oral sex on her 12 year old boyfriend. One night she sucked him off 6 times! He barely ejaculated when he climaxed, but he definitely felt the orgasm surge through his pre-teen body. Nadia was a natural cocksucker -- her mouth was wide and fit her boyfriend's 6" cock all the way to the base, so she became pretty good at deep-throating his member. She was eager to suck him and make him cum. Sometimes they kissed and heavily petted for hours. Nadia was a lot to keep up with!

As they passionately tongued each other in Jimmy's basement, Nadia began reaching for Scott's zipper. His hard pole sprang free, right into Nadia's face as she tugged the zipper down. She giggled and caught it with her hands, her mouth kissing Scott's pre-cum coated cockhead. He moaned as she kissed and caressed his shaft before pulling his balls out. She sucked his cock down to the base as she cupped his nuts, and soon Scott was fucking her face while holding her head by the pony-tail. Nadia sputtered and gagged occasionally but didn't release the cock from her gullet. Her eyeliner was starting to smudge as her eyes welled up from the face-fucking.

Scott groaned as he neared orgasm, staring down at Nadia as she choked his cock down, one of her perky titties freed from her silky white dress. Between clenched teeth, he growled that he was cumming. Nadia kept the cock in her throat, her hands still gently holding his soft nuts, and felt Scott's meat throb along her tongue. His prick pulsated as jets of sperm shot directly into Nadia's throat. Scott threw his head back, groaning and gasping as Nadia choked down his seed. When he was done sperming in her gullet, Nadia pulled his cock from her mouth and swallowed hard -- she never spit.

He pushed her down on her back on the couch and pushed her dress up, revealing a white thong. Scott moved the thong aside and began kissing her bare pussy, licking all up and down along her slit like he'd watched men do in some porno movies he'd seen with his older brother. Nadia moaned as Scott licked and sucked on her delicate cuntlips, his fingers gently rubbing her hard clit. He had gone down on her several times before and on the most recent occasion had made her cum, the first time a boy would give her an orgasm. After several minutes of Scott eagerly lapping up Nadia's cunt, she could feel an orgasm building up inside of her.

Nadia's toes curled as her climax began, then she felt it surge through her whole body. She gasped and pulled on her brown nipples as she came, her mouth gaping as she moaned and cried out that she was cumming. Scott didn't stop eating his pre-teen girlfriend's pussy and fingering her engorged cuntlips as he sucked and licked her clit. Nadia grinded her bald pussy into her boyfriend's face as her orgasm exploded within her. It felt like it lasted an entire minute, and it left Nadia breathless and quivering on the couch.

She smiled up at Scott, her C cup tits heaving, her pussy juices really flowing. Nadia craved penetration. Scott's prick was still hard; it didn't deflate at all after the blowjob. Nadia's eyes went from Scott's eyes down to his stiff dick. She raised a finger to her lips and spread her legs, the white thong stretching around her thighs as her legs opened. Nadia looked up innocently at Scott as she pulled the thong off, throwing it at him. He laughed and caught it, his eyes on her wet pussy gash.

Scott took his girlfriend's thong and started rubbing his dick with it. Nadia giggled, getting further turned on while watching her boyfriend stroke his hard cock with her panties. Her hand went down to her pussy, rubbing her wet cunt, dipping a couple fingers into her hole as she stared up at Scott. She pulled her pussy juice covered fingers from her hole and beckoned Scott to come closer with them. As he bent down over her, she reached her pussy juice coated hand out and began rubbing his dick. He tossed the panties aside, rubbing Nadia's cunt while she stroked his prick. His eyes were on her pink gash, her folds glistening with her arousal.

"Scott..." said Nadia softly. "I want you to fuck me. Put yourself inside me..."

His eyebrows raised. Scott was very turned on, and knew his girlfriend wanted to have sex; she'd brought it up many times before. He took his dick in hand and got in between Nadia's legs. She began pulling the white dress up over her head, her lithe body now totally nude, her legs spread. Scott slapped the head of his cock against his pre-teen girlfriend's wet pussy and shivered. She was so wet, her juices coated his dick as he teased her lips with his hard prick. Nadia giggled, her tits jiggling.

Scott's cockhead parted Nadia's slick cuntlips, feeling the heat of her hole around his hard knob. His breath quickened as he felt her slit opening around his stiff prickhead. Scott's hands gripped Nadia's naked waist tightly as he braced himself to penetrate her for the first time. Nadia's heart was pounding -- she was finally going to get fucked! Scott pushed his pelvis forward, his prick sinking further into Nadia's pre-teen pussyhole. She gasped. Scott's mouth fell open at the tight feeling of Nadia's cunt around his shaft. Her pussywalls held his cock firmly as he plunged forward, sinking himself balls deep in her young womb.

Nadia cried out as Scott's prick buried itself in her hole. She'd penetrated herself before with the hairbrush handle and a few other objects, so she had no hymen to break and didn't feel much pain at all. Still, she was tight as hell! Scott groaned as he began thrusting in and out of Nadia's cunt. She was wet, allowing his prick to delve in and out of her tight hole. His balls began slapping against her ass and pussy gash with his fast thrusts. Nadia's tits bounced on her chest as her young boyfriend pounded her bald pussy athletically. The squelching sounds of Scott's prick in Nadia's cunt filled the basement, sounding like music to the horny pre-teens' ears as they rutted away. His hands moved to her soft, ample tits, squeezing them hard as he fucked her hard on the couch.

Scott bent down and sucked Nadia's hard nipples and buried his face in between her large breasts as he pounded away in her cunt. Her pussy muscles squeezed his prick tightly as he rammed his meat in and out of her hole. He knew he would cum soon, her pussy was so good! His nuts were tightening already. Nadia stared up at Scott, soft moans escaping her lips. She held her legs wide open, looking down at their rutting genitals. Scott's prick was slick with her pussy juices.

He groaned, holding her hips firmly while plunging as much of his cock into her hole as possible. Nadia felt Scott's cock pulsing inside her as he rammed himself as deep inside of her as he could, his balls smashed against her cunt. His prickhead reached into her cervix, ready to directly deposit semen into her womb. Scott gasped, groaning that he was cumming, and Nadia felt his cock pulsating in her velvety depths. She moaned as she felt herself being filled with Scott's seed. Scott didn't even know if she could get pregnant or not. He didn't know she was on no birth control whatsoever.

The two adolescents were breathless and sweaty. Scott looked down at his sexy girlfriend, her tits heaving. She smiled up at him. His prick was still inside her, now deflating. He pulled himself from her wet hole, making her gasp. Scott was zipping his pants up and helping Nadia get her dress on a few moments later as Nadia's head spun.

It was all over so soon. She had cum from Scott eating her pussy, but she didn't cum from her first experience with sex. Scott wasn't too bad for his first time, but Nadia couldn't help wanting to cum from being penetrated by a hard male prick. Little did she realize, a monster had been born. A sex fiend!

As she lay on the couch, Scott starting to fall asleep in his sleeping bag on the floor, Nadia couldn't help but long for more cock. She had a feeling once she got more cock, she'd want even more! Nadia rubbed her pussy, making herself cum hard on the couch with her legs spread wide open as her young boyfriend slept. She kept her moans from getting too loud, not wanting to disturb Scott.

After she made herself cum, she needed to go upstairs to the kitchen to quench her thirst. She tiptoed up the steps that led into the kitchen and gasped as she saw an older man in the kitchen. It was Jimmy's dad, Mr. Roscoe. He was in the kitchen pouring himself a drink. Startled by the sexy, disheveled looking young girl, he raised his eyebrows as he saw her breasts heaving nearly out of her wrinkled white dress. Her hair was frizzy from being fucked hard on the couch.

"Hi there..." Mr. Roscoe said, eyeing her up and down lasciviously. His wife could be heard snoring down the hall. "You must be Jimmy's friend, Nadia."

"Hi," said Nadia softly, nodding.

"So I guess you're the one I heard moaning downstairs, huh?" he said, cracking a smile. Nadia's mouth dropped open -- Jimmy's dad had heard her moaning! He chuckled and put the milk back in the refrigerator. Then he started walking over to Nadia.

"I uh, just needed to get a glass of water..." said Nadia, nervously. Her eyes fell to Mr. Roscoe's crotch where she could see a bulge forming, one that already looked bigger than her boyfriend's! She gulped, her pussy still tingling. Mr. Roscoe got a glass of water and handed it to her, his eyes roving all over her body as she took the glass.

"My, you are a sexy thing, aren't you," he said, staring at her ample breasts as they heaved out of her silky dress. "Yes, yes you are..."

