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I had worked as a Paleontologist for most of my adult life. Nearing thirty, I had already seen and traveled to more exotic places than most would over their entire life-time.

I loved my work. But it had left me very little time to develop any serious or long term relationships. Not that I hadn't had my fare-share of women here and there. I had. But there was really no time for any permanence in my life at the moment.

I'd been working on a new site in Guatemala when the telegram arrived. It was from mom, short...sweet and to the point as I'd come to expect from her. I had to take a moment to think back to the last time I'd even seen her, or come for a visit. Nearly five years now since I had done so...and only then because dad had passed away due to a long suffering illness. Don't get me wrong, I loved my mother, but she and dad seemed to constantly be at odds around one another, which made whatever time I spent with either one of them, less than enjoyable. And once again, the news I'd just received wasn't good either.

"John. Uncle Fred passed away suffering a heart attack. Susan's coming here to stay with me for a while. Next time you're in town again, come by. Would be nice to see you again. Love mom."

Like I said, short and the point. But it was what she hadn't said that intrigued me. One of the reasons I hadn't spent as much time with my folks as I might have, regardless of their constant bickering, was the fact there had been a bit of a family scandal years ago. If I hadn't left when I did to begin my new adventure in life, my Uncle Fred would have no doubt killed me.

I had just turned nineteen at the time. I was still in the process of trying to decide which school to attend to begin my new career. But prior to doing that, I'd been invited to participate in a dig not too far from home, something I was looking forward to doing. Gain some much needed experience for one thing, but for actually get away and out on my own. As such, mom and dad had more or less put together a going away party for me. A few friends, family...including my Aunt Susan and Uncle Fred. Needless to say, the alcohol flowed that evening, plenty of wine and beer...too much so for my Aunt Susan who had become pretty intoxicated during the course of the evening. Not that I wasn't feeling it myself, but what happened after that I can only blame on the free-flowing Aunt's very real attractiveness, and the fact that I was still a typically horny nineteen year old kid.

I had just entered the upstairs bathroom in order to take a leak. I had caught movement out of the corner of my eye just prior to doing that, glancing back and saw my Aunt slowly weaving her way towards me down the hall. Like I said, it was obvious she'd had a bit to drink herself, but I didn't think much more about it. After all, I had gotten there first. Standing over the toilet, I whipped out my cock in preparation of taking a pee when she knocked on the door.

"Hurry up in there!" She called out. "I need to pee too!" She added.

I don't know why it is...maybe it's just me, though I've since discovered that several men can become "pee-shy" for whatever reason. But the thought of my Aunt standing there listening to me urinate suddenly made it even more difficult as I stood there struggling...trying to make it go. Which of course is when she simply barged in rather than waiting outside any longer. Unfortunately, the lock on the door had broken years ago, and dad had never gotten around to having it fixed. Saw no real point in it anyway as there was another bathroom downstairs, and a half bath in their bedroom...also down stairs. And though this really wasn't my own personal bathroom, it was the one I always tended to use as my bedroom was just down at the end of the hallway.

I was still standing there, holding my dick in hand when Susan suddenly barged into the room. I had simultaneously just managed to start peeing when this happened, so it wasn't like I could just shove it back inside my pants without pissing all over myself. I tried turning, just a bit off to one side, calling out to her as she came stumbling in, just managing to reach the sink clinging to it without falling over as she boldly looked down at me, dick in hand.

"Aunt Sue!" I just managed, red in the face for one thing, though all she did was laugh.

"Ain't like I aint seen a man's prick before," she slurred slightly. "Though admittedly, not sure I've seen one that big before," she giggled more to herself suddenly reaching out towards me of all things. Though thankfully, I had managed to stop peeing, even though I was far from being finished as I stepped back suddenly, out of reflex and self protection more than anything in an attempt to actually keep her hand from finding me. When I did that however, I stumbled, stepping back into the shower stall nearby. The small ledge causing me to fall back, where I luckily just managed to catch myself before falling flat on my ass inside the shower itself. All this did was cause my Aunt to laugh however, as she suddenly pulled down the slacks, along with the panties she was wearing, and lay claim to the toilet I'd been trying to use.

