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The real author of this story is Arthur Saxon. More information about him on his profile page:
?Devil take this traffic!? growled Nathan Garrett as he stared at the rain-blurred brake lights of the SUV sitting just two feet in front of the front bumper of his green ?95 Oldsmobile. ?What?s the goddamn hold-up??

?Probably an accident,? said his sixteen-year-old daughter Megan, who was sitting next to him in the passenger seat. Slim and pretty, she was the apple of her father?s eye, particularly since her mother had passed away eighteen months ago. Her dark brown hair tumbled down to her shoulder-blades, and her winning smile and bubbly personality made her one of the most popular girls in her school. This evening she and her father were returning home from the state cheerleading competition, where she had, along with her team-mates, placed twentieth out of thirty-two high schools. This was partly due to her own error ? a stumble that had thrown several of the girls off their rhythm. She was feeling miserable about this, of course, and she knew she would be cold-shouldered at school for at least a week by girls she normally considered friends.

Right now, however, something else was beginning to press on her mind. ?Dad, can we pull off at the next exit and find a restroom somewhere?? she said. ?I really need to go.?

?You?re kidding, right?? said Nathan. ?The chances of us reaching an exit in the next hour are slim to none, I would say.?

Megan sighed and shifted uncomfortably in her seat. She was really getting quite desperate ? she was not sure she could hold out for an hour. ?Perhaps the radio will have some traffic news?? she suggested.

?Good idea,? agreed Nathan, and he tuned the radio in to the traffic report. Upon learning of a pile-up four miles ahead, he cursed in disgust. ?We could be stuck here a while,? he said grimly.

Megan squirmed. ?Dad, I really need to go!? she said urgently.

Nathan watched the rain bouncing off the hood of the car. ?You want to go out and squat by the side of the road?? he suggested.

Megan looked out at the miniature river flowing by at the edge of the road. ?You?re kidding! I?m not going out in that! And I certainly wouldn?t ?squat? in view of all these cars.?

Nathan?s eyes lit upon a bottle of water that he had brought for the journey. He lifted it to his lips and drained the last of it. ?Here,? he said, handing it to her. ?Can you manage to pee in that??

Megan stared at it. ?No!? she said. ?For one thing, I?m not a boy and can?t aim that well.? Then she shrugged and turned away in embarrassment. ?And for another, I don?t need to pee.?

Nathan was startled. ?Oh!? he said. ?Well for heaven?s sake, if it?s a number two, I?m sure you can hold out until we get home.?

?But that could be hours!? said Megan. ?And I don?t think I can!?

Nevertheless, she tried. But as the next half-hour wore on, and they moved less than a car-length, her desperation increased until she was clutching at her abdomen in pain. ?Dad!? she gasped. ?I?ve got to go!?

?I?m sorry, there?s nothing I can do about our situation,? snapped Nathan, who had been getting more and more irritable as the time passed. ?You?ll just have to wait, unless you want to go out in the pouring rain and take a dump on the shoulder. Why so desperate, anyway? You used to be able to hold on for a week or something.?

Megan bit her lip. For as long as she could remember it had been her habit to wait as long as possible before emptying her bowels ? her doctor had called her a ?classic anal retentive?, which was to say that she was a neat freak, pedantic about the damnedest things, almost obsessive about things being exactly where they should be ? and with a tendency to avoid defecating until she could wait no longer. Her parents had thought that she was cured of this ? they had taken her to a specialist after one-too-many accidents in grade school ? but she had merely become more skilled in washing her soiled panties on the sly.

Nathan found Megan?s silence ominous. ?Just how long has it been?? he asked with a frown.

?Um ? a while,? confessed Megan. She writhed in her seat, clenching her anus tightly shut against the enormous pressure threatening to force it open from within.

?How long is a while?? Nathan inquired.

?A ? week,? said Megan, grimacing in pain as a new pain began to build inside her bottom. ?Or so??

?A week or so?? echoed her father. ?Megan, I thought we?d fixed that habit of yours!?

Megan gasped in pain ? she could bear it no longer. ?Oh Dad, I can?t hold it!? she exclaimed. It hurt too much to keep clenching, so she eased off a bit, and straight away the rounded tip of a thick, hard poo began to poke its way out of her anus.

