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Should I marry a man who wants to continue his sexual relationship with his stepmother?
My fiancé had been a sex surrogate to his stepmother for his father who was away on work most of the time. He wants to continue his sexual relationship with her in our marriage. He says their personalities are now so entwined that they feel they could not stop without losing part of their identities.. This made me pause in accepting his marriage proposal.

I will share this unusual story which may help other men and women who find themselves in similar predicaments Our solution may help them. work through this.

I, Kimberly, will tell the story from my fiance's, Randy, perspective since it begins before I entered the picture.

A year after Margie married Randy’s father.

Randy is speaking. My father died tragically six months ago in a car crash in the country of Qatar. I did not deal well with it the first three months but did finally come out of my funk when Kimberly, the daughter of one of my father’s friends, asked me for a date. She had been with her father at the funeral. I had known who she was although she attended a different high school. I had never had talked with her. We started dating and just last week I asked her to marry me.

I felt I had to be honest and I told her about my intimate relationship with my stepmother, Margie. The relationship arose out of a practical solution which my dad worked out to sexually satisfy his wife (my step mother) when he was gone. I admitted that both of us are reluctant to terminate it. I asked Kimberly to meet with my Margie (Margarita Richards) before making her decision. I told Kimberly that I truly love her and do not see myself ever wanting to marry anyone except her. I said because Margie and my lives are so entwined sexually that we feel we will lose too much of who we are if we split. Kimberly, as expected, was shocked about this side of my life but she was willing to meet with us both before making a decision.

At an up-scale restaurant.

Margie and I are waiting at a table in a classy restaurant. The restaurant has soft music playing in the background. This is not one of those sports bars with three TVs on each wall. I am wearing a plain white dress shirt with open collar and navy blue slacks. I am a little anxious. Margie is wearing a turtle-neck club dress with dual cross- over straps and open sleeves. The top covers the outside halves of her breasts but the rest of them are very visible.

My beautiful fiancée Kimberly walks into the restaurant and spots me sitting with the Margie. I rise and greet her and she sits on my opposite side. She is wearing an ivory-colored steamy Ashanti turtle neck top with a wrap around neck. Some bare midriff shows above classy tight jeans. The top has bust cups pushing her breasts out. They are totally unnecessary but I can tell she savors the over-the- top accent.

Margie smiles and offers her hand across me so I lean back, “I have been so much looking forward to meeting you, Kimberly.”

“I too have been looking forward to meeting you, Mrs. Richards. Randy has told me a lot about you. But please call me ‘Kim,’ since I think we are going to be close friends for a long time - at least I hope so.” They shake.

I ask the two, “Should we eat first and then chat afterwards or just go with drinks now and start our chat? You ladies are in charge for the evening.” This is obvious that it is up to the two women to decide if they can share me in their lives.

They elect to go with the drinks and then talk business. The waitress comes and the all agree on the special, golden Margaritas.

Margie asks, “Kim, Randy tells me that he told you how I took his virginity - so you are ahead of me. How about balancing the exposure?”

Kimberly is not fazed by the bluntness of the question because Randy warned her Margie was direct. Besides, Margie has a point.

“Glad to, but let’s wait for the drinks.” The small talk continues until the Margaritas arrive.

We then order. The women order shrimp and scallops and I order a large steak.

Kim points out, “Randy, I read recently that a large meal in your stomach draws the blood to digest it instead of going into an erection.”

The waitress’ eyes about pop out. I say to her, “In that case, I would like a petite filet mignon, instead – medium rare. Thank you.”

The drinks soon lubricate the conversation.

“So you want me to tell you how my cherry was popped?” Kimberly asks. A woman who is with a young female, probably her daughter, at the next table perks up her ears at this statement and leans back in her chair.

“Fair enough. I was in a swimming class at Xavier Catholic High School here. Sister Edwina, the teacher, was holding me up in the pool showing me how to do the American Crawl. She had these long narrow fingers and always sported long finger nails which were unusual for a nun because it was considered too worldly. I remember wearing this one - piece purple bathing suit that had our school name on it. It was a little big for me and it was ugly.

“I was prone on top of the water. Sister was supporting me with her left hand just below my stomach and her right was resting on one of my thighs. All of a sudden she jabbed two fingers deep into my slit until they pierced my hymen. I knew it was coming but I still jumped at the sharp pain. It really hurt but the pain was gone in a couple of minutes. Other kids thought I was a poor swimming student but my girl friends knew what was happening. Sister Edwina was not only the swim teacher but the school swim coach too. All the girls who wanted to be on the swim team had to go through this ritual with Sister. It was a kind of ‘coming of age’ event for us. Behind her back, we called her ‘Sister Edwina Scissorshand.’ I think she is still the coach at the school. Incidentally, I never did make on the swim team.”

