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Sometimes lusty love can be found in the most unexpected place
JackassTales…Tale # 61...Readers; through very good fortune I have met this exciting 19-yr-old young lady on XNXX and we have been PM flirting for awhile. I wanted to write a fictional story about this bluest of eyes beauty and, with her permission, the following is it. This is one of those I-wish-it-were-true fantasies for me!

Lisa, Bluest of Eyes, this is for you.

Loving Lisa’s Pretty Pink Pussy Petals

(Part one) Tears

Summer is a bitch when water is scarce. Hell, it hasn’t rained on our Western rangeland for months! If this drought doesn’t let up, I’m gonna have to start selling cattle. Damnit, this is a lot of responsibility for a guy of only twenty-one years in age! These are just some of the thoughts running through my mind as I was barreling down the long gravel road towards home. My pickup truck was leaving a wake of dust plumes as a reminder of just how dry it was.

My subconscious mind’s eye saw the figure walking down the middle of the road ahead. My brain noticed a nice, wiggly-jiggly, shorts-covered ass sitting atop shapely summer-tanned legs. Brunette hair was tied back in a couple of twisted braids. “Mister,” I told myself. “That is a girl! Why, she might even be a Damsel in Distress!”

Oh shit, here’s what daydreaming will do for you! I slammed on my brakes! I was pushing my clutch and brake petals nearly through the floorboard. The rear end of my truck was fishtailing all over the place. I wasn’t exactly riding a wild bronco, but I had a three-hundred horsepower beast I was trying to bring to a stop before I killed that someone walking in the middle of the road.

What kinda imbecilic idiot walks in the middle of the freakin’ road? Coming to a stop, I jumped out of my vehicle, and went to confront the foolish female. Cock-stirring girl or not, that young lady was gonna get a piece of my mind! As mad as I was, heck, I might even turn her over my knees and spank her attractive ass!

The face which turned to me was familiar. Hell, it oughta be because it belonged to my sister, Lisa! Here I was all ready to challenge a pretty girl and then forgive her, but all I get is my sis. That’s not to say that this young woman is not pretty. In fact, I guess she is kind of a knockout! Now, who would have thought that I would have thought that my nineteen-year-old sis was a drop-dead gorgeous female? And, to top things off, why was the bulge in my jeans growing so hard and horny?

Sisters; shit, you can’t avoid living with ‘em, yet you can’t fuck ‘em! That’s not to say, some brothers don’t screw their sisters, but heck, I’m not one of those hillbilly humpers! Although at this moment, I kinda wish I was. God, that sis of mine was hot! The pale-blue peasant blouse top she wore fit her body like a glove. If I haven’t been struck by heatstroke-stupidity, then I do believe she is not even wearing a bra! I know for a fact that right there in front of my eyes are a couple of boobs straining at the thin fabric garment which matched the palest, bluest eyes a guy ever lost his soul in. Standing up proud-like and aimed directly at me were a couple of the firmest cloth-covered nipples I had ever seen.

Yet, something was amiss. Lisa ran to me as soon as my foot hit the gravel roadbed. This vision in blue flung her arms around my neck, pressed her boobied tits against my chest, and then started bawling her eyes out. There must have been a death in the family because this girl was nearly inconsolable. But no, that can’t be it because since our parent’s plane crash, my sis and I have had no family except each other.

A thought hit me suddenly. “Sis, why are you walking?” I practically shouted. “Where is Ficka, where is your horse?”

Lisa tightened one arm around my neck and accidentally ground the mound between her legs against my hardening cock. The index finger of her other hand pointed back down the road from whence I had sped. “She’s hurt,” I was told. “Oh Jack, I think it’s bad!”

I scooped my sis up in my muscular arms then turned and deposited her ass on the front bench seat of my dooley truck. Climbing in behind her, I started the powerful vehicle, floored the accelerator, and did a 180 in the slippery gravel. I knew without being told that Lisa had been visiting our neighbor girl up on Two Peaks Hill. That treacherous mountain road had claimed the lives of many a buggy horse and riding animal. Even though she lived ten miles away, my sis loved visiting Rachel Ramon.