?Well try!? said Nathan desperately.

?It?s no good,? moaned Megan as her anus slowly dilated around the emerging turd. At least it wouldn?t get very far ? her bottom was pressed against the car seat and that, at least, would prevent the accident from being too severe, even if it did not prevent her cheerleading panties from getting messy.

?What ? you mean you?re ? having an accident?? asked Nathan in disbelief.

Megan buried her face in her hands. ?I?m sorry, I can?t keep it in,? she said, and she began to cry as her poo met the resistance of the seat and halted, having come out barely an inch. Immediately the pressure began to build again, and Megan realized she would have to let some more out, or the pain would continue to grow. She raised herself up off the seat a couple of inches, and her poo started moving again, creeping out of her rectum and slowly pushing out the fabric of her panties.

?Well you can?t just sit there and let it happen!? exclaimed Nathan. ?You?ll mess the seat! Find something to put under you, at least!? He reached forward and turned the fan up to full blast, hoping that this would help to keep the smell to a minimum. He did not dare open a window ? the rain was pouring down harder than ever.

Megan turned and looked in the back seat, but saw nothing that she could put underneath her bottom. Sighing, she eased herself down on to her left buttock so that she could lift her left hand off the seat. She unbuckled her seatbelt and carefully took off her jacket, while her poo continued to slide out of her anus into her white cheerleading panties. If they had been regular panties, she might already have marked the car seat, but these were of a denser material, with a wide gusset, a thick lining, and rather more coverage at the front and back than her normal panties.

She lifted herself further off the seat and slid her jacket underneath her, spreading it out over the entire seat area. Thank goodness it was washable! Then she sat down ? or tried to. But six or seven inches of her poo was now tenting her panties away from her buttocks, and if she sat down the poo would squish and make an even worse mess. So she planted her hands either side of her bottom and held herself a few inches above the seat, though she quickly realized she could not maintain this position for very long.

Nathan was shaking his head. ?I can?t believe you?re messing yourself,? he said angrily. ?At your age!?

Megan?s lip trembled. ?I?m sorry Daddy,? she said, and then the whole misery of her failure at the competition, her teammates? accusing stares, and now this new humiliation of crapping herself in front of her dad, and his anger at her, all ran together in her mind and she burst into tears.

Nathan sighed in exasperation. Then he looked over at the bowed head and shaking shoulders of his lovely daughter, and he felt guilty for adding to her woes. ?Don?t cry,? he said awkwardly. ?I?m sorry I yelled. I know you?ve had a bad day and I shouldn?t be making it worse for you.?

?I?m ? s?sorry I?m having an accident,? said Megan through her sobs. Her poo was now bending in the middle, arching backwards while it continued to emerge at a slow but steady rate. This meant that the turd was now the shape of an upside-down question mark, but the more it folded, the more compressed it became, and when it began to fold sideways as well its shape became less defined ? a firm, lumpy bulge that slowly stretched her panties further and further down towards the seat.

Nathan reached out and patted her shoulder. ?There, there,? he said. ?Don?t worry about the accident. I?m not really angry with you, I?m just ? surprised, that?s all.? Then, as she continued to sob, he said softly, ?There, there ? just let it all out.?

He was talking about her tears, but Megan, still feeling considerable pain in her bowels, thought he was giving her permission to empty her bowels completely. ?Thanks Dad,? she said with a weak smile. ?I think it will help.? Then she held her breath and gently pushed, speeding the expulsion of her poo.

Her arms were tired, though, and she was reluctantly coming to the conclusion that she would have to squish the poo in order to make a little room in her panties. So she gingerly settled herself down, and grimaced as she felt the hot stickiness of her poo ooze up her butt crack and forwards along her gusset. Then, still feeling very full, she raised herself up and drew her legs up on to the seat, settling into a kneeling position so that she was sitting on her feet, with her heels well apart to allow plenty of room for her panties to bulge out between.