Her eyes were staring at the bulge in his pajama bottoms -- his dick looked huge! Nadia looked the older man up and down, realizing he was a fairly attractive older man, with a thick head of brown hair and some muscles from working out a few times a week. She could feel her boyfriend's cum and her pussy juices leaking out of her hole as she stood in the kitchen like a deer in headlights. Mr. Roscoe licked his lips, enjoying the sight of the disheveled pre-teen girl. She was young, but she was so sexy already!

"Look, look what you've done to me," he said quietly, pulling his huge prick from his pajama pants. Nadia gasped at the sight of his thick, uncut 9" cock. A drop of pre-cum oozed from his cockhead, glistening in the dim kitchen which was illuminated by only the light of the stove. "Yeah? You like that? Huh? Bigger than your boyfriend's, I bet, huh?" he chuckled.

Nadia swallowed hard, grasping the glass tightly in her hand. Mr. Roscoe walked up closer to her and she stared at his hard meat as he stroked it in his hand. The snoring continued from down the hall. Jimmy's dad smiled at the sexy young girl while he pumped his dick. Nadia was speechless, and to be honest, still aroused. Her eyes were on the hard cock before her, and the big hairy nuts that swung below the stiff prick. She backed up as he walked nearer to her.

"This is what you need, isn't it?" he said to her quietly, motioning to his dick. "You need a man. Don'tcha? I think you do... I can sense it...Not a boy. A man." Mr. Roscoe was so close to her now that she could feel his warm breath on her chest. Her heart pounded fast; she was nervous but also a little excited. Mr. Roscoe took the glass from her hand and set it on the window sill. In an instant he pushed her onto her back on the kitchen table and stood before her spread legs. A bowl of fruit was by her head. She hadn't bothered to put the thong back on, so he stared right into her glistening cunt. He took his cock in his hand as she lay spread wide on the table and poised his cockhead at the entrance to her pussyhole.

Nadia gasped as she felt her friend's dad about to enter her hole. His hands went to her chest, roughly pulling her tits free from her dress. He bent over and sucked them, nuzzling his head in her ample breasts while his prick rubbed along her pussy slit. Nadia shivered and stifled a moan, not wanting to wake anyone in the house. Mr. Roscoe licked and sucked her tits and nipples and kissed her neck, making Nadia writhe on the table. She moaned softly as his cock pressed harder against her wet pussy gash. His prickhead was hard as a rock!

He held her tightly as she lay beneath him, his cockhead just barely inside her cunt. With his eyes staring at her voluptuous young tits, he slid more of his prick into her hole and shuddered. She was so tight! He could feel her wetness, not knowing if it was just her pussy juice or if her little boyfriend had cum inside her. Mr. Roscoe didn't care -- he knew he was capable of shooting a huge cum load inside the young girl's twat to drown out some kid's sperm!

Nadia whimpered on the table as she felt more of the man's cock inside her tight cunthole. She wiggled around and Mr. Roscoe held her firmly by the ass, spreading her asscheeks in an effort to pry her open so he could get his entire cock into her hole. Nadia grunted as he pressed his large body upon her, weighing her down as he got up on the table, his cock impaling her soft cunt. His cock felt huge, like it was spreading her open. It was in about half way.

Mr. Roscoe's balls slapped around at her thighs as he struggled to get more of his meat into the tight pre-teen cunt. He grunted as his prick sank further into the young girl. Nadia was sweating on her back on the table as the older man pushed himself deeper into her tender pussy. The thick prick made its way towards her cervix, her pussy walls holding it tightly. Mr. Roscoe gasped -- he'd never fucked a cunt so tight!

"Damn, you are one tight cunt, little girl, yes you are...oh yes, squeeze my cock with your cunt, yeah, like that, ooh yes, milk my cock, oh very good... I'm almost all the way in baby, almost, yes, you feel so good!" Mr. Roscoe whispered into her ear. She whimpered, feeling more full than she'd ever felt, stuffed with the older man's fat, uncut 9" meat. Her chest heaved and he sucked her nipples as they danced in his face, his cock now in nearly to the base.

Nadia cried out suddenly as Mr. Roscoe then rammed his cock hard into her, burying it balls deep in her cunt. He stayed still over her body while he pinned her on her back on the kitchen table, listening for the snores to make sure his wife hadn't awoken. The missus could still be heard snoring loudly through the closed bedroom door down the hall. Mr. Roscoe braced himself, holding the pre-teen girl tightly below him, as he then pulled his cock nearly all the way out of her hole. She gasped below him at the feeling of the huge cock sliding out of her hole. He didn't pull completely out though, and left himself inside her a few inches.

With only his cockhead in her hole and an inch of shaft, he began strumming Nadia's tiny, hard clit with his fingers, making her grind her crotch at him. She whimpered in pleasure and he used his other hand to gently cover her mouth. His dick sank into her a few more inches as she grinded against him, and he kept rubbing her clit while filling up her hole with his meat. She kept her legs spread wide in the air while Mr. Roscoe penetrated her, loving the feeling of his cock stuffing her hole and his fingers on her sensitive clit. He was loving the sensations of being inside the girl's tight womb, and was really looking forward to dumping his sperm in it!

Nadia's was in an daze of ecstasy, trying very hard to keep quiet with the pleasures of the older man's prick inside her. He was right -- he was exactly what she needed! She needed a man to hit the spot with a big, full grown cock! Nadia was meeting his thrusts in her cunt as he began slamming in and out of her, making the table shake. Every so often he'd go still on top of her to listen for his wife's snoring. Nadia's legs were shaking as she held them wide. Mr. Roscoe had taken his fingers off her clit but his pubic bone still grinded pleasurably against hers, and she could feel an orgasm building inside as her friend's dad fucked her hard and fast on the kitchen table. Squelching sounds filled the kitchen.

He slowed down again, trying hard not to get too loud, and began rubbing Nadia's clit again while buried halfway inside her, encouraging her orgasm. She bit her lip to keep from crying out as her orgasm began surging throughout her. Her body trembled, making the table quake, as he stayed still inside her while rubbing circles on her clit. Nadia's legs shook hard as her climax broke out, her cunt squeezing Mr. Roscoe's dick hard. He gasped at the feeling of her spasming cunt around his hard member. She writhed around and clawed her nipples, and he figured she was cumming right there on the family dinner table.

Her pussy grinded hard at his crotch, forcing inches more of his dick into her spasming hole. Nadia's mouth hung open as her orgasm continued tingling throughout her entire being, her legs shaking and then dropping. Nadia clawed hard at his back as he lay atop her, weighing her down hard as his prick sank as far into her womb as possible. His prickhead rested at her cervix, his shaft as hard as steel and ready to explode. He fucked her with short, hard thrusts, both of them breathless and sweating now. His climax was imminent; soon he'd be sperming in the young girl's tight hole!

Nadia held the older man tightly as he shoved his cock deep into her hole; she clawed at his back. His nuts pressed against her pussy gash, his prick about to explode inside the hot pre-teen slut. Mr. Roscoe grasped Nadia hard by the hips as he thrust his cock deeply into her one final time, jammed as far into her as he could go. She grunted below him, and then felt his cock throbbing in her hole. He gasped, his prick flooding her womb with sperm. Nadia moaned and closed her eyes as she felt the spurts of cum released inside her womb. She knew she could get pregnant, and didn't care -- it felt so good to get fucked!

Mr. Roscoe's cock continued to throb and pulse globs of sperm inside Nadia's womb for a few more minutes as he tried catching his breath over top of her. He hadn't cum for a few days, so he knew he released a huge load in the girl's tight cunt. His prick was buried balls deep in her hole, stretching her to the max. He straightened up and began pulling his huge, thick cock from her hole with a lewd sucking sound, making both of them shiver. Cum dripped from Mr. Roscoe's cock; it was covered with sperm and glistening in the kitchen light. Nadia was breathless -- she'd loved getting fucked by the older man who was practically a stranger! His cock made her cum, and hard, too!

She was shocked when Mr. Roscoe got off of her and she could see another figure standing behind him -- it was Jimmy! He'd been watching them fuck on the table! Mr. Roscoe was surprised, too. Jimmy had his prick out; he'd been jerking off to the sight of his dad fucking the young cheerleader on the kitchen table. She looked up at Jimmy while laying on the table, his dad's cum starting to ooze from her pussyhole. Her eyes fell to Jimmy's cock. She was still aroused, and wanted to take Jimmy's cock, too! Mr. Roscoe zipped his pants up and patted Jimmy on the bed with a wink, walking back to the bedroom.