Up ahead the sideroad came into sight. I had been looking for it with eagle eyes because this wooded turnoff was hard to find. I pulled to a stop at the junction and let my engine idle. My truck had custom stacked mufflers and the throaty roar of its Cummins diesel engine was drowning out all other sound.

Reaching out, I turned the ignition off. A subdued silence presented itself. Now in the muted stillness I could hear other sounds. A summer storm was coming. Wind began blowing with such a fierce howl it was nearly rattling my windshield and windows. Trees were swishing and swaying under a relentless onslaught of blustery breezes.

I made a choice to restart my truck and head up the Two Peaks Road. My hand reached for the key and my feet reached toward the clutch and gas petal. I had the intention of revving my engine back to life. Yet, at that very moment, all thought and actions were frozen in place. A loud, piercing scream shattered the silence.

I did not have an overly stunned reaction. I’d heard screams before. I also knew that this was not a human scream. While growing up in the West my ears had become attuned to nature’s sounds. There were many natural voices that could be heard as screams. The clarion call of a bull elk could be heard for miles. A cougar or a bobcat’s call could scare the devil out of man or beast. An owl on the prowl could have the same effect.

As a man of the West, I knew that scream. It was not an elk. It was not a cougar, a bobcat, nor an owl. It was the deathnell scream of a horse.

This sound came from the road to the right, the one that led up the mountain. My truck’s engine roared to life. The main gravel road was left behind yet my Ram Tough vehicle’s six wheels continued to pull and propel the truck forward up the steep dirt road.

Just ahead, there she was; Bess, Lisa’s four-year-old filly. From her kneeling position it was clear that either one or both front legs were broken. The natural instinct to stand was causing the horse to struggle wildly. A dog, my sis’ adopted 8-year-old German Shepherd war dog, Cody, was doing his best to protect his equine companion.

Lisa had buried her head in her hands and she was weeping uncontrollably. Even though I put my arms around her and let her put her head against my shoulder, she appeared to receive no comfort. Much needed rain peppered down on the truck cab’s roof. This unfamiliar noise caused my sis to lift her head. Misty, tear-filled blue eyes mesmerized me. Pouty, sexy lips tempted me. Unable to resist, I kissed this girl’s irresistible feminine mouth. Much to my surprise, I was kissed back with a passion I never knew my sis possessed.

I’m not one for keeping count, but after approximately one or two minutes of increasingly impassioned warm-wet kisses, Lisa and I suddenly stopped then pulled apart. I suppose there was no excuse or explanation as to why this had happened. In order to avoid awkward touching, we both stepped out of my truck. Cody was there to greet his female master and friend. Together, they walked toward Bess.

At first, I didn’t follow. Instead, I opened the rear door of my truck and reached for the rear window rifle rack. I levered a 30-30 Winchester cartridge into my Marlin Ranch Rifle. By the time I reached my sis and her injured animal, my clothing was wet from the rain. Lisa’s girlie-girl outfit was plastered to her body. God, I was correct about there being no bra encumbering this girl’s breasts! Magnificent, nippled mounds became displayed so prominently my eyes needed no imagination to see their beauty.

“I want to get her saddle off first, Jack,” Lisa announced. “Grab Bess’ bridle.”

Being a woman of the West, my sis knew there was no delaying the inevitable. I held the young filly’s bridle while Lisa pulled the saddle off as quickly as possible. This girl stood back then looked me directly in the eyes. At that moment, I placed the muzzle of my rifle against the injured animal’s equine forehead and fired.

Four different things happened. Bess fell dead; Lisa jumped; Cody, disliking gunfire, ran around and around; and I, well I remained stoic knowing I had no other choice. “I’ll drive the backhoe back here and bury her in a nice, grassy spot, Lisa,” I offered as feeble consolation. “Let’s go home.”