All this maneuvering had caused her to clench her anus shut, pinching off the poo, but now she resumed pushing, and her anus opened once again to allow her compacted turd to slide out into her panties. This section was very knobbly and hard, and felt rather painful as it bumped its way through her anal sphincter. It met the mass of poo already in her panties and was diverted forward, bending a little as it headed for her gusset. After eight or nine inches had emerged, Megan pinched it off and took a breather.

Her father had tucked his nose inside his shirt in order to avoid the worst of the smell. ?Looks like the traffic?s beginning to move again,? he remarked in a muffled voice. ?You?d better get your seatbelt back on.?

?Oh shit,? muttered Megan. Then she blushed at her language. ?Sorry Dad.? She pulled her seatbelt around in front of her and clicked it into place, while still kneeling on the seat. She started pushing again, and more of the knobbly hard section began to slither out. Then it halted as a particularly wide lump reached the end of Megan?s rectum and nestled against the inside of her anus. Grunting with effort, she bore down hard, and slowly the lump began to stretch her sphincter out to a diameter of two inches ? two and a half ? three inches? Her eyes watering, Megan gave a huge effort and pushed extra hard. The giant lump slipped through, followed by several inches of softer poo, and Megan panted in relief.

Nathan turned up the wipers and began to crawl forward, following the SUV. He glanced across and noted Megan?s red face. ?See this is what happens when you hold it in for a week,? he scolded her gently. ?Why on earth can?t you go every day, or at least every other day, like other people do??

A rope of smooth, semi-soft poo was now sliding easily out of Megan?s anus, to her relief. ?I know, I know,? she said. ?I just ? I don?t even like to think about taking a dump, so I generally don?t until I can?t put it off any longer.?

As she continued to fill her panties with softer poo, the front end of the nine-inch lumpy turd had become anchored in the middle of her gusset. Its upper end was now being pushed slowly forward by the growing mass of soft poo, which was hitting the largest lump and spreading out every which way from there. When the flow of soft poo stopped, the upper end of the knobbly section was positioned at the opening of Megan?s vagina.

Megan carefully unfolded her legs from beneath her ? it was time she sat down again to make more room. As she gently lowered herself down, however, her father braked suddenly as the SUV slammed on its own brakes, and Megan found herself sitting down rather harder than she intended. As her bottom hit the seat, she gasped in shock ? something had just slid right up into her vagina!

Feeling rather sick, she realized that it must have been part of her poo. She lifted herself quickly off the seat, but unfortunately the poo did not slide back out ? it was firmly lodged inside her now. Reaching between her legs, she screwed up her face in distaste as she felt her lumpy, squishy gusset. As she pressed against one lump, however, she felt something pressing deep inside her cunt. She shuddered ? only about half an inch of the poo was protruding from her vagina ? there was no way she could get it out without removing her panties.

?Are you okay?? asked Nathan. ?Something wrong? Apart from the obvious, I mean.?

?No ? no, I?m fine,? said Megan, blushing furiously. There was no way she could admit to her father what had just happened.

The rest of the poo had pancaked around her buttocks, with only that one large lump remaining pretty much its original shape. Some of the softer poo had crept forward along her gusset as far as her clitoris ? she could feel it oozing between her labia, which was totally gross.

There was more to come, however, so she tucked her feet back under her and got herself into a kneeling position again. Then she relaxed her anus, and gently pushed once more. After a brief rush of soft poo, she felt the consistency change again ? now there were some moderate-sized, but fairly smooth, ball-shaped lumps squeezing their way through her anus. One of them was larger than the others, and she grunted a bit with the effort of popping that one out.

?You?re still pooping?? asked her father, hearing the grunt. ?Haven?t you, I don?t know, relieved enough pressure yet??

?You said I could let it all out!? said Megan.

Nathan?s brow furrowed, then the light dawned. ?I meant you should let yourself cry!? he said. ?I didn?t mean you should let all your poop out!?

?Oh!? said Megan, turning white. She clenched her anus to stop further expulsions. ?I thought ? oh no!?

Nathan sighed, and then shrugged. ?Don?t worry about it,? he muttered.

?Oh but I was in such pain!? said Megan. ?It feels so good to get rid of it. I promise I?ll try to be better in future about going more regularly.?

