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Defying My Family Part 4: Taking it to them

“We better go check on Tara” I say to Shiho and Kimiko.

“Yeah she’s still not moving” Kimiko says.

We rushed down the stairs to the living room. Tara was lying naked still where Mikey and Russ left her. She looked like she was dead. I check her neck and felt a pulse. She started to stir and I was relieved.

“How do you feel?” I ask her.

“Like I got a hard fuck that I didn’t want” She says to us.

“My God Tara you better take it easy. Your back is covered in welts.” Shiho tells Tara as she places a hand on her shoulder and looks at her back. “Russ and Mikey really did a number on you”

“Who?” Tara asks.

“We learned who Dominator and Nightmare are. They are Russ who is Shiho’s husband and Mikey his son” I explain to Tara.

“No offense guys but they deserve to have 2 dicks shoved up their asses. Did you see what those bastards did to me?” She asks

“Ummm sorry Tara, but Brad was pissed and was going to come down here and fight them. Mom and I stopped him the only way we could.” Kimiko says.

“Well here is the short version. I had one in my pussy and ass at the same time, both in my pussy at the same time and both in my ass at the same time. I really do not want to even think about sex for a year let alone have it.”

“I can’t say that I blame you but look at the bright side. We know who they are now.” I tell her.

“Yeah” Tara gets up and slowly gets dressed. “I can tell you that I am not going home tonight. I have no idea what that bastard would do when I get home.” She says.

“Don’t worry Tara I have an idea where you can stay and it would serve as a good meeting place as well.” Shiho says.

Tara got dressed while I ran upstairs to grab the equipment and we all followed Shiho to this place she was talking about. It turns out that it’s about 5 minutes outside of town. It was a nice beautiful house with blue siding, a fenced in yard. Shiho walks up to the door and punches in a number and opens the door. I look at her and ask.

“What is this place?”

“Well Brad this is actually Kimiko’s house. My husband, Kimiko’s father left it for her in his will. We actually lived here right up to when he was killed. Russ wanted me to get rid of it but I couldn’t since it is legally Kimiko’s when she turns 18. I kept it and kept up the upkeep on it. Russ thinks it was sold, but what he doesn’t know is actually good for us.” Shiho explains to all of us.

We all walked in and sat down and started to discuss tonight’s events. Knowing the identity of Dominator and Nightmare doesn’t give us much right now. We really are not ready to go against them yet. Not with the police still on their side. Something was bothering me though and I looked at Shiho.

“If Russ is one of these secret skin head, why did he marry a Japanese woman?” I ask her.

“I wish I knew Brad I have been wondering the answer to that question ever since I learned who he was.” She says

“Maybe it was all part of his plan to blend in; I mean who would suspect them of being part of this group with a Japanese wife and step-daughter.” Tara tells us

“If that’s the case it would explain why they have masks on.” Kimiko adds.

“Yeah” Tara says

“You know I have an idea” I start telling them my idea of being like the Ghostface Killer in the Scream movies. We wear mask and disguises our voices like they did in the movie. I also took a page from the movie The Inside Man where the robbers were posing as hostages as well. Everyone loves the idea. We decide to order the stuff offline this way it will be harder for the police to trace. We all agree that once everything comes in we would put our plans into action. Tara stayed at Kimiko’s house dubbed Salvation. I went home and gave Dad the so called rape footage for him. He immediately went down to the basement to watch. As I was getting a drink out of the kitchen I could hear him down there. I think he was masturbating and very happy about it. Sick bastard I thought. Shiho and Kimiko returned home. It was agreed that they would act like they knew nothing about Russ and Mikey’s secret.

On Saturday Kimiko and I figured we would follow Russ all day. Maybe learn who else is hiding. According to Shiho Russ is a Private financial broker and goes off to clients homes when they want to invest some money or need financial advice. As he got to one house and we ran up to the windows to spy on him. I walked up to a woman. She had short dark hair, about 5’6, not too slim but not too fat. I would have to guess that she have 34-D breast. Normally the girl’s appearance wouldn’t have bothered us to investigate her closely but something about what Russ did sent warning bells off in my head. He just walked into the house like he owned it.

