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Bi-Sexual Fantasy Story
Usual disclaimers apply, if you don't like this kind of story, don't read it. If you are not allowed to view such stories, then don't. If you want to send me a nasty email about this story, then don't.

*** MORE IMPORTANT *** I am planning for this to be a series of stories involving M/b, M/b/b, b/f, M/b/f and I apologise if the first one is a little longer leading up to the good stuff, but this is based on reality and I want to set the scene properly. I hope you enjoy the story and if you want me to continue, I actively encourage emails to tell me so. Thanks.


When I lived in the UK I had a bit of a hobby restoring old cars. It was a fun thing to do and it was chill out time for me. I had a good sex life thanks to Squirt and Gaydar and I could always supplement my over active imagination with the stories on Nifty, never dreaming I would ever get the opportunity to actually indulge in a little boy loving of my own. I was happy though and my regular fill of the stories was enough to bring me to a very nice orgasm with the thoughts of a fresh virgin teen in my bed.

One Sunday I was out in the garage, dismantling the rear end of a 1963 Ford Anglia. My house was an old Victorian terrace and I had built a big double garage out the back. The doors of the garaged opened up onto the back alleyway and I always had them open when I worked.

It was early March so it was still quite chilly, but beating old bits of metal kept me warm enough, I was content.

I had a helper whenever I worked. At this time it was my friend's son Mark. He was 17 and straight as a dye and I never had any intentions of trying to molest him, but he was great fun to be around and he made a super cup of coffee. I paid him a pittance but he loved helping out.

For the record, at the point of this story, My name is Mike and I was 35 years old at the time, average looking guy, reasonable build, always shaved all my body hair and had a very short spiky hairstyle. I have a nice seven inch cock which is also quite thick and chunky. Always gets coo's when I reveal it so I am happy with my lot. Nobody has ever been aware that I am gay, the circles I work in have never been over friendly in that respect and I have always sought a quieter life.

Mark shouted that coffee was ready so I climbed out from beneath the car, sat on an oil drum in the entrance of the garage. We watched the odd looks as locals walked past seeing the oil covered pair drinking coffee and chomping biscuits. Mark wolf whistled a few girls and we laughed at the horrified look on their faces. One very cute one smiled and blushed at his attention, and I ribbed him that he was `in' there.

Just as we finished our coffee and I was about to climb under the wreck again, I noticed a young boy walking slowly down the alleyway. He was a very petite thing with short scruffy blonde hair. He seemed to have a bit of an effeminate walk about him and as he got closer he flashed be a little nervous smile, obviously caused by my ridiculously dirty face. I couldn't help giving him a big silly grin, knowing how ridiculous that would look. He smiled a little more, then nervously turned away and increased his pace. He could have been no older that 11 or 12 and it was only a fleeting thing, but I remember noticing how hot he looked and was the kind of image in my mind when I read most nifty archive stories.

As the day passed, I soon forgot the little blonde angel but I did detect something wrong with Mark. He kept trying to start a conversation, but stopped at the last minute. As we got close to cleaning up time I pushed him a little harder.

`So, come on fella, what's the matter?'

Mark stuttered, `Oh, it's nothing'

`Come on!' I pushed

He pondered for a moment, then he began,' It's just that I am not going to be able to work with you on Sundays anymore because my boss is offering us a lot of overtime and it's double pay. But I am gonna so miss working with you. I hope you're not too pissed with me mate'

I smiled, `Why would I be pissed? Gimme a break! You would be crazy to give up that extra money!'

Relief spread across Mark's face and he quite visibly relaxed and the rest of the day was like old times. I was quite gutted that he wouldn't be helping anymore. Apart from the fact he was good company, he was a great help around the place and when you are fiddling with cars, an extra pair of hands is essential. Never mind though, I would get by. Maybe ask Mark if any of his mates liked to get full of oil instead of relaxing on a Sunday!

The next few weeks I worked alone in the garage and it was still good fun. I missed the banter but I had the radio playing in the background and I treated the Ford Anglia to some of my awful renditions of the latest songs. The work was coming on well. Once or twice I was treated to little glimpses of the little scruffy haired youth walking or cycling past as I worked and each time he passed I got the same hint of an embarrassed smile and then he was gone. I must admit, I saw his face a few times as I read and wanked over nifty stories.

When July came, it was unusually warm in England and I was working in cut-off jeans and T-shirt and was busy under the car fitting new brake lines. Bits of crap had been falling in my eyes all afternoon and I was getting more and more frustrated. I was expecting a work colleague to pop in with some documents I needed for the following morning and when I saw the shadow of a pair of legs next to car, I assumed he had arrived. It was perfect timing as I had left the spanner I needed on the front of the car and I didn't want to climb out for the millionth time today to get it.

`Pass me that 13mm spanner off the radiator will you Paul?' I shouted.

I sensed the shuffling off feet round to the front of the car and I reached out as I saw the glint of the spanner appear to my left.

`How did you know my name was Paul?' a high pitched voice said from somewhere in the garage.

I knew this voice wasn't my friend and confusion took over so I scramble out from the car towards the shadow of the legs and as I got to my knees, I was almost face to face with the blonde kid from the alleyway!

The obvious shocked look on my face seemed to suddenly unnerve him so I immediately relaxed my face and gave a big smile

`Err thanks for the spanner ...... er ..... Paul! I didn't actually know your name, but I am waiting for my friend who is also a Paul'

He smiled and nodded at this response and for a kid, who had always seemed so nervous, he asked very casually, `Where is your friend that usually helps you?'

I told him that Mark had to work now on a Sunday so I was now on my own, `Unless of course, you can fix cars too' I added jokingly

`Well I would like to learn' he added quickly. His voice was not as camp as I would have imagined but it was definitely a little more feminine than any boys his age.

My mind was instantly in a spin with all of the nifty stories I have ever read leaping to the fore.