As I hung my murderous weapon back in its rifle rack, Lisa flung her saddle into the bed of my truck. Cody, taking a leap, landed in the truck bed. My sis now stood leaning against the hardened metal of my vehicle. Raising her head to the rain, she drank in its refreshing moisture. This girl, this woman in fact, turned again to me, embraced my neck fiercely, and cried like a baby. Well hell, I cried, too! I guess we were both in shock; Lisa from the death of her horse and myself from feeling my sister’s pain.

(Part two) Pleasure

Unconsciously, wet-clothed bodies melded together as one. My arms held this girl tight, yet my hands touched a bit of lower back skin. My fingers began gently massaging feminine flesh. As if moving of their own volition, these ten digits worked their way up under the peasant blouse and started playing a sinful touch-your-sister game. Cool, rain-dampened skin warmed as I enthusiastically rubbed every inch I could reach.

When my fingers poked up through Lisa’s collar, this girl lifted her face towards mine. Those palest of bluest eyes of hers seemed to be begging me to kiss her, so kiss her, I did! My lips warmed themselves by ardently, obsessively kissing my sis. Scandalous immorality, or not, the girl made no objections to my actions; not even when my hand slipped around her body and cupped her tits.

Lordy day, what an exceptional pair of breasts Lisa had! I juggled the well-formed, jiggly mounds and I pinched their nippled tips. Wanting more, wanting to see them, I made a bold decision and stuck with it. Without seeking permission, I pulled the rain-wet blouse up over her body and over her head. I pitched the wet garment into the front seat.

For some time now I’d had a sneaking suspicion that my sis had some bodacious boobies. They say; seeing is believing. Well, bye god, if there is a more beautiful pair of tits in heaven or earth, then I just don’t damn believe it! I don’t measure breasts by any numeral or alphabetical size. I know beauty in terms of my own eyes’ mammary measure. And damn, Lisa’s are prefect in size and shape!

My visual and manual inspections of this girl’s boobs were, at first, making me unaware that she was unbuttoning my shirt. By the time my brain began functioning again; my own body was topless, too. Lisa’s boldness confused me. Ordinarily, this normally quiet and shy girl would not be a person who would do a thing like this. Besides, and I had forgotten this, I thought my sis only liked girls! I know from a firsthand telling that she had lost her virginity in a double-ended dildo lesbian encounter with Rachel Ramon! I had also been told by this firsthand teller that my sis had never even ‘seen’ a cock!

Lesbian, or not, Lisa now had her half-naked body pressed against mine. We were holding each other so tightly her tits were squeezed like overripe melons between us. My roaming hands now had my fingers slipping into the elastic waistbands of my sister’s shorts and panties. Assflesh quivered as I cupped two handfuls of asscheek.

Abruptly, I jerked my hands out of Lisa’s panties. I had a better idea. I picked my sis up and sat her ass on the backseat of the truck. With the girl sitting, I popped a nubile nipple into my mouth and began suckling like a day-old calf. I gave the other tit the same treatment. Why she allowed me to do it, I’m not sure, but I attacked this girl’s breasts in a savage assault. My oral and manual manipulations were inspired by both lust and love; mainly lust, I would say at this time.

As sexually satisfying as breasts are, I have to admit, I’m really more of a cunt guy! Yep, I’d rather have a good ole wet, musky, sweet-tasting pussy to play with and eat any day of the week! I suppose I took it for granted that Lisa would allow me to pull off her shorts and panties. And, she did. But, the big question yet to be answered was whether or not this girl would consent to me orally pleasuring myself by eating the feminine mound between her legs.