Jimmy walked up to the table and Nadia met his gaze. His cock was longer than Scott's, about 7" or so. She felt some cum leaking from her pussyhole and shuddered. Jimmy's eyes fell to her cunt, leaking cum onto the family table. He held his uncut member firmly in his hand as he stepped up to the table. Climbing atop the table and straddling Nadia's body, he wordlessly placed his prick along her pussy gash and she moaned, now hyper-aroused. Then with one smooth stroke he jammed his prick into her hole balls deep, making them both gasp. Nadia loved the feeling of cocks in her cunt, she knew she was hooked!

He wasted no time picking up a fast pace in Nadia's sloppy cunt, his thrusting prick making more cum leak out of her cunt and onto her thighs and his balls. She moaned quietly on the table as he slammed into her again and again, his cock reaching deep inside her young hole. Nadia could feel herself about to cum again. Her pussy muscles squeezed Jimmy's prick tightly and he grunted, about to cum himself but trying to hold off as long as possible. She fucked back at him, hard, as he held her firmly by the hips. Jimmy maintained his fast pace and her orgasm soon surged through her limbs, her legs shaking hard. He didn't stop pounding her as she writhed on the table, moaning quietly. She humped back at him hard as her climax went on for nearly a minute, leaving her gasping for air.

Jimmy continued on, now on the brink of his own orgasm. Her pre-teen pussy was so tight, fitting his dick like a glove, and he loved the feeling of her squeezing cunt muscles. Jimmy's mouth fell open as his cock throbbed. He shoved his dick as far inside Nadia as it could go, his prick pulsating as it was about to explode. He moaned softly and shuddered as his cock erupted in Nadia's womb, adding his seed to her hole. She'd just lost her virginity earlier that night and had already fucked 3 guys!

After cumming in her womb, he pulled out of her hole with a squelching sound, leaving more sperm to ooze out of her on the table. Jimmy left her sprawled there on her back and went back to his room, shutting the door without ever saying a word. The snores went on. Her mind was spinning, sperm flooding her insides. She felt ecstatic! Her breathing calmed and she got off the table, pulling her dress down and heading back down the stairs, all kinds of thoughts going through her head.

Nadia felt completely different now that she had sex. Now she felt like a woman, since her body had been used for so much sexual pleasure -- pleasure for both herself as well as the boys and man she'd fucked thus far, too! She knew she wanted more cock, even after getting fucked by 3 guys over the last few hours. Her pussy seemed to ache to be filled.

Back in the basement, Nadia laid down on the couch, spreading her legs, shivering as she felt the cum oozing out of her. As she settled in on the couch, it made a creaking sound and her boyfriend, who'd been dozing in his sleeping bag, woke and looked up at Nadia.

"Oh, hey..." he said groggily. "I must've fallen asleep."

"Yeah, it's cool," said Nadia, smiling down at him.

"You were amazing tonight," he said softly. She grinned. "In fact, just looking at you with your spread legs makes me want to get inside you again, Nadia! How about it?"

"Heck yeah, come here!" said Nadia, giggling.

Scott crawled out of the sleeping bag and pulled his stiffening meat from his pants, rubbing it to get it harder. He stared down at Nadia's oozing cunt and shivered as he walked over to the couch. Nadia looked up at him as she kept her legs spread, anticipating being filled with cock yet again. It seemed there was no turning back -- she was becoming addicted to cock! Scott sat down on the couch and pulled her onto his lap, letting his prick sink into her cunt.

"Damn, baby, I must've cum more than I thought I did earlier!" he exclaimed as his cock jammed up into her womb, feeling her sperm filled innards. Nadia grinned and kissed him as she sat on his lap, then threw her head back moaning as Scott pumped away at her cum filled hole. She cried out as another orgasm began sneaking up on her while Scott bounced her up and down on his lap. As she began cumming, Scott cried out that he was cumming, too, adding even more sperm to Nadia's filled up pussy. Their breathing was out of control, the sounds of panting and squelching genitals filling the basement. They kissed passionately as Scott's prick began deflating in Nadia's inundated hole.

Sperm leaked from Nadia's hole as she climbed off Scott's lap. She smiled down at him -- she was getting tired, otherwise she'd fuck all night long! Nadia knew she'd be having sex again very soon -- she felt like she was beginning to crave the feeling of being filled up with meat and sperm. Even though, little did she know, she had already gotten knocked up after her first sex-filled night!

Part 2 - Fucking Around

Nadia craved cock, she thought about getting fucked day and night after she lost her virginity and subsequently fucked Jimmy and his father. She loved getting fucked by the older man. But honestly, she loved the boys, too! Nadia was open-minded -- she saw every man or boy as fuckable. When a day went by without male penetration, she felt so empty and somewhat lost. She loved the feeling of hands holding her hips strongly as a cock penetrated her womb. Every time she felt a flood of sperm released in her hole, she felt a sort of jubilation and euphoria.

Scott was exhausted with his 12 year old girlfriend's sexual needs, and was happy to share her with others. One afternoon, she was passed around to half a dozen other boys on the school bus after Scott deposited his seed in her cunt while she sat on his lap. Nadia happily sat on the other boys' pricks, pulling up her dress and pulling her panties aside so the dicks could fill her pussy up. Each boy would cum up inside her cunt while she sat atop their lap, bouncing and smiling at the kids around her. She loved it! Nadia enjoyed the dicks and the attention. She loved being touched. Sometimes she'd fuck Scott on the bus before school, letting him sperm inside her cunt and then feeling the sperm ooze out as the day went on, soaking her panties and making them smell like cum.

The school bus fucking went on for a couple weeks before the bus driver finally got involved. Nadia had been passed around to nearly every boy on the bus that afternoon. Since Nadia had the last bus stop, the bus driver decided to pull over a couple miles before her stop. Nadia raised her eyebrows in surprise as the empty bus stopped in a strip mall parking lot. She was adjusting her dress and spermy panties, cum oozing out of her cunt.

"Nadia Johnston, come up here, please," said the driver, a big man with perpetually ruddy cheeks and a 5 o'clock shadow. He had been watching the antics for weeks now in his rear-view mirror. His dick was raging hard from catching glimpses of her bouncing up and down on various boys' laps the entire ride home. As Nadia got to her feet, he pulled his prick out of his pants. When she was a couple seats away from him he got to his feet and stood facing her, his big 9" cock and hairy balls hanging out of his pants.

Nadia gasped. He pushed her down on her back on one of the seats and she stared up at him in surprise -- and also arousal. A smile broke out on her face. She spread her legs as the tall, strong older man straddled her body. He leered down at her chest, admiring her developing tits. His hands grasped her waist as he got in between her legs, his long prick rubbing against her thighs. Nadia shuddered. He could feel the wetness of her pussy juice mixed with boys' cum on her thighs as his dick pressed against her leg. Her breath quickened as she felt his weight upon her pre-teen body.

"Little girl, I've been watching you get fucked for weeks now... how many boys have you fucked? How is that fair to me? To watch you getting fucked and not get to actually fuck you myself? Now, now you will take my cock, slut!" said the bus driver with a chuckle. Nadia smiled up at him and spread her legs, pulling her panties down to her knees and reaching down to spread her pink cuntlips open for him. The bus driver reached out and tore her panties apart with a sudden movement, throwing the shreds into the small trashcan near his seat. She giggled.

He grinned lewdly at the girl as he looked her cunt over, her pussy mound bald, her cuntlips engorged with her arousal. Her gash was slick with cum, her folds coated with sperm. He could see into her pussyhole as she spread her cuntlips for him, the dark hole gaping open, ready for his meat. His cock was hard as steel and eager to penetrate the young slut. He knew she was young, and he knew she was slutty. Fucking all the boys on the bus! Now it was the bus-driver's turn!

Nadia moaned as the bus driver slapped his thick cock against her tender pussy slit. He grinned and positioned his cockhead between her cuntlips before grabbing her hips tightly. What a hot little bitch! Cum leaked from around his cockhead as he pressed more of himself inside her, shuddering at the warmth of her pre-teen pussy. Without warning, he slammed his entire length inside her, filling her balls deep with cock. Nadia cried out. The bus driver was furiously pumping his cock in and out of her cunt in no time. His hairy balls slapped against her firm thighs and ass as he pounded her hole with furiously.

He pulled her tits from the top of her dress and drooled at the sight of her perfect, firm orbs of flesh. Her nipples were brown, standing straight up and begging to be sucked. He licked and sucked on them as she moaned beneath him. Nadia held his back tightly as he pounded away into her young cunt, the sounds of his cock squelching in her womb filled the bus. Sperm was oozing from her cunt onto the green fake leather seat as the bus driver screwed her hard. He was breathless on top of her, his face buried into her chest. Nadia moaned loudly as the 9" cock sank into her cunt again and again. She loved the feeling of his big, warm balls slapping against her, too.

