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The continuing week of pleasure for Rachael King
Rachael's Story - Chapter 3 - Morning Showers

As I awoke in the morning, I was face down in the pillow. I could feel a soft pair of fingers gently stroking my back and I purred into my pillow.

As I started to regain my thoughts, I felt both my holes tingle from my previous evening’s entertainment and realised that the gentle stroking was reviving the horniness from the night before. At that moment, Julie whispered in my ear, ‘Wake up lazy bones’

I rolled onto my side to see Julie smiling sweetly at me despite the bleary eyes of a small hangover. She surprised me as she leant in and give me a quick kiss on my lips.

Julie giggled at my obvious surprise and said, ‘Come on we need to get showered before Billy gets up and uses all the water’

I was still exhausted but I climbed out of the bed and began to follow Julie into the bathroom.

‘What about Anji?’, I asked looking back at the comatose figure of our friend

Julie laughed, ‘you’re kidding! The amount she drank last night, we will be lucky to see her by dinner time!’

The gentle snores from Anji confirmed Julie’s words so I followed her into the huge bathroom, instantly reminding me of our last trip in here together when Julie shaved our pussies.

I decided to play a little cautious and asked Julie if she wanted to shower first. She turned to me, took my face in her hands and told me not to be silly as the shower was more than big enough for us both, then for the second time in as many minutes, kissed me on the lips again, only this time for just a tiny bit longer. I am sure I blushed a little but I also felt a tingle in my panties and I was sure I was getting a little wet.

Julie whipped off her T shirt and panties and threw them at the clothed bin in the corner and walked behind the frosted glass and I followed her lead. As I followed, the shower area was already steaming up and I went over to the wide shower head where Julie was already and I joined her under the water flow.

After I had wet myself all over, I looked round for the shower Gel and noticed that Julie had it in her hand and was squeezing out a huge blob of the blue gel. I was about to ask her for the bottle when she said, ‘Turn round, I will do your back for you’

It seemed a little odd but my mixed up emotions and feeling took over and I turned my back and put my hands against the tiled wall to allow her to wash me.

Immediately, he soft touch made me close my eyes and stifle a gasp as her slow caressing of my shoulders felt so awesome. Her slow but firm movement covered all of my shoulders, the backs of my arms and then gradually moved down my spine. I thought she would stop there but then her hands moved to the cheeks of my bum and they seemed to stroke and caress forever making my body start to tremble and then I felt one of her long slender fingers descend between the cheeks and I felt the tip of her finger just graze my rosebud. I must have jumped a little as I heard a little giggle from behind me, then the finger took the same route again and then a third time before the soapy hands moved down my legs. The smooth washing motion continued down the backs of my legs and then slowly they came back up my inner thighs and just as i felt Julie standing again, as her hand was washing my inner thigh, I felt the side of her hand brush my cunt lips. I nearly came on the spot as the whole situation was so sexually charged. I know I gasped out loud but the noise from the water drowned it out.

Julie then took my shoulders and turned me round to face her as the water rinsed my back. Even though it wasn’t necessary, she took a step towards me and run her hands over my back to assist the rinsing. As she did this, our boobs touched and my mind was in turmoil because I had never been so erotically charged before. I looked into her eyes and she smiled and in a super casual way, told me it was her turn.
I was kind of relieved to have her turn away because I was sure my face was giving me away. I took a big squeeze of the gel and started to return the massage wash that Julie had given me. The only difference was that Julie didn’t hide the fact that she was enjoying it and as I moved down her back she was moaning and telling me how good it felt. I didn’t know how to react, so I just carried on. As I reached her bottom, I realised just how perfect it was. It was small and as I rubbed the soap into it, I felt that it was so firm and even though I had consciously thought that I would not let my finger touch her hole, the slippiness of the soap meant my index finger just touched it as I washed her. I felt her ass cheeks clench a little and grip my finger as I slid out. I was sure her moan got louder then too.

I washed Julie’s legs as she had done mine but was extra careful not to touch her pussy. I was more than a little confused right now. I know I fancied my friend and the stuff I did last night seemed a lifetime ago and I was so inexperienced I just didn’t know what I should do for the best. As I turned Julie to rinse off, the answer was given to me.