As I took a second to ponder this dilemma, my eyes were drawn to the place I desired. An old country saying came to my mind, “A real farm girl knows that even though spring might have arrived, it’s best to leave a little covering on the vegetables to prevent frost.” My sudden laugh drew a curious look from Lisa’s eyes, but she lay back unfazed. My sis’ ‘vegetables’ weren’t covered by anything but a neatly-trimmed triangle of brunette pubic curls. I believe I was becoming a little jealous wondering if this was a self-administered pussy trim or if someone else had done it.

Well, wondering aside, if this girl didn’t want me to play with or eat her, she could damn well say so! My hands reached for the trimmed mound and played with the swelling outer lips. My fingers decided of their own accord to hasten things by inserting themselves into her warm, wet vaginal hole. Softly whispered whimpers escaped from the reclining girl’s mouth.

God, I was so jealous of my fingers, I decided my mouth should take their place! Leaning over, I opened my sister’s outer pussylips, found her clit, and began eating it with an insatiable hunger. My lips pulled and tugged and my tongue flicked and licked this wondrous female protrusion. I guess I was in a hurry to get to the ‘good stuff’, so I reluctantly let the abused, inflamed, orally-molested clit alone.

Spreading this girl’s outer pussylips even farther, I found her blossoming inner pussylips. Right then an there, I began loving Lisa’s pretty pink pussy petals. Touching the delicate blooms with the tip of my tongue, I tasted their intoxicating nectar and was nearly driven insane by their seductive allure.

Slowly, yet determinedly, I inserted my tongue into Lisa’s vagina cavity. Deep, deep, deep as I could, I plunged, I played, I explored this wondrous cavern. This girl’s whimpering cries became more intense and audible. Jealousy again reared its green head. Just as my tongue had become envious of my fingers, my swollen erection was now jealous of my tongue!

My sister lay there making no protests as my truck still sat in the middle of the dirt road. Even though rain peppered down, our sexual exhibition could have been discovered by the people in any vehicle which happened to pass by. Considering the circumstances and the necessity of haste, I wasted no more time eating pussy. I wanted my cock inside my sister’s vaginal home and I wanted it right now!

Dropping my pants and underwear down to my cowboy boots, I stood there beside my truck looking kinda silly, yet also looking like a guy about to get ‘lucky’. Without seeking permission from the female beauty laying on the backseat, my cockhead gently kissed the pretty pink petals of her pussy. The pussy petals were so inviting and slippery wet that my entire cockshaft disappeared into their welcoming depths.

Right now I began doing a thing I never thought I would do in a million years. I began fucking my sister! Vaginal muscles squeezed and tugged at my penetrating cockshaft. I thrust in and out in a slow, rhythmic copulation dance. Frictional fires burned. A quickened tempo of fornication, lust, and love awakened orgasmic desire.

Whether this was right or wrong didn’t matter at all. I forced my swollen, elongated penile pole into Lisa’s vagina in jackrabbit-quick, jackhammer-hard plunges. I felt a river of feminine moisture drowning my erection. Lubrication flowed in abundance making deep, deep penetration possible.

Call it sin, call it immorality, or call it whatever you will, but I began spewing my semen and sperm into the womb of my sis. My pressurized cream raced out of my cock in streams of orgasmic pleasure. Lisa was far from an innocent in this wicked carnal mating. This female fornicator was so horny hot she was panting and moaning wildly. I felt her body release spurts of vaginal cum all over me.

Masculine and feminine juices freely flowed. Orgasms raced through our hearts, our minds, and most importantly, our bodies. Blissful ecstasy took Lisa and me into a netherworld of earthly delight. For the next five, ten, or maybe one thousand minutes we gloried in the joys of fucking, fondling, kissing, and all manner of sexual pleasures.

“Stop, Jack,” Lisa begged. “I can take no more!”

In spite of this desperate plea, my sis wrapped her legs around my ass, humped her hips up high, and forced my cock into her pussy again. One last frantic round of orgasms rocked our world. Loud, whimpering whines spilled from both our lips. If sex were a drug, then we two would certainly fit the bill as addicts!