The bus driver groaned, feeling his balls tightening inside the hot, young slut. He knew he was going to add his cum to the loads already inside her womb. What a sexy little whore, he thought to himself. And she was only 12! Already addicted to cock! Nadia heard the bus driver groaning above her as he thrust hard and deep inside her, reaching to deposit his seed to her hole which was already pregnant with child, unbeknownst to both of them at that point. He grunted like an animal, his prick sunk as far into the schoolgirl's flesh as it could go. His balls straining to unload semen inside her.

Nadia felt him bite her shoulder hard as his cock twitched in her pussy, his prickhead reaching deep into her womb to the embryo that had been developing inside her for a few weeks. He growled as his prick exploded sperm into the young girl's cunt, pulsating as jets of cum were released inside her. Nadia moaned as she felt another load added to her cunt -- she loved it! She loved feeling so full, and always felt a slight pang of sadness when a prick was withdrawn from her cunthole.

The bus driver stayed still over her, his cock still buried in her flesh, still throbbing its last spurts of cum. He gasped, having unloading a huge deposit of sperm into her hole. It had been a week since he had last masturbated, and he enjoyed releasing a copious load of semen into the young slut's womb, especially after getting all fired up watching her fuck all the boys on the school bus.

He pulled his big dick out of her hole with a loud sucking sound, making her gasp. Cum leaked out of her cunt and coated the older man's cock from head to balls. He patted her gaping pussy as he stepped off of her and zipped himself up, walking back to his seat and putting the bus in drive again to take the girl home. Nadia sat up on the bus seat, cum oozing down her thighs and ass. She was somewhat bewildered after getting fucked by the bus driver -- but of course she had certainly enjoyed it, too!

He pulled to a stop in front of her house and she got to her feet. As she walked by him to exit the bus he slapped her ass hard, chuckling as she jumped. The bus pulled away as she stood there, rubbing her ass and smiling, cum dripping from her cunthole.

Part 3 - Addiction

Nadia enjoyed fucking the boys from school and her bus driver, loved her body being passed around for the gratification of all parties involved. She still masturbated even though she constantly fucked her boyfriend and his friends, and had even fucked his older brother when he came home from college one weekend. About a month had gone by since she lost her virginity. Since her period had been pretty irregular since she had first gotten it, she didn't realize she was pregnant. Her appetite had increased, but she figured it was because of all the sex she was having!

All the men and boys she'd known all her life had suddenly taken on a different light -- an exciting light. They were all potential cocks for her hole! Nadia fantasized about all kinds of men or boys that she knew -- even men she knew from church, her friends' fathers, the mail man... During a family gathering one Sunday after church, she led her 10 year old cousin Chris to a spare bedroom at her grandma's house and got him hard by rubbing his small cock through his nice church pants. He didn't know what sex was, but enjoyed the feeling of her caressing his little prick.

Nadia pushed him on the bed and pulled his small penis from his pants and started kissing and sucking it, making young Chris moan at his cousin's oral attentions. She took her mouth off his cock and pulled her dress up, wearing no panties or pantyhose. Her young cousin laid on his back as she climbed on top of him, grinding her pussy gash against his hard organ. She moaned and wriggled her hips, letting his puny cock slip inside her. Once the few inches of barely hard meat was inside her cunthole, Nadia began riding her cousin on the bed, bouncing hard up and down on top of him. The bed was squeaking as she fucked him hard, her pussy grinding against him. Nadia had been so horny through the entire church sermon and subsequent lunch, and was about to cum hard on her 10 year old cousin's prick!

Nadia moaned and grabbed her breasts as her orgasm began erupting through her body. She continued bouncing hard up and down on Chris' cock, grinding her pelvis against his as her climax washed over her. Chris held his cousin's hips as she fucked him; he didn't really understand what was going on, but it sure felt good! She grunted and moaned on top of him while the orgasm surged through her from head to toes. Her pussyjuices leaked down her cousin's cock onto his dress pants.

Suddenly, the bedroom door was thrown open and Nadia cried out in shock as she saw her uncle Derrick there standing in the doorway. His jaw dropped as he saw his niece riding his 10 year old son on their grandma's bed. She immediately got off of Chris, leaving his pussy juice coated cock exposed and glistening. Derrick was in shock -- sure his older brother's daughter was quickly growing into a young, sexy woman, but he didn't realize she was already into sex!

"Chris! Zip your pants up! Now! I will speak to you about this later. Okay? For now, zip your pants up and please leave the room so I can speak to your cousin. What you two were doing is not to be spoken about to anyone, do you understand? I will take my belt off right now to help you understand if I am not clear," said Derrick. Chris swallowed hard, quickly stuffing his small cock into his pants again, zipping up, and hurrying out of the room.

"Sorry--" started Nadia.

"Quiet!" boomed Derrick. He didn't really know what to do. As he stood there, his thoughts raced and his cock stirred. Nadia swallowed hard -- she'd always been intimidated by her uncle Derrick. A 6'5" black man in his mid-30s, he was formidable looking enough without the fact that he worked out at the gym nearly every night, sculpting huge muscles. She stood by the bed, straightening her dress as her uncle walked closer to her.

Without a word he pushed her onto her belly on the bed and got on top of her, his knees straddling her body. Nadia struggled but he was far stronger. As she began crying out he reached around to cover her mouth with his large hand while unzipping his pants with the other hand. His cock had hardened to its full length of 10" and was as thick as his niece's wrist. Once his prick was out he pushed her dress up, exposing her perfect fleshy buttocks. He gave her ass a good squeeze as his cock stabbed around at her pussy slit.

Nadia was shocked but of course was fine with getting fucked by her big, strong uncle. His cock pressed against her gash, beginning to part her pussylips from behind. She was whimpering as the large mushroom shaped cockhead parted her delicate flesh, and he kept his palm against her lips to keep her quiet as another inch of his prick slipped inside her juicy hole. Her breathing quickened as the large piece of meat began penetrating her cunthole. Nadia grinded her ass at her uncle, encouraging him to fuck her deeper.

Derrick kept his cock still inside her hole for a few moments, enjoying the feeling of his niece's 12 year old cunt surrounding his hard prickhead and a couple inches of his shaft. Her cunt was slick, his prick slipping further into her depths as he pushed his hips harder against her. Nadia groaned against his hand as more of his prick sank into her girl flesh. Her uncle shuddered, never feeling such a tight, young cunt before. She could feel every vein in his raging member, as well as the hard ridge of his shaft pressing against her tight pussy walls. Nadia's could tell her uncle's cock was huge even though she hadn't seen it yet -- she felt more full than ever! He pushed harder, now nearly completely inside of her. She moaned into his hand with pleasure as he picked up his pace fucking her from behind. He held her waist tightly with his free hand as he jammed his prick in and out of her pussyhole hard from behind.

The slapping of his balls against her ass filled the guest bedroom as Derrick pounded his niece with all his might. His wife didn't put out much, and Derrick was relishing the sex-hungry young girl's eager cunthole! He pulled his cock nearly all the way out before ramming it back into her, making her cry out into his hand again and again. He repeated this a few times, fucking her slow, deep, and hard. Derrick smiled, enjoying slamming the girl's cunt full of prick meat.

His balls slapped against her ass wildly with his hard thrusts as he picked up his pace again. Nadia's body was pressed hard against the small bed as her strong uncle penetrated her hard from behind. She could feel an orgasm beginning to grow, about to erupt as her uncle continued his athletic pounding. He held her tight and would leave fingerprint bruises with the hand holding her waist. Derrick loved feeling her slippery, hot hole around his cock and wanted to keep going forever!

Nadia's orgasm surged throughout her body, unnoticed by her uncle who kept fucking her hard and fast from behind, making the small bed squeak with his powerful thrusts. His cock reached deep, deep into her, reaching to the embryo growing in her well-fucked womb. He had no time to think of the consequences for fucking his niece. Didn't care if she was on birth control or not. He just wanted to unload his cum into her hole! His intense fucking had been going on for at least 10 minutes, and Nadia was breathless beneath him. Her orgasm had left her body feeling weak. His balls were coated with her pussy juice.

Derrick had wanted to teach his niece a lesson about non-consensual sex, but instead he could tell she was enjoying it. He could feel her cunt slick around his hard member as he thrust into her again and again. His balls grew tighter and he knew he wasn't going to be able to hold off much longer from sperming into his niece's womb! She was groaning into his hand, her eyes shut tight as her uncle nailed her cunt hard from behind.

Uncle Derrick shoved his meat hard inside Nadia once more before nearly pulling out of her hole. With just his cockhead inside her, he began erupting loads of sperm inside her young pussy. He gasped and cried out as his cock exploded inside Nadia's cunt, releasing a huge load of semen that immediately began leaking out of Nadia's hole and down onto his cock and balls.