“Who is this woman?” Kimiko asks.

“I don’t know, maybe we can check her mail and see the name.” I told her.

I was about to go do that when Russ walked up to the woman and kisses her deeply and passionately on the lips.

“Holy mother fucking shit” I turn to look at Kimiko. Her eyes showing the same shocked look that I know I have on my face.

“Brad, tell me you just saw what I saw?”

“If you mean your step-dad walking into some strange house, walking up to a strange woman and kisses her like she’s the love of his life then yes.”

We walked to her mailbox and looked in. We found an envelope and we looked at the name on it. “It says her name is Kristen Wheeler and that Russ is her husband.” I turn to show Kimiko the letter.

“But Russ’s last name is Stevens” She tells me.

“What the fuck is going on here? Is he living a double life?”

“Why not fits him just fine since he’s a skinhead”

We replace the letter and go back to the house. We look in again and we see this girl Kristen bent over the couch and Russ behind her fucking her hard. I couldn’t believe it. He is actually cheating on Shiho or is it the other way around. I could hear Kristen through the window moaning loud.

“Oh yes baby give it to me hard yes.” She moans

“God you feel so good, you sexy girl. I love having my cock inside your tight fuck hole.” Russ says

“Does it feel better than that Japanese bitch you had to marry?”

“You feel a thousand times better than that bitch. God I hate having to be married to her and I hate having to fuck her even more. Only thing she is good for is putting a bag over her head and pretending she’s you”

“MMM Baby my pussy has missed you. Give me it to me good. I feel myself about to cum; make me cum all over that nice cock”

“Yes baby give me your sweet juices. My cock needs them”

“Oh Russ I’m Cumming”

Kristen’s eyes rolled into the back of her head. Her moans could be heard outside. Russ pounded her pussy for all he was worth. His hands on her hips, within a few moments after Kristen came he thrust into her hard and stopped. I knew he had to be having an orgasm.

“OH RUSS that’s what I wanted that’s what this pussy needed.”

I motioned for Kimiko to follow and we ran off. “I think we have seen enough.” I tell her.

“I agree. Mom is going to flip”

We went back to Salvation where Shiho was caring for Tara. Tara had yet to come home and I really don’t think she plans on it. We as soon as we entered Kimiko told them what we saw.

“So not only is my husband a skinhead but he also has another wife? This is interesting” says Shiho.

“I’ll say. It makes me wonder what else they are hiding” I said.

“Well we do have good news. The mask, voice changers, and other equipment came in. It’s all in the spare room. After this turn of events I am interested in getting to the bottom of all of this.” Shiho tells us.

“Any idea who the first target should be?” I ask.

“Yes Brad I have an idea” Tara adds. “Why don’t we start with Mikey? Shiho has uncovered some juicy bet if material.”

Shiho looks at us and explains to us what she told Tara. It would seem that Gage and Jake were really killed. They had died of a drug overdose. Shiho had been following Mikey and it turns out Mikey is a drug dealer.

“So it’s possibly Mikey killed them and made it look like an overdose.” Shiho finished.

“But why?” Tara asks

“Probably has something to do with the fact that they jumped Kimiko but I stopped them before they could do anything. The moment I hit one of them Mikey got come out of nowhere to help.” I tell them.

“It’s possibly Mikey set me up for that attack. He is the only one that knows how I get home and what route I take.” Kimiko says as she looks at me.

“Then let him be our first victim” I tell the others.

Shiho and I got dressed in our costumes. We looked kind of funny dressed like the Ghostface Killer. We attached the voice changers to the mask and tested them out in front of Kimiko and Tara. They couldn’t tell us apart from our voices, but our height difference was a dead giveaway. We waiting out near the restaurant that Mikey worked out. Lucky for us it was a moonless night. Our black costumes hid us well. Hiding the white ghost face was easy. We just never put it on till it was time to move.

Shiho looks at me “Brad I know that we agreed I should continue staying with Russ till this is all over and I do plan to honor that. I just don’t plan to ever let his cheating dick back into me.”