I went to kitchen and brought us out a couple of cans of coke and chatted with my new `friend' I discovered that he lived with his mother and sister and his father left a few weeks earlier. He always helped his Dad in the garage when he was fixing his motorbike and I think he just missed an older guy's attention. I was shocked to discover he was actually nearly fourteen years old but just very short and young looking. Apparently he got teased a lot at school for it. I suspected he also got teased for his camp walk and girly voice too but I didn't ask, mainly because those were two things that drove me wild about him. Several times, I had to discreetly adjust my cock which I could feel swelling as I heard his sweet sexy voice telling me about his life.

I decided I would not be the predator but be a friend and told little Paul that if his mother agreed, he could come and help me on a Sunday, but it would be lots of dirty work but I would give him 25 Pounds a day. Paul thanked me ever so politely and then for the first time, beamed his beautiful little smile at me showing his perfect little smile. My heart skipped and immediately I could hear the predator in me wake up. Not just a little. I heard it growl.

As he left, he skipped down the alleyway and I watched his tiny lean body with lust in my eye, I would have to control myself like never before.

The next Sunday, as arranged, Paul arrived at my door in a set of blue overalls which his father must have bought him. His squeaky clean complexion and tousled hair were a stark contrast to the grubby material of his clothes and I had prepared myself all week and was determined to behave myself with this innocent young man (angel – oh my God).

We got straight to work on the car, today we were finishing all the braking system, and Paul was very efficient in finding the tools I consistently lost around the place. He was just as chatty, if not more, as Mike and our topics covered everything from school work to TV and to video games. In short, he was excellent company and I purposely avoided the topic of anything sexual. He was a perfect helper and his cute voice made me feel very happy indeed. As the sun rose in the day, I was roasting in my shorts and T-shirt and I could see Paul was sweltering in his overalls so I went in the house and found a set of my nephew's shorts and t shirts. My nephew was 11 but these fit Paul just fine, but despite the fact I had helped him, it was now going to make my life hell. The shorts showed off his little bubble butt to perfection and with the sweat, the white T-shirt kept sticking to his chest and I could see the dark outline of his nipples clearly through the material.

That first Sunday was indeed complete torture, but as the weeks went by, I managed to control myself more and mostly managed to keep my cock restrained and invisible.

After Paul had been working with me for about 5 weeks, I had been invited to a wedding on the Saturday night. I got unbelievable drunk and when I got home, somehow I managed to strip myself and get to bed but completely slept through my alarm. I was awoken by the sound of a little fist rapping at my door. I jumped out of bed, morning wood in place, grabbed my shorts (couldn't find the underwear) and ran to answer the door. He was stood there, huge grin on his face (which seemed to be a permanent fixture since he had been helping me), vest shirt and close fitting blue cotton shorts (grrrrowl).

I ushered Paul into the kitchen to make me a lot of coffee and I grabbed an old shirt off the laundry pile and joined Paul in the kitchen. I drank three cups of coffee, munched some painkillers and within half an hour, Paul dragged me out to the garage and work began.

Only as I lay on the floor to begin grinding at the rusty sills did I remember that I still hadn't put any underwear on. But since this meant going all the way back upstairs, I decided to stay commando for the day.

My chats with Paul were a little less today, mainly because my head felt like it had been through a blender but also because the grinder made such a racket. As I was grinding, Paul would squat by my feet to watch me work, only moving from this position when I asked him to pass me a hammer or some other tool. However, at one point, when I was twisted to reach an awkward position, I noticed him, from the corner of my eye, shift himself to what seemed like an unusual position. I half thought that it was unusual to move there because his view of my working wouldn't have been as good. When I repositioned again, Paul moved too. Then a third time. My mind started working on this, and then I realised. With my baggy shorts and my twisted position, I could feel a breeze hitting my balls. If a breeze was hitting them, Paul must be looking up my trouser leg! He was eyeing me up!

I couldn´t take any chances or jump to any conclusions on this so I decided to test the theory a little, so I asked him to go and make a coffee as I pretended to be concentrating under the car. As he stood up, without turning my head, I peered at the front of his shorts and there definitely seemed to be a swollen lump, much more than usual. Was this kid getting off on me? I certainly hoped so.

Before Paul came back, I repositioned myself to give maximum exposure up the baggy leg of my shorts, I even positioned my semi hard cock so it was clearly visible in the gap (When this hottie was around, I always sported a semi). When he arrived with the drinks he went straight back to his viewing position and clearly heard a gasp as spotted my tool so blatantly on show.

`You OK there Champ' I called

He stuttered a reply, `Err yeah yeah, just scolded myself with the coffee'

I smirked to myself as I continued the section with the metal grinder for a few more minutes, every so often, stealing a glance at his pretty face, with his mouth open catching flies a he stared at my cock which I could feel twitching every few seconds. I had to concentrate hard on not letting it grow to fully erect, but to just be at a nice plump stage.

As I clambered out from beneath the car, Paul quickly turned away from me, quite obviously hiding his own erection, and made his way to our seats by the garage door. As I looked at him, his face was flushed with the excitement of the situation and maybe confused. I still didn't know how much he knew about his own sexuality and whether it was just fascination of seeing an adult cock or genuine horniness. Whatever it was, I was going to be careful, I didn't fancy any form of prison sentence!

It was still in the throws of an unusually hot English summer and as we finished our drinks, the temperature in the garage was getting more than a little too hot and I suggested we clean up in the garage and finish early for the day. Paul was sweating like a pig too and readily agreed. As we stood up from our seats on the old oil drums, my boot had snagged on the bottom of the drum and as I moved forward, it pulled the drum, tipping it over. The top of the drum split sending 10 litres of old black oil gushing across the floor. As I turned to try and stand the drum up, I lost traction and fell with a crash on my chest in the slimy filthy mess. When Paul saw what was happening, he came across to try and help, but in his haste, landed in a pile next to me on his back. As we both sat up, we were pretty much covered from head to toe, in foul smelling waste oil. We were a pathetic sight and as we looked at each other, we completely fell apart laughing.