?Damn right you will!? said Nathan. ?Well I guess you might as well finish what you?ve started, if it will help you feel better.?

?Thanks Dad,? said Megan gratefully. ?These panties seem to be able to hold quite a lot.?

Nathan?s hair stood on end. ?No details, please!? he exclaimed. ?I don?t want to hear it.?

Megan smiled despite herself, then her face took on a look of concentration as she resumed pushing. The poo that was now emerging was firm, smooth, and not too wide, and feeling it slide through her anus was almost pleasurable. She felt it curling around beneath her buttocks, adding a lumpy layer to the already thick pad of poo that was filling the back of her panties.

She pinched it off and slid her feet out from beneath her so that she could sit down again. This time, as she settled herself gently down, she could feel poo oozing all the way up to her waistband, not to mention further forward along her gusset until her entire pussy was cradled in the warm mess. As she shifted her position, she felt a little tingle in her loins as the ridge of poo between her labia stroked over her clitoral hood. This was rather nice, so she did it again, and smiled with secret pleasure as she was rewarded with another tingle.

As subtly as she could, she gyrated her pelvis, grinding her pussy into the poo in her panties. This had two effects: first, her clitoral hood was dragged back so that her clitoris was exposed and caressed by the ridge of poo, and second, the poo in her vagina was pushed inwards a little, which caused it to slide over her g-spot.

A little moan escaped Megan?s lips, and she hastily turned it into a throat-clearing. Her father glanced across at her, but he did not look suspicious. Forcing herself not to make a noise, Megan began to grind her pussy into the poo with a steady rhythm, so that the poo in her cunt slowly eased in and out, gently fucking her while the ridge of poo along the middle of her gusset lavished delightful attention on her clitoris.

Her cheeks flushed red as she felt herself approaching orgasm. She closed her eyes and ever-so-slightly increased the pace of her gyration. Soon she was unable to prevent her breath from coming in gasps.

?Megan, what are you doing?? asked her father suddenly.

On the brink of orgasm, Megan was shocked back to reality and her eyes snapped open. ?Nothing!? she said quickly.

Her father said nothing, but frowned and faced forward again. The traffic was beginning to move a little more steadily now ? he judged that they might be home within the hour if all went well. He only hoped that the rain would stop, so that he could open a window and let some of the smell out.

Megan was desperate to climax, but she did not dare to try the same thing again. Instead she let her anus open up again, lifted her bottom off the seat, and pushed hard, so that a long, smooth sausage of poo quickly extruded from her rectum and curled up against her buttocks. This was followed by a rush of semi-soft poo which billowed out from her anus and filled every available nook and cranny, smoothing out the bulge in her panties and surging forward along her gusset to fill out the front of her panties. As it flowed over her clitoris, Megan felt like she was being continuously licked by an immensely long tongue. Her nipples hardened in her bra and the flush came back into her cheeks, but she forced herself to breathe normally.

She continued to push until the front of her panties were bulging so much that a little hill had formed in her lap, over which was draped her short cheerleading skirt. If her father saw that ? well, it did not really matter, since he knew she was messing herself anyway.

She reached beneath her bottom with one hand, and cupped the bulge in the back of her panties. It was worse than she thought, hanging down several inches beneath her buttocks. If she sat down now, her poo would splurge out of the legbands of her panties and all over her jacket. Instead she tucked her feet back under her, and knelt with her heels right at the outer edges of her buttocks, supporting little more than her hips.

In this position she let out some more poo ? a series of soft, squishy lumps that merged with what was already in her panties and merely served to make the sagging bulge a little more huge. Still feeling extremely horny, she reached between her legs, under her skirt, and felt around for the tip of the poo in her vagina. It was buried now beneath a mass of soft poo, but she sank her fingers into the nylon-veiled squishy mass until her probing fingers found the hard, round end of the knobbly turd. Pushing it inwards, she quivered with pleasure as she felt it slide deeper inside her, then she let it go so that it slid out a little, then she pushed it back in. After just a couple of minutes of fucking herself like this, she was almost at her climax.

But then, ?Stop playing with it!? said her father. ?For heaven?s sake, what are you doing??

