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Ive been editing this for awile, finally got it!
Working Overtime

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It was month end and Steve, Niki and Cindy were burning the midnight oil to get the month end reports filed and sent out by nine. Niki
leaned back in her chair, her eyes closed, her long sexy legs stretched out, and her hands behind her head causing her breasts to jut out. Steve couldn't help staring. With her eyes still closed Niki asked, "What's taking Cindy so long with the coffee?" Just then the door opened and in walked Cindy holding three cups of coffee, trying not to spill them.

"Here ya go boss..."Thanks Cindy." "OK can stop complaining's your coffee." Cindy placed the coffee in Niki's hand. "Fuck you're too damn slow." "Well screw you too sweetie." Steve laughed...."You guys are something else." Cindy looked at Steve, "Bite me boss man." "Ya, bite me too boss." Steve laughed, "Screw you both, we'll be outta here in about another ten minutes." "Shoot, I was hoping to go swimming tonight at the spa, but it'll be closed by the time we're done," Niki lamented.

"You can come over to my parents place, I'm house sitting for them while they're on vacation...they have an indoor're welcome to use it." "And, if you have no plans for the weekend, you're both welcome to spend the weekend." "I can cook and you won't have to do a thing." "Hmmm sounds tempting," Niki replied. "Are there locks on the bedroom doors?" "Ha ha....very funny." Steve got up to check the back, and make sure everything was locked up.

Cindy waited for Steve to leave the room and then told Niki..."You should take him up on his've been moaning about not getting laid since you broke up with Ben, and you've been wondering what Steve's is the perfect time to find out Niki." "Ya, I've thought about that too." "I'll have to go home and get my bathing suit though." "What for...this a perfect time to suggest skinny dipping." "Now there's an gonna join the fun?" "I would, but Michael and I are getting together for some weekend screwing ourselves." "Shhh, here he comes."

"OK guys....we're outta here." "Any takers?" "That depends." "On what?" "What are you making for dinner?" "How about we order in since it's late....Chinese or Pizza?" "Pizza sounds good." "Cindy, you joining us?" "I'll come over for some pizza, but as I was telling Niki....Michael and I have plans for the weekend." "OK, lets go, just follow me." Steve called the pizza order in as he left the building, and drove home with the girls close behind. As Steve pulled up so did the pizza guy. Steve paid him and took the pizza inside.

After the pizza was gone, Cindy left, and Steve told Niki she could change in the back bedroom. "Steve....I don't have a swim suit." "Oh, I guess swimming is out then." Niki stood up taking one last sip of her beer..."Or we could go skinny dipping....unless you're shy or something." Steve smiled, "That sounds like a great idea." Niki turned asking Steve..."Help me with the zipper?" "Of course." Niki turned as Steve slowly unzipped he dress. He could feel his cock getting hard, just anticipating what was to come.

Niki pushed the dress off her shoulders and onto the floor where she gave it a quick toss with her foot. "Hey you, what are you waiting for?" Niki turned and unbuttoned Steve's shirt pushing it off his shoulders. She ran her hands over his bare chest..."Mmmmm, nice...looks like someone works out." Niki reached down, and slowly unzipped Steve's zipper. Steve stepped out of his trousers tossing them toward the couch. His now raging hard on was making a tent out of his shorts, as Niki smiled and unhooked her bra, folding her arms across her chest preventing it from falling away just yet.

Niki knew how to make the anticipation build. Finally she let her bra fall away revealing her breasts. Steve smiled, licking his lips. "OK, you take off the shorts and I'll take off the panties." Steve peeled his shorts off, pulling them down as his thick cock sprang free. Niki's eyes got big, Steve was really hung...more than she had anticipated. Niki tossed her panties aside revealing her neatly trimmed bush. "OK, where's the pool?"

Steve led Niki down a flight of stairs and into the a room where there was a huge indoor pool. "My Steve....I have to say....I like what I see." "Ya, it's a big pool isn't it?" Niki laughed, "No silly...THIS." Niki grabbed Steve's cock running her hands up and down his stiff shaft. Then Niki turned and dove into the pool, followed by Steve. Steve came up for air expecting to see Niki, that's when he felt someone grab his cock, and then a pair of warm lips engulfing his cock.