The next hour was spent scooping up the oil, soaking the floor in a degreaser and using rags to clear as much of the oil off our clothes as we could. The floor of the garage looked ok, but we were still covered in the stuff and I really couldn't send Paul home in this state.

I found some carrier bags to put on our feet as I didn't want my expensive carpets drenched in waste oil and we giggled as walked into the house looking very bizarre indeed. I gave Paul some Degreasing soap and sent him into the shower to get cleaned up. Before long I heard the shower running and my mind was doing overtime at the thought of this little angel stood naked just a few feet from me behind a single door.

With a serious wood in my oily shorts and my thoughts in overdrive, I heard Paul calling for me.

`Mike, can you come and help me?'

`What's the problem mate?' I called back

`I have oil all down my back and I can't reach it'

With my heart racing, I entered the bathroom and pulled the curtain back a little. He was stood with his back to me, careful for me not to see his front. His tiny arse cheeks, glistening under the water and the soap suds running down from his hair, were such a sweet sight, I was glad he was looking the other way because it looked like a missile was about to escape from my shorts. I sat quickly on the edge of the bath to hide my excitement. With hands shaking, I took the degreaser, filled my hand with it and told him to step back a bit. I started at the back of his neck and rubbed the soap deep into his silky soft skin, slowly moving to his shoulders removing the thick black film. The black marks stopped about three quarters of the way down his back but I couldn't resist just a small feel of those sexy arse cheeks. I massaged the soap into his lower back, and then I slowly but firmly massaged the top of each fleshy but tight cheek. I was in heaven. Then as I finished, I playfully slapped his bum and told him to hurry up. He giggled as I slapped him and then started to rinse off. As I stood to leave, his body twisted ever so slightly to the right, and I thought I caught a glimpse of his cock, and I would swear it was fully hard. The glance was too brief but in my already aroused state, it was sending me over the edge.

As Paul emerged from the bathroom in the dressing gown I had left for him, he had returned to being the fresh faced youth with the scruffy blonde hair and the beaming smile was still in place. I showed him to the bedroom where I had laid out some of my nephew's other clothes (My brother and his son used to visit me regularly and they always left a few changes of clothes here) for him to borrow as his other clothes were in need of a dustbin! He went into the room as I turned to go and take my shower, and the next thing I heard was an almighty WOW!!!! Paul had seen the 60" screen on my wall and was amazed. He said that he only had a poxy 14" screen in his room for his playstation. I pointed out the unit beneath the TV and as he opened it, it must have looked like an Aladdin's cave. I had my DVD player, a computer, an X-Box and a PS3 all linked up to the TV.

I suggested we have a game on the Playstation after I was showered if he liked, or watch a movie. Paul was quite keen on the idea so I headed for the shower and told him (reluctantly) to put some clothes on. I had left a T-shirt and another pair of shorts. I couldn't find any underwear so he could try commando for himself.

As I returned to the bedroom, Paul was dressed and was playing `Tekken II' so I picked up the other controller and set up a two player game. We played for about half an hour, like buddies from school, sat on the edge of the bed, Paul in shorts and T-shirt, me still in my dressing gown.

We soon tired of kicking each others heads in, so I suggested we watch a movie. Paul noticed there were very few DVDs in the cabinet and asked where the others were. I told him to turn on the PC because I had about 400 films downloaded on there and they were in folders of genre, Horror, comedy, action etc. As he turned on the PC and went for the movies folder, I then realised that there was another section on there, PORN. I acted very casual as the list of folders came on screen.

Paul laughed, `Oooh we have a porn folder'

`Don't you have one?' I asked casually, trying to make light of it

`My Mum would kill me if I did'

`Well maybe when you are older then?' I said trying to push him into opening a different folder, but watching the cursor hovering over the Icon.

Paul double clicked the Porn icon. A list of 50 or 60 movie names appeared on the huge screen. Every single one had a tag line `Gay Porn'

He went quiet, scanning all the titles, then looked at me, and asked the, by now, blatantly obvious question, `Are you gay then?'

I paused for a moment, `Would that bother you?'

Paul replied quickly,'No, no, no. You're my friend aren't you?'

`Of course I am, but why do you say that?' I was confused

`Well friends shouldn't be ashamed of these things should they?'

I was amazed at his maturity with these comments but still decided to try and move the situation on and took the mouse. I went back a page, clicked on action and put on a Lethal Weapon movie.

We both slumped back on the pillows and started to watch Mel Gibson shooting up a few towns.

After half an hour into the movie, Paul very casually asked me if I had a boyfriend. I explained that I didn´t because I worked in a field where being gay was not very accepted and so I chose to keep my sexuality a secret. He understood and nodded very sagely.

Another five minutes later he started to tell me that his mother had caught him looking at porn on the internet and grounded him for two weeks. I decided to test the water and asked him what sort of porn he was looking at. He was quite vague and said, `Oh all sorts of stuff'

I asked him if he enjoyed it, and he flashed me his cute grin and nodded wildly. Again we went back to watching the movie.

Another ten minutes later, I thought I would test the water a little deeper. I tentatively said, `You can watch some porn here if you like, but I don't have any with women in it I'm afraid. I could get some for next time you are here though if you wanted'

`OK' he replied

I was a bit confused and semi disappointed, `OK? You mean you want me to download some with girls?'

`No, we could watch some of yours if you don't mind' he said quietly, almost embarrassed to be asking.

Without a word, I took the mouse, stopped the movie and opened the porn folder. I picked one of my favourite movies about a residential college with loads of 18 yr olds being fucked by the teachers (hoping this may justify older guys sleeping with young studs in Pauls mind)

I took up my position lay next to Paul, both propped up, and his face staring unblinkingly at the opening scene of 4 young guys in the showers. Within minutes, one guy is being soaped up by the other three and one starts to suck his 8" cock. I could hear Pauls breathing getting very heavy and I noticed he had put his hands over his crotch to hide the very obvious bulge which now resided there. I had similarly place my hands over my own rock hard tool.