Frustrated once again, Megan sighed and withdrew her hand. ?I was just making sure my panties aren?t leaking,? she said.

?Oh,? said Nathan. ?And are they??

?No, they appear to be holding it all,? said Megan.

?Good,? said her father.

Megan scowled resentfully for much of the rest of the way home. The rain had slackened off over the past few minutes, and as Nathan pulled into their driveway, there was only a light drizzle speckling the windscreen. He stopped the car, switched off, and climbed out. On the other side, Megan opened her door and very carefully stepped out. Her skirt was splaying out oddly on account of her massively bulging panties, and when she felt behind her she realized with a sense of fascination that the bulge was actually sagging below her hemline. She waddled slowly indoors, anxious not to spill any poo, but as she walked she could feel her panties beginning to slip downwards. Stopping in the hall, she reached back with both hands and held her splayed fingers underneath the enormous bulge.

Her father turned to face her. ?I?m sorry if I was a little hard on you in the car,? he said to her. ?This must have been an awful experience for you. I should have been more sympathetic.?

?That?s all right Dad,? she told him with a smile. ?It was my own fault for holding it in so long.?

?Well,? he said, a little awkwardly, ?I just want you to know ? you?re still my princess.?

She threw her arms around him happily, and he held her close for a full minute before drawing back. ?Now,? he said, ?you?d better go and take a shower.?

Megan nodded, and she proceeded to climb the stairs slowly, cradling her bulging panties in her hands as she went. Upstairs in the bathroom, she stripped off everything but her panties, then she switched the shower on and climbed in when it reached her desired temperature. Finally alone with her poo, she plunged her hand into the front of her panties, her fingers sinking deep into her mushy poo, and she masturbated furiously until her entire body was shuddering in the most intense orgasm she had had for a long time.

Lumps of poo were falling from her panties as she gradually came off her pleasure high, and somewhat reluctantly she pulled them down to her ankles and stepped out of them. Washing all the poo from her bottom and pussy, she stepped on all the lumps with her bare toes and mashed them into a liquidy mess, which she then swept towards the plughole.

It was not until she was nearly clean that she remembered the poo still in her vagina. She was about to take it out, when a delightfully wicked thought occurred to her: why not leave it in?

She finished washing herself, then she climbed out and dried herself very carefully, using toilet tissue to mop up the brown water which kept trickling down her inner thighs. Eventually this trickle stopped, and, wrapping herself in a towel, she brushed her teeth and dried her hair. Then she went back to her room, dropped the towel, and pulled out a fresh pair of panties. These were white silk, much prettier and skimpier than her cheer panties, and she put them on with a contented smile. Climbing into bed, she switched off her bedside light, turned on to her side in a semi-foetal position, and snuggled up to her favourite teddy bear, which she had had since she was six years old.

She could feel her knobbly poo still buried inside her vagina, and it felt heavenly. As she gradually drifted toward sleep, it vaguely occurred to her that her bowels were not quite empty yet. Smiling to herself with her eyes closed, she relaxed her anus and pushed. A soft poo, about an inch and a half in diameter, started snaking its way out of her rectum and into the back of her panties, and she sighed with pleasure at the sensation. Not firm enough to hold its shape very well, it curled up and squished together slightly into a soft, lumpy mass which, once fully expelled, slid partially down over one buttock. This did not feel very comfortable, so she reached back and pressed it between her buttocks again, and a little into her pussy. Then, sensing that there was perhaps a little more yet, she pushed as hard as she could. Sure enough another poo, slightly firmer and thicker, began to emerge. Megan pushed it out with steady pressure, using her hand to guide it along her gusset as it inched further and further forward. By the time it broke off, its tip was pressing nicely against her clitoris.

One last, long push filled the back of Megan?s panties with a shapeless mass of very soft poo, and, lying thus with her buttocks and pussy cradled in a delightful warm soft sticky embrace, she finally drifted off to sleep.


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As previously stated (thank you!) this is my story "Accident on the Interstate", which was written back in 2004 when this person "bj44" was (allegedly) 11 years old. I have reported the issue - I don't mind people re-posting my work ... as long as they credit me appropriately!

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