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My first try at writing a story...

Please Fuck Me Son!

After my sons 18th birthday, I found myself looking at him differently than I used to. He seemed to have turned into a man overnight! Eric is a foot taller than me, strong broad shoulders, big hands, big brown eyes, in a word, handsome!
Eric’s real dad and I had divorced when Eric was about eight. Eric grew very protective of me and still is. He always tries to take care of me and worries about me. I just laugh about it, but I secretly love it!

I started to fantasies about what it would be like to have him touch my body and kiss him. When I gave him hugs, I found myself pressing my body as close as I could to his and stay there as long as I could. I made sure to where revealing shirts and short skirts with no panties on just hoping to catch him looking at my tits or hoping that I would get the opportunity to “accidentally” flash him my shaved pussy. This continued for several months. I caught him checking me out on several occasions and I’m pretty sure he got a good look at my pussy a couple of times! I was getting more and more turned on at the thought of my son fucking me! All I had to do was think about it and my pussy would get wet and my juices would start running down my inner thighs. I knew something had to give!

I guess at this point I should also say that I remarried about a year after Eric’s biological dad and I divorced. He’s a great husband who took Eric in as his own. My husband and I have a great sex life. We are very adventurous and try and talk about new things. My husband knows me very well and could tell that I was getting turned on by my son. One night, he asked me about it. After a little coxing, I told him that I had been fantasizing about Eric touching me and even fucking me. He wasn’t surprised at all, and said that the idea turned him on too. He told me to go for it, just to tell him all about it when it happened. That was all I needed to hear. Now I had to have my son inside of me!

Since Eric doesn’t live with us, I had to wait anxiously for his next visit. Finally, after a month of anticipation and some amazing fantasy induced masturbation sessions, a visit was planned. Eric would be here for 1 week. I started to worry and freak out a little bit. What if Eric didn’t want me? What if I didn’t turn him on? What if I freaked him out? He’s still; after all, my son and I would never want to hurt him!

I devised a plan to seduce my son. On the second night he was here, we spent the evening playing pool, listening to music (my husband’s special “slut cd”), and having a few beers. I was actually drinking tequila…calm my nerves a little! I had on a short dress with no panties and no bar. It was low cut and tight so you could really see my nipples when they got hard. I was having so much fun flirting with my son….and he was flirting back! I saw him looking at my nipples several times and notices a bulge growing in his pants. My husband, as planned, decided it was time for him to go to bed since he had to go to work in the morning. Eric and I were having too much fun to call it a night.

After my husband went to bed, I really started laying it on. I would bend over the pool table really far in front of him giving him a good view of my wet, shaved pussy. The bulge was growing bigger in Eric’s pants, so I just kept going. I was so worked up from the wait and the anticipation and all the flirting that I just could not resist. I walked up to him, through my arms around his neck, pressed my hard nipples against his chest, and looked him deep in his eyes and the put my mouth on his before he could say a word. I didn’t move. I waited to see how he reacted. I was holding my breath. It seemed like an eternity! Finally, I felt my sons hands wrap around my waist and pull me close. I pulled my lips away from his and looked up into his eyes. He looked down at me and said, “Mom….” I cut him off and said, “Son, please don’t be mad! I love you so much. I just wanted you to touch me…” It was his turn to interrupt me, “Mom, mom! It’s okay! I have wanted to touch you for so long, I just wasn’t sure…You’re so beautiful!” Eric bent down and kissed me long and hard as he let his hands explore my waist and hips and ass. I ran my fingers through his hair as we kissed. Slowly we pulled away from each other and looked into each others eyes again, “Son, will you please fuck me?” “Oh God Mom! Yes, yes, yes! I will fuck your perfect pussy!”

We made our way quickly to his bedroom. I turned to face him. He pulled my dress up over my head. “God Mom! You’re even sexier than I imagined!” I stood there as my son’s hands caressed my breast and tweaked my nipples. I was holding my breath but soon a moan of pleasure escaped my lips. At that, he bent his head down and started licking all the way around my nipple and then flicked it with his tongue. He put his lips around it and gently bit and tugged and sucked on it. “Oh God Son!” I said. He moved to the other side and gave my other nipple the same treatment as his hand found my soaking wet pussy and started rubbing my clit.

I couldn’t take it any more! I dropped to my knees, quickly undid did his pants, pulled out his cock and wrapped my lips around it. His cock was bigger than I had expected. It was about 8 inches and nice and thick. Eric’s cock felt so good in my mouth as I licked and sucked it. I wanted all of it in my mouth, so I opened up my throat and took my sons cock all the way down until my face was pressed against him. “Oh Fuck Mom! You’re going to make me cum!” At that, I pulled back a little bit and started to move my mouth quickly up and down his cock until I felt him start to tense and I knew he was getting ready to cum. I wanted to taste his cum in my mouth so bad so I pulled back a little so it wouldn’t all just go down my throat. “AAGGHHH!” he moaned as he filled my mouth with his cum. I held it in my mouth enjoying the taste of my son’s cum. I looked up at him and swallowed. It was incredible!

Eric slowly pushed me back on his bed....

Part two to follow…

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2017-01-10 16:57:36
I stopped reading at the shaved pussy. Totally ruined it for me. I gave you a negative rating.

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2016-12-21 22:19:02
what thy fuck u are such a great mom

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2016-12-03 14:20:21
How can you know she has a perfect pussy if all uv gotten is a tiny glimpse from her bending over? Your story is fine but its def not a true one..

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2016-10-04 16:58:59
it's wear, not where

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2016-04-30 18:18:08
if you got divorce how you say after my husband went to bed?

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