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Jenny was a pretty 18-year-old girl college freshman who had just been accepted onto the cheerleading squad, a goal she had set her eyes on since she first stepped foot on campus. Jenny was a hot piece of ass, with long blond hair and a curvy figure that made all the boys drool after her. Her legs were probably her hottest features, since she had been an avid dancer since her early teens and they had developed very nicely. They were nice and firm, with hot curvy thighs that led to a nice and mildly muscular, but plump, bubble butt.

Jenny’s first day at cheerleading practice went fairly well, and she even made a few new friends who invited her to go out for pizza and soda after school. Jenny and her new gal pals went to the pizza parlor together and started chatting about various things when one of the girls mentioned the “initiation.” Jenny’s curiosity was picqued and she immediately asked about it. The girl told Jenny that all new new recruits to the cheerleading squad were required to undergo an initiation before they would be considered truly part of the team. She went on to explain to Jenny that the initiation involved the new girl getting fucked by every member of the college’s football team in a massive gangbang that’s usually held in the locker rooms after hours. Jenny was a bit shocked at what she was hearing, even though she realized that her pussy had just become noticably wet and was tingling nicely. She insisted that she could never do anything like that, but the other girls eventually convinced her to do it, since she’d never be considered one of them until she did.

Late at night, the girls brought Jenny to the locker rooms where the entire football team was already drinking it up, waiting for their fresh new cheerleader to make her appearance. When Jenny saw the room full of horny college boys, she almost ran screaming from the room. But something about this whole thing was making the pretty teen extremely aroused. She allowed the other girls to lead her to the center of the room where a massage table had been positioned. The girls removed Jenny’s t-shirt and jeans, then propped her up on the table. One of the girls told Jenny that she needed to stick her butt up into the air so that the guys could get a good look at the cheerleader ass they would be fucking tonight. A pulse of dread ran through Jenny as she thought about the idea of all these guys fucking her in the ass, but she couldn’t deny that her pussy was now dripping wet with anticipation. She did as she was told and even directed the girls to lube up her asshole to prepare her for what was in store.

With her panties now down around her knees, and her bubble butt teen ass propped up into the air, Jenny signalled that she was ready to take cock. A muscular guy, who was a linebacker on the team, positioned himself in front of the pretty midwestern teen, who was now looking up at him with her baby blue eyes and mildly befreckled face. His cock was hard as diamonds and was pointing right at her mouth. Jenny took a long look at the large phallus before her, then closed her eyes and began to suck it. With that, a huge roar erupted through the room as the football players rejoiced at the scene of yet another hot piece of teen ass being broken into the college lifestyle. Jenny was soon surrounded by guys who were feeling her up and squeezing her ass and boobs. One guy mounted her from behind and started to plow her tight teen pussy nice and deep. Jenny couldn’t believe how good it all felt, and she was sucking the dick in her mouth for all she was worth. Gobs of spit and saliva were dripping all over the place as the pretty teen did her best to service the biggest cock she’d ever had in her mouth.

The pounding Jenny was taking in her pussy was causing her to cum multiple times. She was having orgasm after orgasm and she couldn’t believe how naughty she felt. Soon, her pussy was no longer enough, and the guys decided to go for her gorgeous plump ass. The guy she had been sucking decided he wanted first crack at her bubbly booty, so he pulled out of her mouth and mounted her from behind. Jenny was stunned by the pain that overwhelmed her as the horny college boy sank his huge cock deep into her helpless ass. She yelled out but the boy continued to plunge his cock into her ass as if he didn’t care whether she was in pain or not. The other cheerleaders, who had been watching the depraved scene all along, approached Jenny and told her to be patient, that it would start to feel good soon. They told her that college guys love to fuck pretty cheerleaders in the ass, so she needed to get that sexy butt broken in tonight.

With his 9-inch cock now fully buried in Jenny’s round teen ass, the horny linebacker started to pump the tight hole with all his strength. He pounded Jenny’s butt over and over while she would periodically yell out, not being able to believe her ass was accommodating a dick that large. She felt waves of pleasure begin to overtake her as orgasm followed orgasm. After the linebacker had blown his wad deep in her ass, he pulled out and allowed his teammates the pleasure of pounding this new cheerleader’s booty into oblivion. Jenny took 20-some guys up her ass that night, and ingested more cum than her stomach could hold. When it was all over, Jenny was a true member of the cheerleading squad, but she was also a true college slut who would have sexual escapades on campus that would bring her a thousand more orgasms over the course of the next four years.

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