At the point where one of the actors started to rim another I heard a little gasp from next to me and before it got to the fucking stage I asked, `Is this OK? It's not grossing you out is it?

`No way!' he replied quickly, `It's really cool, but are all grown up willies so big?'

I laughed, `No, not really but I think they only use actors with big ones for the movies'

He watched on intently and I noticed he kept giving his cock a squeeze every now and again so to make him fell more relaxed, I began to do the same. After the first time I did it, he kept taking quick peeks at my hand movements so I made my squeezes a little more obvious each time.

Before too long, the actors began fucking each other and a small grimace came over Paul's face. I laughed involuntary at his reaction and he swung his head to look at me. `It doesn't hurt that much mate, a lot of the noises they make are for dramatic effect'

He smiled and continued with his viewing.

A few more minutes in, I suggested to Paul, `You may wanna use the bathroom if you want to deal with the errr problem under your hand'

`Do you have the same problem?' he asked sweetly

I removed my hand and the outline of my cock, exaggerated by the material of my dressing gown, was clearly visible to him. `I believe I do' I said

He stared at the outline of my prick, and moved his hands away from his own, clearly throbbing, member. `Yours is huge compared to mine!' he said sadly

I decided to take a gamble, `It's not that big really. Do you want to see it?'

Paul gulped and looked into my eyes and nodded nervously

`You don't have to, I don't want to scare you away mate!' I said softly

`No, I really would like to Mike'

I undid my robe and pulled it off to each side and took my cock in my right hand and very slowly stroked it. Paul stared intently.

`I don't know about you mate' I said, but I really need to wank now, `Do you mind if I do it here?'

Without taking his eyes off my cock, except for odd glances at the TV screen he shook his head.

`Do you want to wank too?' I asked in the same tone

Without a word and still without taking his eyes off my meat he leant forward and pulled his shorts straight off and threw them on the floor, whipped off his t-shirt and then threw himself back again. As he lay back his beautiful cock sprang straight up against his belly. It was about four and a half inches in length and I thought quite chunky for a boy his age and build. At the base of his perfectly straight shaft was a neat square patch of virgin, peachy, downy hair. A perfect frame for his delightful tool.

He started pulling slowly at first, pulling his floppy foreskin right back exposing the glistening pink head and then as the fucking rhythm built up on the TV he got faster. I knew he wouldn't last too long so I reached into my bedside drawer and pulled out a tube of strawberry lube and squirted a load onto my own cock, knowing it would prompt him to ask, `What's that Mike?'

`Oh its just to make the experience more pleasurable, you wanna try some?'

He smiled and nodded again, so instead of pouring it onto his cock, I took a large amount into my hand and very naturally reached for his cock. Far from being surprised or shocked, he merely moved his hand from his meat and allowed me access to it. I took it firmly in my hand and massaged the lube into it for three or four strokes. He cooed as the cold gel hit his deliciously hard, hot cock and he closed his eyes with the sensation of someone else holding his cock. It felt so good to have this virgin meat in my hand and it had been such a long time since I have felt a cock with such steel like hardness but still not wanting him to freak out, I released his cock and he immediately took up the task again for himself.

The squelching from both sides of the bed built with intensity and I saw him start to tense and his breathing got deeper and I knew he was about to shoot. Just the knowledge of that was bringing me to the brink too but I wanted him to see me shoot first and I also had a plan to accidentally shoot some on him. I increased the speed and sure enough I started to come. I have always shot 6 or 7 good ropes of come so I made the first hit my chest and then I twisted and shots 2 and 3 hit him fully on the chest. His eyes were wide with surprise but this was taken over with contorted ecstasy as he shot his own couple of bursts onto himself.

As we panted in our post climactic state I apologised for shooting my come all over him. I put a finger on his belly, took a finger full of his come and quickly scooped it up and put it into my mouth. Not for the first time, Paul was wide eyed looking at my actions. I merely smiled, jumped up and told him I would get a towel to clean us up.

As I walked back into the room I saw him with a finger in his mouth. I looked down to his chest and saw a clear line through one of my squirts of come.

Paul pulled his finger from his mouth and smiled, `Tastes funny' he said

`Good funny or bad funny?' I asked casually

`S'OK I guess' he said in only a way a 14 yr old can.

I wiped the blobs of come off his chest and gently rubbed the mess from near his balls and then did myself. Here we were a 35yr old and a 14 yr old sat naked together in a bedroom and he didn't seem at all bothered by it. I needed to make sure we were ok.

`You do know we shouldn't have really been doing that together don't you?'

`Yeah I kinda figured that' he started, `But it was cool to watch that video on that big screen, and REALLY cool to watch you play with your willy and .......' he trailed off

`And?.....' I pushed

His voice was barely a murmur, `And ..... It was nice when you put that stuff on my willy' his face now beet red

I leaned over and put my arm round his naked shoulder, he instantly shuffled next to me and put his arms round me and hugged me tight. I slowly began, in silence to gently caress his shoulders and moved my hand up and down his back, occasionally just stroking the top of his naked bum. I could feel my own cock rising again. I knew I had to tell him things straight. As I spoke he sat in silence, eyes closed enjoying the embrace.

`Listen Paul, a lot of people would not like what we just did, but as long as you are cool with it, that's all that matters. There are other things guys do together, but I would never force you to do anything. Wanking together was really nice and I admit I really enjoyed watching you play with yourself and Yes, I couldn't resist having a feel of your cock, but I would never do anything to hurt you, OK?'

Paul lifted his head, smiled sweetly and said, `Would you do it again with me sometime?'

`Of course I would if you wanted? I said earnestly

`And would you put more stuff on my willy?'

`I would love to! Truly!'