The problem with that was...she'd forgotten to lower the seat. Suddenly she's half disappearing down inside the bowl, totally taken by surprise and now as shocked as I was at the somewhat comical events taking place here. Me standing there with my dick sticking out, my Aunt, bare-assed now half wedged into the toilet bowl.

"Well don't just stand there gawking at me John!" She cried out. "Help get me up out of here!" She demanded.

She was waving her arms wildly, motioning for me to come over to her, not to mention half yelling as she did. At least there was enough noise downstairs to cover her sudden cry of alarm, or so I thought anyway, as I hurriedly moved towards her. More as a measure of shutting her up as opposed to actually helping her I suppose. The last thing I wanted was for someone to come rushing in, and find the two of us like this. Hard enough trying to explain that let alone anything else. Which is basically what actually happened. Grabbing her hands, I had expected to pull her up and out of the toilet. Slightly off balance myself however, she pulled instead, bringing me crashing into her. The next thing I hear is her saying, "Ah ha! Gotcha!"

Before I even realized what was happening, my Aunt's suddenly got my dick inside her mouth, sucking it. Her hands now dropping mine, and clenching onto my ass, pulling me even more fully into her. I had hardly any time to react to what was happening. My thoughts suddenly going in a million directions at once.

For one...believe it or not, this was my first EVER blowjob! Though at the time, I'm not sure it really qualified as one. But the fact my dick was actually inside a woman's mouth, even if she was my aunt was enough to cause me to stand there stupidly for a moment, just taking this all in. Secondly...and not that anything had ever happened between us prior to this, growing up...I had always had a bit of a minor crush on my aunt. Not something I had ever actually acted upon, but she hadn't exactly helped in that department either. About the time I had hit some level of Aunt Susan had taken a bit of a sadistic kick out of teasing me, even flirting with me a little. There'd been brief, subtle glimpses down her blouse...things like that when I knew damn good and well she hadn't been wearing a bra. And I swore she knew it too, allowing me these quick peeks, a knowing look and a smile right behind that. The occasional brushes up against me, kisses on the cheek or forehead as she allowed a lingering caress of breast against my arm. My sexy looking aunt had become a major portion of my masturbatory fantasies back then. She really was sexy looking, though hating to admit it, so was mom. Though she had put on a few extra pounds over the course of the years, mom too was still an attractive looking woman. Both sisters with dishwater blonde hair, curvy figures, more than ample bust lines...which again, my Aunt Susan seemed to enjoy flaunting in my face whenever she had the chance.

But up until this had never gone beyond any of that. Certainly not with me standing there, my cock in her mouth as she sat there, still half-wedged inside the toilet bowl, with her slacks and panties down around her ankles as she sat there sucking on it.

Which is when the fucking bathroom door opened once again.

Apparently...even with the noise going on down below us, my mother had just managed to hear my Aunt's cry for help. Ascending the stairs, she had taken a moment more to inform my Uncle that she'd just heard her sister's cry for help. So he too then had followed her up the stairs in search of my Aunt. It had taken a moment for them to figure out where she was...even laughing about it as they opened the bathroom door. No doubt already well aware of her somewhat inebriated state and expecting something...just not what they found as they suddenly stepped into the room. Me...head slightly tossed back now, hands on my Aunt's head, fucking her face as she in turn sat gobbling my cock.

Needless to say, sounds of their laughter suddenly fell silent as the sound of my mother's voice suddenly crying out, as she said "Oh my God! John!" And then my Uncles, right behind that..."I'm going to kill, mother fucker!"

Needless to say, the party ended at that point, and it's safe to say, I barely escaped from the house with my life, thankful for mom who had somehow managed to throw herself between the two of us before he could grab me. I jumped into my car and headed off to a friend's house where I spent the next two days more or less hiding out. Eventually I came home again after my Uncle had calmed down enough and quit looking for me. There was of course a bit of a row between my mom and her sister as well, not to mention my father, who was almost as upset with me as Uncle Fred was. I think everyone was more or less really relieved when I finally left on my new life's adventure the following week.