His cock continued to twitch and pulse for several moments after his cum had finally stopped shooting into his niece. Breathlessly, he pulled his cock out of her sloppy cunt. It was slimy with cum and pussy juice, and he slapped it against her ass, wiping his cock clean on her buttcheeks. Nadia was quiet and breathless, her face flat against the bed now, her ass still slightly raised.

Nadia's head was spinning. After collecting her breath, she raised her head and weakly turned over, her legs splaying wide, cum dripping onto the frilly bedspread. She looked up at her uncle innocently and slightly shocked.

"Uncle Derrick, did you... did you just rape me?" she said quietly, finally. His eyebrows raised as he finished zipping his pants up.

"I uh, well, that is technically what you did to your cousin, Nadia. You raped him, he didn't ask to be fucked so it was against his will. Uh..." stuttered her uncle.

"Uncle, I liked it when you raped me!" she exclaimed, smiling broadly. His jaw dropped. "Yeah! You have a nice, big cock -- it made my pussy cum hard! Oh, I'd love for you to rape me again, anytime you want! I'll be ready again for you in a few minutes!" she giggled, keeping her legs spread wide to give her uncle a good view of her leaking cunthole. He stared at her gaping hole and bald pussy, already wanting to fuck her again. He was shocked hearing her slutty words.

"I uh, uh, um, uh... well..." he stuttered, lost in her moist hole.

"Please? Pretty please Uncle Derrick? Come on! Didn't you like being inside me?" said Nadia, putting on an exaggerated pout.

"You little slut..." said Derrick, smiling and shaking his head. "Okay, okay baby, but you can't tell nobody, okay?"

"Yay!" exclaimed Nadia, grinning widely.

"Yeah... Now stand up, get on your knees, and suck my cock, Nadia! Get my prick hard again, baby, I'll fuck you again! You're asking for it, little slut!" he said, starting to unbutton his pants again. Nadia obeyed, getting on her knees to choke on her uncle's prick before he fucked her while she was on her hands and knees on the floor. Of course Nadia loved it!

She started fucking her uncle almost every other day after that. And so her uncle was added to her list of sex partners, along with Scott, his friends, his brother, the kids on the bus, and the bus driver!

Part 4 - Confession

A month and half after Nadia lost her virginity, she decided to confess her sin of pre-marital sex in the church confessional box one day. The priest, Father Joseph, was stunned. He could tell it was young Nadia Johnston by her voice, confessing to him that she enjoyed the feeling of many men's cocks and sperm inside her cunt! She went on for several minutes, listing her multiple sex partners and the things they'd done so far. It sounded like she was thoroughly enjoying herself!

He was silent for a few moments after she was done confessing her pre-teen sexual activity. Father Joseph's cock was hard as a rock after listening to the young girl detail her debauchery.

"Well, Father, what should I do?" said Nadia quietly. Her pussy was burning with arousal after talking about her sexual escapades with the Catholic priest.

"Nadia, open the door and meet me outside the confessional box," said Father Joseph firmly. Nadia gulped, opening the door and blinking in the sunlight flooding through the stained glass church windows. The church was completely empty except for Nadia and Father Joseph. Nadia had rode her bicycle to the church after leaving school for the day. She had just started fucking one of her teachers, adding him to her growing list of fucks, and was starting to feel the addiction to sex.

Father Joseph greeted her and led her quickly back to his office, shutting and locking the door behind him. He looked Nadia up and down once they were inside. She had a tank top on and short shorts, her long legs looking even longer in the shorts. Her breasts had developed nicely, he thought to himself. She must be at least a C cup already, ass nice and thick with a slender waist. Father Joseph's cock was straining for release in his black pants. Feeling warm, he pulled at his collar. He cleared his throat and walked closer to Nadia.

"Nadia, for your penance, you'll need to say more than a few prayers. I must say, you deserve quite a severe punishment for dirtying your young body with the seed of so many men," said Father Joseph sternly. Nadia's eyes widened as she saw him start unbuckling his belt. "Don't worry. I can help you atone for your sins, child," he said with a smile, pulling his belt off. He sat down in his desk chair and motioned for Nadia to come closer. Slowly she walked to him, then gasped as he grabbed her and forced her over his knee.

Nadia cried out as he began pulling her shorts down and then pulling her panties down, exposing her bare ass in the afternoon light streaming in from the window. She gasped as she felt her flesh uncovered to the clergyman, his hand raised in the air now. He held her firmly with the other arm, and Nadia squirmed fruitlessly in his lap. Suddenly his hand was hard against her bare buttcheek, the sound of the smack upon her ass filling the room. Nadia gasped, tears welling in her eyes. She'd never been spanked before!

Instantly a ruddy handprint broke out on her light brown skin. She squirmed, but the hand raised and came down hard on her ass once more. Nadia cried out, but Father Joseph paid no attention. He distributed a few more slaps to her tender ass, Nadia whimpering and crying beneath him. Finally he grabbed her and stood her up before he rose from the chair. She had only the small tank top on, her bald pussy exposed to him. His cock was so hard, aching to explode at the sight of her sexy young twat.

Father Joseph then pushed Nadia onto her belly on top of the desk and climbed onto the desk behind her. She could hear his pants unzipping, and soon felt the meat of his cock against her sore asscheek. Father Joseph was going to fuck her! Nadia couldn't believe it. She was so confused -- she didn't think priests could have sex!

"Nadia, I have to give you a special punishment because you've been so bad. You don't want me to tell your parents what you told me, do you? Or God, right?" he said, straddling her from behind. She shook her head. "Good. I will help cleanse your sins. Now, allow me, a holy man, to penetrate your hole. Allow my pure flesh to erupt inside you, purifying you of the sins of the flesh that you have delighted in so sinfully! I want you to keep repeating the Hail Mary prayer to yourself as I put myself inside you. Now!"

Nadia felt his prick against her ass, pressing against her slit. Sure, she wouldn't mind a good after-school fuck! She wiggled her ass at him. To her surprise, the priest didn't press his cockhead against the entrance to her pussyhole. She felt him press his hard knob against her puckered asshole! Nadia gasped as he pressed harder against her ass. She'd never had anal sex before, or even thought about having it!

She began struggling on the desk as Father Joseph held her hips and waist tightly, forcing his prick to penetrate her anal cavity. Nadia started crying again. She felt the pressure on her asshole as the priest's cock pressed into it, parting her shitter ever so slightly. Father Joseph shuddered -- she was tighter than any other hole he'd ever tried to fuck!

He held her steady as he thrust his hard 7" organ at her asshole, forcing it to part for his prickhead. Nadia squealed at the feeling of his cock entering her ass. Her ass was so raw, so dry! Just how the priest liked it. Tears spilled down her cheeks as more inches of his cock penetrated her shithole painfully. Nadia gasped, never feeling such an intense pain before.

"Well Nadia, at least your ass is pure!" chuckled Father Joseph to himself. He spit into her asscrack to provide a little more lubrication, jamming more of his cock into Nadia's asshole. His balls swung with his efforts to get in her hole, his pants and underwear around his knees as he fucked Nadia from behind. Nadia grunted as the priest's prick sank halfway into her anus. It filled her up like she'd never been filled before.

Then she felt him start rubbing her clit while his meat was halfway in her chute. Nadia liked this, and moaned softly, feeling a mixture of pleasure and pain. Father Joseph continued strumming her clit while forcing more of his hard muscle into her shitter. She felt like she was being speared open by his prick as more of it entered her, aiming for her bowels.

Nadia grunted, feeling his weight press against her back as his cock sank nearly to the balls inside her asshole. His fingers continued playing with her clit, and Nadia moaned despite herself. The priest stayed still a moment, allowing Nadia to adjust to the feeling of her ass stuffed with meat. He fingered her meanwhile, playing with her clit for a few minutes before playing with her slit, his fingers parting her lips.

She moaned at the feeling of his fingers in her cunt, and he began slowly pulling his member out of her tight shit chute so that he could thrust hard back into it. Nadia cried out when the priest thrust himself into her asshole, then pulled out again before slamming hard back inside of her. His fingers held onto her cunt now as he penetrated her ass, his hand cupping her bald pussy mound. Nadia enjoyed the feeling of his hand on her cunt, and pressed her crotch hard at his hand, trying to get herself off.

Before she knew it, she was bucking her ass back at the priest to meet his thrusts in her ass. His nuts swung at the backs of thighs as his cock delved in and out of her shitter. Nadia was beginning to enjoy the feeling of the hard prick in her asshole -- she wondered how it'd feel to have a cock in her ass as well as her pussy! Maybe one day, she thought to herself. The clergyman continued fucking her ass, looking to pump his semen into it.