“I can’t say that I blame you Shiho”

“You know I see the way Kimiko looks at you. She really does love you. I once had that look too, when I met her father. In a way you remind me of him. I would go out of his way to do what was right. Like him you are wise beyond your years. I knew that first night as you tried to protect me I would be alright. I know I was raped repeatedly by your brothers and your father, I held onto the member of when and how I was your first girl. It got me through the night.”

“You’re welcome Shiho. In all honestly, and I really really hope you don’t take this the wrong why but I consider my first time being with Kimiko the next day. It’s not that you were a bad lay or anything. It’s just that I really don’t want to remember losing my virginity to someone that I was forced to rape.”

“I really don’t blame you Brad, and I am not upset or hurt by that statement. Kimiko and I have talked about you. I am glad she’s with you. I am even more glad that you and I are friends. You know Kimiko is lucky. I wish I could meet a guy like you after this is done. Maybe Kimiko will share you.”

“Oh really like the other night?”

“Oh yes we talked about that too. She says that was the hottest thing she’s ever done. I had to envy her that night though. She got to have your cock inside her pussy and I couldn’t.”

“Never give up Shiho. You never know what the future holds. Oh look Mikey’s coming out, show time.”

I put my mask on and grabbed the stun gun. I watch Mikey walk down the alley towards his car. We wanted till we were behind him and then quickly and quietly snuck up to him and hit him with the stun gun. I probably left it on longer than I should have but he caused a lot of pain to Tara. Besides he’s a big boy he can take it. We drove him to an abandon shack near the railroad tracks. There we tied him to a chair or I should say Duct Taped him to a chair naked. God Bless the man who created this stuff. I slapped him hard to wake him up.

“Oh my head, What? Where the hell am I? Who are you people? Let me go, Let me go now and I promise I won’t kill you.” Mikey screamed at us.

Shiho slapped him hard “SHUT UP YOU PUSSY” the voice changer making it hard to tell who she is.

“Oh when I get out of here, I going to make you my bitches”

“Oh well I thought skinheads hated gays, but either way right now you are our bitch” I pipe in.

“So tell me do you enjoy being Nightmare?” I ask


“You know that leather masked boy that loves to cause pain when he rapes girls”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about”

Shiho took a small alligator clip with a string and attached it to end of Mikey’s penis. The end of the string she wrapped around her hand and pulled. The alligator clip slid off Mikey’s cock, its teeth biting into the sensitive head.

“How that hurts fucker” he roared.

She then places it back into his cock. This time she placed too more on his nipples only this time, each was attached to a battery and a dial to let her control the amount of power each battery gave off. Mikey’s eyes widen when he saw and started to get the idea. For a big muscular man he wasn’t very bright. A 9 volt battery connected to the human body wouldn’t cause much if any pain. However Shiho being the psychologist figured that if Mikey likes to be dominate is because he is afraid to be submissive and have pain inflicted upon him. So we used that to our advantage and Mikey spilled his guts. He admitted to selling drugs, killing Gage and Jake, He even admitted to him and Russ fucking Tara.

“So tell my why did you kill those two boys?” I ask.

“They messed up. They were supposed to drag that whiny bitch of a step-sister of mine away and fuck the hell out of her. She doesn’t know her place at all. Her mom was taught her place that the only good Japanese woman is a Japanese whore. Kimiko was about to learn that lesson when out of nowhere, Emma Sterns boy shows up and ruins everything. I had to go out and play the part of the good step-brother.”

“Who’s Emma Stern?” I ask Mikey. In my heart I already knew the answer to that question, but I had to hear it from his mouth.

“Emma Stern was this stuck up 13 year old bitch Tyler Smith fucked. He got her pregnant and she died during child birth. She had a dickhead of a son that was supposed to be shipped off to foster care. Problem is Emma named Tyler on the kid’s birth certificate. Tyler took him in since he didn’t see much of a choice. He was with Tara’s mother at the time and she fell in love with the boy. By the time Tara’s mother left he had grown fawned of the boy. He figured he would be the perfect fall guy should anything happened to him.”

“What do you mean the perfect fall guy?” Shiho asks Mikey.