`And could I put some on yours?' He asked

My head nearly exploded and my cock was almost immediately at full mast, `You can do whatever you like!' and with that I kissed his brow

As we lay back and my now fully hard cock was once again on show, Paul laughed because his cock was also at full delicious length.

Then without a word, I reached for the lube and took Paul's hand in my own and put a generous blob of the pinky gel into it. I put a similar amount in mine and put it straight onto his hard cock. Automatically, and with his hand shaking a little he reached for my prick, looking enormous against his tiny fingers and grasped it gently and then we both slowly started a slow stroking motion. The sensation of his hand on my cock was electric and I knew by the way his eyes were closed and he was breathing heavily, that he was feeling the same fantastic feelings. After a minute or so of stroking I moved my hand slightly and while still stroking his cock, my middle fingers started to caress his balls which brought tiny squeals of delight and I could see I was going to bring him to a very quick climax. His grip on my cock became tighter and knew I was going to last a matter of seconds so I pulled away, quickly changed positions and in one swift movement I had all of his boy cock pushing at the back of my mouth. Paul yelped with surprise and almost instantly I felt the sweet taste of his come, shooting all over my tongue. His body contorted with delight and slowly he sagged back into his pillow as I sucked his deflating cock dry. My tongue then flicked over his tight balls as we whimpered softly with delight. I then knelt over his little body, took my cock in my own hand and started to pull myself to climax. Paul's sexy little blue eyes were fixed on my bulging purple cock head as it erupted its second load in less than half an hour. All of the squirts landed cleanly on his chest and for the second time, he took a large finger of my splattered milk onto his finger and put it deeply into his mouth and gave the cheeky contented smile I was beginning to fall hopelessly for.

As my climax subsided, I lay next to him gently stroking his milky white chest, pushing my own come around his body. Each time my fingers touched his tiny hard nipples, he gave a little squeak of delight and we both drifted into a contented sleep. I dreamed deeply of all the wonderful delights that this little angel may hold in store for me........

As I drifted back into consciousness, my mind automatically went into `What the hell have I done' mode but it soon relaxed when I realised I was facing the middle of the bed and Paul has backed himself into me and we were spooning. He was obviously comfortable with the situation but I knew I needed to ensure that he wasn't going to tell anyone about it.

I glanced over to the clock and it read 7pm. Paul usually went home around 8pm so I decided to wake him. My hand was on his chest so I slowly started to caress the soft smooth skin, occasionally rubbing against his semi hard, tiny nipples, while at the same time, gently kissing the soft skin at the base of his neck. Almost immediately he started purring at the attention and snuggling back, pushing hard against my chest. The combined actions has the obvious effect on my cock and I felt it rising very quickly and neatly between his delicious arse cheeks. Paul gave a very cheeky and knowing wiggle against that too.

His next action was the one that surprised me most and I guess with hindsight, was the one that told me that he was now mine, and my fears of other people finding out were unfounded. As my gentle caressing continued, Paul twisted his head to look deep into my eyes and gave just a hint of a smile. It was the sort of smile that said contentment and comfort. He then lifted his head and kissed me on the lips. Just a brief kiss, but a confident one and then put his head back on the pillow and smiled a little broader. It was all so natural and I felt compelled to lean in and kiss him again, and as I did, it was silently confirmed to him that his kiss was good. His kiss was right. Almost immediately our lips parted and our tongues started to explore. I was sure he had never really kissed anyone this way but what he lacked in experience, he certainly made up for in enthusiasm. Within moments of starting to kiss, he twisted so we were facing each other and I rolled onto my back, pulling him on top of me. We kissed this way for at least five minutes, my hands stroking his back, his bottom, his legs and everywhere, all the time feeling his card cock pushing deep into my belly and the tip of my cock being gently massaged by his balls with each movement. I was in ecstacy.

I knew I didn't need to voice any of my fears, the kiss had been too passionate but I also knew that if I wanted to enjoy Paul fully, I would have to be a gentle lover and introduce him slowly, to the delights of sex. More importantly now, we needed to get dressed so he could go home. It would be stupid to arouse fears in his mother by him being late.

As our kiss subsided and Paul lay down, I could see dried come all over his belly and said we needed to take a shower. I kissed him again and said he could follow me in and with that, jumped up and went to the bathroom.

When Paul put his head round the shower curtain, I was in the middle of shaving my balls. He seemed fascinated. `Why do you do that?' he asked

`Well' I began, `It is more hygienic, it looks nicer and it's a million times more sensitive'

He said nothing but continued to watch my shaving intently. He then stepped into the bath next to me, took the soap and lathered up his own cock and balls. He then took my hand which was holding the razor and said, `shave me too, then we match!'

The cheeky grin and the intensity of those blue eyes, well, how could I resist?

I knelt in the bath and slowly started to remove that golden downy hair from above his cock. As I worked, his permanently semi-hard cock rose to full attention and automatically as I shaved, I began to massage his hard little tool. Paul leant back against the tiles as I completed the shaving and as I rinsed him off, the smoothness was exquisite and I was rock hard as well. His cock was pointing straight at me so I decided to give him something extra to remember me by so I started to lick all around his freshly shaved pubic area and by the squealing that was coming from him, he obviously approved of the new feeling. I then moved my tongue actions to his smooth balls and his hands gripped my head, I think for fear of falling, and then I moved my attentions to his shaft and took him deep into my mouth, flicking my tongue over its entire length, taking him to cloud 9 and beyond. I also wanted to introduce other new feelings while he was on such a high so I filled my hand with soap as I continued sucking on his cock and used both hands to soap up his delicious arse. This was obviously good for him as his legs relaxed and as I started to work my fingers between his cheeks, I felt his legs move a little apart. I gently rubbed my index finger against his little rosebud as I sucked harder and deeper on his cock, and he parted his legs a little more. I felt him begin to shake a little and I think this was nerves and excitement, remembering he had watched the gay porn the previous night and he didn't know what my intentions were now with his virgin hole. All I wanted to do, was introduce him to a little intrusion of my finger! As I sucked harder and he opened his legs that tiny bit more, I pushed just the tip of my finger into his ever so tight hole and he gasped a little, but surprised me yet again by, not pulling away, but pushing down a little more. This was all the invitation I needed and my extra slippery, soapy finger, slipped fully into his arse. With his cock deep in my mouth and my finger tickling his prostate, that was enough to bring a violent, shaking orgasm from the boy. He buckled on top of me as each wave shook his entire body and he emptied three big shots of nectar onto my tongue.