Nadia felt an orgasm building as his hand pressed against her pussy hard, his thrusting cock forcing her pussy against the rubbing hand. His pace was fast and hard, his prick nearly leaving her ass before it was shoved hard back in, aiming for her bowels. Nadia groaned, her body tingling as the climax neared. Her legs were shaking, her knees and elbows already sore and weak from the hard desk. Father Joseph continued ramming her pre-teen asshole from behind as her climax surged throughout her body. Nadia screamed as she came, her pussy grinding hard against the priest's hand as his cock filled her ass. Father Joseph took his hand off her hip and pulled her pony-tail hard just as she was cumming.

"You're not supposed to enjoy the punishment, Nadia!" growled Father Joseph. The hair pulling only enhanced her orgasm, making goosebumps break out all over her body. Her pussy tingled in the priest's hand as he fucked her ass even harder. Nadia was howling from the intense combination of pleasure and pain. Father Joseph continued pounding her, the sounds of his nuts on her ass and her gasps and cries filling the room. He kept holding her hair from behind with one hand and pulled his other hand off her cunt. She cried out as she felt him grab her tit roughly. Nadia collapsed on the desk, her ass still in the air, her body spent from her intense climax.

Still the cock pounded in and out of her ass. Father Joseph masturbated daily and had sex usually twice a week at least, so he had staying power. Nadia was breathless, her ass sore, her pussy hyper-sensitive after her orgasm. She didn't know how much longer he could go on in her rectum, or how much more she could actually take. His nuts went on slapping all over her thighs and asscheeks with his thrusts.

He let her hair go and held tightly to her hips, knowing soon his sperm would be unleashed into her bowels. His precise stabs into her asshole went on a few more minutes still; so far he'd been fucking her ass for nearly 20 minutes, and Nadia was ready to pass out. She jumped as she felt his hand leave her hip and cup her pussy mound once again, rubbing at her clit. Her body shivered with his touch, and she squirmed weakly beneath him. His thrusts continued as he simultaneously rubbed her hard clitoral nub, encouraging another orgasm to build up in her aching body.

Nadia moaned weakly, feeling herself about to cum again. The priest was grunting, ready to sperm in her shithole. An orgasm surged through Nadia's body, weaker than the first but still enough to make her writhe on the desk under the rutting priest. His dick could be heard squelching around in her chute, both their breathing loud and ragged. Nadia cried out weakly as she came, again collapsing with her face against the desk and ass in the air in the crotch of the horny Father.

He panted and grunted, his balls now tightening. One last time, he shoved his prickhead as far into her ass as he could get it. Nadia felt the man meat buried balls deep in her shitter, splitting her ass open, filling her up. He was motionless, his cockhead in her bowels now throbbing. His grunts filled the room as his cock pulsed and began exploding deep inside Nadia's anus. She moaned weakly beneath him and blacked out momentarily.

When she came to, he was still inside her ass. She could feel the pressure of his cock inside of her, the cock that released fresh sperm into her guts moments ago. He was letting his breathing calm before pulling out of her. His nuts jiggled with his cock in place in her shitter. Nadia moaned as she felt him begin pulling his prick from her chute. It felt like he was pulling on her insides! She groaned and then his cock was free with a lewd popping sound. His sperm was so far up inside her ass that it wouldn't start leaking out until she got on her bike to ride home for dinner. Nadia wiped her tear-stained face with her hand as the priest got off the desk and zipped his pants back up. He had kept his shirt and collar on the entire time he was spanking and raping her ass.

"Okay, child, you are now pure! You can go forth and have as much sex as you want with as many men as you want and it will not be a sin! You'll still go to heaven despite giving your flesh away. Although, of course, to stay sin-free you'll have to let a priest such as myself continue cleansing you at least once a week," chuckled Father Joseph. Nadia sniffled. She had orgasmed a couple times, and all in all the anal sex wasn't too bad!

And so Nadia's list expanded to include weekly anal sex with Father Joseph!

Part 5 - Seductress

It had been two months since Nadia lost her virginity. She was masturbating constantly. Her hips continued expanding, though her belly still was not noticeably starting to swell with child. It looked like she was getting curvier, her breasts growing, too. Some mornings she felt nauseous, but it wasn't too bad so she thought nothing of it. Nadia grew to crave sex constantly. She longed for it, from when she woke up till when she went to bed. Scott still fucked her nearly every day, she was still fucking around on the school bus, she was fucking her uncle every other day, and the priest once a week. Nadia was insatiable! She was always hungry for cock.

Nadia found herself starting to grow more attracted to her own father. She knew it was crazy, and taboo, and dangerous. Her mother would not approve! Her father, John, was a tall, strong black male in his early 40s. His skin was chocolate, his voice smooth and deep. Nadia was his only daughter with his sexy, blond, white wife Michelle, though unbeknownst to Michelle he had two sons with two other women. Nadia admired his strong, manly physique when she caught him walking around the house shirtless. She even thought he looked sexy in his police officer uniform.

Nadia began masturbating herself to thoughts of fucking her father. Even at school, she'd go to the bathroom and masturbate while thinking of her dad. She plotted to seduce him behind her mother's back.

To build up to the inevitable seduction, Nadia began flirting with him. She began wearing skimpier clothes than normal around him, flaunting her shapely body and long legs. She'd drop items and bend her sexy body to pick them up, stretching in front of him. While he watched TV in the living room and her mom made dinner, she'd hang out in the living room and practice her cheers in her little cheerleading uniform. John's eyes couldn't help roving all over his sexy young daughter's body as she showed off her developing curves.

He thought that his daughter may be getting a little thicker, and he liked a woman with meat on her bones. Instead of focusing on the TV, he was distracted by her growing body. She was sensuous, the way she moved and talked. John knew she was very popular with the boys -- probably too popular, he thought.

Nadia would sometimes sit next to him and beg him to rub her sore feet after dinner. The footrubs turned to backrubs. Now Nadia was getting backrubs while Michelle was out of the house, and while Nadia wore only a sheer nightgown and nothing else.

John felt like he was going out of his mind -- he was attracted as hell to his 12 year old daughter! She was getting sexy! He felt she was flirting with him, but couldn't really believe it. John didn't know if she was sexually active or not, but he knew her body was definitely becoming the body of a woman. Sometimes, after caressing her body during one of the "backrub" evenings, he was left with the hardest erections of his life, caused by his pre-teen daughter.

Michelle had a pretty active social and community life, leading to a lot of quality time between her husband and daughter. She had no idea her daughter was planning to seduce her husband. Nadia couldn't take it much more -- thoughts of fucking her dad consumed her. She began thinking of him when she fucked all the other guys she was fucking. He became the ultimate goal.

Nadia decided to surprise him one day after he arrived home from work. Michelle was scheduled to work a double that night at the hospital, so Nadia knew she'd have plenty of time with her father. Nadia slipped on the sexiest lingerie she had, something the bus driver had given her as a gift. It was a sheer, shimmery pink negligee with pink ribbons on the satin straps.

She wore no bra or panties, admiring her brown nipples standing hard under the sheer fabric and her pussy slit and bald mound. Her belly, hips, and ass had thickened, and she thought to herself that she better do some more intense work-outs to keep trim. She grinned at her reflection, her heart fluttering as she thought of her dad, imagining his penis and how big it probably was!

Then she went out into the living room and put on one of her father's pornos, featuring a sexy young school girl getting gang banged. She then laid down on the coffee table on her back and spread her legs wide, a clear view of the TV between her parted legs. Nadia rubbed her clit as she began watching the porno, getting her pussy juices flowing as she wished she was the one getting gang banged.

Not five minutes after the porno began playing, she heard her father's key turning in the lock. Her heart beat fast as she heard the knob turning, and then the door creaking open. Footsteps walked down towards the living room, and Nadia continued rubbing her clit, her heart pounding harder than it ever had in her life. She was so aroused that her clit was a hard nub, hard as a diamond. Nadia wanted her father badly, and hoped he wouldn't reject her. She knew in her heart though that he wouldn't, because she was so fucking sexy.

John rounded the corner and his eyes immediately fell on his nearly naked daughter splayed out on the coffee table on her back, her hand on her cunt. Then his eyes went to the porno on the TV, showing a tiny blond getting nailed by a bunch of men. His prick began instantly stiffening despite his hanging jaw. Nadia looked up at him in a heated gaze, her hand not leaving her clit.

"Daddy..." she moaned. John's mouth hung open. He was stunned -- he figured she was a sensuous girl, but had no idea she was so sexual!

"Baby, what, I, uh, uh..." stammered John, walking toward the coffee table.