He looked down to see Niki sucking his cock under water. What a sensation....he'd never felt anything like it...the cool water on his body, while his cock was deep inside a warm mouth. Finally Niki came up for air. She pushed her blonde hair back, as Steve watched the droplets of water running down over her breasts. Her nipples were rock hard, each one with a droplet of water on the tip. Steve lowered his head and licked the droplets from Niki's nipples as she cooed softly.

Niki put her arms around Steve's neck, kissing him deeply as all of sexual tension that had been pent up inside her was released. Steve worked his way down Niki's neck to her breasts, sucking her cold nipples into his hot mouth. Niki was moaning and cumming when Steve lifted her out of the water, setting her on the edge of the pool. Niki parted her legs as Steve kissed his way up her inner thighs, her pussy lips glistening as her juices flowed. Steve ran his tongue over Niki's pussy, as she placed her hands on the back of his head, grinding her pussy against his face.

Niki let out a loud moan, as her body quaked...the orgasms coursing through her body as Steve lifted himself out of the pool, his cock penetrating Niki's pussy. As he balanced himself on the edge of the pool, Steve slammed his cock into Niki with a savage force, causing Niki yo cum over and over as he pummeled her sex. Finally, Steve let out a loud moan himself, cumming hard as he pumped his load into Niki. Afterward, Niki and Steve went over to the lounge chair....that's when they heard someone come in.

They looked up and it was Cindy....she was obviously upset. "What's up Cindy?" "That asshole boyfriend of my had to leave town at the last minute, and I was so looking forward to a weekend of hot sex." "I'm sorry....I should have stayed home....I'll leave you two alone." Niki looked at Steve who said, "Why not." Niki turned to Cindy, "Like hell you are....get out of those clothes and join the fun." "Oh I couldn't." " were there for me when I broke up with Ben....and your tongue made me forget all about that jerk, now it's time to return the favor." Cindy smiled..."Well if you insist."

Steve couldn't believe what he'd just he watched Cindy take off her clothes. She was a little shorter than Niki, but she had a fine body. Her breasts were about a 34C, with nice hard nipples. Cindy stood next to the lounge chair Steve and Niki were sharing. Niki started running her hand up the side of Cindy's leg, inching closer and closer to Cindy's pussy while Cindy reached down and stroked Steve's semi erect cock back to life. Cindy commented "Wow, he does have a nice cock doesn't he Niki." "Very...and it feels even better in your pussy."

Cindy closed her eyes and moaning softly as Niki slid two fingers into her pussy while she kept stroking Steve's now rock hard cock. Steve in the meantime was fingering Niki's pussy, as he watched Cindy getting hotter and hotter. "Try his cock on for size....just remember to give it back....this one's mine." Cindy leaned over Steve kissing his chest, making her way down to his cock. Niki parted her legs and started pleasuring herself as she watched Cindy take Steve's cock down her throat. Once Steve's cock was well lubed, Cindy lowered her pussy down onto his cock and started humping him.

Cindy rode Steve's cock to one orgasm after another, as Niki brought herself off. Next the two women got on either side of Steve and started licking his cock, kissing and sucking Steve's cock till he was groaning, begging one of them to fuck him. Niki straddled Steve, lowering her pussy down onto his cock again, while Cindy licked them both. As Cindy fingered herself, she ran her tongue from Steve's balls, up his shaft each time it appeared from inside Niki's pussy, then running her tongue over Niki's pussy and sucking Niki's clit.

Niki was cumming over and over as Cindy's tongue, and Steve's cock took her places she'd never been before. Finally Steve blew his wad inside Niki again, as Niki gasped and started cumming again. Cindy pulled Steve's cock from Niki pussy, licking the combined juices of Steve and Niki from his shaft. Cindy then licked the Steve cum from Niki's pussy, causing Niki to cum again. "Come on Cindy, your turn. Cindy laid down in another lounge chair as Niki started sucking her pussy, taking her to new heights. Steve joined the fun, sucking Cindy's nipples. The three fucked and sucked the weekend away....just a weekend sex fest.

On Monday morning it was business as usual, only Niki and Steve were now lovers and Cindy would occasionally join them for a threesome. Cindy left Michael, and was already dating a new guy, but there was no rush...She, Niki and Steve were having too much fun to rush into anything serious...not when the threesomes were so much fun.

Thanks for reading :)

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2014-04-10 01:10:05
Really good. Really really good!!!

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2011-06-14 20:51:17
could do with a bit more deion when it comes to the sex but the idea for the story is great you could definitely make a series out of it!!

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