It took a few minutes under the water to regain his composure and I washed the rest of his body down and even 10 minutes later while drying off he was still shaking from his orgasm.

With a noticeable quiver, still in his voice, Paul said, `That was fantastic Mike, really really fantastic. Thanks'

`You're welcome buddy' I said, planting another kiss on his sweet soft lips, `And if you want, there will be plenty more we can do together'

Paul gave another vigorous bout of head nodding along with his trademark sexy grin and then his eyes focussed on my still raging hard on.

`You haven´t dealt with yours' he said concerned and he wrapped his little hand around my throbbing tool. The simple touch sent shockwaves through me.

`Yeah, I know' I said despondently, `But we need to get you home'

`It wouldn't take too long would it', he said while stroking, `And there is something I want to try'

With that, Paul dropped to his knees, all the time stroking my aching cock and my mind began to race because I could see what was coming. His eyes were fixed on the bulging purple head and then, as quick as a flash, the head of my cock disappeared between his pretty little lips and I felt the smooth silky tongue flashing across the most sensitive parts of my tool. I gasped with the immense pleasure touching every nerve in my body and grabbed at the towel rail for fear of collapsing. His head bobbed eagerly, devouring my tool with enormous enthusiasm and I knew I would not last very long. I told him he didn't have to take my come in his mouth but he seemed to ignore my words and worked his mouth and his pumping hand to perfection.

I groaned loudly as my orgasm reached its height and rather than pull away, Paul seemed to push his mouth deeper onto my cock and as I erupted into his angelic mouth, I heard him gag a little on the copious amounts of cream now pumping into him. He gulped loudly and not a single drop escaped those lips and he continued to lick and suck until the sensitivity of the head became so much I had to pull from him and finally allowed my body to slump to the floor. I then pulled him to me and kissed him deeply, tasting the remains of my come on his tongue. I held him close to me for a few minutes in silence, our embrace feeling so right, so natural and I didn't want it to end. I knew he was feeling the same way.

`Was that OK?' he asked softly

I laughed, `OK doesn't even come close honey, it was perfect but you didn't have to do that for me'

`But I wanted to, and it was nice' he replied, and then laughing, he said, `Even though you nearly drowned me'

We laughed together and agreed that next Sunday we could play more but in the meantime, we could chat online in the evenings. With that, Paul got himself dressed and we made our way to the front door. As I was about to open it to let him out, he put his foot out to block the door, reached up, put his arms around my neck and jumped up. He wrapped his legs round me and had his face in front of mine. He closed his eyes and leant in to kiss me deeply. My heart twisted as I felt my love for this angel rising with every second. His little camp voice, his sexy body, his natural emotion and his ability to pass such feeling with a kiss were turning my emotions inside out. Letting him go home was going to be one of the single hardest things I had ever done. As we broke from the kiss, he dropped himself down.

`Speak later online?' He asked

`Just try and stop me!' I said, patting his pert little bum as he stepped through the door.

`Thanks for everything' he said earnestly, `I really enjoyed it, especially sucking you'

`No worries, but I think we both need more practice' I said grinning

Paul's first reaction was to think it was a criticism, but then he saw my smirk and caught the joke and started to giggle and agreed with me. With that he waved again and skipped his cute little skip down the path and off down the street. I closed the door, my mind reeling with the events of the last few hours, my cock already rising at just the thought of my little blonde angel.

After Paul had left, I made myself a nice dinner and sat down to watch a little TV and at about 10pm I signed into MSN. It wasn't long before a screen popped up from Paulie123.

At this point, I should fill in some details which I had learnt from Paul in our chats while working on the car. I had discovered that he lived with his mother and 13 yr old sister in a two bedroom house not far from mine. He was exceptionally close to his sister who, although a year younger, was definitely the dominant one. I think this possibly accounted for his campness and I later found out that she had often got him to play games where she dressed him up in her clothes. As you will discover later, this also provided some entertainment for me! He and his sister (Julie) shared a bedroom and I think were more like best friends rather than brother and sister.

Now, I am confessed gay, with a penchant for younger boys (obviously) but I must confess, whereas I am not really attracted to women, I do get very turned on by younger girls. Again, there is something about the innocence and the delicious soft budding flesh of a girl in puberty that does drive me wild, so the chat with Paul on this evening became something of a bonus.

We had already agreed that we needed to be careful about our chat content whenever his sister was about and we were talking about the car restoration and a load of other things. We both had our webcams on and I had a nice clear view of his room. It was typical of a 13 and 14yr old with pop star posters and games everywhere. Paul told me that he was going to hide the webcam on his side for the time being because his sister was taking a shower and would be back in the room soon and it wouldn't have been wise for anyone seeing him chatting to an older guy. Too many questions. Before too long, Julie came into view, wrapped in a towel and I heard her saying something to him about clearing his crap up. (we used text rather than talking for same obvious reasons) Then, taking me completely by surprise, she removed her towel and started drying her hair. Her body was divine. She was slim just like Paul, and her forming titties were possibly an A cup with those gorgeous puffy little nipples and a tiny little tuft of pubes similar to those I shaved from Paul just a few hours earlier. Her hair was a darker so much clearer on the webcam. My wood was instant and straining at my shorts and I couldn't resist writing a message. `Nice view'

I heard Paul stifle a laugh and he typed back `pervert'

We chatted on about the previous topics but for the next 10 minutes I watched his sister blow dry her hair while stood in the bedroom, in the heat of summer, stark naked. I was imagining tasting her sweet pussy while her brother sucked on my hard cock, knowing in my heart of hearts that that would never happen. It was hard to concentrate on the writing while watching this little goddess stretching, moving and bending all over my screen, but somehow I managed to allay Paul's suspicions. This had been an incredible day.