“Well you say Tyler has had a thing for young girls, younger the better. That’s why he kept Tara. He loved to stand over her sleeping body and jack off. There were times when Chief Ellsworth would lay say he wants sex and blind fold the girl so Tyler could fuck her. He figured Emma’s boy could be set up to make it look like he was raping Tara all along. He even told me he heard the two of them fucking the other night and got some of it on tape.”

My head was spinning as I thought back to that night. I don’t recall Dad being home that night, but it could have been possible, but my door was shut that night how could he…unless he is spying on me. Shiho played her part well.

“Your dad has a wonderful wife at home named Shiho why does he need to go out to fuck another girl?” she asks.

“Oh hell that’s easy. The only reason Dad is keeping her around is for her husband’s money. That bastard was loaded and Dad found out. He tried to get it from him but he set up an account in Kimiko’s name requiring her on her to visit the bank the day she turns 18 or soon after. He placed a few security measures on it to prevent anyone but Kimiko taking it.”

“Like what?” I ask.

“Well for starters there is the fact the she has to be 18. She has to go down in person because it requires DNA, and password that is one of the voice authenticity types. Getting her DNA and finding another Japanese girl to get it would work, but nobody knows the password but Kimiko. He left her a hint in the bank but like I said nobody but her can see it.”

“How do you know all this?” Shiho asks

“That’s easy. Dad and I killed her father trying to make him give us the money. Dad then secretly created a new name and set up to marry Shiho which wasn’t that hard. I here she’s a good fuck and can’t wait to sink my cock into her like the cunt she is.”

I quickly hit Mikey with another shot of the stun gun. Shiho ran outside and I was left to take care of Mikey. I put him in his car drove him to the other side of town and tossed him out of the car naked as the day he was born. He can walk home naked. I drove back to the shack and grabbed Shiho. We drove Mikey’s car back to the restaurant and get in Shiho’s and drove back to Salvation. The entire time we never really spoke. Once inside we say that Tara was sleeping and Kimiko had gone home to bed. Shiho sat down on the couch. She looked like she was about to break down and cry. It’s not every day you find out our husband was killed by your future husband all for money. I placed my arms around her and hold her close. She looked up at me and smiled.

“Thank you Brad for being here for me”

“You’re welcome”

I looked into her eyes and wiped the tear off her check. She then placed her hands on my face and pulled me for a kiss. When our lips met I slowly snaked my tongue into her mouth. She pulled me in closer, never breaking our kiss. I slow started sliding my hands down her back. She broke our kiss and pulled me to the spare room. Once inside she shut the door and rushed back into my arms. I kissed her lips, then her cheek, then her ear lobe, and on down to her neck. Shiho moaned with each kiss. I grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it off while she reached behind her back and undid her bra. It fell to the floor. Her beautiful dark nipples where standing straight up. I bent over and took one in my mouth. I felt Shiho undoing my pants and pulling them down. I took her nipple out of my mouth and pulled my shirt off.

Shiho dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth. Her warm wet lips wrapped around my cock. I could feel her tongue teasing my slit. I moaned softly as she placed her hands on my ass and pulled me in deep. My cock slide straight down her throat, it felt like heaven. She cupped my balls and started jacking my off with her mouth. I placed my hand on the back of her head to help guide her. My hips slowly rocking as I fucked her mouth. Never once did she stop teasing me with her tongue. I felt my cum boiling in my balls, it was rising up quickly. “Oh Shiho I’m going to cum” I warned her as I shot my load into her mouth. She sucks ever drop of my cum, taking what seemed like gallons into her mouth and swallowing it.

She stood up took off her pants and got on the bed. Her legs spread open for me. She shaved her pussy and left a nice little landing strip of hair above her clit. I got between her wonderful legs and licked her pussy back to front. I loved how good she tastes. I slide my tongue into her moist pussy as I rubbed her clit. She placed her hands on the back of my head and started humping my face. I ate her pussy like I had been starving for days.

“Oh Brad that’s it, eat my pussy baby. Make me cum. It’s been so long please get it nice and wet. That’s it slide your tongue into my pussy, lick it like an ice cream cone. Oh shut I’m going to CUMMMMMMMMMMM.”