In time...all was more or less forgotten, and never really discussed again until several years later, and then only really in passing the last time I had come home for a brief visit after dad had died. I had of course run into my Aunt Susan again back at the house during my father's wake. Luckily for me...Uncle Fred was away on business and hadn't been able to return for the funeral in time. It was at first awkward, seeing her again, even after all this time. The only reference being made, with a small knowing smile once again, was when I had headed off upstairs to use the bathroom again. And then hearing my Aunt say, I need to go too...only this time, I think I'll use the one downstairs."

Nothing more was ever said about it. And now, here it was...several years later after that as I stood there with the telegram in hand, telling me my Uncle had died.

It was time to go home for a visit again.


As it was, it still took me three days to make arrangements to leave the country. I didn't bother replying to the telegram. Mom would know that I'd eventually make it home when arrangements could be made so I didn't bother telling them when I might be there, or how...or when I'd arrive. A few days later I was standing in front of the home I had grown up in, paying the cabby and watching the taillights in the still dark morning as he pulled away. Not too surprisingly, there weren't any lights on in the house, but it was early yet. I figured that mom, and my Aunt, if she was indeed staying there, were still fast asleep. And though I no longer had keys to the house on me, I knew where mom kept a spare one in case she lost hers, or locked herself out. I headed towards the back of the house where I knew the planter would be that hid the spare key. Rounding the corner, I was surprised to find that there was a light on, coming from the kitchen area. So...someone WAS up after all. I started to head towards the back door, when I caught movement just then, mom coming into the kitchen from the other room. I stopped dead in my tracks when she did that. She was obviously talking to someone, though what she was saying I couldn't hear. Her movements animated, even laughing as she came into the room, turning leaning against the kitchen counter. I was taken in at the changes I saw. She actually looked younger than the last time I had seen her. Nearing sixty, she looked far younger than her years, certainly less aged than the last time I had actually seen her. She had obviously colored her hair again, more her normal color, or the way I once remembered it, perhaps adding to that. But it was the even more obvious change that suddenly filled my eyes that had me standing there, gaping at her with my mouth open. Though wearing a bathrobe, it suddenly seemed to open as she leaned against the counter. She was naked beneath it, her full breasts suddenly fully and completely exposed. I'd maybe seen them once or twice growing up as a kid. But I'd never seen them looking like this, or like she did now. Mom had definitely lost some weight. No...she wasn't svelte or anything like that. But she wasn't frumpy looking any more either. She'd actually toned up some. She still had a bit of a mature belly pooch, but it was nothing like it once was. And though her breasts certainly weren't sitting high up on her rib-cage any more like they once might have, they were wonderfully full and round in appearance. Each capped by fairly large, dark brown areola's that drew my eyes to them like a beacon. I shook my head as though trying to clear my mind. Looking at my own mother like this, feeling a certain stirring below was not only inappropriate, but totally sick for me to be standing there gawking at her the way that I was.

I paused...taking another step in preparation of heading towards the door...knocking. But that's when my Aunt entered into the picture, suddenly coming into view from wherever it was that she'd been sitting. No doubt at the kitchen table, which was currently out of my sight. When she did that, I nearly tripped over my own two feet.

Aunt Susan was completely naked.

Once again I found myself feet frozen to the spot, unable to move, not daring to lest outside movement might be seen by either one of them. As dark as it still was, I knew I was covered in the darkness outside, the light inside masking my even being there, for the moment anyway. Mom again laughing as my Aunt approached her, once again animated, though so was my Aunt as she closed the distance between them. And then suddenly, she was standing there right in front of mom, both hands coming out to capture, and then cup my mother's heavy pendulous breasts in her hands, hefting though weighing them. Gently shaking them up and down just before her thumbs seemed to find both of mom's thick extended nipples at once, thumbing them, rolling them, and finally pulling on them as she stood there playing with my other's tits, teasing her nipples.

I finally took a breath, realizing only then I'd been holding it as though afraid that had I actually taken a breath, they'd have heard it. But by the way they stood there facing one another, mom's hands finally coming up, and now beginning to do the same thing to my Aunt's breasts that she was doing to hers...neither one of them would have been aware or even remotely concerned or worried about any other presence standing there outside the window area.

"Fuck!" I actually said out loud, though knowing as I did, neither one of them could have possibly heard me. "What the fuck?" I then asked again, though this time silently to myself as I stood there watching the two of them, no longer sure about walking a few feet further towards the door, or letting them know I was actually there. "Would they then realize that it was very likely I had actually seen them? Seen this? Seen them doing what I now stood there watching them do?"