After the exhaustion of feverous fucking ran its course, we two slowly came down from our heady high. Then the reality of immorality set in.

(Part three) Remorse?

With my shrinking cock still buried within her pussy petals, Lisa lay on the backseat of my truck and blankly stared at my face. Finally, this nude girl scooted back in the seat, gathered her courage, and climbed over the back of the frontseat. Finding her scattered top, panties and shorts, she quickly dressed.

My shirt was in the truck somewhere, but I had no wish to retrieve it just yet. I turned my body into the wind and allowed Mother Nature’s rain to wash my loins. I was cummy, sticky, and slimy so I assisted this washing with my hands as much as possible. Whether Lisa was afraid to come back out into the rain, I didn’t know, but I did know that her vagina was probably soaking her panties and shorts with cum. Heck, for all I knew, my sister’s pussy might even be leaking on my seatcovers!

Satisfied that I had washed as best I could, I climbed into my truck. My shirt was there on the seat between me and a stunning, full-dressed young woman. As I pulled it on, I saw that Lisa had turned away from me. This pretty girl’s face was pressed against the rain-frosted passenger door window glass. I knew I didn’t dare disturb her solitude.

I didn’t want to do it, but when my truck’s throaty engine came alive, I pulled up to a turn-around place and came back down Twin Peaks Road. Twice, I passed by the lifeless body of Lisa’s beloved horse. Tears and pensive cries frosted the windows even more.

The drive home was a solemn, silent ride. Lisa had no words for me, and I, well I guess I could have spoken, yet I didn’t. And then, I suddenly did speak. Yes, my words cursed the high heavens!

My eyes had picked up on a curious cloud following along behind my truck. At first, I was puzzled by its shape, its appearance, and its speed. And then, clarity of mind slapped me in the face. “Goddamnit, that’s a dust cloud following us!” I bellowed. “Sheeeit, it hasn’t rained a fucking drop over here!”

Lisa had no reaction. She still spoke not one word. I guess fornication and sin weighs more heavily on the female mind than it does a male’s. I’m kinda sure regret hasn’t yet entered my mind. Sneaking a peek at my sister’s barefooted feet and her tanned, well-toned legs; I suddenly did have regret. “Sheeeit, why haven’t I tapped that before!” I silently asked myself.

In truth, I’m not really all that selfish. I didn’t mean to say that I should have been fucking my sis before today. I wasn’t just thinking about myself. In my heart, I believed Lisa loved what we did today as much as I did. I’m just saying that it was a shame we two couldn’t have been enjoying each others bodies for years. And, by that, I mean; years, and years, and years!

Lisa got out and opened the ranch gate. I pulled through and she silently climbed back into the truck. The long graveled drive to the Summer River Ranch house had not been touched by rain. If we didn’t have a miracle happen pretty damn soon, then I was going to rename the river which ran through our property!

I pulled to a stop near the backdoor and allowed my truck to idle while Lisa jumped out. Yet, the girl seemed like she wasn’t exactly in a mood to get out just yet. “Sis, don’t be sorry,” I begged. “We have done nothing to be ashamed of!”

Lisa slammed open the truck door and stepped out. “Damn you, Jack Rivers, I’m not sorry!” she exclaimed. “And, I am not one damned bit ashamed!”

The girl then ran into the house stopping only long enough to let Cody in. Well hell, if she wasn’t sorry and if she wasn’t ashamed, then what was up with all that brooding silent treatment all the way home? Like I’ve said before, “Sisters; you can’t avoid living with ‘em, yet you can’t…” Oh, I guess you can, fuck ‘em!

I drove on over to the equipment shed and traded my truck for the four-wheel-drive backhoe & loader we had. This special-purpose vehicle didn’t raise as much dust as my truck, but by the time I driven back to Twin Peaks Road and back I was a dust-covered mess. I had found a nice, quiet, grassy place to bury Bess. My hole was deep enough to ensure that wild varmints wouldn’t dig her up. Just as any Western man would have done, I prayed for this horse’s equine heart and soul.