Margie replies “That was an unrequited sacrifice.”

“Yeah, and I think it delayed me from appreciating the pleasures of Lesbianism.”

The woman at the next table who was eaves dropping caught herself before she tipped over.

Kimberly answers “We did not care. We thought it was intriguing besides we would rather lose our cherry this way than risk embarrassment with a boy later on. It was just a rite of passage.”

Kimberly then got down to business, “Mrs. Richards ….”

“’Margie, please.”

“Margie, I appreciate that Randy told me that you two have a very special relationship.”

“Yes, Randy and I agreed we need to be open and honest with you, and if possible, to continue our physical love for each other. As he told you, his father was not at home most of the time due to the nature of his employment. And, as a relatively young woman, I had certain needs.”

“Margie, I can be sympathetic to that since I am a very sexual person myself. You were still a young woman and I realize your expectation was a reasonable one. If you could not be accommodated, there was not way you would marry Don, his father. I’d feel the same way if my sex partner was not available. As Kim talks, I note she leans over to give and Margie and me a better view of her cleavage. She wants to accent her own assets.

Kimberly turns to me, “Randy, I know this is a little awkward for you but I think Margie and I can answer the question of compatibility in just a few minutes if we have some privacy.”

“Listen, ladies, I will gladly step outside and let you have your chat.”

“No honey, why don’t you stay here and pay the bill. Margie and I just need to visit the ladies’ room for a bit, don’t we Margie?”

“Yes, I am sure we can. But for we go I have I have a little quiz for our man of the evening. Randy, do you see that girl with the glasses at the next table sitting across from her mother who has been listening in to our conversation?”

I answered, “Yes. What about her?”

“I want to see how observant men are. What can you tell us ‘Plain Jane’?”

“Okay. You’re on. What are your questions?”

Kimberly says, “Her tits?”

I answer, “‘B’ cup and should grow into ‘C’ cup. Puffy nipples.” I noted her first thing when I came in and saw the girl at the table who had no bra on.


“Next, how old do think Plain Jane is?”

“She looks so young but she is 16. I know that because she was driving the car right in front of us when we drove in here and her mother was obviously giving her instruction. You can’t get your driver’s permit in this state unless you are 16. So she has to be 16. What else would you like to know, Madame?”

“Not bad.” Kimberly admits. “Do you think she would let you fuck her?”

Laughing, I ask, “How am I supposed to know? She looks pretty innocent.”

“Well, darling, here is a way to find out. My bet is she wants it because even with my peripheral vision I have seen the way she has been looking at you since we got here. Drop your fork and you’ll find out.”

“Drop my fork? Okay”. I dropped my fork and nothing happened.

Kimberly says, “Pick it up.”

I deferred, “That is not proper etiquette. It is on the floor. The waitress will pick it up.”

She repeats, “Pick it up.”

I shrugged, and bend over and reach for the fork. I happen to look under the other table and there is just even light to see the girl’s legs spread revealing a bare shaved pussy with large labia for her age. I can see a short Tampon string dangling from it. I steal a stare for a few extra seconds then I retrieve the fork. I rise with fork in hand and give a Cheshire cat smile to Kimberly.

“I thought so,” she says. “Randy, baby, why don’t you go over and commend the girl’s driving to the mother and slip the girl your cell phone number when you shake her hand? In the meantime, Margie and I make that visit to the ladies’ room. Do you think you can handle that?” I nod.

Margie picks up her small Italian black leather purse, and follows Kimberly to the ladies’ room.

I go over and follow Margie’s instructions. The girl’s mother is a little reserved after listening to the sex chat at our table for the last half hour. When I commend her helping her daughter to learn to drive she gives me a big smile and accepts my hand. Then I turn to mom’s little slut, smile and palm her my phone number. Without batting an eye she moves in under the table and pockets it.

I return to my seat pleased with the subterfuge but have anxiety about my two women in the rest room. They have to decide whether to accepting the idea or sharing one cock for the rest of their lives -at least one cock in their household.

The rest room is vacant when the ladies walk in. They go to the sink and each gets out lipstick and apply a little and pucker. They turn to face each other. No words are spoken. Kimberly washes her hands but does not dry them.