I was confused beyond words. Shocked...appalled even. And eerily aroused.

As I stood there watching the two of them fondling one another, I noticed that my Aunt had changed as well. Where mom had definitely lost weight, my normally almost too skinny Aunt had gained it. The thing was, she looked as good as mom now did, having done that. The two of them almost identical in shape and size now, though Aunt Susan was still an inch or two shorter, just barely over five feet. She always had, had slightly larger breasts however, and by the looks of it...still did. Which is what I was now gawking at as the two of them embraced, their breasts heavy, pressing against one another as I now watched them actually kiss.

"Holy fucking shit!" I exclaimed, this time loud enough that I was afraid I actually might have been heard, quickly ducking down well below the window before daring to stand up again in the event I might have. The fact that my aunt...were being obviously intimate with one another was something I was having a very difficult time wrapping my head around. "How long has this been going on anyway?" I now silently asked myself. I thought back as far as I could, but there was nothing I could even remotely put my finger on that pointed towards anything ever going on. Aside from my Aunt's occasional flirtatious teasing towards me, I'd never once caught any sign or indication of anything else. And especially towards mom. And...knowing mom, not that she was prudish or anything like that, but sexual topics and discussions were never the norm around home or when I was growing up anyway. And now...seeing her like this, basically naked even if she was wearing a bathrobe, standing there in the kitchen with my Aunt as the two of them openly fondled one another was the furthest thing I'd ever expected to see.

And I knew then, there was no way in hell I was going inside, not now anyway. Not until I'd had a chance to sit down, collect myself...and think about what I'd just walked in on. I stood up, but the two of them had already moved off...god knows where to do god knows what. The thought of which STILL bothered me, both good and bad. I was oddly aroused, still confused, and quite unsure of how I was going to approach this, if I even approached it at all.

I found myself back out on the sidewalk shortly after that, and then down to the corner store where I called another cab, and then took it to a nearby hotel room. I figured I'd make my grand entry of having come home. AFTER I had called first, and told them I was on my way. It took me a long time to finally get to sleep. And then only after I had jerked off, thinking about the two of them standing there in mom's kitchen, fondling and playing with one another. I was still aroused, and yet feeling guilty about it for some reason as I finally drifted off to sleep.


It was late that same afternoon when I actually showed up at the door. This time, they were expecting me as I'd called ahead, letting them know I'd arrived. There were hugs and kisses all around, my normally stoic mother in a surprisingly good mood...though I certainly had to wonder at that. Aunt Sue was her usual, normal self...perhaps too normal, as once again I swore she allowed the press of her full breasts to linger a bit longer than usual against me in greeting. But then again, it may also have been my own over-active imagination having its way with me. We spent the next hour or so catching up, and I had just begun to really relax, finally chasing away certain thoughts I was still entertaining as the evening wore on. Especially when we sat down to eat. Things seemed perfectly natural...normal again, with no hint of anything going on between them. I had even looked for it, checked for signs. Nothing. I had even almost convinced myself that what I'd seen earlier on that morning was just some sort of silly horseplay between them that had possibly gotten out of hand, and that I'd then read far more into it than what was actually going on. By the time I headed upstairs to bed, I had basically convinced myself that what I'd seen...was far less than what I'd thought it was, and soon put it out of my mind.

I woke up a couple of hours later, needing to pee. And once again, was given reason enough to think otherwise.

Though it was late, it wasn't quite midnight yet. As I headed down the hall back to my bedroom, I could hear voices coming from downstairs. From the bits I gathered, my mother and Aunt where just then preparing to head off to bed themselves. I could hear them moving about, turning off the lights, and then giggling. I quite naturally perked up, trying to hear what was being said, but they were still too far away, and speaking quietly so as not to be heard, though their suspicious sounding giggles now seemed far more than innocent. I crept towards the stairway peering down, seeing the last of the living room lights being shut off. I could hear them as they made their way down the second set of stairs leading to the downstairs bedrooms. I hadn't even considered the fact...up until now anyway, that they might actually be sleeping together. As soon as I was sure they couldn't hear me, I made my way down the rest of the stairs, soon inching my way down to the lower floor where once more I heard voices. This time a bit more clearly as they no longer whispered the way they had been doing. And though they had indeed closed the bedroom door, there was a good two inch gap beneath it, the light showing through indicating that they at least had the small bed stand light on.