(Part four) Suppertime

Several hours had passed since I had dropped Lisa off at the back door. Our two story log house was nearly a century old, yet now it was equipped with all the amenities of a modern-day lodge. In fact, I suppose if my sis and I were to become really hard up for money, we could use this incredibly imposing structure as the home-base hotel for a dude ranch enterprise. Damn, as my Western hero John Wayne would say, “That’ll be the day!”

I was slapping the dust from my pants with my cowboy hat as I entered through this house’s good-sized mudroom. “Jack, don’t do that!” a female voice scolded. “Throw your stuff into the laundry room upstairs and then take a bath. You can then change into the clothing I have laid out on your bed. I’ll have supper ready in just a bit, so come on back to eat.”

It wasn’t hard to figure out to whom the female voice belonged. Entering the impressive kitchen, I saw Lisa standing behind a granite-topped island tossing a salad. The young woman looked freshly washed herself and I noticed that her braids had been replaced by a seductive, flouncy, ribbon-tied ponytail. Over her clothing, she was wearing one of those very unflattering red-checked granny-type aprons. Granny apron notwithstanding, I knew what my doll of a sister looked like naked!

Sprinting up the kitchen steps, I threw my clothing in the laundry then headed to the private bath adjoining my bedroom. I had left my bedcovers unmade, yet now they were neatly straightened and turned down. Something here just didn’t seem right. I was nearly finished bathing in a tub of hot water when that ‘something’ hit me. There wasn’t a stitch of clothing ‘laid out on my bed’!

Just to be sure my eyes had not deceived me; I sprang out of the bathtub, grabbed a bathtowel, and then ran to my bedroom. God, there were no clothes laid out! What did this mean? Was it a message? Surely to god, Lisa didn’t expect me to come to supper naked! My sis was too shy for seduction, wasn’t she? Why, I would bet a hundred dollars my sister wouldn’t know one single thing about seducing a man!

Drying myself and wrapping the bathtowel around my waist, I made my way back downstairs to the kitchen. With her back towards me and still wearing the granny apron, Lisa was standing at the sink washing a couple of glasses. I silently cursed, “Holy Mother of sin!” Good Lord, that girl was wearing nothing under her unflattering apron except her Birthday Suit!

As my foot hit the kitchen floor, Lisa turned towards me. “Oh, hi Jack,” she said so innocently one may be led to believe she was a virginal nun. “Mister, I thought I made it clear you were to wear the clothing I had laid out. Men! Sometimes you can be awfully dense!”

I’d have to admit, I was stunned. This girl, my babydoll sis, strolled right up to me, grabbed my bathtowel, and jerked it off my body. “Jack, I’ve been fucked by a man, that man being you,” she brazenly declared. “But, believe it or not, I’ve never even ‘seen’ a cock! I wanta see yours!”

Now I’ve heard of pussy-whipped men being led around by their cocks by a woman, but I’d never had that experience myself. Until now! Lisa took a firm grip on my swollen erection and led me over to a sturdy stool. This girl dropped down on her knees between my legs and began a visual and manual examination of my stiffened penis.

“It’s just us here, Honey,” Lisa said shamelessly. “You have done things to the ‘thing’ between my legs, so I now want to do things to the ‘thing’ between your legs. Turn about is fair play, isn’t it?”

Before I could form an answer, this girl, my very own sister, began jerking my meaty manhood. She juggled my balls energetically. Without seeking consent, she touched her tongue to my cockhead then she licked it around and around. Lisa’s slippery lips kissed my cockshaft all the way up, all the way down, and then all the way round and round.

Within a matter of a few minutes, the cockkissing stopped and the cocksucking started. As my cockhead and then my shaft disappeared into my sister’s mouth, my mind tried its best to reconcile the audacious wickedness of this young woman with the purity and innocence of the Lisa I knew and loved!