She walks to the farthest stall - the handicapped one which is larger than the others. Margie follows and closes the door and trips the latch. She puts her hands on her top of her light weight dress and slowly removes it keeping her eyes on the other woman. She then turns around to let Kimberly unsnap her sheer half bra. Margie thrusts her full tan breasts and pivots back. She puts her fingers into the elastic and pushes down her skimpy Dacron panty to just below her knees. Both women stare at each other’s eyes and all remains quiet. Kimberly’s eyes do not leave Margie’s stare.

Kimberly feels the moisture in her own panties resulting from being inches away from the gorgeous Hispanic body.

Kim takes some tissue and places it on the floor and then goes down on her knees. She rivets her eyes on the most beautiful site on earth a woman’s shaved pussy. She puts her two fingers into her mouth to rewet them since they had dried a little after the washing in the sink. She keeps her eyes on her target which just a few inches away from her mouth.

“Mmmm,” Margie breaks the silence.

Kim, takes her fist and pushes in between the woman’s legs. The pressure forces the woman to bend down a few inches and the legs separate. With two fingers Kim separates the receiver’s labia. She then slowly inserts the tips of the fingers. A louder and longer, “Mmmmmmmm!” fills the room.

The sound of doors opening and a voice, “Mom, I think there is someone in here,” a child’s voice is heard.

“I think you’re right, Suzie.” The door slams and silence returns.

Kimberly ‘s fingers resume their movement with the tips sliding slowly but easily into a wet vagina. The action has Margie bending down further until her panties can stretch no more. The fingers stop their penetration of the passage when her thumb becomes the barrier.

With her two fingers buried in the vagina she then puckers her lips and continues to look up.

She then withdraws her fingers. Her face then turns toward the vulva. She puckers her lips and kisses the exposed part of the clitoris. The receiver’s body jumps from the electric sensation. The tip of Kimberly’s tongue dips and she scoops up a little of the liquid. She slowly stands but keeps her tongue out. Her partner offers her own tongue. The love juice is shared. Margie then attempts to deep throat but Kimberly draws back realizing the bonding act is completed and there is no time for love making. Kim kisses her partner on each brown nipple and then on her mouth. She steps back.

Margie begins dressing. She turns around so her partner can snap the bra. She turns once more when she is fully dressed to have Kim check her for neatness. Kim’s hand reaches toward Margie’s tit but the hand only stops to remove a piece of lint.

Kimberly then lifts the latch and exits with Margie trailing.

“Welcome, back ladies, that didn’t take so long - for women,” Randy said.

Upon taking her seat, Kimberly says to me, while she looks at Margie, “Honey, we can go to your home now because I think we all are ready for a pleasant evening together and, I anticipate a long pleasurable life together. By the way, how did it go with the Jane?”

I responded, “I will tell about the girl on the way home.” That was the best news I got in my life, both women wanted to go home with me.

As were putting on our seat belts my cell phone rings. “Yes, hi. Indeed, it was nice meeting your mother and you this evening. Of course, how about coming over Wednesday – we will be busy tonight.”

“Randy, Randy!” Kim interjects.

“What, Kim?”

“Why not tomorrow night?”

“Hold on.” He puts his finger to his lips silencing me. “Okay, see you Wednesday night, Emily ? Excellent. We live at on 3012 Dodge Street near the main post office. Eight PM? We will look forward to your visit then. ‘Night”

Randy turns, “Girls, we have entertainment for Wednesday night. I went with Wednesday because I have enough to do with fucking both of you tonight. Besides, the girl, not Plain Jane, but Emily is having her period. “

“Good work, guy.” Kim says, “I have dibs on her clit and cunt, Margie, you take her tits with those puffy nipples, and Randy you can fill her asshole.”


In a follow up on our family to the present, both Margie and I (Kimberly) found we were pregnant within a few weeks after the evening at the restaurant. Margie stopped using the pill after the night at the restaurant when she realized there would be more stability for her with a place in our new family. Our due dates are next month and are just a couple days apart. Ultrasounds found Margie with a boy and me with a girl. We are excited about expanding our family. Incidentally, we learned that the young lady, “Plain Jane,” actually, Emily, is on Sister Edwina’s swim team at the high school. She is Catholic but her mother tells her that her family is a “cultural Catholic” one and not a religious one. In other words, her family goes along with the social and economic circle of their parish but dismisses the rules of the men (Pope an priests) of the church. This helps explain why she was on birth control pills and has not gotten pregnant in our little group. (Once again a modern family solution.) We have engaged her to be our baby sitter for when the babies arrive. Small world isn’t it?

To see how Randy got involved with his stepmother originally read "My Surrogate Stepson."

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