Shiho flooded my mouth with her juices. I swallowed as fast as I could. Some of her juices were around my lips. I moved up her body and kissed her nipples then sucked on them. I felt her hand reach between our bodies. She guided my cock to her pussy. I look at her

“Are you sure?”

“Yes Brad, give it to me. Our first time wasn’t special. I’m healed and I want your cock to be inside me. You felt so good that night.”

I slowly slide my cock into my fine wet pussy. I could see more of her pussy juices being pushed out as my cock went in. Once I was balls deep, I kissed this beautiful woman lying under me. I slowly start sliding my cock in and out of her pussy. I wanted to be gentle for now just in case. Shiho wrapped her arms and legs around my body. I felt her thrust up to meet every push I made with my cock. I kiss her sweet lips and I tease her nipple with my finger. Her nipples must be sensitive because I felt her pussy squeeze my cock harder than a python squeezes its prey. “MMMM Brad OOOOO that’s it fuck me good. Fuck me like you fuck my daughter. Give it to me. Harder” she moans

I slowly start picking up my pace. I could feel my balls slapping against her ass. Her back is arched, her moans are loud. I place her feet on my shoulders and start acting like a jackhammer breaking up concrete.

“That’s it lover, you’re hitting the right spot. Oh shit I’m going to cum again AAAAAHHH”

I felt her pussy clamp down again, her orgasm more powerful than the one before it. I felt like my cock was going to break off. My balls started to give me the tale tall signs of an appending eruption of cum. Shiho felt to too.

“Cum inside me lover, let me feel you nice hot cum in my sweet Japanese pussy.” I thrust into her pussy hard a couple more times. My cock blows up inside her. I pumped my cock cream deep inside her, triggering another orgasm from her. As we came together she kissed me, moaning with pleasure in my mouth. I slowly pull out of Shiho. I was still hard after 2 orgasms. She got on her hands and knees with her tight ass near me. I placed my hands on her hips and slowly slide my cock back into her extra tight pussy.

“Oh Brad stop being gentle and fuck me like a man. Fuck me hard and deep please” I start out slowly and pull cock almost all the way out. I left the head inside then I ram it in hard. Shiho reached down and starts rubbing her clit. She buries her face in the pillow as she scream with pleasure. I got a good grip on her hips and started fucking her hard and fast. Her pussy was becoming tighter and tighter. Our juices coat my cock and are slowly dripping out of her pussy each time I pull back. Shiho continued to scream into the pillow. I felt her pussy claim down again and she came. This time there was no screaming into the pillow. It was too much for her. She lifted her head up and drove her pussy hard down onto my cock.

“SHIT you feel so fucking good. Fuck me good. Fuck me like the MILF I am. Oh God you are so much better than Russ. Give it to me. Make me your Japanese fuck toy. I love it baby; I’m your personal fuck toy.”

“God Shiho you’re so fucking tight and naughty.”

“Yeah baby fuck my tight pussy with that manly cock of yours. You wish Kimiko was here don’t you; you want me to watch you fucking her don’t you. How about Tara, want to see me eat that pussy of hers? Oh I would love to lick your cream out of that girl’s sweet pussy.”

I felt myself on the brink of exploding again. I redouble my efforts. Sweat pouring down my face as I fuck this tight pussy for all its worth. I was so into it I never felt the orgasm coming until I shot the first rope into her. I thrust hard into her. Her pussy milking my cock for all its worth, I fell on top of Shiho, my energy was gone. After a few moments I rolled off of her. Shiho laid her head on my chest. I was exhausted and I can tell she is too. A noise at the door catches my attention. Kimiko is standing there with a big smile on her face. She walks into the room and kisses me and her mother.

“Mom is such a freak in bed. I’m not made you fucked her, I thought it was hot. If it pleases you Brad you can fuck her again and again. I’m sure she would love that. Hell I’m sure Tara would gladly fuck you too. I hope you can handle 3 girls sweetheart. Cause I think we are all taken by you”

“Oh I think I can handle all 3 of you, but you are the only one my heart belongs too. I love you Kimiko”

“I love you too Brad. Sweet dreams” she says as she kisses me and covers both her mom and I up.

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