Yes, even as I tried not to cum, I realized that I loved Lisa as more than a sister. I loved this brazen beauty with the adoration of a man for ‘his’ woman. And, god help us both, but I believe Lisa couldn’t do what she was doing to me unless she loved me, too!

This inexperienced young woman must have had an instinctive intuition into how long she could do things to a man’s penis before he would cum. Lisa released my erection just in time! This girl then stood and took five seconds, or so, to untie her granny apron and allow it to fall to her feet. Winking at me, she gave the garment a kick clear across the kitchen. The naked beauty then walked into my arms and began kissing me with growing passion.

“Jack, thank you,” Lisa whispered in my ear. “I have learned soooo much about cocks. They’re beautiful, they’re tasty, they’re hard, yet they’re also unbelievably soft. I’m sure they serve a very useful function as urinary disposal devices. But my dear Sir, I learned just today that, to a woman, their most important purpose is for pleasuring a female through the fornication process! So my dear brother, will you please pick me up with your powerful arms and will you set my pussy into a position where it can be dropped onto your cock? If you don’t mind, I would love to fornicate with you again!”

Oh goodness, where had my sweet, shy, innocent sister gone to! Was this woman I was holding up in my arms her? If so, then I don’t believe I really minded. My position on the stool was precarious at best so I leaned back slightly and found support from the marble-topped kitchen island.

Well now, what was this? I had picked the naked girl up and lifted her above me so I now found that I had a couple of boobies staring me in the face! I’m not one to abandon opportunity, so I kissed them eagerly and I suckled their strawberry tinted nipples. Lisa wasn’t a heavy girl so I could have held her up and played suck-the-titties longer, but I had a more important and immediate job to do now.

I slowly allowed this girl’s feminine body to slither down mine. I swear I felt warm drops of pussy juice dripping on my cockhead a few seconds before pussylips kissed my swollen erection. Those slippery vaginal lips opened of their own accord and my cockshaft entered. Lisa jerked in my arms causing me to unceremoniously drop her. As her pussy impaled itself on my penile pole, I stopped the two of us from falling off the stool by grabbing both cheeks of her ass.

“Will you bounce me up and down on your cock, Jack?” Lisa brazenly asked. “I know you can do it. I betcha you know how to fuck and fornicate in all kinds of positions!”

Hearing those words from this naively inexperienced young woman made me laugh aloud. I kissed her lips two or three times and then I boldly told her, “Sure Sis, I can bounce you. Hang onto your sweet, ever-loving ass, or better yet, I’ll hold it for you. And yep, I know many fucking positions, but be forewarned, I’ll know a whole lot more before I’m finished with you!”

With Mother Nature’s love for lust spurring me on, I bounced Lisa’s slippery wet pussy up and down on my hard, horny cock. The elongated length of my rigid rod found welcome everywhere it went inside my sis’ vaginal tunnel. Once again, frictional fires burned within a man and a woman’s loins.

Torrents of cunt juice heated my cockflesh. Vaginal muscles squeezed and contracted making my penile skin incredibly hot. Lisa’s pussy was becoming an inferno of heated feminine tissue. Although this was only my second time screwing my sis, my ears were becoming attuned to her sexual sounds. I knew by her moans and whimpering cries that she would soon start cumming. If this girl was attuned to anything about me, then she would know that I was close, too.

Close only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades, and forbidden fucking! Lisa began cumming within a second or two of when I guessed she would. Showers of vaginal cum sprayed my loins. Screams and squeals of unrestrained orgasmic joy pealed from her mouth. With my reservoir of seminal fluids replenished, I too began cumming. Semen and sperm shot out into the bouncing pussy surrounding my cock. I suppose some kinda animalistic orgasmic noise was coming from me, but there was nobody around to hear but the girl I was screwing; and, she wasn’t telling.