I felt like a pervert. At the very least an about to be "Peeping Tom," as I slowly crept towards the door, trying to control my breathing along with everything else. I knelt down next to the door, not quite looking beneath the two inch gap as yet, not willing to risk it yet. But I could hear everything being said very well.

"Are you as horny as I am?" I heard my Aunt asking. Mom giggled. That had been her I'd heard earlier. I swear in all the years, I'd never heard her giggle like that before, or as often.

"Probably more so. But I also know why you're so horny this evening, and it's not because of me either!" Mom responded. My Aunt must have made some sort of face, though I couldn't see it of course. "Don't give me that look," mom chuckled once more. "You're not fooling anyone Susan. I saw what you were looking at earlier. John's John!" Mom openly laughed once again.

"Oh, and you weren't?" Susan retorted.

"Didn't say I wasn't. I just wasn't as obvious about it as you were."

"Oh, but seeing it...thinking about it, didn't add to your horniness either. Is that what you're telling me?"

I wish I could have seen mom's face just then.

"Ah huh...just what I thought," Aunt Susan stated then. "You just don't want to admit it."

"I'll admit to looking yes. I mean Jesus Susan, John had a fairly noticeable lump there, hard not to wonder what it looks like. I mean after all, it's been what...six? Seven years now for me? I might be enjoying what we've been doing, but it doesn't mean I don't fantasize having a real cock inside me you know."

"You mean fantasizing about having your son's cock inside you, you're not fooling me Maxine, I am after all...your sister."

I almost fell over having heard that. "Mom and my Aunt were checking out my package earlier? And now...actually talking about...about what it might be like to actually fuck me?" I asked myself. And as I did, I felt my cock lurch with arousal as I finally leaned forward placing my cheek at the bottom of the door. But all I could see of course was the bottom of the bed, and their feet on the other side as they finished undressing. Looking around hoping for something...anything, I finally saw something. Mom's full length dressing mirror. Unfortunately, my Aunt Susan was currently standing in front of it, and so I couldn't yet see anything more than their legs and feet, though suddenly Aunt Susan stepped out of her shorts and panties that she'd been wearing. And then as she did, slipping up and onto the bed, I finally had a fairly good look at mom as she finished undressing herself. Reaching back, unclasping her bra and letting it fall down the length of her arms. I lay there on the floor watching her in the mirror as she caressed her own breasts, massaging them, even going so far as to tug on her own extended stiff nipples before climbing into bed.

Once more however, I couldn't see anything, not even with the help of the mirror.

I then heard more giggling, and the sound of a soft buzzing sound seconds after that. "Think he's this big?" Susan asked.

"I don't know...maybe," mom purred as my Aunt no doubt lay there teasing her to some extent with the vibrating toy.

"I bet you'd love to find out wouldn't you?" Susan pressed. "I bet you're wishing the tip of his cock was rubbing this hard little clit of yours the way that I am...don't you?" She asked once more, though mom's only response was to moan pleasurably.

"I bet your wishing that John's hard, stiff...swollen cock was sliding into your hot sticky pussy, just like this is...don't you sweetie?" She pressed again. "Go on, admit it...tell me you want it, tell me you'd love feeling your son's hard stiff fucking cock sliding inside you right about now."

"Oh God yes! Yes!" Mom suddenly blurted. "No more than you do!" She then added to that as though that was some sort of a defense. Now Susan laughed.

"Never said I didn't sweetie. Now then...just lay back and pretend this really is John's cock fucking you while I make you cum. And then after can fuck me with it while I pretend he's doing it to me, how's that sound?"

"Shut up and fuck me!" Mom shot back. "You've got me so horny now...I'm ready to climb the walls!"

They weren't the only one's who was horny now. I was so damn hard myself at the moment that I was half tempted to open the door and walk in on them as they lay there and damned everything else. Instead, I rolled over onto my back, listening to the sounds of my mother's orgasm minutes later, joining her there outside the door as I showered myself almost entirely with a nice thick heavy spray of cum cream.


