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"Go on...continue, tell me more," I halfway demanded, now slapping my cock against her face, something that was obviously turning her on for me to do. I likewise took another quick peek into the TV again, not at all surprised to see mom's eyes open, once more looking towards us. Almost laughing as her hand once again managed to worm its way back between her legs. "Did you two masturbate in front of one another very often? "

"Eventually, yes...almost every night it seemed. It became almost a game for us to do that, not to mention a nice way of relaxing just prior to going to sleep."

"And then of started playing with one another yes?"

"A few times...yes," Aunt Susan admitted, though I could tell she was a little worried about sharing too much with me, especially with mom fully aware of what she was telling me.

"I bet more than just a few times," I challenged. "And I'm even willing to bet the two of you even licked one another's cunts didn't you Aunt Susan?" I said leering at her, now milking a droplet of fluid from my shaft and purposely smearing that directly against her lips so she could taste it. "God I bet that looked hot, seeing the two of you together, doing something like that. I wish I was watching you now," I further pressed. "You two still do things from time to time? I bet you do," I said not giving her a chance or moment to deny it. "I mean after all right? You and mom so sexual, and obviously neither one of you dating or seeing anyone. Makes sense...perfectly natural, normal that you would again."

"That...that doesn't bother you if we did?"

"Are you kidding? I'd love seeing it. In fact Susan...I want to see it! And soon!"

"Fat chance," she responded though her tone of voice told me she was actually thinking about that too, if not a hell of a lot more than that. "Your mother would never allow it, even IF she consented to the two of us doing anything...again," she quickly added.

"I have a feeling she would," I said simply. "If you were to seduce her, especially if she was already a little horny. You could do it when she was sure I wouldn't be there. I could make up a story about going out for the evening, getting home late. Only I'd sneak back in and then secretly watch the two of you, how's that sound?"

"I don't know John...I don't honestly see how we could..."

"I know you could...and I know you will. You'll get off on doing this just as much as I will, and you know it. Just think about it Susan...making love to mom, grinding your cunts together, sucking each other's clits, secretly watching, jerking off watching the two of you doing that. And mom not even aware that I was. Dangerous and exciting yes?"

"Yes," she whispered more to herself than responding to me. " would be."

"Well then?"


"Tomorrow...during the day. I'll make up a story about going out to see an old friend. You and mom were talking about sun-bathing anyway. It would be the perfect opportunity for you two to do that. You know...start out by offering to put some oil on her back, tops off of course...I assume you usually do, do that. But this time, just take it beyond that, knowing as you are...I'll be standing here inside the house, spying on the two of you through the window, jacking myself off. Hell...just so you know that I really did. I'll even squirt off into a glass for you, and then hide that in the refrigerator in the back so you can find it afterwards, and maybe use that to masturbate yourself with again. How's that for dirty/naughty?"

I could tell the visual of my actually doing that was arousing well as my mom, whose hand was once more furiously working herself though she was trying to be careful about it even then as I glanced back at the TV screen.

"Well...I'll try. But no promises John. Your mother may or may not be open to that, it has been a while you know."

"Ah huh," I said grinning at her, letting her know as I said that, that I didn't believe a word of what she was telling me. "Sure Aunt Susan, whatever you say. All I'm saying is...I did this for you, now you can return the favor for me. I want to watch you and mom, fucking one another...amongst other things."

With that I turned, actually hoping to catch mom in the act, but she'd obviously been anticipating my movement and had already removed her hand from between her legs, letting it rest off to one side instead. Her face was flushed however, another dead giveaway that she too was as excited about all this as I was. Her conscience however demanding an out...something for her to allow herself to actually do this, and yet pretend that she would never know I'd been standing there...actually watching her and my Aunt together.

"Well, I guess I really should carry mom off to bed," I then stated, easily picking her up, not at all concerned when one hand brazenly clasped her breast as I then carried her downstairs to the bedroom, my Aunt Susan following. After laying mom on the bed, I even went so far as to remove her robe, leaving her entirely naked as I took a moment more to look at her.

"Tomorrow then. Shall we say one o'clock? I'll slip back inside the house shortly after that, by can start seducing her for me." And with that, I left kissing my Aunt good-night, and giving her breasts another nipple tweak as a reminder for her to stay as horny and aroused as I was.