The cowgirl riding my cock seemed determined to make this joyous rodeo last as long as she could. She seemed doggedly set on fucking me till the cows came home. My Lisa, my cowgirl rider, was finally rewarded when multiple orgasms wracked her body and soul. I knew guys couldn’t have multiples, but this bulldogged woman milked every drop of fluid out of my loins and she stimulated my body to let go of every orgasm it had!

(Part five) Nightie Night

Lisa had prepared an evening meal fit for a king and his lady. Neither of us dressed for dinner. What I’m trying to say is; neither of us had a single stitch of clothing on at suppertime! In any event, it was a wonderful repast served on the stone-tiled patio out back.

“Jack?” Lisa asked in a sincerely curious voice as we washed the dishes. “How long will it take your…your cock to get big enough to screw me again!”

I flipped the girl’s ponytail and I tickled her ear. “My dear,” I answered. “I’m not Superman, yet with you being so gloriously sexy and pretty, I’m quite sure it will happen very soon!”

Smiling at me with a demure grin on her mouth, she teased, “Oh, I’m so glad.”

With the dishes washed and put away, my sis and I carried glasses of lemonade back out onto the patio. I found a comfortable, padded lounge chair and sat back in it. Lisa asked no permission, but she settled her sweet, nude ass in my lap. The feel of her exquisite feminine skin, against my sleeping penis, awakened its erectile function. I wasn’t yet ready for another round of bury-the-cock-into-the-cunt, but I was near.

“I love you, Jack,” Lisa blurted out and then she laid her head upon my chest.

My heart raced. “Lisa, I really and truly love you, too!” I announced to my newfound love.

We two consenting adults made plans. We would take over our parents’ master bedroom suite and we would live there as unofficial, unlawfully wed husband and wife. There would never be another for either of us until our love ended.

We ran upstairs to our respective bedrooms to gather up some toiletries, clothing, and such. When we met in the master bedroom suite, I was dressed in a pair of karate-styled pajama bottoms. Lisa had changed into a sexy pale-blue nightie made in a ‘babydoll’ style. As we turned down the bedcovers we flirted with each other shamelessly.

A streak of lightning lit the darkening night’s sky. Taking Lisa’s hand, I led her to the suite’s French doors and flung them open. My love and I stepped out onto a spacious balcony. We both could feel the electrifying current in the air. A storm was eminent. Much-need rain was welcomed. Our cattle needed a downpour of heaven-sent water.

Even though we had fornicated and sinned like the Devil most of this day, neither Lisa nor I was afraid of God’s lightning-strike wrath. Bring it on because we are not giving up what we had found together! My woman came into my arms and we kissed with an obsessive passion. The huge droplets of rainwater peppering our faces could not cool our ardor.

Wet clothing was discarded and we gloried in our rain-splashed nudity. We frolicked and played like a man and woman in love with life and each other. I’m not sure how long we played in the rain, but at some time or the other we ended up in the big four-poster bedroom bed. Lips kissed, hands fondled, and lust inspired the conjoining of a needy cock and a cunt. For the first time in my life, I bed-fucked Lisa, and in turn, Lisa bed-fucked me.

Somewhere up in the middle of the night, I awakened and so did my girl. I switched on the light over the headboard and gazed into the bluest, most mesmerizing eyes in this world. I kissed my sweetheart's lips with impassioned love. Thanking the lord that it was still pouring rain outside, I knew there was one more thing I needed to do. Throwing back the bedcovers, I scooted down in the bed. With the fingers of one hand, I spread my lady’s outer pussylips. There, right there, were Lisa’s pretty pink pussy petals all glistening wet and inviting.

Yes, I kissed and sucked them for quite some time. Then I did a thing any unlawfully wed husband would do in this situation. I rammed my cock into those open pussy petals and I fucked my Lady Lisa again!


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Great story Jack.. I have a couple new chapters when you get the time


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