"Daddy... I need sex. I need you... I want sex all the time. Badly. I've begun to crave it all the time... to crave you... Please?" she said softly, looking up at him, her fingers still strumming her clit. "Please?"

"Baby, what?" asked John, in shock.

"Daddy, I tried sex. I knew I'd like it. So I tried it --"

"When?" he demanded.

"About two and a half months ago. My boyfriend Scotty, you know?"


"Yeah -- but he's not much of a man, Daddy! I tried some others too," she said, without elaborating. "I need a man's cock. I need yours! I know you can please me, you're the best father a girl could ever have! Don't you think I'm sexy, Daddy?" she said, then moaned, aroused from the porno and her clit rubbing.

John's cock was getting hard at his daughter's raunchy confessions. She was a sexy sight! His mind was racing. He loved his wife, and hadn't cheated on her in years. But Nadia was so sexy, so young, so willing... He eyed her body through the sheer fabric, shuddering as his cock hardened even more. Moans from the porno movie were filling the room, making John even more aroused.

Nadia kept her eyes on her father's as she moved one of her hands to her breast, fondling her generous titty through the nightie. She began pulling on her nipples as she kept her gaze on his eyes. John looked her whole body over, then walked up in between her legs. Nadia looked up at him, the porno playing behind his head. She held her legs spread wide open for him, one hand still on her clit. She gasped as he grabbed both of her ankles in each of his strong hands as he stepped in front of her. He held her legs splayed wide open, her pussy gash parting, coated in her girl juices. His cock was producing an enormous bulge in his pants. Nadia's heart continued beating hard as her father stood before her spread cunt.

He looked down at her exposed pussy, taking in the sight of the glistening cuntlips. Her folds looked so succulent, so thick with her arousal. He wanted to taste her... to penetrate her... So many thoughts were going through his mind, but they were all pretty much vanishing aside from the thought of his daughter's cunt and how it'd feel to be inside such a sweet thing.

Nadia looked up at him innocently as he stared at her pussy in quiet awe. Then her heart pounded fast as he got down on his knees in between her legs, her cunt inches from his face and dripping wet. She took her hand away from her clit, putting both hands on her breasts, gently strumming her nipples through the fabric of her sheer negligee.

John, his face inches from Nadia's nympho cunt, inhaled deeply. He relished the scent of her sex, thinking with wonder how his daughter was already a woman. Her hips were getting larger, her ass cushioned, her figure having become tantalizingly curvaceous.

He shuddered, his prick hard as a rock, his eyes still on her thick folds of cunt flesh. Her juices leaking down her gash, down her asscheek, down onto the wooden coffee table. Suddenly he leaned forward. Nadia gasped as she felt her father's mouth on her pussy gash. She gasped again at the cool air on her cunt when he exhaled, and his hot breath as he lapped at her clit.

Nadia pinched her nipples, writhing on the table as her dad licked from her clit down her slit nearly to her asshole and back up again. His tongue swirled all over her pussy gash, coating her with his spit. Her moans began filling the house, rivaling the moans in the porno playing on the TV.

John looked up at his daughter in a heated gaze as his mouth sucked on her juicy cunt. Damn, she was hot! He hadn't even used his fingers yet and she was squirming around on the coffee table and moaning. Nadia unconsciously pushed her pussy at her father's face, grinding her cunt into his mouth as she pulled on her nipples.

John lapped her up, tracing circles all over her cunt and sucking on her clit, all without using his fingers. His hands were on her thighs, forcing them apart for his oral access to her cunt. Nadia's cries grew louder as she could feel an orgasm stirring inside her. She loved the feeling of his thick, soft lips on her most sensitive spot!

With his mouth sucking her clit, he took his hand off a thigh and ran his index finger lightly along the length of Nadia's entire pussy slit. She shivered at his touch, his tongue flicking at her clit as his finger lightly trailed along her wet gash.

His finger slipped inside her moist slit, gently flicking around inside her entrance, stimulating her already engorged cuntlips. She pulled harder on her nipples, crying out, her pelvis gyrating as her pussy pressed at her dad's mouth.

"Oh Daddy, Daddy..." she moaned out, over and over again as her orgasm began growing.

John's cock couldn't possibly get harder, but it definitely twitched a little as her heard her moans. Nadia's eyes closed tight, her cries filling the house. She cupped her breasts, her nipples standing hard through the delicate fabric. Her father's eyes were on her heaving tits as her chest rose and fell with her gasps and moans. Nadia squirmed as her orgasm began, her entire body starting to tingle and shake.

"Oooh, yeah Daddy, oh I'm cumming, oh yes, oh yes, oh I knew you'd make me cum... ohhhhh.... Yes, yes, ohhh oh yes, don't stop Daddy! I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" she cried as her climax washed over her.

John kept licking her clit with his tongue as his daughter climaxed right in his face. He shuddered, his finger still gently exploring her pussyhole as she came. Her orgasm was so intense that her legs shook wildly, her toes curling, goosebumps breaking out over her whole body as it began to fade.

After her orgasm subsided, John pulled his face away and grinned at his young daughter. She was actually quite a young woman! He began rising to his feet, showing an enormous bulge in his uniform trousers. Nadia's chest was still heaving as she struggled to catch her breath, her eyes on her tall, dark, and handsome father.

John suddenly picked her up off the table and carried her to her bedroom, his hard bulge pressing against her as he walked purposefully. Once inside he tossed her on the bed and began stripping off his uniform. Nadia laid on the bed, legs spread, her pussy juices leaking down her asscrack.

Her heart was still racing, adrenaline pumping -- she knew she was about to get fucked! By her father! Not only was she getting her fix -- sex -- but it was her father she was going to have sex with! Nadia shuddered as she watched him unbutton his shirt, exposing his wife-beater. His pants unbuttoned, she saw the huge bulge in his boxers.

John kicked his pants off and took off his wife-beater, exposing a glistening, muscled chest. The tip of his raging cock was poking through the hole in his boxers. Nadia gulped -- his prick looked as big as his brother's! He eyed her body up and down as she lay on the bed, waiting for him. Waiting for him to be inside her.

Her eyes were on his rippled torso, toned from frequent gym work-outs. Then her gaze went to the bulge in his boxers. He tugged at his boxers and suddenly a huge monster of a cock sprang forth. Nadia's eyebrows raised, her mouth opening slightly in surprise. It looked even bigger than Derrick's, and Derrick's was 10"! Perhaps an inch longer than Derrick's, it was even thicker. Veins bulged throughout the rigid shaft. His balls were huge, too, big smooth sacks that hung halfway down his thighs. Nadia's couldn't stop staring at the hard meat that was about to penetrate her.

"You on birth control, baby?" asked John as he stepped up to the bed. She shook her head. John paused for a moment, then climbed onto the bed next to his daughter. "I'll still fuck you, baby, you're probably too young to get pregnant anyway!" If only he knew!

He caressed her body as he lay next to her, pulling the negligee over her head so that they were both nude in her bed. His huge cock poked at her taut thigh. Nadia was still staring at it. She was incredibly turned on -- she knew a cock like that could ease the constant ache she felt inside her cunt. The ache to be filled, to be penetrated!

Nadia's eyes raised from his stiff meat up his chiseled torso and to his face. His eyes met hers as he caressed her. He began kissing her body, all over, making her shudder. Nadia was so aroused, her pussy was leaking juices all over the sheets already. He kissed her from head to toes and back up again, kissing just around her cunt, teasing her.

In a smooth motion he was on top of her, his head bent over hers as he leaned down to kiss her. Nadia's stiff nipples grazed his chest. She wrapped her arms around him, pulling him close to her. His huge cock pressed against her leg, ready for action.

John tried his hardest to maintain composure. He was about to fuck his only daughter! His cock ached to get in her. They kissed passionately a few more moments until he broke the kiss. He took his thick cock in hand and got in between her legs, his crotch against hers, and laid his stiff cock along her pussy slit. It reached nearly to her belly button!

Nadia moaned at the feeling of the cock meat laying on top of her pussy mound and slit. She pinched her nipples and grinded her hips at her father as he lay on top of her. She was burning to feel his cock!

John pulled back, taking his cock in hand once again. Pre-cum dribbled from the big cockhead, so engorged it was nearly purple. He knew his long rod would reach deep, deep inside his daughter's womb -- he couldn't wait to get there!

He placed the tip of his cock at the entrance to her pussyhole, his breath quickening as he felt her hot wetness around his engorged member. His huge balls swung at her thighs. He could tell already that it would be an incredibly snug fit!

Nadia moaned as she felt his cock pressing against her cuntlips, parting her fleshy folds. John shivered as his cockhead became engulfed in wet hole. She could tell he was really going to stretch her out and fill her up!