And I was curious just how far this silly game could be taken before the two of them came clean. It was going to be interesting to find out.


Although I was half tempted to hang around and listen in on their conversation after I had supposedly left and gone upstairs to my own room...I didn't. I figured it would be even more interesting and exciting in not knowing, seeing how things played out, what they did, and how they'd do it. In the morning, mom seemed a bit more nervous than usual, though obviously excited too as we all laid out our plans for the day. Me telling my story about heading off to see a friend later, and not returning until well after dinner time. When the opportunity came for me to have a private conversation with my aunt about it, I had already decided to up the ante just a little bit as well.

"So...we're still set for this afternoon yes?" I asked. The first hurdle perhaps, because it was possible that mom may have declined going through with the ruse, though as excited as she seemed to be around me earlier, I really doubted that.

"Yes," Aunt Susan assured me. "We talked about having some privacy to ourselves with your being gone for the afternoon, being able to suntan...naked, without you walking in on us. So yes...we're all set."

"Good. That's good. But there's something else I want you to do for me too in addition to that," I sprang on her, watching her eyebrows raise in curious alarm.

"And what's that?"

"At some point...obviously after you've got her good and horny of course, I want you to get her to admit to being curious about me, even aroused sometimes, enough to masturbate, thinking about me."

"Oh John, I don't know. I'm not sure I can get her to admit to anything like that," she said trying to wave me off with that one.

"Sure you can Susan. I know you can. Just bring the subject up in passing, you know, maybe tell mom how horny I make you thinking about me, get her to start talking in those terms, teasing her about it...eventually getting her to confess it while you're busy licking her pussy or something. I bet she will...I bet if you get her horny enough, close enough...she'll say it. Admit to it."

"OK, I'll try John. I'll try...but again, no promises."

I left shortly before one o'clock, heading off to see my friend, even going so far as to drive mom's car around the block, parking it at a local grocery store, and then making my way back on foot. I waited until it was ten after one before sneaking back inside the house. Sure enough, they were already out back, already laying down on the lounge chairs with my Aunt sitting next to my mother, spreading oil onto her bare back. I got just close enough to the window to let my presence be known before stepping back again out of sight, letting Susan know I was there...and watching them.

"Show time!" I thought bemused, as I was fairly confident the two of them really would be putting on a show for me. In particular mom...doing this, knowing damn good and well I'd actually be watching the two of them. I couldn't help wondering just how arousing this really was for her, and just how far she'd take it, the things she'd do, knowing I was watching, though supposedly not knowing she was aware that I would be.

With the window partially open, it was easy to hear what was being said as they sat only a short distance away in the lounge chairs. "OK, roll over," my Aunt said as gave a bit of a wink to mom, giving her some sort of signal, letting her know it was "game time," as it were. "Let me do...your front," she finished, once more pouring some oil into her hands as she began massaging that into mom's breasts, her own tantalizingly exposed as well as she sat there doing that. "Feel good?" she asked rubbing in the oil, more sensually than she might otherwise have done.

"Yes, very..." mom almost purred. "Sort of reminds me..."

"Of when we were younger?" Susan finished. "When we used to play with each other's tits growing up, watching them develop? Finding out about how sensitive and exciting they became as they did?"

"Ah huh..." mom moaned a bit as my Aunt now took mom's nipples purposely between her fingers and began rolling them for her. " probably should be doing that Susan, after all, we are adults now...we're not kids any more you know. Not like we once were...this is..."

"Incestuous you mean? Naughty? Dirty?"

Mom laughed. "Yes...all of that."

"But feels good too doesn't it? Better than doing it yourself isn't it?"

"Yes...admittedly Susan, I said."

"Shhh. Enjoy it. Pretend we're teenage girls again. I think we're both in need of a little excitement here, so just go with it. Pretend I'm touching your breasts for the first time again, just like we both did that first time."

"But it's so..."

"Naughty, yes. Dirty...nasty, filthy even. But I'm horny too. And I can see that you are. Your nipples are so fucking hard and erect. And I'm willing to bet your pussy is just flowing now too!"

"Susan! You're so bad! You shouldn't be talking to me like that, or doing what you're doing to me either!" She responded, trying to act like she wanted my Aunt to stop.

"I am bad yes...very bad. But so are you sis. don't really want me to stop now do you?"