Once again everything seemed totally normal in the morning as we gathered around the kitchen table for a light breakfast together. Though I continued to look for any tell-tale signs, there weren't any. No looks, no secret lingering smiles, touches...nothing. They continued to pretend their relationship was nothing more than it had been during all the years I had grown up with them. I pondered once more what if anything I was eventually going to do or say to either one of them. I knew that I couldn't continue to pretend I didn't know myself...and that eventually the truth would come out, and that I'd end up confronting them about it. But how...and when. I simply didn't know. What I did know, and had come to accept, was the idea or thought of the two of them being together was arousing, like it or not. And on top of that, the fact I now found myself entertaining thoughts regarding the two of them, even though I continued to push those thoughts away every time I found myself thinking about them, was becoming harder and harder for me to do.

It was when mom announced that she had an appointment to get her hair done that an idea came to me. It meant that for a time at least, Aunt Susan and I would be alone in the house together. I wondered then when that happened, IF she might in fact continue her past flirtatious teasing with me with the two of us alone. I decided to give her a little additional incentive, and see if she'd act on it.

I waited until mom had left to get her hair done before announcing the fact that I was heading upstairs to take a shower. They had also mentioned that they wanted to head into town later to do some shopping, which I too needed to do as the few clothes I had brought home with me were hardly appropriate, or in good enough shape to be going out to dinner in. Which is something else they were planning on doing that evening.

"Ok, well...I think I'll head upstairs and take a shower," I announced, catching a bit of a sparkle in my aunts eye as I said that. She merely smiled however, nodding her head as I pushed my chair back under the kitchen table and headed upstairs to the bathroom. "Maybe that was a bit too subtle," I wondered as I quickly discarded my dirty clothes, tossing them in the nearby hamper. I had purposely done so, figuring I'd eventually exit the bathroom wearing nothing more than a towel around my waist. I even had a plan for that, figuring that if my Aunt happened to be anywhere's near around me when I did that, that I'd find a way to "accidentally" let it fall.

I needn't have worried. I had no sooner stepped into the shower, getting it nice and hot when I heard a quick knock on the bathroom door. Even before I could answer it, I heard the bathroom door opening. I smiled inwardly. Ironically perhaps, the door still didn't have a working lock on it.

"Thought I'd best bring you in some clean towels," my Aunt announced.

Once again I found myself smiling as she said that. I knew that the shower glass enclosure was opaque just enough that it fairly well hid everything. Only the hint of my nudity in the shower itself, likewise obscured with the steam would be revealed to her. And with that in mind, I decided to act as nonchalant as possible with her presence there.

"Thank you," I called out to her, chuckling to myself however, as mom had already placed new clean towels in the room only yesterday.

I felt my cock already starting to grow, though thankful that it wasn't standing at full mast, turning slightly off to one side, wondering if she could even make out the dangling appendage within the somewhat distorted pattern of the glass within the enclosure. I noticed as I did that, the same vague outline of her as she sat down on the toilet seat.

"Sort of ironic isn't it?" She suddenly said as she sat there, no doubt looking at me, though again I had to wonder just how much she could make out. Not much since I couldn't make out any more of her either, though I did step over towards the door just a bit, which I knew would give her somewhat of a more definitive look at me anyway.

"How's that?" I called back to her.

"Oh you know...the last time we were both in here...I was sitting IN the toilet, rather than on it," she half-laughed. "Which is one of the reasons I wanted to talk to apologize."

"No apologies needed," I answered back. "That was a life-time ago now anyway, and no reason to apologize for it. I was as much at fault as you were."

"That's not what I wanted to apologize for," she then said, surprising and confusing me to some extent.

"For what then?" I now asked.

"I'll tell you when you come out of the shower. I don't want to apologize to you through a door...but face to face."

I wondered then if she would leave and wait for me downstairs to come out. But she didn't, continuing to sit there on the toilet seat, which told me that she had every intention of actually waiting for me there. Once more I smiled, turning off the shower, I figured if she was bound and determined to see me, I would grant her, her wish. I slid back the door stepping out, her eyes immediately drawn to what I damn well knew she wanted to see as I reached for one of the new clean towels she had waiting for me. I pretended not to notice however, once more trying to act nonchalant about her sitting there as I grabbed the towel, even being bold enough to first towel dry my hair. I knew doing that, it would give her a moment more of an unobstructed view as I did that before facing away seconds later to begin toweling off the rest of my body.