The next evening, on MSN, Paul told me that Julie was out with her friends and asked me if I had enjoyed his sister's show the previous night. I confessed that I thought she was hot but, and I made him realise that although I could have fantasies about her sexy little body, the only body I wanted on a long term basis was his. He blushed and said he was pleased about that and said that he couldn't wait for Sunday so he could be with me again. I said the feelings were mutual and I stood up to show him what he was doing to me. His eyes widened as he saw my rock hard tool appear on his monitor and he stood up to show me his, equally hard tool. I asked him to wank for me and I saw his hand as a blur on my screen. After 2 or 3 minutes of pumping I saw his delicious cock shoot 3 good squirts into his hand. I immediately typed that I wanted him to lick his own come for me but he did better. He tipped his head back and then poured his sweet cream from his hand and I saw it all drip into his open mouth. He then moved close to the camera and I could see him swirling it on his tongue and then he made a very obvious swallowing gesture and then showed me his empty mouth. I immediately stood up because the erotic view he had just given me sent my cock to bursting point and I also shot into my hand for his pleasure and did exactly the same with my own ejaculation. He grinned wildly and then typed that he wished he could have drunk it again because he enjoyed it so much the other night. Comments like these were driving me wild with desire for this little teen and with each passing day I wanted him more and more.

On the Wednesday night, as we signed into MSN, Paul hadn't switched on his Camera and at first I didn't say anything but after a while, I realised his writing seemed a little subdued. I asked him if he was OK and he said there had been a bit of a problem at school that day with one of the bullies. I pushed him into telling me more and he eventually admitted that he had been battered by this one individual. I eventually coaxed him into turning on his camera and the sight I saw actually brought a tear to my eye and a lump to my throat. Paul's nose was swollen and his eye was also puffy and red and he had obviously been crying a lot.

`Oh my poor sweet boy' I said automatically, `I wish I could hold you right now to make it better'

He smiled as he looked at my words and said, `Am I your boy now?'

`Do you want to be?' I asked

`Yes I do, but I don't want you to think I am silly'

I was confused, `But why should I think you are silly? You are very very attractive and I adore being with you and as for your body, well WOW you are so incredibly sexy'

I could hear a tremor in his voice, `But do you think you could love me?'

I was surprised to hear him use the word love so soon or even from someone so young. I didn't think he would really understand love, except maybe that which he didn't have from his father. I knew I was falling for this sexy little thing and I felt it wasn't a bad thing to let him know.

`Paul, you are on my mind every single second of every day and not just on a sexual level. As for whether that is love, I don't know but if the fact that my heart does somersaults every time I see or hear you counts as love then I am totally head over heels in love with you! Does that help?'

I heard Paul giggle a little, `Yes that helps a lot Mike cos nobody has ever made me feel as special as you do, and I know I am only a kid and most people would say I was being stupid but I feel so good and excited and happy when you are there and when you touch me and do stuff I feel so cool and I don't want it to stop and I just wanna keep doin' stuff with you. Is that ok? Oh yeah and I love you lots!'

It was my turn to be shocked into silence, `Er thats more than ok honey, and as long as we are a bit careful, it never has to stop'

With all that said we carried on our usual silly chats about all sorts, but as we finished for the night, we each told the other that we loved them. My God, what was I doing, declaring my love for a 14yr old boy? Worst of all, I knew it was true, I have never felt such emotion about another human being, I was just so scared that it could all so easily go horribly wrong.

The following Sunday seemed to take an eternity to arrive. I had no plans at all to do any mechanic work that week, instead, the day was reserved for giving my 14yr old blonde sexpot a day to remember.

Paul arrived at just after 9am and I answered the door wearing just a pair of shorts, my cock already pressing at the zipper. Paul had white shorts and white T-shirt and he was similarly tenting his trousers. He still bore some of the bruising from his battering but I didn't want to dwell on that today of all days. As he walked through the door, I told him that from here on, our entire day should be spent naked. He readily agreed, through his clothes off and assisted the removal of my shorts. When we were both naked he leapt up into my arms and kissed me deeply as he ground his boycock into my belly. My own cock was pointing straight up and was resting directly under his hole and when he wriggled it must have been teasing his sensitive rosebud as much as it was driving me insane with lust.

With him still in my arms, I ran up the stairs and straight into the bedroom. I could tell he had just showered as I could smell the sweet scent of his shower gel so I decided his first treat of the day should be one for me as well. I dropped him down onto the bed, kissed him deeply again and then began a kissing and nibbling course down his body. I took particular time and care on his hard little nipples, working my way down his smooth milky body, licking his freshly shaved (he did it himself again) pubic area and down to his smooth ball sack. All the time he was moaning his approval with the odd squeak when I hit an extra sensitive place.

As I sucked and licked his balls, I gentle massaged his rigid cock and without him realising, I slipped my shoulders under his legs and then, with no warning, I lifted his legs right back so I had full and clear access to his boi pussy. Still no warning or hesitation, I attacked his sweet puckering hole with my tongue. Paul gasped loudly as my wet flicking tongue covered all around his hole and then as i probed deeper and deeper into him he just kept repeating, `Wow, wow, wow oh god, wow' and his breathing got faster and faster until I felt his cock erupt in my hand and his whole body contorted in his orgasm. He slowly lost the tension in his muscles and I let him down gently onto the bed and moved up to his belly and lapped up his spent juices and allowed him to relax back, still dazed by this new experience.

After just a few minutes to recover, Paul sat up and threw a leg over my body. He positioned his still moist arse over my throbbing prick and gently rocked back and forwards, sliding my meat between his cheeks. The lubrication of my saliva meant that I slid smoothly between him and the sensation was electrifying. As he rocked, knowing full well the effect it was having, Paul asked, `Do you want to put your willy inside me, where you just put your tongue?'