"No..." mom answered softly. "No, I don't. That feels so good, just like the way it used to," she freely admitted.

It was hot hearing this, even if it had most likely been somewhat preplanned in what they'd say and share, knowing I'd be hearing it...listening, and certainly jacking myself off their inside the house while they were doing this. Which of course I was doing too.

It wasn't long before mom had reached up and began fondling my Aunt's breasts, the two of them openly caressing and playing with one another now. When my Aunt leaned over and began sucking and licking on mom's boobs, she let it be known what her intentions were, slowly working her way down mom's tummy.

"Susan, you shouldn't...that's, that's taking things a bit too far here don't you think?"

"Lay back...relax, remember how much you loved it when I used to do this for you late at night after we went to bed?" My Aunt said as she slithered down between mom's legs, slowly...teasingly removing her bikini panties, exposing her likewise, neatly trimmed muff. "Oh're so wet!" My Aunt stated, worming a finger inside, gingerly teasing mom's clit for a moment. "I knew you wanted it," she added to that, and then leaned forward licking her, still finger-fucking my mom's cunt. For myself, I stood there watching, now sliding my hand up and down my steel-feeling shaft, enjoying the show, and getting a kick out of the fact that I knew mom was saying and doing all this...knowing I could hear her, even though she was pretending herself she knew nothing about that. "Makes me damn horny too...just remembering, how you still taste the same, so sweet. Make's me sort of wonder how John's cock would taste, don't you?"

"Sharon! Oh my god! You shouldn't be saying things like that, John's my son...your nephew!"

"Yeah? So? And you're my sister. And here I am, eating and licking your pussy again after all these years. And don't try to convince me that you haven't had those kind of thoughts about John either. You certainly know I have, so admit it. I've seen you looking at his package, now admit it!"

"Ok, I have looked yes, hard not to," she giggled somewhat nervously. "The way he's sometimes worn those tight fitting pants, the outline of it, hard not to notice. But I don't necessarily go around wondering what it would feel like, or even taste like...or anything like that."

"Ah huh...don't lie to me sis. Come on, admit it. Admit that you've actually masturbated imagining that hard gorgeous cock of his sliding in and out of this hot nasty pussy of yours," Susan said, once more licking and sucking mom's clit, two fingers now worming in and out of mom's cunt as she spread her legs even more decadently so that Susan could do that.

"Ok, ok...maybe a few times. But it's just fantasy. You know I'd never really want to do that, or act on it, thinking about it's one thing...doing it is..."

"What? Another?" I asked stepping out onto the porch, naked as the day I was born, my rock hard cock sticking straight out in front of me. The looks on their faces priceless, neither one of them expecting for me to actually do this of course, even being fully aware I'd been standing there watching the two of them.

"John! What...ah, what are you doing home so early?" Mom asked scrambling to find something in which to cover herself, Aunt Susan likewise looking dumbfounded that I had actually walked outside like this. Obviously confused here since this was well outside of what I'd initially discussed with her. "This...ah, I can explain," she stammered genuinely embarrassed now, though finally giving up on trying to find her top, let alone her bikini bottoms, using her hands instead in some vain effort to cover up her tits from my gaze.

"Change of plans. And now I'm glad they have changed. Coming home...seeing the two of you like this...something I've always wondered about, fantasized about. So...don't let my being here stop you."

"You can't be serious," mom said once again. "You can't possibly be suggesting..."

"What? That I want to watch you and Aunt Susan rubbing cunts together? Something along those lines? Well mom...I certainly am!" I said standing there stroking myself, making sure she got a good long hungry look at my stiff throbbing prick. "Come on mom, admit it...standing here like this, jacking off my own dick, it's turning you on isn't it? Watching your own son masturbating? I know it does mom, I know because I once caught you spying on me one day while I was. And I knew that you had begun playing with yourself too while you were doing that., here we are, once again. Only this time, you can watch me openly doing it...while I'm watching the two of you."

Aunt Susan turned towards mom, speaking for the first time. "You never told me about that!" She said.

"It was a long...long time ago," mom answered, obviously embarrassed now, and more than a little confused by all of this.

"Tell her the story later," I said taking a seat now across from the two of them. "Right now...I want to sit here and enjoy myself...watching the two of you."

Plz do read Part3 &4. Prince Leon.

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