"So...what is it you feel like you need to apologize to me for?" I finally asked facing her though I had now wrapped the large fluffy towel around my waist.

"Like I said...face to face. Come here," she told me. I turned walking over towards her, now standing in front of her only a foot or so away.


"I wanted to apologize for not finishing what I started out doing the last time we were sitting here like this," she told me. This time I didn't respond to that, nor did I shy away as she suddenly reached up taking the towel away in one fell swoop. My semi-rigid cock now dangling only inches away in front of her face as she briefly looked up at me, before wrapping her hand around it, drawing me to her. Once more I was forced to take a step in her direction, but this time happily doing so as I felt the warmth of her mouth suddenly surrounding me. She began to suck softly, lightly, enjoying the sensation of my prick rapidly hardening inside her mouth perhaps as she did that.

By now of course, I had certainly experienced several rather exquisite blowjobs by other women, but I had to acknowledge the fact, that once more being given one by my own Aunt, added an additional wicked thrill to the heavenly sensations she was suddenly bringing me. All I could do now was moan in response to her ministrations of my now rock-hard shaft.

My Aunt mewled contentedly as she licked and sucked me, paying particular attention to the very swollen bulbous head of my dick. "Hmm, have to admit John, I don't remember it being quite this big and this hard the last time," she giggled slightly before taking a goodly portion of its length deep into her mouth again.

"I don't think it had time to get as hard the last time as it is now," I groaned back, once again placing a hand on the top of her head just as I had done the last time. This time I kept my eyes open however, looking down, watching her, enjoying the sensation of seeing her sucking and milking my prick every bit as much as enjoying the sensation of her actually doing it. And as I did that, I was enjoying another view as well. The blouse she had on was low-cut, billowing out just a bit as she leaned forward lavishing my prick. She had either removed, or had purposely not worn a bra. I could clearly see her amazing tits, her hard pink extended nipples clearly revealed. I simply had to touch one. Reaching down, I knew she could feel my hand as it invaded the opening of her shirt, traveling down, and then moments later, encircling, capturing, and then gently kneading one of her soft pliant breasts. Aunt Susan moaned now, just as I was, though seconds later she released me, suddenly standing up.

"I always knew you were a breast man, the way you used to ogle my tits every chance you got."

"Every chance you gave me," I shot back, letting her know that I damn well knew she had done so purposely back all those years.

"I enjoyed doing that," she freely admitted.

"And I enjoyed looking. Though I always wondered if the day would ever come when I'd actually get to touch them."

"I think...that day has arrived," she answered reaching down, and then pulling the blouse she had on up and over her head, now revealing those luscious looking tits of hers in all their glory. With her hand once more back on my cock, stroking and playing with it, I leaned forward, capturing one of those magnificent hard nipples of hers within my mouth, sucking it. My hand freely caressing and toying with her other nipple as she placed her hand on the back of my head, holding me against her. "Oh yes...yes, suck it John. Suck that little fucker, make it feel good...make my titties feel really, really good!"

"Oh fuck," I moaned hearing her say that, not to mention finally and at last...actually getting to fondle and play with those tits of hers. "God, Aunt Sue," I moaned pleasurably. "Never in a million years did I think I'd ever feel your mouth sucking my cock again, let alone...ever getting to play with these big fat titties of yours," I said lewdly. She chuckled, rubbing the head of my prick against one of her hard extended nipples now.

"I like it when you talk dirty to me," she stated. "Just something about doing that huh?" She asked squeezing the head of my dick, producing a nice fat droplet of pre-cum fuck cream which she now smeared against the hard nubbin which she now seemed to almost be trying to force into the slit of my dick head. "I like having two sides of me," she then added to that. "The sweet, affectionate, prim and proper Aunt everyone else see's and knows, and the dirty, horny, wanton one that I get to let out every once in a while, that very few know about...including your Uncle Fred, God rest his soul," she said almost sarcastically. I looked at her curiously.

"I take weren't as vocal with him?"