I decided to be cautious again, not that it was always necessary with this hot stud but I said, `I think you know I would love to, but I don't want to rush you into anything until you are ready, besides, there is lot more things we can do together'

Paul asked further, `Would it hurt?'

I tried to be honest, `Well it is likely to hurt a bit at first, simply because I am quite big and your hot little arse is so small, but we can prepare you before we try'

`How?' he asked, sounding more excited

`By trying you with dildoes first. They are like plastic cocks but smaller than me'

`Cool, when can we try?'

This last comment added to the continual riding and the thought of fucking his incredibly tight hole sent me over the edge and I shot my load all over my chest. Even before I had stopped shooting, Paul had my cock in his mouth, sucking at the last of my orgasm and when he was satisfied that I had shot my last, he proceeded to lick up all of the semen off my chest. Only when I was clean did he plonk himself back on my chest, slowly grinding his revitalised hard prick against my balls. This guy was going to be hard to keep up with. I quite looked forward to the challenge.

With his hip rotation never slowing and his nose up against mine, Paul gave me a few little kisses and then he asked, `So when can we play with the Dodoes then?'

I laughed, `You mean Dildoes?'

`Yeah whatever, but when can we try cos it felt lovely with your tongue up there'

Here was I trying to go slowly with him but he just wanted more and more but not wanting to put him off, I laid Paul on the bed and reached for my toy drawer. I tipped all the contents out onto the bed and laid the dildoes out in order of size and asked Paul where he wanted to start. I Thought he would pick the three inch butt plug but instead he grabbed the one which was closest to his own cock size, about five inches long and quite chunky. I suggested another slimmer one of the same length, he accepted my choice. With dildo chosen he lay down on the bed and ordered me to try it! I explained that I would lube it well and explain how he should push back against it like he was taking a dump, he laughed but admitted he was scared of pooing on the bed. I told him that wouldn't happen.

I took some of the strawberry lube and put lots on the dildo. I put a big pillow under his back to lift him slightly and then spread his legs and started to put some lube on his arse. I gently massaged his hole and was surprised at how easily he accepted my finger this time. I moved my finger round and round until there was very little resistance from his muscles and then I lined up the small vibrator to his hole. Again, I was amazed at how easily he accepted it. When it was inside about an inch I turned on the vibration and I saw Paul's face light up with this new sensation. He was squirming with delight and I started to add more of the dildo into his eager hole. Before very long, it was fully buried inside him. While he savoured this feeling, I reached for the fatter five inch dildo and lubed it without him seeing. I then removed the first one and immediately applied the second to his now, slightly stretched hole. As I pushed past his sphincter, he winced slightly and his breathing became louder so I held my position. He had realised this was the larger dildo and he started twisting slightly as I held still. Then, he reached for my hand and helped me push deeper, and once again, with the vibrations stimulating his whole body, he soon swallowed the entire length into himself. He was a natural and to be honest it wouldn't be long before he could swallow me whole too but I suggested we wait a while before we try anything bigger. He seemed slightly disappointed but accepted it and as I removed the larger dildo with a pop he put on a pretend sulky face!

As I put the dildo back in its drawer, Paul pushed me back onto the bed and started to suck on my now revived meat. The strawberry lube lay next to us so he flipped the lid and squirted some onto his finger and popped it into his mouth, `Yummy' he said with a silly smirk and then squirted a load all over my cock and started to give me a sloppy wank. I closed my eyes and savoured the sensations and I felt Paul repositioning himself. I didn't realise how he was repositioning himself until I opened my eyes to see him sat astride my cock and felt the head being held against his hole. I started to protest saying I didn't want to hurt him but he was determined and I felt a pop as he pushed me past the tight muscle. I could see the pain on his face and I suggested he lifted off, it was too soon, but he just shook his head and panted. I knew he wasn't going to back down so quickly grabbed a bottle of poppers and shoved it under his nose and told him to breathe deeply as I held the other nostril. Within seconds I could see the effect the poppers were having and he relaxed. He then started to ride the top part of my cock, lifting slowly then dropping a fraction lower each time. Each time was getting faster and within ten or fifteen thrusts, we felt our balls touch each other. He smiled broadly and reached down to feel his own stretched hole, impaled upon my fat throbbing prick. He then started to pick up the pace and really riding me for all he was worth, his screams of joy getting quite loud and the tightness, I knew, would bring me to orgasm really quickly especially when I watched his tiny body stretched wildly on my cock which looked enormous compared to its victim. Too soon it happened and I said I was coming, and sure enough I felt bolt after bolt exploding inside him and he shouted, `God I can feel it, it feels so hot inside me' and he also erupted all over my body and my face.

We were both shaking after our wild climax but Paul didn't want to come off my cock and merely spun around and lay down with his back to me, still mounted upon my deflating meat. We lay panting but totally satisfied. I whispered, `You didn't have to do that you know, I loved you before. You just made me love you even more'

Paul sighed deeply, `I don't think I could love anyone more, but now I am truly yours'

We lay still for twenty or thirty minutes and just the thought of being inside this horny teen made my blood flow again and I felt myself tightening inside him again, i looked down at is soft sweet arse cheeks and started to slowly pump at him again.

`I was hoping you would do that' Paul said cheekily and I started riding him quite hard. His enthusiasm drove me on and I was soon pounding him relentlessly, pulling completely out and powering to full depth in one swift movement. Having just come I was going to last much longer and I flipped him onto his belly and used all of my weight to drive my cock deep into his bowel, His screams of encouragement drove me on and when I came, I am sure I blasted even more deep into him than the first time and similarly he covered the sheets and his belly with his second blast as well.

This time I pulled out from him and we both fell into an exhausted sleep, but not before a deep passionate kiss to my exquisite teen lover.

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