Ms. Nye gets the girls to rebel against strict clothing rules.
Andson High School had some complaints from parents about the amount of X rated activities occurring in the bathrooms. It wasn't really that bad, kids had found people giving blowjobs, handjobs, that kind of stuff; but in a rich town like Smithson people expected class A teaching and environments in school.

To control this behavior teachers were told to stay in the halls during passing time to watch for behavior, and before school started they were to look for any inappropriate clothes being worn, this usually on the girls. Although skirts were not as popular in the school as they were 20 years ago there were still quite a lot of girls being told their skirts were too short. Even if your skirt was long enough you had to deal with the male teachers asking to see if you were wearing appropriate underwear (everything was ok except for thongs).Other common clothes that caused the girls to be sent home was skinny jeans, shirts that ended before the waste, and the absence of bra's. After about a week of this people started getting annoyed, especially the guys. One teacher that agreed with the guys was Ms. Lye; she was an English teacher who was all for the rights for women, and, without the knowledge of the students, she was for the right for women to be topless, if men are allowed to be.

One day a female student of Ms. Lye's, Sarah, came into her class complaining to her friend about how she cant let her breast breath anymore since she has to wear shirts showing no boob at all. She became slightly embarrassed when she noticed Neil was already in the classroom, looking at her, smiling. Neil was your average 16 year old, horny as hell. He was the guy all the girls had caught staring, but they did not make a big deal out of it because he seamed so playful and humored when he was caught.

Ms. Lye had grown tired of these regulations with what the girls could and could not wear. She told the class, after the bell rang, that it was not fair for either sex that girls had to be tied down like this. She then, with a raised voiced, yelled, "girls pull down your shirts or pull them over and give the boys a show!"

Now obviously the girls did not really want to do this, I mean they weren't all drunk and willing like the girls you see flashing on the web. So Ms. Lye who was young, but heavy, pulled out her melons and wiggled them a little. Neil got very horny then and didn't resist it. He just sat there, sideways in his chair, in his sweatpants with a tent pointing to the sky. Sarah who sat next to him saw it and liked the idea of making him horny. She stood up and pulled her breasts out of her tank top she wore. Everyone stared and the boys cheered. One by one girls, mostly the ones that were close friends with Sarah, got up and took their breasts out. All of the young breasts were not too big, and cute small tits, with the exception of Nicole who had as big as melons as Ms. Nye. Neil just stared. Once all the girls that were ever going to show their tits did so Ms. Lye asked them to stand in the front of the class, lined next to each other.

Ms. Nye went rambling about how they were beautiful and there was no reason to hide them until some of the girls that were hesitant to flash in the first place cut her off and put their breasts back into place, while sitting down. Some girls though did not seem in a hurry, and about 10 kept their breasts out for the entire class period. One girl who was shy but very cute that left her tits out sat right next to Neil and during class. He stared, and after awhile, with permission from Ms. Nye, but not so much from the girl, he groped her breasts for a good 5 minutes.

The next few weeks the girls took out their breasts right when they entered the room, with no one outside the class knowing. Then, after some of the girls that had not shown their breasts, at first, changed their minds Ms. Nye decided the girls should just take their tops off completely. During English games Ms. Nye made new rules to take advantage of the girls tits on display, and Neil got to touch, pinch, and lick them by the end of the school year.

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To be fair, this is reasonably well written boring, pointless crap, but that doesn't stop it being boring, pointless crap. Next time try writing a story. You might even consider some sexual content.

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What a really boring story. Where's the hottness at???

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What a really boring story. Where's the hottness at???

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