I love my daughter and never meant to hurt her; in fact since her mother died 3 years ago I think I have been too easy on Elizabeth. She was only 12 and took her mothers death so hard I just wanted to make her happy. But since she hit puberty she has honestly been a nightmare to live with. I know all girls go through a bitchy stage when they hit puberty but tonight in particular her attitude was just more then I could handle.

I had put in 10 hours at the mill and was tired, and to top it off my boss was being a dick all day so that frayed my nerves even more. So I come home grab a beer out of the fridge and just try to unwind. I go sit down in front of the TV and try to get into what I was watching but the music from my daughters room was too loud for me to concentrate. I don’t say anything at first and just get another beer. After 3 more I am pissed Elizabeth knows I cannot stand her bullshit music and she knows I am tired after work so she must be doing this just to annoy me. I go bang on her door and demand she come out and talk to me.

I go to the kitchen for another beer I know I have probably had to many but fuck it I have had a day from hell so I am going to drink. Out comes Elizabeth in a tube top that barely covers her nipples and a skirt that barely covers her ass. I look at her and tell her to turn the music down she rolls her eyes. I take a deep breath because I am getting more pissed. I tell her that her outfit is too reveling and she looks like a whore. She gets pissed and starts yelling at me saying I didn’t know anything about fashion and she then told me to fuck off and yet again rolled her eyes.

At this point I snap I grab her by her hair as she is turning to walk away and slam her upper body into the kitchen table keeping her head under my hand. She screams and tries to move away from me but I have her held down to tight. I move behind her and yank her skirt up to her waist reviling she has no panties on and a clean shaved pussy. She really starts to fight me when she feels her skirt being moved up. I start slapping her ass hard screaming roll your fucking eyes now. She is sobbing and trying desperately to move away so I push my hips into her ass to keep her in place. I don’t know if it’s the friction from her bucking hips and ass that turns me on or her perfect little pussy but I get a massive hard on. I know at this point she can feel it because she stops moving. I spank her a few more times muttering you have been a very bad girl. After I stop spanking her I see that I have left hand prints all over her little white ass. I don’t know if I did this next part because I was turned on or because I felt bad. But I start to rub her ass were the red marks are. She tells me to stop touching her which makes me all out pissed again.

With out realizing what I am doing at this point I pull my dick out and start rubbing it agents her ass pushing it up the crack it feels so good I start oozing pre cum. She is crying harder now saying “no daddy” I loose my fucking mind you don’t tell me no I scream at her and I jam my cock up her tight little pussy. I feel a resistance but I push through anyway, Elizabeth is screaming at the top of her voice now fortunately for me there are no neighbors for about a mile in any direction. I cannot believe how tight she is, it is almost painful for me to fuck her. I start off slightly slow moving my cock inch my inch fully exploring her little snatch pulling about half way out and moving back into her then pulling most of the way out and moving into her. She starts to try to get away from me again by pushing agents me trying to unbalance me but all she succeeds in doing is pushing my cock deeper into her hot little hole. I start to fuck her faster now and I let go of her head reach for her tank top and pull it down so I can play w/ her tits. She leans back tries to stand but I just push my upper body onto her forcing her back onto the table now. With me on top it allows me to get deeper inside her. She starts whimpering as I pinch her nipples. I start picking up my pace fucking her faster I squeeze her titties hard causing her to cry out in pain. I start fucking her harder each thrust picking her up off her feel a bit and causing her to slide up the table a bit more. All the movement from the hard fucking tips my bottle of beer over I see the almost full beer and puck it up and tell her if u plan on dressing like a whore you will be treated like a whore. I dump the beer on her head getting her hair wet She starts to buck hard agents me trying to get away. I just hold onto her hips letting her do all the work while I pore more beer down her back and finally stopping at her still red ass I shove the still partially full bottle into her ass dumping the rest of the beer into her ass. She is hiccupping now she is crying so hard. I start ass fucking her with the bottle while I continue to fuck her pussy. I feel the bottle moving inside of her giving me a completely different sensation. I knew I couldn’t last long so I yank the bottle out of her ass with a loud pop and quickly jam my cock deep inside her ass. I hump into her ass as hard and as fast as I can my balls slapping into her pussy. Her ass is even tighter then her pussy I start moaning like crazy fucking her tight white ass she is surprisingly quite. I cant take it anymore I jerk her hips back onto my dick as hard as I can getting it in all the way and cum deep inside her ass.

I let her go and she slumps to the floor and I look down at her. Her face is red from crying and from being forced down so hard on the table her tits are all red from the rough treatment I gave them. And she is leaking blood from her pussy and beer and cum from her ass. I didn’t know she was a virgin. I felt so horrible about what I just did I didn’t know what to say. Elizabeth very slowly gets up pulls her shirt up and her skirt down looks me in the eyes and tells me I will have to make this up to her and she walks off to the shower. I wonder what she has in mind for me to make this up to her.

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Crazy fiction,but not good to practice'INCEST'Yak!


2014-04-18 11:02:10
I hope you go to HELL for your crimes, but I also hope that before that BUBBA rapes you up the ass so hard and often in prison that you need Kotex for your bunghole.

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awesome.i like too fuck my young daughter.

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Awesome story. You should write more

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Idiots, maybe check who wrote the story before trashing? It was a girl...

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