"Not hardly John. Your Uncle and I didn't really have much of an active sex-life. Though I wouldn't even go so far as to call it that. Once a week, Saturday, just before bed, he'd shove it in a couple of times, cum...and that would be about the extent of it. Needless to say, I became more familiar with a few of my toys...and one or two excursions on the side, in an effort to maintain my sanity, and any assemblance of a happy secure marriage. Don't get me wrong John, your Uncle was an otherwise good man, a good provider, and even a good friend. But sexually speaking...there wasn't much pleasure and enjoyment there. You know...I never once gave him a blowjob?"

"You're kidding me!" I responded back to that. "As good as you do it?" I chuckled out loud. "Shit Susan," I said dropping the formality. "If I'd been married to you...I'd have been hoping for one of these blowjobs of yours every day of my life!"

She smiled at that. "Well then, we'll just have to see about that, won't we?" She grinned further. "Though I will ask you one thing."

"Oh? And what's that?"

"For the time being at least, let's keep this just between the two of us. Don't get me wrong, it's not my intention to keep my feelings and desires for you a secret from your mother. But I do want to approach her with all this in my own time and way. Can you agree with that and let me deal with it in the meantime?"

"Sure, no problem," I told her, though glad to hear that this wasn't something she wanted to keep and maintain just between the two of us for hopefully too long. I wasn't sure I'd be able to keep my own desires and affections for her under wraps without eventually giving something away. Though I was curious about her comment regarding this new level in our relationship. From the little I secretly knew...this topic had obviously been brought up before, though I had to wonder if mom knew that her sister would eventually act upon it, as she already had.

"And one more thing," she began, now placing my prick between both of her well rounded tits, slowly working and moving them up and down my shaft as we stood there. "Your mothers had a much harder time of it too, ever since your dad died. Believe it or not John, she's a very sexual individual too, with wants and needs the same as any other woman. There's a lot you don't know yet, things you need to know...but now is not the time. We'll talk more on that later. But for now, let me work on the aspect of all that, and in eventually letting her know about all of this," she told me, once more slithering her breasts up and down my shaft by way of punctuation to that.

"Ok," I said simply, unable to say much more than that. The pleasurable sensations she was once more bringing to my cock, which was hovering on the edge of release at this point was robbing me of my ability to even speak.

"Now then...where were we?" She asked, and then answered herself. "Oh I remember. I was sucking your cock. about you give me all that creamy cum of yours? I've been dying to taste it!"

I gladly succumbed to the sensations of her talented mouth as she went back to work on me, feeling the tightness in my balls as her other hand now fondled, caressed, and began to coax the boiling cauldron of semen that was contained in them.

"Oh fuck...Sue!" I cried out, feeling the intensity and early warning of my impending release as she drew the tip of my prick even more firmly into her mouth, sucking it almost desperately.

"That's it baby, that's it...give it to me...cum for me baby, let your dirty, naughty Aunt have your creamy, nasty fuck juice!"

Needless to say, I gave it to her.

I think it was one of the most intense, longest climaxes I had ever had. I lost count of the number of spurts that I felt skyrocket from the tip of my cock into her mouth as she swallowed it, even to the point where she could no longer keep up with it, allowing some of my juice to roll out of the corners of her mouth, dripping down and splashing against her bare breasts in an obscene display of further decadence. Even when the last throb, the last spurt had left my cock, she now held, rolling my dick back and forth against her hard nipples again, smearing the remnants of my spending around those, licking her lips, looking up and smiling at me.

I smiled back at her, and then said...."Oh by the way, apology accepted!"

All credit to Many Feathers-original writer.Prince Leon. Plz do read Part 2,3&4.

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to the previous commenter, if you read to the end you will see that he does indeed credit the other writer, maybe you should pay more attention.

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To the commenter before me: That's fucking disgusting. There is nothing erotic about that whatsoever, I almost threw up just reading that dumbass comment.

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It would have been better if he had held her down and farted on her to make up for the trouble she caused him years before. He could have shit on his mom to prove he didn't like her that much. He could have wiped his ass wid his aunt's top and tied her up wid it pressed against her face, just for laughs. He's not that good of a writer so that's why he missed all those opportunities, lol.

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I liked it vary much to the one comment dude he was getting head from his mothers sister I think thats incest lol ?

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