John pushed another inch of his thick prick into his daughter's tight, pre-teen hole, gasping at the tightness of her pussywalls around his rigid organ. Nadia groaned as her dad shoved a couple more inches into her hole. He wasn't even more than a few inches in and she already felt she was being stretched! John grunted, his hand at the base of his prick, guiding himself into his young daughter as gently as possible.

Nadia cried out as his cock sank halfway inside her, blissfully lubricated by the pussy juice that flowed with her previous orgasms. John gasped at the feeling of her cunthole around his shaft. He shut his eyes tight, just a few more inches to go.

His mind raced with thoughts like: I'm fucking my daughter, holy shit, my not-even-teen-daughter, unprotected, cheating on my wife, her mother, incest, incest, incest, fuck what a tight pussy, got to fill it up, must flood it with sperm, won't stop until I'm done and she's cum on my prick, what a cunt, feels like the tightest velvet glove on my cock!

He was nearly there -- his cock stretched her pussy more than it had ever been stretched before. She loved the feeling of being so full! The base of his shaft not yet in her cunt pressed against her aroused clit making Nadia shudder. She already felt the stirrings of an orgasm as the shaft rubbed against her clitty.

Nadia moaned, grinding her hips at her father, encouraging his cock to sink further inside her cunt. She gasped, overwhelmed with pleasure. His huge nuts were starting to press at her asscheeks.

While inside her, her father bent down and began tonguing her nipples. He kept his cock still inside of her, allowing her pussy to adjust to the monster. Nadia's moans almost sounded like whimpers. He kissed her neck and she shivered, goosebumps breaking out on her arms and legs.

She clawed at his back as he sucked on her neck, his cock motionless, buried balls deep inside her now. Suddenly he reared his hips and bucked hard, making Nadia cry out. She began moaning as her father began fucking her hard and fast on her bed, making the bed squeak loudly. Her tits were jiggling all over the place and he bent down to grab and suck and nibble them as he penetrated the young pussy.

Slapping sounds of balls on asscheeks filled the bedroom with John's steady thrusts. Nadia moaned steadily, knowing she was going to cum any minute now. Her dad's prick reached further than any man had ever been -- reaching up toward the developing fetus inside her womb.

The room was loud with the slapping of nuts on Nadia's ass and thighs, as well as the squelching sound of John's massive cock in her pre-teen cunt and the sounds of her tits slapping at her chest. Her moans were loud, too, and she clawed at her father's back as he fucked deep into her hole. John groaned, feeling ecstatic with the pleasure of being in such a tight, young hole. He knew he was going to want to be inside her all the time now!

John thrusted his cock steady, fast and furious into Nadia's cunt. Her orgasm began surging throughout her limbs and loins and her moans intensified. She grasped him tight as her body shook and writhed beneath him. John kissed her shoulders and neck as she closed her eyes and surrendered to the waves of pleasure flooding her body.

"Oh, yeah Daddy, oh yes, I'm cumming, here I cum, oooh ohh yes you're making me cum, Daddy, oh Daddy, oh Daddy, oh yes, yes!" Her mouth fell open wide as she cried out, eyes shut tight, the orgasm lasting for what felt like nearly a minute. Nadia was breathless and nearly delirious with pleasure.

John slowed his pace to let Nadia catch her breath. He began thrusting into her slow and hard and deep. Nadia moaned -- suddenly it felt like she was going to cum again! Her pussy tingled, hyper-stimulated, and she then cried out as she came again.

John shook his head as he kept thrusting. What a cock lover! Wow! He wished her mom put out so eagerly! Nadia whimpered as her body tingled, coming down from her orgasms. Her cunt was nicely lubricated now, allowing John to thrust steady.

He brought himself to a stop and suddenly, while still inside her, he held her tightly and they rolled together so that she was now on top. Nadia grinned as she straddled her dad's 11" meat. Her nipples stood hard and proud as he gazed up at her. He grabbed her ass firmly and started bouncing his daughter up and down on his stiff rod, making her tits bounce around with his thrust.

Nadia moaned as she rode her dad's prick, his crotch grinding against her clit, balls slapping at her thighs and butt, and his prick reaching deep into her belly. John held her tight and gave her a pounding, slamming his prick up inside her as far as he could get it. They both moaned as Nadia came yet again, a weaker orgasm but of course still pleasurable. John could feel his daughter's pussy juices leaking out onto his balls and he loved it!

"Nadia, honey, spin around on my dick so that you're facing away from me," said John after Nadia's orgasm began subsiding. She obeyed, stepping over his dick so that she was riding his cock facing away from him. He bounced her up and down awhile longer before sitting up and pushing her to her hands and knees beneath him.

Nadia moaned -- suddenly she'd been pushed down into doggystyle position! Not like she minded one bit! Her father began fucking her harder, his balls slapping her ass wildly. The sounds of his cock squelching in her pussy made him shudder. Her tits swung as he pounded her. He couldn't believe she was taking all of his cock! Much older women hadn't been able to -- or didn't want to because they didn't want to get hurt! Nadia seemed like a natural slut. She was taking it like a champ!

John's teeth were clenched as he fucked in and out of Nadia's cunthole, feeling her cunt muscles grasping his cock hard as he penetrated her steadily. He reached beneath her and held onto her tits as he pounded her from behind. Nadia was howling with pleasure as the cock sank into her only to pull out and slam inside again. John was grunting like an animal, his body now covered in sweat. Soon he would release his seed inside his young daughter...

Nadia was loving it. She was about to cum again as her dad nailed her cunt hard from behind. She knew she was taking it like the porn stars she'd seen in her dad's collection. Nadia's cries filled the room as her orgasm neared. John was ready to explode himself -- he couldn't believe he'd lasted as long as he had with her exquisite cunt around his cock meat! He began fucking her shorter and shallower as his balls tightened. Nadia moaned louder, crying out that she was going to cum.

John groaned his hands still on her tits as he maintained his shallow strokes, his cock stimulating the delicate pussy folds as Nadia orgasmed. She was gasping as the intense climax washed over her, her cunt squeezing her father's prick hard. His cock throbbed and he grunted, still fucking just a few inches into Nadia's pussyhole as she climaxed. He gasped as his cockhead erupted, erupting sperm into Nadia's cunt that immediately started leaking out of her hole and down her leg. Her orgasm was surging throughout her body as her father was releasing a torrent of semen inside her.

Suddenly, as they were both cumming, he slammed himself completely into her womb once again, jets of sperm still erupting from his huge cockhead, filling his daughter up with seed. They were both gasping and moaning. John stayed still, buried balls deep in the hot, wet cunt. His cock pulsated its last spurts of cum into to her already impregnated womb and her body shook as her orgasm began fading away. Both were breathless and sweaty.

As soon as his cock exploded, John could not believe he had just fucked his daughter and spermed in her, too! He stayed inside her until their breathing calmed. Nadia moaned when he pulled his huge, dripping prick from her pussyhole with a sucking sound. Cum immediately began oozing out of her and onto the bed.

"Damn, you're one sexy young woman now, Nadia," said her father.

"Yes, Daddy, I sure am!" she replied, smiling before jumping up to give him a big hug and kiss on the cheek. "We should do this more often! You know, quality time, father-daughter bonding and such," she giggled as he got to his feet.

"Well honey, your mother won't be home for several hours..." he said with a wink. "Are you woman enough to take it though? My cock? Again and again? 'Cause I'll keep giving it to you, baby. My sperm, too. I'll sperm all over you and inside you! In all your holes!"

"Sounds like a plan!" laughed Nadia, massaging her dad's sperm into her cunt. "You know I'm woman enough to take the cock, Daddy! I think I proved that pretty well!" she said, and they both laughed before admiring the cum leaking out of Nadia's well-fucked slut hole.

~More of Nadia's adventures to cum!


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"Nadia The Nymphomaniac - The Beginning" - Nadia/John Johnston, Derrick/Jimmy/Christopher Johnston, Scott, Mr. Roscoe/Jimmy, Bus Driver & All Male Bus Riders, and Father Joseph - (Daughter/Father, Her Uncle/Father's Brother/her two Cousins, First Boyfriend, Friend's Father/Son, Her Male Bus Riders, and Church Reverend)

Nadia's pre-teen, twelve year old NEVER sated pussy's had about 25 different dicks in her cunt, probably being fucked over 100 times! She's taken her father's eleven-plus inches, uncle Derrick's ten inches all the way down to her ten year old cousin Chris' cock, sucking him hard and rapeing him, taking his virginity!

She's unknowingly impregnated by Scott, Mr. Roscoe or his son Jimmy, each of them fucked her the first few hours of her losing her virginity. Nadia and no one else knows she's pregnant; her parents and others will know within the next many days--its been two and half months!!!

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