Julie pulled me closer to her again and whispered, ’Maybe we should wash each other’s fronts too?’
Not waiting for a reply, with one hand she pulled me even closer to her and with the other she squirted a load of the shower gel over both of our chests. She then threw the gel onto the shower floor and pulled my head to her and locked me an incredibly passionate kiss. All of my doubts, questions and confusion vanished in a flash. Under the flow of the water we breathed heavily through our noses as our tongues explored deep into the other’s mouth and our hands rubbed at each other’s soapy tits. Her larger and firmer breasts felt heavenly as my hands repeated brushed over her hard little nipples. I was floating on an erotic high and as the soap started to wash away, Julie pushed me hard against the tiles and I felt her spread my legs with her feet and she pinned me back hard as her kisses moved first to my neck, then my shoulders. Her hands were both squeezing my boobs and she pinched my nipples roughly making me squeal. She then took my hard nubs in her mouth and nibbled on them and I could feel my pussy oozing juices, warmer than the shower water. As I was basking in the pleasure of my tits being molested I was just not ready for the feeling of two fingers being plunged deep into my cunt and a thumb starting a vicious rubbing frenzy on my clit. My legs nearly buckled under me and it took every ounce of willpower to keep me from falling onto the shower floor. I gasped loudly, feeling my orgasm begin to rise in my belly and then I saw Julie lowering her head and I felt her thumb being replaced with her tongue and I began to be short of breath. This was the best build up to an orgasm I had ever had and I tried to tell Julie that I was cumming. I think she probably knew by my reactions and her finger fucking of me and her manic tongue work became even more focussed as my orgasm reached its peak. My legs finally gave way and I crumpled to the floor like a rag doll. Julie released her fingers but kept lapping at my pussy until I could take it no longer and pulled her to me.

We sat under the water for the next ten minutes just kissing and stroking each other and eventually she pulled me to my feet, killed the water and wrapped me in a big soft towel and led me to the bedroom. We cuddled on the bed next to the still snoring Anji, continued our gentle petting and pretty soon, drifted off to sleep.

I wasn’t aware of how long I slept, but when I awoke, I could hear the shower running and the bed was empty. I smiled to myself. Was Julie doing the same thing again but to Anji?

I tiptoed to the bathroom and the door was slightly open. I peeked through the crack and I could see into the shower stall. Sure enough, Julie was tenderly washing Anji’s back. I stifled a giggle and decided to watch this unfold. It was like watching what Julie had done to me earlier and I started to rub my clit and enjoy the show. I didn’t want to steal any of the Joy that Anji was feeling right now.

It didn’t take long before my fingers were wet from my juices and I rubbed a nice slow steady rhythm. Julie had reached the stage of her soapy probing finger flicking at Anji’s asshole and I could hear the soft moans of Julie’s victim.

Without realising, this was one of my dumbest moments in my life so far. I was stood, naked, in the hallway of my friend’s house, and even though her brother had made love to me the previous night, I had forgotten all about him. Well, I had forgotten right up to the point where he slipped his hands around my waist and up my chest to cup my boobs as I spied on his sister.

‘And what are we watching?’ he whispered

I jumped as he touched me but quickly relaxed as he massaged my excited nipples. I didn’t reply as the view was quite clear from our position. He cooed as he saw the view and continued to stroke my chest with one hand while the other moved down and took over working on my clit. I pushed back against his chest and closed my eyes, revelling in his touch. I soon felt his cock swelling against my bum cheeks and slowly rubbed myself against him.

It wasn’t long before he was fully hard and I offered no resistance as he turned me round, lifted me off the ground and told me to wrap my legs around him. Leaning my back against the wall, he lowered me down onto his waiting cock. I was so moist from the excitement, I slid easily onto his massive tool with only a few twinges of pain which I hid by biting down on his arm.

His strong arms lifted and dropped me effortlessly, ramming his cock deep inside me. I knew that neither of us would last long but he started to grunt way too early for me and as he lifted me off his cock, I dropped to my knees to take him in my mouth and furiously rubbed my clit and managed to hit my orgasm as he splattered the back of my throat with his copious amounts of seed. I don’t know how we managed to stay quiet enough that Julie and Anji wouldn’t hear us, but I guess they were in their own little world right now.
Billy lifted me from the floor and we kissed. He was an awesome kisser and I knew i could easily get used to him and his fantastic lovemaking, but just then he surprised me. He stopped kissing, turned me to the door.

‘Go join them!’ he whispered, and pushed me into the bathroom.

I was a little stunned at first but my horniness and growing confidence took over.

Knowing I had a horny male audience, I walked into the shower stall. Anji was flat on her back, and Julie had her face buried in her cunt and her own ass in the air giving me a perfect view of her own little star and perfectly bald pussy. I got down on my knees, and moved slowly closer to Julie’s perfect rear end without her realising I was there.

Then in one smooth movement I ran my tongue roughly from her pussy to her arse hole. She squealed with shock and delight and spun to look at me. Anji also jumped up to see what had made Julie scream. The taste on my tongue was heavenly and I looked at my friends, smiled one of the happiest smiles of my life, and said, ‘Hello Girls, mind if I help?’

To be continued.....


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